Saturday, January 29, 2022



It is a well-known thing among psychics, that Spirit is getting a little 'quieter' and 'more difficult to sense'. Could it be some high tech frequency blocking technology, in preparation for the ultimate deployment of the Voice of God technology?  It's possible.

Could it be that the alignments of the Earth with the galaxy aren't the same as let's say 2012, so there might be some distortion?

Could it be that the stress of our lives during the pandemic or some other factor outside of our control is making us less 'receptive'?

It could be this or any of these things...but...I have proof recently that now, Spirit is layering over and speaking/adding significance through messages from other people in everyday life. 

Important messages.

I was stunned over another betrayal from my work. I had requested a surgeon, and my boss called me, saying, yet again, I'm not going to work with someone I previously had by 'surgeon request'. Already my choices for cases had been limited by fifty percent with the lineup for Monday. I know I'm in good company, many anesthesiologists hate this particular one, and even my own boss can't work with him any more (the guy will make you wait while he shows up late, but if you're up late one minute he makes a scene.) I didn't know whether to cry or ignore it when my sister called. Out of the blue. I was so glad she did. I told her everything. And I said how much I wish mom was here. She said she's not mom but at least she could try to figure out with me what mom would say. And you know what? She did! She blurted out--THAT BASTARD! and He's not good enough for you to work with! And YUP. That was mom. LOL.

Another recent example, and a very important message, was from an incarnate human too. 

There's an area of my life where I have fear, and I feel like if something happens it really means I've failed. And I've felt like ending my life. Not that I would do it. But I've felt it. It happens to do with the lawsuit and the actual case that happened three years ago. It's been constantly on my mind, horrifying, and torment for me. But Ross had said to let this be a way to help me feel more love. I had been trying to turn it and twist it, on my own. That hadn't been the message. When someone told me, 'YOU are WAY more important than the house, than anything, your being HERE...I will be with you...through anything and we will manage it...even if you are in prison for one hundred years!' And with the voice and the message I felt the Spirit of God with those words, the power of forgiveness and the perspective of Eternal Love.  I asked, 'when I am in prison will I have to get a tattoo? I really don't want one.'  And we laughed.

It was a tough day. I guess I had been scheduled to work at my other job but no one had confirmed and I hadn't. I found out in two in the afternoon.

Remember that confusion is a technology that exists, as well as a technology (scalar wave) to create misunderstanding between people, especially couples. What one says and means, and what the other hears, are two totally separate things.

The energies are strange right now. And I spent hours in the yard and the garden trying to ground myself and just heal from everything. Covid still isn't all the way gone with the aftereffects. I have had three negative PCR tests. But my body is fighting something or healing. 

The epitome of strange was going to Mc Donald's for lunch. For some reason I had wanted a Filet-O-Fish sandwich. We haven't been in ages, especially not dine in. Well, they have a screen where you order now, instead of a person. It takes forever. And the prices are really high. Five dollars for one filet of fish sandwich. Each table has a number, and you are supposed to enter it into the order so that they know where to deliver the food. The bun had changed. The fries had changed. The iced tea was the same.  Except for two parents with a toddler, the place was a ghost town inside. Even many tables were roped off so people couldn't sit there. It was surreal. This was the one owned by Frank Hill, who created the first Ronald Mc Donald house. It had been a place with celebrations and contests and Anthony had won a bike helmet and met the owner and former Philadelphia Eagles player who gave the helmet to him. Anthony's dad had once managed that facility, at sixteen, Anthony's age. I remember his telling me he used to close at night--he was too young and it wasn't legal but he was really good at it so he did. And by 'creating his own concoctions' special burgers, young Jared had gained one hundred pounds. He told Anthony once he started working, his school 'slipped' and he didn't pay attention to it much any more. I know behind the scenes at school, in his Athletics, Jared had been cut from baseball and football because his parents couldn't provide the volunteer time (or money equivalent) to support his playing on the teams. Everything is complicated, you know? But it is what it is.

The last thing to mention, is that this video brings up two important points--the Hegelian Dialect (Problem --> Reaction --> Solution) used by TWDNHOBIAH...and also that the Trucker Strike is on one of the Illuminati Card Games cards! It's CFL-AIO the title of the card. So...TWDNHOBIAH already knew the Reaction by doing certain things, and certainly they are ready to roll out a 'Solution' that's been planned way in advance too. I'm concerned that the country will flip Socialist by taking over the trucking industry. But that's me, I worry, and I could be wrong. I always think of the worst.

These are difficult times. There's no questioning that. Yesterday I was telling Ross I'm so afraid of the AC and all that stuff! He laughed gently and asked me what is there to be afraid of? I know our team is in control. 

Remember to open your ears to any messages from Spirit that happen to come through people who are close to you.

Don't let it faze you when you are persecuted or picked on or betrayed. I know the doctor who betrayed me also is a total 'Kool Ade' drinker, into the jab, and believes all that's in the news. My energy vibration isn't compatible any more. I miss Dr. Sahni so much, now more than ever. He had such wonderful energy and was so very kind...he's passed, Dr. Dao has passed, so many now I miss. It's just the way of things.

So...even if my career were to stop. And even if I were to lose everything. It's not The End. This is important information from Creator Him and Her self! I am worthy of the air I breathe simply because I am breathing it and I'm a child of God. I do my best. I set up in my mind what I 'think' makes me a 'good person' or a 'bad person' and was driven to the emotion of wanting to self-destroy. But Creator said 'wait!' and showed me the error of my ways. Be open to being wrong and to asking for forgiveness. Let Creator know you are wanting to be the best person you can be, always, and to ask for help in achieving this goal.

Let go of ego. And just BE. 

That is the message for today.  : )))

P.S. Here's a fun quiz I took while looking for that other video:  Personality quiz, easy!

Ross says he wants to say something. He says 'everything is on schedule, and moving ahead. Watch for 'skips and jumps' in the way time flows . This will be your sign that things are happening behind the scenes. Sometimes time will flow a little faster, sometime it will seem like gaps in your experience. This is normal and anticipated to happen as we get closer to our goal. Roll with it, the changes, and allow your energy to adjust, just like Carla did with the time spent in the garden yesterday. And today she plans to do more of this.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

To Remind you that things often are not what they seem. <3 Love is the true way to have vision!