Monday, February 18, 2013

Emergence: Just Be Present

Today I was surprised at my heart center and it's candor. Let me explain. After reading today's Matthew's Message, I was stoked, I mean, TOTALLY EXCITED about the intel, right down to the word 'co-create' that I had just written about in this morning's blog post, Healing Candle 7: Bali Sunrise.

On the car ride home, I reflected on this information in my heart. And I asked Spirit, 'Why isn't everybody--you know, Joe Citizen--everybody and his brother--etc-- excited about this news too?'

Spirit gave me a response in an instant, in just the way that I could understand. It wasn't words. It was a thought-picture about something I know well and work with every day--emergence from an anesthetic.

Here is a conversation I have had many times each day for most of my career:

Patient: Just be sure I WAKE UP from the anesthesia. I don't want to die on the table!
Me: You're not going to die!
Patient: Seriously! I don't want to take too much and not wake up!
Me: Have you ever drank so much you 'blacked out'?
Patient, looking sheepish: ...Yes...
Me: What happened after you stopped drinking?
Patient: I woke up. I was fine--except for the hangover...
Me: I keep you asleep by giving you 'sleeping gas'. When the surgeon is done doing whatever they planned to do, guess what? I turn the gas off. And you wake up! That makes sense, doesn't it, when you think about it that way?
Patient: They smile, and look relaxed, and say, I guess that does make sense!
Me: My job is to watch over you and adjust the anesthetic during the procedure so you are comfortable and safe. I will not leave you. When the surgery is finished, I will wake you up just barely enough so you won't choke on your own spit. The first thing you are going to remember is the recovery room. Everything between now and then will just seem like a short time, where everything will go 'black', okay? Next thing you know I will be bugging you to wake up and you are going to be like, 'I am soooo comfortable!' Okay?

I realized that there are things being actively given to the general population for 'keeping them asleep'. They are illuminati things, like the controlled media and addictive substances and unhealthy food. But as these things are taken away, the people are naturally going to start 'waking up' to the Truth after many generations, thousands of years in fact, of  Lies.

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I had to work today. It really sucked to have the kids home from school and me working. I had them stay with a friend, another single mother. After three, I was able to go pick them up. They asked me to take them to Mc D's for 'some french fries'. I said yes because this particular one we went to once late at night after I picked them up because I had a craving for french fries. It was fun when we ate them in the car after going through Drive Thru.

Something changed in me. I felt a calling for something 'better'. I drove by the Hollywood-style Chain Vegan Restaurant in the same mall. I wanted a juice. It was closed from three to five.

As I walked in to Mc D's, it hit me like a ton of bricks--the lies! I couldn't eat. I didn't order anything. I didn't want to spoil it for the others, so I let them order. 'I'll take a number 13 meal' I heard--and I thought how odd about the number. I was pleased they ordered water instead of soda.  To keep company I ate a few french fries. But they had lost their magic.

I was hungry but I couldn't eat. My eyes caught the 'flyer' on the tray. It was about nutrition, and all the 'many choices' that were available. I asked the children, as they ate, these five questions:

  1. What would you eat if you didn't want to hurt animals? Apple slices. Yogurt parfait. Salad. I also pointed out that the cows with the rancher on the T.V. 'infomercial' for the place WERE the hamburgers.  The kids said, 'what about fish? we like fish?' and I said, 'It is better than beef and pork, and about the same as chicken, nutritionally, but they are still animals.'
  2. What would you eat if you were at school? (it is a no-sugar school; nothing in the first five ingredients can be a concentrated sweet, even honey or cane juice.) Salad. Hamburger. Fries. They were surprised the yogurt had sugar.
  3. What would you eat if you ate organic only? Nothing on this list.
  4. What would you eat if you did not want GMO? Or High-Fructose Corn Syrup? Nothing. Not even the ketchup.
  5. How many calories did you eat today? How many are in this meal? Let's add it up--waffles with syrup and butter, three slices of pizza at Chuck E. Cheese, two sodas, ten nuggets, fries and water--about four thousand calories. How many calories do you need in a day? About two thousand. What happens to those extra calories? How many fruits and vegetables did you have today? Does cheese count? No. How about the french fry potatoes? They are fried. They don't count. Well then, none.
They asked me, 'Are we going to turn vegetarian? We will be short if we don't eat meat! It's TRUE!'
I said, 'No. I just don't want to eat here because my heart isn't into it any more. I don't want to cook dead chickens and cows. I don't really want to serve food from the dairies, because they also torture the cows. It took me a long time to come to this, and a lot of knowing myself and what is in my heart. You will in time come to your own decisions. I will not force my choice upon you. Besides, I will always eat some meat if I am served it by a friend or if I am starving and there is nothing else to eat at the hospital. But not every day. I will do the best I can.'

I asked, 'if your body was a car, what kind of gas would you put into it? Regular? Plus? Or Supreme?'
I just want to put the very best fuel into my body to make it run the best it can for me. Everyone's body is different. Why don't you get to know yours, and find out what works best for you?

(Their father suggested putting them on a dairy-free diet for three weeks to cure chronic sinus ailments. I agreed. Except for the pizza last night at a birthday party, and today, they have been off it. Miraculously, it appears to work! They don't know it, but I am going to keep them off it most of the time for good, if they keep this improvement I have been noticing the past five days.)
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My heart center found a Truth, packaged it into a way I could understand it, and gave me a chance to apply it with my kids. When they are ready, they will wake up, too. And one of them is an eight-year old Reiki Master! 

No wonder why the world at large is fast asleep. There is a lot of Anesthesia for the Soul going on out there! Now that makes sense to me. And when the 'Anesthesia Gas' is turned off--you get the picture! <3

Aloha and Namaste,

Reiki Doc

P.S. If you are looking for a tool to help you 'sort things out' as 'Truth' or not, why not take a general statement and 'Turn It Around' a la Byron Katie?

Example: 'There is NO DIFFERENCE between conventional food and organic. Studies show they are the same.'

'Turned around': There IS a Difference between conventional food and organic. Studies just have not been able to show it yet (either technology is not advanced enough, or the people who funded the study do not want to demonstrate this difference).

I hope this helps!