Thursday, February 28, 2013

Think With Your Heart and Dream Big!

February has been 'think with your heart' month. One of the greatest abilities of the heart center, is to manifest a dream into 'reality'. It is the consistency of the desire for this, and the willingness to work on it, together that can create a future in which that dream 'manifests'.

An example of this is the olympic gold medalist who dreams of winning the gold, imagining every day what it is like on the podium with the national anthem playing, swims hard each day in practice, for many years, and makes that dream come true.

When I saw this image, my heart leapt in my chest! It was real! I thought. It was my dream I have had since I was sixteen and took my first class in French.

Ever since I heard of the Cote D'Azur I wanted to visit it. Have I been? No. Not even looked at a travel book.

Why? Because as I got older, I 'saw' this house, a rented villa, white white color, high on a hill overlooking the ocean. There are rooms there. I am not alone. I am with a special person, someone who will be in my life for a long time. Someone with whom I am deeply in love. We walk to the beach and go swimming. We come back all sandy and full of sun. We make our own food, something simple, like bread and cheese and fruit. There is no worry, no stress, and no end to this vacation.

I go over it in my mind again and again.

I realize now, in fact, I have been doing something in the meantime to make this dream come true: I have been working through all of my 'issues'. I have jettisoned my 'baggage' left and right, fearlessly and with much introspection I can say, 'I know who I am. I know myself. My past is not me.' I have discovered my Truth.

I wouldn't have been much fun on my trip if I had sought it before I was 'whole' and 'emotionally optimized' for such friendship.  Now it can be enjoyed thoroughly when the time is right. I can wait for it to be perfect. <3

What is your dream?

March is the month of Dreaming. Pisces are known for that. They also make excellent lovers, according to the astrologers. This is because they are the most spiritually advanced of the twelve signs. Aries is for 'new souls'. Each incarnation progresses to the following sign with spiritual advancement. As a result, Pisces is the 'last' rung on the 'ladder'. So let us reach deep into our Piscean qualities, and spend the next month 'Dreaming with our Hearts'.


Reiki Doc

The Little Prince--Le Petit Prince

One of my favorite books is 'Le Petit Prince' by Antoine de Saint Exupery. A pilot by trade, the author describes his failed career as an artist, when, at age six, he drew a design meant to create great concern. When he showed his masterpiece to grown-ups, they laughed and asked, 'why did you draw a hat?'.

It was not a hat. It was a boa constrictor that had swallowed an elephant. He called this artwork Design 1. Consequently, Design 2 was a boa in a cut-away view showing the elephant that was inside the snake! Upon showing Design 2 to grown-ups, he was quickly encouraged to study other disciplines and abandon his career in art.

He grew up to be a pilot. His knowledge of geography is so skillful that from the air he can tell the difference of the terrain between China and Arizona--at night!

So he finds himself 'a thousand miles from anywhere inhabited' with a plane crash. He survives, but because he has no mechanic, no passenger, no radio, he mentally prepares himself to fix the aircraft himself. It is a matter of life and death. He has barely eight days of water.

The first  night he slept on the sand. The second day, as he was beginning to work on the engine, a peal of laugher burst out, the clear bright laughter of a boy. This boy did not look hungry, or sleepy, or thirsty, or frightened, or concerned at all that he was a thousand miles from any city. He was clean and dressed like a beautiful 'gentleman' of the day, with a long waistcoat.

'Draw me a sheep' the boy asked.
'What?!' the author asked in shock.
Seriously, the boy repeated his request, 'Draw me a sheep.'

So the author, who never took any drawing lessons, was frustrated about it, decided to draw Design 1.

Upon seeing it the boy, Le Petit Prince, exclaimed, 'That is too unpleasant, a boa that has swallowed an elephant! Boas are too dangerous and an elephant is to big for my home. Draw me a sheep!'

The author was startled that his new friend understood the drawing that he had once used as a test to see if a grown up was someone he could open his heart, or just stayed 'polite' and spoke of 'every day things'.

He drew the sheep. One was 'too sick' according to the Little Prince. Another was a goat with horns. Another was 'too old'.

Finally, in frustration, the pilot scribbled something hastily and threw it at the boy--here you go! Here is the sheep you want. It is in the crate! It was a picture of a solid box with air holes in it.

The boy looked at it, and slowly smiled with delight! 'It's perfect! It is exactly what I wanted. Look, he's asleep!'

The boy was from another planet, Asteroid B-612.

It happened six years before the book. The Saint Exupery wrote the book to be able to remember his friend. 'It is sad when one forgets a friendship', he wrote.

But he knew that adults don't believe. So he wrote this book for kids.

The author died not much later after his book.

I think this was contact with an extraterrestrial. I think that the entity presented itself as a little boy to be less threatening. And that The Little Prince was telepathic. How else could he have understood the boa with the elephant drawing in Design 1?

I am reading this at bedtime in the original French and translating it to English for the family. We love it. The pictures, the story...everyone falls contentedly asleep and I continue reading in all French.

I adore speaking French. I don't get to practice my French much any more...


Reiki Doc

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 29

July 4, 2008
(died July 2, 2008)
I am Filipino (Mr. V)
When they talked to me about my heart I thought: I am going to die. I knew it. My family put a lot of sense into me: you made it before. You are going to feel so better.
But in my heart I knew the jig was up. I had never made the changes of lifestyle that were asked of me. I had never wanted to take responsibility for my Light.
I spy on a beautiful light of God that will protect you.  Your vibration was at the range of frequency it gets when your heart is very happy. …Just like when your patient J.D. asked if you are a Christian, and wanted to pray before surgery. You found out he is Pentecostall and shared you speak in tongues. When you prayed aloud with him, ‘help us to do what we love and what we do best” his spirit calmed perceptibly.
Your soul has the same effect on brother D. Everything will happen for the best. You will have your dignity.
I died because I did not want to change my path. I saw its trajectory. I did not alter it. I accepted ‘fate’.
You on the other hand, are changing by the day. Only on the inside. You grow like your boy (in spirit). By feeling your pain (ed--my ex, had his phone call while he was being horny with his girlfriend and I heard everything on the answering machine. EVERYTHING). You allow us to mortify you in the flesh allowing your spirit to increase to presence on the realm.
I saw all of this with as much intensity when I passed as you were watching the birds at dinner and registering how much they steal from each other. By trying to feel the ‘lonely ones’ that were picked on something better, you exercised compassion in a sense. D felt all of it.
I wanted you to know this night. I will came back and talk  to you again. God has roses. Buy them.
Mr. V

(ed - D was someone I used to know. And just this last October 2012, I got my dignity restored. Long story. That's all you need to know. It was an attraction that never 'went anywhere', but left me with hurt feelings since 2009. Now we made our peace, and I bless his marriage to K.)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This is A Big Deal

I am not going to 'index it' but there are Cobra conferences coming to activate some vortexes around the world. This is exciting! I thought you should 'know' about this:


Reiki Doc

Rob 'Peter' to Pay 'Paul'

Please watch this video.

I am a sucker for everything Lourdes--where there are crutches on the wall because people got their miracle and can walk and don't need them any more!!!

This is fascinating because of his perception. All it took was that one person who told him, 'I think you CAN. I believe in YOU.'

The energy shifts through his desire to heal, and the yoga brings the energy body into its natural alignment. The results are impressive.

You can bet there is an enormous transformation in the diet, too. As the body heals, it just craves 'what is healthy'. You eat for fuel, not for emotion or your taste buds any more.

I am undergoing a similar transformation in my diet. I am not sure why, but meat and dairy is growing increasingly unpleasant for me. It helps to have my friend, who asked me to try Dr. Shultze's booster every day for a 'green drink'. It is not available at my local health food market. I will look for the link for you. (here it is: )  My pants are looser today! And I am taking yoga, gentle, not P.E.-style yoga once a week. It is a life line to my energy system as I deal with the severe twists and turns of fate with my mother's illness. She nearly passed on monday night from overwhelming sepsis.

The outpouring of love and support and prayer, as well as an excellent response to medicine, has her now singing the praises of Jell-O and wondering what to name her stoma (she pees in a bag, she has no bladder. It is connected by intestine through the skin to her transplanted kidney, 'Charlie'--named for 'Charlie's Angels'. ) I offered 'TOM' because it is in the middle of the words, sTOMa...but she didn't like it.

Amazingly enough, throughout her entire surgery--radical resection through now, she says, 'I am not sure if I was just lucky or what but I never felt any pain.' I tell you, that line is the one I most often hear from my patients who had surgery with me. 'I never felt any pain'.

Let us step back and think about what Energy Medicine did for this man in the video:

  1. He saved money on crutches and wheel chairs
  2. He lost weight
  3. He gained independence
  4. He stopped taking meds (bye-bye big Pharma!)
  5. He stopped seeing a lot of doctors for his back pain/issues (bye-bye Medicare!)
  6. He is now a BEACON of HOPE for millions!!!!
So, does this apply to me? You might ask? 

Yes. You have it in YOU to be everything you were meant to be--listen to your body! It is your best teacher. Believe and act and do. It might take what seems like ages, but it will happen. And you will help starve the beast of the Machine that makes money off the sick.


Reiki Doc

P.S. I like giving Reiki to my bariatric patients most of all... <3 it gives them the 'edge' they need to get on with their new lives. Did you know exercising hard throughout the loss will keep your skin less baggy? A patient told this advice to me. 'I work out really hard every day!' 

The Annoying Patient and Me

I have been short-tempered recently. This is out of character. It happened night before last in the ER with mom's nurse. The new nurse was coming on shift and I said, 'I hope you like critical care', insinuating that his hours ahead with mom was not going to be easy. His reply was very sarcastic, not in a mean way, but still a very weak attempt at humor. I told him I didn't think this was funny, because my mother was practically dead from sepsis already--in medical terminology--and not to talk that way with me any more.

Yesterday at the bedside I met a patient who boggled my entire Vibration! This one (I can't say if it is male or female) was a typical example of the patient who makes my life a nightmare: obese, difficult airway, with lots of caps in the top front teeth that are at risk of being knocked out, an incomplete workup by the surgeon/guy who 'cleared them' for surgery, a recent cold that started last night (huge risk of bronchospasm in O.R. and possibly my canceling of surgery, depending on my findings on chest exam), pressuring me to do the case no matter what, and asking if I am contracted with their medical group because 'on T.V. they say to ask the anesthesiologist if there is going to be an extra bill'. (The term is R.A.P.E. --often radiologists, anesthesiologists, pathologists, and E.R. docs are not contracted to your insurance and do not accept the 'negotiated contract rates' that are 'usual and customary'. They will be out-of-network, and bill you for the balance of their fee.)

The problem is, surgery has been scheduled months in advance, and at the beside prior to surgery is NOT the place to discuss it. If you are worried, you should call my billing company in advance! The pressure is on me  the day of surgery to get you into the O.R. as efficiently as possible.

This patient had sarcasm, too. So did the adult child and the spouse. I was told that was how their family 'expresses their love'. I said plainly, 'I am not feeling the love.' and politely excused myself from their presence after my work was done. What I felt was passive aggressiveness on their part, and a total inability to acknowledge that medically, this case was going to be a challenge, and I had been struggling to get information out of them to make the important plan for the anesthesia for their case.

The part that made me see red was the patient saying, sarcastically, 'I know, I know, I could DIE!'

One thing was clear--I was thankful I could give propofol and not have to listen to 'sarcasm' any more! I was so upset I told my anesthesia tech and my OR team how I just couldn't handle this patient before they were brought into the room!

This patient, also, prior to falling asleep, had the last words before the propofol 'hit' to render them completely unconscious, 'I am role playing in the role of the dutiful patient.' Even THAT was very like a drama teacher and totally out of sync with anything I had ever seen in my career. Controlling and rebellious to the bitter 'end' of their ability to speak! (I must admit, this person was MUCH better AFTER surgery, I checked, and they probably had a bizarre coping mechanism for their fear.)

What does this say about me? I am still working on it. Sometimes when something gets you that worked up, it is because of something you don't like about you. Am I sarcastic? Am I not taking serious things seriously enough? I do a lot of soul searching on myself...and on this one, I wasn't sure if that was 'right'.

And then it hit me: what if it is a Vibrational Difference? What if my Vibration is skewed so far to Ascension that these people's 3D 'vibe' makes me uber uncomfortable?

A huge vibrational difference is going to make both parties involved want to RUN. It is very uncomfortable to 'Lower the Vibration' by being around people 'more three dimensional than you'. This is one reason why Ascended Masters don't just 'walk around' where we can see them. Our 'Density' is uncomfortable for them, vibrationally, and is not pleasant/difficult for them to sustain.
It goes both ways, too. The person on the lower vibration is just as uncomfortable in the presence of the 'higher' vibration soul, too. 'Higher' and 'Lower' are just settings on the frequency rate, not 'better' or 'worse'--as everyone is in their 'school' together at the 'grade level' that is right for them.

I think that is what might have been going on. After the case, I found the family, and smiled and said how everything with their parent had gone well. I had given extra morphine to keep them comfortable, and they were wide awake in the PACU.

Love is stronger than Fear. Would you agree that Sarcasm is often a defense people use when they are afraid? Humor, with a loving heart, often dissolves fear. But humor, from a fear-filled heart, is an entirely different thing, and is often inappropriate to the situation.


Here is another sign of Ascension in the O.R. : my general surgeon wore a prominent pentacle around his neck.  In private, I pointed it out, and said, 'Cool! We should talk sometime!' and shook pinkie fingers with him.

In the O.R., as they were prepping the patient for the case, the R.N. was scrubbing with the clorhexidine prep, pointed to his neck and asked, 'What is THAT?' I forget his answer. But I walked over and said, pointing to each point, 'This is a person! This is the Head, Two Arms, and the Feet. This is okay.'

Remember, Darkness 'tips the star upside down' and two points are on top. That is called a 'pentagram' One point up is 'good'.  This is called a 'pentacle'.  It represents all five elements--wind, water, earth, fire, and ether, in balance and healthy. Darkness also inverts the cross, and flips the holy Hindu swastika-like sign backwards so it rotates in the wrong direction as a swastika.

Wicca is the religion of the peaceful goddess-worshipping society in the region of Ireland that was wiped out completely by the Illuminati eight thousand years ago. They were slaughtered after teaching their skills at magic to the Illuminati. Magic is their right, not the right of the ones that stole it. Magic is a Fifth-Dimensional ability to Manifest.


Reiki Doc

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 28

June 23, 2008
Late—1130 p.m.?
There is a time…to Die! (heard as I ran an ABG in the anteroom of room 1)
Frederico, 27 y.o. male, had just died of eighteen stab wounds to the back. He exsanguinated in the field, but was brought to OR 6 by the trauma team. He was in pulseless electrical activity and had a full clamshell thoracotomy. (ed- this is 'from the xiphoid to the gurney on BOTH right and left sides; the body is opened along the length of the entire costal margin in a clamshell thoracotomy)
His eyes were vacant, fixed flown pupils, and agonally gasping for air (intubated in the field).
I’d felt him a little as the team was working on him in the OR,  but he came to me in the ABG room loud and clear. There was a resignation and pride to him. He’d chosen his life and lived it. I don’t think he knew I’d prayed for his soul and for his mother when I was in the OR with him. I asked Blessed Mother for help him in his transition.
He came to me the other night, but I was rocking the baby to sleep at home. After I put the child to bed, I took out my pen and paper, and transcribed this:
F:   says “Hi” quietly. (I sense his presence, that he’s here now. He’d said he would come back before when I was doing the ABG.)
F:   what do you want me to tell you?
me:   are you okay?
F:   I am (very calm. Very quiet)
me:   Any regrets?
F:   Yes! What a fool I was. What a fool I was. Thinking I was tough and all that. I almost got out without my life! (got into Heaven, by only a narrow margin.) What’s with you?
me:   What?
F:   Your light.
me:   Not sure. I kinda have it. Others notice, mostly on the other side. I try to use it for good. I don’t really understand it.
F:   You’re pure. Your light is very shiny. It’s pretty. It’s beautiful. I can see it from out here. Not in the OR. I was busy floating and watching my body—it was like T.V. I couldn’t see it, your light. Now I can.
Thank you for saving me. My soul.  It was really close. I want to talk to you about something. My mom. Why did you pray so strongly for her and not for me?
me:   It was going to affect her soul much more than you.
F:   How did you know? It was uncanny that you knew so much.
me:   I felt her. On you. Her desperation to get you to change—away from the gang. Her guilt.
F:   You felt all that on me?
me:   She knew that you were lost to her a long long time ago. When all the tattoos started. She was helpless.
F:   Kind of like Mother Mary and her Son, Jesus?
me:   Yes, exactly.
F:   I want you to know something. When I died, that moment I was not alone. Your heart was with me. I want to thank you for it. I wouldn’t have accepted it had I been awake and chosen how to pass. You butted your way in. That force went a long long way to helping me.
me:   I was just doing my job.
F:   No—you’re hired to do anesthesia.
me:   My task is to show the dying how close they are to God. I don’t get paid for it.
F:   You are going to have a baby. And a husband. You are gong to have a lot of energy. This is a few years back. Not with coffee. But with happiness and light. I like that scent on you 'SUPER MODEL' by Victoria's Secret.  I want you to keep wearing it. All summer. God will reward you for your courage and tenacity…the happiest I’ve seen in a long time.
God has something beautiful for you. Thank you for helping me. My heart is beautiful now. My mother very blessed.
I had a good time with you watching the drama like on TV. And when I died I passed into an existence I could not imagine: love and tenderness, all in the eternal.
You are bright, like a diamond. Your oldest son is going to change the world. (says his first name). (Says the name of my second son--who was not conceived yet)  is going to take your heart and melt it into chocolate peanut butter Hershey—not caramel—he will beguile you with his wit and likeness…he will be the spitting image of his daddy. But inside, just like you. Just like first son. Together you will have another chance, just like both of us—me up here, you down there. Husband #3 will be good to you. Win your heart. Every day. I want you to keep smiling as you walk to it.
Know that I am helping you from above. I have nothing else to do. Not for eternity. (I can take care of my family and also for you. I can do both.)
That circus is going to be the best, too! Front row seating! Have a good time with all of it. (ed - I was taking the baby to the circus for the first time later that week.)
F.G.of the Light
I am in Heaven (very peaceful).

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 27

June 18, 2008
Five times. They tried to get my heart started FIVE times and called it “Deep Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest.”
I couldn’t breathe much oxygen.
And so I died.
Alone on that table.
Nobody to talk to, nobody to see me.
Only you.
You were so happy.
Open your eyes to the light. I want you to tell everybody how wonderful it was to be incarnate. All the hurts, all the pains add up to something special on the other side. I want you to have faith in it.
I am happy.
And I want you to tell everybody this: a life well-lived is like money in the bank. It is  better for retirement than any stock or bond. Once you get here, none of this matters.
The new chairman (ed--of my anesthesia department)  is going to be unhappy when he crosses to heaven. He will have the scars upon the whip on his back for having caused a lot of talent so much stress.
God will take good care of you and love you. And always love your patients.
You are wonderful, happy and light.  I saw you, in fact I never knew you until I crossed over to the other side! And I saw you standing there in that room with so much love in your heart. I saw your past, also with your future, all of it combined. It was pretty, a lot like a tapestry. I saw your heart so beautiful and sweet.
You will have challenges of another kind—how to limit the fun so you can have some rest…there will be so many choices and activities, all of it wonderful and blessed.
About your wedding—it will be the most beautiful and wonderful, awesomely romantic tryst, followed by a loving courtship, mutual affection and loving, and a holy need of one for the other and back. Once your hearts are linked there is nothing ever taking it away. You are on a one-way trip. Enjoy it. Half of the fun is in getting there.
I died. It was my time. Everyone understood it. I had to die so another one can live.
You will be surprised at what will happen so pleasantly. And how it will have surprised you. You are wonderfully happy. For all of life. And death. And the hereafter. All of it connected.
Have a beautiful life. I have a beautiful death. I cherish that I spoke with you (tousles my hair)
The guy on the table with Dr. G and Dr. S B

(this was not my patient. However, as a cardiac anesthesiologist, when a colleague is in trouble, it is part of the job to come into the room and offer help).

Too Scared To Do Reiki: Code Sepsis

Yesterday was a short day at work. I was torn between seeing mom and heading home to 'catch up' on everything that had been 'falling behind' since she got ill before New Year's Day. That included sleep.

I spoke on the phone with my sister who lives close for an hour. At her request I called the doc on staff at the nursing home where mom had been admitted by her health care plan for post-surgical rehabilitation. It is not the best place*, but the only place insurance was willing to pay for it. There are times when as a doctor you have to take your knowledge of medicine, use it like a baseball bat, and aim it at a provider who is not doing 'enough' for your loved one.  I have a list of concerns about mother. Shall we go over them one by one? There are four... and I carefully clicked off each organ system and disease process that was dramatically (read: medically indefensible) out of whack. This doc 'saw the light' and disclosed that 'she needs a higher level of care'. No Duh. Even the urology attending could hear a lung process on her follow-up visit last week!

A large part of medicine, in practice, is the avoidance of things that if left unchecked could grow into greater problems. You 'head it off at the pass'.

This is where medical ignorance and 'burnout' are deadly. I once had a fellow intern who would not check labs because then there would be more work to do and more problems to fix. He got let go from the training program a couple of years later. Checking labs is how you get your patient better.

Mom was floridly septic upon arrival to the E.R. last night. They called a 'code sepsis'. She was hanging between life and death. I dropped everything, picked up the kids from school, ate a quick bean and cheese burrito with them, and drove an hour into thick traffic to say our goodbyes.

This is where I was too scared to to Reiki. I didn't want to know with my own mother how close to death she was; there is a characteristic slowing of the chakras until they stop completely. 

Instead I said, 'I accept whatever happens. I accept. I accept.'

The full-court press in the E.R. worked. On Levophed (norepinephrine), mom had a blood pressure that was compatible with life. But her WBC count was over fifty. I have never seen anybody make it with a count as high as this. Her internist said she has seen someone make it, but it took a long time to recover.
She also asked if mom was DNR. She knew from my sister that mom was full-code, full-care.

We surgeons called the Medical ICU 'The Death Star'. Unlike our surgical one, few made it out of the MICU alive. One of the reasons is the intensivists were so quick to make everybody DNR (do not resuscitate).

So I told her, specifically--Yes for chest compressions; Yes for chemical code; Yes for electrical code; Yes for intubation.

I was surprised at how confident she was that 'her chest x-ray is clear therefore her lungs are not the source'. Everyone who has had medical training knows that the clinical picture in a CXR can 'lag behind' the clinical presentation of the patient by two days. I pointed out that her breathing was labored and respiratory rate was high, she was gurgling with ineffective cough, and although her oxygen saturations were 100% she was going to tire soon. She would require intubation. We discussed tube sizes--the intensivists like a big one (8.0 or 7.5) to do pulmonary toilet, but the last time she had a tube emergently she couldn't talk right for six months after. So 'be careful' please?

We three sisters took turns with mom and the others with the kids. She was talking but weak.

When it came time to say goodbye, as the kids have school and I have work (docs can't 'call in'), I touched her arm and gave Reiki. I did what my Reiki teacher taught me to do, but with my mind/energy, not all the positions. Great peace reached both of us. I saw mom relax. I felt myself relaxing too. Her energy system was weak but not 'checking out' like I had feared. In our Reiki tradition, we give the Transition Symbol, to help make the crossing over to the Other Side easier. I gave this symbol to her. (I had also asked for prayer,healing, and Reiki on every list I know.)

Reiki is a wonderful gift at the end of life, especially when it is a close bond. It heals both the recipient and the giver.  If you haven't taken a Reiki Class, I would suggest it, if only for this one time for its use. It is worth it to take the training to have it available when your loved ones are very sick. Mom is being kept alive by chemicals right now. When the nurse giving break futzed with the Levophed pump because of 'air bubbles', I saw mom's BP drop from 120 systolic to 80 systolic. It took the regular RN coming back to 'fix it' with the pump. I pointed out mom's vitals, and said to him, 'she missed you' and he laughed. It takes a very alert and vigilant nurse and doctor, both, to keep a person this very sick, alive.

I thank you for all the Love and Reiki that you have sent. I can feel it, and it helps tremendously.


Reiki Doc

* SIX patients from the same insurance policy were 'bounced back' to the system hospital from the SNIF rehab center that same day. My sister overheard the ER nurse comment to another RN that 'the doctor there is making rounds again', implying that the medical care was suboptimal at this place.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Felder and Rousseau

Spirit guided me to the used book store. Let me describe it as 'acres of books'.  It was an interesting 'assignment' because of two things:

  1. Spirit clearly guided me to 'Elementary Principles of Chemical Processes', second edition, by Richard M. Felder and Ronald W. Rousseau, part of the Wiley series in Chemical Engineering. I smiled, inwardly. I was a nerd! All the way through High School, I loved my chemistry enough to put up with a horrible teacher who said that chemistry was where the axe fell in college and separated the men from the boys! On having a perfect exam this one would take off points for grammar! It was devastating! I had this book my senior year in undergrad! It wasn't 'my' book, but I enjoyed looking through it and seeing how 'smart' with numbers I once had been.  Chapter One was especially endearing to me, 'What Chemical Engineers Sometimes Do for a Living'. Did you know Frank Capra of 'It's a Wonderful Life' was a chemical engineer? Cindy Crawford too. 
  2. As I stood near the metaphysical section, I looked carefully for 'what category' my present 'work' with Doctors With Reiki would go? There wasn't even a 'Reiki Section'. Miscellanous Metaphysical would be not right...I was thinking...and then I glanced to the shelves of books OPPOSITE the metaphysical. Diseases by Alphabet. Many nurtition and other health books, some as overviews by big names such as 'Hah-vahd'. It was then the energy started to flow--a lot of it, right down through my head, and I realized,  neither one is right without the other! Someone needs to 'link' the two specialties-body and spirit! Once I realized this, the energy stopped. And at checkout I found a small pocket-sized copy of my favorite book ever, A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L'Engle! They had just bought it on Saturday. And I was able to buy it for me. <3
It is a good thing Spirit has spoken. Look at this recent assessment of medical care in the U.S.--
Greed and power is its undoing. After the system implodes, I hope we can work together to built our 'bridge' between the world of Spirit and the world of Medicine. We can go back to the days of the Kahuna once again.


Reiki Doc



That is what I heard this morning when I woke up. Honu. Pronounced 'ho-noo', 'Honu' is Hawaiian for 'turtle of the sea'.

I started my day early, waking up at 3:30 a.m., and the mad dash out of the house was organized and pleasant for once.

I had only one case. When the nurses were prepping the abdomen for surgery, they exclaimed with delight--'Oh Look! A turtle!'

Sure enough, in the left lower quadrant, was a very American-looking cartoon Turtle tattoo.

I thought about it, through the day. What are the odds of 'Honu' and 'Turtle Tattoo' all in the same day?
I thought about it some more.

You know what? Honu has his home with him wherever he may go. He is always safe, and protected. Though he may swim far across the sea, and enjoy lots of seaweed that grows on the rocks, Honu is a good amakua for my spiritual 'first day' awake, complete and whole.

Yes, I CAN take it with me. And so can you.


Reiki Doc