Wednesday, July 30, 2014

So You Might Be An Empath? Welcome!

Good morning!

This is MORE than just the sunrise early start of day. <3

This is the start of your Newly Awakened Life!

These blog posts were written to assist the last wave of Lightworkers who were coming online:

Recently a dear friend of mine, Deshon Fox, asked me to share about my experience with his book on spiritual awakening, The Middle Theory.  I was in Hawaii at the time, thousands of miles away from my book. I said I was delighted, and I would indeed write it. In my heart, I wanted my copy of the book in my hands, so I could quote from it for you.

Then there was a lull...

Did you ever see the movie Men In Black? You know how K likes to think over a slice of pie? Well, Spirit and I, we have noodles and aloha.

So yesterday, I discovered I had the ability to manifest. Four times I made wish in my heart. And four times, the answers suddenly arrived!
  • luggage just like my new Travel Pro carry-on with the totally effortless spinner wheels, just a little bigger, except on sale, because the stuff my son and I lugged with our old luggage around Honolulu Airport was really painful for me.
  • A friend who I go to noodle place with to be there--she was, with both kids too! It was a total surprise my son heard her voice and they were seated at the table closest to the noodle counter! We had kid table--mine and hers, and 'grown up table'!
  • My tax man to explain the six-week delay in filing my return  and what to do about the scary letter from the well, come you filed this form here TWICE??? Yikes!
  • If it was okay to turn in a reapplication for practice privileges form incomplete?

So the energies ARE different.

And so are my friends--people who I didn't 'think' were like me, are starting to 'confide' that they ARE!  Cousin. Friend. Coworker. Tax man. 

They like this Reiki-Doctor-Mediumship-Psychic stuff!

I was so taken in by this 'last wave' of New Baby Lightworkers coming online, just last night I mentioned to a dear friend of mine, another blogger, that 'they are where I was in 2009! I hope they 'wake up' a lot faster than I did! LOL'

Chinese transplant surgeons bow in respect to eleven-year old donor

So there we have it! 

Deshon? Your request to me was the first signal of a much larger PULSE that is just starting through Gaia and all of her people.

And Deshon? Please forgive me--I am going to combine your book, with two others, to show how important it is for readers to find what RESONATES with them.  I get a LOT of people sharing with me their 'book' or 'video' that they found that helped them to get on their feet spiritually. 

These suggestions do nothing for me, and I am polite, but I don't go 'back' to where I was five years ago spiritually and watch them.

Remember awakening is a very personal spiritual adventure--and when something 'feels right' then you are to follow that 'lead' or 'clue' until it doesn't 'feel right' any more, okay?

It is not possible to 'wake someone else up for them' spiritually--everyone has their own vibration, and what works for YOU might not work for THEM--so offer people choices and see which one appeals to them most.  <3

My Three Treasures:

  • Sylvia Browne--The book Insight, Case Files from the Psychic World was a big 'aha!' read for me. I borrowed it from my sister! (please note that many times books find their way to you). I saw myself in it. I was like her! And I read with interest all that she had to say about being psychic. I saw her as honest, complete, and very useful as a resource in my awakening that I didn't realize WAS my awakening at the time.  this book helped me to identify I was 'different' and that it was 'okay'; it provided no framework for me to change my thinking other than acceptance of what I recognize as 'who I am'.
  • Deshon Fox --  (I had to put him in 'The Middle'!)  Somehow I made a comment on a Dalai Lama Facebook post, and Deshon sent me a message that said, 'I think you could benefit from The Middle Theory'. It couldn't hurt. I ordered his book online. And it was wonderful for me: a book written by an engineer who is spiritual enough to put it into terms I could understand and apply to my life. About expectations in life, from family, from parenting--with examples. I STILL apply them every day, especially now with my son. Be honest with your kids--even if it's about mistakes from the past--because they will SENSE your honesty, from your open heart, and it will give them the information they NEED to guide them with their life choices they are coming to you for advice. With Deshon--he's no Sylvia--you can message him on Facebook, follow him--he's THERE and AVAILABLE--not just some person on TV who has since passed but used to have a waiting list for months to get a response from her. So with The Middle Theory you get not only the best 'woo woo crystal spirituality type energies' explained in a totally acceptable for everyone--engineers and get a really fine person with an open heart who cares about you. Personally. (I am giving you this link to his story--not the home page--my preference is for a website not to have music--this one home page kind of does and it's really cool and everything--but it was hard for me to make quiet so just read around the website if you are like me, and if you like the music cause it really IS cool, then you can leave it on Home page to motivate you <3 )))
  • Gunter as channeled by Margaret Mc Cormick: This book is filled with light codes and activation sequences. The words Gunter -- someone like Ross, an advanced teacher who is not incarnate -- the words Gunter (goon-terr) puts together are for your deep awakening. You can only read one short chapter a night, and not more, or else the awakening won't be complete. Your body has to assimilate the new energies each night after you read them--you can't rush it. (Deshon's book I think is kind of like that too--I couldn't read it all at once, as I was sensing energy changes for the better slowly happening to me when I read it. At the time I was 'lost'--and struggling to figure out my purpose, yes?)  This book came to me for free from Margaret when I went to her lecture on Channelling and Negative Attachment Removals.  This book changed my life. I am not sure if the first one is in print, but the second one is available on kindle through Margaret's site, and it's wonderful too:

Peace by OAR 
(this was suggested by Ross--I've never heard it before! It's lovely.)

Also, Blessed Mother promised me she is going to give a channeling soon especially for you.  She wants to remind you to use the Search box in the top right hand corner, and use her name as a search word--some of her old messages might be helpful to you now too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Ross:   Carla and I are happy. The happiest we have ever been as a couple. We invite you to share our energy, our joy, and our delight at having found one another again. The Light energy of reunited Twins is very powerful. We make our energy freely available to you, to fuel and guide your awakening, and for your enjoyment in the whole awakening process. It is with great joy I give to you 'our news'. Namaste.

Trading Sleep For Money

I love you.

Today we are going to talk about something not one of my readers really 'gets' in as far as the feedback comments go.

So I am going to educate you gently about a very important concern to humanity in general.

Our physical bodies are designed with the following 'needs' or 'drives':

  • food and water
  • companionship
  • sleep
  • air

In four minutes we die when deprived of oxygen.

In about forty-eight to seventy-two hours we have extreme physical and psychological repercussions when we are deprived of sleep. (This is actually a tactic used in torture, and also in mind-control programming).

We can go without water for about a day, or two. And for food, about a week.

In medical school we are trained to put the patient first.

This means that when you are on duty, and the patient is not doing so good, you take care of them before you eat, drink, sleep, or go to the bathroom. The only thing that isn't changed is access to oxygen, however,  in the O.R. on a sick bowel case or a peri-rectal abscess or a burn case, you choke while you breathe...

So this article is written for all those who provide essential services: truck drivers, pilots of any kind, healthcare, police, fire, and emergency services. I think the military and also hotel industries work all night too. And I know in my heart, those who are financially disadvantaged and work three jobs are pushing their sleep requirements to the bare minimum, too.

we trade our sleep for money.

And even if you switch to sleeping days so you can work night shifts--our bodies are designed with their circadian rhythms to sleep at night, not work. 

I can't tell you how many times post-call I have been woken up by the garbage truck, the gardeners, the sprinklers, a phone call, or even a loud truck.

Here comes the part where I strive to be my opinion, it's time to face the problem and come up with a solution, instead of saying 'thank you for your service' to these individuals who live lives that are in service to others.

It's time because it takes a toll on their health.

It's time because their family life suffers. (we used to let a night shift hospital friend sleep days between shifts at our house when my boy was little--his early childhood was SHHHH! Don't do that! You'll wake up Lorrie!)

It's time because night work gets additional compensation--a 'differential'--across the board, yet people tend to look at the income and judge that without understanding why it's a trade-off.

How can we solve the situation?

Go With Biology Across The Board:
Pilots, truck drivers, and resident physicians are under legislation to limit the work hours because it is a well-known fact that reaction time and mental functioning in humans decreases after sixteen hours of work.  In fact it decreases to as if one has taken one drink of alcohol--this is the degree of impairment.

One hospital in my area has an additional anesthesiologist work an eight hour shift at night as relief to those on duty. They give one four hour 'break' to the OB guy, and then another four hours to the OR guy. This works with the biology of those 'on duty' to minimize the adverse health effects of their work shift. This four hours, plus whatever they can get at home, is 'enough' for long term career responsibilities.

(Many resident physicians used to have car accidents because they'd fall asleep on the road on the way home after their shifts.)

I have worked as a 'Nocturnist' in a local ICU. Ideally that would have been my only work. But I was moonlighting. So know that although their ICU Day staff had 'relief' by our night team, sometimes those at night have not slept a full 'day'.

Realize We All Deserve A Good Night's Sleep:
When one suffers, we all suffer. There is no escaping this. We need to re-think how our lifestyle in society 'melds' with our basic biological needs. The negative energy and karma as a collective of all of our Combined Consciousness is limited because we are content to 'let the other guy do it' and not realize that from an energy standpoint, all of our auras are linked and those suffering are holding us back from our greatest possibilities.

Zero Point:
I ask for this one several times a day. I ask for it incessantly. Earth is a 'school of learning' where the illusion of linear time was created to enhance the learning experience in a three-dimensional world. It was to make sure we can all do things in a coordinated fashion.

Very advanced mystics and those who connect to the consciousness on 'other worlds' are very aware that time as we know it does not exist.

I have friends who can stretch the timelines to make a deadline. They can see and manipulate the grid just enough--not major---to get the time they need.

If you've ever fallen, or had certain moments in your memory (mine was winning five thousand dollars in one minute on a game show)--you will notice how time slows down, or stands still--in your perception. And also, in the opposite idea--'time flies when you are having fun'.

When we get to the vibrational state that is called Zero Point--the Illusion will end, and Time will not exist.

It turns out that the love songs 'until the end of time' were prophetic, were they not?

In Reiki, there is no barrier that is caused by distance or time.

Reiki healing is 'quantum' in a way, because the Consciousness of the Healer can affect the physical, emotional, and spiritual body of another even if it is separated by distance or time.

Reiki level 2 is all that is needed to learn what is called 'The Distance Symbol' and anyone who knows how to use it and is attuned to it (HSZHN are the initials--we do not share Reiki symbols or names on the internet--except when I am guided by spirit to teach)--can heal both their past and future in one fell swoop! 

(My favorite is sending it ahead to important meetings so all I have to do is 'step in' to the Reiki energy that is waiting there for me in time.)

Next thing we need to discuss is parenting and THAT associated sleep deprivation!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. The last solution--I think Ross helped me remember--is to change the physical body so that the drives are different. There are many Galactics who do not require sleep the way our bodies do. Adama from Telos in Agartha, for example, does not sleep. He rests, but does not stop working to liberate surface Gaia...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

The Call To Hawaii:
I was at our local neighborhood shopping center when I decided to go look inside a new boutique that was called 'At The Beach'.  Specialty shops like this are pricey. I usually avoid them. But this one made me curious, and I had to go.  This was December 2002.

At the time, I only lived twenty minutes from the nearest beach, but it had been years since I set foot on one. I was in training for my anesthesia fellowship.  I had never been since I was married to my second husband. The only trip before had been to Big Island in 1996 with my sister. And twice to Kauai with my first husband, once honeymoon, once because he was best man at a destination wedding.

I heard this sound, this music, this voice and it stirred something deep within me.

Tears ran silently down my face.

It was so beautiful that everything else fell away.

The store owner smiled and explained to me this was IZ, the entertainer Israel Kamakawiwo'ole...

I shared with her from my heart this sudden desire, very strong, that I had to go to the islands, to go visit Hawaii, again. She encouraged me, and agreed that yes, I must find a way to go.

I bought the CD, and shared with my husband about my wish to travel there.

(we had been having marital problems. It was our last trip together. He made me cry in the restaurant in front of everybody. He got angry and slept on the couch in our suite. I remember the wise old Hawaiian woman  who was teaching the hotel guests how to make a lei, gently taking the flower from my left ear, and putting it on my right, and saying, 'honey you are not married.'--she was a woman of spirit, and she knew the truth I had been hiding from myself. It was the kindest thing anyone has ever done. Her voice was so loving, strong, and supportive...I wonder if she had seen him make me cry?)

He Shall Be Called Israel:

IZ is the grandson of preachers on both sides of the family. His maternal grandfather BUILT the church on Ni'ihau, the 'Forbidden Island'. Ni'ihau is where only natives are allowed to visit; other people can't. The Hawaiian language is the first language spoken, although English is spoken there too.

Many people in his family had very religious names. They also had morbid obesity.

IZ was the favorite of his grandfather when he spent summers in Ni'ihau. He could do anything he wanted. He was 'protected'.

Almost everyone on the island is very good at ukelele too, because there isn't much else to do there!

In one video,  I saw IZ say he is not afraid of dying. His brother, his parents are gone. When it's his time, he goes. He said 'we Hawaiian, we live in both worlds. One foot in this one, and one in the other. It's in our blood.'

Visions Of Iz:
I have had three, possibly four.

The First Vision:

The Second Vision:  I was on a sunset cruise two weeks ago when I was in Oahu. This was the only thing Ross insisted that my boy and I do on this trip. I was with Hawaii Nautical out of Waianae Harbor (please forgive me--this is the first time I've spelled Waianae right in all of my's not easy and before I left out one 'a'--I'm not going to go correct it.)

I had two glasses of wine, and my stomach was full with Hawaiian meal, and the sun had just set. I was leaning on the railing, and relaxing. I was thinking of Ross.

Much to my surprise, IZ came to me, and he started talking. He started telling me talk story--all the good things about Ross. He is a good man. He loves you. He is very proud of you. He helps a lot of people. He does good things. You going to be happy with him. He really cares about you and your boy. He loves you both. You are his family. You are going to be okay with you love for him. He is not like the others. He will be good to you. You gonna be good! 

Then IZ went away. I don't know why that message meant so much to me, but it touched me deeply, and I gave thanks.

The Third Vision:   I was in meditation just a few days ago. I was back home. And I think I was in the shower. I was suddenly transported to a room, an official room, that was auditorium style and I was in front. My first thought was, 'Am I naked here too?' and Ross assured me I was fully clothed in this dimension, they cannot see. It was the Council of Eighty Six.

I was being officially 'presented' to them. I spoke simply, from my heart. I lay down on my stomach three times to express my gratitude to each of the three main groups who had liberated the planet. I answered their questions. I waved with both hands, I blew kisses. I was content.

You can imagine my surprise as IZ showed up. He gently took me by the hand. We walked a few steps together. He held my right hand. Then he put my hand into Ross', and he blessed our union.

In some way, I was 'officially' given to Ross, in a Galactic Sense. There was no fear or doubt in my mind; this seemed the most normal and natural thing to do, on some level. I am searching for words to describe it. There was a completion to a journey feeling, one of solemn witnessing, something important with 'galactic government' that I don't understand.

Stewardship Of The Hawaiian Royals:
The Native Hawaiians were a remnant of the lost continent of Lemuria. The Islands are their mountain tops.

The ancients, the Menehune (little leprechaun people--I can see them), were so spiritually powerful that they could hold hands along the shore, and an entire village could create a force field that would deflect the spears and arrows of the invading Tahitians warriors from the boats offshore.

They were higher dimensional.

Native Hawaiian DNA, as IZ alluded to, has some of that potential 'built into it'.  It's dormant, or at least, they aren't talking about it.

When the white man discovered Hawaii, the history books make it look as if it was a land grab and that's about it.

But it was a whole lot more. The 'secret society' which evolved into the Hawaiian League--wanted the natural energy of Gaia pinned down, controlled, and her people to be subject spiritually to them worldwide!  They knew about the Lemurians, and wanted no chance of them ever coming back into power.

The Hawaiian Royals were not dumb. They saw the writing on the wall. King David Kalakaua spoke of his concerns of being overthrown long before it actually happened. And he died of 'pneumonia' in San Francisco while Liliuokalani was in England for the Queen's Jubilee. His sister was deeply concerned and wanted to cancel her trip and go home. But she was very far away.

Later she was in exile.

I think about their gifts. Their last acts. King David gave Kapiolani Park, acres and acres of potential valuable real estate--to the people. Under it, and under Waikiki are many ancient sacred sites.

And Queen Liliuokalani? She wrote music for the ukelele. Lots of it. She wanted people to know she was academic, smart. She wanted the book to be available to the people, and cost about one dollar. (It was recently printed, and it costs about ten dollars I think, possibly twenty). One of the most beautiful is the haunting farewell song, Aloha 'Oe.

I have no doubt in my mind that these two, worked with their ancestors to plan an overthrow and resurgence of the Kingdom Of Hawaii in several generations after them...

The Tower of David  in Jerusalem

Key Codes And Activation Sequences In Hawaiian Music:
IZ found fame and wide acceptance by the Hawaiian people of all ages and social demographic backgrounds. He had charisma. People would just want to be around him --this was a trait his father had. And he miraculously inherited his mother's brother's voice and talent for  music.

Although the old songs for the ukelele had the higher dimensional messages 'buried' into them, it wasn't until a man of spiritual power like IZ, could activate them.

The opening of my heart in that boutique in 2003, was an excellent example of how there 'awakenings' work in people who are here for a spiritual journey, a mission, a purpose. (all of us are here for a reason, that is very good.)

IZ became the voice of the Hawaiian People, during a time called the Hawaiian Renaissance--when there was an interest in all things cultural and ancient and their own.

When I learned Reiki, I was told to expect to gain a little weight. As the spirit grows, and reaches up more and more to the Light, the physical body has to work harder to ground it, and increases in size.

As IZ reached more and more success with his music, he got bigger. Although food addiction was involved, I think there is some element of the spiritual greatness needing to be 'anchored back' to earth in this too.

Official What A Wonderful World by IZ

IZ is an example of a life-well lived with 'one foot in both worlds'.

I am lucky I have had the chance to get to know him through my meditation.

His wife is his soul Twin. And his daughter is also an angel who was sent to help him on his mission. It is a beautiful thing to witness her great love she has for him, that they share, father and daughter, together.

She must be high-ranking angel like him too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Shhhhh. You have done well. You have done well honey. You have done well.
You have described a great deal to us--from your limited consciousness at the moment (in duality).
Everything is planned and all is going to happen for the highest good.
You don't have to understand the connection between me and brother Israel, honey.
Accept it. And give thanks.

And to the others--carefully read these words Carla has written. There are key codes and activation sequences in them, too.


P.S. from Carla--I have just been informed that IZ is both an incarnation of Archangel Chamuel plus he is reincarnation of King David Kalakaua. No wonder why he shows up to me!

Monday, July 28, 2014


Today I was in the Doctor's Lounge catching up on some paper work. I had the chance to listen in when two surgeons each dictated the 'official operative report' for the procedures they had just finished.

What struck me was that there was no life or joy in their reporting of their work. They had done it a hundred times, had a spiel, and just were adding in pertinent findings for the medical record.

Dictation is a service where you call in to a special number and record a message that gets typed by a medical transcriber. There are buttons to replay what you dictate, and you can erase and start over if you mess up. It is daunting. When I was a resident in General Surgery, I had to dictate histories and physicals, discharge summaries, and any procedure I did.

I got stage fright.

After a while, its a very interesting thing that happens to a physician--it is almost like channeling or speaking in tongues--you just relax and 'let go' and all of a sudden blurble blurble blurp--you just GO and your mouth does most of your dictation for you without you having to think about it.

See this pale ring around the edge of the iris of the eye? This is arcus senilis (ark-uhs see-nil-us), a change in the eye seen with normal aging.

This morning I saw a blogger--I forget who--had said there was a new blue-green ring around their eye and was it a symptom of Ascension? I figured it was just the arcus senilis, and they like, noticed it or something for the first time.

Today, I looked in the mirror in the car right before I got out to pick up a burrito for my son.

I have it too.

I have hazel eyes, I am used to them changing color. But I have never seen my eyes to anything like this. It's a deep blue green, and very thin, like the outer edge on this pupil, not the next to outer gray ring of arcus senilis.

As I caught up on my paperwork, a Chinese anesthesiologist came and sat at the table. She had just opened her lunch she brought from home, and the recovery room called her. I told her I would watch it for her. She came back. I asked her what it was she had packed for her lunch? It was beans and quinoa. It was cold, and I noticed she ate very fast. She was hungry.

She explained, I never get to know when I will eat so I bring my food from home.

I smiled. She had once been my teacher, when I was a resident. She had just left her old hospital where she was the contract holder under not so great circumstances, and was doing per diem work for vacation coverage now where I am (It's a small world in anesthesia, you never want to burn a bridge.)

I laughed and said I had just had a Spirutein with milk, and a banana, for the same reason. I don't even have time to heat my food from home when I always bring it in!

After she laughed, she confided in me about her old work...when she had the new group take over, they took all of her billing and stole over twenty thousand dollars of her anesthesia compensation from her billing company.

I am in private practice, with fee for service. After I do your anesthesia, I send a billing slip and a copy of the face sheet to my Anesthesia Billing Service each Wednesday. They bill your insurance, and you, for the copayment or deductible.

Well there is always a lag of about three months, between anesthesia provided, and when compensation for anesthesia work.

This new group took three month's of her anesthesia billing for services rendered...and there was nothing she could do. She showed me with her hands in a karate chop movement--they just cut me off and everything after that moment with the billing company now belonged to them!

She also warned that similar 'losses' happen when groups change anesthesia billing companies, and a great deal of money 'is lost'--her old work changed companies every year.

The billing company also had taken over two thousand anesthesia minutes of her work, every month, under the table, and acted like she would never know. But she did. She said she routinely lost about one month's worth of income every year, due to these 'business practices' and yet she was doing the riskiest patients that nobody else ever wanted to do--the sickest ones--every day!

I confessed to her that at my work, too, someone had made up 'units' for services they did not provide, in order to take a bigger share of the 'pie' our group splits every month. I lost about the same amount as she did over two years.

The whistleblowers got fired. There is a big lawsuit. I did a deposition, which was painful. And now I have to pay the person a 'tax'--two percent of my income, even on stipend from the hospital or Medicare cases--in order to pay his 'administrative fees'. There is also a request for everyone to 'pitch in' several thousand dollars a year apiece 'for legal costs for running the group'.

Because this is considered 'business' there is no legal recourse for this type of 'kickback' as far as I know...or she knows... she says it is hard to get used to being without the income she had, even with the amount that was siphoned off...

Text from me to Baby Daddy:
(our boy we co-parent) is super excited about his own bedroom and says he likes (the new girlfriend) best of all you have ever had as friends.  Congratulations to you both. He really hopes she will be possibly his step mom one day too. I'm so very glad you are happy and in a good place with your heart.

Text from Baby Daddy to me:
Thank you for your support, that's funny that he would say that because I've never talked to (him) about that. I guess it says a lot about her. She really is a sweet girl and good with him.

Text from me to Baby Daddy:
It's a blessing for all of us that she is.

Comment from Ross to me about Baby Daddy:
Just wait until he meets me! LOL

On the way home, and before the burrito place, I stopped off at the local Indian market to buy a seasoning packet for making Shepard's Pie, which my boy loves.

I was struck by the young Indian man at the counter's professionalism. He greeted me. He rang up my items asking if I found everything all right? He looked me in the eye. He bagged everything briskly and handed it to me with genuine pride in his work!

I thought to myself, This is what the goal of 3D incarnation must be! To be present and in your spiritual power at all moments (as this man was clearly in his). No wonder why someone at the start of this creation cycle thought it was a good idea!

Lately I have found, as my conscious awareness is raising, that often I think how horrible it is in 3D to have to buy everything, wash everything, prepare everything, fold everything, vacuum and totally takes away from time spent with loved ones and enjoying interests.

I was really glad I met this man today.

I watch a lot of TV, mother confided as I spoke to her on the way to the burrito shop. There is this ENERGY, and things are HAPPENING and you really need to protect yourself!

I had just shared about my breakthrough in forgiveness with my Baby Daddy, and my text I shared with you. Mom says that the Baby Daddy is not normal, and I should protect myself and our son from 'his thinking'.

Inwardly, I smiled and thought, I have love in my heart! That's the best protection there is!

Then she complained about other family members who 'went out to Arizona' and 'waited on their friends and old neighbors' hand and foot like hired hands, and stayed in a hotel too!

She couldn't understand WHY they would do that when the couple was very well off!

Why didn't they hire movers to help them pack? The husband and wife did nothing and the kids played video games while my sister's family worked and worked in the heat!

In the same breath, I caught that mom said, 'the man's company transferred him to Arizona but their kept their California home, then he got sick, and then he got laid off.'

My family had done a beautiful thing, of genuine lovingkindness for people in 'trouble'...and poor mother didn't understand that 'angle' of love made visible at all...

Mother is a beautiful person with a good heart who happens to be very deep in the Illusion of Duality--me versus you, us versus them, he who dies with the most toys 'wins'--and her habit of 'watching lots of news' is only reinforcing it.

White guy at the burrito store--LOL! He had the energy of this girl in the picture: super excited to have his first job. He shared how his family had always eaten there his whole life, and he was surprised when they were hiring. It was a good fit, and he was filled with hope. He was an excellent worker, too, and my order came out perfectly.

Just for today, I want you to have something to think about. Every vignette is designed to 'push at the edges of that comfort zone' just a little further than they were when you woke up.

It's good for you.

And it's good for all of us to know what's going on in medicine as it is actually practiced today. <3

Here's a chuckle for you--thanks for your attention with this blog post:

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

A Message From Ross

This is a message from me, Ross, Carla the Reiki Doc's Twin Soul.

I am in 'Heaven', which is a loosely-defined term for a higher dimension. I vibrate at a different frequency than you who are in 3D.

I have a body, and I like it. I like it very much. It is solid, And I don't have to diet because I don't eat like other people do in the third dimension. I take in Light Energy and nutritients, and sometimes I eat with my mouth, but my food choices are not as available as you would find in a market or grocer.

I have a replicator. And one of the things I enjoy eating are fruits of a cosmic nature, which are far more beautiful in appearance, taste, and texture than anything one has ever had on earth.

Carla enjoys a cherimoya every now and then, it costs six dollars at the store here in California, and she can't always eat it since it is expensive. But when they are ripe they taste almost like ice cream; it is a special 'treat' for her every once in a while when they carry them at the market. And they have cancer-fighting properties too, so they are very healthy. What Carla doesn't like is that they are full of thick black seeds the size of date pits, so for every bite she has to be careful not to swallow them, and spits them out.

My selection of produce is very much like all the benefits of chermioya without the down side of the nasty seeds; it is this way with everything up here where I am. I also have juices that are really delicious too.

Does that make sense?

I wanted to talk to you today about Carla's pressure. It is more than you think. Her spirit is almost ready to pop in with me to where I live, my dimension.

So are all of you who are reading this.

When the time comes for people to come up (or 'Ascend'), the body in most cases is going to come with them and their consciousness.

This is a very personal and private time for everyone. Several Lightworkers have already carved out the time for themselves to focus on their families and their last lessons in Life in 3D.

They also experience a very strong connection to where they are headed, because for many of them, they are volunteers in service to Gaia and humanity (as are many of you who read this).

Simply put, they want to go back.

This is one of the strongest pulls in existence.

Why? Because a lower, more 'dense' (we are talking math and physics and chemistry here--'dense' as in more physical, concentrated, 'heavy' light as physical matter) is highly uncomfortable for those who have previously existed in the spirit realms with their body like this (taps his own).

So if a friend or two, or a blogger and way shower, starts to take less time, it is only because it is time for them to take the 'next steps' and they are in preparation, much as a woman has her child 'drop' in preparation for an impending birth.

Carla is not in 'spiritual labor' yet, nor will she ever be. She has done her work and gotten most things 'out of the way' for her to Ascend one last time with her body and her Light or her Consciousness.

Carla is not 'going away' and not coming back. She will always always always be here for you.

Carla is always with you, in your hearts, and might be 'coming back' on a powerful mission, one that is combined with me--sort of as our work dovetails together here from time to time with her blogging.

I have her in my arms, and I comfort her. This mission has been more than enough for everyone involved.

There are angels nearby to console you. To love and support you at the end of your missions. And to assist, just like a doula or a midwife would in childbirth--as your souls return to their original state.

That is why we recommend daily meditation--just last night Carla took five minutes to sit on her porch swing and 'sort things out'. By stopping and listening, I was able to provide her with so very much more insight and clarity than I would had she not taken that time to rest.

So rest in your hearts, your minds and your souls--and not to worry. I and my team have been at this Ascension thing for a long time, we are very good at it.

So listen to your body, your heart, your soul, and what inspires you (many times that inspiration is angelic and not an accident--it has been 'sent' to you by your 'team' of sorts--all of us here who watch over you on your journey)--and look for the pattern in the other Lightworkers you know.

I want you to understand what is taking place at this time.

It is unique to all of creation that a planet would Ascend with everything on it unharmed and intact. It is very special. I want you to enjoy making 'history' in an otherworldly, and very important sense. And have fun with it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross, and my 'clerical assistant' Carla who typed this message here for me.

I love her very much, and can't wait to have her with me once more. She is my beautiful angel of the Light...that's why I sent her to you in the first place. She does a nice job, strong work, and is very good at encouraging others too.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Visit

Late last night, as I was falling asleep, and saying good night to Ross, I felt a loving presence of a male, who placed his hand gently on my right arm. It wasn't Ross, as I saw him clearly, then this white blurry energy that was connected to the hand was there too.

I didn't know who it was?

I asked Ross, who said, why don't you ask him?

So I did...

It was my father! I didn't even recognize his energy signature! He has been gone five years now. And I really miss him. I cried and I cried just to be in his presence again. I cried like I did when I was little, because I knew and I trusted he would make things better for me when I was overwhelmed. He knew what to do. He always knew what to do, especially when I was scared of anything. And when I was little, I was scared--a lot! Of practically everything!

I asked him through my tears, are you better daddy? (mentally he wasn't in the best place incarnate--very 'lazy' toward the Light, although a good person in general).

He was.

Then I asked him, why did you die so soon?

He explained how he was at a  point in his incarnation, where he only would have racked up more karma, and gotten worse. It was like a stop-loss for him. Once he reached a certain level, he got sick and he died, so that he couldn't lower his vibration any more.

That made sense.

I told him how worried I was about my son, and how I didn't know what to do! (behavior problems). Father reassured me everything would be all right, and he would help me. As he said, 'I know kids.' (he was a sixth grade teacher). I relaxed just to know I wasn't on my own with this, that he shall help me too.

Then my grandma Lucille came. She is so much sweeter now she is in Heaven! And I hugged her and was so happy. She really cares about me. Before when she was alive I was just one of eleven grandchildren, and on the tail end of them too, if you know what I mean.

Grandpa Gilbert showed himself to me. In mediumship once with Tim Braun, he has said, 'I never really knew her.'  This time he was more warm. I offered him a candy--I forget what kind but I knew he always liked it. And he offered me one back, a Coffee Nip. They were his favorite.

Then Aunt Edna showed herself to me. In life we were very close. I was named after she miscarried and my parents asked if it was okay to use the name she had selected for her baby. It was a beautiful name. She said yes, and I always had a special bond with her. She was my confirmation sponsor too, helped me shop for my wedding dress, and threw me both my wedding and baby showers. (In our past life, I was Emma Houle, my great grandmother who died when my grandmother was four, and Aunt Edna was Emma's mother.Our three souls always reincarnate together. My grandmother and grandfather have reincarnated, I know who they are, but the people in the family they 'came back as' do not know so that part I won't share for their sake.)

I also saw briefly, Aunt Gertrude, my uncle's mom, and I was really glad to see her. She still had the same voice--a little gravelly--and always filled with love.

Then I saw the Great Aunts--Yvonne, Maud, Louise, and Alma. They were reminding me 'you are a Boucher!' of my strong, strong, very strong New England roots. I loved their being my like, four foot tall 'cheerleaders' and was greatly buoyed up by their support.

My Aunt Jean and Aunt Annette came, and I was delighted to see them.  I commented about how so many of the family is now dead!

Uncle Rene walked toward me. He had been paralyzed from a broken neck he had in a motorcycle accident way before I started medical school. As a result, he was always around, and I would call him for emotional support when I was going through my divorce in medical school. He was an engineer in life, and always very rational, but the accident had made a nice balance in his emotional side too. I poured my heart out to him many a time when I thought I just couldn't go on any more. He said he didn't know the answers, but he's been there too, and it gets better.

Uncle Rene picked me up gently, and lifted me up like a barbell over his head so I would KNOW just how strong and healthy he is now. And I did!

Then Roy came. Roy passed of lung cancer not too long after my Aunt Edna. His wife Sally and her were best friends in high school. The two families raised their kids together. Roy showed up once here--just so you could get an idea of what he is like.

Then my nannu Filippo came. I totally lost it. We were very close in life. I was so happy to see him, someone from my mother's side. Aunt Teresa came, along with her sister, Jenny, who we called 'subbichenza'. I apologized to Jenny for being beaten by her husband. I didn't understand then, but I do now, and I felt so bad for her. She reassured me, and her husband Paul, even though I am still afraid of him, showed himself as 'better' and not like he was. I apologized to Uncle Frank for refusing to talk to him during my mediumship with Tim Braun--I had paid a lot for the hour, and I didn't want him, who was so mean to everyone--taking up the time with his message to my mother.

Then I saw my Nana Peppina, my great grandmother, who I had never met in life. She looked just like the pictures, and I was very delighted to finally had a chance to meet her. I met her husband, Nanu Giuseppe, too.

Then I wondered where my Nana Angelina was? I was closest to her in life, closer than my own mother. She came, and looked beautiful. I had a very short time with her, then she and Nana Filippo told me in Italian it was time to sleep.

I fell asleep in bliss surrounded by a circle of love from my ancestors.

It was a gift from Ross to me.

I thanked him with my heart, and drifted off to sleep.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reik Doc

This was my gift to her for a very tough lesson she had yesterday. Everything will be all right, and I wanted her to relax and heal gently with the reminder that all is not 'tough assignments'. It was her break, and she responded to it very favorably. I want you to know when it comes to seeing the deceased, it is easiest at bedtime for them to make the connection to your awareness. Simply put out the intent, just like Carla did for All Divine Assistance and HELP! at some point in your day, and remember, they can hear and they will arrive just as soon as possible. You also might not be aware of it, as they have been watching Carla for some time, with interest, and she is not aware of this until when they showed themselves to her last night.
They are also in the orbs in your digital images. For some reason they capture them with this technology. So if a ball of light shows up in one of your photographs, you just might want to ask Source, who that loved one is?

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Extremely Deep Healing: A Report From My Heart

I have felt very blocked lately. Between the troubles with my son, who I believe is a 'barometer' of our family situation, of sorts, and my extreme lack of control of my limited free time and overwhelming exhaustion, I asked for Reiki and All Divine Assistance for clear guidance where I am 'stuck'.

I let it go.

I will try to make this as concise as possible:

  • I spent a lot of time with Ross today. He even guided me to a fortune cookie that said, Now is the time to go ahead and pursue that love interest! I just relaxed and talked with him and took a nap because I was post-call. I snore something awful, and his being in a completely different dimension 'out of hearing range' or at least 'able to hear and not be bothered by it' really helps!
  • I read the editorial by William Lee Rand on page 4 of this issue (, and his quote 'The possibilities for life open up and life becomes more meaningful, enjoyable, and worthwhile.' really resonated with my heart center.
  • Then I read the article by Tonya McLaughlin in that same issue--called Birthing Our Relations.  I had seen her picture before reading the article, in the 'line up of authors/contributors' and her face had resonated too. I took it all in, because she described what I see and feel, spiritually, during birth, when I work in OB Anesthesia.
Ross had me lie down and rest and put down the article. He asked how I felt about it.  I said, 'I am happy for them (with tears in my eyes) that they had the perfect Reiki birth looking into each other's eyes with balanced masculine and feminine. I am glad it works for them. It is a beautiful thing, and I share in their happiness.'

He looked down, with a strange look on his face, one that I had never seen before. It was almost annoyance, irritation, and a frown. While looking away, he said, 'That's not what I thought you were going to say.'

I had blindsided him. There was no accusation. There was complete selflessness for my pain. There was total love and acceptance of their good fortune, and giving thanks to God for such a beautiful example of what pure love in a couple can do for their family...

I confided to him about my own pain, which I knew he sensed. I hurt bad, honey... and I showed him this big gaping wound in my soul, like a bomb had exploded, with grey flapping torn edges, it was a crater really, as big as my chest, and very black and deep.

He didn't know that was there.

I asked, Don't you know my energy signature and monitor me every day? How can you not know?

And he examined me, and started doing his healing work with symbols, but was scratching his head how a wound like this could get past him? He took about five minutes, which is a very long time for him. Then he stood up and said, 'Aha! I know what it is! It must be a tumbler!'

This is the teaching point for all of you--It's a tumbler.  A tumbler is something unique to twins souls, and other very close soul group members. When one soul triggers a wound that is so incredibly painful for the other, and the hurt Twin doesn't trust the other one who caused the wound, it will keep rotating over and over from one timeline to the next so that the Twin who caused the pain wouldn't ever be able to see it.  It stays a 'step ahead' of the other Twin's consciousness. It hides. In some way, it's a protection that is unconsciously set up after a painful incident by the one who is hurt to avoid further soul injury.

He had never really seen it.

Long story short--he thought all my pain and hurt over losing our son at birth right before the placenta, was that I was upset with him for making a decision for the family to protect us, and for his not consulting me. (He thought if the child had stayed then all of us would have been targets for being killed. There were some very dark people close to him giving him advice at the time, ones whom I did not approve. Looking back, I see it was a deliberate plan to set us apart from each other, Ross and I). Apparently he had this plan in place too for our first child, who turned out to be a daughter, so I was allowed to keep her. Apparently the son was more valuable in the 'bloodline' and the 'politics'.

I explained how to me, it was impossible to grieve with one I knew who was lying to me, especially after looking into my eyes and assisting with the birth and balancing my feminine with my masculine in the circle of ancestors so I could be in my power etc. etc. My anger and depression afterward was to hide the wound in my heart from him, so he couldn't see, and it was basically unresolved grief.

I told him today, I need your heart! I need your heart! And I lay my head on his chest, and sobbed.

He put golden long stitches in my wound, letting it heal from the bottom up, and reassured me it can heal, and it will, and it will heal properly once and for all.

He looked me in the eye and said, If I knew it would have hurt you like this I never would have allowed the child to go. I thought it was like, well, you had one baby already so what difference is one more? you can have others! -- it's a masculine perspective from our times we lived in.

I looked at him and told him, it's like you took off my arm, they work in pairs--what good is one arm alone? You have another one? You took off the arm of my heart...

He brought me our son, Benjamin, as a young man. I spoke with him and I cried and said I was so sorry I wasn't there for you when you were sick, and you were lonely. I felt you and I knew you suffered and wanted me.  

He assured me that he never once felt I had abandoned him, he knew it wasn't my choice, and he gave me the explanation that had been given to him about his father. He assured me he loved me very much, and is always guiding me, even in this life, and that I didn't have to worry about him any more.

I read a lot of letters from people who have questions and concerns regarding the Twin Flame relationship. To me, this type of relationship is new. As I learn more, I share so that everyone will know that they are normal and healthy in this difficult Twin relationship, and that with enough love, honesty, and trust, together anything can be healed.

Remember, the ego--your ability to understand and make plans and control the situation--is just about useless, if not harmful in this situation.

So let go, trust your feelings, and communicate in the highest dimension you can with each other, for example, our talk today was in 5D.

This limits the amount of distortion in the message both in the sending and the perception of what is being shared from one Twin to the other. 

The hearts know what to do, if you let them heal one another, on a soul level.

Always ask for Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, your Guardian Angels and your Guides to assist you too. I had a ring of mine around us as we spoke, and I saw them in the distance the whole time I was healing with my Twin.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Ross sent me this song on the radio today. Spirit is life--it's not always quiet and on Sunday mornings with choirs and all that routine. Living with Spirit is so full of energy it will have you tap your toes, just like to this song. (And pretty soon, no cage is going to be able to hold all the beautiful--way more powerful than this video suggests-- pure unfiltered direct from Source Divine Feminine Energy from awakening the Collective Consciousness!)

Gimme All Your Loving -- ZZ Top

An Observation Inside The Healthcare System

The last time I worked anesthesia for labor and delivery, I was finishing up some charting, and wondering when the next anesthesiologist was going to show up to relieve me.

Sitting in a chair, on the edge of her seat, three computers down, was the ward clerk. She had worked all night, and I thought it was unusual of her to sit there instead of at the front desk.

Seven a.m. came about five minutes later.

She logged in to this computer time card system, clocked out, and literally RAN out the door!

The nurses have to do this on this little machine in the hall. There is one by the elevators, and another by the main O.R.

I see them waiting near it at the end of the day, waiting to go home. I also see people clocking in and out for lunch relief at the operating room too.

I have to admit, the only way I can do my twenty-four hour call, is to count down, just like this, in my mind, 'they can only hurt me for seventeen more hours...' all the way down to the end of my call shift.

Is this part, the 'running a business' for a profit or non-profit facility healthy?

I read an E.R. Doctor's column on 'Wellness' today--and he said, 'I hadn't seen the beach in one year. I live five minutes from the beach, and to see the ocean, all I have to do is look out my window. But with my stressful life, and busy schedule, I hadn't seen the ocean, or been to the beach, for a whole year.'

That is was started his search to seek wholeness and wellness in his life. He says it's like a sitting stool with three legs--one is sleep, the other is exercise, and the last is work. Without all three, you're not going to have a stable chair, or complete health.

He has a good point.

What do you think?

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Friday, July 25, 2014

Praying Without Words

Sometimes spirit guides me not to pick a music station on the computer/iphone for a c-section.

The last time this happened, I had a very anxious patient. I kept the room silent, and as the anxiety kicked in--before I offered versed (an anxiolytic)--I offered 'your choice in music' if that would help make you more comfortable?

Yup. It was the Praise and Worship station that was requested.

After my tour of Pearl Harbor, after I got the music playing, I couldn't help but notice the similar pronunciation of Worship and Warship...was that on purpose by whoever invented those words???

I don't knock any religion if it brings someone closer to God--Spirit--The Divine...there's no point. And there's even a song I adore that got played right as the baby was born in the operating room. I'll add that one at the end.

I have to be really careful now. People like comfort. They like to think they have everything 'all figured out'. And 'what I was told when I was little' is the be-all, end-all for the religious experience.

And for just as many people who support the perpetuation of the idea of a vengeful God who acts like the pointing finger in the clouds, judging people...there are even more who have been so deeply WOUNDED by this 'faith'--of any denomination,  mind you--that the mere mention of God or Jesus makes them 'unlike' the page and write really angry comments in the comments section.

Does this boy know anything about religion, theology, the wars that were fought and the millions and millions who have been raped, tortured and killed 'in the name of God'?

Does this boy even know 'all the right words' with which to pray?

I doubt he has memorized anything like an Our Father or a Hail Mary, if he is Catholic.

Can he even spell the words he uses? Or read? Or write?

But his prayers are heard...

This is the image the Divine Creator wants to share with you--just someplace in Florida that is beautiful and lovely.

It has perfect balance of water and land and air and sunshine.

Where are the words in this picture?

There is only the music of the breeze in the tall grass, the animals and birds and fishes and frogs...and the crickets...

Open your heart to The Divine.

I did it, just a short while ago, today. I was like, God? (I call him God--it's easy for me--but I know the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in perfect balance are implied when I call 'him' that.)

I was like, God? I think I left my heart in Oahu and I don't know what to do...I don't even know where to begin God, but please? Help!

And I let go. I didn't judge. I didn't question. I let all my feelings that were so difficult to find words for--I let them out of my heart and float up to connect to Creator...

God listens--even when you can't find the right words to say.

Creator listens  to the message your heart has directly for him but you can't put into words--anguish, suffering, confusion, loneliness, aching for home.

And Creator cares very very very much about YOU.

Ross asks me to share the conversation we had yesterday at 41,000 feet altitude.
(this is only for if you are interested--the teaching point of this post is already made <3 )

Ross: who are those kids on the flight with you?

C:  Two actors. One I hoped would be on the plane with our son said there were two from this, um, entertainment industry on the plane. I like the little Indian kid, with the lizard, from the pet store I got our ball python.

Ross: what do you think?

C: they were working. The one made eye contact with me as I had to go get the charger for our kid’s iPad, then a second time again because the outlet doesn’t work for iPad with USB port--to get the plug thingy.

Ross: what was that moment of eye contact?

C: recognition. As in the actor recognized me—and smiled!

Ross: And?

C: Where are the parents? The people who are with them do not look like them. Their energy is not very nice at all, and the kids are very quiet and withdrawn. (the guy next to the one actor by the overhead compartment had just gone up to the restroom and the seat was empty.)

Ross: And?

C:  Well the show they were on, 'Jess C'…before we knew about well…things we know…our son used to watch the show often. But that was two years ago, and shows with child actors tend to well, not run very long. So I would think that they are due for a change in their show soon.

Ross: How did they feel?

C:  The Indian one just sleeps—LOL—has same headphones and same color as me. And the other, well, very pleasant.

Ross: What does that say?

C:  It is ironic because I just threw away my last shoes with the ‘famous mouse’ on them while I was packing last night and am now officially ‘that company merchanside-free’. Then I see these nice kids on my flight with me.

Ross:  Do you think they are…you know?  Officially like, um…the others?

C:  I can’t say. Except for the no parents part, They seem perfectly normal in every way.

Ross: what do you think about us? me and you?

C:   We’re normal too!

Ross:  And?  What do they think about us?

C:  The same thing I think about them, I suppose?

Ross:  So talk about the in-flight movie—the one you hesitated to watch, and didn’t watch the ending because it would upset you.

C:  I wasn’t expecting it. And the eyes of the lead actor matched exactly the eyes I saw when I was in the shower yesterday—the same eyebrows and nose and eyes! (not the first set of eyes I already wrote about. These I just drew in my journal, and came almost a week after the first ones.)

Ross:  Did I appear normal in that movie?

C:   No, not at all. And there was no character development. It didn’t do you service.

Ross:  And you? What did you think about your character in the movie?

C:  I couldn’t tell anyone who I was except the old woman who handed the baby to the mother at the beginning. That one got me right. Old, kind, caring, skillful…

Ross:  And what did you think about the parts that made you upset?

C:  Well, they got more attention and development than the star!

Ross:   Why?

C:   To document the political horror and what you were up against, perhaps?

Ross:  (touches finger to tip of nose and smiles—that means I got it right).  Well?

C:  It was daunting. Oppressive. Scheming to say the least.

Ross:  How about the healings?

C:   If you ask me it was written by someone who hasn’t got a clue about true energy work. It’s all for the senses and not for the heart.

Ross:  Why do you say this? I thought they were nicely done.

C:  I guess you are right.

Ross:   I guess?! LOL.

C:   They were too quick, honey. And I could have recited along with them. There was nothing ‘new’.

Ross: How could there be anything new to my story?

C:  The truth.

Ross:   About what?

C:  That many days were very humdrum. That there were flies all over everything. It was dusty and hot. And we were very happy together. That you studied. A great deal. The film makes it look like you pull a rabbit out of a hat when the truth is that anyone with this amount of training combined with the consciousness can do what you did and more!

Ross:  (acts mocked surprised, smiles, and starts to clap slowly) And what was the message of my life?

C:  Wake up and smell the coffee! It’s a wonderful life out there—it has to do with your thinking, and what you project. 

Ross:  That means EVERYTHING to me, your saying that!  I’m so glad someone ‘gets the message’!

C:  Is there anything else to say, honey?

Ross:   There isn’t.

C:  May I ask for one special favor, honey? Please?

Ross:  I will give you anything you want. What?

C:  Will you please give a special healing to those child actors, no matter what they are, so they may find their Light and use their celebrity for their highest good? Not saying that they ‘are’ or ‘they aren’t’—just in case if they ‘are’, they might need a little extra blessings in the you-know-what ‘department’.

Ross:  I give this freely what you ask, both to you—my extra special blessing—and to them.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc (Carla) and Ross

P.S. I just went to use the bathroom right after the Indian actor. As I sat down, my boy mentioned he wanted to go say ‘hello’, ask him if he was that actor from the show, and if it was okay, if he could take a picture with him at the airport please?

The actor was most kind, and even shook his hand. It would be no problem to take the picture at the airport.  Ross? You work fast! And that is plenty of blessing for me. Mahalo nui loa….thank you for having them meet our boy <3

P.P.S.  My son said there WAS a mother with the indian kid--I never saw them speak to one another--but apparently this one had a parent and the other actor was alone.

P.P.P.S.  Here is the song I promised at the end. If you are offended by religious names and words, just skip it. I like the tune, and compared to the rest of the music on 'that station', this one works really nice when a child is being born in a c-section.

I Can Only Imagine -- by Mercy Me