Saturday, January 29, 2022



It is a well-known thing among psychics, that Spirit is getting a little 'quieter' and 'more difficult to sense'. Could it be some high tech frequency blocking technology, in preparation for the ultimate deployment of the Voice of God technology?  It's possible.

Could it be that the alignments of the Earth with the galaxy aren't the same as let's say 2012, so there might be some distortion?

Could it be that the stress of our lives during the pandemic or some other factor outside of our control is making us less 'receptive'?

It could be this or any of these things...but...I have proof recently that now, Spirit is layering over and speaking/adding significance through messages from other people in everyday life. 

Important messages.

I was stunned over another betrayal from my work. I had requested a surgeon, and my boss called me, saying, yet again, I'm not going to work with someone I previously had by 'surgeon request'. Already my choices for cases had been limited by fifty percent with the lineup for Monday. I know I'm in good company, many anesthesiologists hate this particular one, and even my own boss can't work with him any more (the guy will make you wait while he shows up late, but if you're up late one minute he makes a scene.) I didn't know whether to cry or ignore it when my sister called. Out of the blue. I was so glad she did. I told her everything. And I said how much I wish mom was here. She said she's not mom but at least she could try to figure out with me what mom would say. And you know what? She did! She blurted out--THAT BASTARD! and He's not good enough for you to work with! And YUP. That was mom. LOL.

Another recent example, and a very important message, was from an incarnate human too. 

There's an area of my life where I have fear, and I feel like if something happens it really means I've failed. And I've felt like ending my life. Not that I would do it. But I've felt it. It happens to do with the lawsuit and the actual case that happened three years ago. It's been constantly on my mind, horrifying, and torment for me. But Ross had said to let this be a way to help me feel more love. I had been trying to turn it and twist it, on my own. That hadn't been the message. When someone told me, 'YOU are WAY more important than the house, than anything, your being HERE...I will be with you...through anything and we will manage it...even if you are in prison for one hundred years!' And with the voice and the message I felt the Spirit of God with those words, the power of forgiveness and the perspective of Eternal Love.  I asked, 'when I am in prison will I have to get a tattoo? I really don't want one.'  And we laughed.

It was a tough day. I guess I had been scheduled to work at my other job but no one had confirmed and I hadn't. I found out in two in the afternoon.

Remember that confusion is a technology that exists, as well as a technology (scalar wave) to create misunderstanding between people, especially couples. What one says and means, and what the other hears, are two totally separate things.

The energies are strange right now. And I spent hours in the yard and the garden trying to ground myself and just heal from everything. Covid still isn't all the way gone with the aftereffects. I have had three negative PCR tests. But my body is fighting something or healing. 

The epitome of strange was going to Mc Donald's for lunch. For some reason I had wanted a Filet-O-Fish sandwich. We haven't been in ages, especially not dine in. Well, they have a screen where you order now, instead of a person. It takes forever. And the prices are really high. Five dollars for one filet of fish sandwich. Each table has a number, and you are supposed to enter it into the order so that they know where to deliver the food. The bun had changed. The fries had changed. The iced tea was the same.  Except for two parents with a toddler, the place was a ghost town inside. Even many tables were roped off so people couldn't sit there. It was surreal. This was the one owned by Frank Hill, who created the first Ronald Mc Donald house. It had been a place with celebrations and contests and Anthony had won a bike helmet and met the owner and former Philadelphia Eagles player who gave the helmet to him. Anthony's dad had once managed that facility, at sixteen, Anthony's age. I remember his telling me he used to close at night--he was too young and it wasn't legal but he was really good at it so he did. And by 'creating his own concoctions' special burgers, young Jared had gained one hundred pounds. He told Anthony once he started working, his school 'slipped' and he didn't pay attention to it much any more. I know behind the scenes at school, in his Athletics, Jared had been cut from baseball and football because his parents couldn't provide the volunteer time (or money equivalent) to support his playing on the teams. Everything is complicated, you know? But it is what it is.

The last thing to mention, is that this video brings up two important points--the Hegelian Dialect (Problem --> Reaction --> Solution) used by TWDNHOBIAH...and also that the Trucker Strike is on one of the Illuminati Card Games cards! It's CFL-AIO the title of the card. So...TWDNHOBIAH already knew the Reaction by doing certain things, and certainly they are ready to roll out a 'Solution' that's been planned way in advance too. I'm concerned that the country will flip Socialist by taking over the trucking industry. But that's me, I worry, and I could be wrong. I always think of the worst.

These are difficult times. There's no questioning that. Yesterday I was telling Ross I'm so afraid of the AC and all that stuff! He laughed gently and asked me what is there to be afraid of? I know our team is in control. 

Remember to open your ears to any messages from Spirit that happen to come through people who are close to you.

Don't let it faze you when you are persecuted or picked on or betrayed. I know the doctor who betrayed me also is a total 'Kool Ade' drinker, into the jab, and believes all that's in the news. My energy vibration isn't compatible any more. I miss Dr. Sahni so much, now more than ever. He had such wonderful energy and was so very kind...he's passed, Dr. Dao has passed, so many now I miss. It's just the way of things.

So...even if my career were to stop. And even if I were to lose everything. It's not The End. This is important information from Creator Him and Her self! I am worthy of the air I breathe simply because I am breathing it and I'm a child of God. I do my best. I set up in my mind what I 'think' makes me a 'good person' or a 'bad person' and was driven to the emotion of wanting to self-destroy. But Creator said 'wait!' and showed me the error of my ways. Be open to being wrong and to asking for forgiveness. Let Creator know you are wanting to be the best person you can be, always, and to ask for help in achieving this goal.

Let go of ego. And just BE. 

That is the message for today.  : )))

P.S. Here's a fun quiz I took while looking for that other video:  Personality quiz, easy!

Ross says he wants to say something. He says 'everything is on schedule, and moving ahead. Watch for 'skips and jumps' in the way time flows . This will be your sign that things are happening behind the scenes. Sometimes time will flow a little faster, sometime it will seem like gaps in your experience. This is normal and anticipated to happen as we get closer to our goal. Roll with it, the changes, and allow your energy to adjust, just like Carla did with the time spent in the garden yesterday. And today she plans to do more of this.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

To Remind you that things often are not what they seem. <3 Love is the true way to have vision!

Friday, January 28, 2022


Good morning and hello! This has been a busy week. Usually it is one of my 'off weeks'. However, I was asked to work by different people who needed time off, or were short-staffed... I put in a lot of extra hours. Today I have a well-deserved and much-needed day off to rest. 

It's been a very spiritual week. I'm ABSORBING lots of information, from all around me, with occasional glimmers of Truth. But it hasn't synthesized yet. For example, I've really come to notice how important it is for us to enjoy other people who are in our lives, and in our presence. It might be friends and family, or perhaps colleagues or patients...either way, it's a huge 'click' in 'your part of the plan' when you are able to put down your phone and really lock in on the other person's presence and acknowledge it as only YOU can.

A very profound thing I learned this week, was from an ER doc. He was complaining that he had 'too many code blues' to go to recently on his last shift. It's not easy to interrupt the other workload, and I'm sure there's much additional paperwork too. I said, 'but the numbers are going down, isn't that a good thing?' regarding our Covid patients. Well, he admitted, the way they go down, is when they Code, and they don't make it...OHHHHH I said, now able to understand. That's how everything is connected. 

Ross has been giving me two main lessons, and a minor one. The first is Don't Worry, and the second is Feel The Love. Just letting my heart center lock in on that frequency and resonate with it. The last part is that even though I'm concerned because my lawsuit isn't going away and might go to trial--Ross says to look at it as an opportunity to experience more love. And I'm praying for the people to be 'so full of love and respect for me that nothing can come out but love and respect for me' and for me to likewise be that way for them. 

My health has been kind of in a holding pattern. I have a cough, pretty bad--severe, and my lungs/airways have felt like they were burning. I had a sore throat this morning. So I'm planning to take it easy for the weekend...Covid takes a lot out of you, and even though you get that boost when you first get over it, it can drag on. 

I'm watching all of the world events with interest. The truck convoy up North. The protests in the streets of Europe. Bible prophecy people's videos. This week's Ben Fulford is really great, there's this photo that's absolutely amazing:

I watched a movie Anthony picked, called Stargate, with Kurt Russell from like, 1994. I was surprised at how much symbolic and metaphysical 'stuff' was in there. This kind of stuff, and more. 

It's kind of like every secret society, and every light force, behind the scenes, is 'all systems go!' and they are battling it. We just aren't being told what's happening. So if you look for clues and tap into the energies, it's incredible to be here, alive, while all of this is taking place. Truly. Even if we suffer.

Here's something Ross wants me to share:

  1. Prophecy by a Greek Orthodox priest  The part is where the angel comes from the sky and talks to all the people. First how the people were all fighting. Then how they 'woke up'.  
  2. On this station--sample video some of the lectures talk about the Voice of God project. Where technology exists to get people to think they are hearing God or thinking something...but they are actually being subjected to a technology.
  3. Here is a graphic scene from the movie The Kingsmen which shows that type of technology in action. 
We share because of the OVERLAP in the disclosure of the technology. How one side 'shares' or 'discloses' and how the other side 'discloses' and you can see how they are talking about the same thing. 

We want to make it clear that this is an EXAMPLE. There's no prediction or prophecy of this technology or weapon actually being used any time on the public. The point isn't the subject. The teaching point is how the subject overlaps, and to be on the lookout for more 'overlaps' across various sources, and to synthesize it together. You don't go hunting it down or searching for it. Spirit will show you and you will understand as you go about your daily life. It's kind of cool how the whole thing happens.

Taking time to do things you enjoy, time to rest, time to connect with Spirit is going to nourish your soul in these times of change. Remember too, to pray, both for yourself, for others, and for current events. Prayer is so very important. 

Ross wants to say one more thing. Ah! I get it. He wants you to Feel The Love too. When you are doing the 'recharge' activities like I mentioned in the last paragraph, open your heart and set the station/channel/frequency to Universal Love, and to allow it to warm you and soothe you. You will feel it!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple who are Growing Closer by Leaps and Bounds with every Lesson Carla completes with success in her heart and soul.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Be Present


That's what I was going to talk about this morning. Then Saul came and said it again here.

So I guess it's a timely message for all of us!

Yesterday was a quiet day at home. I noticed something funny on a credit card statement. I called to report it. And was placed on 'hold' for almost forty-five minutes. But I stayed on. I'm glad I did because I caught it in the bud. 

If I wasn't paying attention I wouldn't have known to correct it.

Also, it was a 'new shoes' day. Anthony is getting older. The time before last I bought him new shoes was February 2020--his everyday walking shoes. We have bought extra shoes since then, at a 'sale discount' place. But it was special because I bought a new pair of everyday shoes too. I haven't bought them in four years. 

When we go, Anthony likes to have lunch at a certain restaurant that's old school and makes burgers and milkshakes. I wasn't in the mood for milkshakes. But we tried their onion rings and they were odd. All the same size. I think it was chopped up onions in them. Not bad, but not 'onion rings' in the classic sense. 

They used to have little menus that were for the kid meals, that would fold up into cars. I was surprised they still had the cars! So we folded them.

It's these normal days that mean the most to us later, once the kids have grown. The singing in the car. The little conversations about what's changed in the mall and what hasn't.

Yesterday morning, when I woke up (uncovered) the bird, I spent some time playing with him outside the cage. I took pictures. Sometimes it's good to slow things down.

My friend in France posted a meme for her husband, and it said that our Saturday night together was nice. And right now, on Saturday, there are lots of people 'out there' looking for the right person to be able to spend their Saturday nights at home with the T.V. like we are doing now. 

Be mindful.

Be present.

Be YOU. Your energy is important to the whole, for us all, be certain to share it.

Enjoy the special gifts Spirit has placed in your path just for today. You'll be sure to find them. Just remember to be present.

And in doing so, YOU become the gift for others who know you and love you as well.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Twins

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Freshness On A Breeze

As I look out my office window, the waning moon is framed by the tree branches, and they are blowing with a strong breeze. In the rising sunlight, the image is eerily beautiful and breathtaking. Once again it reminds us that in the grand scheme of things, all is well, and Divine Creator is in control of everything.

I just worked for three days in a row, and am scheduled to work on Monday too. The O.R. is very slow, due to the cancelling/delaying of cases to accommodate the Covid surge. We never hit the one hundred Covid patients mark this surge. The peak was just under ninety, and now it is dropping to the seventies.

