Monday, November 29, 2021

Transformation Is Stealthy


Something is changing deep inside of my soul, I don't understand it, and I can't explain it, but today I will do my best to describe it.  For the past eleven years of blogging, at the beginning I felt that I was on a mission, and I had clear, clear, strong guidance with me always on what to do. Many times, since I felt that 'Big Earth Changes' were impending, poor Anthony had to share me with the blog and the Purpose, and wait for me to finish writing before I could tend to his needs.

The last five years, have been kind of 'floaty'. It's not clear exactly on the time frame, the 'impending' is gone...I am better able to balance my earthly responsibilities with my spiritual ones...and I've been absorbing so much information and 'distilling it' rather than 'doing my own thing'.

A pattern has been to deplete myself at work, and then build back up my energy stores at home. Today, fortunately, I start later in the day so I have a 'grasse matinee' (lazy morning in pajamas, as the French say it.)

Friday, was when I depleted myself. And Saturday was when Anthony drove himself to his dad's using my car. Both cars are mine, but the one he uses is older, and I like him to use the newer one because his dad is far.  It had been stressful because his dad was due to pick him up on Friday. Traffic was bad. His dad would pay for Anthony to take the train. But that required an Uber to the train station. Then the train cancelled. There was too much traffic for Anthony to go down on his own, too. I was juggling that and patients and feeding the team and just super-stressed.

Saturday morning after breakfast, Anthony left. 

Ross told me to do things for me this weekend. 

I could barely function. Even though I'd slept all night in the call room, I was exhausted. 

I actually spent an hour the hammock each day, just taking in the sun. 

I found two things to be especially helpful.

I didn't even leave the house! I didn't go anywhere or do anything, which in Southern California, where I live, is highly unusual. I enjoyed time in the garden, and I did chores around the house. I have a new system to clean the rabbit cage by myself. The tray is large and when filled it's too heavy for me. But Anthony hasn't been around to help the last two times. The first time I filled paper bags with the waste and placed it around the compost SubPod things. This time I ran out of paper bags, so I used a 'garbo' style trash bin that was popular at Target a few years back, making many trips to do the same thing. When empty I can take the tray and hose it down. I enjoy holding the bunny, too, and when I pet her she sheds like crazy all over the place. I enjoy her companionship.

The Schumann resonance for the last weekend shows the energy under the surface, slow and steady, and I profited from that kind of subtle support. 

Listening to this podcast What is you Already Are? was very enjoyable, and refreshing. 

This YouTube 'sermon' absolutely nourished my soul. I was so hungry and thirsty for this kind of energy. 

This other one by a new YouTuber to me I enjoyed because I realized I'm not going crazy. We've been in this Covid thing long enough, 'clown world', truly, and this helped me to right myself, detach and let go. I didn't watch the whole thing at once, and by the time it was questions and answers I stopped.

What I did, was go into the Throne Room, and have a really important heart to heart with Creator.

Why am I here?  These things concern me right now. I explained them all and dropped them at His feet, and let go. 

The thought of doing Spiritual warfare kind of freaks me out. I'd much rather watch it on a movie than participate in it. It seems icky and scary. But, in my own way, I've been doing it on a small scale in the O.R. and everywhere I go. And if you think about it, it's better to have the tools at the ready just in case you need them.

California is horrible. My movements are restricted because I don't have that app on my phone. Places I could go before, I can't. Not that I would want to. But it feels sad and oppressive. 

I know what I know. 

Those Georgia guidestones spell it all out. And I have studied evil and depravity to know that these suckers have patience and lie to your face. They paid for a woman's broken leg to be repaired in pregnancy, and all of her medical expenses, only to have her be served her cooked child, unknowing, then show her the head, watch her freak out, and then kill her, all of it on film, Kerth describes in his first book. It's totally crazy.

I wouldn't put anything past them. If you listen to Right on Radio, you'll get an idea of how big their plans are, using technologies and spiritual energies most people wouldn't even understand...

At the same time, as all this is going on 'out there', today is another day, and I have things to do too. On Saturday I made a bunch of bracelets and found some old ones. Yes! I can make bracelets again I have a place where I can work. I have five on one arm, three on the other lol. I'm hungry for/craving the energy of pearls! So I'm wearing them. 

I don't know what I'm being called to do next. It's a work in progress. And for sure I'll tell you as I figure it out. Things are moving around on the inside. I need lots of sun.

If you look at the picture above, and think about it, every 'soul' together, growing, makes a wonderful park with trees! Each seed inside the soul has a purpose. I thought I knew what mine was, or perhaps mine was done, but God is greater than this. And whatever is next is 'under construction' I suppose?

I know one assignment I got from Ross is to write a list of all the places I want to go -- real travel. So I will. 

I remembered another important thought last night, around dinner. I didn't know what to make. I'd made Anthony's favorite soup (Purslane Portuguese soup) for a late lunch. We decorated half of the front yard for Christmas. And I blurted out, while staring at the fridge in desperation, are you okay if I cook breakfast for dinner? Anthony was thrilled, we had bacon, he loves breakfast!

Somehow I remembered what I was taught at the beginning, how at the end times, when everyone in the world is very sad, I would be the happiest I've ever been. I remembered that. I think personally it's because my Honey is coming back <3

And also because it's going to be Over and I know What Comes Next.

At the beginning, it was just that, messages from Home, and from my Teams, and not a whole lot of connection to what was going on in the world. I'd open some 'gates' for lack of a better world, but it was always in the context of my teams. Not just me.

Then, with Covid, I knew at New Year's 2019 to 2020 something was up. I saw it. I lived it. It was horrible. Especially for me, I'd love to just stay at home! Would you want to go to a hospital? Ick, right? So, you could say I've been studying 'events' to the point of them being overwhelming and hard to understand...there's no clear pattern you can point to and connect it to the Guidestones. I had thought perhaps there would be an obvious AHA! moment. But apparently that's not the plan of the Other Team.

Whatever is next, my soul is preparing for it. It feels 'right', it feels 'happy', and it feels 'good'.  When I know what it is, I'll post it here first. 

Our sharing is to help you navigate your own soul's path, and if you are feeling somewhere in between of safe harbor anchored and floating aimlessly and going on a clear path, it's okay to stop and ask for input and guidance, and to let it take the time it needs to show you so you understand. The whole playing field out there is changing, constantly, and it's good to take stock of where you are and where you are headed.

clap! clap! (That was Ross reminding me to get ready for work. Traffic will be a big thing later today.)

Aloha and Mahalos, 
(Ross says, I LOVE YOU)


Ross and Carla
The Twins

Saturday, November 27, 2021



My hair looks like this at the moment. I slept at the hospital in my call room, with my hair in a bun. My hair is slippery, so little pieces of it straggled out. All I've had is a cup of coffee, but fortunately, I was able to sleep undisturbed all night, and find my way home.

Ross asked me to write a little about how I feel, and what I learned yesterday while I was on call. I won't say how many, but yesterday we had a lot of broken hips to fix. Amongst other things. And a very young (under forty) year old coworker had emergency cardiac surgery yesterday for serious blockage. It runs in the family, we are told, but our whole team was pretty much in shock over the youth of it...

All patients did very well. Our teams were working sort of as a hybrid 'on call' and 'short day OR' schedule. From the management we were allowed to run up to three rooms, so we ran two all day.

I was mindful of how Divine Creator provided for me, with certain people and their skill sets, including our anesthesia tech, being ready and able for the challenges of the day. 

What I learned, is that by offering to buy lunch for the entire O.R. team (twenty-one people in all)--it made a small holiday for all of the workers. I always buy from the same restaurant, good, affordable Italian with delivery. My dinner last night was leftover lunch. I had three pieces of their garlic bread because it's delicious! 

I saw how the receptionist, the single-mom RN I'd talked to who is recently graduated and going to work at another hospital (she does the Covid surveillance testing), thought ahead and offered to put together a plate for me and set it aside since I was working. The GI staff was astonished they were included, and set aside plates ahead too. 

If you get a chance to surprise people, and feed them, and help them feel special and appreciated, it's a really good thing to do. The vibration in the area soars! Literally. 

I was surprised I had not one but two patients who couldn't extend their heads. It was just frozen stiff, and if they look up it would be either with their eyes, or bending their back. Just like with a 'yes' you move your head up and down with a nod, that movement is super important for intubation. When people can't move like that it makes it tough. But fortunately I was able to meet the challenge and all teeth were intact afterwards too.

It's been a funny season. I've changed. It's hard to pinpoint it. But an example is, this year, I didn't get a single pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks or anywhere. I didn't feel the need, and it didn't feel like 'indulging' or 'rewarding' myself. I don't want a peppermint mocha either. I'm okay to just hang out at home.

I felt it acutely, how my brother-in-law's mom had to choose between her son and daughter, due to one side's Covid belief system. I saw the look on her face, in the photos posted on that celebration. A smile but not a completely free and happy one. 

The cousins weren't together. What I had thought was a wonderful way to be included, since Thanksgiving was the family's big meal celebration and it included me always, was just sad. I recall that last year, everyone but that part of the family was at my sisters. So it's two years now, of separation. 

Ross and I encourage you to think carefully about the outcomes of your decision-making process. Always keep a stance where you can pivot graciously or side-step rather than becoming locked-in with your beliefs. Always ask yourself, am I motivated from Love or Fear? And if it's FEAR, ask yourself, 'what is the worst thing that could happen?' and 'how likely is this going to happen'. Contrast this with 'what is the BEST thing that could happen if I went and did the opposite of what I am inclined to do because of this Fear?'  Remember often things done from underlying fear will disguise themselves as something 'virtuous'. So if you have 'virtuous' or 'judging' emotions, they always warrant a further look and examination, just to be sure.

Life is difficult.

The squeeze is real.

I hear in Germany there's some serious mandatory stuff heading down the pipes. Like your health insurance will be taken away if you don't um, 'comply' with a specific procedure. What can you do? We don't fault you. It's not our life to live. Again and again we ask ourselves, too, 'is this the battle field hill we are going to die on?'   At work, I have to be tested again and again. It's awful and nobody makes time for me between cases to go get this done. I have to sneak it. And the N-95's I must wear, are not really easy to get at the hospital. They don't just dole them out like they used to. I wear mine two, three times, sometimes more. I comply a little. I have to. To survive.

It pains me to no end that I no longer can travel to places like Canada. Or that my favorite airline had the brutal policy against its workers. 

I know in my heart, I'm at very high risk for a side effect. I also was asked to promise by Dr. Zuabi, from the Other Side, and I made that promise. I'll keep it. 

Our point is, in difficult times, look to your own 'scorecard' and not at other's by what cards they play. Everyone has their own struggle. With respect and love, we can bridge the ever-widening gap that is being constructed by the social engineering. 

I need to go. Turtle is looking at me's time to feed her and start my day.

Ross sends you his love and powerful blessings. He also gestures to his head and invites you to really stop and think from time to time, about things that are 'hidden in plain sight'. He says question everything, including what brings up strong emotions in yourselves, and strong feelings. Examine why they are so strong and what is motivating them. 

He says sometimes, things that get us worked up are what we see in ourselves but don't really like about us, and we project them onto other people or political parties. What we see as 'weakness' can often times really be a 'strength' once we learn about ourselves and face it, and accept it. The we can reach out with love across the chasm when we are unified deep within our hearts and souls...

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple

Thursday, November 25, 2021



This morning, before I got out of bed, I remembered what day today is. In my heart I was thankful it was 0600, and not 0400 like I usually awaken. Today, even though I worked hard yesterday and stayed late, and even though tomorrow is booked like crazy, today I have off.

I gave thanks.

I decided to do a life review. I gave thanks for the people who cared for me when I was unable to care for parents, my sitters, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles...I remembered with fondness our next-door neighbors and neighbors down the block.

I gave thanks for my first friends, for my teachers, for school...for my school friends too. I gave thanks for being a hospital volunteer and later working at Disney. 

I gave thanks for being able to go to Berkeley, and to live there. For all my friends, my family, my boyfriend and future husband I met there.  If I hadn't had my pituitary tumor, that might have been my life for me. But instead, I got sick, had surgery--thankful for those at UCSF giving me not only care but direction with my life. That's how I started to get into medicine. 

I'm thankful for my Uncle Ben, especially, because he had the wonderful land at the desert, and I got to spend time there, riding motorcycles and hiking growing up. One day we climbed Hackberry mountain, me, dad, and Uncle Ben. Dad didn't look so good, I think it was a sneak preview to his eventual lung disease which took his life. I was twenty-one, so Dad was forty-six. Somehow we made it to the top and we saw the little box with the notebook to add your name, and the funny metal spike in the mountain that said the name of it and the elevation.

I was thankful for all the Thanksgivings, on my Dad's side, my mom's side, even the ones I spent with Dad and Uncle Ben at the Desert. 

Today I have lots of cousins, and they have kids, and all are very kind and nice. I know if I was ever alone on a holiday they would welcome me with open arms. 

I'm so thankful for all of my friends over the years. My teachers and mentors in all of my careers.

And I'm so glad Tim sent me to Anne where I learned not only psychic development but Reiki too. It opened up a whole new world. The people I have met through Reiki are incredible souls...which brings me to our blog, and our outreach, and Ross' and my 'star family'. 

I don't think I could make it through these end times without you! I don't say much, but I get a lot of support from our friendships online and I'm thankful for it. Ross is too.

I'm thankful for our friends all over the world, who live in wonderful places, and give me an insight I wouldn't otherwise be able to get from where I live in Southern California.

I'm so very thankful too, for my garden and pets. The pets have been with us a long time. Even now, turtle was making noises at me (we share the office). I kept looking to see if the turtle was making the noises, it sounded like it, and every time I'd turn my head, SILENCE.  I realized turtle wanted to swim. So I got out the little container and put it in the shower and filled it so she could swim. Turtle has been with me since 1992. The bird since 1997. Anthony's snake since 2010. And the rabbit since I don't know, 2014 or 2016?

I give thanks for my child, he's a good kid, and fortunately, gives me the time I need to help get this home in order. I know when we moved garage items into the house to make room for the drums, he said, 'don't pressure yourself to clean all this up! Don't get sad over it!'

I don't get many Thanksgivings. Half I've given up to work because Anthony was with his dad's family...and I wanted Christmas to be with him. They give you a nice free meal from the cafeteria. This year, it was last night's meal to night shift. And then there's a day meal for day shift. Often times the administrators dish up the food for us. It's kind that they do it. As long as you work in a hospital you're never truly alone for any holiday.

Once when I was on call on Thanksgiving, on OB, we had a pot luck. They took the first room in postpartum, and added extra tables for the food. We would fill our plates there and then go to the break room to eat.  A poor new father, sleep-deprived no doubt, had noticed all the staff going into and out of the room. With horror, and curiosity, he took me aside and asked,'what is happening to that patient in that room for all the people to come and go in there like that?'

I smiled and let him know it's Thanksgiving, and it's our pot luck in there, no one was in harms way, except perhaps the turkey!

He sighed a huge smile of relief! He had thought it was Code Blue or something.

Today I am very, very grateful for a place to go. I'm thankful for being home, with my son. I love the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and hope to watch some of it. 

If there's anything else I've forgotten to be thankful for, well, I'll be thankful for that too. Just in case!

Yes, I'm thankful that the little voice inside that told me to make it to Christmas and then reassess with all the Ascension stuff/changes--that Christmas is almost here. It's time to decorate. Which is a good thing. The waiting is moving along! Isn't it?

Ross asked me to write this.

What is he thankful for?

For you, for your being awake at a time when most are asleep, and for your trying, trying, trying and not giving up until you 'get things right'.

This in itself means the world to him.

Together we wish you who celebrate it, a very Happy Thanksgiving!

clap! clap!

aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple 

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Fait Accompli


The best day to start a new project is yesterday. The second best day, is today...

And today we invite you to step back and take a look at what has been accomplished in the world by whoever or whatever it was who began the world events with a certain virus for the last twenty-one months...

If you were at war with a country, you would seek by all means to demoralize and destabilize the country/enemy of you. You would use every trick and tool at your disposal. And the goal would be to ruin the way of life as the people know it, so you can easily step in and take over what was once theirs.

Here it is, Thanksgiving week in the United States. The day is to be honored with tradition, family, and gratitude. Yes, there were some dysfunctional families where the children who are adults transformed it to 'Friendsgiving' instead of family obligations. It's a huge travel day, with many people returning to where their parents are and/or where they grew up. 

What about now?

I had to take a look at some harsh realities in my Thanksgiving.

I just saw a photo of a relative I've spent the last five Thanksgivings with, who was at a daughter's house preparing stuffing with the granddaughter. 

My heart sank.

There is a wedge in my family now, especially the extended one.

Those who have had a medical procedure in their arm, won't celebrate with those who haven't.

It's that clear.

Fear has replaced love.

Most people think that way, truly.

I have a sister who is entirely in this camp, due to a immunocompromised daughter. When will the separation for 'safety' end? I don't know. I doubt there is any way to convince people so deeply entrenched in this belief system, that anything is 'over' and 'safe'.  Even when it is. Not saying it is now, but the risk is totally magnified. 

From the outside, you can see holes in the belief system. Travel to hotels is 'safe' but family members aren't. 

The majority of the world want to have it all said and done, over, just like that, through compliance.

A colleague at work, the one I asked to anesthetize me for my thyroid, was on a rant at lunch over how stupid people could be, because back home in Romania 'people are dying' for lack of, um, that procedure in the arm. It's safe! He asserted. End of story. Move on to the next thing.

I was quiet.

But our colleague, who was through that procedure, argued against it. He cited things. Said the data just isn't there. Natural immunity is actually thirty percent more effective than that procedure. I shared some of what I've known. And the first colleague said, 'you two have really done lots of reading on this!' and left. He didn't know all the facts.

Part of our conversation is how difficult it is for anyone to know the truth, since so much information is controlled and restricted. Especially regarding adverse outcomes.

But back to the family member in the photo...the person who posted it, is a total person like my sister, including yesterday's share of the six-year-old getting that procedure in the arm. So in that part of the family, the split is deep and vast, and as I've heard people saying on Twitter--'save yourself and fuck them' ...this was a Stage IV breast cancer person talking about whether to go to a family gathering where two members won't disclose their status on that procedure...which they surmised means a 'no'...

Even if you take it up a notch, there are documented statements by professionals in medicine, who say they have 'zero empathy' for those who 'got sick' because they 'didn't get the procedure'.  They didn't like the last surges, and are 'empty' now especially for 'those who could have prevented it'. 

This isn't true, not one hundred percent. My second colleague stated that lots you are 'sick' actually DID have the procedure too. He said death rates in 2020 and 2021 are the same, even though in 2021 there is the you-know-what in most people's arms. 

I asked the first colleague, 'when does the body stop making the spike protein' after the procedure in the arm. I could tell by the look on his face it was the first time he'd ever thought of it, and it was a good question, and he would have liked to consider it...he said he didn't know. 

There's a lot we don't know.

And for the holidays, let's give the benefit of the doubt to both sides of the argument.

If, there are long-term repercussions of the procedure, and those who have had it succumb, I'm certain in the medical community there will be empathy for these victims of 'science'.

And, on the other hand, if people who are a different kind of victim of 'science'--renal failure, stroke, transverse myelitis, myocarditis--(I heard of two cases in one family after a booster)--these are deserving of empathy too. They were told only the benefits and the risks weren't outlined enough for true informed consent.

For those who want to wait and see, or who would rather wait indefinitely, and avoid the 'procedure'--they have their own conscience to listen to. What they know is true for them, might not be true for everyone else. If they get burned by their own decision, it's their soul lesson, and have empathy for them.

The saddest cases, are the coerced. And however it turns out for them, they acted against their better judgement. Not everyone can be strong and be in a life situation where they can act in accordance with their soul and beliefs. This is deserving of compassion too.

If you are alone because of your beliefs for the holidays, well, remember the big picture of demoralizing and destabilizing a society. The outside influence achieved its target, its goal. This is the aftermath. Be good to yourself, and be of good cheer. It could have been worse, and the buildings could have been razed to the ground and you might not have food or shelter. Just save yourself from trying to wake up those others, with military-grade 'influence' on all mass-media, it's just not possible to awaken the sleepwalkers, or break the hypnosis. It just is. Be grateful you have your mental freedom. 

If you have contact, although strained, at work and with friends and family, remind yourself love is stronger than fear. Be consistent in LOVE. Plant the seeds. Be respectful and mindful of the differences. Do your best to bridge the chasm between you and the others, with LOVE, but then let it go. It's not your fault it the bridge isn't strong enough to support free exchange across it.

Let go in LOVE. 

Have the humility to accept you could be wrong, heck, even both sides of the argument could be wrong! Sometimes with 'outside influence' there's another whole reason behind the scenes nobody knows except those at the 'very top'!

Be thankful and of good cheer you've made it this far! It hasn't been easy.

Here's a new Creator Writings which says it so much more succinctly than we do here.


I hope this message finds you well. I join Carla and also little Anthony in our heartfelt wishes for a fabulous and blessed day of grace, peace, joy and prosperity/abundance in the United States as we approach Thanksgiving Day. 

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Let's Have Some Fun!


There's a wonderful video for you, which we will share. It helps to have a sense of humor, because the creator of the video has one--it's a Japanese guy talking about why he's so skinny (click here)

There's some good information there. But the laughter part is the best.

As we move forward, our resilience and our ability to 'frame things' will be tested...times are 'different' and there's lots for us to observe and to learn. If we remember Hope Weiler Johnson's advice that 'we are all just making this up' and many times what we observe are 'projections of ourselves' it helps.

But also, too, it's wise to note for 'red flags' and take things into perspective. When there is hardship, and oppression, there's only two ways out--to comply, or to flee. Things typically don't work out too well for those who resist or do not comply. 

From the perspective, there is military-grade mind 'influence' going on 'out there', as well as coordinated, active attacks on our traditions, cultures, and liberties. It's a Spiritual War that most people don't understand, under the guise of 'unrestricted warfare'--information war, bioterrorism, economic war--things like that.

About a month ago, the director of the Surgery Center I work at, said, the corporation that runs the surgery center wants 'separate break rooms' for the unvaccinated. There are eight to deal with there, plus me. 

At the hospital, the break room is the break room for everyone. 

Not any more at the surgery center.

Note--nothing was ever put into writing about this policy. I was just taken aside and told it. Yesterday. 

For the short-term, the director wants to 'pass inspection' because 'the facility could be closed down'. 

But for the long-term, it looks terrible seeing people take breaks in the hall of the medical building, without so much as a chair to sit in. I walked by a new mother from Pre-Op sitting in a phone booth area in the wall, eating and looking at her phone. I was curious about it. 

Now I know.

A highly evolved leader, would give their office to the people affected. Just share it, or give it. 

A creative one, would create a zipped off plastic wall, next to a window, where items currently are stored, and put in some cute, cheap furniture so there's separate but equal table space. With the thing they use to blow Covid out when someone isn't tested that we use in the O.R.

But this leader, is in fear mode, and has other job responsibilities, and only wants to make sure I comply so that it doesn't look like there's rules for others but not me. 

I said I won't work there. 

She was shocked, surprised I would say that, and said, 'of course we want you to work here'.

I said, 'I'm waiting for the time that they will take away everything I have and send me off to a concentration camp. I'm ready and willing to die for Jesus. They will starve me. I won't have the mark, and won't be able to buy or sell without it. It's in the Bible.'

I'm not so ready to die for Jesus. It felt awful to be humiliated like that, to be told about a rule I didn't know existed, not even so much for it to be on paper so I could litigate. It just is. 

No food or water in the facility. 

Outside is okay. Kind of like asking a smoker not to light up inside the house.

Fortunately, I was in the break room when the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict was shared by the conservative RN who did take the jab. The entire break room except me, was aghast. Shocked. Obviously they were influenced by the media.  The RN explained that 'rules in that part of the country are different than here when it comes to guns.' The rest still didn't like it.

I blurted out, simply and bluntly, that apparently the kid should have just died and everything would have been 'okay' sarcasm was lost on them. You see, with this level of mind control, facts don't matter. You can't unwashed such brains. 

Which brings me to the show.

For perspective, the Beast system runs the world. And people who comply, are supporting the Beast system. 

Why would I want to eat in a break room with people who support the Beast system?

I heard it with my own ears, in the O.R. as I was waking a patient up. There was a happy hour. They didn't like someone. A charge nurse said the first memo that went out went to the person, to keep it fair. But she really doesn't like him and didn't want him to go. And she's 'not racist' (we have only one person of color as a scrub tech, but I don't know if that was him.)  All the others nodded, laughed and supported her. I was glad they weren't talking that way about me. 

You see, he, like me, if it's that person, didn't get the you-know-what-in-the-arm.

We have two others of color--no jab. I see the N-95's. Ironic that three of the eight happen to be the only ones of color in the entire workplace.  Even more ironic that an older woman who worked at the reception desk/front area stroked out from the jab. Everyone knows it. Nobody seems to care. Why? Because it didn't happen to them, it's like she was the 'weak one'  not that the you-know-what harmed her. 

Again, this is the deep, deep effectiveness of the military grade mind control.

So why have fun?

This is a show!

It's all a comedy, really, even though it affects us and we are in it. 

I asked Ross what to do about it as I was stomping angrily in circles around the hospital complex/medical center during my gap between cases. He said, 'stay home more'.

But when I came back for my case, my surgeon was late. And a dear friend and RN confided to me the terrible fate that befell her son in college. I was filled with compassion. I actually woke up early today to make healing bracelets for free for all three of them. I was needed there, at that time. 

Also, I've been making new bracelets again. And a scrub tech noticed them right away, what I had on. One is clear quartz. The other has Kashgar Garnet. It's from the part of China where Uyrgurs are. And many are political prisoners/unwilling organ donors from there. So ironic the bead would call to me. Anyhow, this woman has been selling bracelets at popups and online, crystals too. We talked shop. She charges fourteen dollars a bracelet, or based on the materials. But I can read the aura, and match the right stones...mine are more. People want cheap but that's for simple decorative ones. Anyhow, she offered to be my guinea pig for when I do my first Astrology reading. It will be awkward but it was fun.

So, perhaps it was good I worked there, and represented the Non-Beast system, yes?

This movie takes unseen twists and turns.

It's funny, really.

No one gets out of here 'alive'...

I just learned my old house is on the market again. It's been two years. I looked with fondness at the photos. The house isn't staged. It's empty. They changed the fireplaces and put a fence around the back yard. Also they added a counter top over the washing machine and dryer.

But my fixtures, the expensive ones from Europe were still there. Mom's floor she picked out for the family room, the red tile from Spain, was there. The downstairs bathroom had the same tile that was there when I bought it. And the same shower too. 

Ironically, they didn't show any of the upstairs bedrooms or bathrooms. It was very odd. Why is the owner selling? He bought it for his niece who had been living in a trailer home. He bought it cash. Is it investment time? Or time to leave California? I don't know. 

That's why life is fun.

Enjoy the movie.

Tomorrow (or today if you read this on Sunday)--the sun moves into Sagittarius. It's a fun, free sign.

When things seem horrible, turn it around, just like Byron Katie. 

I shouldn't eat with the vaccinated in the break room. For lots of reasons. You see how that works? It takes the sting out. 


Enough is enough already! Many of you are going to be pushed to the point of wanting to say this. No more! I've had it to hear!

(polite cough)

This is where the going gets good. 

Hold on to your seats!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Twins

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Change Is Afoot!


This is going to be a difficult blog to write because, as it stands, there are no 'Right Answers'.

From all outward appearances, change appears to be happening. We are going to provide links to these original sources, but it is up to you and the test of time to decide who is 'right'.

Remember we have been training you in the skill of Discernment. Plus we already know that from the 'Art of War' it is necessary to send out 'misinformation' and 'disinformation' from both sides of any conflict.

At the end I'll give you my assessment of what's really going on, what 'rings true' today for me at the moment. And Spirit has been pushing me to write this so I will.

Data Points:

  1. Nordic countries 'flipped' against 'freedom' and new 'passports' are mentioned for 'big venues'. This is a major change of direction for that 'boat' that was on it's 'freedom course'.
  2. This week's Ben Fulford says that the conflict is well underway and the 'Light Teams' are gaining the advantage.
  3. This week's Right On Radio has explosive information. It has to do with the application of technology. For me, what also was explosive is Jeff's sharing of his 'family ties'. What was disturbing is the blanket statement that you can't 'speak to the dead'...I do. I pick up on things from Spirit and have my whole life. I sensed the Gematria comment about Josiah's death, and that there's a certain 'battle of sorts' raising the bar in the enormity of these disclosures...
  4. Saul encourages us onward!
  5. Schumann Resonance today has a bit of white
  6. The ever-enigmatic Cobra team has it's 'next meditation'
  7. First hand cry for help from someone with ties to political struggle, not unlike the Chinese who posted things during the beginning of Covid and was, um, 'silenced' and 'disappeared'.

For extra resolution, here is an NDE:  a survival of serious child abuse has two NDE's

What do I think?

I'm not afraid of the Voice of God project.

It's a little unnerving, yes. 

But what I see is that humans already transmit Love, Divine Love Energy, and so does every living being on the planet. I don't think you can break or hijack this grid. It's not possible.

We don't have to worry. We are in good hands. I happen to think that reincarnation IS possible. If Atlantis sank, and I experienced that, and I remember, no matter what happens here we are going to be okay. 

On the one hand, metaphysically, this is an incredible show or movie, what we are living through now. 

Even if there is hardship, remember, not everyone dies in the hardships. In war there's survivors, both in the soldiers and the people in the countryside. In pandemics there are survivors. In China with the revolutions there were survivors. So, don't be afraid. 

On the other hand, we have Life Lessons and Tasks to do. We can't metaphysically let the dishes 'pile up in the sink' and just 'binge watch' the 'Spiritual show'. 

It takes a balance.

I believe already our readers create a magnificent network, and we have been strengthened by daily Reiki healings and Divine Peace Healings. Our boats are 'ship-shape' and will weather the storm.


It is important to do things which bring joy to yourself and to others. This energy, joyful energy, is a direct hit to those who seek to oppress it.

There is a quality of, 'we just aren't getting to him' to it, that flusters the Dark and makes it lose confidence, go back to the drawing board, and redouble it's efforts.

Be that cause for them to go back to the drawing board today.

clap! clap!
Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Tuesday, November 16, 2021


We live in a world where we are encouraged to--as the iconoclasts sarcastically put it--'drink the kool ade'. 

I tell you it's a house of horrors out there, if you look at any sort of news from any source. If you read the Bible, it's even more harrowing. 

What is there to do?

Well, as long as we still have breath in our bodies, and are able to think with what is between our two ears, we can step back from 'reality' and assimilate our own lessons, in order for us to continue to move forward, or to 'grow'.

Here is an excellent, excellent video of a NDE from and ICU RN, shared with us by Maria Lourdes LeaƱo:

Wasn't that delightful, the video?

It's so funny, so odd,  how yesterday I was unable to function. Today, I thought I'd be tired because I had nightmares all night about legal things. And deadlines. I worked a lot on thinking 'good thoughts' about everyone and everything, after learning from the NDE video about energy and how it 'sticks'. 

But today, I was able to function. And oddly enough, it's like a part of my brain has activated, something I didn't have before, and I'm able to throw things out, and figure out key steps I need to organize.

Yesterday I did little things like breaking down boxes but I saw more counter space opening up. 

The other thing--which I'll add in the middle here and get back to the organization--is I'm facing my fears. Today, the rat pest guy came over, and checked the attic. No, it's not horrible. Yes, there were dead rats in the traps. He threw them away and set new traps. He will come back in a little bit. There's really not much place for them to get into the attic, but one hole he will patch up. The attic isn't a sanitary hazard. For the gypsy/pantry moths, and the fruit flies, he says there's no chemical to make it better. You just need to take away their food. 

I finally cleaned up the bird room after about a month. It needs to be more often, I know, but today I had the time to take care of it first thing in the morning. I hate the spiders that grow in there, lots of black widows, so that's why I put it off. I freeze the birdseed to kill the eggs of the moths, but if I don't sweep daily and clean the bottom of the liners then, it's on me, right?

Well here's the thing...yesterday I found some things I'd wanted to find. The only thing pre-move that is lost is my nice cup and whisk thing to make matcha tea at home. I found my precious wax seals from when I was little, Hallmark ones of like, lady bugs and silly things. 

And today, when I went through my last 'random pile' and shredded things --had to empty the bin on the shredder three time!--I had huge realizations.  

Good ones.

First off, 2018 kicked ass for my traveling. Yosemite. Japan. China. Berkeley. Victoria, British Columbia. Hawaii. New York.  That's my kind of year! I'm so lucky to have it. (This year was only one week travel, to Lanai, which was also incredible for the activities we did, snorkeling, fishing, golfing, shooting clay targets, archery, chess, hiking)...

I saw some records of cases I did with people who's passed or retired. I saw how one first call I did fourteen cases! This last one I did ten. 

I saw notes of spiritual things, such as Vitality equals POSITIVE vibration over NEGATIVE vibration. 

Then I saw this on the back of an envelope. It was written 11-29-2015 at Game Master, 11:45 a.m.

Ross's communication to me:

Not a test.
Lesson yes.
I learned it.
Everything is Illusion, even this house that I live in and the security it offers (I answered back to him)

Don't cry. (you have me, he reassures me)

Old wounds?
yes. help heal. (I ask him)

To Heal Tabitha (he kisses me, for as Gamaliel he was strong)

1) Talk to Andy (realtor) Bojarski
2) Let Go.

so I clarified..I asked him questions:
Relocate? No.
New House? Yes.
With Ross (like back Home)?  No.
Move in timeframe? six months? three months was a no.

New home bigger and I can afford it.

Sell Dulcinea. 

That's pretty clear.  It happened in four years. But it did. 

So now, officially, the 'Paper' phase is 'done'--what's left is to put these categories in order:  banking/retirement statements, sentimental things (can wait), Spiritual things (important!) and that's doable in time.

It's funny too, because I'm learning my sister is psychic. She gets a 'read' same as I do from voice, text, pictures--she knows the energy signature and if it's true or not same as me, she just doesn't realize it's a gift not everyone has. And today, she said, 'we should go into business together and make smoothies and heal people from the inside so they leave and feel great!'

I was glad she called. It's funny because I've seen her getting her degree and working in an office as a therapist. I've seen it for two weeks. But I haven't told her.  

I've also been drawn more and more to plants, amazing smelling, healing plants, and I want to dry them and make things with them! It's so funny....

Other huge strides today were how to delete massive amounts of email without having to put in lots of time and effort--you pick the name of who sends lots, for example, 'sephora' and put it in the search box. Bing, all the computer does the work for you, and the marketing spam you just click all and delete. I unsubscribed a lot of things too. 

I also went on a seek and destroy mission for 'subscriptions'--I called one nutraceutical company who had been ripping me off, and I never got the results--and cancelled. I stretched out some subscriptions, skipped a month on others, and then, here's the good one--went into PayPal and stopped automatic renewals on things like consumer reports, GemVal, and Angie's List, things I don't really use. I looked through apple receipts too, and got an idea for my monthly expenses for data storage, music service, and in-app expenses. That's really hard cash flow to track. I'm glad I did. 

I commented to myself how sometimes, if you're organizing, sometimes it's not just on paper but it's in your inbox too...

This creature, is something I've never seen. It's called a 'nutria'. I laugh because long ago a dear friend told me that as trailblazers, energetically, we were walking in chest high snow, making the path easier for those to follow. I didn't feel like an adventurer or leader ever at any time. But this? This photo? That's how it felt, being low to the ground, finding my way. The Spiritual Nutria! (lots of giggles)

Ross sent me medicine today, same as the verse/angel medicine the lady in the NDE video got. It's 1 Peter 3:17 KJV. Everything soothed and healed. I understood the legal situation, and it helped me to be more forgiving about it. 

I had been so distressed thoughts of doing myself in had crossed my mind. Not serious ones. Demons whispering ones. When it comes to legal it pushes my buttons and even still I'm just about ready to quit medicine because of it. There's a really good Carmen Studer out here it is if you're interested where it talks about 'bad fairies and how to squish them'. It's nice to listen to while you do the dishes or whatever.

Here too, is a super bonus NDE click here from someone who's a lot like us!

So, as we dodge the 'top off' Kool ade, and adapt and adjust, although it's daunting, remember to focus on what's right in your 'sphere of influence'.

Today, I made lunch and Anthony didn't come home. I have this new hot dog/hot dog bun toaster thing, I wanted to give it a trial run so he can make an easy lunch. We use 'restorative' hot dogs, one made with bone broth in the processing. They are 'healthy'. I waited and waited. 

Finally I texted him, and asked what was up?

He was in a hurry, and just had an energy bar. He was sorry...

I took the opportunity not to be mad. When he came home I told him not to worry, I just wanted to make sure he wasn't in an accident or anything. And I made him lunch. He liked the hot dog gadget. He was hungry. I'd made guacamole and we had some chips still. It was nice. 

I also cooked many things from scratch. Meat loaf. Zucchini bread--two big loaves. Sweet potatoes/yams whatever they are called. Salad with cooked beet and radish. 

We watched a movie at dinner, The African Queen. The classics are so very soothing for us to watch. Great acting. And something timeless in these times of change. 

I made a 'frosting' out of maple syrup, molasses, a little cream cheese and some creme fraiche. It was a hit. 

Then I cleaned and shredded. Now it's time for bed. 

My mentor taught me something, and I'll pass it on to you:  'every day you work, you win!'

It's true.

Even if the work is inner work, or house work, or tracking down and eliminating useless subscriptions, or writing/inspiring others, or going to your place of work. Every day you have the freedom to do what you do, is a really, really huge WIN.

Ross smiles and nods in agreement.

I love his smile.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple

Monday, November 15, 2021

Celebrate The Most Joyous Celebration That Ever Happened!



That's what Ross wants me to do.

To 'celebrate the most wonderful and joyous celebration that ever has been'. I heard this in the kitchen.

I'm post-call.

I was happy because I was able to drive home from the hospital at 0500, having slept, and I checked the rabbit, she's nice and clean. She's a hefty girl, so soft, and I enjoyed a few minutes of petting her and marveled at how unlike cats or dogs, with rabbits even though the fur is flying all over the place as she sheds, my lungs are okay. Totally, totally okay, and not tightening up.

I started my Christmas shopping. The banks and credit cards have offers you click to put on your card, so I saved twenty percent from the website and then ten percent to the limit from my card. I was thankful because this is the last Christmas for a nurse in PACU who buys me gifts every year for ten years, and I've only bought her a gift once. And she's going to retire! So, I was thankful to find just the right gift with these discounts. It's fun.

Our local radio station, KOST 103.5 FM, is switched to holiday music only now. There's lots of ads, too many really, but if you like through the thing you can listen to it too.

What I had thought to do, the lesson to share, was the importance of acceptance and letting go when you face hardship.  

The day before yesterday, I was stressed, because I didn't want to start anything, because 'they might call'. 

Yesterday, I had a 'late start'. In the morning I planted shallots and garlic. I got sweaty (it's eighty five degrees here! Very hot sun.) But it felt SO good to 'do what I want'  that is 'good for my family's future'. Last year's crop gave me a year's worth of garlic. I was surprised at how just one day, perhaps thirty minutes work, is an investment for the future like that. I also used the 'homemade bone meal' to feed the bulbs. 

Once at work, I'm psychic. I knew what was going to happen. Even though someone offered to cover for me, their window was twelve to five. And I was already at the hospital for an eleven-thirty case. So I stayed. I did urology, three GI cases, and oddly enough, two of those GI cases went to surgery. It took a lot of planning, but I took the asleep patient down the hall from the GI room to the OR so the patient would have the ability to 'get it all done' with one instead of two anesthetics. It took coordination and timing from both teams and fortunately it worked out. (I breathe for patients who have a breathing tube using a hand held self-inflating ambu bag connected to oxygen.)

I knew what surgeon would add on one case but really three, and that he'd buy us dinner. I just knew.

What I didn't know, and where the acceptance was key, was that the Covid DNR case would refuse surgery in the middle of the night! The whole team was ready, prepared, 'on standby' but the patient apparently had no idea there would be surgery. It was a smart move on their part, and the team was super thankful not to be exposed to risk. We are talking dancing in the hall grateful...

Today I'm on 'standby' mode. I'm sure I will need a nap later in the day. But for today, Sicilian homework to catch up on, did you know it's a college level course I'm taking? I'm intermediate level. And Astrology I'm way behind that too, because Anthony has needed me. 

Then there's the garden! : ))) 

What did Ross give me for our anniversary?

Besides the one and only Bergamot tree in all of Southern California?

On Spirit side, he gave me two precious gifts.

In a Mexican wedding, the couple kneel like this but face each other for a part. The matriarchs of both families take a giant Rosary, and place it over the couple. Have you ever seen it, this ceremony?

Well, I saw Ross take a brilliant cord, and wrap it around my shoulders, and draw me close to him. I like this one, because I feel much closer to him than our regular cord that connect our souls. It's like it's dancing and it's on fire and warm and loving all at the same time. And I feel protected. Divine Masculine protected. 

He also took a large, perhaps apple or pear-sized shining diamond cut like an old mine cut, and placed it in the center of my chest, inside, not like I'm a giant diamond ring or anything, it just went into my chest and disappeared. 

I have total trust and love in Him now, in how he guides me and our small family, and in however things are going to turn out with the world. On some level, because of the connection, the things of the world don't matter so much. 

What did I give him?

He's not an easy one to give gifts to. He literally 'has everything' lol. I mean it. But I gave him my love and gratitude, my undivided attention, my commitment to working with him as a couple, and my happiness and delight over our relationship.  I can't give him 'earthly things' and I am not smart enough to think in advance of 'Spirit things'. So, in all humility, I open my heart and do my best to make it a welcoming place for his Love. Somehow, he says, 'it's the right fit' and 'the right size' gift for him, and he is very pleased with that.

He says if I was to knit him a sweater it would be 'too big for Carla to knit' and the 'color wouldn't be right for him' as Earthly colors aren't as vibrant as the ones back home.  He says this gently and with good humor and a smile.

clap! clap!

Aloha and mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple who are very wise and otherwise joined side by side in friendship and love.

P.S. Schumann resonance looks like it's building!

Sunday, November 14, 2021

What I've Been Doing


There's not much time to write. Ross wants me to write and share about 'what I've been doing'. However, the phone will ring any moment to tell me there's more cases for me to do in the O.R.  I'm on call this weekend. I need to water the plants and jump in the shower, then fate will be what it will.

I've been working. Lots and lots. The kind where you come home and there's no way you can cook. 

There was a huge pile of dishes in the sink, because, of course, Anthony was 'too busy to do anything' but apologize, and apologizing at least was a first because he knew it wasn't good. It was so bad the fruit flies returned in vast numbers, and I had to set out double the traps mid-week. 

I was so busy I couldn't cook, but we did meet with friends, old friends, on Taco Tuesday. I also went to a local outlet store, and found some beautiful clothes to wear for some, um, important legal meetings.

Other than that, I've done my best to enjoy work and be present. It felt like the week dragged on, so very long. Many are leaving the Operating Room. Many scrub techs especially. Like five are leaving for better paying jobs closer to home or giving them more freedom.  I had lunch with three of the new anesthesiologists, and they were talking about the small world of anesthesia, and some of the 'crooks' who run the groups and become directors of regions when the 'doc in a box' corporations take over anesthesia services.

I got the one and only bergamot orange in all of Southern California. I made friends with a new garden shop, and have been so delighted. I have white sage, a cactus I've never seen before with beautiful bright orange flowers, a native sage, and a tea tree oil plant. I want my garden to smell good and be productive. It's been a joy. Even my root stock that won't die is making limes, not the best for juice, but they have incredible flavor. 

Here is something which might be of interest to you, Flower Essences. These are made after the Bach method, and differ from aromatherapy. You can ingest it. A few drops in a glass of water is all you need, and you take it once a day until your energy shifts. You can feel it. Somehow I stumbled across the indications in the Flower Essence Guide. I can't find it now. But if you allow intuition to guide you, you will come across the correct ones, by picking and reading for each product the good and the imbalance symptoms for each flower. 

Ross wants me to talk about us.

It's our eight-year anniversary. 

I almost forgot it. Why? Because of the horror of them being able to call you into work and you can't do anything. 

I did sit in the sun in the hammock for an hour yesterday. Ross asked me what was the hardest thing about my week, and about my day. But even then I didn't make the connection to the anniversary.

It wasn't until a friend sent the Dire Straights Song, 'So Far Away From Me' and I listened that I understood. 

Once understood, we were able to celebrate with a date night, and at home, I watched as much YouTube about Sicilian Language as I could. I was happy.  I know I need to hear more of it to be able to speak it. I've studied the language and culture now for about one year. 

Yesterday, I wanted to just be in the garden for a whole day and forget about everything else. 

Instead, I got a poke bowl, and started my Christmas shopping early. I got a calendar for the friend who sent the video, and the checkout lady said, 'NICE!'...and I got a giant Hershey Kiss for Anthony. Finding a place to hide gifts from him isn't easy. Except perhaps under the dishes in the sink or inside the dishwasher lol. He's a good kid, changed his sheets and did his laundry this week. He works hard, especially having to catch up after having been sick. We are both fine. 

Ross says thank you for your answering our call. 

We are going to give you a challenge.

Do the dome meditation over a two hundred mile radius with you in the center. Fill it. It will take his teams to help you with the filling. 

It's also three hundred twenty three kilometers, two hundred miles...

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Cookies that are sweeter than ever <3

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Gone With The Wind?

Last night we watched the movie Gone With The Wind from start to finish. It was nice because Anthony is studying this era in American History. He was able to tell me things about the history that in all my years of watching the movie I never knew.  For example, what happened at Fort Sumner was that it was a North fort in the middle of Confederate area. The South didn't believe the North when they said they were sending in food to keep the men alive. They thought it was guns and ammunition. So they fired on the fort. 

It started the war. 

And to end the war, General Sherman blazed a scorched earth path from Savannah, Georgia to Atlanta, Georgia, splitting the Confederacy right down the middle. The brutal tactics were to affect the people psychologically, to seal in the military win.

In the movie, Tara the plantation Scarlett O'Hara grew up on, was near Savannah, and Aunt Pitty Pat's home was in Atlanta. 


The whole point of the movie, is to illustrate a time that once was, and never shall be again. In effect, it was 'gone with the wind'. 

The narrative of the movie and the book is the opposite of the Mainstream Narrative, which is 'pro-Lincoln' and was penned by someone I can't remember the name but many years after the fact. 

What I've learned was that Lincoln had taken away the writ of habeas corpus, and was able to put political insurgents/confederates in jail without any reason, and keep them there as long as he wanted. No explanations. No recourse for the jailed. 

He wasn't exactly popular. Not back in the day.

What we see in the movie, are timeless archetypes. Miss Melanie Hamilton Wilkes, is there very best of what their culture was, kind, supportive, gentle feminine energy. Scarlett, was the more 'service to serve' aspect of the Divine Feminine, but still charming in her own way. Ashley Wilkes was the Divine Masculine of the Old South, the best of his kind, with others in mind. While Rhett Butler was the more 'opportunistic' Divine Masculine archetype. 

Even if you notice, their names are similar, with Scarlett and Rhett...

In the movie, there are layers and layers of conflict to notice and set aside. There's the hullabaloo from the war, beginning, middle (bombs and Yankees arriving to Atlanta), and end (Scarlett kills a Yankee who is in her house and ready to assault her). The story line has a good plot over the background of historical reference.

If you look further, you can the the wounded child, the ego, and psychological flaws of Scarlett and Rhett. Rhett saved Scarlett from burning Atlanta, even stealing a horse and carriage, but also, leaves her to sign himself up with the Confederate Army.

What I wonder about, is who created that war, and why?

At any given time, there are rooms of people who decide who lives and who dies, who wins the war, and how resources and banking systems play out. 

They can even decide if, for example, OUR current way of living is on pace to ultimately be Gone With The Wind...and a New system will take its place. And our lives, what we take for granted, will be gone the same way the big hoop skirts and crinolines and hats disappeared from Fashion. 

Back in 2010, 2012, it was easy. I felt like I could DO SOMETHING to Bring It On! (the changes).  Now, around ten years later...I realize more and more the only thing I can change is myself. My reaction.  And even if people are wanting to 'bring on the Civil War' like in the movie, and the masses are parroting whatever the mainstream media tells them to believe/think--I can be like Scarlett saying that the war isn't a good thing (Rhett felt that way too). 

I see more clearly the only way to get through whatever changes may occur, is to be yourself. And to do the best you can with what you have. 

It's my hope and faith that one day, the whole of TWDNHOBIAH will be 'Gone With The Wind'--completely out of the picture.

Until then, keep showing up. Keep being loving. And remember to include being kind to yourself too.

Ross wants to say something...he's talking about how some changes are fast and others are slow. Fast would be how news travels over the internet....those kinds of stories, exposures, and facts travel at the speed of light online. 

But for really loving yourself, and others, they are both one and the same. No matter how you slice it. And you wants your brother or sister to do well. 

clap! clap!
Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Cookies (he's teasing)

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Something Upon Which To Reflect


Ross chose this photo of a home. He wanted you to know there is a beautiful home, where you are always welcome to visit. And to think of it as such. 

It is our Spiritual Home.

Just for today, we are going to discuss our Earthly homes. Last night, I worked until ten o'clock at night, on backup call. I had to drive home at night. There is a great deal of road work being done both near my work, and near my house. Although daytime driving is disruptive, because of the ways the lanes are moved to accommodate the construction, at night it's even worse. They turn down the lanes so you avoid the actual construction which happens at night. 

I ended up on the wrong still was in the right general direction. But this path was poorly lit, and it too was having some lanes moved out of the way too, for construction. I literally prayed the whole way home. I knew I'd get there. But there's others driving really fast , zooming left and right past me. 

It's a hard way to live.

I realize that the social engineering has taken a lot out of society. When the women were at home, it was a safety net. They had community and support. The children had someone to care for them. As did the aged. And when 'things happened', it was the kind aunt or other family member who took you in. 

My mom's neighbor has a son of a sister who died (nephew) who lives with her full-time. He does drugs all day long. But he's not on the street. Another niece has three daughters, and she was divorced with nowhere to go. So they too, all live with her. 

This neighbor is the one we would call when mom forgot to hang up the phone correctly, and we couldn't call. She would look in the window to make sure mom was alive, or knock on the door for a visit and call us back. She loved our family. When my dad was on his deathbed, she and her daughter watched Anthony for a little while so I could be with my sisters and brother in law and mom in dad's room.

The 'labor saving devices' took away women's work, or at least, changed it. And the keeping the house beautiful was a small step to drive the next generation of females out of the home and into the workforce. The social engineers did the test run with Rosie the Riveter. Once the women were working, the family became even more unstable...

Which brings us to this forty-minute video on Homelessness in Oakland. It brings up some excellent points. Especially how people on minimum wage can't afford the current rent to live in the Bay Area. Ohio, is a member of a community, and he explains how society doesn't run without the people willing to take the minimum wage jobs. It's not all teenagers living at home any more, with the minimum wage. He explains it well, how in this line of work, and that line of work, you need people who are willing to do the actual work. 

By contrast, in this three minute video, you will see how a 'solution' has come up in Hong Kong, where it is the most expensive place to live in the world. You see the shame in the residents who live there--they are unwilling to have their faces photographed. But, in this dystopian 'solution', it represents just about how far that 'limit' can be taken--to make people pay rent for a space that's no bigger than a coffin.  

When we have a homestead, and a water source, we can be self-sufficient. 

When we have a suburban home, we can make a side business in the garage, or grow things.

When we are in an apartment, perhaps we can grow food with hydroponics, and work from home, but we are also more dependent on 'the system'.

From what I learned from my favorite student who is taking American History, with the Civil War, the South in general grew up with a gun culture. Everyone had guns and knew how to use them. But in the North, there were people mostly who had never seen or used a gun. It was a factor that helped the South. 

Apparently, it was the basics of supplies and manufacturing, and the numbers of troops, North having more than the South, that put the favor on the North. They put naval blockades against any ships coming to and from England, which is how the South got money and manufactured goods. England was backing the South. But, ironically, before the war, somehow the textile industry in England stocked up several years worth of inventory and raw materials, so they war didn't effect their industry/economy...

It's all fishy, isn't it? It's almost as if there was some Master Plan that was being put into place, a long, slow drawn out one, to make people totally subservient to the system and powerless. 

Like cattle.

But, as they say, 'out of the mouths of babes'--in this four to six minute video--a little girl has a near death experience. And it is the best 'reality check' of all. 

Medically, what happened to her is something we worry about after tonsillectomy--the bleeding. It can be massive. And it's difficult to put the breathing tube in 'underwater' when there's hemorrhage. As well as hard to put in an i.v. because the child is hypovolemic and dehydrated. 

In the first video, the left eye on 'Moose'--is something I've seen kill a healthy thirty-six year old woman. A bad tooth. The infection goes up into the eye, and then, there's 'blood poisoning' (sepsis). That he would have that for eight years off and on is very sad. 

Thinking about the rat problem in their community makes me very sad too. Rats are such a sad, sad part of life, and I'm thankful for our friends the cats and some dogs, who help protect us from them. 

Together Ross and I have laid pieces for you. To think about. He reminds me to share the photo information...about the beggars. Apparently in our community, many people with the 'homeless' signs at street corners, aren't homeless. They make twenty to forty dollars an hour panhandling. Our local police say to give money to groups who help the homeless, the real ones, instead of to these beggars. 

We have human nature.

Both in the 'movers and shakers' (economic drivers) and in the homeless. 

We have how things used to be (not exactly perfect) and how things are (very expensive, you must hire sitters, elderly care, etc)...

Then there's the Spiritual overlay on the whole situation. Creator likes harmony and peace and self-sufficiency...and there's how things truly 'are' at the moment. 

Love is the Solution for Everything. 

And when it all boils down, this 'home' is 'temporary'.

Just like the little girl said. 

Prayer will help fix these problems. 

And also, meditation.

I found a way to place a 'dome' over a 'compromised' area which is a stronghold for the Other Team. It leaks when you try to fill it the standard way. I created with my mind's eye, rice like particles. They stick. And they will plug the holes enough so you can fill the 'dome' with healing energy. And as it trickles down the holes/network, you can hear that it's not exactly welcome to 'the dark side'. But it flows like a tree's roots, and helps heal nevertheless.

We hope you find this helpful!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The beautiful pair