Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Aphorism--An Old Saying

This is a lesson from Ross for me, which we are going to share.

It's a short one.

Don't let the brevity of it fool you; it's important this lesson!

We must let go of the 'old miracle' in our hands in order to accept the 'new miracle'.

There are many miracles beyond the first one.

Be willing to accept.

And know that in the higher realms we don't collect miracles as we do stuffed animals on our bed as children here on Earth. 

Miracles are living breathing Spiritual lessons of growth.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos

Ross and Carla
The Couple

P.S. congratulations for making it to countdown day 111.

Monday, February 25, 2019


I grew up in a bad part of town. I was born at St. Mary's hospital in Long Beach, and grew up in the LBC. My zip code was 90805--North Long Beach.

I read an article posted to the group, Born and Raised in Long Beach, from someone who grew up in the projects, the Carmelitos housing projects, many years before I was born. Even then it was a place that had its benefits and its drawbacks. The benefits were affordable housing and it being close to a junior high school. The drawbacks were roaches, bullies, and lowlife who would steal your lunch money if you took the bridge from the neighborhood to the junior high school.

People kept their breakfast cereal in coffee cans to keep the roaches out. The nests of roaches were in the walls. You simply couldn't get rid of them.

The author had a paper route, and also, rode his bicycle to school that was two miles away, a private school.  His single mother worked very hard to raise him and his sister. Eventually they moved out of the projects. But the friendships remain. They are strong friendships formed through trial and struggle.

This theme was reiterated in the comments...

We used to drive past these projects on the way to my grandmother's house. It was about halfway there.

I used to say a little prayer for the people who had to live there when I would go by. The windows would be boarded up on some units. Drug dealers would be sitting outside on the cars or the front porch. It was scary to drive by.

I felt people deserved better than this.

Where I lived, it wasn't a whole lot safer, but it was.

Every night I went to sleep with the following prayer:   Dear God please don't let there be any fire, theft, robbery, fire, burglary, or earthquake. I said fire twice because the safety film they showed us in the second grade made it look like a dog was dying in the fire and they couldn't go get him out. Even though at the end the firefighters DID save the dog, I was thoroughly freaked out over the whole situation.

What do I miss about growing up there? The back yard. The wonderful honeysuckle on one fence, the blackberries on the other, and the passionfruit/sweet peas (depending on the season) on the fence outside my window.

I have very strong friendships with the people who were on the block, we are still friends today. And also, with the people from elementary school. Anita lived near my mom's rehab center, and she kindly came to visit mom many times, even they watched the super bowl together!

We moved because we had an extra kid--my youngest sister was born when I was fourteen. But also, I think, it was because of the high school and my parents wanted to give me a better future.

My first boyfriend was a doctor's son. That wouldn't have happened at the old neighborhood.

I kind of felt funny in the new neighborhood. I didn't have a new car when I turned sixteen. I didn't get a car until I was a lot older actually, and it was a hand-me-down from my uncle. We were the poor ones in the nice neighborhood. But the neighborhood has been nice, and even now, neighbors help look after my mom. They visit. And when mom doesn't put the phone back on the hook, and it just rings and rings, we call them to check to make sure she's okay.

I worked hard my whole life just wanting to be able to have a home and family. But in my years growing up, houses changed.  The little bungalows that were affordable that all my family and friends had, changed to larger two-story houses, and the back yards kept shrinking and shrinking until today homes are connected to the neighbors, the garage is underneath, and there's no yard whatsoever!

When I came into the current house I'm in, I was getting a divorce and I needed something to live in fast. Something I could afford by myself.

I actually had a dream where I saw a window as I was waking up, and I sensed it was a sign for the new bedroom because the window was on the other side. It was!

So a lot of this house has been the comfort and the feeling that it was meant to be, that my neighbors were hand-picked, and it would be SAFE.

Sure I got the messages from Tim--who also talks to Spirit--that I'd essentially outgrown the house, that it wasn't supporting me energetically any more.

Given the choice, what do I listen to? The old dream? Or the new message?  Especially when the new message takes a lot of work?

Well...what I am learning is like with roses, in Heaven, the Divine does not count them by the dozen and then stop. Not like here on Earth where the florist expects money.

The Divine, just like the Universe, is unlimited.

The reason I mention this is that it's difficult to wrap your mind around that concept of unlimited.  It is for me. I have been conditioned into paying for each scoop of ice cream, for each gallon of gas (or liter of petrol if I'm in the E.U.)...for everything!

As I go through the steps for the move ahead for our family, I see it's history repeating itself. I'd like a better life for our family. Yes there are some things we will be giving up. And yes there will be some improvements.

I won't have a bathtub. The house doesn't have one. Only showers.  A bathtub is very important to me, because it helps me to soothe my aura when I soak in salt water.  I've actually looked up inflatable ones, folding ones, just so I can continue to take a bath in the new home. I've looked up standing tubs, Japanese onsen, everything! (I don't like hot tubs and jacuzzis, not at all). Could it be possible? Would it be possible?

I don't know. The ocean isn't far. Perhaps I can go to the beach more.

Another huge life change is our finances. It's going to be very tight. Especially at the beginning.

My goals are to be a homebody, not to travel, and to just read and cook and garden and make puzzles. To get a dog too. To enjoy that lifestyle. The new school won't let us travel except on school breaks, and my work is very competitive with the travel leave during those times because everyone wants to go.

I'm looking forward to it.

Ironically, it's the skills I learned growing up in North Long Beach, and putting myself through college, that are making this move possible.

We are drinking skim milk made from powder. It's the cheapest way to go. It doesn't go bad in the powder form. And Anthony got sick of it, I got him Costco milk and some is in the freezer. But I'm going through the reserves in this house.

Every meal is coming from our kitchen, and it's been about one month now. I'm going through all of the extra food in the pantry. I stopped the fresh produce box, and we are just starting to catch up with the old produce.

I stopped the cleaning people, and you know what? I'm more happy. I honestly am. The stress of knowing they were coming, the having to clean up a little, everything. And yesterday, the deal was sealed for good--I lifted the lid of the stove, and underneath was all kinds of crap that nobody every bothered to clean!  So in our new home, we are going to have a little independence, and self-esteem from keeping our own house shiny and clean.

One of the good points from the minimalist I shared about, is that belongings take time. They take space. So we actually pay rent for our belongings. It's true with laundry. The more clothes you have, the more laundry you have to do. I set aside for donation many pajamas and nightgowns I didn't realize how much I disliked! Today I'm going to the donation center with a huge drop off.