Are people grumpy or tired from taking care of these patients?

No. Not really.

It is a hassle though, because many have come to the ER for other things (appendix, gallbladder) and been found to be Covid positive. So we take care of their needs, only using the full protective gear in the process. Almost everyone is wearing an N95 inside the O.R. It's not just the unvaccinated. And many, many of us including myself have stories to tell of catching and recovering from the virus.

Energetically right now, the energies are good. There's a new hopefulness, a sense of getting on with things and moving ahead. 

I like it.

It's odd because in our state, the lockdowns are getting more stringent than ever. What I am trying to say is that there are the energies...and there's a disconnect between that and the politics. It's hard to explain but the energies feel like there's more 'life' in them. And the politics feel like it's 'less'. 

What about Spirit?

Spirit is very quiet now. I can barely hear messages from The Other Side. I have a sense for Ross because we are eternally connected. He talks with me a little, about my day, things like that. But for the bigger picture his lips are sealed. 

I don't know how things are going to turn out, or when things are going to happen. All I know right now is that the energies are very good. That makes me happy. And I've decided that if I get my hours cut back at work, well, then, I focus on making my home a better place to be. 

There's not much more I can do. 


Carla is happy and content. She understands and accepts her limitations in planning her life in the context of the pandemic and the awakening. She has grown to appreciate my special charm, and the stronger aspects of my relationship with her. She knows and trusts her intuition for 'the bigger things' and is accepting of how the outcome is decided but the particulars are somewhat 'outside of her control'.

Everything happens for the best.

And by that, I mean, that the Universe is constantly growing and expanding and gaining new resources of Knowledge. Which is a very good thing. A very, very, very good thing!

It will be a short time in which this latest surge will declare itself. Ahead of us is Lunar New Year where there are many celebrations and gatherings where the virus could spread. (Just like initially in China in 2020) and then the Super Bowl where there are many parties and gatherings at public places like Sports bars and stadiums. 

Remember there is time for everyone to 'find their way' through this challenge. No matter what is asked of you, or what surprises you, remember to have an open heart full of love in the process. Only then will it let you find your way straight through all the mumbo jumbo of the pandemic or 'plan-demic' if you prefer.

Keep up the good work!

Remember to meditate/reflect upon the current times. 

One day you are going to be so very proud you lived in these times, and were able to be awake and clear and hold your own with your energy!

P.S. for my birthday this year, I wanted Carla to take Anthony out for ice cream. It was a quiet celebration, and both of them had scoops of vanilla in honor of me. 

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple

Thursday, January 20, 2022

A Celebration!


Today we wish to invite you to join us in a celebration! Today is the day Ross requests us to celebrate his birthday.

Today we shall!

He thanks you very much, and is smiling and enjoying the attention.

Please make sure to take a little time in your busy day to honor him.

Thank you!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple who are celebrating Ross' birthday!

P.S. Don't ask how old he is! LOL. He is timeless!

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Bless Those Who Persecute You


It's been a rough year. Already, since ringing in the New Year, I've overcome a certain infection that is going round the world and is 'rather catchy'.  Thankfully it was uneventful and I was able to stay home. Fortunately, too, I was the only one in the household to 'catch it'.

This means that since I went back to work yesterday, I've only worked four days this whole month. There is no sick leave pay or paid time off at my work. It's a little scary, but I trust and I know if I work hard the next few months it will balance out.

Right now at the hospital, about two-thirds of our beds are taken up by the infected patients. Most are mild. There's a three-way tie between never, not-up-to-date, and up-to-date patients. We are watching our resources and doing outpatient only surgery. The staff (including me!) has been hit too, there's not enough people. 

They changed the way we protect ourselves in the O.R. No more negative pressure rooms as classically has been done for respiratory isolation patients. Now we have industrial fans/blowers in three separate OR's--and they are so loud you can't hear yourself think. Before I used to think my PAPR/CAPR was loud! LOL. Now by comparison it's quiet!

People are escaping things too.

Yesterday I spoke with a nurse who really was ashamed at her peers on L and D not wanting to step up to 'what they signed up for' in helping the pregnant patients who had 'the infection'. So she left for ER, and now she's not looking back. She's very happy and fulfilled and feels appreciated in her new work.

A surgeon just left Los Angeles County, Marina Del Rey. He used to live and work with his parents in the town my hospital is in, and then go there for the weekends. But the neighbors are very, um, political in a certain direction--so much so that they would turn and walk away if he said anything neutral that wasn't in complete and total agreement with their radical views. The crime was bad too. So now he is committed to a rental house near the hospital, full time. Although he is 'inoculated', he believes in freedom of choice. He really is neutral. And he's not a native from here, he's from another country. 

Ross is happy and content with the information I'm sharing.

He wants me to talk about my infection.

I had been feeling tired, sleepy, and run down. For a few days, but I was able to work. I could see by the housework and laundry piling up that I thought to myself, 'I must not be feeling well'. Then a day at work with a sore throat where I drank hot water from a thermos throughout the day. Spirit had told me 'if you drink hot water every few minutes you will be fine'.  I came home from work that day really 'cold'. I headed straight for the hot bath...skipped dinner and went to bed. That night I had bad muscle aches and was really hot and cold. The next morning before work I told my boss and found someone to work for me. I did a virtual visit with my doctor. I was able to be tested for both flu and the bug. Positive it was. So I isolated. Our house is big enough, and my hours were long enough, that Anthony had never been fifteen minutes with me when I was feeling symptoms. 

A plate would show up for me outside my door.  And when he was at school, I'd wear my N-95, do the dishes with my gloves on, and make simple meals for us both. I got sunshine, and took the medicine that starts with an 'i'. That and liquid zinc and vitamin D and vitamin C and also a grapefruit based quinine type thing. 

I lost my sense of smell for one day. It came back. And I'm good now. Tired, but good. No more having to mask in the house.

Because of the infection, I had a deposition, but was able to do it by Zoom. It was very unpleasant. I was stressed to the max. It took two and one half hours in the 'hot seat'. But a friend shared her Bible study with me, bless those who persecute you. And it worked. I started focusing on the attorney who was grilling me, and sending blessings and love. That's all you can do.

One day, when your growth reaches a certain level, you will see conflicts like in the photo/art above, and realize the ones who are attacking are spiritually SICK SICK SICK. Either they believe what the government is telling them, or they are trying to save their own ass, or they are sadistic, or matter what, it's SICK. It helps you gain perspective.

