Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Yesterday was effortless.

I almost was late to work but a friend online who knows me well, reminded me it's time to go.

I made it.

Plus there was a delay for the C-arm x-ray equipment. There were five rooms that needed it, and only four C-arms are owned by the hospital.

Our room got it.

I did my lineup there, and a short gap was needed to set up some equipment for the second and third cases.

I visited my post-ops from Saturday night. Both had done well.

A colleague asked me for a restroom break, which I happily provided.

Once in the room I was like, 'Ohhh! So THAT'S why Ross didn't have me do the Reiki on the drive in!'

Yup. Everyone in the room got it. Surgeon, patient I didn't know from Adam, Nurse First Assist, Nurse, surgical tech, Rep. I sent it from there to everyone for the daily healings too.

Then my friend (who must have had irritable digestion--took a long time) came back.

Another colleague, a surgical technologist, gave me a blend of DoTerra aromatherapy oils in a roller ball dispenser for Anthony and his pain.

This is the second one. This woman has lupus, and the Blue something just takes her pain away.

I got out early.

I offered my sister lunch if she was alone and wanted company? She miscarried the night before, and was devastated. I didn't hear from her for a while, but she was with her husband, and she would be okay.  She also got flowers I had sent her.

I taught the nurses in GI an inservice on PACU and muscle relaxants. It's new for them, and they are anxious to recover people who have had full general. Usually we just use lots of propofol which is gone in five minutes. There's not much recovery, you know? So with this new technique they are a little overwhelmed. Fortunately some of their RN's have true PACU experience and can lead the others.

So I drove home.

I stopped by the grocery store, and bought the chicken Spirit wanted me to make for dinner. Something 'healthy'--low fat, low starch--for Anthony. An organic free-range chicken is like, twenty-dollars now!

I called the glass company to order the window glass to be installed in our front door. They needed my credit card.

I made lunch.

I called the hotel for our vacation and requested the same room we had the last time. This vacation is far away.

I waited for their financial confirmation email and gave my credit card.

At the last moment, I recalled that Anthony had a painful bracket come loose, and called the orthodontist.

I went to the school, and picked Anthony up. I was both shocked and pleased to see him shooting baskets.  I had mentioned to someone who asked about him, that I  now have the problem of limiting his activities as he is an unusually active child. After his tonsils, the three weeks of no activity (the scabs could come off and he could bleed), it was torture. He didn't understand the risk.

He had kindly mentioned this year for Spring Break he is okay to stay with the school daycare. This means less having to scramble for sitters.

It wasn't too late to sign up. The short list was only about nine kids. He used to complain they were too little. I was glad he did this.

So we went to the orthodontist.

Some cool Pokemon were not far away, at a local university. Anthony wanted to go.

Unlike the ones I went to, the security at this University gate was very nice, and invited us to walk around the campus, and to park for free.

Oh my God it was beautiful!

Absolutely, stunningly beautiful.

There were beautiful buildings, with beautiful architecture, and fountains.

There was Nature, lots and lots of it, with beautiful canyon views.

Anthony had a full battery, and couldn't wait to catch his Pokemon.

We walked for two hours!

I even saw a friend/former teacher/colleague by the pool. Her daughter was in the aquatics program which was practicing.

I felt nourished in my soul!

I felt LONGING to be in a University environment again. A nice one. Anthony would have loved to have gone to this school.

It was next to empty.

There was a lily pond that was sheer genius, flat squares with the sound of waterfalls.

My soul drank this beauty in.

Anthony is in love with McDonald's shamrock shakes. He just had his first one this year.

He had asked to go, and I had been troubled because Spirit had been most clear with me.

Ross said, since he walked for two hours, his metabolism could handle him getting what he wanted in moderation.

I had been craving French fries all day, too.

I asked Ross if he would please share my French fries with me? It would please me so much, for him to have a real one, where he is, from here. He said he would, only one, but I would know it when he took it.

I ordered filet of fish, small fries, and water. Anthony ordered the same but also a small chocolate mint shake.

I FELT it when Ross took the one fry, I saw it in Spirit, and I saw him eat the one and smile!

This pleased me very much.

Other things I've visualized with Ross --my point of focus--is asking him to lift his feet so I could sweep under him in the house...offering him his favorite meal and holding the dish, and seeing him smile...and making him something new to wear and holding it up for him.

I realized how very lucky I am to have those experiences, in our immediate past incarnation. The closeness of the every day. The routine. The normal. The really special things that don't seem special at all at the time, but they really are...

Now I found this! https://gaiaportal.wordpress.com/2017/03/21/velocipedal-pathways-are-elevated-for-all/



The sun is rising. There is a beautiful sunrise with all the colors in this heart-shaped diamond in the sky.

Carla has a long day today.

She has the day off.

Carla is going to drive to an office not far from where she was born, to give a practice deposition for her lawsuit she is named in.

(holds one finger up, and moves it from side to side--ed)  I'll let you know I told Carla a long time ago how everything would play out.

(folds hands together in front of him--ed) And yet it isn't any fun, for this knowledge doesn't spare her the having to go through it. And I am WITH her the whole time!

Now what does this mean for you?

(points to  a place with his finger in front of him and them moves the hand--ed--as he speaks) You have to get from point A to point B!  From wherever you are in front of you, to where you are destined to go.

(points to the sides of his head--ed) It is going to take a lot of concentration for you to muster it/master it--whatever is the word in English--I call 'gumption'!

It is going to take your unrelenting THOUGHT, of a world that's right for you, always with eyes open and changing it a little, just like Carla did with the University which called to her yesterday, to her heart.

Carla changed her desire from frank reunion with me, to one of us perhaps living in a University teaching setting, and being able to help others TOGETHER the whole time!

This is a healthy branching out from her original goal. Now the Universe notes that Carla has 'flesh' on her dream--not just comfort of who and what she knows, not just recuperation after a long assignment here incarnate--but of something useful and dear to her soul--Higher Education.

I'll let that one sink in with you for a long time.

Carla is going to spend eternity with me. She is practicing walking to me, breaking into a run, and saying a comment 'so THIS is what eternity is like, Ross?'...to practicing putting her head on my shoulder and crying great tears of relief to have it over, all of her many tests...to asking me and Anthony to set the table for her back Home, and being amazed at how much detail and beauty we are able to produce at the table in just a blink of an eye! She admired our work!

(he puts his hands together, almost in prayer position, and rubs them--ed) You have had a hard assignment.

I want you to start fleshing your goals for yourselves in the afterlife.

I want you go take the single-mindedness of Ming, and to EXPAND it beyond your wildest imagination, always flowing from your heart.

I want you to help others, not just yourself, and to align yourself with your greatest passion.

For Anthony, he said when he saw the vista at the University, he wanted to draw it, even through it would be difficult. He thought of himself as an artist. He questions his skills, his interests, and what he is good at. He looks forward to the future, although it isn't quite clear to him. He was asking Carla, 'mom, what is college like?'

She said, 'you sort of have to be there to experience it--both the good and the bad--the bad being the tests and the pressure to get a good score.'

He asked about the homework, is it hard? Is it a lot of work? He sees his babysitter studying to become a nurses' aide...she works hard...

She said, 'it was a lot of work but it was doable...somehow all of it got done.'

(he looks at you with a smile, one of mystery, on of not quite telling everything, but of telling enough to help you figure this truth out on your own...ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple