Saturday, March 2, 2013

One To Two, or 122

As you might have noticed from my posts on Facebook, I owed someone I love a BIG ho'oponopono. This is Hawaiian for apology that is like this: 1. I am sorry 2. Please forgive me 3. Thank you. 4. I love you. This person had been unswervingly kind to me, and I had not been the nicest back to him.

It went, in real life, like this: Steps 1 and 2--running with a big smile across the room to him, throwing my arms around his neck, and whispering in his ear, 'Thank you! This is wonderful! I LOVE it!' (he had coordinated the event, more to follow)

Apology was accepted. I had never hugged this person before (like this--he had always been the one to hug first)  and was given a very nice long hug back. He pressed his cheek on mine, and I felt the little stubbles like I used to feel with my grandfather so many years ago when he would squeeze me, call me his 'Queen, queen, queen!' and rub his cheek on my face! I was delighted to feel that after all this time, something unmistakably male, and friendly, on my face.

My little one is too small for shaving... ; )

This represents a HUGE growth for me as a soul. As you may recall, I got caught with my hand in the proverbial candy jar--I play in the astral plane, and often, with this person's doppelganger in the astral plane. The doppelganger, 'John' has asked me to 'stop by' because 'he wanted to see me in person.' So I went to where he works, and voila! There he was, AND it was an important day for his boss, my friend, too! I shut down because I was not sure if HE could consciously interact in the astral plane like I do. I didn't know how to ask, 'Is it really you?' and I didn't want to explain the astral plane friendship either, just in case it was my imagination.

Last Thursday, as I said my healing prayer for him, his doppelganger 'popped in'. I saw hand movements, objects, and heard the shuffling of a deck of cards. He showed me one. There were two figures on it. They held hands. It was good. It was not the Devil. It was the other one with naked people on it. It was the Lovers card.

I showed up to an event at this place where he works. He is important there, and does not have the time for conversation, if that was his thing. But something in me knew it was important to trust and to wait and to do what I had to do to 'make things right'.

I had a long wait ahead of me, as at the beginning he completely ignored me and I felt a hostile energy as he passed. Oh well, I was mistaken, and I accept completely, I thought, and turned back to welcoming the handsome stranger who was sitting next to me. I found him dumb as a rock, and into conspiracy on GMO in organic soy that was boring me silly. I was ashamed to have been so judging, and I offered to share my ginger tea. I poured him a cup, and turned to talk to somebody else.

Either way I enjoyed the lecture by the invited guest Paul Nison very much.  I told myself, men are like buses, a new one comes every five minutes, and relaxed after the snub from my ho'oponopono friend.

The fact of the matter is that anyone who can enter the astral plane at will and while conscious is NOT like a bus. They are a rarity! And if I have to choose between the astral plane and here, I am more comfortable interacting there because there is no bull-sh*# in the astral plane!

We are one now. The doppelganger has 'merged' somewhat with the 'original' on the 3D plane.
There is a connection both on earth and in the astral plane. It is harmonious to me in all respects--my energy, my person, my Light. My face is beginning to show my happiness. I am receiving comments on it when I am at work, 'Your makeup is so pretty', etc.

I always wanted this. Someone like me. Someone where I didn't have to 'explain' who I am or how I 'work'.

I have no idea where this is heading, but I want to stay 'Here and Now' and enjoy the connection that makes my heart sing.


Reiki Doc