Saturday, April 30, 2016

Easy Street -- Gaia News Brief 1 May 2016

As a collective, this is the decision that we face.  We face it in every moment. We face it in our heart of hearts...

Are we willing to take a chance and work with Spirit and our soul, to experience the wonder and delight of 5D which is very different?

Or do we stick to what we know has worked for us in the past?

Every moment, we make this choice anew.

Once we have made the commitment to be 'Love in Action' and furthermore, 'Love in All that we do' becomes easy.

Decisions in our day to day are based in the Now moment and the concept that everyone is our 'cousin'--we are One, beings of energy which are connected to Source---all of us.

What makes this blog different from other sources of Enlightenment is we provide concrete examples.

Here we go--concrete example number one--Spirit told me, 'Don't bring your food today to work'.

I packed for Anthony to go to my mom's. And our breakfast was a smoothie (from home) and then I had a Mc Donald's 'healthy bowl' (my mom likes the big deluxe breakfast so when she watches Anthony I buy her one.) And coffee.

Then I went to work for my one case!

Good thing I didn't bring Anthony! LOL. One case morphed into three--and then a big long one after that.

Where was my food?

There was a handful of the peanut butter pretzels I had given to GI on Friday, along with a juice mixed with Dr. Shulze's I had gifted to the GI lab on St. Patrick's day.

Right before my two o'clock case, there was one Annie's mac and cheese in the microwave from my locker. And one cup of water.

Then I worked my heart out for six pee, no food. Nothing. (patient was not stable).

At the end, the teams were in a great mood. And first call invited us to dinner! He put it on his credit card! I didn't have to pay!

Four of us went out to Chinese. It was so nice to meet outside of work, and decompress from our long day!

They let me take the leftovers home too.  For my work the next day.

My usual is to go buy salads and meals from Trader Joe--which was 3D. In 5D--I got my needs met by 'coincidences'...

Concrete Example number two

Stephanie was very sick. I sat with her mother. She was overwhelmed at the decision to proceed with surgery or not--as it was very high risk, but so was doing nothing.

We spoke candidly.

I said, 'If it was my daughter, I would want two surgeons working on her, not one.' (surgeon and a first assist).  I also said how she told me she didn't want to live that way.  It was clear that was her wish.

Soon the news came we were going to the O.R.  Just the way I asked. With two surgeons.

I had Archangel Raphael at my side the whole time. I was working minute by minute, and his calming energy helped me to focus and keep problems to a minimum.


Carla is falling asleep. I will speak slowly and clearly...(gestures for all of you to come close and listen--ed)....I am DELIGHTED you are here with me, NOW.

(he bursts into applause--ed--the crowd figures out this is his segue into clap! clap!)

Carla must go have her rest.

I love you.

I ask you to pardon me for my bad jokes...

I'm working on it, to be more humorous, like Carla. Tell them honey what you said today in GI.

C:  the patient had a Gastric Outlet Obstruction. The nurse couldn't spell it. So the surgeon said Gee.Oh.Oh. Gastric Outlet Obstruction. Gee. Oh. Oh.  I paused and a few moments later when the moment had passed, I said very loud... GOO!   Everyone laughed and understood my joke. Then the surgeon added, 'Goo-goo!' and said to me, 'Carla you are FUNNY!'.

(oh my gosh Ross gives me the most adoring smile! He's pleased with me!  How very nice...I feel all warm and fuzzy and content just with that look from him. --ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Bliss Lane -- Gaia News Brief 30 April 2016

This is me and my guides, LOL. I'm learning how to use the incredible gifts that have always been ours.

I am loved.

Yesterday I enjoyed immensely having time to volunteer at a school fundraiser before school. I helped in the kitchen and Anthony played the drums.

Then I got the call to stay home, and not come in to work.

Technically, my vacation has started, but it's a 'stay cation'. And I have a little call this weekend to settle out. It's mostly backup, I should be home.

With that high note I went to Target, and found wonderful things to organize my beads. There are trays that stack I REALLY like (I sort by color and then by stone). There was even a little bar cart and stool in rattan on clearance. Carts help me bring all the pieces into a place where I can select energetically what 'feels right'.

I came home.

I wanted to ship to London the bracelet I made. Someone is waiting for it.

But I got stuck on the computer.

I got stuck, stuck, stuck and skipped lunch and lost my afternoon.

What did I do?

There were a lot of important things mixed in with all the spam. So I found them, threw out the rest, and finished. I was coordinating with the lawyer. And the foundation guy. I skipped my MOCA minute (everybody wants something online now--and for board recertification I have to take a 'few tests' online every month.  Lots of questions I answer in one minute apiece.).

I found out I was overdue on my property taxes. I paid. I had lost the little envelope with the second part I owed.

I picked up Anthony from school.

We stopped by In and Out because he was really hungry and wouldn't agree to Souplantantion I wanted. There was a baseball game that started at five he wanted to see.

We worked on 'his project' for school. It has to do with the Renaissance. He wants to build a castle.  We have a blueprint of the layout of the grounds. I helped him--line by line--make it to scale in pencil as an outline on his cardboard where he wants to build.. He wants to build it with popsicle sticks and glue. We found out that garden shears will cut a popsicle stick with a clean edge.

THEN I worked on my bracelets.  And I organized until nine p.m.!

I made the most difficult ones.

The woman who is cutting my hours has a  young daughter and son, and feels like a terrible mother. Another woman who is in the group of six who is holding a coup against the single women--I liked her. I made her a mother daughter set, because she has twin girls.  I made it last week, but I didn't give it. Why did I make it? I don't know, exactly. Just because. But this last one? The one who calls me endearments but doesn't mean it? The one who is going to drop my income by three thousand dollars a month, and the other single woman's that much too?

How could I make it?

I did.

Someone asked me, 'how could you have a relationship with those who hurt you?' and cited specific examples.

With God all things are possible.  Even this.

I felt love in my heart as I made the bracelets.  It has white moonstone (looks grey), blue Czech beads, and Peace Jade.  They remind me of the ocean. And they look beautiful because they match as a mother-daughter set.

It doesn't matter. Those people who are cutting my hours are never going to be happy. They are sick. Sick in the soul, sick in the heart, sick without the Divine--even though they go to church on Sundays most of them and smile to my face.

They are stuck in 3D.

And they haven't got a clue.

I will find my way to what Spirit wants me to do. And all I have to do is be 'friendly and polite' to anyone who hurts me. I don't have to be close or even show an interest in them.

Friendly and polite.

And do what Spirit invites.


Losing the veil can be fun!

Carla had a fascinating communication back and forth with John Smallman yesterday.

While she was cleaning the emails, she found an old thank you note from him for her last donation.

It was dated April 2014.

Carla could have smacked herself on the head over that one like in the commercial 'wow I could have had a V8!'  or like Homer Simpson going 'DOH!'


Because she counts on his messages to help her through. 

And she hadn't stopped to thank him for it for TWO WHOLE YEARS!

So she sent him a donation that was shared from those who donated to her. 

He was delighted both for the recognition, acknowledgement and gratitude.

She was delighted to honor a faithful and accurate channel.

John does not know about us, me and Carla. 

I am fine with that, and Carla is too.

She is so thankful for John's faithfulness in all of our incarnations we have loved and supported one another.

The same goes for you who were on Earth with us 'back in the day'...we are filled with loving gratitude to you for your love and support for our work and our souls and our hearts!

(clap! clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twin Souls

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Right Action -- Gaia News Brief 29 April 2016

Today I am going to share with you about my good day. Ross was intrigued by my answer to his asking me about my day, and invites me to share.

Today was a Carla-style good day.

It was simple.

We had strawberries and toast for breakfast. We were on time to school. I even got a little blogging done before breakfast.

There was no chaos or crazy rush.  I was not yelling.

Today I brought a Costco 'Kirkland' container of peanut-butter filled pretzels to GI where I worked.

It gives me great joy to share with them, because no matter what this team is always happy to share with me. And I eat a lot more of their food than they ever do of mine!

I gave hugs today too, and one of the newer nurses made it a point to give me both a hug hello in the morning and goodbye when she left for home in the afternoon.