And from what Beat The Bush on YouTube says, only buy if it's a need. You NEED food, clothing, transportation, shelter, and internet. I suppose insurance too. I've enjoyed greater clarity and more confidence when not letting myself get sucked into the trap of needing to go to a restaurant or to celebrate or to reward myself...

Last night my mom called to remind us about the Academy Awards. We used to get very excited to watch them when we were growing up. I live streamed it on my cell phone. After a while, I called her, and asked her what she thought?

She said, 'It's not the same, it's not the ones I used to enjoy. I was thinking of switching to Sixty Minutes actually'.  We didn't know anyone. There was no relevance any more. And the way the speeches were rushed, there was no authenticity. I told her I felt it looked like everyone knew who was going to win, and she said of course, that's how it always has been.  (secretly, I looked at the auditorium and wondered how they could get so many of that religion together into one room--packed!, and had been watching for signs of sellout as in selling their soul, and beta kitten programming, as well as reinforcement of the narrative, which was blatant).

Even the die-hard people who think that TWDNHOBIAH are starting to get tired of it. Mom LOVES Queen Elizabeth. She hated Diana. She loves lifestyles of the rich and famous. But...even still...she'd rather turn the Oscars off and Sixty Minutes on these days. The awakening really is happening.

It's crunch time for us over here.

Our posts might be a little spotty as we adjust to this new phase in our lives.

Once things are settled down again, we will get back to our routines.

Until then, Ross is gently and persistently guiding me through my lessons, with me whining the whole time because I can't make him a cup of tea and have him sit at the table--so what's the whole point in being incarnate if it's just one lesson after the next?

I whine a LOT.

And Ross does his best to stay cheerful and upbeat and to put me through my paces.

Things are going to improve in about one hundred twelve days, if you are counting down with us.

I know inside, I'm growing stronger and more resilient and able to forge my way through absolutely miserable chores and things I need to get done.

Until then, Ross smiles and waves--he's so very tall and handsome--and he's not going to say anything so as 'not to spoil the surprise' at the moment.

He wants you to look at your resources, your inner strengths, and to remember that God has unlimited potential. There is no stopping at one dozen and expecting cash in return when you work with the Divine Energy of co-creation. The stopping at one dozen is because that's how much you want to put into your vase.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Sunday, February 24, 2019

The Switch

details of Hadrian's Gate, erected in AD 113-118, Ephesus,Turkey, ancient Greek city also known as an important center of early Christianity. One of the most beautiful ancient cities in the world

Something happened in the last week with the energies. Leading up to the full moon and my being on-call, the energies were dense, heavy, and oppressive, filling me with dread. By Friday, things were noticeably better.

There had been rumor that the 5G system had been put online. Whatever it was, the energies are lighter and more hopeful. This I know because my own workload hasn't changed. It's increased. I didn't enjoy it but I was able to carry on, which ordinarily under heavy dense energies I could not.

Yesterday at home I had a to-do list that would make you cry. At least if you are like me and you hate paperwork. But I was productive!  I finally went through and completed my CME (continuing medical education) from Hawaii's conference I attended in the fall. Then I went online and completed my reappointment application -- needing to make new passwords and to enter information of peer references and my PPD (tuberculosis test) results. 

On Friday we had a department meeting at SIX a.m.! Yes, six in the morning! 

Today I will face a project that's been sitting on the kitchen table since December, again, more paperwork. 

I get so tired of working at desks and computers. I seek more joy!

The most joyful thing I have is a text from a colleague telling me that the complication from two weeks ago is healed, and since I prayed to Archangel Raphael and to Jesus to help spare this patient any more suffering one week ago, I'm extremely grateful for the news.

Here is the new Gaia Portal:  https://gaiaportal.wordpress.com/2019/02/24/cycles-of-illumination-elevate-and-complete/

Yesterday I watched some YouTube videos. I really admire the work of some new YouTubers to me. I'm not going to post links. If you ever want to see what I've been watching you may go to my channel, 77Picklehead, and see. The footage that surprised me was how Joan Rivers spoke out about someone in the White House being a tranny, that 'everyone knows that'--two weeks before she died.  And there were some slip ups in speeches that made what Joan had disclosed appear to be true.

Another one who I recommend is Anneke Lucas.  Anything with her talking in it is going to really open your eyes.

What I'd like to close with is this excerpt from This Department of Justice Manual from the early 1990's

...Criminal statistics prove the sad fact that sexual crimes of all classifications are increasing in our modern civilization. Thisis particularly noticeable in sex offenses against children.
All sex crimes are the result of degeneracy in some form or another. All types of sex offenders are potential threats to thehappy and peaceful existence of children. Many sex offenders commit their crimes exclusively upon children and babies of tender age. Science states that it is a sad fact of human life when certain individuals reach a stage of sexual inability, they turn to their own sex or to children for sexual gratification.
When a person or a child is subjected to the indignities of the acts of degenerates, he or she will never forget the terrible ordeal they have suffered. In all cases of this type, the person or child is harmed physically; and in many cases, the victim's mind is affected. Attacks of degenerates upon children oftenresult in that child becoming a degenerate.
This is a Law Enforcement problem; therefore, all Law Enforcement Officers should be familiar with the different types of degeneracy so they may be able to associate the type of criminal with the offense committed and to properly charge and prosecute the criminal in an intelligent manner.
with this in mind, I have put together several pages of occult material including such areas as The Witches Runes, The Sabbats, Hieroglyphic Alphabet, and witch Glyphs.
This information may serve as a resource file for any LawEnforcement department, investigating such crimes suspected of having cult/satanic influence. In many instances, "strange" and"unusual" symbols are left at the crime scene, or transmitted through various writings which the investigator does not know or understand, and so often these symbols are disregarded, and or discounted as non-essential and immaterial to the case at hand.These cult symbols, runes, and hieroglyphics will assist the serious investigator to gain ability and to correctly understand
and recognize this new and serious crime explosion.
In the event your Law Enforcement agency would like to have additional information, or would like for me to conduct atraining seminar on the occult subject, please contact me directly by writing or calling:
Gayland Hurst, Sc.D., Ph.D. #8 Woodwind
Little Rock, AR 72204 (501) 223-2241 (home) (501) 682-644' (office)

Truth is what the survivors say. It's what Kerth, Anneke, the girl from Australia who had her daughter Alex when she was eleven...share. It's the same story, again and again and again, from all over the world, from people who never met or would know one another.

The narrative would tell you otherwise:

These are lies.  Candy-coated, easy to swallow lies, but ones that take the right of the victim to have a happy life and throw it out the window.

Know which one is truth and what isn't.

Know it in your heart, and don't let anyone convince you of something otherwise.

I wanted to share some real-life examples of corruption before I go. Someone I know, an ICU physician, disclosed to me he works for himself because the people in the former group take money, skimming it from the top. I shared how my own anesthesia group has the same thing, and there was a lawsuit about it. Then for the baseball team for my son, the dads were talking about the local baseball and sports programs in the high schools. If the parent's don't pay, the kids don't get to play unless they are total 'superstars'. Furthermore, people in Anthony's age group don't have hardly enough boys to make teams--because the parents are paying through the nose with the other boys to be on the travel teams. A TRAVEL team (Anthony was on one for basketball, I have a friend whose daughter is on one for volleyball) is where the parents pay the coach to run the team and enter the team in competitions. I was paying almost four hundred dollars every quarter. The volleyball one pays more. The 'attraction' is that these travel teams feed into the high school teams, and then the child may get a scholarship to play the sport in college. It's all a racket, one big racket. All this greed...As a Light Worker you might only be looking at the tippy top of the greed pyramid with TWDNHOBIAH. But try to notice the 'looking the other way' and 'acceptance of the way the world works' that's right around you. See it for what it is, don't contribute to it if possible, and just let your conscience do what it's supposed to do in these situations.

We are at countdown number 113.

This is getting exciting!

Ross has been with me, and supporting me through these long hard days. He smiles and waves, and he points to his wrist for the bracelets he gave you for his birthday. He hopes it brings you a smile.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Juxtapose Life Lesson

St. Petersburg Russia May 2 2015: Dmitry Rigin of Russia in 116 final of 41th International fencing tournament St. Petersburg Foil. The tournament is the stage of FIE World Cup

I have been working very hard lately. In everything. Ross is too. Both with me and all of the other things. The expression on Dmitry's face here just perfectly shares how I feel, both inside, and outside.

It is also very cold here. We don't have great insulation like they do in colder climates. The temperature is like 8 C now, and inside it's not a whole lot warmer. Yesterday at work, it was so very cold in the O.R. (61F, 16 C) that I had to put on double layers of scrubs, both top and bottom. 

You would think Ascension would be all rainbows and butterflies and unicorns, but it's not. The full moon always has me working late, not sure why, but it's a pattern...and yesterday after helping tie a surgeon's gown to help him, I caught my ankle in a loop of electric cord from something that was plugged in, and fell down hard. I hurt both my knees and twisted my ankle. It was surreal.  Definitely surreal to see two of my coworkers in full nurse mode coming to help me and wrap ice with ace wraps around my injured parts.  It's funny because a nurse fell, and took a week off work, but for me, I just kept my feet up on another stool and kept charting the whole time my patient was under anesthesia. Fortunately it wasn't worse, and I'm not too sore today. That's why I didn't make a Reiki request.

I'm glad my friends knew how to take care of me. 

This isn't for sympathy.

It's actually a surprise to find that late last night, in the dead of night, when I went to the ER I got the same thrill I used to get when I was a volunteer back in Children's ER in downtown Oakland. 

I was happy.

I was actually happier and more content with the crazy hustle and bustle of the very sick than I am when I am under more controlled conditions. 

I felt my soul.

And also, there for a few moments, I felt happiness while I was talking with my patient. Most of the time I'm in a hurry and I can't really TALK talk. But this one I asked, 'besides this problem you are here for for surgery, do you have anything else?' And she was candid. There was a psychiatric diagnosis she didn't really feel she had but she shared it. 

When there is that openness between doctor and patient, healing can begin. I haven't had my heart open like that since I got sued. And all it took was sharing how my mother hated her support group when she was on dialysis, she didn't want to go, but in the long run and especially after her transplant, it was the one thing that made a difference to her. She kept going, to inspire the rest! I encouraged the patient to find like-minded people, who may have insight on how to better live with the disease. She said she didn't want it to be (basically a 'pity party' or downer') that's why she didn't go, but the disease was really starting to affect her life and it was getting depressing. 

That's the real stuff.

What pills you've had, what surgeries you've had, and how the anesthetic went the last time are more superficial. 

I like being real, and I absolutely adore it when my patients are candid and direct. That's the whole reason I studied so hard for all this time...

For updates on people in the hospital you might have heard about but not in a while, Dr. Bret is working but mostly as an assistant, and still being followed by Stanford for his pancreatic cancer where they got most of it but not all. My friend Khiem isn't looking so good. He's still working and doing excellent work. But the chemo/treatments are doing something to his skin--his face has many breakouts and the coloring isn't so good. I'm so glad I put it 'out there' with him about my being a medium. That way if anything happens we both won't have any regrets. 

I used to work by Livermore, in Pleasanton, when I was working as an engineer after college and before medical school.  Many of my colleagues lived there. Livermore was part of the Manhattan Project I think, like Los Alamos and Lawrence Berkeley Lab.  Many of the transuranium elements were created/discovered there. 

I was happy to see this photo for the countdown of 116. 

The juxtaposition is, no matter how anxious and impatient I get for the sleepers to awaken--come on it's only 116 days left!--on my own life lesson (get rid of your stuff) I've stretched it out to fifteen years!

It wasn't until 'Goodbye Things' by a Japanese Author whose name I don't have on the top of my head--I started reading it last night--and his sharing from his heart that I saw I was living a maximalist life for sure. Even today, I had trouble finding the nutcracker when I wanted to open some pistachios I'd kept in the package because I couldn't crack them open with my fingers at lunch.

Right there in the O.R. when I was reading, I started tossing things. Journals. Things I thought I might share but I'm not going to get all bogged down in that stuff here. Even the Brain Science one I had bought, and was reading for mistakes/TWDNHOBIAH untruths. It's just not fun to read and it's not going to make much difference. 

Ross was so happy he kissed me. Right then and there. When the author said, 'throw something away now' I went to town. And Ross was very pleased. 

Things come because we are separate, we don't like it, and temporarily they give us a spark of joy and excitement and connection. It doesn't last. And also, sometimes it is hard to part with things because of the time in our life we enjoyed them. That's me. I never really have time to enjoy any point in my life because I work so much. But the stress of maximalist living is wearing me down. 

My goals in the new home are simple. Cook. Clean. Read. Garden. Build jigsaw puzzles. And of course, work. 

Today I went through the cupboard where I keep my bowls and baking pans. I was able to throw out a huge box of things I will never use. The ones I kept do spark joy! 

It is so hard for me to leave the memories, to leave the dreams I once had that never were fulfilled, and to part with my 'stuff'. I die a thousand deaths that Ross asks this of me. And I know it's not just from this incarnation that the dread is so strong and persistent. 

If you are one of the people who have been sent here to awaken others, or to be of service to them--and you feel like it is taking forever...well...I feel that way too, and often. But, and this is a really important point here, it might be more productive to make use of the time you have left before Ascension to straighten out your own 'lessons' and 'places for improvement' in your soul.  Like anyone, I wanted the instant, easy, so much better solutions to just fall out of the sky! I really did. And I did my clearing and releasing of what came up.

But there was always this elephant in the room. My clutter. 

I don't want to live like that.

I know up in our home on the NJ, Ross and I have a very sleek and stylish home. I might as well start heading in that direction a little early so it won't be a total cultural shock for me.

My start is to get rid of duplicates, and things that have holes or are broken or I never used.  The author says take pictures of things if it's difficult. He scanned many old letters and things to help him. Today I went through all of the pens in the main area of the house, threw out the broken ones, and separated them into sharpies (I need them for work), ink pens, and pencils. 

I'm not pushing too hard, since I have many other things on my plate. But I am open to change and motivated to do so. 

That is the juxtaposition for you too as Light Warriors, Awakeners, and Ground Crew. You're still here. You have no control over when you get back Home home. You might as well polish your soul to a beautiful shine while your are waiting. 

I've read the new John Smallman https://johnsmallman2.wordpress.com/2019/02/19/release-your-fears-and-doubts-and-embrace-a-life-that-is-love-filled/. It was okay I guess. Like the latest Gaia Portal was okay I guess. I didn't repost either. I'm just so very tired of the long wait. They didn't resonate with me, so I didn't share.

I also made a decision to block someone who was crossing the line to advertisement/self-promotion. That's a part of running this whole thing that is getting me down. It's not possible to just be like it was years ago--there's always something --even today another something. This too I suppose is another lesson to look at and appreciate the overwhelming GOOD. We have awesome resources and teams and interactions 99.9 percent of the time. 

I will be doing my best, and if there are gaps in my usual routines, don't worry. Once things settle out we will be back again like clockwork.

That was a good hospital, Columbia. I only got to see it when Anthony was sick. I'm still paying the bills for it.  I'm glad I had a chance to see it though. They do good work.

Ross is quiet, he knows I have tasks to do (cooking dishes before the meat and fish go bad, so I can have leftovers for the weekend).

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Monday, February 18, 2019


Still waters run deep. This is a covered bridge in New Hampshire, along highway 119.

Our countdown is to 119, plus we have an added lesson for you too, on the changes which are poised to begin. For Carla she has already begun to experience them. The changes are twofold--the first is being able to notice the events which are going on around you, and the second which Q and everyone else has yet to mention/discover/announce--perhaps here it's the first--it's you intuition which is going to be so enhanced you won't need anyone to tell you what's up. You'll already know. And that's the end of the story.

First up, while looking for photos for 119 we were surprised to find these images:

Didn't they have it backwards?

Actually, in some parts of Asia and Jamaica, this is entirely correct. Here's a summary from the DOJ on how to dial 911 somewhere else in the world:  https://travel.state.gov/content/dam/students-abroad/pdfs/911_ABROAD.pdf

What Carla knows, from her study of the esoteric, is that backwards or forwards, it both registers in the brain and counts as spoken forward. It goes for the spoken word, the recorded word, and the written word.

Most people don't know this. But those who study the occult do. Especially those who study this kind of occult, which we don't recommend studying ever.  What these people --and using the term 'people' is being a little generous we may add-- do is talk in hidden symbols, especially bastardized ones from the 'good side'.

Case in point:

This yellow symbol is the wrong color and the incomplete form of the symbol from Divine Peace Healing for 'Knowledge/Divine Knowledge'.

The net effect is that those who are in power and putting these signs up, are intentionally broadcasting to one another that this is going to dumb down the 'herd'.

And if you have studied what goes in to those burgers, and why it goes in, for a spiritual reason for that other team--you will know that the symbol is entirely correct.

What to watch?

It's a long, convoluted course, for sure. Just like this train station in India.

For the external things, know that all the information we are being given now is tainted somewhat--only what is allowed to pass through the sen sore ship filters is coming through. The 'good stuff' like there used to be online five years ago, is gone. And many of the best voices have been silenced one way or another.

Know that people like this are the ones TWDNHOBIAH want to have be in power, and to control what the people see:

And to know, if you've been watching the true male-true female and how to tell the altered ones apart videos--which seem to still be available--once you get the hang of looking for the anatomical differences like an anthropologist would look for, you'll be able to see quite a show out there already.

Tom Brady on Gisele's 'magic' (watch the video link here, don't worry so much about the article) is also part of the rollout of their plan, like in the first article mentioned in this blog post.  There's also talk about this couple online for their, um, 'male and female bone structures' on YouTube too.

This is the one for me though.

I was walking down the hall.

I saw the surgeon who doesn't like me. I've worked with him recently, not much fun. But anyhow, I got the clair cognizance...right when I passed him, and it explained everything!

He drinks.

He drinks when he is at work.

No wonder.

No wonder at all about the specialty, near the yellow chakra, no wonder about the defensiveness and need to control--it all fits the package.

I think in time, the clair cognizance is going to let us know who is real, who is being run by a D-mun, (to keep under the radar, it's nothing new, just a way to spell it as it sounds), who is lying, who is telling the truth.

THAT one no one can block, no matter how asleep the people are! And when it gets contagious...hmmm.

For example, here are the increases in vaccines--I saw an article--where you can't have an exemption--more are going to be like California as shown here:   https://www.nvic.org/vaccine-laws/state-vaccine-requirements.aspx in this 2015 article. Even the gardasil is mandatory now in some states...

Is that to keep people from waking up? Or to create a hive mind? I don't know. Ross smiles mysteriously, and waves his hand and says none of it will matter--just enjoy the show.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

P.S. if you have been waiting on us for a bracelet, we have sent out all of our inventory with about fifty dollars worth of postage. We ran a little short on the 6 1/2 inch and 7 inch size. Hopefully this weekend we will create more of them and yours will go out in the next batch. xoxoxox

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Why Are You Afraid To Have Something Nice?

Why are you afraid to have something nice? Ross asked me not long ago. I was talking with him about things that are going on.

I suppose in a way, at least how I grew up, if you expect the worst you are prepared for it, and if something better happens at least then you will be pleasantly surprised.

Why are we afraid to have something nice?

Now that's a good question. And similarly, The Council addresses something like that here: http://ronahead.com/2019/02/16/low-energies-and-protection-the-council/


In these times of tremendous changes, it will be good to reflect upon our role in the creation of our own lives, how we can change it, and to finally find the courage to try faith in the Highest Good for All.

The Veil throws us for a loop. It really does. We don't know who we are even though we've had many incarnations. We don't know why we are here. And we are exploited** (Links at end).

Yet the Council says we are the masters of our own energy!

I think the part that the Council forgets, and I would like to add into the equation, is our being inhabitants of our physical bodies.  YES you can be the master of your own energy milieu. And yet you can be in pain, stressed out, hungry, tired, and fearful due to the frailty of the human vessel.

I know I was pretty down because lots of humans have physical relationships with other humans, but for me it's been a disaster and disappointment. It wasn't until I read in Jeff Brown's book, SoulShaping, that human angels NEVER get to have a really wonderful physical relationship because they are too high energy. So often there is a huge attraction, a spark, and the healing needed for the person like Jeff takes place, then everything falls apart.

Ross told me last night, 'let me do something nice for you'--which is a kind way of saying, 'Carla, get out of your own way'.

What is being asked of us is to ignore and set aside our physical senses, our memories of patterns which we have experienced before, and our 'programming' if you will about how things work in the world.

This is different from 'being in the world but not of it'.

This is learning to embrace a whole different life! And way of existing!

Thoughts can change everything. Look at my work. For the longest time I've felt it was something that was keeping me from what I wanted to do. Keeping me from being a mom. Keeping me from being a healer. Keeping me from having sleep and food and semi-normal hours.

What I didn't see was how Anthony saw it, and said, 'mom, you have a super good job and you don't even realize it.'

It's true.

Yesterday I went into call with my sleep debt erased. I held up until about ten p.m. when fatigue started to hit me. My bedtime lately has been eight p.m. while I've been catching up on sleep. I didn't finish the case until one a.m. So I slept fitfully, and and back on the sleep debt. But through my shift, I gave thanks for what I do, for my patients, for things going well, and for being on the front lines for medical stories which were fascinating.

My attitude shifted from one of something being taken from me, to one of embracing what I have to do. And I have to do lots of this now with the new house.

I have the weirdest sense that the missing link between my overwork and a way 'out' is moving to this new home. Don't ask me how. And don't get me started--I don't even know where to begin. But I pick up the new environment is going to help me put the pieces together on something that has been eluding me for a long time.

There was a Creator Writings yesterday that kind of put everything back on us--so...what do you want to do with your life?  To be honest, yesterday I kind of wanted to crawl under a rock and hide. I've been too traumatized by life to really be willing to risk anything. In a way it seems easier to just watch it go by, and to let the time pass uneventfully. I KNOW this is the last thing in the world Creator wants us to do. Creator wants us to explore and to adventure and to create create create!

We have feelings. And we have our memories of past failures. It's really hard to decide what to do with your life, especially because our human vessels have an expiration date that's hard to ignore sometimes.

What I say is, when you need to rest, REST.

When you don't know what to do, get yourself out in Nature and let go of your worries for a little while to clear your mind and get a breath of fresh air.

When you are healing from deep-rooted boundary issues (molest, rape, abuse tend to cause this in the survivors)--remember the wise advice of my father, who said, 'you need a little Vitamin NO'.  He says if we don't exercise our right to say no, we won't be able to say no with people. So even if it doesn't matter, and you are presented with something you could easily say yes, don't. Use your Vitamin NO. Build up those boundary muscles.  And trust that everything is going to be okay.

When you are getting anxious--I've had the opportunity, a case had a poor outcome similar to the one that ended up almost in court--even though it wasn't my fault in a way--you just practice two important steps:  1) ask yourself what is the worst that can happen? and 2) right action.  The worst that can happen in this situation isn't getting sued. It's someone dying. And steps were taken to give the appropriate care and diagnose the problem. After that', it's not easy, but it's RIGHT ACTION. I visit every day. Today I took the patient's hand in mine, and prayed to Ross and Raphael for their help. To help this poor soul who has been through so much to overcome it. I prayed it from my heart.

When you are struggling with letting something go, remember, you need to let it go to be able to receive another. And between thanking the old thing (like Con Mari) and being glad it will help brighten someone else's life will help. Know that sometimes you can change your mind but usually it's not going to be a problem.

So where am I?

I'm almost able to get a discount menu at Denny's. LOL. I'm not getting any younger.

I've been able to clear just enough clutter around the home to show I'm trying.

I'm in better shape and have been losing weight without feeling like I'm on a diet or deprived. The WW system is working for me. I'm down about twelve pounds since I started.

I'm moving a little bit towards self-sufficiency, in that a garden will be a huge part of the new home. I would like to compost, catch rain water, and continue sensible practices like this as part of my daily routine.

I know who my Spirit teams are, and although I wish they were in my face a whole lot more than they are, I trust them and I love them very much. This phase of growth, the becoming more independent like them, is painful for me. I like the companionship and company and interaction I have been getting.

I also am excited that today I can package the bracelets and send them to everyone who has been so patiently waiting! It is so joyful to make packages nice and send them on their way!

Growth isn't fun, and at times it is frankly uncomfortable. Having old memories pop up to be acknowledged and released is a lot of work! Then if you're really clearing you will need more rest or a nap or something just to get back on an even keel again.

All of these things are for our Highest Good as well as for the Highest Good of All.  So hang in there. Know you are not alone. If you don't have anything good to say about the Ascension process, come right here and sit next to me, because we can commiserate together!  I'll be the first to tell you it isn't a walk in the park, or a joyride, or a romantic dinner for two followed by a long walk on the beach.

What I will tell you is that the low vibrational 'baggage' just isn't 'you'. And painful and trying as it may be, you really will be better off getting rid of it. Down the road you will feel better. And it won't be able to come back and trouble you again. At least for that layer.

Keep an open mind, and if you are big on benchmarking, remember, pets, wild creatures, trees and plants, even rocks--all have their act together and are cheering us on. They know we can be like them. They are encouraging us. As well as Ross and his teams from the Higher Realms.

So don't worry!

Don't beat yourself up.

You are in the perfect time and place for your spiritual development. And since you are a spiritual being having and earthly experience, you might as well take the opportunity to make the most of it.


Aloha and Mahalos,

(clap! clap!--Ross forgot and just remembered)

Ross and Carla
The Couple


Friday, February 15, 2019

Between A Rock and A Hard Place

ALGIERS, ALGERIA - FEB 6, 2018: An ancient part of old city of Algeria, called casbah(kasaba).Old city is 122 metres (400 ft) above the sea. The casbah and the two quays form a triangle

Ascension is ongoing for the inhabitants of Gaia surface. For me, at the moment, I feel more like this--either way I go, it's stairs that are rocky and go straight up. 

I could see yesterday for Valentine's, the people in the hospital were open, caring, sharing, even patients were asking me to be their valentine. It was heart-warming to see. There were treats to be shared. Even the boss of the O.R. said, 'I love the O.R. staff!' on a gift of candy she gave. 

People are opening up.

We are at day one hundred twenty-two in the countdown.

So...why am I feeling blue?

Because I'm tired of waiting for something super duper like this vapor cone, or the galactics, or whatever to just make everything better. We may be at countdown 122, but I've had 243 days already counting, and years of days before that before I even got to count.

I'm tired of working on myself.

I'm tired of being 'the bigger person'.

And it was never so poignant as yesterday with the stupid 'Hallmark Holiday' how horrible it is to be in a relationship with someone who is on The Other Side, as well as how long it's been since I've had any relationship on earth for that matter (they have all been terrible failures), and furthermore how my energy is so high that it's freakishly incompatible with anyone who isn't on The Other Side for anything long-term to be a success.

I was so down that Ross actually sat me down to write a message to me, something he rarely does, and he told me/asked me to 'just make it through this day'.

So I did.

Anthony gave me a beautiful card. He came home from the hospital on Valentines Day fourteen years ago. And he wrote in it that he hoped I'd feel just like that day again.

We are working hard with the impending move to clear the kitchen so there's less to move. I actually do my best creativity when I have limited ingredients. So I made chicken piccata. He loved it. He said his mouth watered and he's never had that happen at home (all the lemon juice and capers in the reduction).  We had cheese -- goat cheese with lavender--and crackers, salad, the chicken and some penne pasta, and a little chocolate pudding for dessert. I enjoy his company and companionship very much.

But after that, at eight p.m. I was ready for bed.  That's all I ever want to do these days is sleep, I can't get enough of it.

Today is another day.

I was really glad to see this Bible verse.

I'm so tired of the world.

I'm so sick and tired of the bullshit the ILL-oom-in-aught-tea put out. I see right through it. TWDNHOBIAH and all the drama with the 'swamp draining' or whatever you want to call it, I just don't care any more. I have no interest even in checking for progress.

This Gaia Portal just came out.  It's just another one. There's going to be more of the same mysterious crap without any visible changes of improvement.

I'm so very very tired.

I'm tired of being Spiritual responsible when so many others aren't. I know I know it's not their fault, they drank the kool-ade, they fell asleep...I love them anyway. I still love Ross. I adore all of you.

I'm at a place in my life where the things I enjoy doing--reading, learning, making bracelets, doing healing work--even exercise and doing things that bring me joy--are temporarily taking a back seat to all the changes going on in my life and that of my family and my work.

I KNOW better days are ahead. I KNOW this is unsustainable. No matter how much TWDNHOBIAH want to perpetuate it, the energy isn't favorable for it to continue. It's like an old jalopy of a car that is super close to breaking down.

When you have hard days in your Ascension, and you will, just make it through each day, same as Ross encouraged me. Do what you showed up to do. And in my case, is was going to work, coming home, and making dinner. Don't add anything fancy. Don't beat yourself up. Know that it's part of the process.

If you think of it, misery such as this doesn't exist in the higher Realms where we are from, which is our Home. So in a way, being blue is sort of a Galactic Delicacy in the feelings department.

I don't think I've ever been more grateful to my Higher Self in a long time. I thank Her. I actually feel her in me more, even though I don't know her that well--I can tell by how calm and brave I am, and how grounded, that I'm tapping into Her strengths too. I thank her for the good things that come.

Yesterday my best was one Sees candy from the ICU. Then it felt like Valentine's day.

Today will be better. And I won't have time to get bored, lol. Lots of work ahead.

Tell yourself things like this too, until things improve. I know Ashtar has a way of lowering the ambient energies before a big blast comes in, and sometimes when he does this for the benefit of the masses, I feel as if I am without Spiritual Air and I get very low. Perhaps there is a component of this too. He thinks the energy 'takes' better when he does this. For myself, I wish he would consult with me and at least get my permission to jack things up, but he doesn't.

Sometimes all you can do is Just Show Up.

You are not alone if you feel this way from time to time.

That is why Ross and I are writing this message.

As he says, 'It's okay to be human as long as you know how to manage it and it doesn't get out of control as in 'take over your life''...it's okay to kick things upstairs to your teams and make them work too. To make things better for you on a particular subject.

That's enough for today.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

P.S. this one is for extra credit! OMG, so many layers of ways to read into this! Is Bradley a tranny? There's videos that say he is. What are the 'old ways'?  The ways of Moloch? Or Divine Creator? You could write a whole thesis paper on the hidden messages in this song. And--even though I've never seen A Star Is Born, I just heart this on Coffeehouse on Sirius XM--you would be AMAZED at how many YouTubers out there are teaching how to play this song! There's covers by lots of other YouTubers too. Apparently this one really strikes a chord. It did with me, when I heard it. That's why I took the picture to remember the title. Anyhow, after all this complexity you can totally understand why I'm getting a little fatigued at ferreting out the Truth. LOL

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

It Makes Good Sense To Love Your Fears and To Love Yourself Even MORE

The Mill colonnade in Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) -- famous spa city in western Bohemia, very popular tourist destination in Czech Republic (famous for its hot springs

We are hurtling through space and time, careening energetically towards Ascension. Each of us must do 'the work' to get ourselves ready for what is next, Heaven on Earth.

It is a process, a journey, this preparation for Ascension.

And the 'work' we do, is one of those nagging things that no matter how many times people tell you you need to do it, you won't recognize it until you actually find yourself immersed in this 'work' process. Why is this so?  Because the 'work' is like throwing old weight off the side of a boat--old low vibration memories and lessons from this and possibly more incarnations--which are holding you back from the higher realms.

You don't choose to do this work. Your Higher Self and your You from before you were born are directing it, so to the 'you' who is walking the planet it may appear that things you thought you had 'worked through' or 'are over' are coming back again! And when these fears come up, you in essence, for a short time, must relive it--enough to acknowledge your feelings and emotions--then it will dissolve.

Many of these emotions are like knots in the fur of a beautiful dog or cat. They need to be gently released. It's not the animal's fault it got the knots, right? Neither is it your fault.

I've had two people approach me about their fears lately. I said I would write about it, in the hopes of it being helpful to others who are going through the same thing.

The first was worried about the ego, and the old patterns of looking out for himself. He was catching himself reverting back to these ways, because of the fear. It felt 'safe' and yet at the same time, he wasn't happy to be continuing this pattern.

The second was deeply upset over past relationships that were haunting her, a parent who had committed suicide. These types of issues are very delicate, perhaps sometimes even needing the help of a therapist who is trained in helping to get these 'knots' out of the deep fur--like going to the groomer in a way?

Here are three basic steps to keep in mind when you are going through this:

  1. It is coming up to be acknowledged and released for the highest good of your soul growth and development. What might have been buried needs to come out. Feel your feelings. Journal them is you like, for writing is very healing. Give yourself the space and time to face your Truth head on. 
  2. No 'solution' or 'resolution' or 'closure' is needed for what comes up and needs to be let go. 'Solution', 'resolution' and 'closure' are third-dimensional concepts. In Spirit, once a lesson is completed, it will just go away. And in this case, it's feeling your feelings (for example, I was afraid! or that was really hard!) then your angels and teams will be able to step in and assist in the healing process.
  3. A problem may solve at level A but present itself again for level B healing at a later time. Often at the level B step, it's even faster to release it. Revisiting a problem is not a sign of not having completed it the first time. What it means is your soul has grown strong enough to handle the next layer. Many problems have multiple layers which will present for healing. 

So here we are at countdown day one hundred twenty four.

Yesterday the energies were strong and heavy. I know the energy of the full moon is building up, I felt it beginning two days ago. This one is going to be strong. I can sense it. Yesterday was unusual in that it seemed different from the trend. 

I too had many nightmares come true in my work and my day. Probably my worst one, I got to relive it in another clinical scenario. I didn't panic. I did work to apply what I had learned from the first time, and to remain in 'right action'. Someone is angry at me, and blaming me. I know my work carries with it risks. So during the day, where there were many interruptions from everything, and it was hard to keep my emotional balance (we aren't able to drop the rest of the day's workload to deal with something that happened earlier in the lineup)--I realized some patients had wonderful experiences too.  That this is a different time. A different situation. And that I have the benefit of a wonderful team who did all the right things. 

For me I need to always stay humble.

I also work with Spirit. My first case with this surgeon went well. And Spirit told me to ask what kind of stove he has. I'm concerned because stoves are expensive. I need to buy a thirty six inch one. 

It turned out he just moved into his dream house. And the seller pointed out that as a professional chef, the stove in the house was worth twenty-two thousand dollars and was nicer than the one in his restaurant. The surgeon wouldn't buy one like that, but he would take one that came with the house. He said it keeps the temperature more even. In the oven he baked cookies and they came out well, there were no hot spots or cool spots in the oven. And when you turn on the flame, it's very consistent the level, low, medium, high, every single time. 

He also said how he had made an offer on a home, but it fell through because there was a contingency that he sold his house. He had seen the first home, but it had been too expensive. It wasn't until after losing the other house that the chef dropped the price two hundred thousand dollars, and the surgeon was able to buy it that day. 

Also, the gated community has a homeowner's association that costs the same as mine now where I live, and the not-gated version was only half that.  So my concern over being in a place where the association is going to keep going up and up...it's a good reason to move if I am looking towards retirement in the next decade. 

I am sad still, about yesterday. I could have stayed home, someone would have worked for me. But I needed the income. I chose the lineup because I liked the surgeon. And what happened happened, and I will be involved with the outcome for years to come. I wanted to cry.

But I had friends. One picked Anthony up from school, and dropped him off at the house. And Anthony, bless his heart, had dinner waiting for me when I came home. He had made Trader Joe's orange chicken, a small glass of the red wine Ross had picked yesterday, a glass of water, and some tiny chocolates arranged in the shape of a happy face to make me smile.  My food was cold, and I had to heat it up. Yet the thoughtfulness overwhelmed me. Anthony had been home waiting for a while. And I couldn't leave because of the way the cases were going. 

Today I have work too. I thought I might have it off, but I didn't. I need the work. 

This is Italian ceramic. My mother once told me that I am like an Italian tile--strong and can handle anything. 

You are strong too. Just like that.

Your soul is eternal.

Your soul has no ego. It's made of star stuff.  And you are here in some sort of 'boot camp' for your soul, to make it stronger and better, more wise and yet more loving, all at the same time.

Ascension is a worthwhile goal. It's like taking a hike up in the mountains to see a view. The trail is there, it's been made for you. But only you can walk it. No one is going to carry you up the trail.

Here is an article which was timely on the subject:  https://www.shiftfrequency.com/trust-is-the-only-option/

Be humble.

Be brave.

Be strong.

Strengthen yourself with time in nature, with meditation, with doing things you enjoy and give you that sense of vitality and strength and joy to be alive. 

When your fears come up, make an appointment with them! Give yourself a quiet place and time where you can focus on what is happening, and give it all your attention. Then let it go until the next appointment. It doesn't have to take over your life. 

If you would like Spiritual Assistance, like one of our readers who I did an emergency reading for yesterday, we are here for you. 

The one service I'll mention again, is the Lady Gaia Sophia Earth Magic reading. It will give you an assessment of where you have been, what life lessons you are about to engage in, and where you are heading. When you find yourself in a fog, and aren't sure which way to go, it can help. I created the spread, and the cards are from a good source who's not Doreen lol. You will get a reading and a full report of the meaning of the cards. We recommend having one every six months. The fee is normally fifty dollars and we are running a half-price special through June 30 to help you get off to a good start. To order, you can request one at reikidoc@cox.net to let us know your question to answer, then submit energy exchange to reikidoc@cox.net on PayPal or through snail mail at Doctors With Reiki, P.O. Box 2610, Mission Viejo, CA, 92691). 

Love yourself.  Be your own best friend. This is the energy of Heaven. It gives you a spark when you love yourself and trust in the Divine Plan. It's contagious!


Carla was put through her paces yesterday.

After skating on effortless gliding energy with lots of Spiritual help/assistance and signs from her teams, yesterday was like a screeching halt!

Carla managed to make it through all of the challenges which were overwhelming her.

She maintained her professionalism, and did her very best not to let one issue carry over to the rest.

At the end of the day Carla found a penny, heads up, in the locker room at work.

That was one of her first signs from me and her teams that everything was going okay, that she was on the right track.

She almost cried tears of relief as she picked it up off the floor, she was so deeply moved. It wasn't just the penny but the feeling that it had been placed there just for her that made the emotions well up.

Your journey is just about finished in the third dimension. Yes there will be hiccups and tests, just like Carla did yesterday (she is one of us, right?)

Everything will happen for the best.

Be calm, be brave, be loving.  Go ahead and ask your questions! Ask all of us, ask me. I will do my best to answer them. As for D's question, 'do you think it is possible to play for the wrong team by accident?', the response is visual--I showed Carla an image of breaking bread to share at a meal. We do the best we can to find the spiritual nourishment and sustenance to help us carry on. At times we find ourselves in lack of a better place, and we wish to leave it. Once this awareness hits, it is wise to truly act upon it. Nothing is set in stone. Not even inscriptions on the very stone itself! None of the teams are 'set', everything is fluid. You and your HS are putting you through situations such as this for your highest good. We want you to learn from them! Even if the lesson is one of compassion, for learning how easy it is to find yourself as if 'by accident' in such a place, through no fault of your own and possibly even due to the tricker of another.

Self-love, self-love is key.

You ARE good enough.

You ARE worthy.

And you ARE here for a reason...the only trick/challenge is to figure that out.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Couple

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

When Spirit Makes Its Presence A Little More Obvious

New York, 125th Street Subway station in Harlem

Our countdown today is one hundred twenty five. We are counting down to the date when, almost a year ago, The Council said, 'things will get better and you can write that down on your calendar!'

Are things improving here? In general I would say yes. I eat lunch more often than not when I am at work. The hours are in a way better and in a way worse. I have more days off. The on-call times are very long and tiresome though. I'm also making major headway in facing my fears as well as getting out of my personal stagnation. For example, I've always held on to old computers because I didn't feel it was safe to e-waste them. So yesterday, I brought them to a specialist to save the photos and wipe the hard drives. There were five computers in all, four laptops and one larger one. I got it for half price. 

Every time I had looked at those old dusty computers I had felt like I was a failure in some way, like my life was out of control somehow, like I wasn't good enough.

It was over ten years of feeling like this. Almost fifteen. 

Now it's gone. I feel like I'm doing something.

Ross and I had a long talk about the move yesterday. He told me what to tell others who ask why we are moving. But the real reason was I had outgrown the energy of this current home. It's funny because what I wanted was safety and security  and to put down roots. I was allowed this for the longest I've ever lived anywhere. But Creator doesn't like us to stagnate.  I have been praying for the next occupants of this home to love it just as much as I have, for them to be guided, and for them to make happy memories here. That was the part that made it hardest to leave--so many memories.  Now it's simply time to make some new ones, and I know full well in advance that this new home is not going to be forever too. It's going to be my springboard to somewhere that I can snorkel every day.

The giant Art Deco statue of Jesus, known as Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer), on Corcovado mountain in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The statue is 125 feet tall and was completed in 1931

As the veil thins, I am noticing Spirit is making its presence known:

  • Yesterday I went to the local discount appliance store to see the appliances the owner of the new home had picked out. I was overwhelmed. There are so many choices, and frankly, a stove doesn't look like a stove any more, neither does a refrigerator look like a refrigerator. Everything is testosteroned up like the barbecues, with huge knobs and handles which aren't good for a petite woman like me. To be honest, the french doors ones are the worst--I will totally break my back trying to reach into the bottom of some of those drawers! So I longed for my nana. Her kitchen was tiny but warm and inviting and she made the most delicious things! I missed her stove, the old avocado green one she had as her dream kitchen. I just remember now how it matched the refrigerator...well, when I got home last night, not more than an hour later, my cousin Enza back in Sicily sent me a photo of a photo in her home of my nana Angelina, in her kitchen, hugging Enza's husband and smiling super big--with the stove just in the picture!  I was able to blow up parts of the photo just to take a good look at it! I cried. I cried tears of joy because it was happier times, and also, because I knew Heaven was listening to my heart.
  • This one was a little creepy. Anthony and I were getting dinner ready. Ross had told me to have some wine. He had told me what bottle to pick. It turned out to be a Trader Joe's Pinot Noir.  I was just talking about Ross with Anthony and teasing Ross, when the little Elmo flashlight that talks started to giggle and laugh.  Nobody had touched it. It won't talk unless you squeeze the handle. Anthony and I stopped and looked at each other. Then the toy laughed again. Anthony went to look at it, and he said, 'mom, it's not even squeezed'.  Ross wanted to make his presence known, and he did, a little more than how we usually hear him with our spirit ears and feel his presence. What he didn't know, or realize, and we explained gently to him, is that some things on earth are a little creepy. Clowns, mimes, and spontaneously laughing Elmo toys are kind of a little too much for us in that direction. This toy has never gone on by itself in twelve years. And after we shared with Ross, it never went off for the rest of the night again.
So be ready for things to happen that might catch you off guard. The energies are ramping up. Heaven really wants to be with us again. We are loved and invited to a wonderful party of joy and happiness when the Veil finally stops blocking us. It has been said that the veil is in tatters, and perhaps what is keeping us blocked is more the habit of being blocked?

Either way, the energies out there are really strong, and just take it in stride if something like this happens to you.

Always remember our relationship with Spirit is a two-way street.

I learned from Anne Reith, PhD, that you can even ask Spirit to wait for you to finish an important project, to be 'quiet' for a few hours, and to let them know when you will be 'available' to them.

I think that's great!


Today we need to account for intergenerational differences, and for differences in taste.

Where I am, right now, and for all eternity, everything is harmonious. (he knits his fingers together , interlaces them).

That is not to say that everyone has the same tastes and preferences!

I would like to share with you a little example with the Moray Eels  here, or 'puhi' as they are called in the Hawaiian Islands.

When Carla goes for a snorkel, it is the thrill and highlight of her trip to the ocean to see one. She has seen them with their heads poking out of the rocks. And she has seen some traveling across the bay in open water.

Carla always has respect for them.

And the eels have a sense of Carla's spiritual presence, and keep their distance from her. They mutually regard one another, and then the moment will pass.

At a recent trip to a theme park with some friends to celebrate Anthony's birthday, one of the moms wanted to look at the sea creatures too. But for her, having grown up in Hawai'i, the moray eel causes a fear in her.

She was at the beach, snorkeling, and a little kid put his hand on a rock, just for a little bit, and a moray eel with its tremendously sharp teeth, in an instant bit all of the eight-year old's fingers off.

Carla's friend's knowledge of the dangers of the ocean is probably a little safer than Carla's own experience and view.

Both are felt from the heart and adequate.  Both loved watching ocean shows on T.V. with Jaques Cousteau growing up. Each has their own view, and together, the differences help to temper the enthusiasm of the one and the fear of the other...What Carla's friend doesn't like too is the 'soulless eyes'...and stillness of the creature. But with Carla's ability to spiritually connect with other life forms, although the eel is 'quiet' it's energy is distinct and deeply cherished by her when she encounters it. It's more important to her than to look at the eyes for that spiritual connection.

Many people who aren't as sensitive look to the eyes as the 'windows of the soul'. And it's true. Dark, soulless eyes--are often the only tip off of who you are dealing with when you are incarnate.

(He interlaces the fingers--ed) Again, there is the meshing together of all of the impressions of the individuals, which is what makes our shared consciousness uniquely pleasant and a joy for Divine Creator of All That Is.

I will be there on moving day. (he puts his finger to his lips, as if to say 'shhhh' and you can hear the elmo toy laughing as his joke--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple