Sunday, June 28, 2015

Gaia News Brief 29 June 2015

Ross's News

It is at his request I share with you this story first. Ross likes stories, and this is a good one from all three of us:

(Anthony and I are at the grocery store picking up a few supplies for dinner tonight. We pass an enormous display of toilet paper, with the brand we use, which is hard to find. It is the kind with aloe in it.)

C:  Anthony! Want to hear something funny?  Ross has me on restriction for this! He says because I have so many packages at home I am not allowed to buy any more until I am down to two packages!

A:  Then I will buy it mom! I will buy it with your money. Ross hasn't said anything to me! This stuff is good!

C:  Okay then, buy five packages. How many are there?  (Anthony starts loading them into the cart)

A:  Look mom--there are six. But there's only ONE left in the whole display of our kind (the regular kind was mixed in).  Let take the whole thing!

C:  Okay, okay, But I bet soon Ross will be putting restriction on you too!

(Ross told Anthony later that 'you take after your mother in the toilet paper department' with a smile. Ross also said that both of us have a 'thing' about running out--and he thinks it's funny.)

Once we got home and stored it where the rest was, everything fit perfectly, and Anthony was surprised just how many packages I already had at home.  He said, 'Mom! we must have over ninety nine rolls!'  and was super happy.


Ross had told me to bake the ham for dinner. I have a tiny little cut one, and Anthony enjoys it.
But at the store, Anthony spied the warm, roasted chickens. He asked, 'Mom? Can we have this for dinner please?'

I said yes.

Our dinner was very simple. A banana (for dessert and for potassium replacement--it's be very warm and we exercised a lot today), sliced tomatoes (for more potassium), chicken (for protein--Anthony needs LOTS of it), and fresh sourdough bread.

We bring home fresh ice from the store, and keep it in a cooler/dispenser. It's really cold, and tastes much better than the ice maker in the freezer.

That was our meal. It was delicious. And Anthony was so full he didn't have any room for the bread.

One thing I have learned much about -- both as a parent, and as a spiritual person on my journey through life--is that it is the EXPECTATION which needs the most 'adjustment'. The more flexible the expectation can be, the more room there is for happiness.

Here is an example of very difficult time with expectation from my son yesterday--I offered, since he's just over the flu and getting his appetite back--to go to the local pizza parlor to have root beer, pizza, and watch the ball game.

Well, on the way to the pizza parlor we pass a local bowling alley.

Anthony wanted to bowl.

I had done all the laundry and folded it, and then done a lot of cleaning in the house. I was exhausted. We had played catch twice, and I had to run fast to keep the ball from rolling into the storm drain at the gutter when I missed it.

I stalled on the decision when asked about a hundred times, 'Mom? Can we bowl?'

It's expensive to bowl. We had gone out for breakfast and dinner. I was beat.

So I told him, after listening to my heart, 'No. I don't want to bowl today, we are not going to go. Walking is good for me. Let's walk to the store at the end of the shopping center and look around.'

You would be AMAZED at how many angelic messages popped out to me from the merchandise at this store that were on-target for me--'follow your heart' and the like. 'You are loved by the angels' too. Actual WORDS, not numbers, like 444...

On the way back towards the pizza place, he was STILL asking for bowling.

This is not a trait from my side of the family, but apparently it must be on his dad's, because they are very hard on Anthony, all the time--and tell me to be hard on him. I have learned the value of what my father called, 'Vitamin No' and have been using the therapists advice to say, 'That sounds like fun and (validate the request, the emotions) but we are not going to do this today.'

It was a storm for me, a single-mom with a kid as big as her physically but not emotionally, wearing her down.

I held my own through the storm. And today was much better. We bowled for ninety minutes, and enjoyed our time together very much.


I worked late on Friday. And I work late again this week, twice.

Spirit found a way for Anthony to go and have fun with his father's side of the family--cousins have flown out from the east coast, nice people, and they have rented a large house about one hour away.

I'm usually on call on different days, but Spirit had me covered, and I am thankful.

Work is easier. I just can't explain it, but it has so much more to do with my attitude than anything else.

We actually had to 'slow it down' a little, as the inspectors wanted to change the way we do anesthesia.

Now everyone has to do it like I always have done. And instead of 'dragging my feet' as they have accused me of, for wanting to be thorough and not cut corners--I am walking two inches taller knowing I have done it 'right' the whole time. Now they get to work like me. : )))

Our computer anesthesia record will go live in two weeks.  I may or may not be as visible online until it's done. It is an extra assignment for me to be the 'point person' for the anesthesia group...and of course we are sending Reiki ahead in time so that everything will turn out in the best possible way.


It gives me great joy to work with the bracelets. I feel confident in the stones and in the variety of crystal beads I have to work with.

It's such a blessing to be able to express myself in the physical, by creating harmony of spirit and healing together in one action.  I learn as I work with the energies of the people who request the healing bracelets.

I do this out of love for my team.

I hope it shows.


Carla is going to bed. She had a long day. She tried going to sleep but got up and remembered there was something she had to do on a special project with her team, so she did it.

I am proud of her, and always willing to help.

What I want to call your attention to--with my 'test model' or 'guinea pig' of sorts--my wife and her almost 'I Love Lucy' ways with us up here--is Carla's model of PERSISTENCE.

Earlier today--'Ross? I want to be with you, like my Higher Self is. I want to know all the things she knows about you, and to be able to enjoy you. For whatever reason I am here, to do what I am sent to do, think of how much time I could have been with you--and I'm not. I think this is SAD.'

I didn't budge. I and Carla's Higher Self are just as strict with her, possibly more so, than Carla is with Anthony.

Again, at dinner, Carla was, 'Ross? Where are YOU?  I want to have my meals with you. I want to be at your side.'

And tonight, just as Carla was falling asleep, 'Ross, I want to BE more like my Higher Self so I can be WITH you on a more regular basis. I don't like this falling asleep and then coming back to where I am and I don't even know why I am here or what I am meant to do. I seem to be making an impact on a bunch of readers--yet I don't really understand why or how this is happening, although it most definitely IS.  Ross, I want to start thinking MORE like HER, my Higher Self, so at least I will one day get closer...'

Then with THAT Carla did the move that surprised all of us on board ship!

Carla stuck her foot in the door!

And CARLA was NOT going to let that foot come out!

Those of us up here did not know such a move was possible.  For everyone here incarnate, you will know with that small move of her body, with her foot in the door, that Carla, non-verbally, was not taking 'NO!' for an answer.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, Carla, does it?

Anthony does it with you. And with me--on the toilet paper.

He gets that all from you.

It's not OF your Higher Self.

Not in one bit.

It is pure and simple YOU--your energy in the form as Carla--who is a fighter through and through.

You are teaching everyone this, with fearlessness of spirit, and with heart, in perfect balance and ease and delight...Anthony is learning too...and so are all of us up here (tap tap--he taps the seat next to him--ed)

One day we will all be as One.

I am sorry you are not permitted to understand more at this difficult time, where you are having changes to your expectations on account of me and my actions (the disappearing, the knowing changes are due ahead, without having any input or consent).

Try to have more lakes honey. And less 'whine'.  (he pinches my cheek--ed)

I love you.

Your lesson will touch the hearts of many tonight, Carla.

And both of us know you will find your way on board ship, and find that way to get that door open.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Gaia News Brief 28 June 2015

Vacation Is A Schedule Change

I've been thinking a great deal about the island in Greece where a man cured himself of lung cancer.  The people there wake up when they feel like it, work in the garden, eat light, and stay up late enjoying time with their friends.

Yesterday I was stressed out. This is because the basketball game was early in the morning. I had to work to get us rushed out of the house, just like on a weekday.

If I went to church on Sundays (I used to prefer the 7:30 am mass to start my day) I would have had that same 'rush' too!

Rest is important. So is taking care of yourself, and your home.

I realized the reason why my home looks like a bomb hit it, and that the sink is always filled with dirty because I'm always on the go!

When I'm home, I'm sleepy.

I realized my home is sending a message to me, like a mirror of my internal life, every single day.

Today I am listening to it, and not judging myself. And today, we cleaned a little bit, to tidy up.

I have a cleaning service every week. Our floors and carpets are clean. Our bathrooms too.

But the HOUSE?

I'm on a little schedule--change the rat cage and the fish water once a week. And it's helping. Today, I killed five black widows. And caught a mom with her eggs under the rat cage.

I actually sang a little song, like when I was in kindergarten on the swingset before school, to the tune of London Bridge--'no black widows in my house! in my house! in my house! no black widows in my house! NO BLACK WIDOWS!'

This is a sign that deep internal changes are taking place. I am going from victim to observer to champion of my own home.

I have hope that in time, things will get better...with Anthony's help, I am sure it will, bit by bit. It's like a fog is lifting.

Now it's time for fun--bowling.

One Last Thing

Last night we played monopoly. We really enjoyed each other. I used to be the banker--now I let Anthony have that task. I used to play to win. I didn't. I let Anthony slide when he was out of cash. And in return he let me.

I could see what a brainwasher into 'the system' that game is. All to 'win' which is ridiculous because how can you 'win' against those you love?

Deep down, I felt a connection reestablish with my boy, heart to heart. I realized what a tragedy it is for me--to coparent, to go to work, and to not enjoy him every day.

My heart had closed somewhat against the constant attack of 'loss' which is through the Illusion.  It's not true. My boy is my heart no matter where either one of us go!