I don't know what the rest of the month, or the year holds. We have a huge mole/gopher problem in the back yard. One ATE my fifty dollar papaya tree! Pushed it out of the ground and ate all the leaves and stem. I am so pissed! You tube shows how to catch them. So that's on my list. The rest, I'm not so sure. 

Ross is smiling and happy. His birthday is in two days. Already he let me know how he wants us to celebrate. It's a good time for us. 

I keep up with the quokkas on Instagram. I follow just about every quokka site there is. And koalas too, and wombats. 

Whatever works!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Comforters who aren't 'down' and 'feathers'.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Running The Race To Win



This Covid race has been tough. 

I can't do it much longer in my home. Wearing the N95 when outside my room, wiping everything I touch with Clorox Wipes. Having to sit outside with a coat on if I want to watch the t.v.

Yesterday I had one of the worst days I've ever had. My battery died. I had to wait for a jump. I drove for an hour to get the battery charge back. I missed my scheduled Covid test, I couldn't find a place to call to tell them about my car know how there's some days where you do ZERO of anything you want to do? Well, that was it.

Each of us are starting to get to our own breaking point. That's almost as if by design, that our 'keepers' know us, and understand how to make us break.

This is why Ross and I choose to speak to you of RESOLVE.

This morning, if I hadn't have been eating my bacon,  chocolate chip pancakes, and coffee outside, I'd have never been able to notice that indeed, my Christmas cactus had bloomed for the first time in two years!  

Always look toward the hidden blessings.

Yesterday, the jump guy was very honest. He told me how to put the 'severe depletion' back, and also, how to get a 'factory charge' back on my battery. For free.

And just today, thanks to the help of someone with my billing company, I was able to hit 'submit' to something that had been hanging over my head--reporting something to the government--for a long time, actually, over a year.

Ross and I are better now. It still brings me to tears to think of what happened to him, and why. 

When I think of the AC and what's ahead, I want to cry. 

So many places worldwide are turning against the unvaccinated. I watch with horror. I remember the lessons of Corrie Ten Boom. And I resolve to pray. And to create. I color--I have religious coloring books and it helps with the anxiety. 

I resolve to be here for Anthony. I resolve to improve with my household work I need to do. I resolve to start doing financial cutting back--way the heck back--like the 'prepper princess' on YouTube. She can live on hardly anything. Here I am again, ten days off with no work, due to the Covid. No work, no income. It's the only muscle I have left to exercise...and I can work on it. We all can. 

I watch my son, he has a part time job that pays minimum wage. He can make (take home) barely enough money to cover for his lunches out and a ticket to a local amusement park with his physics class. I cover his car, gas, insurance, food, healthcare...entertainment. It's so hard to be starting out. 

Get used to thinking about how to survive in small groups and communities. Ask yourself, if the hospitals are full, who would be able to help with a health emergency?  If all the drugs were sold or the pharmacists died, what would we do for pain or antibiotics? If all the stores closed and lots of people died, how would I live? Could I grow my own food and take care of myself?  Could I find wood? 

I was talking with a relative who lives in Northern California. He caught Covid when I did, now his family is getting it and healing. He has good set up for solar, but as backup, can convert the house to a generator, a big one, but even that can only run for so long. So he's thinking of getting a real propane tank set up in the back yard, a big one, to run it. They get lots of wildfires where he lives, and so, he's had many a time where the power went out. 

Do you have friends who are electricians? How about plumbers? Do you know basic skills?

Together we will find a way through whatever is next. 

KP wrote yesterday how he wasn't sure if he was going to be able to make it. He blogs every day every day every's been years now...then fortunately he did a big mission clearing things. 

We are in the trenches, we are on the front lines, and it is tough. There's no denying that. 

Think of your RESOLVE.

I know I will offer to work longer hours for my peers once I get back to work. My other job didn't need me. But at the main one, if I work more, perhaps I can make more...

I learned that there's some people at my work who make so much they get TWO paychecks a month, two weeks apart. Not me. It's been one for like, ten years. 

I'll be dreaming too, of perhaps other possibilities. But first I must get the house in order, organize, and let go of things. First things first...Every time. 

This year holds the promise of potential breakthroughs. Prayer is helpful and important, vital to ask Divine Creator to HELP FIX THINGS...and ask often!! Do everything you can while you are still incarnate, to make you a better person and to help your community. Do what you can...

Yesterday, I helped to thin the fruit on the citrus trees. Two are so full with fruit the branches are at their breaking point. I picked two boxes. I also juiced the big crate of apples left from our tree. I made perhaps a gallon of juice. It's the sweetest juice ever, Anthony said. I'll be making lots of orange juice too. And lemonade. 

Allow your intuition to guide you as to what skills to learn or to develop. Remember, as unsettling as it may be, we are actually in a good place. We know what is going on, even though the truth is censored and people are actively lying to the general public. There's no surprises here, not like for those who think everything is on the up and up...


I have everything under control. There are no surprises here. Not for anyone, or anything.

Carla doesn't know much of what I know. It is for her safety. Same as for all of you.

Remember how with Carla usually things she is needed to do/are asked of her at the last minute!

So do what you can to engage with your assignment, and to grow. Do what brings you joy.

Carla is going to walk a little in the park, and be so grateful for the opportunity. 

She will also make a light lunch for Anthony--wearing her rubber gloves that she uses to wash the dishes!--so as to spare him. Her test hasn't come back yet to see if she's still got a big viral load and is contagious. 

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

the couple

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Continue CV19


I lost my sense of smell yesterday. I was applying a body lotion and wondered why it didn't smell? Then I remembered part of the Covid thing (I've had it in early 2020 and lost my smell and taste then). I put on my best perfume and--NOTHING. 

I'm feeling healthy. Bored a little. But also, respecting the risks of things getting worse and just praying for each day to pass. 

Tomorrow I get to take a test to see if I'm still infectious. Isolating inside my own home has been hard...and it's starting to get to me. 

I realized that my room has lots of beading stuff in it. I kind of don't like my room. But, now is the opportunity to organize, clear, and make it pleasant and nice. Situations are definitely how you look at them, you know?

And I had lots of inner work to do.

Over the months I've been drifting away from Ross. He's always THERE, he's always WITH ME. But he doesn't TALK normal TALK every day, I have to concentrate hard to see him and touch him. And there's...well...THAT. 

The end.

How it wasn't very good for us.

And how my abandonment issues really stem from ... THAT.

Now that I'm sick, I can't really RUN. And I had to face it. Personally, I don't like how our marriage was back then. I was trained to 'serve' my husband. He went to do his 'thing'. Other people persecuted me for it, being left behind, and when I say persecuted, it's not like how they persecute today's Covid patients. It was BAD. REALLY BAD when there's no husband or man to protect you. 

That's just one layer of the heartache.

Then how he died?


I've spoken with Creator, and also, with Ross, to come to a mutual place of my being able to articulate these strong feelings instead of running away from them. It hurts! And I don't like it!

Ross explained when we agreed to it in the beginning, it was like, 'he was going to lead the way for both of us' and 'I was going to follow'. I didn't understand any of the brutality. Not one bit. And I never would have agreed to it. Ever. 

But that's how far forward we were able to move. It wasn't much, but at least I feel somewhat listened to. And it's fuzzy, I don't understand it, but I understand that in the bigger picture, Ross is waiting for me, he's okay, and one day I won't ever had to think about it again.

I was listening to Jessie C last night, with Carmen Studer. I realize that there's way more to what Ross did than abandon a loving wife. No forward progress could be made without his work, his efforts, and his ongoing Divine Intervention to the liberation of the captives here on Earth. 

His sacred blood is special.

Just remember next time you reach for it in prayer or in authority and dominion, it's not just his blood. My broken heart is mixed in with it. All my hopes, my dreams, everything that was crushed--well, you can say it's 'in there' like a can of crushed pureed tomatoes. Hopefully our 'blend' helps to make the healing greater?

Ross took time to explain to me that I was the 'backup plan'. I was supposed to continue on with his work in the event something were to happen to him. From what I know about the Cathars, I believe our community did a fine job of that.  I know I couldn't have done it alone.

I'm not complaining in any way, I accept what IS. Absolutely. But I had reached a zone where I guess I needed to talk with Ross and Creator. And I have just enough, not to really heal everything, but to at least get unstuck from where I was during the holidays. 

Another thing Jessie talks about is how we are supposed to spend like sixty percent of our time in praise and worship and Bible study, feeling GOOD about Creator and God. And then maybe thirty-percent of our time learning about the secrets that are hidden in plain sight. It helps us to keep our balance. I've been learning mostly, since 2012, and I'm tired. I'll get back to joyful things and meditation again. She gives good advice. 

Sometimes, illness is a way for Spirit to slow us down, and get us to pay attention to things we otherwise would rather not see. 

Ross wants you to know my attachment style, in loving any family member, is to be practically joined at the hip. Anything less is uncomfortable for me. I'm on the extreme end of needing to feel CLOSE to my loved ones. And that is why what happened to us is so especially painful for me. For his style, he knows everything meets up at the end and is only Love, he understands this, and so that's why it wasn't hard for him to go on his way.  I still was the right one for the job for him, he never lacked for anything his his life incarnate with me. And he has no regrets. Then again, he is the one who can see the whole story in its completion, not like us who can only see if from where we are. 

He says 'there is home enough for all of us' back in Heaven. And all of our earthly and spiritual needs are met.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The couple

Saturday, January 8, 2022



Guess what?

I caught it.

Actually, it's the second time for me. This time I have my sense of taste and smell. The symptoms were more muscle aches, and feeling really cold and wanting heat. I had a televisit with my doctor on Thursday. I actually called in sick to my boss and arranged coverage at 0500 because my case start was 0700. 

I remember Tuesday night, wrapping myself in a blanket and just listening to friends talking, and not really taking part in the conversation. I felt so low. Wednesday I managed to work but I kept a thermos of hot water with me, and Spirit had told me as long as I keep drinking hot water through the day I will be all right. I had worked Monday--high exposure in the O.R. from the staff--had Tuesday off and felt 'off' but not 'sick' that day.

My mask is on now, and I carry a package of clorox disinfecting wipes with me, so when I go visit the bird or the office or the kitchen, everything I touch I wipe.

Can we get sick? On a soul level, no, but I'm not up to that Hope Johnson level of existing yet lol. I think my soul wanted to experience what everyone else has been experiencing, and I was at my lowest with the proposal by my ex, so, well, why not?

In so many ways, I've come to realize (a spider just walked on an envelope here, it's a sign from Divine Mother and SaraSvati) that humans are meant to be not as Adam and Eve (alone) but as groups and communities and families and collectives! That's where we shine with our spiritual gifts. 

Being at Disneyland for the New Year was magical, because people were like they were before all this pandemic. Happy and filled with joy.  Laughing and dancing. It was life-giving to be in the crowds. It really was. Life-giving and life-affirming.

On Wednesday I was needed. Both by the surgeon who had taken one dose jab in fear--his wife yelled at him! Why didn't you ask her?--and he didn't want another. I directed him both to the Pacific Justice Institute, and also Peyton's Places on ESPN+.   Another surgeon just came back after maternity leave. She had done it basically on her own, like me. It says a lot about our society where highly successful women reproduce like this instead of with partners. It says something about the men...and I suspect the porn model of someone not-too-bright and looks a certain way. There's nothing sexy about smart girls who are over twenty. I made a fuss over her new baby, he's adorable, and her happiness is much deserved.  

Wednesday night I came home and went straight for the tub. I needed heat. Then I went to bed. I'd been basically apart from Anthony since Tuesday because I met with friends on Zoom at night. 

He's fine. If it was Disney, he'd have it.

But at my work, both works, both break rooms--lots of people are catching it. It's full.

My sister and nephew have it. Their symptoms are mild, and it's almost over. But my sister reminded me of my supplies I have in my closet just in case.

And another friend, she knew the dose, with I share with you. 

Here's the closest thing to the full interview by Aaron Rodgers on his Covid experience. I watched the full hour. But, like him, I took one dose of Ivermectin, and in hours I was feeling better. Today I feel almost like myself, except my body has been working hard. 

Did I know you could catch it twice?

Not really.

For me now, it's been like I had a booster and I had the setback now I'm better.

I'll just pray and watch for Anthony.  I can give him the prevention dosing too. 

How did I get this life-saving medicine? I ordered it on Amazon long time ago, but unfortunately, it was a horse dosing that goes through the skin. A friend knows a friend, all of us are medical people, and one of these friends is a Mexican national. That's how I got it, for everything is over the counter there. If you have chance to travel, you might want to get it. Veridex is the brand name, ivermectina 6 milligram pills, four to a package.

Is this medical advice?

No. I'm sharing what I'm doing for me.

My doctor doesn't know about the ivermectin.

She just says, 'stay hydrated' and 'if you get worse go to the ER'.

I watch my pulse ox and make sure I'm over 94%. You can dip with exertion but it has to come back up.

I've been laying on my stomach on huge piles of pillows to support my hips, for long boring hours.

I take extra aspirin to help me counteract the clotting risks. My sister is eating lots of garlic for the same reason.

I also get thirty to sixty minutes sunshine in the back yard.

And I trust and I pray.

The reason I can't make a Reiki Request for myself on DWR, the team one, is that my son's grandmother--who talks a LOT and gossips--is in that group. And that family has weaponized the Covid. They can't know. 

But all healing is appreciated and accepted. 

I'll tell you, the course for me was a lot like my friend. Sore throat at 0600, otherwise, perhaps a little headache. By evening it's worse. By 2 a.m. it's horrible fevers and chills and aches and you can't sleep. There is no way you can work the next day. My friend has both fibromyalgia and migraines, she's used to pain, but the Covid is way worse for body and head aches. 

With the ivermectin, and protocol, in two days you are fine and over it. 

For work? I have to wait ten days I think, maybe five. I'll test on day five and make sure I'm good.

Have I been giving myself Reiki? Yes, a lot.

I needed more this time though. 

I hear Magnesium and liver or liver pills is good too. Epsom salts I'll try today. 

My sister says that the catchiness and mildness of Omicron is like a vaccine for everyone and will help us to get over it and move forward as a society. I hope this. 

I can't find words to describe the hell that my surgeon who had gotten the one set of jabs in fear because someone he knew died of covid, when he learned I have an exemption. Because now they are making everyone get the booster. He's stuck. His eyes reminded me of some of the artwork by Da Vinci on the sistine chapel showing 'the damned'. It was sad. That's why I chose to help him find his way--as he said, 'now he KNOWS BETTER!' many are going to be in that boat too.

When things like this happen, just allow it, and allow the lessons and learning for your soul. Don't place blame or feel like it's a failure of protection or anything. I had a feeling when my most OCD Respiratory Therapist Edra caught it, that perhaps I might too. We'd both gotten through all the other surges without catching it. Vaccinated or not, boosted or not, remember no matter what earlier treatment is key. Find the right people to help you--indirectly America's Frontline Doctors information is what helped me.

Last night I was hungry for tacos and horchata, chips and guacamole. And it was a good thing. 

I know Ross is will me and guiding me. Ross loves and forgives everyone. Be like him when you think about this whole pandemic. Remember the beauty of humanity with when we join together and become more than we are. Don't let propaganda and ego separate us any further. Reach beyond your comfort zone and help bridge the gaps. Stay safe but don't go stressed over it!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Power Couple

Wednesday, January 5, 2022



Gleaning is an old word which goes back to the harvest of wheat. You look for the lost kernels left behind in the process of separating the wheat from the chaff. There is a lot of inspection and sifting through things to find the kernels of food which will sustain you.

Yesterday I did that with my imagined wound of being not asked to be married by the father of my son. Finding out he had did that to his girlfriend--which on a logical level I totally knew with and was okay with it to happen!--to my delicate emotional world.

What did I learn?

The Universe was very generous in its lessons and advice. From many sources information came. Some of it 'stuck', others I suppose didn't make sense. I wasn't really able to function much, so, I stayed home and I decided to bake and cook. I made an old favorite I used to make with Tom. I've perfected it over the years. It's lemon squares or lemon bars as they now call them. I used a lemon from our yard for the first time. I also made my first recipe from the Julia Child cookbook, Beef Bourgingnon. 

While my hands worked, I was watching and listening to information online, as well as taking breaks and resting and talking with Spirit.

The abandonment issues go way back. Way way way back to when Ross was alive and went on his 'walkabouts'. I didn't understand him any more, with these 'needs' to 'go' and leave me behind. Not just for day to day things but for sometimes extended absences. I had always thought it was my wound from my mom and the next kid being born. But it wasn't. I saw clearly and asked Ross 'what were you thinking?' then, and also, I verbalized how I didn't like it and it hurt me very much.

So much so that at that point, I gently asked for Michael to come and guide me the rest of the day.

The the video of Sister of Fire I was able to understand how weak my Divine Feminine had become. When Anthony was little, I was in Heaven in this regard, I felt like I was doing what I was born to do, and I was so happy to be needed and busy. Now, not so much.

I saw on another post online about how people are dealing with aging, it isn't easy, it's the Lord's way but it's difficult to accept. 

I also learned, through more videos, how I was vulnerable to being in relationship with a narcissist...and not only was Jared not right for me, but due to the intensity of the distress I felt with him and his leaving me, there were probably more than one demon involved in his actions towards me.

Michael, ever so gently, said, 'It is your trauma that makes you so beautiful.' I wrote that down. I don't know if it was my ability to stick to my Life Lesson and endure the trauma, or the wanting to much to HEAL from the trauma...he is correct that it helps me with my patients to be more accepting and encouraging at their difficult time.

A little of it was making a choice. Jared and his fiancee gave me a bottle of wine for Christmas. It was a six-dollar bottle of wine, I know, I can check, I have an app for it. It was a three star, six dollar bottle of wine. I had paid for Anthony to give them a box of candy, about a twenty-five to thirty dollar gift. I let Anthony say he had paid for it. 

Guess what we put into beef bourgignon?

Three cups of red wine. 

Boom! It was gone now, put to use as I wanted to put to use. 

It was delicious. 

One of the things I learned in my meditations in the evening, is that  basically, in this life, my experiences with Jared are just 'something I tried and it didn't work out'. 

When I feel, I feel deeply. It took me this long not to heal. But that's okay, that's who I am, and actually, it brought me closer to healing my relationship with Ross. 

Ross suggests I share this image of the Schumann resonance. When it had started a mutual friend of ours reached out and asked me if I broke it? I said, 'no, of course not!'   But now looking at the times, it looks like he might have been correct. LOL.

It's time now for work and for feeding animals. Thank you Hope Johnson with your live filming on self-care, thank you Sister of Fire, thank you Spirit, thank you Jessie and Chantelle and Mornay, thank you all the random friends who posted things on social media, thank you Michael and Ross...and is going to be a better day. 

I don't have to apologize for my Divine Feminine. Nothing is more important than my Being Here--nothing I can say or do or create. I will seek the warmth of Heaven and give thanks for the growth I was able to experience, randomly, on a day I should have worked but there were not enough cases...

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

Who wash lots of dishes lol ; )

Tuesday, January 4, 2022



One of the services we provide with this blog post, is giving an inside look at what is going on inside the world of allopathic medicine. Especially in regards to current contagious diseases.

Notably, Los Angeles is having a huge outbreak at the moment. 

Nearby metropolitan areas, including the one in which I live, are impacted by the transmission of disease.

At our hospital, we have three surgeons out with this infection--one bariatric, one neurosurgery, and another gynecologist. 

We also have many, many nurses and surgical techs and people who keep the O.R. clean/transport patients out. 

Are we able to do cases?


I had dinner with the charge nurse in the pre-op holding area. She said that many cases are being cancelled because the routine testing pre-op is turning up this virus. This is in contrast to the surgery center, where those who are up to date or a little behind on their immunizations are not tested. 

How is the ICU? It's busy, but not all with these patients. A quick review of the records showed that it's not 'overflowing with the non-immunized' as the news would say. There are some who had the procedure in the arm one month before catching it, and others who never had the procedure, as well as some very old and very sick (including very large in that category). 

The nutritionist is promoting Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc in the diet of these patients! This is a good thing!

One of the respiratory techs at work has it. 

I'd say people at higher risk for catching this in the hospital are respiratory techs, nurses, people who bring the food trays and take them away, people who clean the hospital, linen staff who wash all the sheets and towels and scrubs, and anesthesiologists/ER physicians who are intubating patients. 

It is possible a family member has it. I recommended getting a test just to be sure.

So far, my tests have all been negative. I get twice-weekly surveillance.

Here is why I recommend sunlight UV exposure to protect against this bug. It's what the hospital uses, an R2D2-like pulsed high intensity UV  device. You put it in a room, close the door and let it do its thing. An OR takes a while, I believe tens of minutes. A call room takes four minutes. Humans can't be exposed to this while it's working.  I get sunshine and let it penetrate my being. It also helps to create Vitamin D.

When a cell is infected with virus, the virus is replicating inside it. So the cell and the virus must die. How this happens is your immune system recognizes the virus. The memory T cells get the 'complement system' to activate, which creates a complex like a little vortex apparatus onto/into the cell, and then activated zinc goes through it into the cell, and I believe it's like hydrogen peroxide that destroys the viruses/the cell.  The UV people say it generates hydrogen peroxide too. 

It's such at my work that people are eating anywhere but the nurse's lounge because so many people are spreading the germs there--they are all but two -- fully immunized. And the two RN's who are not, are survivors of actual infection. 

Our hospital doubled its number of patients who are fighting the virus from last week, but it's still much much less than any surge we have ever had. 

On another note, KP talked about how he's just 'being'...used to follow some people for information, now he doesn't. He used to be a Trumper but now not so much. He's not blogging daily, and he's only blogging what 'feels right'.

Same here.

Cobra said we did good for the meditations, but his article didn't make much concrete sense or next steps clearly. Ben Fulford says that 2022 is going to be a battle between dark and light. A more visible one. I know TWDNHOBIAH, they don't want to lose, and they will burn/destroy everything before they actually lose. 

How can we help?

By taking care of ourselves and our families.

I have the day off. I worked kind of late yesterday, there weren't many cases today. And...I need to spend a day practicing self-care and applying Hope Johnson's lessons to myself. I found out yesterday that Anthony's father proposed to his live-in girlfriend, and she accepted. I knew it was coming, it was the natural endpoint. I wasn't prepared for the emotions. Ross will help me, he is near. I've learned so much from Jared. Being pregnant doesn't mean you are loved. His abandoning me at four months pregnant 'cured' my abandonment issues because it was way worse abandonment than anything that had ever happened to traumatize me before. I've learned to be civil with someone who really doesn't like me. And although long ago we had two halves of the same recurrent past life dream that matched--it seemed like some grand reunion--it doesn't matter because what happened in that past life then/dreams and what is in this life are two separate things. I had been attracted to him because of the dream, and for his being psychic. But now, he's where he once was, and I've grown to learn Reiki and teach it and guide others who are 'awake' in this regard. With Anthony driving, and turning seventeen in a month, there's less interaction with his father. And at eighteen I'll be 'free' at last, except for the times their family's vacation choices affect mine because perhaps Anthony will go there. But, again, with the new surge, visits will stop, and I can enjoy my life as I would have had it to my wishes with just being on my own as a mom...I could have done it, being abandoned, but I had thought it would not be fair to the child. 

I know this is part of a lesson because I read this article surviving abuse--trigger warning! and I was like, 'I know that story a little too well' because my two husbands were emotionally abusive and the first one was starting to get physically abusive...then I saw this video from the therapist guy right after. I realize Creator is 'nudging me' to work on it. So I am.

What is driving this is that REALITY is Love. I know this in my bones because of Hope.

Pain, trauma, bad memories and experiences...are part of the 'nightmare' of 3D experience. 

To dissolve these 'nightmares', each time another layer comes up, you need to sit with the feelings that come up, and then, accept the feeling for what it is, a feeling that this thing you are imagining is trying to show you about yourself, some sort of lesson. 

You also need to nurture yourself, and connect with Nature. I've been wanting to go to the beach, I haven't been since April 21. Perhaps today is the day, and I'll just go by myself. Anthony went a lot last year with others, and wasn't in the mood to go. 

Here's a list I posted yesterday on how to get out of a funk:

1) Eat. Your brain needs 130 grams of carbs just to function.

2) Drink water (this is grounding too) dehydration impacts cognitive functioning. 1.5-2 liter minimum to maintain daily functioning.

3) Shower. Cold showers help depression. Warm showers help anxiety.

4) Move. Exercise releases serotonin; mood stabilizing neurotransmitter.

5) Breathe.  Deep breathing brings new oxygen to the brain, helps boost energy, release tension, elevate mood etc.

Nothing is more important than your being HERE.

Take the steps to take care of yourself.


National suicide hotline 800-273-8255

When we work on our own issues, we help raise the vibration of the whole collective. And that helps make it harder for TWDNHOBIAH to do their tricks. It's like raising the temperature outside of their comfort zone--except we add the vibration. 

Besides, we don't want to carry these old stories and distortions with us when we can have freedom in Divine Creation, right?

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple

Sunday, January 2, 2022

The Healing Rose


This blog post is not for the weak-minded. Nor is it for the weak of heart. It is to encourage those who have both spiritual resilience and also 'eyes that see'.

Recent events have been a time marker of sorts. And layers of healing, all of them deeply entwined and intermixed, will be unraveled one by one.

This woman I first saw playing the role of SueEllen Snivens on the Mary Tyler Moore show. Every Friday night our family would see her while we watched T.V.  She's had various roles as an actress. Her husband was Alan Ludden, a former game show host, on a different show I used to watch when I got sick. I believe it was called Password. I think she used to sometimes show up on his show as a guest too. 

Alan was close friends with Bob Barker, yet another game show host. Bob was from the Price Is Right. Bob is a big supporter of animals, known for his donations and his telling everyone to get their pets fixed. 

Well, people did what he said. And now, instead of being able to find a puppy or kitten from a neighbor for free, it's a big deal to try to rescue or adopt one. Because of their scarcity, the pet has been elevated in status in our society. And even more, it is common practice to also embed a microchip into the family pet so people will be able to prove it's theirs incase of dispute. How often such disputes arise, and how often people who take a pet would let it be in a situation for the former owner to dispute it, I'm not sure--but it's part of our society now. 

Those who have eyes that see, probably already know of the hidden roles this woman has held, for a long time, and also, the significance of a 31st 'departure'...

This woman was first lady in my younger years. I think I grew up with Mrs. Agnew, Patricia Nixon, Betty Ford, Rosalyn Carter, Nancy Reagan, and then her. 

People with eyes that see, and who are in the know, are aware not only of her hidden role, as well as her lineage.  Things are not what they seem. Not with all the world being a stage, and the stories we are told as 'history'. 

If you look closely, there is resemblance between both of these women described in the blog. I see it in the smile. You might ask yourself 'how can that be?'

Well, you never know. It is uncanny, isn't it? They could pass for sisters!

I spend a lot of my time at this place. I have in two lifetimes, not one. 

I post a lot of the fun I have while I am there.

I never forget what happened in the old life, or, my role in helping to do my part as a spiritual warrior. 

Not even at the funnest times.

I also have a working knowledge of how the hidden world is run. Just basically a 'nuts and bolts' level of understanding.

At times where opportunity was most optimal, my heart cried out to Divine Creator, interceding for the sake of the children, and used the strongest and sincerest form of repairing the energy chasms which exist. Not once but twice. And yes, what I did energetically threw a wrench into a well oiled spiritual machine designed outside of the scope of Divine Creator--not once, but twice!

Is there a title for who I am and what I do in this capacity?

No. None exist. And no one has the energy signature to accomplish what I have been sent to do, besides me.

The place in the photo before this one, is known as the most likely place for a pandemic to hit in my area. There are people mixing together from all over the world, in close proximity. The night before we went, I lay awake wondering if something was going to be administered/sprayed to the huge crowds that were there, a new twist by TWDNHOBIAH?

But I went.

Not only did I go, but I posted pictures.

Pictures of me mask-less, me smiling, and genuinely having fun. 

How many pictures is it going to take to undo the programming of fear porn spewed out by the mainstream media?

How many examples is it going to take, to help make the horrible memory of this photo above, turn into an old story to tell your grandchildren to make them laugh at what you once endured? 

This is a layer of healing, where, if you have eyes that see, and hopefully, natural immunity, are willing to pick up the cause and share on your social media. You can't go through the logic, your memes aren't really going to 'connect' with people who are unfortunately persuaded by the mainstream media. If you have family and friends who are so persuaded, know that they are being bombarded with images which are military precision like in their ability to evoke psychological reaction and compliance with what is asked of them.

Make sure it's your smiling face in the crowds, unmasked, that is on the social media feed to counter those images. Appeal to the heart. Take care to strengthen the connection between your heart and theirs. 

After long enough of this campaign, it will be clear that you are not dead yet. You are having fun. And you are free from the control of the MSM, which is a branch of the group, TWDNHOBIAH, and further, under the leadership and direction of people who appear to be loving, warm, examples of kindness and goodness such as the everyday faces we grow up seeing on familiar? 

To be honest, for years I used to wonder why at New Year's Eve they would pair Kathy Griffin with Anderson Cooper. Now I have eyes that see, I know. LOL!

We each have our own tasks to accomplish. We each have our lessons, our 'curriculum', and our challenges just in our daily lives.

But when we have eyes that see, it is a literal GIFT. First of all, we aren't beholden to TWDNHOBIAH any more, for our eyes can see the truth. Second, we aren't being fooled or tricked any longer. 

In Sicily, growing up, my mother confided that everyone knew what the priests did with the nuns, and what happened with the inevitable progeny (offspring). They knew EXACTLY what happened. It was common knowledge in the village. But nobody ever let the Church know, that they knew. They were afraid of repercussions. The Church was powerful, especially in a small village where reputation meant everything. Did the people put a stop to it? How could they? The Church is organized all over the world, right?


Know what is going on.

When you are in the right place, at the right time, you will know what to do about it. 

It might not hit you until the last second upon which you are to act.

When it's time you'll know, you won't doubt, and you'll feel it strongly in your heart.

Ross gently says, 'what if you don't have eyes that see?' and 'what can be done about it?'

I would say, to pray. 

Ask Divine Creator for Spiritual Wisdom and Sight. 

Know and trust that those who have Eyes That See would never ever hold it against you for, perhaps, 'needing glasses' and that your vision isn't so good at the moment. 

We are all in this together. 

Creator sent the best of the best, and if you are reading this, undoubtedly you are in this group!

Perhaps instead of focusing on the eyes, you might wish to explore if you have Ears that Hear, or a Nose for Truth, or other things...

Always be humble. 

Treasure your spiritual gifts.

And fight the one who takes something beautiful and delights in destroying it! Literally and spiritually.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins