Friday, March 10, 2017

I Get It

Today was a very happy day. It was one of completion, a sense of setting things right in a Spiritual sense, and also, tremendous breakthrough.  All the while, having fun.

I opened the garage door, to find the foreman of the landscaping company arranging pots of 'succulents' on our island. I asked him if these were the ones for us? He said yes. He was proud of the variegated one (yellow and green leaves). I asked if they bloom yellow? He said yes.  I asked about the California pepper trees. Are they going to live?

He said yes.

Then he pointed to a lump in the asphalt ten feet from a tree, and said, 'THERE is a ROOT!'

I shrugged and said, 'it's worth it' and looked at the tree. (the rest of the asphalt is really crappy, even far from the trees).

I looked at where our beautiful grass once had been, and then next, at all the new plants in their pots. I asked why ours were not like a neighbor street--roses, ice plant, nice plants?

He said he thought these were beautiful.

I gestured to mine blooming like crazy in front of my house. I said, 'see, I have mine too!'

He asked what they were?

I said, 'they are crocuses. They are bulbs. I do nothing and they come back every year.'
Then I touched one of the new ones that is all over the neighborhood and he planned to plant on the island that I didn't like. I said, 'this one is not good'.

He was surprised I didn't like it. He said, 'it blooms red!'

I said, as I kept touching the leaf, 'It's from New Zealand. We should have plants from Spain. Or Mexico!!' You should have seen the look he shot me, and the feeling I picked up that registered in him since I'm an empath, when I said, MEXICO. It resonated with his heart as TRUTH. As something he had overlooked. As something he WISHED he had thought of before planning all of our renovations to the community four years ago. (our area is heavily influenced by Mexico in the architecture, we even have red tile roofs).

Score one for each of us, him for root, me for the choice of plants.

Ross wanted me to give him our chocolates. I went into the house and looked in the cupboard. I had a huge gift bag of those Linz truffle balls Ross wanted me to give to the workers. Anthony said no to that. So I took out the unopened Godiva gift box. I marched out and smiled and thanked him for his work. I said these chocolates were for the team, to give them at the end of the day after it was all planted, to 'thank them for making it beautiful.'

He laughed, and said, 'if I gave them to the team now they wouldn't even do the work! I will save them.'

Chalk one up for a WIN for Ross and our Teams!

I have had many years--we are on another subject--of coming to terms with the fact that Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart do some pretty scary things. It's hidden. And it's evil.

I've heard God Loves Them...God Loves Everyone.

I even went so far as to think, today, how a parent LOVES all their kids, the ones who misbehave as well as the good ones...BUT they discipline the misbehavers because they won't TOLERATE that kind of thing!  Where is Divine Mother and Divine Father in all of this? Isn't there KARMA?!

There is.

My increase in understanding came after a very busy day at Disneyland.

I was accompanied by dragons in Spirit as I entered the resort. MANY of them, and I understood the ones I saw were the leaders of even more. They had some old things to settle out with that organization. They went to town on that place! (the unseen, the spiritual--for there is a great deal of that at Disney too. There is so much more than what meets the eye!)

Early into my time at the park, I was startled by a vision. I saw in my mind's eye, a big burlap sack of potatoes looking lumpy form as big as a human, like tall, like Chewbacca size. It unzipped and there was a beautiful woman. She looked at me. She wanted me to give my attention to her. I felt a pulling energy as she regarded me. But her vibration was Very LOW.

It was something not of this world, it was a master of something I didn't understand and was very low vibration. I didn't trust it. So I took my consciousness and went around it faster than you can imagine, circles and circles, with a silver cord, to contain it, to wrap it. Then the dragons took it away.

I had passed a test.

What I learned today, is that Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, the practitioners of their religion, learned SOMETHING.


They technically are experts at Illusion, similarly they are experts at their 'style' of 'magick', and because of this for the first time I thought to refer to such people like the 33rd level Masons, logically,  as the 'DESCENDED Masters'.

I saw it like a Galactic.

The OTHER thing I learned, is that their 'built' things WORK--their creations such as Disneyland which have many layers of meaning--the one we visit and see and enjoy as guests and photograph is  only one of the layers, the visible one (a very happy one at that! the workers are delightful and there is a lot of love in the park). There are other layers too, hidden ones,  including spiritual ones for their Team of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

And easily (for Galactics and higher Spiritual beings such as dragons)--these working magical creations/structures/etc. can be REVERSED to spread the Opposite of what they were intended!

They can be turned AGAINST the intentions of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart!

I saw them do it. I saw them do it today!

Furthermore, the love, the joy, the happiness of the people who come to visit what is visible in the park, MAGNIFY the energy of Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion which is now flowing  --backwards from the way their 'builders' created it to work--through the 'magickal' devises hidden and unseen in the park, with the very highest vibration of the Highest Realms, through the grids from the park which connect to the grids all over Gaia!

It is a total miracle beyond the imagination, and was achieved with such EASE in the realms of Spirit in the dimensions which are unseen.

(I also placed a special blessing, with the help of the Legion of Angels, in the security check point at the resort and by extension into every metal detector/security checkpoint  everywhere else on earth--Disney has them now and one can't enter the park without passing through it--but by extension, to ALL metal detector things you walk through even at airports. Everyone who goes through one is going to be BLESSED in a special way, a nice way, a very good and wonderful one. Every single time. <3)

Today was a day of victory, both for things most people cannot see, but exist, and also, for me personally, for learning to view Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, and all the misery they have caused upon the Earth, through Galactic Eyes.

I forgot to share something. My friend the RN Kathleen came to me. I might have blogged it. I might have forgotten. Ross told me to mention it now.  She went to a Catholic Lay Person Bible Study Teacher's convention. She was super excited. She had a tee shirt that said, 'I <3 Mary' but the heart was a rosary.

She also learned that St. Brigid is thought to be the midwife for Mary when Jesus was born. The Irish feel that there is no time, souls can come and go and be anywhere, and THAT is the soul that was there for Mary in her time of need. For she was skilled at it. And she wanted to share that with me.

She also learned in Ireland the Holy Spirit isn't a Dove. It is depicted as a GOOSE! You see pictures with believers/Saints with a big fat goose under their arm in the old traditional art!

I was so glad and shared her joy that she chose to share that one with me.

Ross says I am done. He went clap! clap!

Nope. Not done. Reminding me of something else.

Today was my father's birthday. He's in Heaven now, but would have been eighty-one.

I felt him very excited that I was taking Anthony to Disneyland. I was scheduled to work, but asked someone to cover for me. It was a teacher day, with no school. As I drove there I could feel dad smiling.

At lunch, at the nice restaurant in the Pirates of the Caribbean, we sat next to the water at a table for four. Anthony said, calmly and matter of factly, 'Grandpa is there (empty seat to my left) and Ross is there mom (empty seat across from me)'.

I felt their energies, and Ross smiled and waved. He said they were going to eat too, just of their food,  and for us to enjoy ours.

The server asked for our order. Anthony was hungry, and ready. I wanted to pick the right one. I took more time. We placed his order first.

I looked the list up and down on the menu. They all sounded good! I took quite some time going over all the choices on the list...deep in thought.

Anthony startled me. He took the menu from my hands and said, 'Grandpa has one to order for you'  He looked and said, 'the jambalaya'.  'Grandpa said it was that unless you pick something in five seconds.'

I blushed.

I smiled.

That WAS my father!

When I was a child, a teen, I would stare at the boxes of cereal in the cupboard, struggling to decide which one. They all looked so good! I never once thought to mix them. Dad used to sit at the table and give me a hard time about it.

As a matter of fact, he put my sixteenth birthday present there--a deluxe backgammon set--the travel kind with a chess board and checkers and GO--right with the cereal in the cupboard.  He was delighted to surprise me.

And the one that made me smile the most, and my energy had gone up, as I went through the menu?

It had been the jambalaya.

It was a happy day.


Since Carla chose the topic of thinking like a Galactic, I thought it is time to bring up the Little Green Men.

They are coming.  (he smiles as if he is going to tell a joke or something funny--ed)

Be careful not to step on them.

(he's super happy with his joke!--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple