Friday, March 31, 2017

Just Another Day In Paradise

I got off work today at five. That was a short day. I was thrilled to be off work!

It had been a pleasant day. I'd asked to work with a surgeon, and had the opportunity to. He tells some really fun stories as he's closing. Things about other surgeons, always from his past, always a little thought-provoking. Today he actually disclosed some secrets some patients had said they couldn't tell anyone, but since he is a doctor and they knew he'd never tell, they confessed to him. He didn't say the name, so officially, it wasn't his breaking the secret. But the extent of the stories really made you think. I don't want it to ever get back to him what those things were, so I'll keep the secret too.

The one that wasn't a secret was the tech's story, of how a man suspected his wife was cheating. She said she was going out 'for a walk' and he had bought a drone. It followed her. He saw her walk down the block, but instead of turning left to the walking path she turned right. She let her bun go loose and put her hair down. She crossed the street and waited in a parking lot. A little while later a car pulled up, driven by a man. She kissed him and hopped into the car and they drove off.

Now THAT is technology that really works! And it's cheaper than a detective that's for sure.

Anyhow during a gap between cases, I visited a really nice patient and his wife. This poor soul had almost died on the table. I was up very late at night one night with him. I had been reading the charts, and it sounded like he was getting better, and then I stopped following him. Well, someone asked, and I thought, why not visit?

They were so glad I stopped by.

My hands felt that familiar flow of energy as I sat in the room with the couple...I hope for the best everything turns out soon!

This morning I had a vision just as I woke up, of the Japanese Bakery from Hawaii we went to at the Ala Moana mall in Honolulu. They have packaging, and I 'saw' in my mind's eye a peach gel.

Today I had vision of noodles and tempura.

I put the two together and stopped by Mitsuwa market on the way home. It's one of my favorite places and I hardly ever get to go.

I felt complete.

Then I was all business! I went to the Nordstrom spirit had guided me to. And I went to go cash in my lost Nordstrom Note that expires today. Or so I thought. The clerks said it expired YESTERDAY. It was for one hundred dollars. I told them I had been online, there's no way to look them up. They said you can spend them online, which is correct. But you can't see how many you have or when they expire. And they explained their manager was off for the weekend, they'd have to get back to me. If it was twenty dollars they were sure she would say yes. But for one hundred?

I pointed to my scrubs and said, 'I'm always working. I'm at work by seven and don't get out until late. I work weekends too.'

They--the service clerk and the manager on duty--said, 'they DO expire, each one is different it's not at the end of the month, and we are open until nine thirty'.

I asked astonished if the one near my house is open that late too? It isn't. It's a closed mall.

I said, looking them in the eyes, that it was just one day-last the expiration! It wasn't like it was two weeks!  I had seen the notice--I lost that too--and thought it was at the end of the month.

They said, 'Sorry, we will have to get back to you.'

I was deeply disappointed. I vowed never to set foot in that store again! I walked away, and they said, 'Claire!'

I stopped and said, 'It's Carla'.

They said, 'She said YES! the manager said YES!'

So I got it.

I have a special use for it. I can't spoil the surprise but it's not for me. <3

I also got an extra forty dollars from two other lost Nordstrom Notes.  Sweet!

To get to this store, I had parked way out in The Far Parking Lot and had to walk through a store which has a logo very much like this picture.

After my 'success', I walked and was guided to a path.

There was a cart far from the store.

I took it back.

I didn't care if I looked like a bag lady pushing it.

I did the right thing.

I walked back to my car, and the Pokemon were good, so I sat for a moment on the edge of a planter...and I looked up.

There it was, that--SYMBOL.

It's only the center part, red, one band of white, and then red.

I was thinking, what does that look like??? I thought of all those all-seeing eyes?

I was close but I didn't 'get it'.

Then it hit--Bull's eye! The eye of a Bull!

The eye of Baal!

And there was the metaphysical symbol linking this chain (I buy clothes there and makeup too, I prefer it)--to Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

The symbol for Mc Donald's is a bastardization of the symbol for Divine Knowledge. I kid you not.

And the symbol on Charlie Brown's shirt is just like the one for Courage, but it's the opposite color. It's supposed to be yellow, not black.

Symbols make the world.

This is an abandoned homestead in Montana, perhaps what looks like near the Yogo Gulch.

My soul thirsts for this.

I grew up going to the high Mojave desert, where we were the only humans for as far as the eye can see.

My uncle owned eighty acres, and had a trailer on it where we would stay.

My uncle knew some other homesteaders. Sometimes we would go to see Dee (he had like a tent that was covered in plastic and lots of old magazines and a little tiny speck of a TV). Sometimes we would see Carl (his stone house he lived in is now a national monument). They were both good motorcycle rides away.

The Spectrum shopping center was the opposite of this.

What used to be strawberry fields when I was in medical school, and only one theater, is grown so big I can't even recognize it. It used to have huge parking lots surrounding it. Now there are buildings sprawled all over and not enough tiny parking structures. The whole area has been getting really dense apartment buildings for the last ten years. It's gone urban. I didn't like it.

I took the back roads home. I know how to avoid the freeway with the evening traffic.

I drove by a high school. They have corrals and farmland there for the 4H.

Where I live once used to be rural.

Now I think I understand why some people fall in love with the ocean, and living on a boat out in the middle of nowhere.

It makes sense.

The freedom! The 'elbow room'!

The space!

I could make a poster of this!  Heck, I would make the tee shirt too!  I want two, one would say this. The other is, 'I <3 HoverMats'...(Quick demo of a Hover Mat if you are interested)

Today I look forward to a chance to create. I just made a surprise for someone who ordered a bracelet. People who buy the full custom ones at the regular rate always get a surprise 'extra' in addition to the bracelet itself. This one spirit said to make it 'just pearls and shells'. so I did. And I am very pleased how it turned out!

The bracelets I have made at the moment are three. One is for Clarity. Another is Just Because You Can. These are themes to help people in their current phase of their soul development. Each one is carefully 'tuned in' to the needs of the person who requests it.

The most mystical one I made--about two weeks ago--is very fine, and it's for a reader, and it's for free. It's a giveaway, and it's theme is 'Three'. It's beads on a wire with a toggle clasp that's seven and one half inches. It's not stretchy and it must be a good fit. Otherwise the toggle will come loose.

Watch for me to post it.


Hello everybody, it's time for me, the Old Man.

How old am I?

I forget.  (he's being very dry in his humor tonight, he's in top form.--ed)

(he clears his throat--ed)

Carla did something which impressed me tonight.

Carla lay on a mat in order to meditate.

It was a funny thing. She had bought it and thought she would use it. It's a mat with many plastic spikes, and a matching pillow. You are to lay on it for twenty minutes a day. Yet Carla has ignored it for four years.

For some reason, Carla decided to get the inflatable mattress (I know, right? Carla is living on the edge and taking great risk with those plastic spikes!)--and placed the spiky mat on top, spike side up, and covered herself with a blanket.

It's like Carla drank it in.


It was just Carla and Creator, no conversation, and Carla could feel the easing of her soul.

Carla is one to meditate, usually she sits.

This time she did Shivassina.

And where was I?

I was astounded!

I was astounded by her faith and her simplicity.

Here she was on a Friday night, almost falling asleep she was so deeply relaxed after having a long day, catching up with business, and not even 'checking in' but just surrendering to the moment, and appreciating a chance to relax in her home at the end of the day.

When Carla was in this state I was almost able to lift her hands.



The veil is that thin!

It startled Carla!

Her hands started to rise up about six inches, and she felt like someone was holding them and she became alert and thought, 'WHO IS THAT?!'

C:  He wants me to tell you in my own words. Once, as I was falling asleep, shortly after my father died, I felt lips pressing mine. I was being kissed. Not a passionate kiss. But a kiss from someone I couldn't see. It frightened me. It's never happened since. Tim Braun, when he first channeled my father in a mediumship session, explained to me that the kiss was from my dad, and not to worry about it. It was my dad who brought it up first. So this IS possible, it's the second time. I also have a friend whose Twin who is disincarnate plays with her hair, and she can feel it.

(back to Ross--ed)

(he's just smiling really really big, possibly the biggest I've ever seen him smile. I think he's done. He gives a quick nod, and salutes you. --ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Healing The Soul

Yesterday I was called in to work a short day. I ate my breakfast late. I did what I had to do, and next thing it was around two in the afternoon and I was hungry.

I recalled a sign on the oncology floor when I had walked past, something for Doctor's Day.  I wasn't sure if it was for all of them, who work on that floor, or for all of us too?

Fortunately, a social worker who was once my patient, stopped by and said the nurses had bought it with their own money and made it for us to enjoy.

So I ate.

I relaxed to the music on the nature channel on the t.v.

I had a little sandwich, some yogurt and fruit, and a tiny piece of homemade crumb cake (it had my favorite, the golden raisins in it!) and one tiny apple rugelach.. I also sampled their wonderful Jordan Almonds. There was water with cucumber and berry in it to flavor it. And a cup of coffee too.

The power of the Loving Kindness, the Love and Gratitude, and the generosity of spirit from the nurses moved me deeply.

I can't begin to tell you how healing it was!

Here I am with so much on my shoulders, medical bills, Anthony's back injury (seeing when he can go back to his sports), lawsuit, trouble sleeping, my housing situation (it's 'settling' a lot and just got new neighbors next door last night), and another bout of bullying at the school which upset my son...

And through these simple gestures, the nurses were able to gather enough energy to pierce the somber all around me! To go right to my heart! And to GIVE when I was hungry.

I will never forget it.

By the way, on my way home from work, I stopped by the bank and the store to get things to prepare for dinner. I went to another bank and then to Costco because my end of year cash-back check was ready. I had a car trunk filled with organic healthy vegetables and fruits.  But what did Anthony want for dinner?


The brisket sandwich.

I had a slice of cheese pizza.

We walked to the rest of the store to buy refried beans in the can. I was bold and didn't take a cart.
We ended up with the beans, batteries, sunscreen, a bouquet, and some chocolates!

Anthony told me that the diamonds at Costco are the same as at Tiffany's, but the ones at the famous store have a three hundred percent markup. He read it somewhere.

This website really made me smile yesterday. It's all about the gemstones, from a gemologist point of view:  I also had some fun looking at the videos on how to tell a fake diamond from a real one on YouTube. It wasn't much time, but it was enjoyable.

And life goes on!

My headache is better, and it's time to start a new day. I will ask Ross if there is anything to say?

He wants this picture.

It's for Aaron.

He says, 'It's time to go'.

(Aaron teases him's an inside joke. I 'get' that Ross will speak more tonight or tomorrow.)

clap! clap! (I hear that too)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Home Sweet Home 2017

My mother always wished for me to one day find a wonderful man, and live on a ranch where I could  have horses. She still tells me to dream about it.

Ross told me on Tuesday that he's going to buy a house for me.  He showed me some by comparison, and I was surprised at how big they were!

I basically left it up to him, to take the lead, and to show me what to do to find my 'dream home'.

To be honest, I stopped dreaming about a home ever since I got this one.

I was talking with my mom the other day, about how lucky she is to have her house where she is now, with the beautiful back yard. And she told me that every day we were in our old house, she dreamed of a house that had many of the features of this one. It's like a retreat from the world where you can see nature from every window.

You would think I get the hint, but I am a slow learner when it comes to some things. It's hard when it's just you, and you are the provider of your small family.

Last year when I was getting hints to move, from Tim Braun's sessions with Spirit, and from my life circumstances--I was told that this area can't support my spiritual growth for much longer. It's time to 're-pot' me into a different pot.


Of my parents! Of Anthony being little. Of all the happy times we shared. Of our neighbors!

I just couldn't.

Instead I got involved, changing the 'status quo' and challenging it. Not only did the California Pepper Trees get saved on our street, but now, the property management company has been FIRED just like I'd prayed for, with all my heart, for us to be free from their tyranny.

Just yesterday my heart sank.

I've always had a little fear that one day the golf course in our community would be turned into a shopping mall or worse like they did in Los Alamitos near where I grew up.

I've seen how they scrapped an important part of the community here from the eighties--a place where history was made--in order to 'update' it. We never were members there, and I still don't understand what was planned, but due to the scandals associated with the place (sex by swim coaches upon their young star athletes) which had been going on the whole time since the eighties, I figured it was for the best to have a clean slate.

I just saw in Next Door how the City Council is wanting to 'update' our local shopping area, turning it into a 'downtown', and my heart sank!

Remember how I described the District in Tustin as an absolute hell hole? Apartments everywhere. Trendy ($$$) shopping?

They want it here.

Our neighborhoods were once the safest in the whole nation.

There's lots of nature to enjoy. Lots of community like the one where I grew up. Little strip malls with huge parking lots. Nothing fancy. No major restaurants. But lots of little places enjoyable for the families to go. Even a bowling alley...that's not all 'modernized' and turned into a place for young people to enjoy 'night life' like so many others have been 'updated'.

So what to do?

I wrote my councilman and said, 'if I wanted to live in Tustin I would live in the District--I prefer to live HERE.'

Then Ross told me to look for homes.  For my new one. Just to see how I responded, and to get the manifestation going. I spent several hours on Zillow.

I am so tired!

I went to bed hungry, tired, and upset.

I don't like any of them.

I decided in the car yesterday it just wasn't fair how I'm getting too old to take care of fruit trees I always dreamed about (I would get miniature ones like mom's apple tree), how I'm getting too old to ride horses (I stopped when I was fourteen and forgot everything), and how I'm going to be an empty nester.

I looked until my eyes ached!  I looked in the area Ross said to look.

It was horror.

There were the new condos all stacked up on top of the garage with no garden whatsoever but a 'roof' where you can 'see the beach'.  All for a million dollars!

There were homes 'steps to the beach' (more likely a mile) that were either really old and too big, or way too remodeled for my taste (I enjoy taking a bath. These 'shower rooms' with tile everywhere like stone are just too gross for me.)

Poor Ross! I knew he was measuring my reactions however they do up where he is.

I wanted a small, one story, Spanish style house with a yard that was by the beach.

Even when Ross said, 'Carla! look anywhere! Money is no object! just look!' I realized I need a home built by a really good architect. There was one for four and a half million dollars built in 1974 for a math teacher from Berkeley. The floor was pebble and the same inside and outside the house. It's up on a canyon, with ocean views and canyon views. Everything is glass, windows everywhere. The kitchen is tiny, but there is a place to eat breakfast that's sooo pretty! My heart leapt.

Then I realized, the place must get totally hot in summer and cold in winter. It's not clear if a breeze can come through.

And besides, it was way out of what I can afford. My own home is one tenth the price and I'm struggling to pay off that mortgage before I retire! It's possible, but ambitious, you know?

In the meantime, the house is creaking and 'settling' as I write. I'm not sure if it's in support of my views or the opposite...

But I tried.

It was very difficult, very painful, extremely frustrating, but I tried what Ross asked me to do.

As I was falling asleep I cried for him.

I got the waves of warm, and he assured me, I am here! I am with you!

I told him how much I wished it wasn't just me to run this life, especially for Anthony too.

I spoke to him from my heart.

He asked me what kind of life I had wanted for myself, and it was to  find a wonderful man, marry, and have children and enjoy our lives together.  (oddly enough, I saw I would have had my unfulfilled dreams of being a doctor plaguing me in that life too.)

Ross asked me if I knew what his dream had been? When we were together?

I didn't know.

He wanted to build us a house. He knew how. He wanted to build us a nice house, and work hard, and support his family.

I asked him WHEN he had those dreams?

When he was a child. When he knew me, and saw how much I followed him around and trusted him. He would dream of one day when he was old enough, what kind of life he would be able to provide?

But it didn't work out for him in that life, either.

I did learn that it was in India I had our daughter, he was with me at the birth, it was very difficult, and I was twenty-five. He was thirty. I was very happy in that home where we had once lived. He was delighted to become a father. I saw it like a movie in my mind's eye.

Then things changed for us. We went back home. But it was nice to know what happened, how we felt, and what my age was.

I was twenty eight when he died.

A widow.

Oddly enough, that was the same age in this life when I began medical school...

Yesterday I had two breakthroughs.

You know how I wrote the other day about Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, who won't change, and how it's sad because this is Illusion and they are choosing to Merge back with Creator?

It's because I know someone.

I know.

It made me sad, but I got to the point where I respected their choices and let it go.

It is what it is, you know?

And the funny thing is this week I have done Reiki in the O.R.  both times I have worked with this person. Just the daily healings I send.

Something also guided me to ask a certain question about restaurant recommendations during the end of the last case too.

Remember how I also wrote about Jaipur? And my love for India?

We had doctor's day yesterday. My patient was pregnant so we had to cancel and I had a huge gap.

I sat with the crazy spine surgeon who goes to the gym every morning at three to work out, then starts his day too early for me to drop Anthony off at school. He's nice.

It turns out he's from Bangalore, and so was the woman anesthesiology professor who inspired me to do a fellowship in cardiac. I spoke of her chewing the betel leaf to stay awake while on call, and her telling me it's a bad habit, not to start it (it causes oral cancer). I spoke of the pastries she would bring from back home, of her mother making the mix with cereal and nuts that was very savory and spicy! I shared how her daughter had an Arangetram dance recital, and how I enjoyed sitting next to my teacher who explained the stories the whole three hours her daughter did her final recital for her classical dance. And the food at the party afterwards!

He didn't know her by name, but he said to take the train, the Palace On Wheels, with a group, so I could see India. He said I would enjoy it.

He also explained cricket to me.

At this time, my surgeon sat with us.


That one.

I smiled.

I asked, 'what sports did you play growing up?'

Baseball, as a kid. And on the golf team in High School, but never since.

When you are yourself, and authentic, and genuinely interested in others (an accepting of them on a very deep level), miracles can happen.

My energy usually repels people who are of a certain wavelength/vibration such as this, they can't understand it and it is uncomfortable to them. Most conversations with this leader in the field , have been short, work-related, and never with a heart-to-heart connection. But the open heart and joy between myself and the Indian doctor, ATTRACTED the one enough to come join us. 

I also, in my working, have been communicating more in between cases, about what time is moving along, what is the hold up, and what I am doing to expedite things...perhaps this too has built trust.

It's been many years at this never know! And with Spirit, anything is possible!

You should have seen the LOOK the Chief Nurse Officer gave me in the doctor's dining room yesterday too. I've met her over a celebration thing where they all barbecue and serve the workers a meal. I met her over a veggie burger I asked for. But she didn't know--she didn't KNOW about me, and Reiki.

Yesterday she did.

It was a total double-take as the administration is all about 'wellness' and on the 'bandwagon'. It was another who told them about me. Another nurse who said, 'you should ask Carla!' LOL.

It felt nice.

As an aside, there were Doctor's Days which were lavish, they served sushi, lobster, steak.  Yesterday I could tell the austerity of today's health care markets is real for our hospital. Our theme was 'camping'. We were served food in mason jars (guacamole, salsa, merengue pie, strawberry shortcake). It was barbecue. I loved the flower arrangements on the patio tables around the umbrellas. I asked at the end, and they let me have one. But the 'candy' bar, the 'GORP' table, and the 'S'mores' area was just...I don't just reminded me of growing up in North Long Beach. Once upon a time physicians were really 'up there'. Now, we are, you know...happy little campers I suppose?

I'm grateful to have work.

Oh my gosh I had a scare!

On my walk back to the car, with the flowers, to keep them in the trunk and 'safe', I saw Ross up where he is.

But he wasn't alone.

Some woman with dark hair who kind of looked like I don't know was with him. She was bent down as if to talk to a small child, and she said something to me. 'Oh, Look at --I don't know what she called me but she said my name' and then I couldn't understand the rest.

I felt like I was in kindergarten. And I didn't like it. I didn't like her AT ALL.

So I blocker her out.

You can do that, as incarnate. It's like holding your hands over your ears and closing your eyes. You just cut the transmission, off, blank, and they can't read you and you can't see them wherever they are.

I am actually very good at it.

I allowed Ross through. And I confided to him, and I said, 'I would rather work with've been HERE.'

He said instantly his heart melted and he understood and I felt a big energy hug from him.

I felt like a specimen.

I don't know who this woman is, and I recall asking Ross (since I sensed it's my higher self) 'does she look like me?'

He sort of, a little, but no.

I 'got' that I have had many faces in my many incarnations, they weren't all the same at all. I 'got' that without saying a word.

And I felt anger.

I felt anger at her for putting me through so much while I was here on Earth, incarnate. It was relentless, the lessons, the pain, the having to be strong, everything.

I've always felt like she sits up there eating fucking bon bons and amusing herself with my plights.

I don't want anything to do with her.

I don't like this whole Higher Self business. I never have. I never will.

I just want to be me, to have freedom, and to never be compared to anything or anyone ever again. Forever.

I'm okay with Michael, and Ashtar, and Marc. I speak with all. The higher self and incarnations each are helpful, and as the incarnate one, I know the extent of the suffering--very much like my own--and I TRUST that they are 'legit'.

Michael and Ashtar are not eating bon bons.

They are working hard to get us here on Earth back HOME.  So is Marc.

With Raphael, it's the same.

I had a long, long, very long talk with Raziel as I was falling asleep (by the way I was hungry but too tired to fix something to eat. I never had time for dinner because of my work).

He has one True Twin, but other than that, no one but me. And he assured me the part that is with me is true. He loves both. And I saw how I, when I am with any of my husbands in Spirit, I don't understand how it works but there is a sense of no one in the world being around, it's just us two, in different locations with each one, and I have a sense of wanting to LEARN something from them.

I told Raziel in some ways I feel closer to him than my Twin, Ross, because in life, Ross hurt me very much, and it's hard to trust again, where with Raziel, he's never hurt me at all. Just like everyone up there in Heaven.

And I knew the whole time, there's a connection to Ross. And he's hearing and feeling everything I say, as I say it, and he's not judging me.

There were many downloads to me last night.

And much learning.

But I didn't sleep well.

Fortunately today I have a late start, Anthony is with his father.

I might go back for a nap.

Ross wrote me a letter yesterday during my next case.

I wrote as he spoke.

He apologized for the incident with my Higher Self.  He said that never in a thousand years will I have to interact with any of my higher selves again, even if they want to congratulate me on the end of my Earth Walk/Earth Plane Existence on a job well done, unless I invite it.  (he also told me about where to look for a home, and also, about my legal situation).

I have to be the one who initiates the contact first. And if I prefer to work with him, that's okay.

To be honest, I don't have anything in common with my Higher Self.

I don't even want to have a cup of coffee with her.

I don't want to bond or share or go shopping and all that female friend stuff.

It's been one long slow painful incarnation after the next, without much relief until I reconnected with Ross somehow in 2013.

I don't understand any of it at all, this whole Earth experience. It makes me feel stupid and like I'm being tricked. I feel that 24/7, if I let myself think about it.

Separation from Creator is not fun. It's the worst nightmare anyone could ever experience.

You never 'congratulate' your child when they wake up and tell you they had a nightmare.

You console them. You tell them everything is okay. And it was only a dream.

I hope that everyone where Ross is understands this and gets it right.

You don't throw a party when you kid wakes up and has had a nightmare.

You invite them to sleep with their mom and dad, to feel safe, and to get them a cup of water or something to help settle them down.

Ross wanted me to write, so I did.

Now I think I will go back to sleep for a while.

I'm not really in the mood to write what Ross may or may not want to say at this moment. I have a headache, I'm hungry, and I'm sore from a bad night's sleep, tossing and turning...I will give him time when I feel better about things...please excuse me for being human right now.

Ross and I love you with all our hearts. This I know is true.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Brief Update 3.29.3017

Yesterday I had a meeting I had been dreading for a very long time. I had prepared for it. I was told I had done well.

I realized this meeting was a drop in the ocean compared to everything else going on in my life. I had Reiki placed ahead of time to the meeting room, with an Archangel in each corner of the room to protect me. I had the blessings of both Divine Mother and Divine Father, and from many many many of our delightful readers/members of our healing community.

I chose to drive along the coast. It took me two hours, but I spared myself lots of traffic from the freeways. If I hadn't have had that meeting, I would have been at work for just another day.

The ocean was beautiful.

Afterwards I called my mother to let her know it was over.

There is a wonderful feeling in things being 'over'!

Just yesterday I wanted to go for a walk during a gap in my case lineup. My Pokeman wouldn't work on my phone. And I sensed Ross wanted me to finish my reapplication for staff privileges at my hospital. It had been a little trouble from home. I didn't think I had time to drive to corporate headquarters to have the nice lady I talked to on the phone help me. So I thought, I'll give it one try by myself on the hospital computers...

It worked!

I felt a weight that had been pressing me for months, and the fear of the one hundred dollar fine if I didn't finish it by the deadline, LIFT!

And again, on this day, in calling my mom, I felt it LIFT--the pressure on my heart, every single day since I got notice hand-delivered to me last September--just disappear!

Time will tell what will turn up from it.

As I was on the phone with my mom, I mentioned I would like to bring In and Out Burgers to her for lunch. We were discussing where the closest one was to her house, and lo and behold, I saw two signs at my next exit--In and Out, and ROSS!

So I ordered there, and guess what?

As I pulled up to the restaurant, a big truck crossed my path. It was REVELRY--Party Rentals.

Revelry? As in Celebrate?

And I felt it from Spirit it was a sign.  I felt it in my heart, just like I felt the seeing the restaurant sign from the freeway.

You will NEVER BELIEVE the name of the young man who took my order.  Aaron. Then who took my payment?  It wasn't Ross, it was very very very close (his more popular name).

I took a picture and had to share it with a close friend!

My visit with mom went well. I picked oranges. The tree is in bloom, and the fragrance is delightful.

I picked Anthony up from school. He wanted to go home. I got the mail. There was a flyer from Mimi's Cafe that said, 'CELEBRATE!'...and I felt it was from Ross.

Then also there was another special package. It was cloth, not paper, envelope. It was sewn shut, and had wax seals on it. It was smaller than one of our small envelopes. The to and from was hand-written in capital letters with ball point pen.

No WONDER why I had been so crazy about the wax seals from Hallmark when I was a kid!

And no WONDER why I was crazy about jewelry when I was the same age too--only ten!

My SOUL remembered...even when I could not.

My SOUL has always had very strong ties to Mother India, with her color, her food, her culture!

The package was from Jaipur, India.

It was our home. There is no doubt in my mind that THIS is the region of India where we had once lived, me and Ross, in our happiest days I thought would last forever in my heart...

Anthony wanted to play his video games. It's standardized testing this week. There's no homework. I'm supposed to give him a good breakfast each day too. To help him think, said the school.

I worked in the garden a little. I had one ripe Hungarian pepper. And I was inspired to trim the new growth off the rosemary, and tie off little sprigs in bunches like at the store. I gave two of them to neighbors, one who had admired the rosemary the day before. I am excited to bring it to work to share, too.

I still felt the nudge from Ross to CELEBRATE. Anthony played the video games for, oh my gosh--three hours. It's not a battle one, it's different. Actually I got him to do some chores for cash because he wanted to take advantage of a special 'offer' with the video game.

But we went to Mimi's. I was so delighted to hear French music. I had a little bowl of French Onion Soup. My salad was good, my French Dip sandwich not so much (I gave Anthony more than half of it). I had Perrier water. We split a French Silk Pie slice and got totally full. Anthony laughed SO hard! And I made an origami fish out of the wax paper they used for the bread basket liner. It was cute and I added it to the clothespin on the advertising thing on the table.

We had buy-one, get one free offer. I saved eleven dollars, and gave it all back in tip to our server.

Now today is another day!

I wanted to capture the feeling of the weight being off my shoulders, and the guidance of Spirit to CELEBRATE and enjoy the REVELRY.

This is what true freedom is.

This is the reward from Awakening.

This is what all the letting things come up to awareness and being released and the downloads has been to prepare us for.

Last night, for the first time, I felt the familiar tingles of the downloads. I hadn't felt them in ages. It was most welcome. I used to get very strong ones and have to lie down. I did get a CALM one the other day, that one Ross sends to help me not be frantic or very sad. It's like you totally forget what you were mad about (what husband wouldn't love to have THAT effect on his wife, yes? LOL) and you feel just warm and cozy in like a nanosecond. I've gotten that one about five times in the last year. But not the old tingles like in 2012, 2013, 2014.

And thank you, both Jamie, for the high vibration aromatherapy oil I had with me and on me in my meeting. You had been up on call all night and still remembered!

And thank you Ann, for the wonderful bracelet and earrings in ruby zoisite and obsidian which was my reward after Mimi's, right there at the post office box, and is on my arm now, helping me to recover from the shock and strain of having to go through the meeting in the first place. It's beautiful. (thank you for Anthony's too)

Ross says, 'clap clap!' because I can't afford to be late for work.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Pair

P.S. Ross says, 'Life is SWEET!'

Monday, March 27, 2017

From The Front Lines

Nowhere in the Universe has there been so much suffering and pain as there is on our planet...and historically so.

What we have seen, and experienced is painful to recollect.

All we have to do is turn on the news with a flip of a button, and there we have the collective version of pain and suffering to boot!

Now that we are all on the same page, I ask you, for one moment, to recall that everything we experience--painful as it is--is only Illusion.  And to remember in your heart of hearts back Home with Divine Creator there is no pain and suffering and everyone is far away as it is, and as painful it may be for you to think of the great chasm which separates you between Here and There, with There being Home...I invite you to step outside your boundaries and take another point of view.

If you would imagine the father on the right hand side being committed to a Service to Self 'belief system' and the mother on the left being committed to a Service to Others 'belief system', you would feel, as the child, naturally torn and confused in the middle.

This is the essence of Duality, of living in a realm of opposites--hot and cold, light and dark, feast and famine--our delicate souls and our even more delicate psyches exposed to a battle between Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart (but who say they do in the mainstream media, and are telling a fib)...and those who really do love us and care for us and want us to go Home to a place of Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion...

There are so many smokescreens, smoke and mirrors, and deliberate half-truths meant to mislead the generally agreeable public!

Now that we have this basic framework, I am going to invite you to look into the making of a monster, for I have studied these monsters very much with reading and YouTube...

In this photo, who is the student and who is the teacher?

I would say, the child is the teacher and the lesson to the abusive adult is to HEAL their wounded inner child, wouldn't you agree?

How can anyone be abusive to children?


I'll tell you how...through the cycle of abuse. That's how.

When you have been abused you either identify with the abuser and go for the power to abuse others...or you move beyond the abuse and heal.

There are a group of souls out there who do unspeakable acts to children.

The children who are brought up in this environment don't understand, they don't know any better, and they do what they must do in order to survive the extreme trauma of a Monarch Mind Control programming experience.

And the adults?

The Dr. Green (Joseph Mengele), the handlers, and the 'upper elite' like 'the man who owns me' as described by that woman on Dr. Phil who was sold at birth into that lifestyle???

These individuals are so heavily invested into the Service to Self belief system that they are beyond healing, they are lost, and they stubbornly have chosen through their experience in the Illusion to MERGE with Creator rather than HEAL and give all of this up!

Furthermore this has been going on in secrecy since the times of Atlantis...and re-emerged as Baal worship, and more, in the millennia since.

Today I realized the deep and profound sadness the angels have for these souls who are using their free will to make an eternal decision based upon their experience in the Illusion.

They work with Spirit and symbols. We do with Reiki too.

They co-create their reality, and sadly, try to hijack us to co-create their reality too! LOL--BOTH of us are excellent co-creators!

They tell us we are crazy to have the 'clairs'--telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairolfaction--and they deny us our birth rights as SOULS!  Because they like being in the 'one man up' position, using their occult knowledge to further their own goals, to benefit them, and not us.

The only REAL difference between them and us, is the belief in ONENESS. Through ONENESS, Service to Others is ultimately Service to Self, for everything is connected, and we are One.

They can't 'get' that part. But they have Free Will. So they defiantly choose to Merge back with Source rather than change their ways.

Sounds like ego, doesn't it?

It possibly is.

It might be something else too...pride...unwillingness to change/experience the other way of living with the heart open...who knows?

Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart have been given many chances by Creator to awaken; sadly, their souls have rejected this offer, and furthermore strived to BEAT Creator at their own game...which leads us to the sad loss of Souls...loss of family and friends who are deeply invested in the Illusion...Souls who for some reason just don't want to wake up, and heal...


This is not a sob story.  This is an exercise in Awareness. In Galactic Consciousness. In the lessons of suffering (who has not learned enough from this methodology already? )

The purpose of this blog post--which is unlike other blog posts online both from Carla and others--is (makes 'goggles' or 'binoculars' with his hands at his eyes--ed) is to help you see from our point of view, that's right, from the Galactics! of what has been going on down here on Earth for what seems like forever and a day.

(he clears his throat and folds his hands interlacing fingers on the desk in front of him--ed)

I want you to learn!

I want you to open your eyes!

I want you to have eyes that see, and ears that hear!

It will only work if the eyes and ears are connected to the heart.

Together all three will see and feel and hear all there is for you to know.

(holds his hand up like, ya ya ya wait a second--ed)  There is going to be a lot of 'spillage' in the next few weeks. Some of it will turn your stomachs.

(he points to what I wrote all the parts in this post above his cartoon he picked--ed)...I want you to refer back to that part there. Bookmark it! Make it easy for you to go back to it again and again.

And read the cartoon. Laugher will help you get Home. It heals and there was always laughter in our home, when I was incarnate with Carla, lots and lots and lots of it!

Carla has written her portion of this blog  with her love and understanding. And she of all people--after what happened to me--has the right to 'throw the first stone' and to ask for the maximum punishment to all those who have ever hurt another in any way, including myself...

Yet for the first time today (gestures to front of his body, fingertips coming together almost like the 'more' sign in ASL--ed)  Carla has seen eye to eye with Spirit, in her assessment of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--who truly are monstrous in their actions and choices!--to the way I and my fellow Ascended Masters here see the Total Picture.

On the highest realms, EVERYTHING is forgiven! EVERYTHING! (holds one finger up--one last point! --ed) and yet, there are AMENDS. Many, many many amends, including experiencing the pain and suffering one caused to another.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Team Leaders <3

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Wager

It was a long day at work.  I had picked up Anthony from the sitter. Once I was eating my tuna sandwich from lunch, and reading the mail, a possible complication came in with the nurse calling me.

It sort of ruined the evening. Did I need to go back in? What did I need to do?  I contacted my orthopedics friend and asked. I also asked my colleague who was from the same country and spoke the same language as the patient who was still at the hospital to go evaluate the situation.

The surgeon thought it was just anxiety, and prescribed medication for that.

It worked. Between everything, all was well and the patient went home.

But I was frazzled.

I'm so grateful for my friends and colleagues and their help!

Anthony was playing his video game. And I sat next to him. I couldn't make the bead bracelets because I wasn't in the right 'space'. It's been a frantic week, very little time to create, except for the writing which I do almost daily.

I don't really enjoy watching him play video games, but I wanted to bond, and due to the possible complication I was texting back and forth with others. Then I decided to play Pokemon.

I am not a gambler.

I don't know what came over me.

But I said to Anthony, 'Five dollars says I catch a Nidoran.' as I opened the screen.

Anthony said, 'Twenty dollars says you don't!' and we shook hands on it.

I caught a tentacool, a jellyfish thing.

I owed Anthony twenty dollars.

How did he react?

He said, 'Ross told me I would get the money I wanted for my game. He said not to ask you for it.  We both knew if I asked you would say no. Ross assured me I would have it.'

I was like a fish out of water with my mouth opening and closing in surprise for a few seconds there! Ross! Anthony! Sheesh!

He was able to buy the 'coins' to help his game. (Anthony would much rather buy success than work for it when it comes to the video games--that's why I stopped giving him an allowance. It all went to his games, and even to the weeks ahead allowance.)

He works well with Ross.

And Ross sent me a check from the State Treasurer for overpayment of my taxes...which was much more than the twenty dollars, so I knew it was fair. I hope it will cover the expenses I have coming from the ambulance and other things.

You don't have to hide any more.

I was going to title this whole blog post that, and write more on the subject.

I spent a break yesterday afternoon talking with a woman who is very psychic but doesn't know it. Her husband almost died in the San Ysidro massacre at the Mc Donald's a long time ago. He was twelve and with his friend's family. The father jumped on him, completely covering him, and took seven bullets for him, including one in the head. His wife and son had been brutally killed by the shooter.'s_massacre

Mateo had been Keith's best friend. When my friend's son was born, she 'sensed' that there was a picture Mateo had drawn for Keith that needed to go into the room (the couple had decided to give the middle name Mateo to their son).  She said it was certain colors and there was a hat on it. She knew it was in their moving boxes somewhere, although she had never seen it. Her husband wasn't sure. But they kept looking, and found it--a break dancer with a hat on backwards and the same colors she had seen. It said to Keith from Mateo on the front too.

She also looked up Ronald Herrera and his new wife, and arranged for her husband and him to meet. The first thing Ron said was, 'I never regretted my decision to protect you and take those shots.'
It meant everything to Keith to hear those words, and the survivor guilt he had harbored for thirty years went away in an instant, with a huge sigh of relief.

My friend used to work Trauma, and on those cases where organ procurement took place, she had the job to put the body in the body bag after she had cleaned it.

She used to feel the souls of the departed. She would talk to them.  She would tell them they did a good thing, they helped a lot of people, the organs were going to this place and that place and so on...It bothered her boss. But she said, 'I need to do this to feel okay about what I am doing, and it's not hurting anybody. And no one else wants to do these cases. So it is what it is.'

I told her, as we had never talked about these things before, that I see the souls all the time, they are always present, and often, have something to say. For example, 'I will make better use of my body next time I get one.'

I've compiled over seventy such conversations with the deceased in this free e-book.

Her daughter is three, and has visits from both of her deceased grandmothers at night. She says they sit on her bed and talk with her. 

So...more and more people are coming to terms with their gifts...and you don't have to hide about it any more. <3

These items are to be shown to you in the interest of your own discretion--if you are curious, great--if they turn you off, just skip them:


I wrote a song for you.

A very long time ago.

It is my choice to play this for you today.

And if you don't have to work all day, like Carla who is enjoying her 'day off', I want you to set the mood for a glorious day.

(Duke Ellington is Ross' favorite...ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Family

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Avalanche of Flowers

I am post-call.

Yesterday was more brutal than the call I took last Saturday night.

There were no breaks.  I didn't get out of the hospital like I did to meet with my sister and her friends.

I did cases back to back with the sickest one at the end.

I came home at three thirty or four in the morning, the usual time I wake up!

By some miracle, I had the day off. I was able to sleep in until ten.

I'm still pretty sleepy though.

What was unusual was that I didn't fight it, the pain of the work assignment. I told myself, somehow I would get through, and also, it's not forever.

One surgeon cancelled a case. Actually two did. The last two cases assigned--the ones to run from three to six in the morning, I asked the surgeon would he please allow them to go tomorrow?  With compassion, he said yes. He could have operated all night.

It's different when you are operating. You're in a state of flow. For anesthesia, you are sharper if you've had your rest. Downtime is important.

So is sleep.

Today I went to the hair stylist's.

I had a vision.

I saw something flat, like this:

 Then it did a flip, flip, flip, flip POP!

And it became like a whirling, flower of life unit that was 3D.

These pictures here, together, approximate it:

Here is the 3D effect to you, but the shape is wrong, it's not loops

This is fluffy in one direction, towards you. The actual ones are the same front and back, and they spin like spheres

It looks kind of like this superimposed, in the sense it's got lobes on it, I forget if it's five or six

It you can imagine this in 3D you've almost got it

Then I watched the one flip, flip, flip, flip POP! and all of a sudden like four were surrounding it, just like it.

There was a pause, and then each one did the flip, flip, flip, flip POP! and then there were four more around each one!

I saw a vortex, with many of the flowers going UP.  I was sucked up too, into it.

Ross was there with a BIG HUGE hug for me, and I put my head on his shoulder, and asked, 'have we made it, is it done?'

He smiled and gestured and asked me if I'd like to see New Earth?

It was SO pretty! Very natural, clean, healthy, with lots of water and green and trees! And I could even see a huge mountain!

Then Anthony floated up the vortex too, and we three hugged together for a LONG time.

I learned that we can go back and forth through this 'tunnel' or 'vortex' if we wish. It's wide open.

And I also learned that each 'flower' is a soul who is totally awake and aware of who they are and their mission, and believe me, it is like an avalanche just starting to begin.

These awakened ones are NOT under the Veil, they are NOT in a stupor from the Illusion, they are very active souls who are here for a reason, highly trained, and ready to get to work!

It caught my breath, the extent of the planning, the training, the coordination of this work on such a massive scale.

Then I came back.

This is my hairstylist's last time at the District, a shopping mall in Tustin. He's moving.

Ross wanted me to go to the Union Market. I had wandered there, but been intimidated the last time.

This time I got the nice Croissants from some famous bakery by Pasadena. I ate one for my breakfast (I'd only had a smoothie:  power greens, pineapple, apple juice, ice, ginger and protein powder/chia). It was a California Croissant--savory with salmon in it, and soy sauce.

I also had a milk tea, Earl Gray Lavender. It was delicious.

I was ready to go. Ross said, 'don't!'

I was guided to a place, Kroft I think. They had like pork belly on a roaster and I was like, 'icky'...but I looked to the front, and sure enough, they had Poutine! REAL Poutine, with the gravy and cheese curds.

So I ordered one.

I 'sense' that this is my last Poutine.

The changes are starting.

How do I know? I checked with Divine Mother Incarnate, and Divine Father.

It's true.

The Awakening has begun.

Yesterday in my conversation with Divine Mother Incarnate (I know it's monitored)--I made it a point to say I am READY for what's next, not because I wanted to get out of here, not because I'm whining, but I'm really, truly ready for what's next.

It wasn't even a Bring It On type of statement.

It was a simple, putting it out there to Source/Creator, that I'm ready to take things to the next level when it comes to this Ascension thing.

I sense others are ready.

A mom of five and grandmother of more had heard about the penises in the Little Mermaid Poster. She agrees it's weird how in those movies all the mothers die. And how they make fun of the parents. She's just almost ready to learn more, but I didn't push it. I just said that if you want to know more, look on YouTube and there's a lot, but I saw one cartoon image where the words S E X were hidden in the clouds in the drawing.

I also showed my sitter today how to work with stones and bracelets. She wants to learn.

Then just now I checked and saw this:

It's nice secondary confirmation.

I just asked Ross if he doesn't mind if I go to sleep, because I'm still sleepy from last night. He smiles and gestures his hand and says, 'just GO!' And he thanks me for writing.

He also played this one special for me. I had been thinking of Al Jarreau for two days...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

P.S. it was actually the Metropole version of Midnight Sun, and I couldn't find it but here is the metropole with Al Jarreau:

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Gratitude For This Day

Today I had the day off.

I slept in until six. (Usually I wake up at four).  I let Anthony sleep in until eight.

I had the corned beef hash and coffee warm for us. The vitamins were out. And I had blueberries just in case the small portions weren't enough for him.

He was a little late to school.

I was in my dress and silk sweater.

I had to go to my practice deposition.

There was slow traffic on the 405. At the last minute, much to my navigation system's dismay, I chose to take Pacific Coast Highway to the attorney's office.

I was nervous.

Ross and assured me he would be with me. Everyone was so kind. I had been guided to make a bracelet for the lawyer who helps the main one I talk with. She does all the work behind the scenes. She knows my case. I was told to make it with pearls and red Swarovski crystals. And a little bigger.

It turned out she just had a baby two weeks ago. The boy is adorable, I saw a picture.

Spirit is so wise!

I'm glad I listen to it.

The morning passed quickly, and it was done.

I am so grateful for my insurance.

I realized if you are going to be sued, I am with the very best people one could possibly have to take care of me. I never would have met them, if this had not happened. So when all is said and done, I have learned a lot, from the experience, and furthermore, no matter what, I will be a better person and doctor for having met them.

Then I wanted my mom.

I stopped off at Taco Bell after I called her to ask if I could visit.

I kept thanking Ross over and over again for my mom still being around. I really was glad to see her. Her home is so beautiful, a sanctuary for me. There are sweet peas in bloom, the orange tree is filled with blossoms, and she even had a beautiful red flower the size of a dinner plate on her 'ugly' cactus. We were both amazed by it.

She had a national enquirer for me. Those always make everything better. You forget your troubles when you read. I've been reading hers since I was nine. I think it helped me to be a better reader.

I had wanted to see my sister Vanessa today. She's been very uncomfortable. Sadly, she lost her baby, she was eight weeks or so, and there was no heartbeat. Now there is cramping and it's painful as nature takes care of the rest.

I sent her flowers yesterday, and offered to visit. Her husband was with her. I also offered to visit today, but I didn't hear from her, and I went to mom instead.

It was raining a little when I came home.

Aunt Mercedes who is turning one hundred, just was diagnosed with lung cancer. Her doctors don't expect her to make it to her birthday which is in May. However, the family is going to the reunion to celebrate her birthday, in July. It's been planned for a long time. We were notified by my dad's cousins that the party is still on, because so many have made plans to travel. Our East Coast relatives are so practical. And mom thinks Merce will make it. Aunt Merce is still clear headed, and when mom calls, she knows over the phone right away who it is.

I picked up Anthony from the school.  He had a good day. We came home. I got the mail.  Much to my surprise there was a letter from ANOTHER attorney!

Guess what?

My board from the association fired the big property management company, just like I'd prayed for! And the son of one of the board members is going to run the property management instead. The lawyers sounded like they were from the property management company--conflict of interest! yada, yada, yada!  They said that the old and new boards were failures, that the money spent was on the islands chopping the trees and ripping up the grass while the termite contract was signed in July 2016 and not one home had been fixed. The project had delayed over two years!

I smiled.

Everyone is waking up.

Tonight, I helped Anthony with his homework. He memorized the 'balance of powers'--with History. Let me see if I can remember. With this pnemonic--I foat, Congress can impeach the president, withhold funds, override the veto, reject appointments and reject treaties. W malt--Congress declares war, spends money, approves appointments, makes laws and approves treaties.  Uva- the Supreme Court can decide a law is unconstitutional, and the president can veto a bill or adjourn Congress (sometimes). Cia--the Congress can create amendments to the constitution, impeach a Justice, or reject an appointment to the Supreme Court. Li--the Supreme Court can interpret the Constitution, and also interpret decisions of the lower courts.  The president can appoint justices to the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court can do something for the president and I forget.  Capfan -- the President can (I forget C), put laws into action, (I forget p), make foreign policy, make appointments and offices, and negotiate treaties. I went over this again and again with Anthony. I went over his science with him too.

I actually read the National Enquirer to relax before I started dinner. When I made the dinner, I had already cleaned the dirty dishes in the sink and unloaded the dishwasher and dish rack. I put on Hawaiian music (Island 98.5 on iheartradio), and made rice, coleslaw, and chicken 'steaks'. I filled the crystal glass Ross wanted with Suze--halfway--as he said--and took a tinier aperitif cup of my grandmother's for me, and we had a toast. Ross said, 'bottoms up!'.  I was happy and dancing as I cooked.

Anthony fed the rabbit, and also set the table. It was my wish from this morning. And sure enough, Ross and Anthony did a fine job, with really nice plates.

What was the highlight of my day?

It was Ross.

He popped in with a surprise for me. He had a piece of paper. It looked really old, like parchment. It was big, too, almost like a poster. It was very elaborate, ornate. I was puzzled.

He explained to me it was our original wedding certificate. It was in Hebrew. It was like Marjorie's! So beautifully calligraphy in so many colors. He had it framed (I wanted one that would 'sing'--of such elegant design) and he asked me where to hang it in our home--our Home home, up there.

I said, 'I want it in the front hall by the door so everyone will see it when they come in!'

He said that might be a little inappropriate. Would there be another place?

I suggested the wall by the kitchen table, like Marjorie had done with hers. He liked it and I saw him hang it.

I was so deeply touched to see something that meant I am his, and as he gallantly added, he is mine...I had tears of joy on my face...

Then I teased him and shot back, 'back in the day that piece of paper meant I was YOUR PROPERTY didn't it?! You could do what you pleased with me, or sell me, if you liked!'

He absolutely adores it when I give him a hard time. Not many people do, nor is it proper! He loves it that I keep him on his toes, and he keeps me for sure for sure for sure on mine!



The Suze is calling! I want you to go and finish it, and have a good rest. (his serving, his half little fancy crystal thing, is on the table.)

clap! clap!

Now he's speaking to you--ed

I want you to see how our partnership plays out in Carla's lessons. There is calm. There is engagement from her in what is going on, and Carla is PRESENT with her full faculties as she encounters her experiences. And her heart is always open, always connected to me.

I played three songs for her today, and sent signs to reassure her. Sans souci (without worry--it is in French).

Here is one:

(Ross smiles and gives a big thumbs up!--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
(we like Reggae, don't you think?)