Wednesday, November 30, 2016

You Are A Living Jewel

Above is the flow of earthly life experience.

You are born.

You learn and you grow.

You enjoy the presence of others.

And then you get off the 'ride', and wait for the next chance to take a turn again.

It's fun.

And as you awaken while you are incarnate, you discover everyone around you is your teacher.

Yesterday, my plastic surgeon wanted us to turn the room over quickly to get his next case into the O.R.

You know what he did?

He helped put on the dressings. He helped moved the patient. He was calm and helped with the physical work it takes to bring his patient out of the room, without making a big point about it.

I haven't seen a surgeon help with this part who wasn't a resident in years and years and years!

I stopped and told him, 'thank you for doing the work and not leaving the room. Most other surgeons just yell at us to hurry up and give a quick turnover quick turnover but they never really HELP make what they want to happen, happen!'

He used his heart, and he understood to get his goal, his contribution would help to make it happen.

It was a beautiful lesson, one taken to heart by me.  Leaders show leadership by their example.

I realized yesterday evening, that all of us are beautiful jewels of experience, inside our human bodies, and instead of holding still for ninety-seconds like in the Laguna Pageant of the Masters (explanation video for reference here just in case you haven't heard of it)...we MOVE AROUND for our whole lives in these roles while we are incarnate!!!

We are PRICELESS works of art, great value, and irreplaceable, each and every one...EVERY one!


I wish to speak of something delicate.

I wish to speak of Carla and Michael, Raphael, Merlin, and Raziel...about their relations.

Carla is coming to terms with it as we speak.

That is what her new bracelet is for, the one with the blue calcite, lepidolite, and dragons' blood jasper.

There is a blue calcite for each one of us.

Carla is going home.

Carla is going back to the parts of her that have been buried while she was incarnate--Carla is waking up.

And it isn't easy for her. It is difficult and struggling.  For now she asks questions.

'How can I be romantically involved with each of you at the same time and not be a whore?'

Carla what was our response?

C:  you threw a big fluffy white blanket thing at me, but I didn't catch it. It was hard to see. I asked if it was cotton and you said 'close'. I had to guess a lot. But then when I got it right I said, 'wool?' meant that someone threw the wool over my eyes to make me think it was wrong to be like that. It was society, on earth, and not in Heaven.

Carla, what did you blurt out after this?

C:  A lot of men are going to really like it!  I was sarcastic, and not very nice. That is because I didn't believe it myself, that it's okay. I still don't, actually.

Carla, and why?

C:  Because I think about the twins of the others, getting hurt, like here on earth. I think about the horrible mess like in the dorm rooms where you hear and know all that bedroom stuff that is going on, and it makes me sick to think of everything happening everywhere all over Heaven like a giant orgy. It's bad enough here with the young people with public displays of affection! And how could I be a part of something like this when I'm so old anyway?

What happened next?

C:  I asked how it could be that I would be with you and you and you in some relationship at the same time? And you explained to me how a Twin is always a twin, you can't lose them. But with careful planning, a copy of each of the others was made just for me, and my relationship is only with the copy, not the 'whole'--so I love you and interact with you in a formal relationship if you are with me and not my twin.

Is it marriage as you know it on earth?

C:  It is socially acceptable like on earth, I don't remember any wedding ceremony. And no...there is no orgy up there where I can see. It's hidden, and not in plain view, any of the relationships like this. Kind of like marriage here on earth. It's pleasant.

And what else?

C:  I was still really upset, and you made it VERY clear to me that YOU do not make any copies of yourself at any time, honey. Ever. You love everybody like a family member, same as I do, but for us as Twins you are the only one for me, and you don't participate in that other thing like I'm rediscovering I myself and doing with my soul and these other souls.  And yes, you said it's not random, it's not with everyone, and only a few are doing this with each one. Not a lot. And the original Twins--I forget how but since it's a copy I get of their twin they do not get hurt.

And all of it is for learning?

C:  YES! It was like college or fellowship post graduate training--to live with Merlin in his house and learn his expertise, to live with Raphael to get healing skills from the best, to be with Michael so I wouldn't be a freaking chicken scared of everything my whole life like I was when I was a little kid in this life.

(Ross chuckles--ed)  Is there anything else?

C:  Michael spoke to me before I fell asleep last night. It was awkward. You were 'present' just like a security blanket, for me. Your energy was far but not out of range. I had to explain to Michael from my heart that the whole concept of this is very frightening for me, for when I was four the other boys assaulted me. The basic thought of me plus the others at the same time--even on friendly terms in non-physical planes--is scary because it recreates the number who hurt me so much, five boys to one girl...and I was terrified back then. The most scared I've ever been. I thought I was dying. My bowels and bladder let go and I was a mess.

And what did Michael say?

C:  I don't remember, I fell asleep, but I wasn't embarrassed in Michael's presence telling him my worst fear. I felt understood, loved, and respected--in a NON PHYSICAL way. He said something wise, I wish I could remember, but I can't.

And was it gentle, your interaction with him?

C:  Yes. Like I was with a doctor or a psychologist--someone who is used to seeing EVERYTHING and nothing fazed him.  He didn't ask anything of me at all. And he gave me the space to put words to my greatest fear, which was in  itself really scary. I hide it all the time, everywhere I go, and everything I do. It takes energy to hide it, even though I've basically healed from it, it never has left.

What can you say about us?

C:  I went running to you like I was running to my mama when I was falling asleep. Michael wasn't mad. It seems like this has been a huge problem with me, for a long time, and you all have been working on it together. It has been frustrating for all of you--you never admit it or let it show but I can sense it--and last night you made the most headway you have made in as long as I have been working with you.

And what did you say to us on the way to work yesterday morning?

C:  I said good morning to all of you, and that even though I don't understand it, the connection, I wanted to wish all of you a good day. I was happy. And I said something like, 'What's up?!' and you guys didn't really understand the slang. Then we all laughed.

Is there anything else?

C:  I'm embarrassed to admit it, but my amnesia is really bad. The part about throwing the wool over my eyes is right on target. But knowing I have amnesia, it makes me feel like there is something wrong with me. Even if I chose it, to be here, to experience it wears off I feel like I'm something less, perhaps even a little bit tricked, and I need to trust both in myself and you--all of you--as this next phase of my Ascension engages and I do the work, feeling and releasing all the old yucky things that come up, like my memory last night of the assault on me as a very small child in THIS incarnation that I'd rather forget.

Is there anything you wish to say to me?

C:  That I love you more than ever, that I trust you to get me safely in one piece from point A to point B--wherever point B is that I can't appreciate from my perspective, and I'm willing to work hard to make it.

And why?

C:  I would rather not stagnate. I would like to arrive home as soon as possible. And make soup like I do here, a nice warm steamy bowl, with some fresh bread and butter, and to really FEEL like I'm home, and to enjoy the company of my spirit family.

You do not want a party?

C:  Would you feel like going to a party after climbing up and down Mount Everest in a day?

I just might (he winks, and is adorable--ed)

C:  If I had a shower first I 'just might' too (I'm teasing him back, one of my favorite things to do--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What's In Your Heart?

For the past three nights, as I have been falling asleep, I have envisioned the kind of day I want to have the following day.

Two nights ago, I wanted 'easy, easy' cases, 'time to walk around', 'meals' and 'nice people to work with'.

Yesterday I had relatively healthy patients for straightforward cases, two gaps in the lineup where I was able to go out and stretch my legs (over twelve thousand steps in the day!), and really super nice surgeons, nurses, and patients.

Last night, as I was going through my exercise, by mid-afternoon's planning, I got tired. I asked Ross, 'can you help me please with this? I can't figure the rest out!'

I was overwhelmed. We had just gotten home at nine. And it was way past my eight thirty bedtime (I wake up at four thirty).  It was ten thirty p.m.

Ross was kind, and I saw him kneel down to talk to me.

He 'gets it'. He always 'gets it' and is the best spiritual coach I could ever ask for, as well as my best friend and soul Twin.

He asked, 'what's in your heart, Carla? What's in your heart?'

Then it was clear.   Even though the next few things I asked for sounded like little things, in general, they were important to me and my heart was crying out to do them.

One of the happiest times I've had recently was planting garlic right before sunset, squeezing in a few minutes of sheer joy before the day was done. I'm so excited about the garlic because it was my grandfather's crop I had completely forgotten. I did the fava beans like him. But never the garlic. It was purple just like his, on the skin, and I recalled the beautiful garlic braids that lasted all year for our family's needs...

A surprising thing my heart needed, and I told Ross, is I need time to tell you how much you mean to me.  I go zooming through my day, and interact with you, but I never tell you how special you are, how you make me feel.

He asked, 'why wait?'

So as I fell asleep, I was talking to him about his smile, about his caring, about how smart he is and can fix anything (both in life and disincarnate), about his patience with me...

Today I make buckwheat cereal. Ross had asked me to make it for Anthony last night--for breakfast today. Anthony is excited. He likes that one. We put a little milk and maple syrup in it.

I need to start cooking now.

I make the bracelets out of love.

There is a gap, a need, in the healing department with my readers. And I am filling it.

I enjoy working with spirit, and with my hands. I don't mind giving them away because of this.

I do know they are powerful, in a subtle way. I gifted a Merlin bracelet to my youngest sister, who was struggling financially. This was in August 2015, and she was new to a job, but there were politics that were unpleasant. She worked her butt off (a sure sign of Merlin making opportunity and giving one the freedom of choice to take it.) She now has eight homes in escrow just this month alone! She's had her best year in a long time, and is fully confident again.

She has no clue of the bracelet's effect on her outcome.  But a sure and steady flow into the right direction, will have an effect.

And she hardly ever wore it!

A bracelet from me is more than the healing stones in certain combination. It is a sign between Spirit and me to help YOU. When worn in the aura, the combination of stones will both soothe and support you in areas of your weakness, and guide and strengthen you into a better resonance in Life.

I'm only gifting them at the moment. It feels 'right' for me. When I have someone request them, sometimes the energy doesn't flow and I have to make and remake them several times because the person buying it or requesting it isn't ready on a soul level.

I enjoy creating bracelets to 'blow your arm off' with the energy of, um, I don't know how to describe it but perhaps the energy of What's Good For You and Has Your Best Interest At Heart.  In time, your aura will embrace this energy and it will be a new platform for your perception. Just like with my bracelet won't last forever for your energy as you will continue to grow.  It's like getting a new braces wire to straighten your teeth. It's a little tight at first, then it eases, and in time your teeth are straight!  You can expect a good six months to a year from one of my bracelets. If you are fast track (like me) you will get them every month.

I had my Oceans of Love Ross designed me absolutely fall off my wrist twice in a row. It was 'done' in a day!  Now I have blue calcite, dragon's blood jasper, and lepidolite with elastic. It's working really hard right now. It's helping me to reconnect with who I really am, in the big picture, as a soul, across all of my many incarnations.

I am happy the things I enjoy, the things that make me smile, such as gardening, stay with me from one lifetime to the next...

It's still working.

One day perhaps I will offer bracelets for sale again. And other things. But not at the moment.  When I run out of my advertising budget and I stop, I'll let you know, and invite you to either purchase or contribute to the 'pot' so I can continue to make them--and ONLY if Spirit and Ross say it's okay for me to ask.

BTW, the Eddie Aikau HUGE wave contest with Quiksilver is back on!!! Both the family and the company reached agreement. And for the first time there's both a father-son duo, and a woman invited to participate. This contest has surfers on over thirty foot waves in North Shore, Hawaii in January I think.

There are good things happening in this world!

Ross wants me to go make the breakfast and the lunches too. Something 'nutritious'. Don't you just love him?

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Dry Cleaning

This image touches me deeply.

Ross has been doing so much work both with my healing and for me.

This image captures his ability to go deep in thought, to see both backwards (knowledge of history) and forwards (a man of great vision and foresight), and into the hearts of men.

It's a little beat up, just like can see the chips but he's always close to Nature which is his strength.

When I left last, Ross was taking a more active role in my healing from my past life as a kitten.

I would like to share with you one example, within a greater example of my ability to manifest.

Yesterday I was on call and did one case at the hospital. After that, the cell phone is like a hot potato--one ring and boom your day is changed forever, your plans are put immediately on hold! My request was for a day to be out and about, to catch lots of pokemans, and to get a good night's sleep.

On the way home from my case I was HUNGRY!  I thought of canned chili, cheese and onions, and to remain home to enjoy the day.

Ross, at the last minute, two exists away, 'nudged' me to go to Philly Cheesesteaks. I'm trying to watch my weight and I wasn't sure how it would help? But I obeyed.

I only ordered a sandwich, and drank water. I skipped the fries. Seven hundred something calories in all.

As I ate, I recall the voice of my patient from Philly, the one with a terrible cancer, who longed to go back and taste one of those sandwiches again. He's the one who told me about these franchises out here. I gave thanks that I could eat one, healthy, here, and now.

Then Ross wanted me to go to the Bead Shop. There is a store owned my Michi, in Dana Point. It had moved and I've never been to the new one. It opened last March. I had Siri find me the address and I followed the directions there.

Guess what?

It's right next door to the old, um, 'adult themed' store my friend Debbie N. introduced me to in the early 2000's. She was going through the change of life, and had surging hormones. So she needed a 'wing man' to go with her while she bought her things.

That was the first I had an inkling of my past...when I walked by the bondage room it felt oddly enough like 'home'. I couldn't understand it, my connection to that. All that leather seemed familiar in some way?

Here I was a nice ballet dancer, with a friend from her ballet class, and a doctor too?!

Well...guess what? It's changed!

The building has been repurposed!  It is a dry cleaner's now!

It wasn't an accident, Ross bringing me to the bead shop. He did it to make a point that there's no going back to me, for that old kitten life, ever again! <3 Not even in my memories.

Michi was very pleased to see me. Her new store is even better organized, and it brings in foot traffic now. It's right on Pacific Coast Highway.

I found a few things. I can tell her prices are a little more than I can get other places now. Especially when she sells single beads to make a bracelet at the store. Her beads are of very high quality, though. She has exceptional beads, they are never dusty, and you can't get some of them anywhere else. And she gives me a ten percent discount.

There was a request to create a bracelet for a loved one of a reader who has Parkinson's, and is in much pain. The stones came through for him, loud and clear. There was an agate I have to look up the name exactly, and beautiful matte onyx in two sizes of round bead. I bought three strands, one of each.

Then I left. But I checked. There was a Pokeman at the post office two blocks away.  I drove there. I got it.

Then there were more.

Next thing you know, I was squealing with delight! I was up on bluff walk trail--high on a cliff--safe--chasing pokemans and enjoying the view of a storm coming in.

Then I drove by the harbor, and caught more, the ocean ones we'd only last seen in Hawaii. I'm glad they are here too, and we don't have to only visit Hawaii to get them.  The wind blew, and it started to rain. Ross let me know if was time to go home. I would have stayed there...

I gave thanks for my day, for the beauty of the ocean, and for not being called in...yet.

Then I came home. I thought I'd take a nap. Who knows if I would get called in?

My alarm woke me up at eight to tell me it's time for bed at eight thirty p.m., yes I know, on a Saturday night!

I skipped dinner.

I rested a good long time. I feel two years younger.

I also feel lighter in my heart.

Ross and I have been doing a lot of talking.

I was sad about the post by Pam Kribbe, Gaia/Earth, I saw...I had followed it back through the links in her page and it's originally from a page.  By her and her husband.

I asked him about it. I pressed him!  He said it's not him. John Smallman is him. But this other page is not.

I floated on air over that one! I didn't like it, all that talk from her about Earth and it didn't make any sense. It felt like it was the MIND trying to make sense and mold SPIRIT, in her channeling. At the same time, I gave thanks so I could hide and do my own thing while she covers for us 'out there', doing 'whatever' she was asked by 'whatever' to do...with the channels!

I'm the Silent. And I AM most definitely empowered today.

The kitten lifetime is gone, and now Ross and I get to explore the feelings that are left. I hadn't thought about it in years, but his past infidelity to me--in that one incarnation, our last one--still weighed upon my heart.

We talked about everything this morning. And we let the 'dry cleaning' go to work on that layer of my soul, too. He has learned his lesson, and had his justice. And so have the others who were involved with him. I still hurt. A lot.

He had St. Germain come and take all the yucky feelings from me, I pushed them into his bag. I asked him if his bag could take it? Would it explode with my awful feelings in there?

He said it would transmute safely and not be of harm to others.

I thanked him.

Today I ask for joy, and happiness all day long. I'm home, on backup call, and I have a plan to walk a little and catch more Pokemans for some exercise for me today.

I am so grateful for this stupid game because it gets me out of the house. I get to see beautiful statues and fountains at the Pokestops. I get exercise too.


I am working very hard with my wife. Very very hard.

Hearts are delicate.

They take time to heal, and trust.

Through our last lifetime, Carla's trust in me was shattered.

And still she loved me to my death, in pain and suffering both with me and of her own, unique kind, because she is my woman.

Last night I took Carla to our conversation as young adults where we had when we realized we both had no control over whom we would marry, and declared our eternal love for one another no matter what mates for us were planned by our parents. We would be good parents and partners to those who come into our life, but also, count the days until Heaven, where we reunite.

When Carla walked down the aisle, at our marriage, but (she didn't know it was to 'each other' in our last life) she was sobbing the whole time she was getting dressed, horribly anguished over the loss of her true love, and her future of working hard and bearing children to a man she did not love, but had to grow to love.

Myself, Carla couldn't see me, as I was looking at the floor and she had her eyes full of tears.  When she saw it was me, her heart leapt with gladness and relief, but she decided to keep the surprise for me to the end.

She came up to me, put her arm around my waist, and said, 'It's me, love. It's me.'

There was a moment which passed between us, that was more powerful than the wedding ceremony itself!

We both could not believe our good fortune at how our families chose us for one another, for love to prevail in our hearts.

There was not a dry eye in the house at our reunion.

There will not be a dry eye in Heaven when we ultimately reunite, both on Heaven and Earth, this last time...where we are waiting.

I am holding Carla in a higher light now. This is between us, me and you, the reader. Carla asked me today if her energy is high enough now so as not to harm me?  At the beginning, there was quite an energy gap for us to fill. Carla has raised herself up accordingly, and I reassured her it is no trouble or pain to me now to be in her presence with her current vibration.

I want you to stop and think about it.

Carla is asking if her current vibration is painful to me?

Who out there in the realm of Lightworkers who are on the verge of complete and total Ascension are worried about their influence on their guides?

Who of them even care to make sure that their presence is acceptable and not harmful to us?

Carla has an awful lot of caring, an awful awful lot, a great deal more than anyone; even where she steps on her way to her future Carla will not trample the plants and the wildlife along the way! Even if she is running to greet me Carla will make sure not a flower is stepped upon by her feet, and that her presence is welcome! And it is! Here in my heart.

It goes both ways.

For a while it was 'you and us' and now we are FAMILY!  All of you reading this are family to US. And you are family to your Guides and Escorts (angelic). You are family to everyone you ever lived a life with in the past.

You will heal from it.

Together. You are not alone in any of it.

And I love you.

I give thanks to you for listening to what I have shared.

It is very important to both of us to get off to a good start, with no questions asked, on our eternal life partnership.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Friday, November 25, 2016

Do Over With Love

I talk to Ross a lot when I drive. The other day, I asked him something, and I mentioned how lately I am starting to see the beauty in the Life Experience, because everything is constantly changing--in ourselves and others--so basically we 'never pass this way again'.  In anything!

He was pleased and asked me to write about it.

Things, from where I am, are starting to get a little exciting. As you know, Ascension is something I've worked very hard on, and it makes me happy to see the evidence of intervention from the galactics every now and then.

On a personal level, Ross and I are back at square one in our relationship. This time, all of the residue from that past life as a kitten is out of the picture. It colored my outlook on everything, a LOT. I am in good hands, Ross is quite capable now, to guide me in normal and healthy relationship with him.  To share our conversation on it, it went something like this:

C:  so what happens to everything I learned from that incarnation as a kitten? All of my 'tricks'? (puzzled, trying to understand)

R:  you will be able to use them again for your enjoyment only AFTER you have re-learned all of the standard ways to connect in relationship with me.

C:  (still puzzled, at the loss of my experience gained, or at least putting it on hold, then something dawned on me and I blurted it out)  do you know some 'tricks' then?!

Ross really cracked up over that one. It took a while for him to compose  himself.

R:  yes, I know some tricks. you could say that. 

I was like, 'oh! okay then.' because in the kitten incarnation, there was always one person who knew the 'tricks' and the other who didn't, does that make sense? And in my limited framework of understanding of the subtleties of relationship, my beloved Ross had to make the connection for me between my old ways of thinking and the new ones when it comes to 'us', so I could heal and continue to grow from this very deep and unusual soul wound from that incarnation. 

So as a soul you can and do have the opportunity to Do Over! It's just in this lifetime, not so much--with the whole aging and time and timelines/life scripts for others you seem to be running out of time!--but Ross wants you to know there is always, always, always a chance to learn and to grow and be your best in THIS incarnation too.

(my smile is I think Kanye's recent outbursts may have something to do with either too much programming from his handler, or perhaps, like the Super Bowl Power Outage years ago--perhaps a little something more from our 'friends in the rafters' <3)

The bracelet giveaway on DWR, have you noticed it?

My healing and need to connect with my readers is not being hindered any longer by people who are not willing to pay for my expertise. My expertise with healing stones goes a long way back, to the days of India with Ross. I recall being tested as a child for my I.Q.  A grown lady counselor took me out of class, to her office, and we played with wooden beads on a string. She would ask me to remember certain patterns. It was super easy to remember and copy them. I couldn't help thinking, 'doesn't this woman have anything better to do in her day than to play with beads with the children?'  

It turns out my IQ is in the low 150's, and I think my past life/soul memories had a lot to do with my ease with the beads back in that test too! LOL

Anyhow, I am stubborn, I am giving the healing away because there is NEED, and I sense it.

And guess what? My billing company is asking for a raise from the insurance companies for the first time since 2009! I just had to sign a paper for them on Friday.

Life is good when Spirit is at your side. 

I'm really excited to help people the way I am, every day, with a free bracelet. I'm having so much fun with it! Today's is one I am proud of the most. Fo the person who is really bummed out about the holidays <3

 What could I say?

I had two Thanksgivings. Yesterday's was at the warm and inviting home of our babysitter's uncle. Yes, I had Thanksgiving Liberia-style, celebrating with about twenty members of a family who are from Africa. 

I saw Irene, the PACU nurse who is our sitter's aunt who helped us to connect. I haven't seen her for five years or so. It was wonderful to see her again. Both of us are always working. Her brother Clarence, who was the host, shares the same love of the piano I do, especially, Chopin. He has been taking lessons for the past two years, as an adult. He adores classical music.

I actually got to play the piano, something I've adored since I was ten, for the first time in ages! They let me read his sheet music. I used to enjoy playing for an hour every night after dinner. Mom kept a tip jar on top of the piano to encourage me to play my best every time. 

We also are all health care workers--the hostess, Maggie, Clarence's wife--is also a recovery room nurse. She is from Haiti. She has the most beautiful story. When her family left Haiti, they had passage to Canada. They arrived off the plane in May wearing Haiti clothing--sandals, shorts, tee shirt. They didn't know anything could be so very cold! So they had relatives in California, who suggested they relocate there. It took three months of living in a hotel to get the paperwork in order, and they've been here ever since for over thirty years!

I was especially touched by the prayers of Camille, and the caring the family showed to Jonathan, who is special needs. I noticed a 'best employee at Sears' certificate with his name on it. His smiles is so beautiful, and he jokes with the family--such a beloved member. His brother Joshua is super tall and off to a good start in his career too.

It was nice to feel welcome, and also, to bring peace and unconditional love to a new family who was kind enough to 'make a little extra room' for me. I felt at home, and enjoyed conversations with family from Florida, and another who was an exchange student in China (Beijing) for two months too. 

The only thing that made me realize the depth of the pain and suffering was the presence of two lawn jockeys on either side of the fireplace. They had white faces. (The ones above in the photo look, surprisingly Latino, don't you think?)...

I pray with all my heart that the whole race thing goes away forever. It was horrible in every way. Even now, where the people in Liberia suffer so deeply, not just with Ebola, where so many died, but also with poor healthcare resources. For every surgery there is no anesthesiologist, there is a CRNA. And there is no anesthesia machine to ventilate the patient. It must be done by hand, the whole case, no matter how long the case is, squeezing the bag, breathing every breath for the patient who is asleep. C-sections are a luxury--very few can have them. There are no obstetricians. Only nurse midwives. Many infants suffer in childbirth, and are affected their whole life from dystocia (getting stuck) and having to be pulled out one way or another. 

It's so sad.

I wish there was one standard throughout the globe, so people could be safe and get the very best care which could be offered.

Irene was saying how in Africa there are no false teeth.  There is no one to make them. So when she was taking care of a patient in recovery, here, for the first time, she was suctioning the mouth and the teeth came out. She jumped! Another nurse who was from Africa saw it happen. She came over and said that in America they have fake teeth here. Just put them back in and the patient will go (makes gumming movement with mouth) like this and put them into place!

When she has a patient who is angry because their doctor is late and making them wait, she asks them, sincerely, 'How can you be upset? You HAVE a doctor who is here to help you. They will come!'  She remembers back home in Liberia, how often times people do not have a doctor...


Carla spent a wonderful afternoon with her family. Jared was kind. It is his weekend, and he is allowing Anthony to spend the night with Carla so she could enjoy more time with her family before she has to work tomorrow.

I must be honest.

Thanksgiving today was somewhat strained...between the family members. 

You might ask, 'why?'  and 'why is Carla's relationship more comfortable and free with people who she just met on a holiday?'

The answer is diverging evolutions for the souls...each on their own journey, (gestures with his hands) each off into their own lessons, (raises a finger up--ed)  each by their own choices, (points to his head with each index finger on each side of the head--ed), each by their patterns of beliefs and habitual thinking--what goes on inside their head.

(he pauses, looks at you, and is earnest--ed)

This is what happens when 'couples grow apart' in a relationship.

This is what happens when it is time for something new at work, a new occupation, a new career (look how Carla moved from her engineering to medicine!)...a new life!  The love still flows between your hearts, after all, you are family! But the connection through the past shared experiences with all the different interests and developments makes for the reconnection through the present to be less possible due to the diverging paths of soul growth!

Carla explain your observations...

(C:  I got the feeling that Life is an energy flow...and some people, I won't mention who or how...try to control or stop that flow of Life and its unpredictability. Others only take the good, and downplay the bad, as if it never happened. I'm so used to letting Life carry me along through my Lessons--the good, I enjoy, the bad, I cry, and I keep trying to be me best self. What I can say is everyone present was honestly doing their best in their own way to be their best person they could possibly be...I just felt that some choke the life out of the Life experience a little more than others. Like I used to, because of my anxiety.  Tom used to say to me when I was sixteen, 'Carla, go with the FLOW!' and the whole concept to me was foreign! I couldn't understand it!  Now I do.  The FLOW is what allows Spirit to guide us and help us to experience our Life Lessons. No flow, the lessons become more difficult. Much flow, they seem to go by faster and with less effort but the same learning is achieved...)

Thank you. That was excellent. And what about me? What part do I have in all of this, with the FLOW of Life?

(C:  You are like the safety feature. You are constantly monitoring our safety--that we keep on course and don't forget our lessons or completely stop trying. You are the one--you on Your Side of the Veil, who are our guides--you are the ones who turn up the volume to get our attention when we go off track! And you make sure we complete our Life Experience. You are the one who shifts us along, and helps make things happen besides what would ordinarily be possible too. You are part of the miracles.)

Is there anything else?

(C:  You encourage us and cheer us on, and wait for us at the finish line. You bring us the gatorade and rub our sore muscles at the end, just like good coaches and family.)

Carla? our son is waiting for you. Why not go and enjoy his presence in the family room now while he plays his new video game?

(C:  okay. Thank you for asking me things to help)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Clarifying A Bit

I'm different.

I meditate twice a day.

I don't watch T.V. except for sports with Anthony.

I don't date and go out and party.  I stay home. I love my garden. I love my pets. I love my family.

I write.

I had been looking for a career in bringing Reiki, what I know, into the hospitals, and to people outside the hospitals who resonate with it.

It is my life calling.

What switched is that now, I don't look at the outcome. I look at now. And by letting go of my need for 'financial support' I slipped somewhat by accident into the realm of the ability to co-create with Spirit.

I now see needs and the opportunity to fill them...whether or not I get paid...simply because the need is so great and the work needs to be done.

It's like I have a new pair of glasses for my outlook on life.

I would love, love, love to wake up at six in the morning every day, instead of four or four thirty.  I would adore to have the assurance of financial security from Spirit. I would enjoy having the free time to follow through with my many projects I keep juggling like spinning plates.

But I'm not telling Spirit, 'you give me this first and THEN I will do what you ask.'

It's more in real time, and Spirit and I are working together.

Yesterday I had a huge breakthrough. My son and I went to Disneyland. We have the passes, and we rarely get the time. It was a Monday, he's on Thanksgiving breaks and it was pouring rain. What better chance to beat the crowds, right?


I've never seen the place more packed!

We waited over one hour for a table for lunch, it was about one hour in line for the Jungle Cruise, and we fast passed the Haunted Mansion. We took a photo with Sleeping Beauty, and we watched the holiday parade. We never even set foot in Tomorrowland.

If it wasn't for the Pokeman all over the place and the poke stops, it would have been a disaster! But for us, together it was fun and we took over two gyms for about five minutes each. One was at the castle.

I manifested a table at lunch where we could both charge up our phones!  

I had even brought the two phone chargers!  For those of you who know Disney, this type of table is rare!

And we stalled! Gumbo. Then salad for me. Then his main dish. Then we split a dish...until the phones were almost fully charged.

This brings me to my next point...I am trying to figure out the responsibility of the general population/collective consciousness for looking the other way when horrible things happen.

Yesterday was so tough. I love Disney. I've loved them my whole life. And at the parade, I was excited not just to see the characters from Toy Story (Anthony loved it) but to remember the happy times in our home when he was super little.

I enjoyed watching all of the people at Disneyland enjoying time with their loved ones. People are very peaceful now, polite, and kind.

Part of me felt sorry for the ones who traveled great distance at great expense only to confront these horrific crowds! I saw a father who looked ready to cry, and it opened my heart because I understood how expensive the food, drinks, and souvenirs are (they are double or triple what you would pay outside) after you pay the one hundred dollars each for entrance into the park.

I smiled inwardly, because it used to be four dollars just to hang out at Disneyland park, and eleven if you wanted to go on the rides.

So much had changed.

But my research? How everything that goes on under the park, and supports Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart is visible for those who look?  (over the Bengal BBQ there is a star two points up over the meat grilling area--again--an 'offering' that people don't know is taking place openly--even the people who work there probably don't understand what is going on.)

I'm torn.

My 'take' is to be a loving presence and love the crowds who are there. With unconditional love to raise the vibration. My intention is for all the harm which goes on with that organization to stop. My hope is for the love to remain.

Spiritually, I'm not sure of how much at fault we are as a society for allowing Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart to practice fake 'rituals' or real ones for that matter--in plain sight. I'm sure we have some responsibility.

Last night I asked Ross.  He didn't say exactly. But Anthony and I had a fight--something we rarely do--over what movie to watch. He goes onto Netflix and uses his gaming controller. He goes fast over every choice, I can't see it, and I feel like my movies I want to watch are ignored. I get annoyed because I PAY for the damn Netflix and the TV and the x-box system!  I want to have a voice in what we watch on our rare times home together. I want my turn. He has seen Kung Fu Panda 3 -- I haven't. I had to work. I've been working ever since. Kung Fu Panda was his first movie. We saw the second, it wasn't as good, but we went to the theater too. By the time after the fight he realized I wanted to watch it and was upset, I didn't want to watch it any more. If things take too long, I won't eat, I won't watch, I just can't.

So we watched about Russian history, and Peter the Great instead. It was one hour, and we were ready for bed. We both enjoyed it.

As I was falling asleep/meditating, Ross asked me 'what is the greatest joy you ever had in your life?'

I realized it is Anthony. His being a kid with me. Every day.

And I felt AWFUL for the argument.  I was truly sorry.

I 'got' that this is how it is going to be when people wake up to the truth of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--genuinely feeling sorry for not stopping it sooner, and Spirit not pointing out other than gently when the fault lies with us, our choices, our perceptions, and our habits and customs.

Here's one last thing to share.

My dad used to say it.

A person was afraid of snakes. He avoided them at all costs. Then he was afraid of the garden hose, because in the yard with the light it almost looked like a snake. Then he was afraid of both snakes and the hose. This trend continued with more and more snakelike things, until he was afraid of the noodles on his plate!

My father used to coach me to 'face my fears'. He'd work with me. And gradually they went away. He called me 'Carla the conqueror', much to my embarrassed delight.

It's a very important lesson.

The only fear that remained with me was spiders. And a friend helped me to get over that one when I was twenty-five. I will always be grateful to her for helping me with that.

Spirit guided me to share that part. I hope it's helpful for you. It was for me just to remember it.

Ross is going to have to wait until next time. I must prepare myself for work and Anthony to take him to the family member who will watch him. There's no school this week.

My stones right now are Bixbite and gem rhodonite. I also have a lightning-struck lemurian quartz from a pocket in Brazil. I'm really getting the energy UP and working with the collective (all the persons I heal, millions and millions of people every day) to increase the harmony and sense of togetherness and 'we can do it' for the group.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Carla the Reiki Doc

Monday, November 21, 2016

Awakening Us

It is a beautiful, gorgeous, rainy day, and I am home. Yesterday was good. Anthony was home. He moved up to level eighty on his video game. There was a special bonus points weekend.

I gardened. I made rows of potatoes and beans, like spirit said. The compost is turning out so well, too. The rabbit has been a wonderful addition to the garden. The combination of soiled hay and kitchen wastes really makes the garden grow.

I am especially content because fava beans need rain to grow. And we've had fifteen hours of solid rain since I planet them. I had no idea at the time I was planting them that it was going to rain. It was a nice surprise.

We also had a wonderful get-together for my Uncle Dave's birthday. He is seventy-nine. Age has really changed him. His arthritis is so bad in his hands they have the deformity of severe rheumatoid arthritis. I never would have thought his hands would change, he was once an electrician, a very good one at that.

But my brother in law showed him This video, and I saw the laugh I've always seen, the smile, unchanged by time in Uncle Dave.

It meant a great deal to him I could go to his get-together at a local restaurant.  He knows I'm always working. And it's true, I was on call last weekend, and also, I work next weekend too.

My cousin Diane and her husband cousin Roger also came for the meal. Mom invited them. They live in Perris, it's almost in Palm Springs, and they had a long drive. It's their thirty-second anniversary this week.

So I made them all bracelets. Uncle David needed wood. Lots and lots of wood beads. It came out beautiful. Diane is awakening, and in the early stages, and she needed aragonite, rhodonite, and amethyst.  Roger surprised me. He needed BIG beads of yellow quartz. The energy in that thing was really strong.

As it turns out, Roger is not in good health. Spirit knew. I didn't. And with the yellow chakra it needs support to unite the top chakras with the lower ones.

I was amazed.

Spirit is wonderful!

Yesterday I was watching my news feed on the Doctors With Reiki page.

You know, there is a lot of Reiki out there. I saw a chart with chakras and crystals, and I cringed. It was totally the wrong match. I think it's because of the colors or something that each crystal was picked--something picked from the mind trying to understand spirit, and not by spirit alone. It wasn't 'disinformation', it was 'misinformation'.

I thought about all the channeled messages, all the types of Reiki out there, and all the people doing their thing, and I was like, overwhelmed.

It was a real turn off.

What is truth?

Who is to recognize it?

What can I do in this situation?


Absolutely nothing.

I can make sure what I share and provide on my blog and FB and Twitter are authentically me.

I can resonate as strongly as I can in my own bandwidth.

And that's just about it.

It is a total free-for-all out there, with everyone trying to get their piece of the pie--the money, the notoriety, the opportunities to teach--and who am I in this?

I'll ask you to take a moment and to look on this blog page for the Donate Button.

You won't find it because it's not there.

I'll invite you to look for the ads.  Did you know Blogger wants to 'Fast Track' me? I can make as much as thirteen dollars a month based on my readership. Thirteen times twelve is what? One hundred fifty six dollars a year!

Where are the ads?  I don't have them. The only one is there, I can't avoid, because the world camera widget comes with its own ads.

How about YouTube? Do I monetize there?

No.  Any ads you see, they don't go to me.

I do this from the joy in my heart. And I support my family through my other work, at the hospital, doing anesthesia in surgery.

Does this mean I am legitimate, for Spirit?

Only in your heart of hearts will you know.

This morning Ross invited me to play Pokeman go. From bed. I put an incense on the game--to attract the poke mans ---and had fun.

But you know what? It was fun for about ten minutes. Then I started getting bored! By the end of the thirty minutes on the incense module, I was done for the rest of the day, and ready to go to other things.

There is a lot going on out there about the Illusion.

It is my hope at some point it will be just like my game on my cell phone--people will get bored and want to go home.

I've been really upset lately over the people who put crosses upside down. And that whole 'religion' if you can call it a religion. It's really blatant and people think it's cool. There's even bumper stickers and that guy who wore the baseball cap at the post office...

I can't wait for that to disappear from existence. All of the mumbo jumbo. It's awful and it hurts so many people, even society at large is heavily influenced by their symbols and rituals (unknowingly exposed to it more accurately describes it)...

But you know what?

If Earth is a 'game', and 'Illusion', like Pokeman on a way bigger scale, and the cross represents the parent, Creator and the Son...then in a way, the mockery of it only reinforces the truth that Creator IS in charge of everything, and his son is in charge of things here.  Those people who follow the darkness, in their own way, by despising nurturing, warmth, love and compassion, point to the Truth that there is NO Illusion! No matter how hard they try to remove themselves from nurturing, warmth, love and compassion, it exists, and it's the only thing that will exist, and the only thing awaiting them at the end of their game is a very rude awakening to that truth!

I can't control that either. What happens next, and when people wake up.

I can only point the way--examine yourselves, examine your hearts, and remove anything that is holding you back from being the most nurturing, warm, loving, compassionate YOU you can possibly be!

It takes work.

It's totally worth it.

By feeling your soul memories, by participating and getting the most out of your will grow and you will reach that destination.

I've totally given up on trying to create a new business for myself, a way to support myself, with my bracelets.

I let go.

I create what spirit asks.

It's amazing what Spirit is asking me to do.

And I will do it.

If it is meant to be, then down the road, perhaps, this will become a viable business. But only if Spirit directs.

In the meantime, I am a healer. I will make gifts as Spirit asks. One person at a time. And I will have fun with it.

I will write for those who enjoy it. And I am keeping this blog totally the same as it has been from the start.

And I will work until I can't work any more at my job, when I retire...

I will enjoy as much as I can along the way...and love my family and friends and readers with my whole heart.

For me this is Heaven.


(he smiles, and enjoys the pause--ed)

  3. (Carla missed out on that one, she was busy working)
What IS Truth?

I'm not going to tell you.

That's the whole point of being incarnate on earth.  That is to find your own truth and to resonate with it strongly. 

I and Carla are neither pro-politics or anti-establishment.  We believe aside from humor, the amount of influence the individual is going to have from interacting with politics on a big level isn't very influential.  

It's too big.

Open your heart, get out whatever is holding you back, and LOVE everyone you meet, everyone your Higher Self brings in your path for each day, and grow.

Take care of your politics where you live, where they affect you. On a small scale. Your neighborhood, your association, your town. Possibly your state.

Remember everything is an Illusion and part of the whole point is to observe how YOU react in any given situation.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Sunday, November 20, 2016


I just saw this in my news feed...

my post twelve hours ago   Ross had wanted me to write it, and had been insistent I get it 'done' at that time.

John Smallman's Jesus through John post, twelve hours ago

I just smile.

Things are good at this time. I am content. This weekend I don't have to work. I am not stressed. I am getting to enjoy spending time with my family. My health is excellent too.

Yesterday I baked the coffee cake from the recipe I had looked up on Thursday morning with so much delight. When we came home from the basketball game, the house smelled wonderful! I had substituted in coconut sugar for brown sugar, and it had a lower glycemic index than it would have with the brown sugar.

Lately we have been watching movies from the eighties. Last night we had pizza and watched Sixteen Candles, and also, Airplane. The night before we watched The Breakfast Club. And we adore Ferris Bueller's Day Off. We have seen that one many times, the most fun was when we were in Chicago not too long ago.

I feel like I am loved and cared for.

I feel like I have a chance to create, little things, like bracelets and cooking.

I feel like my housekeeping, although daunting, is making some progress. For example, yesterday we put away Anthony's clothes, and sorted out the items he had outgrown. There had been six laundry baskets piled up in his room. He'd take them up but not put them away. Now his room is nice again.  I unloaded the dishwasher and took care of the piles of dishes in the sink, too. I'm also working on the piles of papers that pile up. I've even reclaimed a bed in the guest room!  No more stuff is on it!

I feel like I am in alignment with my Life Plan, with Source, and I trust whatever is meant to be, will happen. Now I look forward to a nice meal I can prepare for my son, a breakfast like I haven't made in over a month--potatoes, eggs, and coffee. It will be nice, and relaxing.

When I can, I will work in the garden a little too. The composting is healthy, and it's time to plant for Spring.

The well-being I am experiencing is hard to describe. I never thought it could be like this.

What's the difference?

It's like a fire with no heat is burning in my chest, one of dazzling positive energy. It keeps me steady. I don't get shaken like I used to. I feel 'solid'. And I know in my heart of hearts, life is meant to be enjoyed.

I realize everything and everybody is on their own 'trajectory', even my son, and that these precious moments are to be enjoyed because they won't remain front and center on my perception, much as it would be fun!'s not the way it works.

And I know every beat of my heart draws me eternally closer to Ross, and to Home.

Until we reunite, I am enjoying the gifts with me at this time.


Carla is complete.

Carla is enjoying life while it flows through her.

Carla isn't trying to control that which is beyond her reach.

And Carla accepts what lessons have come into her life.

Carla both respects and enjoys interacting with others on her path.

Carla is home--not that she ever left! (he gestures to him and where he is--ed)

(he puts one finger at each temple on his head and smiles--ed)

All of it is perception!

What setting have you placed your dial?  Is it a happy one?

You can move it, if you are interested.

Go within.  And clear everything out that is causing you to suffer.

The air is clear here, where I am.  Take a deep breath!

You are going to love it!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Perception Is Illusion

I was at the post office on Thursday.  I saw a man wearing a baseball cap with a star, two points up, and an inverted cross in the middle.

I cringed.

It was so blatant, more than goth, more than was...that.

I wanted to respond, and Ross said to hold off on it, just observe...and while I was observing I got a feeling about the Big Picture, and I sensed, 'he is going to be so EMBARRASSED when he figures things out.'

It was simple, childlike reasoning that came from I don't know where, but there was no guile or ego in that assessment.

We are given the gifts of the senses at birth, most of us. And this is how we perceive our world, through sound, light, olfaction, touch, and taste.

Imagine this as one 'filter' or 'lens' through which everything reaches 'us', the Consciousness which resides inside the body while we are incarnate.

There is another layer. This layer is the sum total of all of our experiences, as a soul, our soul memory which might not have the slate exactly wiped clean between incarnations. Someone may have a good reason to be afraid of heights, to be afraid of water, to be afraid of firearms or weapons.  That might have been how they died a tragic and violent death, and although the conscious mind has no recollection, the soul itself might remember...

Therefore, we live in an existence where we have our internal Consciousness, which interacts with the world, and it becomes unique how we perceive it both through our physical senses (for example, I wear reading glasses now, five years ago I didn't need them) plus our interpretation of what information comes in through out physical senses.

I have a fear of masks. My residual memory is from my immediate prior life where I was a victim of mind control programming, Monarch, for Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

And Monarch, being what it is, imprints on the soul from one incarnation to the next.

I have done a very good job of coming to acceptance with the negative parts of this past life.

I have fully and completely turned away from it.

There was a great deal of sorting through what was 'me' and what was 'imprinted' when it comes to my close physical relationships, because as a kitten I had been taught a lot of things that were 'okay' without my being given time to decide for myself if I was okay with it or not. I wasn't taught to think for myself. I was a child. I was to be exploited. I wasn't to fight the plans that had been made for me. I couldn't. I enjoyed being rewarded and given praise for doing my job well.

It was sick. It was twisted. But it was.

And in this life, I have spent a great deal of my awakening as a soul, with my Consciousness, coming to terms with 'our team' and 'their team', learning their secret symbols, wanting to expose their rituals to the world because it is hidden in plain sight!  It's like a bad nightmare to be awake and to watch them get away with so much, every day, continuing to exploit all of society and some of the weakest members within it, all for money and power and a religion that is bizarre and unhealthy!

I was a victim. I suffered at their hands.

I wanted healing, justice, restitution, and a promise that they could never do that to anyone ever again.

What IS real?  What is real in the Illusion of our senses?

One example is Kindness...that which touches the heart.

These things are eternal, they are just the same here as they are where we are from, where our soul originates, in the presence of Creator...

Everything else is fake.

That is why the man with the frightening, shocking baseball cap at the post office is going to be terribly embarrassed.  Not just because of me, and I was at the window next to him, and he didn't know me.

It's because all of his self-worth and identity is rooted into a huge lie.

The lie that Bad is Good, Dark is White, and hurting others is totally acceptable.

And if we further the awakening within ourselves, and flush out all of the remnants of those desires to look out for Number One--too bad so sad for you! ha ha of Lack, one of suffering, one of Loss...all that remains is what is true, and that is Joy.

Check this out:

And this:

And finally, this:

I was at my son's basketball game this morning. He is on a travel team. We had a scrimmage against a league--not a travel--team.  They won. By a lot.

The parents and the coaches from the other team were highly competitive. They encouraged their sons to be very aggressive on the court.  A mother shook a cowbell every point their team made, and jumped up screaming. Another one had a poster like at a big sports game--with their team name on it.

I realized that although our sons were on different teams, we are all here for our children to play the same the same the same town...because we want our youth to grow strong and healthy and develop a love for the game.

The game couldn't be played without rules, without opponents.

So for the course of one game, it was them against us.

Anthony played well. He is strong. And he is learning to use his body to his advantage. He is especially good at defense. He had a good game. I liked what I saw. He was tired and sweaty. He asked me for a towel, which we had both forgotten. I got up and brought him a paper towel from the restroom, which he appreciated. Another boy on our team got hurt, and I offered to bring him ice from the front desk. We had our share of screaming parents, and his father was screaming louder than most for our team, too.

By extension, here on Earth at this time, we have the equivalent--of a game, on a long term time scale--between two teams, Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, and the rest of us.

We are here because it is good for our souls to be here, incarnate, and learn.

And when the game is over, we will all take a shower and relax with our families.

Although within the Illusion, what Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart do--with their scary 'religion', the killing, and the poisoning of us and the environment, and everything else--could be considered aggressive to the extreme, enough for Divine Intervention to be important to stop the 'game'...

It's not much different from the basketball.

You won't get more than a 'good game, good game' high five from me as I walk in a line with my team past their line of their team at the end--because I'm still hurting from my own experiences with Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

But I'll give you that in Divine Order, there is a place for them, and for love, and slowly, surely, we are making our way to a grand awakening, where Eternal Truth will be apparent to all...even if their 'side' has to experience total defeat at the same time.

The experts in Spirit will assist them in their further awakening, and will counsel and heal them from their own scars and memories.

Just like these same experts in Spirit, they have done wonders in their work with me. Technically, I was an innocent--in that incarnation--yet I still racked up the karma and have been paying it ever since. Until now, where I feel good, with grace and ease and joy more often than not.


I like lots of pictures.  I like it when you are thinking. You are always growing, as a soul. The learning never stops.

This article is going to make you think.

It is going to expand your view to Carla's area of expertise:  Life, Death and Forever, as she likes to call it.

It is going to help you let bygones be bygones.

It is going to give you hope.

You are LOVED.

You are loved both by the two of us, and by Creator, and many angels and archangels in between...even Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, all of their 'players' on the Team--have angels on our side who supervise them, and advise them to do their best.

They WILL awaken!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Thursday, November 17, 2016


Yesterday I left off with the thought of how we could change the world which appears around us, by changing ourselves within.

Our thoughts and beliefs manifest.

I'm going to take a very long pause now, and measure my words.

I give them weight.

The common theme to my consciousness recently -- by the things I see, and the things I read, and what is shown to me -- reflects the theme of exploitation.

I'm not going to mention the particulars, one because people are 'touchy', and second, because what I saw about 'pizza gate' makes me sick. I 'get it' what the innuendo 'Ping Pong Pizza' means, and I can't shake it.  It's nasty. It's way sicker than the video I saw of three nuns laying on healing hands on a male who kept trying to flip the nun's cross upside down, and she silently would take it back and put it right.

The icing on the cake was when I went to the Post Office to send a gift to Mexico, to readers who just lost a very close loved one after a sudden illness. 

Next to me at the next counter being helped was a man all in black, skulls on his shoes, and a cap with a star two points up and an upside-down cross in the middle of it. 


At my local Post Office.

Ross guided me to keep observing, and not to say anything, after I let that first blast out from my--it's a long story but I wanted to 'neutralize' things, lets say...

That guy was NICE. He was polite and said thank you and have a nice day to the postal worker at his window.

Could I read his 'vibe'?


It was dark, like a vampire. I met one once, in a crystal shop in La Jolla on Pearl street twenty years ago. He avoided me, and I avoided him, but we both felt the vast energy difference between us.

But he was NICE.

So I asked Ross, from my heart, 'How can he be NICE like that?!'

I asked Ross to show me the answers. He acted all mysterious and said, 'I'll tell you when you meditate' and went wooooo ooooooo like it was spooky. That's how he teases me. Sigh.

By my drive home after seeing Tim Braun today (my last of five pre-paid sessions. Sadly he's not doing the December discount like he has for the last ten years...) gelled.

In Heaven there is no way whatsoever for one to take advantage of another--we are all telepathic, and people would pick up on it and never participate...

But on Earth, it is possible to 'trick' people, and to take advantage of them--some people take it to extremes! mind you--and the real 'them' shows to everyone around them, even in history.

Yet at the same time it is hidden to the one who is doing the behavior; it becomes a habit, and then a character flaw.

On the flip side, I am learning to work with this with Anthony, to encourage his work ethic. Spirit tells me again and again to get him to help me around the house.   

He only has a few short years to learn this. Then it's too late.

This is the icing on the cake--this lesson is driven home--because as a mom I am teaching Anthony now not to take advantage of me, not to exploit me, and to look for opportunity to apply himself to make a little extra pocket money around the house.

This is the lesson of Earth.

It's Illusion.

Illusion to show who you are when you are blinded by the Veil.

And it sticks!

The stakes are high--your Consciousness, your Vibration--even though it's just Illusion, your soul can grow by leaps and bounds, or stagnate.

It's your choice.

What will you pick?

(Ross wants me to give an example. On the 'touchy' part. Some people are losing their insurance, the news article says. One woman in the article I read has type one diabetes, and she has an insulin pump. A single mom like me. And she's now planning her funeral. Just in case when Obamacare is repealed.  Another person has a similar story. Then the example of the retired nurse who can't afford her six hundred dollar monthly healthcare insurance payments, and seven thousand dollar deductible, so she is going uninsured and paying the fine. After that, two more people who benefit from Obamacare, who are afraid of losing it. My take on it is that some medications cost over forty thousand dollars a month--and the copay might be two hundred dollars but they are totally coming ahead in the deal. But ultimately who pays?  It's all the healthy people. And the article said, 'there are not enough healthy people, even just if they pay the fines, to keep the system going.')

In summary, the question which is posed to you, every day, in so many ways, is this:  am I my brother's keeper?

And further, may I add:  what is the implication if you and your brother are One--both children from Source, both made with Love, and both given freedom to undergo the memory loss/veil and Life Experience?


I am very pleased with what Carla has written.

That is enough for today.

It is a lot to chew and to digest.

It will affect you on many levels.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple