Sunday, July 13, 2014

Healing On The USS Arizona and the Mighty Mo

The last time I was in Oahu, I took my son to see Pearl Harbor.

As a first stop, we toured the memorial to the USS Arizona.

And experienced spirit guide, my boy, told me he had seen a soldier's spirit while he was on board the memorial. He mentioned to him that he knew someone (Ross) who could take him to the Light.
The man thanked him, and went back to tell three more friends, so they could all Go to the Light together.

And they did.

I saw something different.

I was guided to sit.

I sat on the bench to the right when you first get off the boat. As I closed my eyes, I was underneath, inside the wreckage. Mind you, most of the crew that was lost had long since gone to the Light. These were the few 'stragglers'...

I came across a man in full fetal position, shocked and in horror at what was going on. I spoke to him, gently. He would not respond. I kissed him, and that got his attention out of his horror.
I explained there was more of this, and more joy and happiness, in the Light. He looked at me with distrust. I said, 'You can come back here any time you wish, but now is the time for you to go.'

I kissed him again, just to make it clear, his decision was between the energy of that kiss, and the energy of where he had been. He was responding to the Light.

Quickly, before he could change his mind, Blessed Mother came, and helped him to go to the Light.

Several more I helped in this way.

Then the Archangels came, and made a vortex together with me and Ross, who was standing at the opposite end of the memorial.

All the 'straggler souls' (there were several hundred, possibly more) in the whole harbor started coming in. Not just American but Japanese souls too.

Some of them recognized Ross, and with smiles on their faces, bolted and RAN to him, much to Ross' delight.

I saw some held back, and I asked the Buddha to come through, so they might see him and in fact, they did and he was soon surrounded by the lost with their loving arms extended to embrace him.

I felt a few more, and I thought, perhaps Shinto? So I asked for Confucius, or whoever would be most appropriate, and the last went to this figure.

Ross and the Archangels told me they would take care of the rest...

When I boarded the Missouri, I saw MANY ghosts hanging out on the decks. They were happy to be there, very proud of their service, and just liked 'hanging out'. They waved to me and called out because they knew I could see them.

I didn't acknowledge them.

On the tour, all was calm, until I hit the display room just past the mess hall and before the petty officer parts.

Ross said, 'sit!'

So in the dark I sat in a chair.

An angel came in and asked me how I felt about this place?

I said it made me sad! So much military and fighting and death and cooping up the men and so little of the Divine Feminine.

Then all the ghosts came by to notice me.

And I said, 'You can go back any time, why not take the chance to go to the Light?'

Some of them--Ross says, 'all of them'--did.

Then I asked, just like on the Arizona where I added healing and Divine Goddess Energy from Gaia (a BRIGHT light blue column of Light, a vortex from Gaia) along with Galactic and Agarthan Reiki to touch the hearts of everyone who goes to the memorial...basically, I claimed it for the Light....

I asked on the Missouri for Divine Father AND Divine Mother to come in, and to bring healing to this area. The boat was too big for me, and for my energy.

Divine Mother came.

I was reassured that fighting like this is now of historical interest only.

Then I left.

For the rest of the tour, I noted how much attention was placed on feeding the crew--three kitchens, three 'mess halls', one for officers (who had the front of the ship where it's less likely to make you seasick), the petty officers, and the crew--plus offices and offices to coordinate supplies for food.

Then I thought, if this much goes 'in' then how about what comes 'out'? Where are the toilets?

There were very few. I laughed at the imbalance.

And they also had a dentist! Of all the unusual things.

The crew slept in 'coffin boxes', and yet the officers had like, call rooms, and the first and second in command had luxurious accommodations.

I wondered the rest of the tour through the ship, how much like this a Galactic Mother Ship is like? And I hoped perhaps the accommodations were more similar and just for everyone, instead of the range of 'luxury' that was apparent on this battleship?

'Ihiuka by Makana

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc