Tuesday, July 31, 2018

I Was There Too

a 16 point red deer stag of 379 SCI, West Coast, South Island, New Zealand

I was asleep for most of my life. I had psychic experiences, sure, but it wasn't until a personal crisis around 2009 that I decided to pursue this gift seriously, and develop it.

Even then, things were very 'terrestrial'--learning Reiki, learning Karuna Reiki, learning Divine Peace Healing, going to classes and workshops with Anne, who was steadfast and consistently holding the 'space' for us to grow.

Once Spirit cut me off from 'the comfort zone', and got me on my own two feet, THAT is when I started to awaken.

KP was a standby--I hung on every word and every blog post he wrote, and KP introduced me to Cobra when he wrote about the conferences and the Red Pill. Even at my first Cobra conference, during a meditation, I saw with my mind's eye, a scout ship nine miles up, and two smiling men in it--one blonde without a beard, and another with brown hair and a beard. They wore identical flight suits, and were very chipper and waved and smiled hello.

Another person present at the conference saw them too. 

Aristoteles was an ancient Greek philosopher, His works refer to multiple kinds of sciences, such as physics, biology , zoology, metaphysics. He classified among the top global celebrity of all time. (384 -322 BC)

This was close to 2012. I had listened to Drake (the military guy from the positive military). I had waited for Something Big. 

And I was awakening.

I can't tell you how many times I barged in up on the bridge of the NJ to give Ashtar and Ross a piece of my mind.

We are miserable here! We are suffering! Come help us!!!

CHELYABINSK REGION, RUSSIA - JULY 11, 2016: Sports truck MAN M2000 of the Team Sodicars No. 322 competes in the annual Rally Silkway - Dakar Series.

They didn't DO anything.

I was almost like in the movie Young Frankenstein where Gene Wilder said, 'no matter how much I scream and beg, do not let me out' and he goes in with the monster. Then almost immediately, he starts screaming and begging to be let out. His assistants hold him to his promise, which he actually wants to break.

My Ground Crew assignment must have been just like that. 

Years passed, seemingly for nothing. Sure I got some new Reiki systems in, and taught them. Sure I got Reiki into the Operating Rooms, and aromatherapy into the surgery center... I had the honor to be the keeper of the Divine Healing Codes, due to my medical background.

What I never in a million year expected was that in this slow, steady gradual awakening, one day I would be in the role of Ashtar and Ross...facing people who are new to awaken, too.

I must have hurt their feelings with my rants as I was storming the bridge.

I must have really tested their limits on patience.

I know the two always had the ability to let me 'zap' in and 'zap' out, so while being cheerful and polite, they watched their boundaries 24/7, and never let me step over the line.

I think the only time I accidentally did was when I went over Ross' head for something, and I was told because he was in charge, my actions had made him look bad.  Instantly I felt sadness for my actions, and I never did it again. I didn't understand the roles, the ranks...and they gave me the benefit of the doubt.

322 sq. Ft. RNLAF F-16 landing after Frisian Flag mission

When people awaken from anesthesia, it's not always a pretty sight. Some young people, especially men in their early twenties or late teens, will wake up and take a swing at me. The urge to fight is right there while they are coming conscious.

I've learned to anticipate this, and I always call extra help into the room to restrain the patient, and I'm quick to duck. 

It never fazes me now.

I know from the writings of Kerth Barker, that working to 'deprogram' people who have been initiated/exposed to SRA, is dangerous work. The boundaries and rules must be clear. And the stuff that comes up, the buried memories, are handled professionally by both the counselor and the patient. There is a protocol. It is followed carefully. It's called the Fabian technique.

We don't have the luxury of an established 'technique' for assisting the newly awakened.

We have to invent it as we go.

Love and respect are important.

Self care and boundaries are important too.

People identify themselves with their belief systems. This is very delicate work. Because as asleep people awaken, they will learn that many of their belief systems are built upon lies. Remember the diagram from the video--both ends of the spectrum are controlled by TWDNHOBIAH.

Just know that as Ground Crew, who are more along the 'awake' spectrum than the ones you are sent to serve--self care and boundaries are important. 

You are less responsible for 'waking people up' and more responsible for being a 'resource' to those who need answers and also for you to 'hold the space' energetically for the newly awakened.

Evil collapses upon itself. You can stand by and watch it. It's not natural, it's against nature, and evil things always trip evil people up in the end.

Fighting evil only prolongs its presence, because the energy of 'fight' harnesses the Law of Attraction in the wrong direction.

Being able to recognize it, and to avoid supporting  evil, is highly important for a Ground Crew worker. Like Ross said, 'don't fall for it'--the tricks, the schemes, the smoke and mirrors, the lies. 

Live your life as best as you can, fully realizing that we are here on the surface of the planet, but awake enough to assume roles like Ashtar and Ross did with us, the Ground Crew, when we were first awakening.

Always ask for Divine Support, you are never cut off from it.

But there is a job to do, and we have been sent to do it.

For the past two weeks, I have been hearing odd noises in the trees behind us. I've looked up to see small hawks perched in the branches.

It doesn't have the confident scream of a fully grown hawk.

These are three baby, fledgeling hawks.

Today I was deciding what to do with my day, I was on the couch, and I heard the noises very loud, louder than usual. I got up to look out the sliding glass door onto the balcony.

Not one but two juvenile hawks were sitting on the rail! One flew away, and the other and I gazed upon one another. I could see the peculiar ridge over the eye. Beautiful golden feathers, a sharp hooked yellow beak. 

It lifted its tail and pooped. 

Then it looked at me again, and flew away.

Hawk is messenger.

Three baby hawks is magical.

I enjoyed it. 

Here's my message from yesterday:

I don't know what it means. 

However, if there was any ET type contact in the near future, I would be skeptical. Just to be cautious. Please note that 'Salem' is short for 'Jerusalem' and Ross and Ashtar are aboard the New Jerusalem.

You can never be too careful these days.

Ross doesn't have anything to say.

We wish you good night. I'm writing this early for tomorrow.

clap! clap!

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Founders 

Gentle Suggestion

Alexander the Great 356-323 BC born in Pela the capital of Macedon was the son of Phillip 11, the king of Macedon.

The countdown continues. today we are on 323. I was surprised at just how much this statue of Alexander the Great resembles Dr. Jamieson. He's totally right about being him. Totally right.

Today's lesson is 'create your own belief'.  It's simply three videos. I believe there is a connection. I've sensed it and known it all along. Many of you won't. And I am okay with that.

Because I have to be okay with that.

We have reached the point in the awakening where frankly, I hurt. 

I hurt because I have been working at this for so long, and really, it's on the back burner for most of the Lightworkers I know. It isn't anywhere near the front. This is reason number one. People live their lives. People don't live for a cause. It's as simple as that.  (Right now I could be on the beach but Spirit asked, and I will do as requested, THEN go to the beach).

I hurt because the programming is rearing its ugly head in our readers. The ways of Spirit are not able to be proved with any physical senses. And when I share about corruption and bad things which, in Spirit I know very well are happening and true, because I have very strong connection and can see with my own two eyes and know full well what is happening...the readers share 'facts' just as they have been programmed to do--to reassure themselves that the programming (the Narrative) is 'true' because any option otherwise would be uncomfortable for them.   

I spoke of the fires and the likelihood of it being unnatural. It isn't Gaia causing these flames. 

I get stories. Stories from news and articles and survivors and it feels like a slap in the face. To be honest I was ready to quit over it, it hurt so bad. Ross had to remind me that they do not know what they do, they are asleep, they don't understand who is who and what is what --the ways of back Home that is--and he reminded me to turn the other cheek. 

So I do.

Here today, where more asleep people can give their opinions and hurt me more. Because without patience and love, these asleep people--much as they don't want to or are not ready to awaken--if we give up on them now then surely the Dark Ones have won. 

It's as simple as that.

One day back home Ross and I will be back to our routine, and things like this won't happen any more. 

I want his work to be finished. And so no matter what, I will do what I can to keep my (our old teams) end of the bargain and finish the work, all of us, together, and those of you who know who you are I thank you for your loving devotion to the cause.

The thrones of Greek gods Zeus and Hekate carved in stone in the hills above Chorio on the Greek island of Halki. The inscribed stones date from the Hellenistic period of Ancient Greece (323-31 BC)

Here is video number one--which in my opinion is entirely in line with the 'Narrative' which may not exactly be what is true but is what we are told to believe. 

The reason I don't believe the Narrative on it (this is extra credit) is because of this song at 2:02. 'I'M NOT ADOPTED'.  Children grow at China Lake, all stacked up like chickens in a chicken farm.  The beat-- the rhythm, one two three, is the same they used in ritual before a sacrifice. If' you've read any of the links I've provided previously, you would know this rhythm is used a la Mengele, to pick a love me, love me not--who is going to die a miserable death in front of the others to traumatize them. Being skinned alive typically. The children bang their heads in a frenzy on the metal bars out of fear and anticipation of them being the ones chosen. Actually, the bloodlines are not told they are to live--and the sacrifice ones are not bloodlines. Later the bloodlines are given false memories and let 'out of their cage' (The Gorillaz, finally someone let me outta my cage!--Clint Eastwood song)...

Back to the lesson.

VENICE, ITALY SEPT 22, 2016: St Mark`s Campanile is the bell tower 98.6 metres (323 ft) tall standing alone in a corner of St Mark's Square in Venice. It is one of the most recognizable symbols of the city. Venice, September 22, 2016

Here is the next video. I know CFAU has been called a 'shill'. He may well be. But on this topic, he's right. The controlled opposition has achieved their goal, and no one is giving the leaders of these secret societies any flack this year. 

This is what that first video song is about. Freddie knows, and probably headlined it.

The whole phenomenon of people just not giving a shit reminds me of the Kerth Barker book 'Cannibalism, Blood Drinking and High Adept S/////'--how the High Adepts work hard to use their dark magic to convince people that 'nothing is wrong' as they make major changes to society which affect us all. 

There's advanced psychology and darkness going on behind the scenes here. Whatever. I know the Light will win. Just like Anthony stopped eating beef (he's lost five pounds, by the way). Everything comes in its own time.

Amsterdam the Netherlands - May 6th, 2017: B-5965 China Southern Airlines Airbus A330-323 takeoff from Polderbaan runway, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

For the coup de grace, we have this--please pay attention around 5:09--and realize who this person is and what he is saying. And how he has no qualms saying it.

All that is required for evil to win is for good people to do nothing. 

We require more to live than food, sleep, and friends.

There's something Spiritual we need.

It's like food for us to go on.

That's why our guides keep gently telling us to meditate. To unplug. And to enjoy Nature.

We are in a war zone, a Spiritual war zone. You can't see it. But just like in China for the many wars and revolutions--Gaia has been taken under siege by SRA High Adepts and their off-planet counterparts.

We have been sent into the danger zone to do our life purpose, what many of us have completely forgotten what it is.

A life well-lived--raising the family, being courteous and kind and loving--may be the entirety of the life purpose. In many cases it is exactly that.

For others, like my own, I'm always 'working'--working for Spirit--whether I am at work (the hospital) or play. And I write.

It's not so much what you do, as how connected you are to your soul, and to your guides, and your willingness to accomplish what you have been sent to do.

For those of you who are helping the newly awakening, know that I share you pain and that the pain is normal when the newly awakening say hurtful things due to their programming.

Turn the other cheek.

But only AFTER you have filled your cup and made sure you are ready for the next blow, whenever and wherever that may be.

Self-care is essential.

Ross is nodding and smiling and agrees with all I have said. He reminds you of the picture/diagram from the last lesson, and how both ends of duality are under control. The perception of duality isn't really, especially under these contrived conditions. He says, 'do not fall for it!'

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Sunday, July 29, 2018


The countdown continues. We still haven't broken below three hundred yet. Every day we are a little closer to our goal the Council promised us of things being 'much better'...

Rainbow is a monument in commemoration of 325 anniversary of the Treaty of Pereyaslav, Kiev, Ukraine

I was on call Friday night. Instead of the hotel after the work was complete I drove to my mother's house. She prayed hard that I would be allowed to rest the remainder of the night. And fortunately I was not called in. 

Anthony had a small performance on Saturday, so I promised to take her to see him. 

She had her best nightgown for me to borrow, ready, and she said I could keep it. 

I couldn't sleep in the guest bed. The caregivers had rearranged, and put all her medications on that one. So since she says she sleeps sitting up in the living room, I could have her and dad's bed.

I slept in the same bed, on the same side of the bed, that dad passed in 2009.  I didn't sleep well. Not because of that, although it was a part. The bed hurt my back, and also, mom is a little hard of hearing and she keeps the news on 24/7. 

Since I don't watch the news, and since I study a lot, I was able to easily interpret the color codes and the narrative across all the different 'news broadcasts'. It's totally obvious when you don't participate in it. 

Mom gets sucked in. She was worried about the fires. I told her that some fires--especially ones like this which are hotter than normal--are geoengineered to some extent.  She was like, really? I was like, yes, in some past fires certain homes were fine and others looked like a bomb hit. Right next to one another.

HIROSHIMA, JAPAN - NOVEMBER 15 Peace Memorial Museun in Hiroshima, Japan on November 15, 2013 Student uniform of Toshiaki Asahi, exposed to the bomb at building demolition with 325 other students and teachers

I also have been reading the story of the Wild Swans, a story about China as told through a grandmother, mother, and author. 

It's fascinating. 

So far I've made it to the Japanese invasion (not so nice, they were cruel), and to the Soviet 'liberation' (equally cruel), and the Communist takeover (at least there was no raping and looting that time). 

It makes you stop and think when you learn how easy famine can strike. How tides can turn. How you might have to move to save your life. How political power can switch overnight. 

Apparently the atomic bomb in Japan is what caused the freedom for Manchuria. 

What a horrible time in history that was, in so many ways!

I will be working more, as we have not one but two anesthesiologists leaving our group. 

I do what I have to do. There's a big deal about showing up on time. As if all airplanes took off from the same runway at the same time at the airport! Management just wants to have their 'metrics' so they can get their bonuses, I know. 

I do what I can to create my new life more as Reiki Doc and less as anesthesiologist. Someone sent me a link that said anesthesia is either 6th or 9th unhealthy occupation (CRNA is 6, MD anesthesia is 9). I sit and do my own cases so I'm like a CRNA. Exposure to health hazards, radiation, too much time sedentary. It's not good. Including lack of sleep.

Rest is super important. So is a clean environment. I cleaned something I hadn't cleaned in the hallway in like four years. Ross and my teams were overjoyed! 

I also watched some chapters of my Master Class with Alice Waters. That made me happy. Inspired, I made a ratatouille without zucchini but with peppers and tomatoes from my yard to go with our dinner. 

I find I am allowing myself to enjoy the passage of time a little more, and to stress a little less. 

Ross woke me up with this information. It was just too difficult to write. So I made a video. I will make more from time to time. We hope you enjoy it.

Clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Raising The Bar (a little)

Bangkok,Thailand - 22 may 2014 : Aerial view of Baiyok Tower II building and Express ways on may 22, 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand. Baiyok Tower II is the tallest building in Thailand with 328 4 m.

We move forward. The passing of the days, the countdown, is relentless. Today we are at three hundred twenty eight days until life will be so improved that 'you can put it on your calendar' according to the Council.

100 years of the BMW. The State Department Store. Moscow. BMW 328. Hommage

In our home life, things continue to improve in big ways.

The fear which once immobilized me is fading. And through gentle guidance and reassurance from Ross Anthony and I are doing incredible things.

For example, I moved into this house fifteen years ago next month.  It's my first time as a homeowner, and I really don't know what to do to maintain it.

When Anthony was little, he used to pull on the vertical blinds. So when we close them, it looked like there are missing 'teeth'.We lived like that until yesterday. Yes, he is thirteen.

What happened was his father was moving and replaced some of his blinds. He had extra. They fit right on the slots and looked way better. I cut the bottom. I wanted to finish the whole thing, who cares how it matches, right. Just so it works?

Anthony and I decided for another option, replace all of the blinds, one by one, with something that looks more modern.

Well, that was fine until I actually removed one of the old blinds from the hook. The hook broke.  No matter what we did now there was going to be a gap. We had to replace the whole thing!  

We had to figure out how to take the old pulley system down, return all the blinds we had bought, and go get new everything cut to measure at the big home improvement center store. 

It took forever. But we had the old pulley and one old blind, so even though the woman made us wait and didn't want to custom cut it, she did what we asked. 

She actually had challenged us and was surprised we wanted to DIY (do it yourself). She said someone could measure and install it but it would take weeks. It's been very hot, and we needed it sooner. She asked if we could raise the brackets on the wall (so she wouldn't have to cut the blinds) but we said no, we'd like to use the existing ones mounted on the wall. She looked at us like we had three heads.

There was a moment of truth between Anthony and me. He was like, 'mom, what are we thinking? It's not important.'

I thought about it and said, 'No, this is a big thing. This is where you decide what kind of man you want to be. Are you going to grow up to be the kind where someone else has to be paid to fix things for you? Or are you going to be the kind who can fix things yourself and save money?'

Another shopper overheard me, and said, 'Well-said mom!'

I told Anthony it didn't matter to me if we did a horrible job and had to pay someone else to come in and do it later, I was okay with us trying to figure it out and give it a try.  (we had to use pliers to take off the nuts that were holding the old pulley system up, because our wrench didn't fit--lol).

He agreed to do it.

He also started to tease me about DIY...DIY, mom, we're gonna do DIY!

They look beautiful. Even though the house has cracks from settling, it's improved its appearance. Yes, our new ones aren't the best quality compared to what we took out (Levelor kind). But they are safer--they are cord-free.  We replaced them on two sliding glass doors. 

And we both enjoyed it.

When I was at the store, I was afraid a little of the responsibility. I had prayed on the car ride for Ross to be with us. Anthony had been afraid because he saw someone walk in with Walmart bags--lots of food and ramen noodles. He was concerned there might be an 'event' because 'that's not normal to take bags like that IN to this home improvement store'. I didn't sense anything, and I told him Ross would tell us to get out, I trusted Ross. I told the gentleman who overheard me that I miss my dad, he's in Heaven, he used to take care of these things...The man said, 'you will be fine!'  He was looking for window shades for a ten year old's room. He was the model for Anthony on being able to DIY.

Auckland, New Zealand- December 12, 2013. Auckland sky tower is the tallest structure in Southern Hemisphere by 328 meters

When I got home, I made dinner after the blinds were installed.

I made for the first time Japanese Curry. I had bought a brick of 'medium hot'. I made it with chicken, potatoes, onions and carrots.  I also cooked rice. 

Our salad was cucumber slices and a quarter of a cherimoya, arranged with love on a plate along with big serrated Japanese green leaves (Shiso--perilla leaves).  We had that first.

Ross is telling me to 'set Anthony up for success' with weight loss. Already with beef gone we have a chance. Ross wants more produce and smaller portion sizes. I didn't cook very much rice at all. And I used smaller servings. Anthony had seconds on the curry (he loved it, and said, 'for a first time mom you did really good on this, I'd like it again.) but his own portion he took was very small, less than half the original.

He didn't have room for a nectarine after.

At the hardware store, he had asked for a 'special deal on Mexican cokes'--these come in the bottle and have real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. It was twenty four dollars for twenty two bottles. 

I said no.

I told him already with the juice boxes he drinks way too much--has some every day (they are for his packed lunches for outings with his summer school). I want him to succeed and that's why I said no.

Ross' presence in my day-to-day is more known. I often set the table for him, he sits next to Anthony. Yesterday he wanted the mug that said, 'a dog's tail never lies' at breakfast.

I had two days in a row off. 

Lately I am more, empowered in making sure no one is taking advantage of me. My statement came back, there had been a cancellation of our trip within twenty-four hours. I rebooked it. But I was going over every little item, and looking up what was spent on the website to compare. It turns out our flight was non-refundable. We also lost about two hundred dollars on the first hotel. My heart sank.

I had already cancelled an extra insurance policy I've had for ten years--one that has the worst reviews every (Mega something is the name). I did Stop Payment on it through the bank as they take out directly. This saves me two-hundred fifty dollars a month, but the two stop payments were thirty dollars each.   Then I decided against the home buyer insurance. They also send shoddy workers and the service fee is now seventy-five dollars, up from fifty when I first bought the house. This home warranty has 'can I give you zero stars' on the reviews--even on the 'favorable' reviews. So THAT saves me almost six hundred dollars. All our appliances are old and need replacement anyway. 

So I'm feeling empowered, so to speak.

And when I was watching over our finances, Ross kissed me. I get lost in his kiss, I forget everything else, and just enjoy his presence. I can feel Ross hold me, I can feel him touch me, I can definitely enjoy his kiss. It feels like energy-pressure on my skin, and also, I feel his heart presence/vibration close to me, embracing me. The Galactics call this an 'energy squeeze' and you can ask for one any time from your guides when you need a hug. With Ross and can see and I can hear and I can sense with my skin--even though he's in the World of Spirit (that's his word choice there). 

I didn't know until the final result with the vertical blinds project that he had been helping us the whole time. He has the skills, and it shows. I miss that part of him the most, to be honest. He could make anything, he was gifted in working with his hands and his tools.  

Amsterdam, the Netherlands - March 31st, 2017: HB-AEY SkyWork Airlines Dornier 328-130 approaching Polderbaan runway at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, the Netherlands

Here is something to think about-- a comment on it says, 'mum I have found the video which explains which planet I am from.'-- in the context of what it is like to have Higher Consciousness (not necessarily 'intelligence' like they use in the video):

YOSEMITE, USA - APRIL 12, 2014: Recreational vehicle parked in Giant Sequoia National Monument, California. The 328,000-acre National Monument was designated in year 2000.

Wow! What a surprise! My old cardiology professor is in this one!:

Here is another one, the first one I saw on FB about Sardinia:

I disagree that online interaction isn't as good as face-to-face. If you have a community online, like DWR, especially with Team DWR, it helps you to feel a sense of belonging and interaction and purpose you wouldn't be able to get in the outside world where consciousness is lower on average.  With 'old souls' in one group, it helps you heal. Add the reiki and voilá!

Sheremetyevo, Moscow Region, Russia - December 28, 2015: CargoJet Airways Boeing 767-328 ER C-GVIJ landing at Sheremetyevo international airport.

This one is disturbing. You don't need to pay attention because you can HEAR the difference between a 432 Hz 'A' and 440 Hz.

What if 'they' know?

What if 'they' have known the secrets of longetivity, of Divine Birthright, and have slowly been eroding them for centuries and centuries?

This is one data point.

What about HAARP and other scalar wave weapons?

Nutrition has been compromised with GMO and high-fructose corn syrup.

The other day I realized (as this FEAR, this all-pervasive FEAR is decreasing by some miracle) that IF we eliminated Fast Food altogether, there would BE no options but to have slow food and a lifestyle like in Sardinia.   

We couldn't be worked as hard or as stressed. 

I eat in the car, I eat slices of pizza when I'm in the hospital because it's fast and it's available in the break room when someone brings it in for the staff and it keeps me full--I had Denny's the other night because I came home at eleven, I was hungry, and I picked Anthony up from whoever was watching him. I had breakfast...

With fast food and the car lifestyle, we lose on social interaction, natural movement. With modern housing we don't even get a back yard to grow our own food. 

They know.  I know they know and they are designing/driving humanity off a cliff because they don't care about it, and they can't get any more out of us.  Someone in the comments said, about the social interaction, 'does an ant colony count as social interaction?'. He was alluding to the 'hive mind'. 

Check this out--please bear with me even if you disagree--it's not proven so wait for the comments I share because they are the teaching point:

From Cat in Canada:  This young lady also talks about the Hivites. Ever heard of them? I hadnt either until about a month ago when deplorable mccallister did a vid on this young lady. I actually believe shes telling the truth. So I looked into the hivites. Moloch worshipers and hive mind mentality. They believe you must anally rape your child, usually a relative does it, between the ages of 3 and 6 specifically, in order to damage the spine and send certain signals to the brain making them easier to break and apparently this opens the 3rd eye.It has to be done at this age or it isnt as effective later on. This keeps them in the family following the families agenda. Hivites. Right up there with the amorites and the hitites and anything with an ITE on the end of it. Most of the ITES were giants or of the giant race and God said kill them all. Right down to their animals as they are compromised as well.


As in hive mentality? And 'hive mind'?

Is that as far as 'they' are going to push our society?  

Here is another interesting comment on the same video from Lee:

Putin passed a law recently that convicted paedophiles get life in prison on 1st offense. We need to pursue this as this is not just a person doing something to themselves (victimless), they are ruining childrens lives and future---permanently. THEY need to permanently be removed.

Sanctuary of Pluto (Hades), god of the Underworld, who abducted Persephone. Situated to the west of the Small Propylaia in Elefsina 328 BC

I was talking with Anthony yesterday.  He was telling me about a music video with Childish Gambino that was really 'bad' in his opinion.

He said that he shoots people in the video. Then they come back from the dead.

I explained it to him the symbolism.  Childish Gambino is initiating the others into the secret organization. They are 'dead'--the old 'them' and are 'born new' into their belief system. If it's in a video it's 'magic' according to Marina Abramovich. It's no longer 'art'.  

I shared how the first time I saw it and learned of it was when Beyonce was in a flaming car crash in 'Crazy in Love' and she dies and came out alive with Jay Z.  That's what it meant.

Then Anthony said a few years ago, there was one where Childish Gambino hung himself, and then came back to life. Was that the same thing?


Whether or not you believe it, there are many in these groups who believe all this 'dark magic' is real. 

If you learn their symbolism, you can understand what they are telling each other while for the majority of the population these messages are hidden in plain sight.

Learn the language so they can't keep secrets over you any more. 

Their goal is to keep taking advantage of you, out in the open, with you having no clue anything is going on behind your back (and in front of your eyes!)

Whether or not you think any of this is 'real', there are people who do, and they are acting out on their belief system, possibly Tom Hanks included. They hide behind decency and popularity. Their safety is our wanting to give the benefit of the doubt. Their means is to move slowly across generations in social adjustments--so we can't perceive it. Is your day the same as that of your grandmother?

In Sardinia and the Blue Zones, it IS the same as your grandmother!


South Korea on unfolded map sheet with thumbtacks.Map colored according to vegetation, with borders and major urban areas.Includes clip path for the background. Map projection: Mercator; Geographic extents: W: 124; E: 132; S: 32.8; N: 39

I had thought perhaps Auckland was on the 33rd parallel. It isn't. It's on the 36th. Sydney is on the 33.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki are both on the 33rd parallel. Disneyland is too.

That would be fascinating to learn what else is on it.

FIAT 508 S Mille Miglia

Ross and I hope this gets you thinking, and it takes away your fear. He wants you to focus on the lifestyle benefits of longetivity because many of these actions/behaviors are galactic too. The are 'good practice' and you 'might as well get started on enjoying life'.

He doesn't want you to panic about the dark ones, they are under control. He wants you to 'be aware' enough to interpret the symbols like I did for Anthony, who was questioning why that last music video was so dark and disturbing.   He says 'you need to know enough' to answer questions and to 'read the writing on the wall'.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins and Co-Founders of Doctors With Reiki