Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 14

May 26, 2006

Mark Taylor’s Spirit came to me today. At around noon, when I held the baby for his nap.
1) I asked him why I was abandoned during my pregnancy? He said sometimes things have to happen to get you from “here” to “there”, “there” being “where you need to be”, or “to get you to the next level.”
2) He will not be “recycled” anytime soon. He chose this so that he can help his son. His son misses him, but is starting to get confused and to forget (his Mom has new men?). But Mark will help him anyways.
3) He did not want to talk about  his fiancée, other than the new augmentation and home and she seems happy.
4) Even now, I sense his presence, his hand on my arm, telling me everything is going to be all right. …I am sorry it has not been pleasant for you. You have a son. It is what you always wanted. Remember that God gave you this. And milk. An awful awful lot of it…your freezer is packed! God will bless you magically. Do not be afraid.
Someday I will talk to you again. You are really pretty like a diamond in the sky when I talk to you from the other side. I want you to remember this.