One of my patients I've taken care of before, and they were back and look so much better. This warms my heart, to see someone who is happy with my anesthesia care relax and let go when it is time to have a procedure again with me.

I wore my favorite fragrance for Stephanie. She is intubated in ICU, but I remembered she likes it. Her mother remembered too, and was happy for my thoughtfulness. She is making steady improvements but it is slow, and she has a long road for recovery.

I ate lunch, and had a morning snack. I also stopped by on the way home at my favorite sushi place.  Ross teased me that I like sushi so much is because of all the Reiki!!!

The best part of the day is how through Right Action and Trust my angels took care of me.  At my work, there is a perception that first call is 'the king or queen' who can take the best cases as they please. But that rule has changed. Highest call relieves lowest one next to go home--even if it's a not-so-well-paying assignment.

I stuck to my rule.  Even when a big juicy, very high paying case came in.  My colleague thought I was stupid.

I went home early.  I couldn't relieve this colleague--it was too unstable--the high-paying case.  And my name is nowhere on the chart!

Spirit saw to it I got home and spent a little time with Anthony before bed.

There is one other thing Ross wants me to share with you.  I asked him about the physical changes mentioned in today's Creator Writings. I asked, 'Ross will you please explain them to me, or at least so I won't miss them you will point them out while they are happening?'

He smiled and said, 'Yes!'.

Then he did the most brilliant thing for me. He pulled out some cue cards. Held them right in front of him. (When I took my oral boards, the question I aced--there are two--was the one where they held up little index cards with the questions on them for me. The first room had a neuro question asked by a New Englander, and a Texan, both with REALLY thick hard accents for me to understand. I kept saying 'what?' the whole first question.)

There are HIGHLY unusual cue cards. They are very high tech. There is actually, only one. And it's kind of silvery.

There are no words on the cue card.

I ask Ross a question, he smiles and holds it up, and in my heart I sense the answer! I perceive his words in response, but don't see a thing on the cue card. I feel them in my chest. But ONLY when I look at the cue card.

So we had a conversation. Just like that. He wanted me to share that with you too.

One person I know had a gap of three hours pass in what would have been ordinarily forty five minutes.

It's time to talk Karuna Reiki.

When we are attuned to Karuna Reiki, it's higher dimensional energy.

During the time around attunement, and also, once in a while after that--we adapt to be able to transmit all that energy.

Time distorts. People are late. They think it's the wrong day and don't show up. (Ana Maria missed out Karuna class! like that).  Time moves faster or slower.

Distance distorts.  People go to pour into a glass and miss. Walls seem to bend and stretch. Some people can visualize the space between atoms. My teacher Anne was like, 'Time? WHAT is ...TIME?'...

Many emotions and stuff you thought you have 'been through' come up to clear, but then you're done. You can have physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual baggage to process. It's simple--you just acknowledge it and it goes away, but sometimes even dealing with it is unnerving.  For physical, you might get a cold or flu--that isn't really a cold it's just the Karuna cleansing out your dormant energy pathways or 'pipes' in your energy body.

A dear friend also felt 'floaty' all day. I've had that too. Remember--when you get floaty--drink water, take a bath in salt water, bare feet go on the ground, eat things that grow IN the ground--and it will help you to GROUND the energies. You'll feel better. I think my favorite is getting direct sunlight (about ten minutes a day minimum no sunscreen) and being in Nature.

With each upgrade, once you assimilate the energy and adapt and process it, life gets normal again.

The funniest thing for me with Karuna energy--once I was attuned to it--I felt BETTER for the first time in my life, like an ugly duckling finding out they are a swan! I fit in! I didn't have any symptoms at all. Ever! Except maybe one small wall warp so I would have something to share with the class.

Ross also counseled me over some mean people and stuff going on at my work. He said to wait until I respond. My hours are being cut--again--and the two single women in the department are being the target of the cuts.

Ross asked me on the way home if I could have anything I wanted to eat tomorrow for lunch what would it be?

I wanted a nice french baguette in Paris with ham and swiss cheese, warm. And a little tomato on it. I want it from Bechu. And I would like Ross with me.  I told him it would be for the snooty servers there--and Ross laughed at how human I am...

Why he would ask, I don't know. I guess it's just to work on the manifesting. I really enjoyed there--and I want a salad and a little coffee espresso to go with it too.


Carla has had a long day. And a good one. For Carla lived it with her heart and her soul.

Carla smiled.

She is seeing more of the avarice in her compatriots. This is disconcerting to her. But again and again Carla makes the choice not to give in to fear, and to trust in what she can't see--down the road ahead for her--or sense what is coming down the pipes.

This calms her, and keeps her more grounded.

The habit of doing Right Action is like pedaling faster on a bicycle--it can take the bumps in stride and wobbles much less and goes straight (gestures with arm bent at elbow and open hand and straightens it straight in front of him--ed).

Try to get in the habit, as soon as possible. There is nothing that is going to help you more during the changes than being plugged in with your mind to 'what is right' (not WHO is right, okay, although a lot of you are going to be fighting the urge to say I TOLD YOU SO--he laughs--ed) and by GROUNDING to the earth below your feet.

All is Well!

(clap! clap!)

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

What is New at Home -- Gaia News Brief 28 April 2016

Several weeks ago, my friend Jean said, 'buy new carpet--make it cheap--but buy it new'.

She's my coach in a way with all the home things I have on my plate.

Sometimes when people talk directly to your soul, you know it. It's like Spirit has a layer of energy in their words. And I listened. I ordered the new carpet.  It's just for the stairs and one small area.

The old one was stained up really bad from when Anthony was a baby.

I can't begin to share with you the lessons...from the WHOOSH of refreshing energy once all the furniture was out of that Anthony helping me move the furniture, and be a little more grown the dolly my dad had insisted I keep, and only while moving the furniture did I figure out WHY he told me to keep it...

While I meditated yesterday afternoon, Ross told me he wanted a certain piece of furniture out of the house.

I took it downstairs by myself. I put it out front and said, 'free'.

Anthony helped me move what Ross wanted there instead--all the way onto the dolly, then end over end up the stairs. Anthony commented on how it's nice to use his strength, and to 'grow up a little'. (Those are Ross' words, not mine, and it's nice to know Anthony is listening.)

Between the two of us, Anthony and I interpreted what Ross wanted on this piece of furniture where it was.

It's gorgeous, and gives me great peace, and is a total improvement without paying one penny!

Last night, in meditation, I 'managed upwards'--and I held a stone with the word BLESSED on it, and sent my love and gratitude up to my guides.

If you can't say anything...

I'm not going to whine. It's a good message. For some people. I guess.   I don't like the picture--it does nothing for me. (As a former kitten, who looked in the mirror and saw a cat's face where my own should be, every time!, due to the 'training'--in fact this image is frankly offensive.)

I'll focus on my happiness in my household and my family. I'll leave all the rest of the predictions and interpretations to whoever cares to interpret them.

I did have a terrible nightmare last night. I'm a little shaken. It reminded me of the ones I had from 1992-1996. They were so horrible I willed myself not to dream. I don't even want to say what it was, except there was the same weapon and the same theme. Except this one was different. The person with the weapon was taken out by someone she had trusted.  I was so confused I didn't know whether to run or play dead myself. The person who took her out was shady, and hard to read on the energy, but I gathered it was someone like a double-agent.

I was grateful. And I'm using the nightmare code on me now too. It really helps.


Carla's happiness is important to me.

So is yours.

All you have to do is listen! Just like Carla and Anthony. And I can assist.

I work for free.

Not like Carla and her bracelets! 

Those are 'almost free'.  (he smiles mysteriously--ed--he knows I give away more than I sell, and all donations go to purchase more beads, which a generous donor couple helped me to buy yesterday. It's my outreach. My paypal is, if you ever want to help me keep the whole thing going. It's the postage that really gets painful when I send overseas. It's thirty-three dollars now for a tiny priority mail box to go out of the country. That's like one bracelet and a card and nothing else!)

Carla is not begging for money.

A lot of people offer, and ask her, 'what can I do to help?'

Carla is not going to ask them, and neither will I.

We'll let you figure that one out.

(clap! clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins and Couple

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Anatomy of a Soul -- Gaia News Brief 27 April 2016

This is an Upper GI with Small Bowel Follow Through radiologic study.

It is given to someone who has blockage of the intestines, to see where the blockage is--they aren't quite blocked up enough where they need surgery immediately, but it's getting close and the surgeon wants to know what is happening to the patient.

The energy is shifting rapidly.

It is on schedule.

There are things I know, that I can't tell you.

But I will let you know what is going on with me, so you will not be surprised with what is going on with you if you experience it too.

Electronic things in my hands are going bananas
The O.R. table 'clicker' won't work with the 'level' button. It shorts out.  This happens in every room.
My phone is broken and I had to switch to backup.
My home phone is broken too--I can call out but I can't call in.

People at my work are Cray Cray
There are factions and subdivisions in my group that are so unpleasant I keep wondering if I must change places of employment. People are angry and upset because the ones who can't do O.B. don't have to do it, like them, and instead they get more call assignment in the O.R.   The payor mix in O.B. is horrible--the lowest of the lowest reimbursements.  So they are losing money AND losing sleep to work there.

These people can't even look me in the eye. I stood up to them at our last meeting. I said I am a single mother, I work hard, I take ALL of my calls (many of them skip their O.R. call and give it to another)--and to look me in the eye and let me know where I stand with them.

Ross says not to worry, things will resolve soon, and I am protected.

I am seeing a side of me I never knew I had

I wanted to know about Mormons. Apparently Peter and John made John Smith and one other guy 'priests of the order of Melchizedek'.  I was curious and wanted to know more.

Ross wouldn't tell me, but said he would in meditation that night.

Well, instead of the Mormons, I got the Magdalen.  My little card deck I don't like, and ignore.

All these feelings came up. Ross wrote about them last time.

But the next night, these three cards came up:  FAMILY   CRUCIFIXION   ASCENSION

Well, that one set me off the deep end. As a soul. I am aware of my physical body and my house and my job.

I started crying and telling 'them'--my guides--I was really traumatized by the whole thing I saw.  It's like I have PTSD. I need help.

They asked me how I felt? What would I have done?

And I shocked myself.  That part of me that keeps everything nice stepped aside. And my soul's repressed anger came out.

I beheaded Pilate in one swift swoop and held his head up like Judith in the Bible. But that wasn't enough. I showed it to the crowds to shut them up. I kept holding it by the hair and bashing it again and again on the ground in a rage.

Then all of the people I heard jeering?  I had supernatural angry things out for them. I'm not the one that said, 'forgive them for they know not what they do'.  I took it out on them. Every single one. And even now, their souls--except for one who suffered the same fate as my Beloved--are on fast track to merge with the Galactic Central Sun.

This includes the ones who organized the whole thing. Those souls are skewered through their chakras in an immobilizer, held up in front of the crowd, and THEN going into the Galactic Central Sun.

I want nothing to do again with 'those mean people'.

I want none of it!

The whole time my feelings came up, my guides asked me, 'how do you feel?' and I said, 'POWERLESS!' and cried some more.

They did not judge. They stayed back. And I knew these feelings must have been buried for a long time, and needed to come out. (see this link for Saul's message on similar subject).  I didn't judge them either except they were really strong and probably not good to leave hidden deep inside.

The next day, yesterday, Ross was very quiet. As were my guides.

Last night I was told to take off all my jewelry.  Actually the beaded bracelets in the morning. I was told to wear larimar. I did. (I got a message to get my thyroid checked. I have ignored it for two years. My ENT can see it. He ordered a scan. And as we were talking a general surgeon came in and said he was removing a thyroid that next case for 'compression symptoms'.)  You know, the blue chakra?

Anyhow, I wasn't permitted to meditate last night. I just slept.

This morning I was just ready to wake up and I was asked 'what is the greatest miracle you could ever experience?'

I didn't know. Seeing Ross? But what about Anthony?

Ross asked me gently, 'did you feel like I liked the others more than you?'  I said yes.

He asked me, 'did you feel like I broke our marriage vows by going out and doing what I did?'

I said yes, and started crying. I kept asking, 'why? why? why the whole thing? why the suffering for all of us here?'

He said, 'You know I love you.'

I said I did. But I'm blind! I'm so very blind to the whole thing. Here he is married to me, in this incarnation, and I can't understand anything of the spirit.

He said, 'If you were blind I would put the little bumps on the stove so you could use it, and I would make all the safety features for you.  If you were blind I would see to it your happiness (I saw him carry me to a field of flowers where I could feel the breeze and smell the fragrance).'

So here I am feeling like his disabled spouse (galactic wise)--and here he is clearly accepting it.

(I don't wear the jewelry when they want to get a 'read' on my energy. I also know WHY he had to die, there was no other option--it was to save souls but I won't go into that. I also know a little more but I'm not saying.)

I kept saying, 'Why?  WHY?' and being miserable.

That's when he told me to reach for the sugilite.  It's very good for moments like this. He told me to wear as much as I can in my pocket for today.

My baby daddy's dismay

One would think that an ex would be that--an ex.

I spend so much time talking to mine by text. It's really frustrating.

Anthony was to be with him last night. I was driving home early, we hadn't confirmed, and as I got near to the school I wanted to double check to make sure I could go home and not worry.

He got miffed.

And when he gets miffed there are lots of texts.

My life is totally insane in the scheduling department. Even my world-class breast cancer surgeon yesterday said she could never do my job. She said, 'you never KNOW when you will go home!'

I thanked Jared for being organized and dependable, because it really helps.

But there was misunderstanding about my work schedule and his weekend because there was a wedding he needed to go to and he wanted me to watch Anthony when he went in the afternoon, but I have to work.

I didn't make excuse. I explained the situation--my work requires I work on some weekends, so I schedule my work when Anthony is with him. That's why I'm not flexible. That's why I scheduled the weekend with my mom--so the cousins could play.

This all went through four hours of texting.  Off and on. Even through dinner.

I asked myself WHY once more. And I know Anthony is worth it. It's just a little too complicated for me sometimes. And we are both cordial and nice to each other--there's no anger--it's just a lot of work.


Carla got a workout.

The sugilite gave her kundalini a surge, and helped her get her balance.

I recommend always to go to the kundalini when everything seems to be falling apart.  It is the best stabilizer we have, and sugilite is exceptional for this. It goes in from the crown down, and stabilizes everything.

I have been watching Carla and taking everything in.

Both of us know, and so do all of you, that in the movies, when they want to hurt the hero, they kill the family members and torture them in front of the hero.

They don't just kill the hero and let the family members watch.

They don't kill to 'make an example' in front of a crowd.

They terrorize and break the soul of the deceased's Beloved.

Carla has been reliving those days without me, while Carla was still incarnate in that life, experiencing the full realization I was gone from her for the rest of her life.

She does it in her sleep, and in her half-awake state.

I won't go into it now, but I can assure you it was a lot less fun than what you were told in your catechism.

Carla didn't like my going away. I am never coming back the way I was--she knows it--and it's still true.  I am never going to be alive in a physical body like you.

I have my Light Body.

It's close but it's not the same.

Yours are approaching ours in the physical vibration--there is a moment when all will uplift--and your bodies will be more like mine than they have ever been, while still being your own.

You shall not exchange them.

You shall be able to modify them as you see fit, but not totally exchange the one for the other. Not at this time.

Jane, Carla evaded your question because of the situation. I will be glad to speak to you for us both, about our relationship, and who I am, and who Carla is, too. It isn't just an anesthesiologist, or psychic, or Reiki healer...Carla is with me, and our souls go a long way back.  I wanted you to understand because you asked most sincerely, from the heart, and Carla, due to her lack of work, and the others who were present in the room, was not free to answer back to you from her heart, although she would have liked to.  Jane, you are doing a wonderful job with raising Julia. You deserve to experience the joy of motherhood, and I wish you a fantastic Mother's Day in a few weeks.  I thank you for taking care of all of my sick both in body and in spirit that I sent to you. You are an excellent healer--and it is more than your mind and your hands! It is your heart!  Thank you for your acceptance of and support you give to Carla here. Your comments about her thyroid, coming from you, meant more than you will ever us both.

(Clap! Clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Monday, April 25, 2016

Sometimes Fire is Healing -- Gaia News Brief 25 April 2016

Because I overslept I must keep this short.

Yesterday, I took all the 'shred' mail I had kept in a bag for about three months, and took it to our back yard. There is an old gas barbecue that no longer is functional.

Anthony and I had 'science'.

He also burned one of his summer projects with popsicle stick 'houses' he made last year, while he was unhappy with the summer program.

We added more and more unwanted things--things that weighed me down. Why is it people send credit card applications in the mail, and for our own financial security, we must guard these and shred them?  It is mail that is 'intrusive' into my home.  I can't toss it in the trash. Not any more. Back in the eighties I used to.

What is fascinating is I have zero fire signs in all of my astrological chart. Not in any one of my twelve houses.

Yet I choose fire to cleanse in this way.

My mother, on the other hand, IS a Sagittarius, and is FIRE in every way, every single way!

And for HER, she chooses water to destroy her mail like this.  She soaks it in a bucket until it's all pulp.

We both hate to use the shredder, even though I have one and she doesn't. (I put all the shred into the garden as compost when I do have the patience to use it.)

We also cooked on a different grill last night. It was the first time I put corn on the barbecue. Did you know all fresh ears of corn from Trader Joe's is non-GMO?  I just let it singe for a good long time.  It was delicious.


(he taps the microphone--ed--tap tap tap and blows into it) Do you hear us? (he implies him and all of his teams up where he is--ed).

I bought Carla flowers yesterday.

Carla 'sensed' I wanted them for her, and as they walked up the steps into Trader Joe's she told Anthony I wanted him to help me pick out a bouquet.

When they took two steps into the store, Anthony said, 'I know which ones are for you mom. I don't have to decide.'

There were bouquets of roses, one dozen, for $6.99, and he went right up to the red ones and gave it to Carla, saying, 'aren't they beautiful mom?'

In many ways this trip to Trader Joe's was an answer to Carla's unspoken prayers in her heart!

I insisted on the flowers, because the last two trips to the store--they were different stores--I had offered and Carla declined. She had some lemon verbena from the garden in a vase, she said, and she didn't need it.

But today I had the flowers, and Anthony was excited about one more thing!--the ready made lunch items.  So for this week, all of the work Carla has to do in the morning is a little less. Instead of making lunch Carla is 'assembling' them. Today Anthony has turkey wraps and tomorrow of all things, low calorie Chinese chicken salad. It's what he likes.

Carla on the other hand has quinoa lemon and arugula salad, with beets, and is delighted to have saved a little work on her part.

Last night Carla had a little assignment on her private time with me. It's not what you think, or how it sounds--Carla meditates. She has a little spot all worked up in her closet, with a meditation cushion and last night she wore the mantle that was made for her by the incarnation of Archangel Raphael. It is green and very soft, and it soothed her sore shoulder. (Carla did some playing catch with Anthony, and it 'talks to her' at the end of the day).

I had Carla do a reading for herself.  From two decks.

The first was from Doreen Virtue's Archangel Michael deck. I told her which card to pull. She was puzzled as she read the prayer at the bottom to invite Archangel Michael to talk to her in her dreams. Carla was like, in her heart of hearts, 'why the formal prayer? don't I speak to him like this already?'

(he holds one finger up--ed)  But Carla obeyed! Carla read the words, and did as I invited.

The second deck was the Magdalen Oracle cards. Carla had bought them just to take the last one off the shelf from the crystal shop so no one would look at them.

And in all these six months, even Carla hadn't in her own home!

Carla was highly critical of this deck! It was entertaining for us as we monitored her remotely. I was taking 'reads' on Carla's reaction to the perception others have of this figure--as she looked through the deck, with all the dark, red,  early Picasso-like drawings, Carla wrinkled her nose. At the 'Intimacy' card, the 'Sacred Sex' card and  the 'Lovers' cards, Carla was offended. The old label of the 'whore' was 'updated' but still in effect, even in this.

The only thing that Carla liked, and that was just a little bit, was the quote in the commentary at the beginning of the little book, that says, 'Magdalen is the Archetype for the neglected Feminine principle'.

That one was a little 'close' to home.

One last thing.

Carla moved all her furniture out of the living room, in preparation for new carpet that is to be installed this week. Right before bed she saw Anthony sitting on the floor with a toy and all the screwdrivers in the house.

She helped Anthony change the batteries on the little turtle that puts the stars up on the ceiling. He has had it since he was five, and can't sleep without it in their home.

Anthony had been independent and trying to open the little battery compartment himself. He had the tools, but not the right size one, and had stripped it.

Carla went through every screwdriver.  Carla did not blame Anthony but instead said she had stripped it halfway the last time, and he had finished the job. It was not his fault.

Anthony rolled on the floor in agony that his turtle was not functioning, and would be gone.  He asked if they could buy a new one, and Carla said, 'these things are a fad, and they go. We could buy something similar but not a turtle.' And in her heart Carla cried to ME for fatherly assistance, as the 'man of the house'.

Carla told him! She said, 'if this works it is Ross who fixed it but not me.'

Then Carla got up, got the needle drivers from the O.R. she has kept since residency--and grabbed the screw from the outside, clamping it, and spun the turtle to unscrew it.

While she was doing this I told her it was a lesson to Anthony about growing up and leaving the baby things behind--just a short introduction lesson.

And Carla understood!

Once the battery compartment was open, she let Anthony exchange them. But he needed a little help, and when he asked, she helped him on that too.

Both were surprised to see how much brighter the turtle light shined.

Carla commented on how as you use it the battery dies so slowly you can hardly perceive it (he taps the side of his head--as if this makes a HUGE connection to the Matrix--and how it is being replaced by the Higher Realms--ed).

(clap! clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Contrast -- Gaia News Brief 22 April 2016

Unity In Design

Part of advanced anesthesia training, is being able to decide on a clinical course when the patient has two concurrent underlying disease states which require the OPPOSITE way to handle them under anesthesia. For example, with a 'full stomach' (a recently digested meal) we would want to use a rapid-sequence intubation with succinylcholine. However, with an 'open globe' (a major injury to the eye), the use of succinylcholine on induction of anesthesia is to be avoided due to risk for extending the injury to the eye. So a patient who has an eye injury plus a full stomach--presents sort of a conundrum that only the advanced anesthesia practitioner can decide a course for the patient under their care and to navigate it safely.

As we grow in Spirit, we are asked to combine our perceptions of the opposite 'extremes' as you have it, in our Illusory experience of Duality...and to find the common thread which unites the whole.

What I am going to share with you, are the examples which on reflection about my day, bring up.

Give and Take

This morning my colleagues decided as a group to hold a meeting at six in the morning. On a school day. On a school day where I have my kid.  Usually we have them at eight on Saturdays. But people don't like to go. So we have it before work.

I had to wake Anthony up at five thirty and take him to the sitter who would feed him and take him to school.

I was fifteen minutes late to the meeting because I overslept.

I had packed our lunches, and skipped breakfast. I had my coffee and cottage cheese with banana during the meeting.

The faction of the people who do O.B. call and are complaining--are Middle Eastern. For them, MONEY is something I cannot comprehend. There is a cultural thing with the Egyptians in our group--we have many--where being number one in the payroll department is the only thing that matters. So there are people who try to take hours, take call, work more...but that is not enough.

So now they are arranging a way to 'even out' a 'pay disparity' between those who take OB call and those who don't, because the OB census is 'way down' and 'they have to stay twenty-four hours in the hospital away from their family'.

These people don't bat an eye to stay up all night in the main O.R. making money.

They complain when they are in the hospital only getting a stipend when they are on O.B. and 'business is slow'.

I asked for confirmation that to take more work from the O.R. for O.B. 'to make it fair' is going to take away from others whose only work part-time is in the O.R. (I work denser work hours with disproportionate call).

I was told 'yes'.

In my pocket was a bracelet I had hand-made of the finest amethyst and faceted moonstone beads.  It was a gift to our CNO (Chief Nursing Officer, number two in command at the hospital).  After the meeting, I walked over to administration, to try to put it on her desk. They have all kinds of security there. I buzzed and put my smiling face up to the camera at the door.

She came to the door!  We sat and she asked me 'why'?  (I had promised her one a while ago)...

I said, simply, 'Because I love you.'

She makes beautiful needle work, and I've bought a quilt of hers in a raffle for my mom. I know she works hard and does a lot of 'managing by walking around'. (I got to know her over the past two years on our computer anesthesia record project.)

Her bracelet was called 'Purple Rain', and she laughed when I told them she could say it was designed by (my last name).

I didn't ask for anything in return.

I was filled with love and gratitude, and I thanked her for making this a nice place to work.


It all has to do with the heart...

My Patient

She is improving in ICU. I spent some time in the room with the nurses and with her mom. I also asked our electrophysiologist (cardiology specialist) about the high heart rate, and does it warrant a further work up?  Fortunately, no, it's normal response to the severity of the illness. It's compensatory to the hypotension. Just like tachycardia in response to a fever. It's the body's way to heal.

The night after the surgery was horrible. I came in last week on my day off. I heard (once she was getting better) that the first night the nurse worked so hard draining drains and transfusing and working pressers--that she was crying the whole time, and the mom was crying.   They were crying together because there was so much to be done and everyone was pushing themselves to the limit wanting to do their best. It was mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting to care for someone that sick.

But it paid off.

And she is getting better.

I told the mom, 'The nurse now has a new respect for me. She knows what I went through the whole six hours of the surgery.  Only I couldn't get my surgeons upset. It would have been counterproductive. I dealt with the blood pressure and metabolic changes the whole time while making sure the patient was asleep and pain-free.'

Most people don't get it, what I do. They see the smiles and the jokes about the reason anesthesiologists are so happy is because we put the propofol in our coffee as a creamer (it's milky white)....

I walk the edge for my patient with them, between life and death, and I fight really hard for them. It's in my training.  I do this every single day. No matter if I get paid for it or not. It's called 'being professional'.

Now in the ICU room, on our visit, we were talking about normal things, the mom and me. About how I got the funniest feeling the other day that her daughter my patient is supposed to be some inspirational person or something like that--for a whole LOT of people.   I also shared with her the script for the skit I'm supposed to have a role in for tomorrow--they are filming it for the Medical Staff Annual Meeting. It's an honor the Chief of Staff invited me to be in it. It's hilarious and to hear her laughing in that ICU room was the most healing thing of all...

It meant LIFE was present!

I'm intuitive. And between the Reiki I requested, for her, and my being at the bedside a lot and talking basic medicine stuff with the family and the nurses, I 'sensed' my patient knew on some level I was there and it was going to be okay. Everyone else did too.

It all starts with the energy.

Then it takes the love and gratitude and skills of the team. Including the angels--both incarnate, and disincarnate--including you.

Double Stuck

I worked on someone yesterday and again today. I can't tell you why. I can share I worked with a different team than I usually do. I was a stickler for the antibiotic. The patient had missed a dose, and I wouldn't let the case start without it.

I called the pharmacy and the recovery room where the tube system station is--at least six times each, making sure it was coordinated and got to me quickly so I could give it to the patient. (is it here yet? did you send it?)

At the end of the procedure, the little Vietnamese member of the team, walked up to me with a smile.

She said, 'If I ever need to get anesthesia I want you to do it. You are SO SOOTHING!'

Later tonight, on my way to the parking lot to go home, a colleague also asked me to do the anesthesia for her mom's knee replacement. (this one works part-time, like me, and we are close--both kicked out of OB, and now, very thankful to be away from that part of the hospital and the drama that goes with in on the nursing side.)

One of the things people in my group, the 'takers' do not seem to understand, is that by going through the heart, and doing the right thing, people are absolutely drawn to you.  And they have a good experience. By word of mouth, people know who genuinely cares about them, when they are sick, and vulnerable, and who is only paying lip service to them and going through the motions because they are only interested in the money.

I have had people refuse to have surgery without me.

I have had special requests where I have been permitted to go to a plastic surgeons' office with special privileges for a day--because they had no pain when they woke up the last time I worked with them at another office.

I have had people switch hospitals away from where their insurance sent them, to have me watching over them where I practice, not the other place. 

I come in on my day off, for these special requests.

Is this 'fair'? Is this something you can tally up and divide like a piece of pie to make sure no one gets the bigger piece? I think not. 

It just IS.

You can't quantify it. And you certainly can't force people to go to someone they don't want to have do their anesthetic when they have a choice. And they ALL have a choice, that option. Only they don't know it, for the most part. Only those who work in the hospital know. 

It just IS.


I am a single parent--in the physical state; in the spiritual state I get a lot of help from Ross!

The less time I have with my son, the more precious it is.

Tonight, we went out for pizza to the same place I used to go on Friday nights when I was a kid.  I remember the jukebox, and the little fireplace our family used to like to sit next to, and the fun of being together.   I used to adore playing the pinball games!

We had the same thing tonight as I did forty years ago--pepperoni pizza with root beer.

Anthony got to play the video games.

What I love about the place is that nobody has 'updated it'. It looks old, and well-loved. The money 'CHANGE' machine looks forty years old LOL. So are the video games, they are antique.

I like places that aren't trendy and perfect.  I get so tired of society and marketers telling me what to like and how to live!

I think plantation shutters turn the home into a jail. With all the bars. And you can't ever really open the windows all the way, on the sliding glass door shutters, to get all the light in.That post in the middle is in the way.

I can't stand 'energy saving lightbulbs'. Yes this is Earth Day. You know who I am! But I don't see any benefit when they cost damn near ten dollars and throw off inferior quality light. It's 'bluer'. It doesn't have the same incandescent spectrum.

You would think with all these people going solar nobody would care if we use an extra watt or two on each of our bulbs, you know?

I don't like granite in my kitchen. Granite belongs right where it's found, in the mountains, and not some crazy strip mine to take it out.  Granite kitchen means somewhere else in the world there is an ugly hole in the ground.  It's not renewable and it never has been!

I see people cutting down trees. Big ones. Trees cool us with the shade. But the 'ecosystem' here is to rip everything out, kill the whole damn hillside, and put little drip lines with weird non-native plants and all the bark stuff all over it.

It's ugly.

And it's counter productive.

Why not let Nature take the hill and design it?

I adore the green grasses that turn to gold in the summertime, all over the large hills with no housing developments on them.  The mustard bushes add the perfect color, and create wonderful habitats for the birds.

I tell you, when mankind gets off his high horse, and allows Nature to create instead--just like in the forests, and the beautiful deserts, and the hillsides, and the arctic...and allow harmony for all the various THAT will be Heaven on Earth!

When we stop living in our minds, and start experiencing Life with our Hearts--all this change is going to happen. Our Hearts are not 'random emotions'--it is the Wisdom and the Intelligence that is connected to the Universe of All That Is--which we feel as 'right or wrong for us', that 'sense in our gut' or 'inner knowing'--to follow this is what is meant by 'living in our hearts'.

Ross is happy. He wants to speak.


Contrast contrast contrast contrast contrast.

Carla has no boundaries--not from her workers who annoy her with their ways and extremely low vibration--but they are One team, and Carla has helped them, often taking extra call for them when they were sick or had a death in the family.

She and her patients are One, all brothers and sisters from Creator--and her patients and their families SENSE it.

And Carla is One with the Earth!  Carla has an understanding at a higher level of expertise than the average aluminum can-recycling citizen who means well and cannot fathom how the very THOUGHTS that go around inside their head are just as polluting if not MORE! to the total experience on Gaia in fact because they contribute to the general lowering of the vibration of the Collective on the globe!!!!!

This is why Carla and I invite you to go into that quiet space which is inside your heart, with no distractions, not even while you are driving and relaxed or going fishing--but to block everything else out, and just for a while, experience being a Child of Creator.

Be alone with it. And realize you are never alone!

(he smiles mysteriously--clap! clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Illuminated Twin Souls

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Helpmate -- Gaia News Brief 21 April 2016

Today I was asked by Ross to share with you some of our conversation.  As I sat down to write this, Anthony, who I had just tucked into bed--came and asked me to rub some lotion on his dry feet for him.

He said, 'I tried to do it on my own but I messed up, Mom.'

I said, 'Sure, I would be happy to put it on for you, no problem!'

And we were both glad. Now MY dry hands--they get that way from washing them so much at my work between patients--feel better as I type too!

The conversation Ross wants me to share just was a 'welcome home from a long day at work' conversation between us.  The part I recollect, is how I said to him, 'I never feel like I am helping you--I can't tell honey.'  I showed him a picture of a farmer going to work, and how the wife knows by doing certain chores she is helping him and the family to live a better life.

He understood.

He said actually, I help him every day. Just by being kind and helping others, and from opening my heart.

It was a good 'reality check' for him, in a way, to see how I need to feel 'useful' in a relationship.

I also confided to him I would like to be able to make him a gift that's really a surprise, and no fair peeking into the future! No using all that advanced whatever it is they all have up there to figure out the gift!

He set me straight.

Candidly, he shared how my loving him like I do is the greatest gift of all.  He said that things that have been taken away increase in their value.  With my free will that chose to come back to him, and love him--every day I share the feelings of love I have in my heart with him--is a wonderful, priceless gift he does cherish deeply in his heart.

The other one--and I am not sure if all couples do this because I haven't had the best outcomes in 3D couples here on Earth--is how when I say things now like, 'I need you, Ross.  I've had a long day. May I please have a hug? It is most comforting to me, to have your presence.'....Ross starting today, has shared, 'I feel the same way about you.'

Closer and closer we grow in our relationship.

Tonight we had hot chocolate together as a family, in our good china, and the hot chocolate in a huge teapot. I make it from scratch, with two tablespoons cocoa and two tablespoons coconut sugar (low glycemic index) per mug of milk.   We had some leftover PEEPS marshmallow candies, and I put an egg shaped one on Ross' cup at his request.

Anthony teased Ross about it, and said it was not the way to do it.  And quick as lightning, Ross shot back--through telepathy--'you don't know how to eat!' (with good taste). Ross was giving Anthony a hard time, and Anthony LOVED it!

There isn't anything more Ross wants me to say.   I have an early start tomorrow. I'll see what he likes me to write now for him.

He also wants me to share with you I have my certificate as a Psychic now. My psychic development teacher Anne's program--I've completed now with her. I am a certified Healer, and Psychic.  Not that I need the 'little piece of paper' but it's nice to add to my CV (CV is a doctor's resume, a Curriculum Vitale).


(sigh)  What can you say?  I am HAPPY and CONTENT with life, and all there is to go about it.

That is what you get, after all the 'stuff' you have to release, gets released! Carla is feeling it. Carla is delightful in her work.

(he wants me to share this story with you, and it's making me cry a little to share it. There was an eighty something year old Vietnamese woman for a procedure. I can't tell you what, but she told me she couldn't sleep for two days, she was so worried about it. I smiled, and told her I am 'Bac si no dao'. This means Dr. No Pain in Vietnamese-English.  She gave me the most beautiful smile of relief, and said, 'when I saw your smile I KNEW I was going to be all right.'  She couldn't believe it when the procedure was over. She said, 'I felt no pain. I thought it was going to hurt. But I do not have pain.' --ed)

That is my girl.

Carla has a lesson. I am smiling as I write it. A friend and patient of Carla's is very sick. Extremely sick, and according to one entry in the chart 'has a very poor prognosis' (I see him smiling with a challenge to that author--ed).

Carla is brilliant!

Instead of 'accept' or 'reject' on the critical state, Carla 'obeyed' with just one 'modification' on her lesson:  Carla said, 'Ross, I want you to prepare me and assist me if it's her time to pass.'

(he pauses--ed)


Carla found a new way to get through the lesson, and modify it to make it more acceptable to her!

(he is rubbing his hands together --he's happy and excited--ed)

It doesn't HAVE to be 'win or lose'.  It doesn't have to be 'win - win'.  It doesn't have to be ANYTHING that ANYONE has ever experienced in this life!


This is exactly like saying to yourself, as some people did when they were in medical school with Carla, 'I do not like to wake up early in the morning. I will study at home, and buy the lecture notes that are sold for the class. I will do my best to learn the material in my own way so I will be able to pass the test.'

These students didn't go to lecture like they were supposed to, and they wrote their own rules, but they PASSED the tests!

THIS is how the way things shall commence when we are in 5D all of us together.

I want to spend a moment writing about Prince, the entertainer and musician--he has met his own fate. Although his music was divine and all of us like to listen to it, this did not save him from the fact that at the end of his life, it was Him and His Creator, face-to-face, with the following question:

Do you wish to heal? Or not?
Do you wish to recover what you once had, as a soul, before you were incarnate? Or just let it pass?

These are VERY IMPORTANT questions! I do not wish you to underestimate what I am trying to say!

It comes to a point where, after all this (waves his right hand at the Illusion--ed) each individual soul (waves hand side to side--ed) it is between THEM and CREATOR with the Free Will that is always honored and respected, to search for the answer from their heart when posed with the question, 'change and grow? or stagnate in your own filth of what you make it?

Some souls--not every one--but some are BEYOND the opportunity to 'go back to the safe 3D planet to work out their lessons'.  (he taps the desk twice with his hand--ed).

STAY or Grow?

Do you wish to STAY where you are in your current state of development?

Or do you wish to get back to where you once were, and restructure your lesson plans to fit your needs? And move past the location and vibration where you are today.

I won't answer the question about Prince.   I won't let Carla either, although she knows like I do.

(he smiles mysteriously, and shrugs. He is so very adorable and articulate, is he not? --ed)

(clap! clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

If You Sing Before Breakfast... Gaia News Brief 20 April 2016

Yesterday I made pancakes for Anthony and me. I had the day 'on standby' which meant NO four a.m. getting up, NO crazy morning rushing and instead enjoying taking Anthony to school.

To celebrate, I chose the Pandora station 'Pepino the mouse'...

It's the music of my childhood. And the very song I had in my head, the very first song, PLAYED when I started Pandora.

I was so happy, I was dancing in the kitchen as I was preparing the food. I was a little teary-eyed, because the people I used to listen to this music with, my dad, my nana and nannu, even my Uncle Ben--in one way or another are all gone. Mom is all I have left.

If you sing before breakfast you'll cry before supper...

I remembered that old saying, and how most often in my life that one is true, and accepted my fate for the day.

Does anyone else besides me have their guides tell them what card to pick when they do divination? Mine are like, 'third card, two, seven...' so when I deal them in the layout I have the ones they want in the spread.

Ross and I are so close these days, and working very strongly together. He ENJOYED me singing in the kitchen, and Anthony rolling up the little chicken sausages in the pancakes. We skipped the syrup and butter.

On our little online Unicorn Oracle cards--after Anthony was at school--he told me which one to pick.  It said, 'flexibility is encouraged to get through your day today'.

I was like, okay...

Long story short, I had to go in to work for an emergency case that was not a true 'emergency', but it was a coordination of two surgeons and me by patient need and also patient request.

I needed to be at the hospital by three thirty for a four-o'clock case. Both the patient and the surgeon were texting me to coordinate.

I didn't really eat lunch. So Ross said to relax at my favorite sushi place with the little conveyor belts.   I did. He also told me to eat up because it would be a long time until I eat again. I still haven't had a meal...

Once at work, it was hard. It was a delay. I had made a bracelet for my patient, because I've taken care of them for two years now. This was the big surgery, the one we hadn't wanted to do but was really necessary.

Once in on the case, the lines were not the easiest. There's a lot of reason. But it was a critical case, and my job was all the more difficult because of technical issues with arterial and venous access.

The surgery took forever. I finished at one. Got home at two.

I checked, first thing this morning.

The difference between an anesthesiologist taking care of someone who is critically ill, and a nurse in the unit, it shows. I worked long and hard, and patched things together metabolically. And this morning, you could tell it wasn't me taking care of the patient. This makes sense because nurses don't sit at the head of the bed and stare at monitors the whole time like me. They have other tasks.

I ask your healing prayers for this patient. And the family.

All I could say is I went into my closet--where I meditate (I have a cushion) and I cried.

Ross was there.

I told him I need him.

He said, 'why?' and 'how?'.

I struggled to find the words.  I told him I couldn't explain it and I didn't know why, but I do. Still, he asked, 'why?' and 'how?'

I said, 'I need you like a baby needs it's mother'.

Ross was very deeply moved by my faith, and my humility, to put our incarnate-disincarnate spiritual relationship like that.

It's true. He is all that and more, if I could find the words for it.

He told me we will never have to say goodbye to each other again.

At this I bawled. I told him I hated the goodbyes.

Then he showed me something new:  it was an alternate timeline for us in our past incarnation.  We grew old together! I made him dinner every night, and he told me when he liked it. We had GRANDCHILDREN and I saw them bouncing on his knee. As we grew older, we talked about our 'goodbyes'--even then I didn't like it. And he explained how whoever 'goes first' would hold the space for the next one.

I saw him die, an old man, and he told me my love was everything he ever needed as his last words.  I held the body, I cried, and I tended to it for burial, which was in a shroud deep in the earth. I saw myself go to his plot every day and talk to him. I saw myself failing in health. And I saw one day how he came back to me, in full health, in spirit, and took me home. I remember crying in his arms and saying how much I had missed him! It was so good for him to be back.

After this, I looked in the room, which was a total disaster and disarray, and the lawyer wants to come see the damage to the home. I have a LOT of cleaning to do before he comes! Everywhere!

Ross gently said, 'throw everything out that doesn't make sense'.

OMGosh that worked! It's so much better than the daily OM course!  I vacuumed and cleared with no problem and threw things away too.

As I was cleaning, I found a polishing cloth, for jewelry. And then--I'm not sure how exactly, but it was while I was seeing the tribe of 'dust bunnies' under the bed and pulling old socks out from there, a tiny piece of metal came.

What was it?

I couldn't believe my eyes!

It was the very special pandora charm, the one with the symbol of Love from one Twin to Another, from him to me! I had lost it in the operating room. I KNOW. I heard it fall a short time after I bought it. I looked everywhere in the O.R. and couldn't find it. On my hands and knees!

But here it was, a little tarnished, but still it! It's a 'stopper', it opens like a clamshell. I polished it. And it's on.

I trust in him, in all things.

No matter what.

Ross wants me to post recent things from online:


I want to write a little bit about life. About our life we had. There are two major timelines to describe us. I have voted, and Carla has agreed, to make the 'I am a nobody' life the one that 'sticks'.

The more popular one is going to be dismantled. 

Why?  Why you may ask, why is it that I have chosen Carla and anonymity in that life, and not the hero one?

(he waves his hand--ed)  Because ALL of it is ILLUSION and that is what I want!

For those of you who know where this house is located, and I have chosen this image carefully, it is to express my desire for humble beginnings. And for humble beginnings, in all humility, to transpire to humble ends. 

This is for MY life and MY goals and aspirations. 

This is not to say that the life I lived on my other timeline is not without merit! (Holds one finger up--ed).  That is not to say I would not have done it again, gladly, for the sake of every living being who is stuck on the planet. I would do it for you as I already have, for everyone. I was sent and I accomplished all that I achieved--in my own way, and that was without Carla.

(He smiles gently--ed)  I see now that the second timeline is what I have accomplished with Carla by my side, a life of joy and 'de bonheur'...and the results are just as far-reaching.  Again everyone, by the vibration of the planet, is 'more better off' and 'improved'--just without the drama.

(waves his hand--ed) So--WHATEVER you like, that is what you shall see!  In everywhere! In all things!

Even with Carla (he points to my pandora charm I found, the long-lost one, that means so very much to me. He also lets me know he wants Anthony to buy me a 'mom' one, and to let him pick. It will be from Ross.--ed).

And I advise YOU:  just for today, I will THROW OUT anything that DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.

(clap! clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Sunday, April 17, 2016

On Assignment -- Gaia News Brief 17 April 2016

This image is ingrained in my soul.  My grandfather, Nannu Filippo, apprenticed to work in the orchards back home in Sicily. I grew up with a beautiful garden, one in my parent's home, and the nicer one in my grandparent's.

I have always had a strong connection to the land, to things that grow, and fruit is especially dear to my heart.

For example, when our next-door-neighbors would leave as a family to go to church, our family would go into their back yard, and pick the apricots.  Our neighbors never picked a thing, and most of the beautiful fruit the lovely tree made, went to waste on the ground.  Not picking fruit to us, is a sin! So we helped our neighbors, and the tree, by the work we did.

The apricots looked sweet, but in fact, were not, because the neighbors didn't nourish the tree.

About five years later, they dug up the back yard to install a swimming pool. And nobody ever swims in that either. The tree is gone, and has been gone for years.

This wasn't an accident, my being placed into my family.  The trees and the fruit are important to Ross's soul and to my own.

When Ross was set to die, the last thing he wanted to eat was a ripe, juicy fig.  The tree had none, and Ross had anger, and with his metaphysical ability, made the tree die.

What I am going to say at the moment, please allow to sink in. Slowly...

Two persons died with Ross at the time of his death. All three suffered the same fate. One accepted his fate. The other cursed Creator.

That second soul, the one who cursed Creator, has been located, and is saved.  It was through a crisis, that was bringing up the old pattern, and through soul recognition, and a little bit of luck along with claircognizance, that I made the connection.

This person, who is reincarnate now on earth, was offered the information, and accepted it.

Immediate resolution of years of self-punishment as a soul, incarnation after incarnation, resolved with the reassurance that both Ross and I, and Creator, love them VERY MUCH and all is forgiven.

I am asking this soul to come forward, as their own soul and Higher Self guides them at the pace that is right for them, to share their story with the world.

It is a beautiful story of healing.

We also have another soul, recognized for some months now, who is healing too. It is Salome--the real one--again here incarnate--the one who asked for John the Baptist's head on a plate.  The same mother-daughter connection in that life, was found present in this one. The knowledge from the past is helpful for this soul to be working things out.

This soul, I call forward to share their story with the world, when they are ready.

We already know that the soul of Judas came back in this life, as Dr. Wayne Dyer. This soul has healed, and has become a miraculous teacher and guide to millions, if not more, and died very much beloved in the hearts of everyone who has heard him.

Another soul, one who has tormented me on occasion, and I couldn't understand why?  Ross explained the role of this one to me too. It was once our sacred teacher, back home, not in India. And this soul betrayed us both with feelings of attraction to Ross. Nothing happened. I didn't know, but Ross assured me this. And now I too, am healing in a much needed way.

We also have located--at least for me with my consciousness--the soul of Bartholomew, who is incarnate as a man. His spirit is so refreshing, so candid, so 'salt of the earth'! I can see why back in the day Ross and I used to spend time with him! He hasn't changed a bit. That makes me happy.

I thank you for your patience. Now I will change the subject just a little bit. For those of you who work with spirit, you will understand.

I had need to spend the night at a friend's house. To get away and clear my head.

This story goes way back.  She has moved. She offered us the house last year in June, for half of the selling price now. I didn't want to move. I didn't want to live far from my house here (it's only ten minutes, but it extends my commute by twenty minutes).

I was overwhelmed with my life.

When my house started falling apart, this friend offered to let me rent it.

I sent a check and went to New York for my conference. (she never cashed the check--ed)

When I came back, a mutual friend and realtor informed me that the house I was going to rent was going to be put up for sale, and to keep my knowledge of this secret.  I wasn't supposed to know, but out of respect for me, she wanted to inform me of it for it would affect my plans.

It did.

How could I relax and feel safe in a home where showings were going to happen, and I would have to move?

It would be worse than a house that was falling apart, because I'd have mortgage, rent, plus repairs on  my house, and no stability on my living situation!

So I let it go.


I didn't understand it. The last time he said something like this, it was YOU WILL NOT DO OB ANY MORE. He said that one twice. And sure enough, within three months, I had the news. And I'm glad I DON'T do OB. It was hard on my sleep to be woken up all night for the epidurals and the babies.

I had made plans to spend Friday night and Saturday night in the empty house of my friend.

Thursday afternoon, I had time, I drove there, and got the pass for the gated community. I didn't see a lock box on the door. I tried to relax and connect with the land. My Reiki teacher Anne has said, 'you are intuitive. Just try to stay around the house for a few hours, and you will know if that house is right for you.'

This house is in escrow. But I have Ross. ; )

At the last home I really loved, that Ross showed me, I saw people make an offer that day. But it was still on the market! I had driven by the house a lot. I stopped in. It turns out the person's husband lost his job that day they made the offer!  I made friends with the spirit of the mom who used to live in the house, Liz. I asked her if she was okay if I lived there?  I loved the OPEN views to the outside, and the yard. I hated the neighbor's huge RV's. And I also suspect the house is full of asbestos, and also, the central heating creates carbon monoxide--and this is why Liz was 'crazy' and her two sons were autistic.  There was a room in the house I would have adored to have for my bead hobby. Liz and Ross said they would help me find something better. And Anthony says 'I think there is something bad with that home nobody can see but it's there.'

Last Thursday, Ross and I had a heart to heart at my friend's yard. I told him I didn't know what to do, I couldn't afford it, I couldn't figure my way through this situation.

He said, 'Will you allow me to offer you a gift of where to live?'

I said yes.

So I have stepped aside--it could be this home I own already, with construction to make it safe, it could be anything. I don't know. I just know my man is looking out for me. This makes me thankful.

Well, Friday night at eleven I made it home from work to my friend's house.

Only the padlock that was hidden had the wrong combination. I had my sleeping bag in the car, and my pajamas. I was ready to 'spend a few hours'.

That home was a fortress. I could not find my way in.

So I slept in the car.

I smiled inwardly, because the soul who cursed God is terrified of being homeless. And in Divine Empathy, for one night, I was like them. It was uncomfortable in the back seat of the car, but I was warm, and drifted off to sleep. I was too exhausted to drive home for my own bed.

At three in the morning, I had to pee.  Even though I had toilet paper in the car--just in case the empty house was EMPTY--there was no way I was going to pee on the property.  There are cameras everywhere, and plus, it would stink. No one would fault me, but it wasn't the right thing to do.

So I drove home.

I gave up.

The next day, I was washing the dishes, and Ross said, 'Carla! GO! Go now to that house!'  I stopped and left the dishes in the sink.

This time I had the right combination, and I went in.

So many memories flooded me as I set foot in that house.

This was my refuge.

After a long day, I could come here and find my friends, and Anthony, if it was a Tuesday.

I can't even begin to tell you the warmth and love of that house, the joy, the welcoming I felt after a long day of dealing with the sick and the dying and being yelled at by surgeons and everybody to 'hurry up'.

It added an extra hour to my commute home--but always, always it was worth it.

I went from room to room through the house, as Ross guided me.

I got some texts, and I knew my friend's security camera must have picked me up. But I let them be.

I went out to the yard, and was overwhelmed at how lush and healthy the fruit trees and vines were. Every time I used to come over, the daughter--all thirty pounds of her! A total warrior, who was good at martial art, gymnastics, had no fear whatsoever, and also enjoyed the small spiritual gifts I gave her, like Chef Ito oil and a pendulum...she would, just like my Nannu Filippo, take me to see every one of her plants.  Even at nine at night.

I sat next to the kitchen, on the outside, and Ross asked me where I would plant my fig?  I have had a tree since 1996, when it was a twig. It's in a container. I've never planted it.

I told him I would put it to the top and the right by the fence of the neighbors where you can see in.

He asked me where I would put my lime tree?

I showed him that too.

He had also asked me earlier what I would do to the house?

I said I would open the kitchen so you could see it from the door. I would also decorate the house in Japanese to honor my friends. I would research what a real Japanese kitchen looks like, and put it in. I would make the decorations and furniture be Japanese. Not those sliding paper doors, but to honor them, for to me it would always be 'their' house, in my heart.

Then he told me it was time for us to help souls cross to the Light.

I knew I wouldn't have been tested so much, and so drawn to the place, without some good reason.

So I and Ross, together with four more Archangels, did what we know how to do.

One soul, the first one, was peculiar.  He didn't go right away.  Most souls are like, 'Yippee! I'm out of here!' and run.  I felt his presence, it was heavy, and old. His face looked--kind of like the old guy in the well at Pirates of the Caribbean. If not him, with the narrow set eyes, well, enough like most of the people in that ride.

I felt a pressure in my chest near him.

He stopped, and said, 'You do not know me, but I love you.'  He said this solemnly, making sure I paid attention. Then he kissed me goodbye, and went up.

I had concern the new owners would not love the plants, and they would die.

I cried.

I sobbed for everything in my life that had been so beautiful, and was gone.

I thanked God for it, for the beautiful memories which remained of these happy times.

I prayed prayer after prayer of blessing for the new homeowners, that they may be happy and share the good times that this place had so lovingly provided once for me.

Then I contacted my friend.

It turns out the new owners are Japanese, and they like the fruit trees. I relaxed.

It also turns out they had a ghost. The son could see it when he was a baby. It used to hang out in the daughter's room.  It was a man.

We couldn't figure out who he was, so together my friend and I called him the Indian Cowboy.

(many many other souls were escorted to the light from that general region, too. The angels were coordinating it.)

I no longer felt the need to stay in the house.  I know my friends are only a short flight away, and I am always welcome.

I know and trust Ross is taking care of my housing needs. I know the horrors of my house right now will resolve for the highest good. I'm doing all the right things.

Yesterday, in meditation, I did something I've never done before:  I submitted as a soul to that of my Twin, to honor him. As you go 'up' the 'angel scale' in Vibration, this is a sign you are 'getting close'--you just want to lie on your belly and give honor to a soul worthy of this honor. I've had beings come and do this to me, and I was always like,'GET UP!' because you know, I am American. We don't do that here! So as culture goes, I understood its an 'angel thing' and I just waved it off.

This was the first time I did it.

So--for one week now, the five souls I didn't know who they were holding us back are free. (Divine Mother incarnate took care of it with Divine Father, at my request.)

And these, eerily, echo my own life activities:

One last thing. After I came home, I lay on the couch, and was called in by the Council. I spoke with them. But there was one new man present in spirit. He was 'heavy' too, and reminded me a little of the one who had been guided to the light. He offered me his blessings. Hands on my head, he was blessing and blessing me, in front of the council.

I wracked my brain trying to figure out who he was!

He said, 'You don't know me?'

I didn't.

Later, I realized, this spirit who I had never met, was the soul of Abraham. 

I asked him, 'why are you blessing me? Am I family?'

He never said. 

I'm thankful for the blessing, all the same.


Gaia is not going to code. (Planet Earth is not going to Code Blue).  This is a message for a reader who is insightful about the chemtrails and the rest.

Gaia is not going to code.


'Not in my O.R.' (he winks at me--that's my saying I have with MY patients who are very sick and might die--it's not going to happen in my care! -- ed)

Now to change the subject.

Anthony wants to ride an alpine slide in a place like this.  Carla is making her plans for her summer vacation.

It is expensive.

Carla wants to see her family in France.   It is a long trip. But there is a little 'something extra' I am working on at the moment. 

It's going to be fun.

And it's going to be VERY far away from her concerns about work and home.

(raises one finger--ed)  Carla is very good about shouldering her lack of stability in her work. For anesthesiologists, 'every day you work might be your last'.  Groups come and go. Positions come and go. Carla has had a nice long run at her work, where she is, since 2009 summer. It has been seven years. There is a trend towards nurse anesthestetists running the O.R. There is also a drive to make anesthesiologists employees of the hospital. A lawsuit is going to court against her contract holder (boss) in June. 

(waves hands in front palms down like washing a car--ed)  Everything can change!

That is why Carla does not plan to make huge purchases in a home.  (raises finger again--ed)  Carla does NOT live in a 'doctor's house'--both on the outside and on the inside.

(raises finger--ed)  But Carla is smart enough to know a LOT of realtors in the area live where she lives, there is excellent VALUE in the area.

I love her.

I love Carla and I can't wait to be with her, to reunite.

I told her this today.

Go outside, Carla.

Try to enjoy the sun and a little of your garden before you start the rest of your day.

(The worms are happy--Carla has lots of 'life' back there in her little space).

And for you?

Gaia is not going to code!

Not on my watch!  (he moves hands like he's washing them--ed)

It's time to scrub (for the surgery--him donning the gown and gloves just gives me the giggles--I can't help it--okay Doctor Ross! -- ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple