Monday, September 29, 2014

Gaia News Brief 30.9.2014

My Happiness

I got to sleep in. I traded calls so I could take care of some medical appointments.

My son didn't complain about fasting before his labs. Instead, he watched the show he missed seeing yesterday--something with The Simpsons and Family Guy together in one episode, while waiting for the office to open.

The blood draw went smoothly--there was resolve that he had never shown in his two earlier blood tests. I actually shared how I know how the equipment works, and if you think about it, being able to test the blood is a pretty cool thing.

We had Hawaiian breakfast at a local grill. And off to school about two hours late he went.

My Healing

Thinking about the four tubes of blood, and the needle, and the suffering our boy so bravely endured, got me crying. I cried to Ross, and I said I am so sorry for what happened to him when he died so many years ago the last time we were both incarnate!!! I remembered how brutal it was, and how I witnessed it. I asked him to forgive me for never saying 'I am sorry' to him for what he went through.

I asked with my heart to have a future for all of life here on Gaia where there is no illness, no suffering, no death. Even if this means that karma takes forever--we have forever in the higher realms. I want all the dying to stop. All the killing to stop. All of it.

And a warm consolation from Ross came through. I stopped crying--I cry a lot in the car--and I was so thankful I got that off my heart and discussed it with him.

My Lost Project

For one year, I have wanted to compile together all of the blog posts from the ebook, Messages From My Patients. I worked on it. I did ten chapters today. I hit my goal. Wow!

My Surprise 

I have been cleaning out the china storage that had been in that awful corner of the dining room. Originally what had been stored long-term in the garage came in the house with the next to last burst copper pipe two years ago.

Today I opened my Lenox Monroe wine glasses out of their original plastic wrap, noted the Lenox sticker, and placed them tenderly in the hutch I inherited from my Nana Angelina. I didn't see any champagne glasses, but there were matching water ones too.

I opened my chateaux dessert plates, and put them in my cupboard for the first time since my marriage in 1988. Amboise, Chambord, Cheverny, Blois, Chenonceau and Azay Le Rideau. I love those castles! I felt the energy of the Loire Valley surge in my heart, and my family there who I love, the ones whom I named my boy after, and that they named their granddaughter after me.

Imagine my surprise when I found something hard inside a ton of bubble wrap--and it was the lid to my sugar bowl! This is NOT the 'sugar bowl' that big Shirley the urology nurse told me I needed to offer my husband to have a 'happy marriage'! LOL. This is a family blog post! ((( Big Smile ))) I looked around but for the life of me, I couldn't find my sugar bowl.  So I gave thanks for the gravy boat and creamer I haven't seen in twenty years, and put them in the cupboard in the kitchen where I can use them.

Ross said I should take two things out of the china cabinet from Nana. There was one thing on top, a photo of us with Aulani Mickey--I decided to put that away because it wasn't a happy memory. And lo and behold--on the bottom shelf was my Sugar BOWL!!!

I smiled and picked it up, went to the kitchen, and it was a perfect match with the lid! I gave away the metal sugar bowl and creamer, for the donations pile, and put my best raw sugar cubes--the Parrot brand--inside.

I felt Ross' love and sharing of my joy, that he could help me with that 'hint', and I was so happy for this surprise!

Just Like Nana

As I was getting ready for my own appointment, an ultrasound of my thyroid--just a check up--I sensed, 'bring a butternut squash to the imaging center for the person who works with you'.

I was like, WHAT?! To be honest, I have about fourteen butternut squashes from my summer all sitting in my kitchen. They keep. I found the perfect one--the 'nudge' said--'good sized and good shape'.  But it had a line on it, a blemish. So I found one similar, washed it, and put it in my purse.

As the technician Sabrina took me back, I stopped in the hall, pulled out the butternut squash, and said, 'I grew this in my garden and would like you to have it. My grandparents always brought their fresh produce to their doctor visits. I am keeping the family tradition right now with you.'

Sabrina was flabbergasted and filled with delight! Her favorite vegetable IS Butternut Squash! She eats them nearly every day, and also she is fond of beets, and even eats the tops, the leaves from the plant. She makes turkey wraps out of them.

She couldn't believe her good fortune, and was very excited to get a present from a patient, who happens to be, well, your sister in the Light, Reiki Doc!

Surprise Number 2

While rushing back to pick up our boy in time for basketball practice and dinner, Ross casually suggested I listen to the Jazz station 88.1 FM because nothing else was that good on the rest of the dial and I had been changing the stations a lot looking for something I like.

So I did. I didn't really like this song. But I listened. Then I noticed some familiar notes of a tune dancing in and out of the music.

This is the song I had never heard before, and today, I heard for the very first time, courtesy of my Twin, and incredibly awesome man--Ross...

It was a beautiful day, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to share it with you. 


(big bright smile)   I got a lot of 'husband points' today with Carla, didn't I? (blushes)

I know how to work it!  (more big smile)

I like my lady HAPPY.

Such is the same for all Twins, when they awaken. Keep doing the work, and soon you will appreciate the finer things like Carla did on this day, too.

(he tousles my hair on my head and puts his arm around me and draws me close)

I will sign off for us...

'And may all your heartfelt wishes come true'

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and that lady who is going to type the little letters off of her keyboard with her fingers, she writes so much! Carla our beloved and most sincere of heart, Reiki Doc

The Archangel Sophia Attunement Key

There is a very special bond I have always shared with Archangel Sophia. It is a blessing and with much joy do I now share the Attunement Key of Archangel Sophia with you.

When I was about fourteen, I read the bible every night, and was very active in my local Christian Campus Life group.

I enjoyed everything about it.

And when I read about Wisdom (of which Sophia is also a goddess of wisdom) I asked God in my heart to give me this jewel through my life experience. I looked at life as a huge pile of things I know, and another even larger pile of things I DIDN'T know! And I wished to make at least a small dent in the bigger pile, with all of my hope to be pleasing and good to the Lord.

I know a great deal. I have degrees--a Bachelor of Science, a Doctor of Medicine, even a post-graduate Fellowship, additional training, to be able to safely give anesthetic to patients who undergo surgery for the heart.

That isn't wisdom.

I had the love of my life, my high-school boyfriend, leave me only to marry another woman who looked just like me. I have been 'the one before the One' for many a person I was romantically involved with. Married twice, divorced two times, and having had a huge custody battle over a son who was born out of wedlock opened my heart to compassion like I never knew.

That isn't wisdom either.

Wisdom is always there, in your heart. It is the quiet knowing that everything is beautiful, right and perfect, just the way it is. That we are not alone. That we are guided with love by our angels, guides, and deceased loved ones.

Wisdom is knowing the quiet voice in the stillness is your connection to Source.

And wisdom is trusting in your path to reunite with your Illuminated Twin, and always taking the chance to put your Twin at ease and just a little off-balance, with a smile, a request, something silly, and a romantic gaze that only you have for your Other...every time you meet--in an entirely unpredictable yet charming way. Your open heart is the most attractive thing to everyone around you--twin, student, teacher, family, friend, patient, coworker...clerk at the always be in your heart.

That is wisdom.

Without delay, here now for you is the Archangel Sophia Attunement Key:

I hope you enjoy it!

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Messages From My Patients--The Entire Set

Chapter 1:  while learning to pronounce a patient dead for the first time as a medical student, I got a little more than I had ever expected.

Chapter 2:  while teaching a resident during organ procurement from a donor I 'sensed' the spirit of the deceased, but didn't want to engage in conversation at the time. He came back.

Chapter 3:  while working in the recovery room on some paperwork, a recently deceased Latina was brought down from ICU for family visitation. Before the family arrived, the spirit came to visit me, along with Blessed Mother.

Chapter 4:  A patient who technically 'died' on the table due to deep hypothermic circulatory arrest as part of the procedure, wakes up and reports he saw an angel during his procedure.

Chapter 5:  A fellow surgery resident, who died in Iraq, comes back with a message for me about my future. All three of his predictions have since come true.

Chapter 6:  After watching a special on the life of Laci Peterson, her spirit came to me, with comfort and support while I was eight months pregnant.

Chapter 7:  There is a death in the heart room. I 'see' the energy of the patient outside the body. Later he comes with messages of comfort, and also lets slip the sex of my unborn child, when I just found out I was pregnant and had no clue.

Chapter 8:  Messages from both Terri Schiavo and ailing Pope John Paul 2

Chapter 9:  A Vietnamese man, who donated his organs, comes back with a message for my mother, and gives it to her. She names him 'Herman' and asks him to help my father with a golf game. Then later, he comes back with a beautiful prediction for me, and calls me blessed.

Chapter 10:  my fellow surgery resident who died in Iraq comes back with a message of hope during my custody battle over my four month old boy.

Chapter 11:  A fourteen year old cheerleader who died comes back with reflections on life on the Other Side. click here

Chapter 12: A mysterious voice awakens me in the middle of the night. click here

Chapter 13:  A spirit comes who I do not recognize. She announces herself as my grandmother's neighbor. She has encouraging words for me. Also mom verifies what Mrs. Nolan said about how she died is true. click here

Chapter 14:  my fellow surgery resident who died in Iraq comes to me with another message of hope and encouragement. He also is the first to tell me what I look like from the view up in Heaven. click here

Chapter 15:  My Aunt Edna 'pops in' and discusses Heaven with me on my drive home late at night. Little did I know during the day she had been having a medical emergency in her fight with advanced, metastatic breast cancer. click here

Chapter 16:  My patient is down and having a serious, life-threatening emergency requiring immediate cardiac surgery. During line placement, her spirit comes out of body, shakes my shoulder, and has a message for me.  click here

Chapter 17:  My beloved Aunt Edna dies. Blessed Mother (BM) comes to comfort me in my loss.  A transcript of our conversation is included in this chapter. click here

Chapter 18:  My Aunt Edna stops by in spirit, to pay me a visit, about one month after she passed. click here

Chapter 19:  Sometimes mediumship is with the higher self, the 5D aspect, and not the 3D one, of someone who you know in 3D. Here is my heart surgeon, who reaches out to me on a soul level, to ask for guidance and assistance in spirit with the inoperable lung cancer in his mother. click here

Chapter 20:  During a trauma case in the middle of the night, the patient's spirit comes out of the body, and talks to me. What she has to say is fascinating. She also gives a message to her mother. click here

Chapter 21:  An organ donor in the middle of the night, 'pops in' in spirit, and has a conversation with me. He also calls me 'a Lorelei'. click here

Chapter 22:  Both my betta fish Pugsley, and Blessed Mother, come to console me on his death. click here

Chapter 23:  A fourteen-year old boy passes from trauma, and comes with a message to me that sounds like, well, a fourteen-year old boy. click here

Chapter 24: The patient in Chapter 23 said he would come back with a message. He did. Here it is: click here

Chapter 25:  A trauma patient who died has a message for me. He also brings someone from Heaven to see me too. click here

Chapter 26:  Arturo, the patient in chapter 25, comes back with some more messages, that are just as soothing to me today. click here

Chapter 27:  It is etiquette as a cardiac anesthesiologist to help another when the patient is in trouble. This patient, whom I never met, had a message of encouragement for me from The Other Side after they didn't make it. click here

Chapter 28:  A patient dies a traumatic death due to gang activity. He comes back with a well-thought out message after his initial bravado, and also mentions my Light, and how he can see it from The Other Side. click here

Chapter 29:  A cardiac patient confides he knew he would not make it through his surgery. He comes back with a message of hope, and love, for all.  click here

Chapter 30:  Julia Vinograd, who was very much alive, had her Higher Self give me this very insightful message in this chapter. She is the bubble lady from Berkeley, where I went to college. click here

Chapter 31:  In cardiac anesthesia, more than any other specialty, we make a lot of personal sacrifices of time we could have spent with our family. This case went long, and the patient did well. However, her Higher Self on a soul level, had a clear message for me. This chapter is written in medical terms, and then translated to lay language, at the end. click here

Chapter 32:  I felt horror when I read on the 'what we did in Chapel today' note on the preschool class door was 'we prayed for Joshua who is with Jesus'. I immediately placed my two-year old son in swimming instruction that week. Here is the deceased child's message for me:  click here

Chapter 33:  A John Doe--deceased trauma patient--comes back to talk about The Pearly Gates...and more. click here

Chapter 34:  A deceased patient comes from the Other Side--with relationship advice for me. click here

Chapter 35:  My cousin Susie, a cousin by marriage, had a message for me after she Transitioned. click here

Chapter 36:  There are three ghosts on board the HMS Queen Mary, in Long Beach, California. Here they are, with messages to me: click here

Chapter 37:  A family friend Roy dies of lung cancer after a long illness. He comes to visit. He is chipper, and also brings a lot of cheerfulness in this message. click here

Chapter 38:  Joshua, the three year-old classmate of my boy at the preschool who drowned, comes back with a message of guidance.  click here

Chapter 39:  A spirit comes with a beautiful message. Then we play a game of twenty questions to figure out the identity of him! It was worth it, to find out. click here

Chapter 40:  My boy has a vivid dream when he was very sick. It was of my cousin Susie, who is deceased. click here

Chapter 41:  My Nanu Filippo stops by when I had a root canal and am missing my son. click here

Chapter 42:  Another organ donor comes through with a message for me, this one is a warning. click here

Chapter 43:  The Higher Self of my patient comes out during complex cardiac surgery, and stands three feet off the floor, at the foot of the bed, with Blessed Mother. Her message is for me, about my future, in love. click here

Chapter 44:  I am an empath. There was a suicide in the area near my work, but I didn't know it. Not once but two times, I felt an overwhelming urge to hurt myself, which I knew was not 'me'. The spirit of the one who shot himself in the Crystal Cathedral, came to me, with a message:  click here

Chapter 45:  A friend puts out an emergency request for prayer over the loss of his friend of eleven years, Maya. She comes to me in response to my prayers. click here

Chapter 46:  A rookie pitcher dies after pitching the best game of his life, with his father visiting from out of state watching his first major league success. It made local headlines. The real news is what he has to say to me about his experience with death. click here

Chapter 47:  The pitcher comes back with one more message from Heaven. click here

Chapter 48:  I lost my job. I am a single mom and sole support of my family. Mother Mary, whom I call Blessed Mother, has a message of love and support for me. click here

Chapter 49:  My father's death, from the phone call, to the Transition, to the messages for me 'it's not goodbye' and for my sister. I saw the Gates of Heaven, Angels, and my father go to Blessed Mother as he died.  click here

Chapter 50:  Ten days after my father passed, he comes with a message that is sophisticated metaphysical teaching--I only understand what he is saying now, five years later--after studying Reiki and mediumship, and Healing. click here

Chapter 51:  This is the first message from the entertainer, Michael Jackson, after his death. click here

Chapter 52:  This is a much longer message from Michael Jackson, and also, a brief message from Michael to the world. click here

Chapter 53:  My father died one month before. Now he comes to me when our family traditionally celebrated my birthday, with a message of love and hope. click here

Chapter 54:  A drowning victim comes from the other side with a message. click here

Chapter 55:  One of the anesthesiologists who was laid off on the same day I was, got me a job as a Nocturnist working nights at the SICU at the VA. There was a terrible death, and I worked very hard that one night to help, even having security unlock the OR so I could get a swan-ganz catheter for my patient. Here is the patient, who did not make it, with a message. click here

Chapter 56:  At my new hospital, my 'day job', I arrived to a code blue only to see the patient moribund on the floor. Here is her message, after the code was 'called' and she didn't make it. click here

Chapter 57:  I reconnected with my childhood friend Linda when I felt a 'nudge' to find her. I saw her FB photo had her with her dead son in ICU. He also is the subject of her blog, Because He Breathes that made the Huffington Post some time after his passing. Here is his message. click here

Chapter 58:  Another message from the entertainer, Michael Jackson. click here

Chapter 59:  I was driving home one night and passed the wreckage of a fatal accident. The driver's spirit came to me shortly after with this message. click here

Chapter 60:  This random 'Uncle Charlie' came through the morning of my first mediumship session with Tim Braun. He never showed up for my session. Instead, he came to the session BEFORE mine, and Tim kept asking the client about 'who is this Uncle Charlie?' Message is here. click here

Chapter 61:  Uncle Charlie explains why he came when he did, instead of to my appointment. click here

Chapter 62:  A different veteran who died in ICU during my nocturnist shift has a message. click here

Chapter 63:  Actress Brittany Murphey, recently deceased, has a message for me after seeing me with my son in San Diego, at Sea World Holdiay. click here

Chapter 64:  Ryan from Chapter 57 comes back to share his views on homosexuality. click here

Chapter 65:  Margarito, one of the environmental services workers in the O.R., passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack. Here is his message. click here

Chapter 66:  The man who forbid his daughter to see a Muslim (the family was Hindu)--ended up being burned to death in a fire that was caused by the ex-boyfriend. Message here: click here

Chapter 67:  Elaine Kotsiris was the mother of a friend in my ballet class, and also my patient. She succumbed to her lung cancer. One day she came with a message to me while I did ballet exercises. Click Here

Chapter 68:  A much older distant Italian cousin met me only once, at a wedding, when I was nine. We had an incredible connection. He came back to me, out of the blue, with this message: click here

Chapter 69:  Father Al, the priest at Newman Hall when I went to UC Berkeley, drove all the way down to Southern California to marry me to my college sweetheart, my first husband, Mark. He came through with this lovely message for me, that was just as helpful as ever. click here

Chapter 70:  Dawn Brancheau, the Sea World Orlando trainer who was killed by Tilikum, speaks from beyond the grave, shortly after her death. click here

Chapter 71:  This is Dawn's message to me. click here

Chapter 72:  Lily the gray whale was trapped in a net off Dana Point Harbor, at the State Park Beach. My son and I went to go give her support and pray for her safety. She died. I saw it. Here is her message. click here

Chapter 73:   A colleague who passed has a confession for me from beyond the grave. click here

Chapter 74:  The same colleague in Chapter 73 comes back with another message. click here

Chapter 75:  One the one-year anniversary of my father Richard's death, Our Lady, whom I call Blessed Mother, has a special message for me. click here

Chapter 76:  A woman named Cindy, whom I have never met, came to Psychic Development Circle. My father also showed up for the first time. Here are their messages. click here

Chapter 77:  Ryan, from earlier chapters, comes back with another message. click here

Chapter 78: Karen was an O.R. nurse I have known since residency. During my time as an attending, my locker was next to hers. She passed from breast cancer. Here is her message: click here

Chapter 79:  Karen came back, and brought with her Darren, who had hung himself and was related to someone dear to me. click here

Chapter 80:  A surgical technician I worked with killed himself in the car with carbon monoxide. He came back with a gentle, beautiful message. click here

Chapter 81:  My father Richard comes back around his first anniversary where he wasn't around for mom. Here is his message. click here

Chapter 82:  Jon, the chaplain at my old hospital, passed. Here is his message. click here

Chapter 83:  I took my son to enjoy a day at Griffith Observatory. I got this message from the man who built it, Mr. Griffith himself. click here

Chapter 84:  Mark Taylor humors me with 'advice' on my latest 'crush'. click here

Chapter 85:  Mark Taylor comes back with more advice--not about a crush. Actually, he says he's been trying to get my attention for some time but I wasn't listening! click here

Chapter 86:  A teen who died in a freak accident tells me he died a virgin, and that he didn't miss anything, compared to Heaven. click here

Chapter 87:  Steven Jobs--yes THE Apple founder--came to me at Aulani on Spring Break 2012, with a business proposal...for me. click here

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Gaia News Brief 29.9.2014

Super Productive Day

For all my doing nothing yesterday, it paid off. Not only did I publish to the world two Archangel Healing Attunement Keys and one Archangel Healing Key, I attuned someone to Reiki 1 (distance), created a 'page' to go with this blog--look a little below this area for a link to 'services and products I reccommend'--and updated both the Divine Healing Codes (adding one) and the summary of the Archangel Healing Keys.

Plus Spirit brought in new things to me!

I also got a little bonus--one corner of my dining room has had stuff in it I've never really liked. The problem is that I like to write letters and send cards, but my desk is upstairs. And so I made a little 'office supply corner' that quickly de-evolved into a mess. I threw out a lot of unneeded items, and organized.

I only saw one black widow, and it was a baby one at that. I was super thankful.

Love Stays

I opened my 'time capsule' for the first time in nine years. In that same corner is the trunk where I kept all of my son's favorite baby things. I opened it with excitement, to see what he would say.

The magic of all his baby-ness was still there! Some of the toys, some of the tiny clothes...I was happy to share it with him.

He wasn't so happy--LOL--he was upset he couldn't remember!

I went through some old birthday cards from his first birthday. I was surprised at how with time I was able to decide what cards to keep, and what to let go. Ones from my father and my aunt who have since passed away I kept. Along with a handful of choice ones, for various reasons.

The energy signature in each card was just the same as the day I opened it.

The love stays, no matter how long it has been since the card or the letter or the photo was first sent.

Ross' Secret Surprise For My Soul

My boy came back from his dad's weekend. It's not far, just a fifteen minute drive away. He caught his first fish. And for the first time, his dad is looking to buy him something nicer than the air bed he got for Christmas as an answer to my prayer two years ago. The new girlfriend is willing to pay half for it. I was so thankful.

The best part is that Ross talks to our son--Ross is the spiritual father, and the other is the biological one--in a galactic way it makes 'sense' but I can see how to most well, it just doesn't...

When he came back home, our little one who is not so little, said he asked Ross to help him. He asked Ross to make his uncle nicer because he was getting mean over a football game when his team was losing. And it WORKED!

There was another favor our son asked, and it worked too. It's so cute to hear him speak of Ross like that. It warms my heart and soul to hear of it.

Cut Your Losses

On Thursday, the pediatrician told me to show the elevated lab values in our son's bloodwork to his father, furthermore to explain why the food changes need to be the same in both homes.

(side note--we go vegetarian here, then it's all meat and low carb there. We go insulin resistance diet here, and it's all pizza and pasta and mexican food there.)

My mom, who is intuitive, said, 'don't do it.' She said a reason why that makes sense.

I thought perhaps to discuss the best approach with the counselor first? (the birth father is very obstinate, and will do the opposite just to spite me)

Then I realized, just get NEW labs, and see how they are. Then there is more information to act on it.

Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do, and it is difficult. In these situations I face a struggle, pick an approach, and reassure myself with 'we do the best we can'.

Canada's Residential Schools

A friend I know up in Canada is First Nations. She confirms what Kevin Annett says about the treatment of First Nations Schoolchildren who were taken from their families is true.

She says the incest was so bad that people in the area set up 'Safe Houses' for the children who had no place to go, and couldn't return home to their families. Alcohol and drug abuse, as well as sexual abuse, was rampant through the communities. Also the teachers, priests and others who were supposed to care for the young people were sexually abusing the children too. She was part of this movement, the hidden movement to provide escape and safety to the children who could get away.

She also says that there is information from the Red Cross on how medical experiments were done on these children without their consent--against the Geneva Convention and all medical ethics protocols for modern medical research.  She has seen the papers with the facts on them, first hand, at the meetings with the chiefs.

I have heard too, from Kevin, that the death rate from tuberculosis was about fifty percent inside the residential homes for these First Nations 'students', where medical help was not given at the same rate as in the outside community.

Here is another story in the news she just posted up on her page:

Enjoy What Is

When the news gets you down, step outside for a minute. Chances are there is a breeze. Birds are singing and the sun is shining. There is a hum of activity, of life...

Nothing is happening to you in that moment.

Why not take a break--take off your shoes, and just sit on the grass on a blanket and catch ten minutes of sunshine? Or sit on a swing or a lawn chair and have a nice tall glass of water.

This is your world too.

The one you can change, your 'circle of influence'.

Enjoy this, and don't let what is going on somewhere else on surface Gaia make you miss out on all the blessings you have right at your fingertips where you live.


I was really quiet today. I hardly talked to Carla. I saw her working, and working, and at one point I shared with her how excited I was that things were going to well on her projects.

I come and go. I come and go a lot when it comes to our relationship.

Try to remember this when it comes to your Twin Soul. They have stuff to do sometimes. So do you. Your hearts are always together, in loving connection, forever!

The Twin Flame reunion is not a 'one and done' scenario.  It is a dance. A connection through the energies of both of you. There are good days, where you are close and 'highly domestic'. There is adventure when one or the both of you experiences something new, and exciting! And then there are the quiet times, where there doesn't seem to be 'much going on'.

(he raises one finger, and moves it from side to side)

Everything has a purpose. Everything moves you ahead, in your own spiritual development...even when the twin is quiet, or moving backward in some way.

Life is a circle. It will come round for you. I know it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and that woman of my life that I call 'Reiki Doc', Carla, my wife in the Higher Realms.

I can't wait to come back to her and hold her in my last time. This time, I am not letting go. Ever <3

The Archangel Azrael Attunement Key

Who IS Archangel Azrael? And what is this attunement key? He is the one who helps us to bridge the gap between the two worlds, The Other Side, and Here.

He is like a telephone line to transfer the loving wishes between you and your loved ones who have gone ahead through Transition.

Without further delay, here is a message channelled by Archangel Azrael, as well as demonstration on how to draw the Attunement Key.

(You may only draw this on yourself, and not others, unless they request it to you with their voice or written request, as it is an Attunement, and unless someone 'needs a little help' they have to do this one on their own. You may coach them, you are free to help in this way.)

(look! It's 4:44 in length!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

The Archangel Healing Key ARISE

Hi, there are many healing keys to be sent out today. This one is a surprise, both for when it was given, and also, how it 'cut in line' today to be the second one to be sent out.

I don't know how to explain this, but it is from my Higher Self, and awakened Archangel Lauren one morning, helping her to get up and out of bed as this sign was given to her.

She gave it to me, and I had to memory or clue about anything that was given, but it is in fact, my own Archangel Healing Key that is attributed to me, or at least, to my Higher Self.

We are on good terms now, both of us, my Higher Self. I am independent, and she allows me to perceive my independence. Only if I need Her help to I invite her to come in, although we are in fact, friends and I appreciate the support that She gives when I ask.

Without further ado, here is the key ARISE:

Aloha and Mahalos,
and Wake Up (just giving you a hard see if you have been listening... ; )   )

Reiki Doc

Summary Of The Ten Healing Steps Project


Soon we are going to start to know the extent of the systems that have been created to in some way, shape our destiny in order to limit us--for all of recorded history and possibly longer than that.

Ross and I invite you to pave the way, energetically for this to begin.

Our first step together as a new society--as 5D citizens of Gaia--is to direct as much forgiveness as possible to those who ensnared us in their quest for power over humankind.

Please hold in your mind--some system or business or organization--who is 'keeping you down' and 'holding you back'. Picture it. And send as much Love and Forgiveness to that institution. Even if it is healthcare--I won't get upset. 

Love is the Solution For Everything, and now is the time to direct it towards building a new life, one that is fair and Divinely supported, for us on surface Gaia.

Will you help this project? This is the first step of a ten-day maneuver for the Light.




Day Two of our Journey--Are You Still With Us? ; )

Look at this sink and bathtub. Look very closely. They are filled with water almost to the point of overflowing.

This is a visual for you to keep in mind with our healing work together today.

Imagine the sink and the tub, as the structures of the organizations and systems that are built to--in effect--keep us 'down' and 'trapped in the system' where we can't be what Creator designed us to do.

Imagine the WATER as the vibration of energy that makes these systems GO. It is their 'gasoline' which is also our 'Kryptonite'--it weakens us extremely.

Our goal today is to open the clog/blocked drain at the bottom, with our minds and our consciousness and our free will--to let that energy OUT to where it will go away safely and without harm.

This is the energy of HATE, the water, which is both gasoline for those who disempower us, and Kryptonite for us as spiritual beings who are free and creator beings ourselves.

If you choose to HATE those who entrap and ensnare us, you are opening the faucets and filling the sink and the tub, and only empowering them more, with your HATRED.

This healing would not have been possible without the stepping stone of FORGIVENESS that we worked on yesterday.

If you have trouble with the FORGIVENESS exercise, do not proceed to this step until you have mastered that one. There is no rush. Please do these exercises as you know you are able.

There is no judgement.

Your help is very much appreciated by Ross and me on this subject, letting go of the energy of hate, and healing Gaia by raising the vibration as the energy of hate is safety removed from the collective consciousness of us all.

Namaste. Aloha and Mahalos. Peace.



Day Three Of Our Journey--A Steep Hill

This step is by far the most difficult of the Journey--your hard work is going to pay off, and the scales shall tip in favor for the Light once we master it.

Anger is a normal healthy emotion up to a point.

Anger is also a cleverly designed reaction we have been trained by the systems which hold us back to pull us deeper into the matrix they have built.

How much you encourage the emotion of anger upon learning the awful truths of the 'builders'--their agenda that they hide''the more you do exactly what they want you to do.

Last night I watched the movie Kick Ass 2 with my son--and in it, the themes that 'anger is healthy' and 'might makes right' and 'anger is appropriate in defense of a loved one' prevail.

Is it healthy, right, and appropriate to permit anger to take over your higher functioning mind and heart that are together?

Imagine you are a fish, and you are swimming in 5D, where Nature put you in the first place.

Imagine anger as biting the hook that will 'pull you back' into 3D--just as cleverly designed to trick you, and just as effective to 'hook you' up and out of the realms of energy that are healthiest and essential to your well-being as a soul.

Spit the hook.

Fish can test the hook, they can check it out, but at some point, in order to live, they must reject it.

Fish can live perfectly well with the knowledge that there is a hook and a fishermen 'out there' and go on with their lives once they are aware of it.

When we seek to disempower those systems and industries which hold us in 3D, we must be awake, aware, heart-centered. When the truth comes out about their plans we will have sick stomach and sad hearts at the news.

But we will never bite and swallow that hook again.

Until tomorrow...



Today, although we are aware of the systems which are established to 'keep us down' in spirit, our spirit is connected to All That Is, and has incredible sense of creative abilities.

Just for today, we acknowledge the sadness that those who do not have our best interest at heart create once we recognize what is in fact, going on right under our noses in plain daylight.


We tap in to our heart centers, and make the choice to rise above the limits that have been placed upon us.

In making this choice, we extricate us from the matrix of energy that is designed to entrap us by keeping our vibrations low.

And we move past the restrictions, and exist in a vibration where we have the ability to co-create with ease, pleasure, wonder, and joy.

Even if it is cold, raining, and seems depressing, no matter what, deep inside we have the ability to create light.

Focus on this.

Just for today.


Day Five Of Our Journey Together:  UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

As a collective, our souls and our hearts are up against formidable opposition in the systems which have been established to keep us just barely able to have enough money and health and time to keep alive.


Take a deep we are focusing on UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

This is our fuel, our direct connection to Source, like 'cable' for the television set. Unconditional Love is the most powerful energy there is, and we through our hearts are able to draw forth as much of this beautiful healing energy as we desire--against all opposition, all situations.

Even the systems who are designed to keep us like this, and measure us, and keep us telling us the 'Love' we get is only the kind they water down for us and tell us it is 'love' the old rabbit ear antennae signals instead of the direct cable connection to Creator itself.

Focus on Unconditional Love--the real thing--and know it is much bigger than anything that could try to 'ration it' for 'a profit'.

It is our birth right to experience this energy 24/7. Namaste.


Day Six of Our Journey Together:  COURAGE

Just for today, we strike COURAGE into our hearts as we face the elaborate and intricate systems who have been designed which 'Do Not Have Our Best Interests At Heart'. From those who create the nightmares such as EBOLA, fraud with the checking and credit card accounts, political conflict, famine, 'geoengineering', GMO, and other 'creative endeavors' to reduce the population...we face them squarely with shoulders back and chin UP.

For we KNOW Creator is on our side. And if Creator is with us, who can be against us? The Light has better monitoring capability, more advanced technology, a highly-recruited Ground Crew (that means YOU  ), and all resources of The Divine to set things right.

Remember, the higher your vibration, the more resistant your aura is to disease and attachments. Avoid fear. Seek to raise your energy. Shine your Light with all of your COURAGE and know you are in the right place,at the right time, doing the right thing, and we are united in our efforts to make Gaia peaceful and welcoming to all who live here, not just the chosen few.



Day Seven of Our Journey Together: KNOWLEDGE and DIVINE KNOWLEDGE

As Energy Healers, we tap in to Source, and through our training we have KNOWLEDGE and DIVINE KNOWLEDGE. Even more, we practice it every day, in our self-healing and healing work, so we have experience how to trust and work with that which is not able to be visualized but is able to be felt, both with the hands and with the heart...

So when I share that seventy years ago, Gaia sent out an S.O.S. to Creator, for She was dying, you will know on a deep emotional resonance that this is a truth.

And when I share that Creator, in all Divine Wisdom, saw what was going on with Her surface in the third dimension, and said for everyone to listen, 'NO BUENO!!!' (its not good )--massive forces mobilized at once and came to Her assistance.

As we take our hearts with Love for our Home, our Earth, our Gaia...through our KNOWLEDGE and DIVINE KNOWLEDGE we understand that No Matter What those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart throw at us, at Creator, and at Gaia herself--the cavalry is coming, and Gaia is loaded with star seeds and ground crew who only have to awaken to their missions and complete the work our Creator sent us to do.

Then we will have nurturing, warmth, love and compassion for everyone 24/7, on every inch of the globe. 




Day Eight:  CYCLES

As we stand tall in our facing our power structures on surface Gaia, the ones who are built and empowered by Those-Who-Do-Not-Have-Our-Best-Interest-At-Heart, the ones who worship power and money and all that goes with it, we step back and notice that everything there is exists in cycles:
  • our heartbeat
  • waves of light
  • earth's rotation to make day and night
  • the motion of the moon and other heavenly bodies
  • sound
  • electromagnetic energy
  • fashion trends
  • business cycles
  • the gift of the perception of aging our bodies give us
  • growing seasons and harvest
  • our meals and our digestion
  • fertility and childbirth
  • creation and renewal
  • the pendulum of consciousness
Due to the mystery schools tracing back eight thousand years ago, Those-Who-Do-Not-Have-Our-Best-Interest-At-Heart used their knowledge of these celestial cycles to their own benefit. That's how they kept us under their control without out knowledge.

They are not the only ones to know these mysteries.

The good guys have it too. And it is time for karma to run out with the Dark Hats, and for everyone to have their time in the warmth, nurturing, love and compassion as Creator intended on Gaia. 



Day Nine of our Healing Journey Together:  CREATOR--THE DIVINE

What is God? What is Creator? What is The Divine?

We ponder this today. Not because it is Sunday. Today we ponder this subject because it is time.

Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart have taught us, through our parent's beliefs being transferred to us at a very early age when we are completely defenseless as Sovereign Beings--through the socialization we learn that:

  • God is an angry God who judges
  • 'Their' God isn't true but 'OUR' God is
  • You have to 'choose' the 'Right God' for you
  • Even though everyone acts like it, we are not allowed to ADMIT that for many people money is a God to them
  • If you don't give your MONEY to 'God' at your institution you attend, that means you don't REALLY love Him
  • God 'keeps score'
  • The people who TAKE that money often live a life of extravagance at the expense of the good intentions of the very poor and those on fixed incomes who are very vulnerable
  • If you spend a lot of money on donations you can 'buy indulgences'
  • God is external to us, we must invite Him one way or another into our hearts
  • God is Masculine, and the Divine Feminine has NO PLACE in 'organized religion'--people who worship other things, especially the earth and ancient religions, are to be shunned
  • Heaven must be EARNED
  • Killing in the name of God is JUSTIFIED...and for war, 'God is on your side'
How can this be true? Who does it serve for us to believe like that? It serves those who do not have our best interest at heart.  It makes it easy for them to make us do the things they want us to do. And it fills their pockets with our hard-earned income.

Does this make any sense to you?

I hope it doesn't.

Reach deep within, and re-connect, re-discover, and re-acquaint yourself with The Divine. It feels wonderful! Look for unlimited nurturing, warmth, love and compassion.

As our Loving Brother Jesus once said, 'Whenever two or more are gathered, God is present'.

Shhhh! What JC forgot to mention is whenever two or more are gathered, the Divine Feminine is present too.

Aloha and mahalos, Namaste, Peace


Day Ten of our Healing Journey Together:  PEACE

Peace.  This is something we mention often. For a while it was socially popular to wear and make the sign for it.

Peace is so much more than the absence of conflict. It is more than an end to lack, and hunger.

Peace is the most powerful energy there is in Healing.

We live in an ocean of Love, the energy that supports and maintains the universe and the cosmos.

But Peace? Peace is a laser-like FOCUS of the energy of Love, and it has the ability to restore that which is imbalanced and make it whole.

In Divine Peace Healing, there is a symbol for Peace, It is so powerful that we are not allowed to give it in the healing of only one person. Its energy can only be given to groups, and locations. It is too powerful for the energy of one to handle it.

The picture has been chosen to help you be able to see Divine Peace in action.  Look for the perfect balance between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. See the father care for his child without hesitation. Everything is in perfect balance and harmony, in the heart and in the hands. For the Highest Good of All.

Peace, true Peace, begins in our hearts. When this is active, nothing can shake it.

Not EBOLA, not hunger, not war, not bills we can't pay, not health woes, not the death of someone we love, not bad memories from this or any other life, not by being teased or provoked.

Nothing can shake it, this connection to Source and All That IS. WE may not LIKE what is happening, and we may take steps to change and make it improve both for ourselves and others. For many this motivates us and empowers us in our Purpose, our Life Mission, just as myself with medicine, my life's career...and helping others.

Peace is the antidote to all that has been designed in our society to keep us doing the bidding of those who control it.

Peace is Love on Steroids.

Open your hearts to Peace in your meditations, in your actions, and your perceptions of the world...Just for Today.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

The Archangel Ariel Attunement Key

Archangel Ariel is one of the first Archangels. She is like an older sister, and today she invites you to work more closely in partnership with her, on bringing light, 'upbeat' energy to surface Gaia as we know it today.

Ariel is helping us to bring forth the energies of the future, together, hand in hand, with our own work on our personal growth.

As we heal, Gaia heals. And Ariel is assisting with this.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Gaia News Brief 28.9.2014


Today I conserved energy. I slept. Pretty much off and on all day. This is what happens when I work in the night, on a long shift, and I get woken up and stay up from two to six a.m.

First things are exactly that--your first priority. So even though it was a gorgeous day, and the weather perfect, I took a bath, put on my pajamas, and stayed in them all day.

What is the importance of rest?

I can tell you is it WAY more important than meets the eye.  Not only is it important for the physical, so it is for the spiritual in our life. Many times in the Ascension process, I have been hit with the need to sleep, and to take a lot of sleep! The best thing you can do when this hits is to take a nap. Typically, this sleepiness is accompanied by a tingling or buzzing sensation in my body, I lie half-awake, and in about twenty minutes, it's done and I feel rested.

Last night as I was putting in an epidural--in just seconds--I mentioned to my patient that when I have a good target, and my patient works with me as a team, it's really fast to get the epidural in.

But when it's a patient who is like they are riding the bucking bronco with each contraction? Well, it's a challenge for us both!

In a way, with you and your absorbing and assimilating the energies of Ascension--into all of your bodies--your emotional, your astral, your etheric, your physical, and your mental bodies--you have a similar choice as the mother who is asking for an epidural...

You can hold still, and allow your body to absorb the energies the best it can by meditating or doing something quiet that you enjoy (being a good 'target' for any 'upgrades' to your system for the day)--OR--you can keep doing whatever you want and need to do without paying any attention to the whole process (and be a 'moving target').

Which one is going to have a smoother 'ride' up in the Higher Realms with their vibration?

; )

Why Are We Incarnate?

This was one Ross really wanted me to write after he answered the question I asked him, point blank, 'Ross, WHY are we incarnate in the first place?' as in 'How did we end up here like this?!'

He said it was a good question.

Here is his answer:

  • back Home--in Heaven or whatever you wish to call it--all our needs are met
  • everyone loves Creator
  • everyone loves and respects each other
  • the question came up--if beings were 'blinded' to Creator, and given the most beautiful and amazing experiences possible, would they choose to Love Creator still?
  • this was initially a short-term study
  • it got out of hand
  • people were taking serious advantage of others in the system
  • Ross and I incarnated to help 'patch things up' with the system, to get it back on track
  • Others have joined and incarnated through the ages, all with the same plan
  • many, many of you are here right now on this 'rescue mission' too
  • there are those incarnate who came here and got stuck, and there are those who are asleep but here as rescue workers, and there are those who are awake
Long story short, Ross says, 'everybody thought it would be fun. It's long past that now. It's overdue.'

How Ross Helped Me Today

When I am post call, I am pretty much depleted physically and emotionally. Today I spent the day with him--just enjoying his presence and his guidance. We talk. He told me tonight I should have a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. (my boy went on his 'every other weekend')  So I did, and I enjoyed the soup I never get to eat because I am the only one who likes it. 

Comfort food is important in the Ascension and Awakening process. It helps one to ground.

Ross said not to eat salad or lots of vegetables all day. It is too much work to prepare and to clean up after. So I ate lightly, cheese and crackers, a little fruit.  LOL I also ate ice cream from the carton, a whole pint, of this fake stuff called 'Arctic Freeze' that only has one hundred fifty calories in the whole pint! It tasted terrible, I bought it for my kid, and he won't touch it because it's not 'right'.

Sometimes when your body is going through a LOT, and believe me, with all these energies opening up on the planet, we are each at our limit to absorb these wonderful blessings--it helps to work with it.

If you crave a comfort food, do it. Not every day, all the time, but when you really sense you need it.

Root vegetables, things that grow in the ground, help to ground your energies.

Drinking lots of water is helpful.

bare feet on the earth and sunshine exposure help too


(smiles) I want to talk to you about my Carla. She is doing beautifully. She is responding to my energy in a wonderful way. Her trust, and her patience with the Ascension process, warm my heart. She knows as a spirit-aware physician, that a lot is going on and that she can't understand it. Not all of it. She knows she is monitored for her energy and her adjustment through the process. I monitor her very closely. 

I also want you to know your energy is being monitored by your teams, your medical ones. Each of you has a host of people who are with you on your mission, much like the coaches and trainers and psychologists surround an Olympic Athlete.

You might not sound like much to you, but to US, each of you is a master at your skill, your mission, why you were sent here and agreed to incarnate in the first place.

We communicate with you with hints and 'nudges', and also in your sleep we work with you Big Time. That's why Carla gets so 'suddenly sleepy'--it is not narcolepsy! LOL It is 'Lots Of Big Things Going On Upstairs Where Carla Must Be Present!' in her spirit form.

You go all kinds of places at night. Only most of you can't remember it. 

You will.

Give it time.

Everyone will.


Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and his little sleepyhead, Carla, the Reiki Doc who writes to you with her heart and a passion for your well-being that cannot be matched.