Sunday, March 10, 2013

Transcripts of Actual Texts About Nana

Two Days Ago:

Sister:    (Name of long-term care facility) just called to confirm no UTI. She is declining and doctor feels we need to keep her comfortable. (Name of other sister) doesn't feel need to see her. I will go later. Love u!

Me:   Thank you. I am first call but will go after work. Xoxox be strong!

Sister:   Last night and this am were brutal. I am so glad we r together. : ) (dogs got out of back yard, was up till midnight looking for them. Both were found)

Me:   (I am miles away from nana and sister). Me too. Nana just said she is scared. Comfort her when you go. I rubbed her hands and feet with lotion and massaged her head and neck yesterday. She liked it.

Me:  She also hugged me back and made her lips like she wants a kiss. I will send distance Reiki to you both. I am calming Nana on spirit side. She is better. She thinks watching my big big case is cool. Lol. Good ol' Nana.

Sister:  funny! (Nephew's name) said goodbye last night. She was so wide eyed and happy. Smiles and kisses. We told her mom was in hospital, money safe, etc...she closed her---

Me:  I see Nana now with long hair. She looks young. She is beautiful.

Me: Blessed Mother just asked me if it was okay to take Nana. No matter what her body does, her soul is with Blessed Mother now. We can think of Nana and she will come. She will also send us flowers (Nana's sign) and will help our flowers grow in the yard. Nana just said now I Love You to both of us. And Thank You.

Sister:  --eyes,  and did big breathing. I will go this evening : ). good luck today!1@

Me:  I love you!

Sister:  you make me cry! So beautiful. Mom had a cough all night. Didn't sound great today. I know nothing about the labs still. (Our nurse we hired to sit with mom) says doctor is going to move the isolation once she is a day without diarrhea. Thanks for helping Nana!

Yesterday at two-thirty in the afternoon:

Sister (phone call):  I wanted to talk to you in person. Nana talked all last night about some pretty lady coming to get her. About going up and down a lot. There were lots of flowers. Nana can't stop talking about pretty flowers. She talked about everything you said yesterday. I was pretty surprised she talked about exactly what you had said and yet she never knew about your saying it.

Me (phone call):  There is one 'Out There' and all of us can 'tap in' to it. It's real. I can just 'go in there' and 'do my work'. When people make the Transition, there is a lot of going back and forth in times ahead of the actual event where people decide what they want to do. They experience a little bit of both and make the final decision to 'pass'.

Midnight today:

Sister (text one hour ago):  at the Land? (I was planning to go to Disneyland but changed plans) Nana won't let me leave.


As a doctor, I can see the writing on the wall. There is a bedsore that is big and not yet infected. But when you can see bone, technically, it IS infected. The Alzheimer's is end stage. The swallowing mechanism is not functioning properly. Every few minutes when it is time to swallow, there is a great big cough to clear the secreations. All nutrition has stopped, due to refusal of feeds. The die is cast for Transition.

As Doctors With Reiki, I have been given great blessings to move from the third dimensional paradigm of 'loss' to a Higher Vibrational perspective on Nana's impending transition. Acceptance of the inevitable and a stubborn gumption to 'enjoy all the time I have left, and ease Nana's suffering' are behind this massive shift in my emotional state. Nana is my heart. She is my closest soul since childhood. Only my own little ones are closer. What I see, with the help of my Guide, whom most of you would call 'Our Lady', is that she has everything to gain by making the Transition. Her body and her life have had its share of suffering. Yet the exact time and way of passing is Nana's call. She has about a week or so to do what she has to do to make it peaceful for all of us.

Reiki and aromatherapy in the dying is one of the most profound gifts you can share of self. It is never 'too late' to talk to a dying person and tell them how important they are to you. Yesterday I was remembering every endearment in Italian Nana had ever called me, and called her them over and over. She responded to 'Bellisima' (translation: the most beautiful) one best.

She was confused at times. She wanted to go to Los Angeles (I hoped it wasn't to THE angels--just kidding). She also said, 'I have lost the roll. There is going to be HELL to pay!' and she was afraid.

I gently reassured her that there are lots of rolls here, they are cheap, and we can get as many as it takes. She will not get in trouble. (Nana was abused terribly in her youth, and also at the hands of a loved one--unbeknown to us--who was recently her caretaker in her home. She has since been taken away from that situation and kisses the hands of those who feed her and care for her in her new home. She calls it 'the hotel where you have to tell them you have to go to the bathroom'.) It is important to work on issues that 'can pass' from one lifetime to the next. Some things 'stick'. For example, a Vow made for celibacy in one lifetime can pass to the next. Vows arise from a means of control over others in the Illusion, typically through manipulation of the individual with religious beliefs. Most Vows are not good--they do not exist in Heaven--even marriage dissolves. Only couples that truly enjoy one another stay together, and there is not obligation or bond other than mutual enjoyment to keep them paired. If you have made a Vow, try to examine your Akhashic records and seek help from your guides in understanding what the spiritual effect of the vow means for you. More on this in another blog post.


There is a place I frequent that has become a Spiritual Home of sorts for me. I have requested for this weekend only, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, for all who work and/or visit the place to get a spiritual healing like the one that is provided to those who follow me on Facebook, the blog 'Doctors With Reiki', and Twitter. It is a clearing of negative attachments, and  instillation of a golden mesh of protection from new attachments. When the aura weakens, like with anesthesia or strong emotion, many of the entities who do not have a Light source and are 'actively seeking' sneak into the weakened aura and become parasitic to you. Most adults have around five. Please refer to other blogs on the subject of 'Negative Entities' and 'Dark Entities' for more details.

This is a one-hundred fifty dollar value. For each soul that is healed. It is a win-win because instead of being destroyed (as in exorcism), the Guides of Compassionate Healing are able to take all of the attached souls to a place of Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion for deep healing and for freedom in the Light. This is in addition to the individual alive on Gaia who suffered the 'ticks and fleas' of parasitic negative energy attachments. On average there would be six souls returned to 'balance' as a result of each clearing and protection. The process can go back in time--to Friday--and takes a few weaks for the souls to be systematically taken and for the aura to seal back in health. Only if invited can a new negative entity attach (choices of extremely low vibration activity and thinking).

Think of a busy place of work, with many customers, and you will know how important this is.

Remember, whenever you read these words, this same exact healing, will be available for you. No matter where or when you read it. It is my gift of Spirit from me to you. The 'offer' over the weekend is for the guests who will never see these words who visit the other place.

Spirit agreed to my deal. The terms Spirit requested were the actual transcripts of something that was meant for my personal healing, to be shared so that others may experience this healing too.

Love and Light,

Reiki Doc