Society is having a multi-generational assault against women, and the Divine Feminine. It separates the children from the mom--to the point of having the kid in the back seat, which is ridiculous to parent.

I am so tired of all the 'safe for you' changes to our lives, which actually, harm the emotional bond between parents and their children. Everyone looks at the 'good for you'--but they think 'it's worth it'.

Gradually we have gone from a nomadic existence, to an agrarian one, to a very industrialized, compartmentalized 'mess'...if you ask me.

I hope one day these trends reverse.

Now on to burritos, and bowling!


This is my family. Carla hasn't 'felt me around' because I have been limited in my ability to contact with her. It is part of her Lesson.

She even pushed the button round her neck to have me come, and for the first time, although I've promised to always come, I didn't.

Carla knew and noticed  that it was in fact a test! Carla didn't get angry, or upset. She just through it was stupid for us to go and run a test.

She knows it will pass.

Today while she was cleaning, and shredding files, I told her I am proud of her.

My princess does the dishes, just like everyone else. Even when they pile up.

Carla is human, in every way.

There is great value in this.

And so it is for all of you.

You are royalty, back home. Right now you are 'just camping' or 'roughing it'.

Soon you will rediscover the truth...and awaken.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Gaia News Brief 27 June 2015


Yesterday was the first time I was troubled with a situation and I sought out Ross for advice. I just didn't understand an interaction with another person, and wanted to know 'the skinny' on it with no judgement or need for emotional support. I wanted it explained.  This was for my soul to rest.

Ross said to write. So I got my journal I keep just for our conversations.

He explained everything from his perspective, and it made sense. My soul instantly calmed.

He also said, sincerely, 'I am glad you came to me for this.'

I am too.

In the past I would have gone to a friend, and the reply--although filled with Love for me--would be given through the lens of my friend's perception.

Ross and your guides will be available to help you with this too. Any time. Just 'ring them up' and someone of equal or higher caliber will be sent.

My Galactic Home

Energetically I am adjusting and accepting the relationships with those I am close to Back Home. For example, I had a request and Merlin showed up. I asked him, 'Merlin? How can I have more fun? I work so very much, I can't even think of what to do...' (my birthday is coming up. I have the day off. And I have no idea how to spend it.)

He is working on it.

Divine Father popped up next. He asked me what two things would I like erased from my experience forever?I thought deeply about it. I came up with two. And Father 'erased' them.

Then He asked me what I would like as my reward for all I have been through, my gift from Him, from Love, to help me feel better?

I argued with him.

I didn't want any thing or any surprise! I only want to be with HIM and to know HIM, just like before I came here.

I enjoy his company.

So I asked, with my whole soul, 'Daddy? If you have a hobby, I would love to spend some time doing your hobby with you, to enjoy your company. That would be my dearest prize, and it would please me very much, to do an activity that is father and daughter...and help me learn a little bit more about you.'

I admitted he is Very Busy, and perhaps does not Have The Time, but 'whenever' it would be possible, I would Wait, and it would still be my most prized 'present' to look forward to...if I could?

Father had tears in his eyes.  He didn't know what to say. He had expected me perhaps to say gold or riches or diamonds.

My words touched him deeply, and he gazed at me with surprise and interest. He had been gazing at me before, for some time, because he was puzzled at how I think--how the Human Life Experience has affected me. He had asked me some other questions before, and I forget them. He was highly pleased with my response to him too.

He paused, and said, 'I am very good at Backgammon.'

I asked, 'Did you invent it?'

Actually, someone else had invented it, but since He is All That Is, I could see the connection. However, this invention pleases Father very much.  I confided I once got a set for my sixteenth birthday, and enjoyed playing the game very much, but I had completely forgotten how to play!  I delighted in that He knows how to use the doubling ball thing with the numbers on it.  I look forward to perhaps one day soon playing Backgammon with Divine Father, and getting to enjoy our bond.


If you have an iPhone--

  • go to Settings
  • go to Privacy
  • go to Location Services
  • go to System Services
  • go to Frequent Locations
Now you know how there is capability to track your movements without your knowledge.

If you have an Android--one of my colleagues says it can pinpoint your location within five feet. So if you wife is in the other room and you are in a different one, and both have your cell phones on your, your locations within your own house will show up.

Even if you turn these location services 'off'--the capability to collect the Data still exists, and it might be collected somewhere else with no notification to you.

Your calls and website visits could similarly be collected because the technology is there.

There is a program called 'Life 360' where movements can track family members who subscribe, too. All over the globe, if their cell phone is there you can see it on a map.

The reason I bring this up is not to scare you. It is to let you awaken to the truth of what our Technology is capable of monitoring.

And to comfort you in that Galactic Technology is even far more advanced, and THEY are very much 'on top of things' for our 'team'...


Carla wanted to know about her bracelet. Why it doesn't beep when I am with her?  It has only beeped once to her awareness, and the other times Carla has been fast asleep or busy with her patients.

Yesterday was a long day at work. It was more than fourteen hours in length.  The surgeons were pleasant and everyone had their cases go off without a hitch.

I was with her.

A part of me is always with her, and it's not like in the songs you hear by the group Chicago 'you'll take away the greatest part of me'...Carla is on my 'map' (taps a screen) and I can always follow her with my eyes as well as by the feelings I have in my heart (our Golden cord which connects us--ed).

Carla is adapting to Galactic Life. 

And everything it gets easier.

She is talking with us, taking it at Face Value--and giving us the respect we automatically give her.

Carla wasn't always respectful of us or our commitment to her! Carla would complain and curse and swear, 'WHY AREN'T YOU DOING ANYTHING FOR US???' to her whole Council!

Carla? Look at what we have accomplished! (with you--ed)

Carla:  (I smile and blush--they have beaten me at my own 'game' LOL)

Ross:  Carla tell them what I did for you this morning?

Carla:  I feel like I am coming down with something. Anthony was sick all yesterday with the flu. And I hit the alarm off because of this terrible sleepiness. I set the timer for forty five minutes. Well, Anthony has an early basketball game today (he feels much better) and I would have over slept.  The Galactics woke me up to a nightmare of my being late to the ballgame!! I was in a deep sleep, and it took me a while to 'come to' and realize I still had time to make it.

Ross:  I saved your butt, didn't I?

Carla:  (I smile and blush again)  Yes, Ross, you did. Thank you.

Ross:  (smiles and is tickled that I added the gratitude to it--ed) Very well done Carla. Very well done! Now go and make some breakfast. The pancakes are a good choice for Anthony's stomach, I agree...and HAVE FUN!

Carla:  (I smile and blush again, truly enjoying Ross' presence and his Love--it's like an oasis in the desert of 3D, and I am enjoying it very much.)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

P.S.  Please if you are not bored by us, please see the response to this comment on this blog post--it is a troll--making the comment--a paid internet worker to discredit the Light. We want you to watch the vibration both of the comment, and of our combined response even though Carla only signed it. This is a template for you in your Light work--never engage, be friendly, and when confronted keep the vibration (Ross puts his hand at his eye level to show height--ed) THIS high!   So--whenever you see the elements of ridicule, exclusion, and non-unity, especially when something engages the mind and not the heart--those are the signposts of the work of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

There is no need to make comments in Carla's defense!  Just 'let it be' for now, as it is, and LEARN!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Gaia News Brief 26 June 2015

All's Well On The Western Front!

The Local Reiki Post Office

I went to mail a couple of bracelets at the Post Office. I have a PO Box, and I showed them earlier how things addressed to Doctors With Reiki--with checks in them!--have been returned back to the senders. (I had a check that was sent twice with both envelopes to show them.) Well, between the money order for the new bracelet request (I cash them at the post office), and my frequent trips to go mail things, and my gift of a Merlin Bracelet to the Vietnamese lady (who happened to be helping me today)--the following conversation happened:

  • Clerk at next window, talking to woman about the PO Box names--'My mother-in-law knows Reiki'
  • Me to clerk at my window, the owner of the new Merlin bracelet gift who I told her it's worth eighty dollars--I pointed to the Money Order and said, 'See?! THIS is how much for a new bracelet!' And she SMILED because like most Vietnamese I know, they have a unique appreciation for designer anything LOL.  I explained it is very 'high energy work' I do, and that's the value.
  • Clerk in next window, who has moved over to the other side of my window, says, 'Actually, I am Reiki 2'  I exclaimed with delight, walked to him and said, 'High five!' We did a high five right then and there for Reiki!
  • I asked, 'would you like to know how many hits I have on my blog?'  (they nodded and said yes)...'seven hundred fifty thousand! And I have over five thousand 'likes' on my FB and almost half that much on Twitter'.
  • Everyone realized who I am, more than a person who hangs out at the post office often, I am 'known' for my healing work---and the subsequent healing 'movement'.  The clerk who is Reiki 2 said, 'I am going to have my mother-in-law check you out on Facebook'...

Building Bracelets

The Commander Bracelets--I have in front of me a set of 'Twin Flame' bracelets I made for a couple. In it is the pair plus a set of Angels Beer Insulators, one sparkly for Her and one regular for him. It was an 'extra'. Well, Spirit sent it back! All the way from out of state. Undeliverable...And I 'sensed' this couple had a huge breakthrough in their energy. Simply put, the old bracelets 'didn't fit' their new energy any more after the upgrade. Spirit said, 'Do it over!' and I kept getting BLANKS while trying to read their energy. Well, I confided to the male in the couple, what was going on, and I apologized.

Instantly I knew, that the Tektites that arrived yesterday were important, right as the words of apology came out of my lips. Soon I knew the other stones. And today, they almost built themselves, there was THAT much Spirit behind the making of them. I was going along for the ride! THESE are the Commanders Bracelets.

This pair has a purpose, a message, for the owner couple. And furthermore, the 'same old same old' according to Spirit is NOT okay. So I will hold the bracelets for another couple Spirit says is in need of them. And the beer cooler things?  I don't know what to do so I will wait for that message too.

Another Request

Here is a message to me from a reader:  Your previous bracelet with its high energy was such a help to me. But I don't know if I've 'outgrown' it or what. I'm receiving energy upgrades, which are stressful.  When I asked my Heart what I needed to do, I was told to ask Carla for another bracelet.

This is ENTIRELY correct! I experience this myself, both with the Healing Bracelets for me, as well as for my crystals and my remedies I buy from Alexandra Meadors. We 'outgrow' them. Anthony does too with his bracelets, and simply asks for a new one. I always make it for him that same day when he asks.

Today I took a nap, and my upgrades were bizarre--whole body tingling in a pattern I've never experienced, like lots of painless lasers over every inch of my skin all at once. There's a rubber band 'snap' feel to a laser treatment, and it was not painful but for me this afternoon it was like thousands of them going off at once at the same time.

If you are having difficulty with energy downloads and upgrades, the original Ross and Carla Reiki Scholarship Bracelet is very helpful to 'smooth things out'. My cousin has gifted one for his wife as an anniversary present.   She is not 'open'--yet!--and is his Twin who is very blocked by 'organized religion' because her father is a pastor. It's working MIRACLES! The healing in this is very gentle and slow, and compatible for both men and women. My mom won't take hers off.

Please look at the tab for the original--it's up at the top of the blog on the Reiki Scholarship.

If you are VERY high energy, like the one who sent the letter, your energy requirements are going to need something with a little more 'oomph' in the energy department. I order beads, chips, and nuggets of the highest quality and vibration, make the bracelet with Spirit custom for you, and then I charge the whole thing with my energy.  The goal is to make something that will feel like it is going to blast your arm off with an energy adjustment, and slowly you will adapt to it, thus smoothing out all the energy upgrades...

We ARE almost home! You can make it! And if my healing services can help--please be sure to use it!  The daily Reiki and Divine Peace Healings are free, and available to everyone in the group. The bracelets are available too, but I have to pay for the materials which are not cheap.  Although I get a company discount from my supplier--good materials can be pricey. I can easily spend more than seventy dollars on one strand of fine rondelles with a little bit of a shine to them. Tanzanite, Goshenite, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond are expensive, even for the chips. I am not saying everyone will get something made with these traditional gemstones. But as building blocks of energy I create and work with, I need everything from Iolite to Swarovski crystals...I work with light, energy, color and patterns to create the healing bracelets for you.

I recall the day when Isabel showed me on Skype how to string beads. I could sense that all the team s--both hers and mine 'up there'-were watching us, on the edge of their seats. I asked Isabel, 'What in the world could interest them in a couple of ladies trying to pass the time waiting to go home by making bracelets? What are they THINKING? What could be more boring than this, Isabel, for them to watch?'

Ross, Ashtar and our teams knew.

They must have known in advance we were healers remembering our specialty.

They also must have known how many people we would be helping with our skills and gifts too.

Isabel also taught me how to make earrings. I knew NOTHING before that day, except designing with Linda Dunn on the original bracelet...

See what Creator can do?

Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom (sung to tune of Two and One half Men)

I'd been thinking about mom, but busy, and on the way to my meeting finally gave her a call. She'd been thinking of me, too.

She paused, and said, 'I need the number for that Tim Braun (medium)'...if you don't think I'm crazy I'll tell you is what she said:

When Nana died and I held her, I felt her last breath, and I think I breathed it. I think Nana is in ME! I feel her with me EVERYWHERE, like it's inside!

I told her, 'Mom, I was with Nana when she died. Nana went to Heaven. She might pay you a visit but she is definitely NOT you. You are YOU.'

Mom felt her energy all around her, all the time, and tells Nana to go sit in the chair like she did in life.

I asked, 'How does it feel? Is she like a blanket?'

"YES! That's exactly it! When Nana is with me she feels like a blanket all over my body!'

I mentioned how perhaps she could thank Nana for her presence, and then ask gently if she could have a few hours to herself to pay attention to some tasks, and invite her to come back later?

Also we shared about Cousin Frances' dream. Aunt Theresa was making lunch for Nana. But Aunt Theresa told Frances, in private, 'Angelina isn't very nice to me even though I am being really nice to her.'

I laughed. I told mom Theresa, who was cruel in life to Nana, has a very low vibration. Nana probably can't even feel her!

So even though mom thought Nana was 'getting even' by 'snubbing' Theresa, I smiled and said, 'Mom! It's not like that at all up there. It's just that a difference in level of energy of one rank between two people is very uncomfortable, and Nana probably doesn't like the feel of Theresa's energy.'

Thank You Council!

I just read this...

The Study Hall Update

Our group has made forward progress. We worked together through the ten healing steps, and this month are working through Past Lives and the Akashic Records. We also are growing.  I am filled with love and gratitude for those who are making an extra effort in their Spiritual Growth.  These students WANT to learn, and it is most gratifying to work with the 'really making the most of the opportunity that is given' class...

I will let people know when Spirit says it is time to open the group, and we will be accepting applications to the Lady Gaia Sophia Study Hall.


Two blog posts in one day? Carla! I am so pleased.  Now--go and eat some dinner!
Anthony is due home any time now!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

P.S.  Carla:  I just clicked 'publish' and the key was in the lock. Anthony was home with Gigi. He 'knew' I wouldn't eat dinner, and had a club sandwich for me. (It was his leftover) They had gone to a local ice cream birthday place to celebrate Gigi's birthday today! I had no clue.

And the funniest thing is that earlier today, I had thought to go there for lunch--I just wanted their food and ice cream very much.  I offered to make a bracelet for Gigi. She saw the new one on my arm, from my Cousin, who worked with a recently deceased friend and Ross to make this bracelet for the widow. It's called 'Effervescence'--and Gigi liked the green and wanted one 'just like that'!

Top to Bottom:  Gigi bracelet, Gigi's OWN bracelet I used for 'size' and gave back,  Effervescence, Merlinite, and the White Topaz from my Higher Self

Gigi's birthday bracelet includes peridot, green tiger eye, aventurine, pearl, Swarovski crystal, and Russian Serpentine. It is made with elastic, and is seven and one-half inches in circumference.

Gaia News Brief 25 June 2015


There was a discussion in the Doctor's Lounge today I found amusing. Our Russian orthopedic surgeon--who had been a championship couples' ice skater in the Olympics and defected to the United States--said we had just 'voted in socialism' with the recent news about Obamacare.

A Persian doctor said how she wanted to get her back MRI, but the insurance said it was fourteen hundred dollars out of pocket. So she decided to live with the pain.

The Russian surgeon said, 'I can get you an MRI for four hundred dollars cash. Call my office.'

And I made the connection! I, too, had been taking care of my own health needs, whenever possible, paying with cash directly to the provider so as not to affect my insurance!

The Black Market in Healthcare is arriving to the United States along with the Socialism!

For lack of a better name, I call it 'Shadowfox' because one has to be clever and able to keep this 'under the radar' until it too gets figured out.

Apparently all the high income people are in an exodus out of the state of California because the cost of business is increased.  The surgical technician is concerned because all employers must provide a minimum of three days sick time.   She owns a coffee shop with her husband. She has five children. She has worked in the OR for trauma at USC and also here. She knows that people are going to call in over the least thing, and then they have to find coverage for the shifts (most likely herself and her husband on short notice)...on July 1 this new law is effective and right now she and her husband are getting concerned about their future. He says, 'dear, it is time for us to move out of state'.

The circulating nurse used to run a pharmacy store like Rite Ade (spelled on purpose to fool computer checking systems) back when he lived in Texas for years before he went into nursing. He used to hire people who were broke and needed the job to pay the rent. This is because they would COME to work in order to survive. He didn't hire the people who were looking for 'a little extra money' and had a husband supporting them because they would call in sick and not show up.  Teenagers were the worst, because they are 'so flaky'.

I shared how two years ago, my teenage neighbor who seemed pretty responsible and wanted a little extra cash, was taking care of our animals when we were out of the country. She got sick, and just stopped taking care of them for a week. She never told her mother, or felt she had done anything wrong by not telling me. And she TOOK her money! She wanted FULL PAY!

My animals could have died!

So with the new fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage in Los Angeles, the scrub tech and the nurse said, 'it's only going to drive up prices'.  Then the nurse said, 'this is only because someone used this as a platform to get themselves elected.'

Sometimes not being so absorbed by the politics is really is.

The Question

This morning Ross was in meditation and invited me to join him. He doesn't wear anything special, but he does go to a quiet place in order to relax when he does.  When I asked, 'Are we duplicates of each other when we meditate? Do we see the same thing? How does it work as we are Twin Souls?'

He said we are basically like 'one and a half'--we each connect to Creator on our own, but we overlap and have an 'us' part too. He wanted me to share this with our readers.

In meditation, SaLuSa popped in. I call him 'Papa SaLuSa'.

Today he said, 'please, call me SaLu'. He was very friendly and relaxed.

I had to ponder it. Was it polite? He WAS I said the old name a few times in conversation until I got the hang of the new one.

Then he asked me the same question, over and over, like this:

S:  Are you going to my wedding?
C:  yes. I look forward to it.

S:  Are you GOING to my wedding?
C:  I think so. I was told I get an invitation.

S:  Are you GOING to my wedding?
C:  Am I going to be mentally, emotionally, and physically present? Of course--as far as I can sense...

S:  Are you GOING to my wedding?
C:  (at this point I asked for hints and I could get none).

This went on for about five minutes, with me getting NOWHERE.  The only thing I could figure is, perhaps it's my Higher Self, or me, depending on the Veil and my Ascension progress?

However, on the drive home after work (I had a short day)--I 'sensed' SaLu 'asking' and a vision popped into my mind--of a horizon with scattered deciduous trees, and a wedding party going on. I was like I was floating, and looking down at it, and sure enough, SaLuSa and EnnKa were there getting hitched...

So I thought, 'Aha! This is it! There is no such thing as TIME, so this is always going on at some point in Creation, and it never ends. The consciousness passes through the experience but somehow the event is anchored in time and space according to my standards of comprehension. So I 'popped in' with my Consciousness, for a remote view, and I can practice this until I can one day 'be' at the party.

I was going to make bracelets but SaLuSa wanted to take precedence with this first. So I ate a light lunch, and wrote!


(He shrugs and acts as if he can't explain anything--ed)  This is for YOU to figure out.

Today was a second invitation to Carla for someone to 'pick her brains' on the Ascension thing, this time, with the relationship which is like our own--me 'up here' and Carla 'down where she is currently'...

Why DOESN'T Carla say, 'I'd love to meet you over cyber coffee and exchange thoughts on the subject?'

Isn't Carla FRIENDLY?

Carla is quite pressed for time.

Carla is also learning.

Carla does not teach except for the purposes of this page.

What kind of vibration is someone who has doubt going to provide in the conversation? Carla is going to get energetically 'sucked in' to a 'helper's role' where emotionally the person isn't quite steady on their feet with 'all this new energy and relationship stuff'...

How is Carla going to assuage the doubter?

Where is the doubt, and where does it live? (he points with both fingers to his ears and smiles big--ed)

How does it come out? And whose job it is--who can do it?

Only the person who has the doubt.  Carla cannot carry you. (gestures with hand like a karate chop level to the ground, first lower and says, 'from here', ENERGETICALLY, lifts the hand to eye level 'to here'. -- ed)

Carla is doing this with everything she writes and says and offers and does, for those who are able to accept it. There are the daily healings times two, with me on most mornings. There is the blog which reads like a book, if you wonder where Carla was and where our relationship has been.  There is a YouTube Channel--if you want to look at Carla's face and hear her voice--77Picklehead is the name of our channel...

Can someone feed you?

Yes, someone can put a spoon filled with sustenance in your mouth. But sometimes the spoonful of food will run backwards all over the face and not go 'in'.  With the extremes of age, this kind of feeding is common. In babies and in geriatrics there is always a bib at mealtime.  But only if the beloved one who is being fed is able to swallow will the food go where it is needed.

The only way to truly feed someone is through an iv (which isn't so good long term--ed), or a tube that is inserted into the stomach for this purpose, for 'tube feeds'.

With this there is no need to swallow.

Do we 'tube feed' anyone here with spiritual advancement, up here, where I live?

Not a chance! For everyone has their own level of development, and their perception (the same gesture with the fingers to the ears and the smile--ed)...and that is OKAY!!!

But I cannot do 'the work' for Carla any more than Carla or any other LightWorker can do 'the work' for you.  (clasps right hand in fist to his heart--ed)  One must EXPERIENCE it...

Carla;  I had a visual today I sent Ross, about learning to walk, and trying and falling and just getting back up again--with how I feel about my manifestation. He told me this too was correct, and to share. He just wanted me to share it now with you.

Ross:  Have I made myself clear? You are LOVED, universally and unconditionally, by me and Carla, by your Guides, by all the Archangels who are both incarnate and not, by all those who have loved you from the Higher Realms. And you are immersed in that Love, absolutely swimming in it! And while you are in 'that soup' of Love, you are learning.

Would Carla enjoy your company, and the chance to pass an hour relaxing online with a cyber coffee? YES. Absolutely, unconditionally, YES!

Is Carla going to do it?

Not on your life.  Carla is not going to make anything more clearer to you if she hasn't already (gives the gesture with the fingers pointing at the ears--ed)...

(he shows the gesture of someone swallowing--ed) First you are going to learn how to eat.  Carla will do it! Carla is going to be at that spoon for as long as we both shall live--trying to get you to eat your fill of what Spirit guides her to write and share, like today with Papa SaLu.

Carla will drop everything, even her passions, and the free time to catch up with her handiwork--in order to be here for you, whenever you ask...

Your Spirit guides are waiting in the wings (smiles and catches himself in an unintentional joke about angelic guides--ed)...why not be with them when it is time to meditate for either one of you? Now THAT is the guidance you seek! It is instant, unmistakeable, and you can't beat the price! It's gratis! It is available 24/7, know what I mean...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
the Reiki Doc Twins


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Gaia news Brief 24.June 2015

In The Afterlife

This morning I was woken up just before the alarm with these words...'In the afterlife....things are....very...(long pause as my guide was searching for the right words)....pleasant!'

I was asked what I would like to do in the afterlife? And to please write about it.

I want to do all the things I enjoy, and never get an opportunity to do on a regular basis. I would like to swim, hike, ride horses, surf, paddle board, dance ballet and snorkel.  I enjoy creating in the kitchen and working in the garden.  Creating healing jewelry is another one of my passions, as well as working with animals of all kinds. I would like to continue this too.

Playing basketball with Anthony, throwing the baseball with him,  and spending time with my son is something I never get enough because of my work and the custody.

And TRAVEL! I would adore going to spend enough time in various different places to experience the people and their culture!

Writing like this is a piece of Heaven for me every day already. All of the work I do is a pleasure and I enjoy it completely.

Ross? What about him? I can't get enough of him, his gentle smile, his way of looking at things, his companionship, his love and partnership. The more I am with him, the more I am amazed at how fortunate I am--almost to the point of asking myself, 'I GET to love you? And you are happy with it? And YOU are glad to love me?!'  I could almost say to Ross, 'am I dreaming?' He is the most thoughtful and caring man I have ever met. So in the afterlife, I want to spend as much time with Ross as possible. I wish to recall all of his preferences like I once used to know (I point to my head)--I used to have a catalog in here and I want to recapture it!

All of this, and the possibly many things I have forgotten (My HS says, 'photography!'--that too!)...I would wish to do.

The Test

My car is old, and it has a navigation system on it. I have never updated it. So I bought the two DVD upgrade and waited for the perfect time to install it in the vehicle. How long could it take?

We, Anthony and I, figured out how to do it.

We left the key in the ignition so the battery would power the navigation as it did the upgrade.

Later, after I dropped Anthony off at school, my cell phone said, 'carrier upgrade--would you like it?'

I pressed 'yes'.

Then I went back home to a wonderful day, with a few hiccups...the people who fixed the computer chip in my other car's door didn't have an opening to add the trunk and the old set of keys to the new system. It takes about four hours for them to program it.

I tried to shop at Michael's but the cold call from my anesthesia society wanted my credit card number. I wasn't going to give it at the store. So I walked outside and discovered a lovely tree area, with sunshine and lots of Nature, just right behind the business area. I enjoyed it immensely, and sent the day's healing from this location.

My hope had been to go swimming that night, and have a picnic--this was two days ago.

Well guess what? The battery was DEAD--so DEAD I couldn't even call with the OnStar-like system on board. Dead in my garage. Even though a car service comes with the vehicle, I prefer Triple A. Then I went to my cell phone and it was a blank screen! I couldn't even turn the phone on! I NEED my phone for everything, especially for work!!!

But somehow, I didn't panic. I knew both things were fixable. So I called AAA and waited for the jump start to arrive.

Then, instead of worrying about the phone, I called the local store, and asked if this 'upgrade' was bogus or real?  Once he figured out my phone, he told me how to reset it, and I did and it worked. He said such upgrades are a good thing, not to worry.

Almost immediately after that, the service man came. The little box wouldn't start the car. It was only four percent charge in the battery. So he got the BIG box, and I had to let the car run for twenty minutes, then drive it around.

I left the car running at the school, then on the way home, I kept it running while Anthony bought us some sandwiches from a new sandwich shop in the area.

And everything was fine with me never having to worry or pay a dime to anyone!

I could sense in the decision-making process that my algorithm was being closely monitored. I can tell because I'm in a pickle and things get really quiet. As a mom, I know when Anthony is up to something because he got really quiet like that when he was little--there's usually a little background 'noise' and for me, with my guides, it's sort of like that too. So I knew in my heart two things--I have to watch my thoughts of else things can get a lot worse! (I had just bought a new battery three weeks ago, it wasn't cheap)...and that my response to the situation was in some way important to my spiritual growth and development.

Then I smiled yesterday as I saw this:


Carla loves water. As a child she used to run in the sprinklers on warm summer days with her friends back home on Poppy Street.

While Carla was floating on the raft next to Anthony--there is a small private lake near where she lives, and it is one of her favorite pastimes to visit it, either at a restaurant which overlooks it, or on a paddle board or kayak, or going for a swim---her heart was very light, perhaps the lightest it has been since she went to a ball game.

Carla adores her son. I call him mine too, because it was I who was with Mary in 2004 when Carla was asked by her if she would like to have a baby?  I was the one who was over Mary's shoulder, who was interested in Carla's response. I was the face Carla had never seen, and had no clue who I was, or even, that I would be the father in spirit of her child.

Carla was like, all yesterday to me, 'YOU were that guy who was so interested in my answer to that question, weren't you Ross?'

All day she was pleased at how I was able to make this child for her--at thirty nine when Carla got pregnant with Jared it was a miracle! And my spirit was the one who Carla saw Jared transform into, the one Carla thought, 'glowed and looked like Owen Wilson'...It was an overlay of the two, with the Higher Dimensions.  (many who have infertility are in a vibrational 'gap'--they are angelic in vibration, incarnate, with a partner who isn't able to meet their very high vibration in order to create life with the soul piece or spirit part. A soul must be given that will match the body that the couple creates with their bodies. A higher vibration partner will create a hybrid in energy which might not actually exist for the spirit part to connect. With Ascension all of this will make sense, but Carla herself wouldn't have been able to get pregnant without a huge spiritual jump start from me. I provided the energy for the spirit to match and 'stick' to the body that was created by both Jared and Carla for our son Anthony.)

Carla first realized the length that I would go to her for this child.

She also knew on some level, I must have seen her on the dance floor, flirting and kissing, and then running back to her room without waiting for the guy she had agreed to have sex with, because for her the whole social scene on vacation in Hawaii for her conference was one horrible, nasty joke!

On some level, before she ran, Carla knew in her heart that the energy match with this nice person who was dancing with her, just wasn't 'up to it'--her energy needs in partnership, which only I or someone like me is able to provide for Carla in relationship.

So if you have a long string of love affairs that leads nowhere, you might be in a similar situation.

Be sure to look UP and to increase your vibration enough through meditation, spending time in nature, and the like--to open your ears and KNOW that you are loved loved loved loved loved by all of us who care for you. And your partner may be up in the sky, watching you.

Carla passed her test with flying colors.

And she got to swim in the lake the very next day.

Carla had visualized it, including time for Anthony to play with other boys. And he did.  He commented on the way home just how much fun it was to stop by the lake and enjoy the day together...

Now it's time for school and also for work.  Anthony has basketball practice tonight.

All is well.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
who are in love, and we love each other very much.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Gaia News Brief 23 June 2015

The Free For All

This morning I checked the mailbox before I took my son to his summer program. There was a letter from my medical school, asking for scholarship donations. I had been awarded a three-thousand dollar scholarship (gift) for being someone who had a lot of challenges to overcome but been vastly humanitarian as a medical student.  My medical school classmates nominated and selected me for this scholarship.

I always paid a little back, over the years since I graduated in 1996. To this fund.

Today's letter said, and it was addressed to me and my ex-husband, who have been divorced since 2003--'your last donation was in 2012. Please catch up with your donations.'

I threw it away.

Although I last was a member of the AMA as a medical student, twice a year I get letters to join it again.  They are very aggressive in their campaigns. Since I have my own societies to join, for my specialty, I never sign up.

I think when I retire they will STILL keep sending me these letters! LOL. I just threw out a 'membership for half price' envelope from them today.  (According to another physician, only thirty percent of all physicians ever join the AMA, because it doesn't represent their interests; the 'party line' is not 'resonant' with them. He's never joined it!)

Today I got a phone call from an 877 number. It was the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

My membership lapsed in 2013, according to their records. And if I didn't pay--TODAY--because I can't do it on the computer any more. They want to make 'more room' for the newer members on their data base.  But actually my last chance to re-apply is in October...

Was it Phishing? I don't know. I'd like to think it wasn't.

I asked Ross. He said to sign up. Just this once, and no more after that.

It was six-hundred-fifty dollars! And it wasn't pro-rated like the AMA, where you only pay for half a year membership.

For some reason I need to be affiliated with both the California Society and the American Society.

What do I get out of it? The lady said, 'Advocacy'.  I thought that's what my donations to a PAC (Political Activist Committee, a subset of the Society) did?

Now I will get a journal for six months, and a discounted rate on their continuing medical education courses online. Instead of eight hundred dollars, I can spend three hundred dollars to get online education towards my MOCA recertification. (will explain this in a little bit).  If I choose to attend the annual meeting in San Diego, it is free.

MOCA is a 'maintenance of certification' program for my specialty. Certificates of 'Board Certification' expire. They must be renewed every ten years for all graduates from after the year 2000.  It cost me fifteen hundred dollars to apply for the first MOCA cycle. I took a test at a test center that cost about six hundred dollars in the middle of it. I had my bosses fill out evaluations for me twice. And I had to take over four hundred or something hours of continuing education. The only thing this did for me, to benefit, was I had a central website to log all my hours of education. This way when I was up for reappointment at my places of work (every two years you fill out all the paperwork) I could print the page... Look at what these Indigos are doing!  On FB there is a group, "The American Board of Anesthesiology should change and simplify MOCA"   You might wish to check them out!

Apparently Internal Medicine wanted to create a similar thing called MOC--plus take away the grandfathered in-never-able-to-expire certificates.

To this, the physicians rebelled.  It didn't PROVE care was any better. It was expensive. And it was complicated. The Board of Internal Medicine later apologized to its members, and said it was wrong on both accounts!

What do I make of all this?

I suspect a lot of money is 'disappearing' from big funds like this.  Anytime there is a big pot of money, you can be certain that not far away, are certain factions of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

I also know our Anesthesia 'headquarters' moved into a fancy new facility on the eastern seaboard instead of the old one in Illinois.  I suspect someone needs to help pay for it. As well as for the 'advocacy' which I suppose is important to our careers--but I haven't seen a lot of gains.  Nurse Anesthetists want to be able to practice without MD supervision, clear and simple, and they say they are just as safe (without going to medical school!) and cheaper.  I don't see how any insurance company will take the time to evaluate anything that isn't 'cheaper' in the long run, if you ask me. I could be doesn't matter. I'm in my society now and I support it either case.

Can I prove it--that 'something is rotten in Denmark'--so to speak?

Not on your life.

But can it be disproven?

That would be very difficult to do.

Are they starving for money?  I think so, yes.  All of them. The good, the bad, and the ugly...LOL.

Your money belongs to you. And to your business, if you should own one. Just because there are certain 'costs of doing business' doesn't mean you have to go along with the request all of the time.

The six hundred fifty dollars is a business expense for me. And also, worth every penny in my ability to write up this kind of situation that is rampant in all fields of expertise, I am certain, for you.

What are we going to do about it? I don't know. I stopped giving to one huge nest of something that was a cover for the Dark Ones in July 2012.

I haven't regretted it since.

Time to Play

Fun is important! I enjoy the water. Yesterday I went swimming. Now it is time to go!  Let's give Ross some time to speak, and I'll be off!


Hello! (clears his throat)

Carla was called into her Council today.  All of us asked her, 'Carla? Are you ready?'

To this, Carla replied, with a smile--I may add!--'YES!'.

The Council asked again, 'Are you sure you're sure?'

Carla, grinning from ear to ear, said a great big, 'YES!!!'

It was a very jovial session.

That is all I have to say.

Carla, talk about the bracelet.

Carla:  Yesterday Ross gave me a bracelet like a gold wristwatch. The 'face' was small and round. It lights up to alert me when Ross is flying directly overhead in his craft.  He said he is directly over me at least once a day. So even though we communicate together, just like now, as we are Twins and Reiki and not limited by distance or time, this is to let me know when he is approaching on his way.  Today it beeped once while I was driving to work, and I got VERY excited and filled with joy!  It lights and beeps, and I wear it with my Light Body, not my physical arm. My third eye can detect it--and my 'third ears'--clairaudience--and clairsentience--too.  Can you imagine how it's going to go off when he lands? I can't wait!

Ross:  That is enough Carla, thank you. Now go and enjoy a nice swim with Anthony. Thank you for all that you do for our people.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Monday, June 22, 2015

Gaia News Brief 22 June 2015

My Day Free--de Temps Libre

Ross wants me to write this. Right now. It's a beautiful day, and the time is 11:01 PDT here in California. The birds are singing, my new fountain is flowing...and I'm going to write something that may not appeal to you! LOL!

It's 'exposure' of a sort. For those of you who believe 'spiritual writing' is meant to be 'uplifting' around the clock, you may wish to wait until another day to read this blog.

Let me begin...

'Recently' I worked.  With my 'new eyes' I saw things I never in a million years would have 'seen'--life contracts in action! In my class on Saturday, Anne Reith, PhD--my Reiki teacher--spoke about our Primary Guides, who are very highly trained, and their job is to make sure we accomplish all of the activities we wrote IN to our Pre Birth Life Contracts...even IF it is something unpleasant and designed to pay back some Karma.

In short, no matter how much you play the lottery, you're not going to win, unless it's written into your Life Contract--get it?

  1. This one was experiencing the effects of poor life choices. The weight was considerably above 'normal and healthy'. It was the second serious infection in a diabetic. The first had led to replacement of a heart valve. Breathing was impaired. It was sleep apnea (I can tell by examination of the neck and mouth in most cases, this one was diagnosed).  This person didn't want to use treatment (CPAP) and slept on their side. In the past, cardiopulmonary arrest was experienced immediately following non-cardiac surgery, due to this breathing condition. Except this person was claustrophobic, and didn't want 'the mask'.  Anesthesia was risky; I had to make the tough decision to be 'safe' and therefore use minimal narcotic, which would cause buildup of carbon dioxide, apnea, and possible cardiac arrest. This is because the 'trigger' to breathe in the brain of a sleep apnea patient--treated or not--is highly sensitive to the respiratory depression effect of narcotics and anesthesia.  What I saw was extreme lack of insight and ability for this individual to interpret the messages their teacher--their own body--was giving.  What was taking place was a slow suicide, and I knew another incarnation or possibly more would be needed to 'sort this one out' --with what is 'going on in their head'.  I could see in the future, upon Transition, saying, 'What was I THINKING?' to themselves. And I knew in my bones that some serious karma was being paid out by this soul in this lifetime...I respected it, and did my best to hold my vibration throughout the experience of working with this individual. It wasn't easy.
  2. A shooter of methamphetamine had serious abscesses of both arms. This one 'wasn't anywhere near reaching the point to even consider asking for help' the soon-to-retire RN commented.  Introp I was hit with the sudden realization this was a reincarnation or aspect of a certain Dr. Leary, who encouraged experimentation with chemical substances when I was very young.  Instead of expansive, spiritual, mind-altering fame, as he once represented in the past, this time he is trapped by addiction, at the prime of his life, with nothing more than tattoos to show for it. This soul was experiencing the result of his former lifetime's 'recommendations' first-hand. I took this opportunity as a healer to send healing to everyone affected by addiction, in any way, in all timelines and dimensions.
  3. End of life lessons...this one was clearly a once vibrant and successful adult who had entered his senior years. I liked this one. Mentally sharp, friendly, engaging. There was a lot of disease, lethal one, that's slow. I sensed this one is 'doing it right'--navigating the Life Lesson--and gave healing again in all directions, all timelines, and dimensions, as well as guidance for a smooth Transition too.  A life 'with the flow' even at the end is very smooth, and doesn't drain my energy as a clinician. It was fascinating in my position to witness this, not only a 'life well lived' but one that is doing so 'Here and Now'.
  4. 'The Hard Headed One'  I like to talk with my patients. This one clearly had multiple surgical procedures and was comfortable with the process. I had wondered why an ostomy 'takedown' which is usually an elective case was booked after hours as am emergency? Was anything broken or ischemic?  Once I spoke with the surgeon, I put two and two together--patient demanded the takedown weeks before the original anastomosis could heal. (it is common to protect 'new plumbing connection' with the bowel with an ostomy to relieve back pressure). This in itself is a risk of complication. This patient is a survivor of gunshot wound in the past. The description of the incident is chilling. Alone in a laundry facility, with a 'funny feeling' but not listening to it, I could just 'see' with my mind's eye the guardian angel/primary guide stepping her through the situation (if one is put off it will be presented again and again until it happens--this is the guide's job).  Someone wanting to join a gang had to kill in order to join it. The victim lived to tell this tale, and has the bullet lodged inside them to this very day.  This was another in the soul category like number 1, above--many many lessons to learn, not sure about how much progress, but in the grand scheme of things, everything happens at the perfect timing, doesn't it?  I gave thanks because this one gave me access to the timelines of gangs, and I sent much healing through these timelines. Gangs are one area I had 'missed' in my earlier healings of timelines through my patients. (I can do this because it is my 'job description' as Ross calls it. No Reiki person has to do anything like this--unless it is in their soul script to do it...Ross doesn't want you to get ideas or feel pressure that you have to do what I do.)
  5. 'The Soulless Eyes'  This one had been tortured for years with an easily correctible medical condition (iatrogenic).  Tortured patients are usually the result of the 'darker' attachments, who enjoy/thrive off the energy when their hosts suffer. I liked this patient,and at the same time, I knew what was 'up' with the 'hitchhikers'. These entities do NOT want my presence, and even do NOT want me to go 'in' and 'get them out'.  The OR table broke--a new one had to come in and the patient awake scoot over. The EKG broke. I spent the majority of the case adjusting and testing it, and it had been fine in the same room all day! Once I got into my healing work, I immediately knew I was in over my head. I called my 'backup', the Guides of Compassionate Healing--who trained me in this work--and they had a total 'roundup rodeo' and I could hear them like cowboys doing their work. I couldn't see it, but I felt it. And this patient would be free from attachments from here on out.
  6. 'Follow up to the colon patient'--earlier a patient had a prolapsed segment of colon. Although anal sex was suspected and told 'happened just once'--the anus was completely stretched out.  The anxiety and drug seeking of the one reminded me of the behavior of some of the women who are products of the 'training' of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. (I gave healing, lots of it, in this case).  When I asked a surgeon--a lady one--about the likelihood of the colon falling out 'just one time with anal sex'? I learned that a patient who had a similar 'accident' with a repair ended up 'tearing' it two weeks after the emergency surgery, needing more surgery again.  She also had the completely stretched out anus that was as big as an orange, just like the other patient I had seen. The surgeon, who is very blunt and --no bullshit--'in your face' with her patients, called the patient on it, it turned out that the patient was a high class 'call girl'  whose SPECIALTY was 'the back door'.  Tests were run, and there was HPV in the anus, a pre-cancerous condition.  All PAP smears were negative for this virus.  The surgeon had a heart to heart with her patient, and said, 'you need to find a new line of work' or 'it will be the end of you'...This brings up two questions--are the men affected like this too, who are the receptive partner in similar activity? And what kind of assault on the Divine Feminine is the field of pornography, who makes 'the back door' so 'attractive' these days that even in the movie The Kingsmen, the Princess gives the hero more than a kiss for 'saving the world', but also 'to do it in the asshole'?  Long story short--it's no 'accident' either that society is moving in this direction.
  7. I learned that in the upscale community I won't mention because relatives live there--not only are the adults 'swingers' who have parties where people 'hook up' by putting all of their car keys in a bowl and going with whoever's keys they pick....the adolescents have something called 'cock parties'. The boys line up in a row, and the girls go down the line giving blow jobs to each one. Prescription drugs are also rampant.  The leaders of tomorrow, the privileged ones, are doing THIS in their spare time!! The spiritual gift of sexuality has been twisted this much into pleasure which has been separated from the heart and soul;  surely THIS is 'no accident' too.  

In the Pistis Sophia, the reason for the predecessors of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, the 'archons' to trick her and trap her and abuse her, is to take away her Light. They seek to destroy her, and to become powerful in the process of 'sucking dry' all the natural spiritual power she embodies.

This parallels what is happening in all of Surface Gaia--both to Her delicate ecosystems, and to Her People.

The Christos is the one who wins this one--hands down--through his brilliance and the writing of the names of the Dark Ones on his glowing cloak.  They all bow down to the Christos. He also takes away forty percent of their power, so their 'spells won't work' and he imposes confusion on them.  The Christos also saves Pistis Sophia from the Chaos. 

This is in the first volume. There are four more, and I am reading it with interest.

If steps one through seven above, concern you, for the 'Big Picture'--it's all said and done.  What needs to happen now, is for us to open our eyes, to awaken, and to make the choice in our hearts whose 'side' we are on, and live it in everything we do, 24/7, 365, year in and year out.



All that in forty one minutes!  (he chuckles--ed)

When Carla talks I have to wait my turn! (he really laughs in a nice way--ed)

So what have I to say at this point?


For Carla was working by my side as she wrote everything above. I was guiding her, and helping with her word choices. Divine Mother was too. And Archangel Raphael.

Almost everything Carla writes has our Divine Assistance. (smiles and chuckles--ed)

Are you surprised by this?

We are on the same team. All of us. Me and you.  Carla and Divine Mother. Archangel Raphael and us...

What is encoded in the words which you have read, in Carla's part, and the key codes and activation sequences to most of you who are Indigo children 'out there'. The Rainbows will receive it too.

Allow it to percolate, for some time.

When you are 'called to act' you will feel it, and you will know what is your task to do, when you are called up.

You won't be able to rest, it will 'nag' you and 'insist' for you to get it done.

It could be a website. It could be to take some 'higher education' such as a Reiki Class. It could be to get a reading, or buy a spiritual aid such as a necklace or a crystal...

Stay close to us with your meditations.  Spend time outdoors.

And you will know, without a doubt in your hearts and minds, exactly what you have been sent here to do.

(he bows with his hands pressed together, and steps back--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Gaia News Brief 21 June 2015--The Truth On Dying

These Are The Stairs To Diamond Head

Yesterday I took my last class for my certification as a reader and a healer. with Anne Reith, PhD. She is my 'mama' in Reiki, and has taught me 'everything I know'--at least, until I became able to figure things out on my own.

We are ALWAYS learning in life. And frankly, what I learned yesterday wasn't exactly what she was teaching.  I read the class syllabus in forty five minutes on my own. I went ahead. The rest of the time I quietly read the Pistus Sophia.

What I learned is it feels nice to go back to your old teacher.

I learned there is a huge difference between beginners and advanced students in the confidence of interpreting their perceptions, but the ENERGY of the whole class was actually 'higher' than when I was learning back in the late 2000's and early 2010's.  These new Lightworkers are 'on the ball', and we have lawyers, nurses, accountants and wedding planners looking for a 'new career' now too.

I realized the reason I hadn't taken that class is that the hierarchy of angels that is presented isn't accurate, and the statement that 'archangels don't incarnate except for Metatron and Sandalphon' is incorrect.

If I had taken this class at the beginning of my Reiki training, I never would have enjoyed Ross' presence the whole class like I did yesterday. He wrote me TWO notes, but also told me to 'pay attention' when he was done.

I also bought a chalcedony pendant to wear for nurturing and support when I need it most.

Not Playing Nice

This link from Creator Writings made me confide to a close friend that Source wasn't playing fair. I don't WANT this kind of 'challenge' as I face the Transition of Isabel.  What I WANT is to be held and given kisses and reassurance that all is well.

My 'Un Date'

After class, I was hungry. Ross said, 'Go someplace where they have mashed potatoes near your house'.

I had to google it. WHERE do I go to find mashed potatoes?  The Boston Market. I've not been since I was in New England with my family in 1993.  I had the turkey dinner. It's a funny place, where they don't give you a tray. They carry your food for you. And there's no place to bus your dirty plates. You just leave them on the table. I had to ask, and I looked at them, 'Are you SURE?'...

After I took a walk and found the most beautiful fountain and lounge area by the food courts.

I also found a candy store. I'm not a big candy eater, but this one made me delight because I found candies from my youth. I knew my first friend Jackie would LOVE it! And I bought two candies my daddy used to like --Boston Baked Beans and SkyBar--to quietly celebrate him today.

I also bought two things that were from Ross. <3 I love them both.

Sitting in the lounge chair, buying a coconut milk chai latte, and coming home late made me feel so much happier about life.  It also helped me adjust to 'life after the class' where I had both a beautiful guided meditation from Anne (I saw my guardian angel Laetari and Archangel Michael), and the chance to do and get readings from the people at my table.


I call Divine Father 'Daddy'. Don't ask me why, I just do.

I was driving home, and needed gas. As soon as I got on the road, Daddy 'popped in'. He let me sit on his lap and gave me lots of kisses and a big strong hug.

I looked at him, and I started to complain about what was to happen to Isabel. Her loss. And all the losses I have experienced in my whole life. And all the ones I've seen as a doctor.

The tears started to flow.  And I SPOKE with him without words. It was a deep cry from my soul, that was like a wounded animal--going up and down--and somehow I was 'talking' and 'He' understood.

What I communicated was that I don't LIKE death.

Seeing your loved ones not moving, so STILL totally freaks me out on a soul level.

Death is messy. Someone has to clean it up. And it smells REALLY bad too.

How that 'last memory' of someone you love is in that freaky still state.  I can't take it. And the thought of it happening to someone I care about is just too much for me! I had to TELL Him how I felt, and to ask Him to make it better.

We discovered that if she 'goes up', and 'doesn't experience pain', I am okay with it. I don't like it, the loss, but its BETTER than 'the usual way'.

He clarified and asked, 'If I take her UP you are okay with it?'

I said yes.

I also asked Him if he could fix the death part of the Life Experience? Naturally he turned the question on me, and asked what I would suggest?  Melting to ashes wouldn't give loved ones much closure, but it would be less messy and wouldn't stink. Popping 'out' of the picture would be clean but also too mysterious.  I told him I didn't really know of an alternative. But I confessed I REALLY don't like death, and we live under the fear of it down here ALL THE TIME, and that's not good. We get taken advantage of by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart because of this inborn fear of death, this drive to survive...

If you are wondering about the death experience, here are two links that help describe what takes place both with the body (as a physician I know and share it) and the soul (as a metaphysical trained I can explain too):

I was crying so hard Ross and Daddy had me drive PAST the gas station, and go to another one about one mile away.  I had to reach for the tissues, and dry my eyes once I was there.

As I neared the place, Daddy gave me to Ross, and Ross comforted me. He also told me to go straight to bed, to get rest, for I am working today.

I did.

I feel better.

Ross won't let me read it! LOL! Not until I write a message from him and put in a picture.

okay okay okay my beloved! okay okay okay!


Carla has a view from the bottom of the stars. I have a view from the top--and it is SPECTACULAR!

See the orb to the left? It is in the ten o'clock position.  That is me in my ship. It is cloaked. Carla was at the top and I was in a scout right there to watch both her and Anthony. Carla had a challenge of sorts, because Anthony wanted to climb the fence, walk out on a ridge unaided, and go where the teenagers went to the other spot up there where one could sit. He had one leg up on the railing and Carla had to pull him down! She said, 'No! No! No!' but Anthony wouldn't listen. Carla had to restrain him, physically, and use every strength that she had to keep him from falling off the ledge because he didn't know the risk involved. She kept him in the fenced official viewing area but it wasn't easy. So I was there 'just in case' to support them both, Anthony with his 'thirst for adventure' and Carla with her desire to raise him to adulthood in one piece!

It was a beautiful place. At the heights I can travel just a little closer to those I love, because the veil is thin, and the technology for us is easier than to land.

I am in this ship.

I fly everywhere across the cosmos...but only in a bigger ship because scouts are for short distances.

Many of you fly in them too, you pilot it--with your soul when you are asleep.

Souls, as Anne explained, have two parts:  a Higher Self and for lack of a better term, a 'Lower Self' which is incarnate in your body.

Carla realized that the old saying at church, 'You were made from dust and from dust you shall return'--isn't correct. The BODY is made from dust. But YOU are NOT your body. It is your SOUL that is immortal. And YOU--your Consciousness, your Soul--are made of STAR dust that is indestructible.

It can go higher or lower, with your vibration. And you may have a lot of steps to climb --metaphorically--to 'get to where I sit'...but all of you will make it. You go at your own pace, and struggle just like Carla did with Anthony (he's too hot. his feet hurt. he needs water.--all the way with patience to get him up to the top.) And you know what? As Carla read his schoolwork, his journal, THAT was one of the most memorable experiences of his life. AT THE TOP! The BOTTOM and the CLIMB had all been FORGOTTEN by him.

Carla remembers!

Carla remembers the struggle, as a mother, and the coaxing and the water and the sunscreen. And even the 'getting bored' at the top and wanting to come down! For all of these are normal for a boy his age.

That's why, at the very top, I gave Carla a new Reiki Symbol. I don't know if she ever posted it, or not, but it's called Diamond Head. 

It is used for accomplishment when one completes an arduous journey.

Isabel and Carla's paths diverge--for a short bit, for all of us live forever, and 'short' is relative to us and varies in the perception for you...

And I am going to take care of Carla.

Isabel--don't worry. Carla is going to be fine. I'm right here with her.  So when Father calls you--in whatever way He sees fit, just go and don't look back.

When it is your time, and you go up, you will understand at once why it had to be.

I love you Isabel. Just like I do all of my precious readers who both love and support Carla in her work.

Yesterday I made a visit to Sonsie. I put my hands on her shoulders, and Sonsie felt my energy. It was my gratitude to her, for her Love of my wife, and her caring and her concern for Carla's heart.  She knows how tough it is for Carla to face death of anyone close to her--or 'loss' is a better term for Isabel will 'go up'...Together we shall comfort Carla. And Father truly understands her heart, Carla, and how much she had to confide to him her worries and trust that Father has heard her heart.

They are close, Father and Carla. Very very close, closer than one might know. Carla tells him everything. And Father, 'threw' a pie in her face, slowly, gently pushing it just to make  a mess, and made it coconut cream pie, one of Carla's favorites, while she was on his lap, and Carla giggled, because she knew both at once that she is giving Him a hard time, and that she is LOVED, so very much loved, with all tenderness, by us both, Father and me.   

I helped Carla clean it, and I ate some of it too.  

Carla is very happy now, and trusts with her whole heart in 'what comes next', both for us, for her, and for Isabel.

This is a significant loss for Carla. I hope you all appreciate it, and will support her when it happens. It could happen tomorrow, it could happen next week, it could happen years from now, as everything is unpredictable. 

What is set is that at some point, Isabel will go back first. And Carla will be left behind. Just like she was with our lifetime..thousands of years ago.

And I still love her! My wife, my beloved, my twin! And I ENJOYED taking class with her with Anne yesterday. And also 'passing notes'...just like when I was a student 'back in the day'.

Carla has to get ready now. There is work for her. All day perhaps.  Anthony will have a sitter, and Carla will be able to rest the whole time in the comfort of her house.

Isn't that better than a call room?

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Gaia News Brief 20 June 2015--On Letting Go


My pet rat IZ (he 'sings') hasn't been as active in the cage as his partner, Homer for the last few days.
I found him hiding under the exercise wheel.

Our 'pet ship' hasn't gone very far because both of the rats don't like to be held. They don't bite, but they also clearly don't enjoy it.

They are growing, and the cage isn't going to accommodate them when they hit full size.

So I'm on the fence as to keep them or not, and always looking for data.

IZ wasn't moving right. He would spin around the central axis of his body. His head was tilted to the right, and my close inspection revealed his left eye was bulging.

Instantly I knew he had increased intracranial pressure with neurological deficit. I also knew by the severity, he hadn't been able to eat or get water. By my professional assessment, he would be dead in a few hours, and was in pain and suffering.

It was ironic to me, that just a few moments before, I had told myself I needed to go to the pet store to get new food for the snake, because he is hungry, and here I had 'food'--something I had bought and he didn't eat and turned into pets--fixing to die.

I picked IZ up by the tail--he was spinning still, but no seizures yet. And I gave him to snake, who was hungry, and liked having prey that he didn't have to work hard to catch.

IZ was out of his misery in ten seconds.

Snake had a whole new meaning to me. I saw that by preference, snakes eat the sick and the weak. Snake makes mice and rat--in general--strong by only getting those who are easiest to catch.

It's true. You put a 'jumper' in the feeding cage, and snake's not likely to eat it. As it is, the mean rat from hades about three weeks ago still makes Cecil 'mouse shy'.

This isn't about the snake. It's about the growth in my Consciousness. About how I understand just for today a lot more than I used to do. About Life.

Swiss Chard

I had some Swiss Chard in my garden that wasn't doing very well. It would perk up with water, and then wilt the next day.

I found myself on 'death watch' of sorts, always intervening to 'save it' as is my training, even with plants.

One day I looked at the rest of the garden. Everything was thriving, flourishing...except for that plant.

I decided to consider the other plants, how the garden suited them so well, but not the chard who in its own way was suffering too.

I let it die.

I can always grow something else, later, after the soil has had a chance to rest.

Butternut Squash

There was a plant growing across the patio. It had several baby squashes and many more flowers. I loved it.

When I put the compost on the pile, I wanted to cover it with dirt. The shovel had resistance, I pushed with my might, and lifted up the dirt to cover the pile next to it.

The next day, the leaves of the squash vine wilted.

It was the roots.

I had severed them from the plant without realizing it--the connection was thin, not a strong healthy one that was thick, near the roots. The vine wasn't clearly looking like a vine that was feeding such a large plant. It was spindly and brown.

It was my mistake that killed my summer squash plant.

I own up to that mistake, and I also forgive myself for doing it.  Fortunately, I have a younger squash plant on the other side of the garden, and all is not lost.

The Fountain Of Life

I manifested it. With a little help from Ross.

My son is ten, and is in a 'I need to bond with dad very much' phase. He's not seeing clearly my input to his life, and he is magnifying the input of his father. It's normal, I think, and healthy.

He is ignoring me more, and it hurts. The counselor says he's confident in my love for him, and is trying to 'shore things up' in his weak spots with his father and his friends.

In the morning, just like each day the week before, I had asked Anthony if he wanted to give a gift or a present to his dad for Father's Day?

He said no. His father never liked the cards, and refused most of the gifts Anthony has given in the past, saying, 'I have to be honest, I don't really like it.'  Anthony bragged that his dad is not the kind of man to act nice and later put it in the drawer and never use it. I could see in the poor child's mind he had a glimmer of hope; perhaps the perfect gift would unlock the key to his father's heart for him.

Jared loves Anthony. And now, Jared respects me and is at ease with me. There is no animosity. But he's different, and also very new to parenting. He makes many mistakes but means well, and as Anthony described--'when you are born you are yourself, but it's your parent's job to MOLD you.'

'You mean 'tough love' honey?' I asked, to reinforce and support his thought process.

'Yes, exactly.' Anthony confirmed. For at the last minute before going to his dad for the weekend, Anthony changed his mind, and wanted to give his father both a card AND an gift.

As Buddhist is my heart, I seek to bring out the qualities that are inherent in the child. Christian and everything else--I am--but my heart truly embraces the 'zen' of parenting, and to value the unique gift that is your child's uniqueness and view of the world.

Jared, who is also Buddhist--seeks to put his 'stamp' or 'mold' onto the child, and make him a perfect 'mini-me'.

So we went to the grocery store of Anthony's choice. He almost didn't want to buy a gift for his grandfather, because he wanted all the attention to be on his dad. I mentioned gently that his grandmother LIKES cards very much, and it will look strange to her, and to her husband, if this day comes and there is no card for him.

Anthony spent a LONG time selecting the cards, getting a ten dollar singing and moving card for his grandfather, and a very big and expensive 'you mean the world to me' one for his dad.

This is what father hunger will do, when a child doesn't have free access to both parents...he idealizes and projects...

What was the gift?

A forty dollar bottle of Jack Daniel's.

It is something he really likes mom! He will use it.

Mmmmm hmmmmm.

I bought it.

Anthony didn't notice his dad was wearing the Miami Dolphins hat I had bought for him to give to his father at Christmas last year when his dad picked him up. Anthony got a lot of praise and love and positive attention when his dad opened that.

He wants more, and he wants to choose.

This family is the first that served alcohol at a baby shower in all of my years of going to baby showers. And it wasn't champagne.

Jared isn't alcoholic. He's young. And young people like to drink. Even when we went to Vegas together on our one and only vacation as a couple, Jared bought a bottle for him and one for me. It's how he likes to relax.

So in the middle of all this at the store, my heart leapt when I saw on SALE, a garden fountain. Anthony and I both liked it. It took up the whole cart.

Last night, alone, Ross asked to help me assemble it.

Ross called it The Fountain Of Life.

For two reasons. The first is it will help many a bird and insect in the drought.  The second is that I've been surrounded by death and loss the past week. This fountain is Ross' promise to me that life is not lost, only changing, and it is best to look ahead.


We both don't know if or when she is going Home. Her Higher Self gives her messages, and she shares with me what they are. As incarnate Earth women, we doubt. It's our training as technical, scientific workers.

The whole time, I am working with my guides too. And Divine Mother told me the other day, 'I have a project to work on with you.'

At the time I didn't know what it is.

Now I think I know. Isabel asked me to do a favor for her, which I gladly accepted. I won't talk about it now except it's something I can do for her online if anything happens to her.

I spoke my doubts about the likelihood of our relationship being like it has been once we are not in the same dimension. Even if she comes back, she will have a multitude of responsibilities and official duties.  We are not going to make bracelets together over Skype if you know what I mean.

We will do what we can. We both promised. And we also know our agreed-upon 'proof' so when she contacts me from wherever she is, I will know it is her.

It doesn't make it easier, and I am sort of numb at the prospect of Isabel going back. So is she. There are physical symptoms such as dizziness that come and go, but as a physician I can't call it. Not yet.

Divine Father in Creator Writings asks us, 'why do you hold on to your pain'.

I should like to answer him.

It is involuntary.

Just like when there is electrocution and the body grips and all the muscles contract. When there is pain, emotional or physical, a great violence which is similar takes over the emotional body, and there is such emotional shock our frail human senses of 'everything is okay' are overloaded and overwhelmed.  There IS no presence of mind, or strength of will, to 'let go of the burning pain' as one would a hot stove item that is burning our hand.  Emotional pain hijacks our beautiful and perfect state of being, from the very first 'shock' of traumatic life experience. And we REMEMBER because our very brains record the memories in a different neural pathway with different neurotransmitters--norepinephrine. It gets 'wired in' and PTSD results because we are built to survive.  WE would like just as much as you for this ability to 'let go'...and it will take Divine Intervention to correct and make right all the memories and pain our Earth Walk Experience gives...

When I saw Ross, in an instant, I felt love for him and all my anger vanished.

I know this type of healing is possible where You are.

Override free will please on this one.  Because it is involuntary, and something that has been triggered many a time by the dark ones.  

Please take all of our pain and anger away. Please dig the broken shards of glass out of our skin. Please wash the wounds and bandage them. I know You can do it.

Please, Father, Please.

And even if you choose not to, for You have your Reasons, my love for you is unchanged. My trust for you is vast and unshakeable.

I wish the best of Father's Day's to YOU, and also to Ross.

You are always there when I need you.



I am taking the day off to be with Carla. I am going with her to her Angels class. It's her last requirement for her certification. Only three more volunteer hours at psychic fairs are needed for her to finish them both.

I am going to write notes with her....(he gives a silly smile--ed)

(he wants me to talk about IZ)

C:  he had viral meningitis encephalitis. Mice and rats get it. I looked it up. Mama Mouse had been acting funny. She probably died of it too. I didn't sterilize the cage with bleach when I emptied it after her. I only used the clorox disinfectant wipes. I should have taken it outside and really cleaned it. But I didn't know what it was, nor until that one day did I know I would have pets at all. This disease is epidemic in pet mice and pet rats. Some rat fancy club websites have had people nurse the ill pets back to health. One held a mouse in her hand for five hours. They recover with neurological deficits after supportive care. These people really love their pets. I didn't think anything could live with this condition. And most of the vets on the fancy page said it's unusual too. Isn't it amazing?

R:  Carla had her lesson. For Carla is it lessons upon lessons for her at this time. She hardly reacts, and just 'does', and 'finds her way through'.  The lack of reaction does not mean there is a lack of learning with the lesson (he holds up his right index finger and shakes it from side to side--like a warning--ed)...

Carla had a good night with me. It was our build (even though she thinks the fountain sounds like my using the toilet--and teases me--Ross your peeing goes on forever!)  I also sent her a few stories to delight her:

Life goes on. My heart is one with my Lady.

Even in grief, and when sorrow wracks her soul.

I am here for my Twin, who is beautiful and lovely like the Light of Day.

I can't wait to see her. Carla! Write about the book.

C:  yesterday or the day before, Ross showed me a book. It is made of gold, and is thick like a telephone book. He riffled the pages for me, they moved easily, like our paper pages. He told me it is his plan for when we reunite. He pointed out that there are contingencies. If I do this, then he will do that...for every possibility. When he showed me this book, it is a living book. It has energy. And I felt both through the heart of my Twin, and the energy of his work, how much painstaking love and precision he put into making it.  I felt love made tangible, love given careful consideration, and joy to realize my beloved is capable of this desire to bring joy to me.  And that bringing joy to me is a celebration of joy for him too. Such joy is a mystery to me! I can't wait to experience it.  

R:  (he just looks with soul-searching eyes and silence at you....his heart is open...for all to see. He loves...this is his nature, his essence. And this Love is for everyone too...all of the Galactics have this love for us...very deep, heart-to-heart connection. We are FAMILY.--ed)

(Ross waves goodbye and blows all of us kisses.--ed)

R:  I have to study and get ready for class! (he's JOKING! LOL LOL LOL -ed)

From all of us to all of you,
Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins