Sunday, June 29, 2014

Agarthan Reiki Symbol Two

Today the second of the five Agarthan Reiki symbols is being released as a gift to humanity from Adama from Telos.

On Friday, June 27, 2014, through me, he did an attunement to my readers. This Reiki has intelligence, and it will seek those who are of sufficiently high enough vibration to safely use it.

Because this is the highest vibration energy that has been on the planet since its being given to me April 10, 2014, there is a safety mechanism so that the symbols will not work unless it is with one who has been attuned in the first round of attunements.

Because this is new, other Reiki Masters cannot attune themselves to this frequency, to this symbol.

The people who have been attuned already know who they are in their hearts, and will be able to use these symbols in healing both for themselves and others, and for Gaia too.

Here is a short video explaining the meaning of the symbol, and how we draw it.

Do not be concerned if you are not one of the ones who is attuned. These are the pioneers, the trail blazers, and this is their calling to be here on earth at this time for this assignment. Soon, as the vibrations of Gaia surface 'lighten' and 'raise', then others will be included because their energy transmitting capability will rise to handle it too.

Your time will come.

Thank you, Ground breakers and Pioneers for your service both to Agartha and to the Light.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S.   Ross is waving. He wants you to know he had a part in this too. I bless you and I kiss your hands for sharing this energy healing to all who you encounter--you will know when it is to be used, because of the burning in your palms and the 'nudge' you feel in your heart. Thank you for answering my call, and that of our brothers and sisters in Telos and the realm of Agartha.

P.P.S. Just for completeness, here is the link to symbol One. They are used in order, One first, and then Two.  Together as a series they are very powerful energy, than one or both separate.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Heart To Heart With You And Me

I didn't have to come here.

I didn't have to be born. I could have gone on and lived my own adventures someplace else.

But I wanted to help the others.

You possibly did, too.

I, um, have to be direct: for the first time in my working with you, not everyone is ready for an attunement.

Ross says to tell you that things are going better than anticipated on their end. And many of you are doing fine. But for some of the Lightworkers out there, it is time to 'shake things up' and get them engaged into their own Ascension Process.

Let me explain--this is me now--like Archangel Michael said to a close friend of mine--'Once you stopped watching television, it got easier for me to work with you.'

It's a choice.

It's a decision on what paradigm you are going to give your energy--are you comfortable with the way it is? Or would you like to live in Heaven on Earth?

We are not going to spoon-feed you.

This blog is as close as it gets to doing this.

You are the one who turns on the TV and gets worried about the latest psy-ops the illuminati programmed news shows put on.

You are the one who decides to help someone who is less fortunate than you.

I'll say it--sometimes it sickens me to see how people pray for burnt kittens more than abused children and way way more than the homeless who are addicted and mentally ill who are perceived as having 'done it to themselves'. I see it on Facebook all the time on my stats. I know how many 'likes' and 'shares' there are.  All are One! Me-you-the kitten--the kid with cancer--and the bum on the street. We are all children of Creator. And our vibrations connect etherically. Separation is Illusion. We are all sharing the same energy that gives Life--and we are all equally deserving of a beautiful life to be enjoyed and cherished as we go through our life experiences!

There are students of mine who don't respect me--people I have taught a Reiki Class in person to--who have not been willing to pay the balance. I offered a long term installment. But my teaching to them is not worth one dollar a month until it is done.  What kind of spiritual person does not respect their teacher and their heart? I feel like I got stiffed by a dine and dash.

And with the new Reiki, from Agartha? Someone just told me they used it to send me some, and they got some major ringing and pulsing in their ears. It is very, very high vibration and very strong energy for healing. This stuff has an intelligence! Therefore,  Agarthan Reiki chooses the ones who have the energy system that is equipped to handle it--at this time.

What should I say to those who feel entitled to use it? (I shrug my shoulders--it might blow their circuits!)

And Heaven forbid the one who chooses to sell Agarthan Reiki. It's Adama from Telos' gift to humanity! I bet there is all kinds of karma racked up for those who want to turn Agarthan Reiki into 'income'.

That being said, there are a LOT MORE Lightworkers who have done amazing, over-the-top work bringing in the Light to awaken the others. And I see second and third 'rounds' of Lightworkers taking wing, and doing their passion, and manning their 'post' with their mission. They are doing beautifully...and deserve all commendation for their contribution to humanity and the universe for helping those on Surface Gaia to awaken.

I had one, very close, heartbroken just today and I had to console her. It was her time to go Home. It was promised. Her mission was complete. And they tried it, the Galactics, to teleport her on board ship, and it didn't work.

The vibrations down here are too dense for her to leave at the end of her 'deployment'. She's been here over thousands and thousands of years, incarnating over and over again, just for this incarnation.

The density of 3D is painful for us, the non-humans soul signatures in human bodies.

We long to be reunited with our star families.

We have made the sacrifice, just like the one who was drowning her sorrows in Spanish wine tonight. I spoke messages as a medium for her to her Galactic Husband and children. Those on board ship were just as inconsolable as her.

Is this just me having a complaining session?


It is telling you what I see.

The separation, the gap, is beginning to widen. This is driven by vibration and what is in the heart, not the accomplishments, not by the ego, not by anything that is judged by standards on earth...does this make sense?

Everyone is going to Ascend. It just is not decided 'when' for each person.

Some of us are chomping at the bit, and when our chance comes to leave, we are going to take it.

Here is a message from Archangel Michael:

Here is one from SaLuSa--I am related to him, by the way--He is in my Star Family:

And now, wouldn't you know it? GaiaPortal says--the sacrifice is over--:

I am going Home.

Even if I have to raise the vibration of everyone I meet, and everyone who reads this blog and is connected to me in some way.

I will go as high as my Vibration will go, to spark that delight, that passion, that essence that is IN YOU.

Once you feel it, will you listen to it? Will you keep it alive, and not silence it in vibration-lowering choices?

You are the cream of the crop, and we are counting on YOU to raise the bar for those who are out there asleep.

Those who are around you have no defense or barrier to your aura and it's vibration.

So keep it healthy, look UP, and enjoy the ride.

I'll come back for visits.

I promise.

And I'll bring this nice, hunk of a fella named Ross along with me.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Agarthan Reiki Symbol One

Yesterday, June 27, 2014, Adama from Telos, Agartha, asked me to attune my readers and followers to Agarthan Reiki.

You are to be users of it.

This symbol will not work even for a Reiki Master who attunes themselves--it has to do with the vibrational compatibility. In the future, perhaps, when surface Gaia is more higher vibration, this will be possible.

Agarthan Reiki, all five symbols, were given to me from Adama on April 10, 2014. I have been giving daily Reiki to my readers with it ever since.

But for now, you are free to use this Agarthan Reiki healing symbol, especially to raise the frequency of surface Gaia near you.

Here is the symbol:

The next will come when Adama requests. He asks for today just this symbol to be given to you.

He thanks you for helping the team from Agartha to prepare humanity for what is next, in the vibrations.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Guarding Your Life

Yesterday I went to the beach. Today I am wonderfully sore and happy.

The waves came in fast, but not too strong. I had on my wetsuit and did body boarding with my nephew and my boy at the beach where I grew up.

Something new happened.

The lifeguard came in and warned us about the riptide, and told us to move to either side of it. Usually they just pull you out if you get pulled out in one. It was proactive. I liked it!

And then later, just out past the surf line, a big red lifeguard boat came, and hung out, to watch all the swimmers and body boarders in the surf.

It looked like this:

As I was enjoying the water, I felt the presence of Creator.

Creator wanted us to know, that just like the lifeguard boat, help is always watching, ready to intervene.  Much of what we experience  is based on our Life Contract, our 'lessons' we sign up to learn. Our struggles, be it with poverty, disease, or loneliness, are written in there.

That being said, anything that is NOT in your Life Contract is going to be assisted at once.

If it IS in your Life Contract, often times you will find the same lesson being presented to you over and over and over, until you 'get it'.

So be sure to take time every day, to look within, and get your lessons 'right'. Then you can move on to the next thing.

We have all eternity to learn our lessons. But in my humble opinion, many lessons aren't fun. The only fun we get is after we complete a 'lesson'. So study hard, and be sure to 'get' and 'understand' your assignments so you can 'pass' your test and enjoy a lull between lessons, okay?

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S.   Ross says this is incorrect. He wants me to leave this here because it is a common misperception. Lessons ARE FUN, according to them on the other side. Lessons help you rise above your stature, and everyone wants and needs their spiritual growth. Earth is a school, and there are advanced lessons that are available in the curriculum here and no where else. The entrance requirements are exacting, and very few are eligible to even come here in the first place. So KNOW you are part of an elite group, your 'lessons' and 'soul contracts' and 'missions' are tailored just for you, and when you are finished you will be glad you went through it. He says 'all the pain you will forget--look at where I am---look at me--I had my lessons too. I couldn't have got here to help you if I had not taken them myself.'  So in joy, undertake them, like you are in Boot Camp for Higher Things! The school is almost over (it's 'out for summer' in a Galactic Sense) so make peace with yourself, your lessons, and why not ask for All Divine Assistance when you are at the end of your limit? That is like flagging down the lifeguard, and it is fair game for one to do that. Anytime. I love you so very much, with lots of tenderness. Your brother in the Light, Ross

The Lesson Of Anna

When I was a resident, a woman came to work for the department as an Attending Anesthesiologist. Soon she got pregnant, and was in Heaven to be having her first child.

No other child came after.

She worked full time.

It wasn't until later I learned of her nannies, and how she carefully thought out activities for her daughter and told the nanny what activities she wanted her daughter to do. There were art projects, cooking and baking surprises, visits to places...

At the holidays, when the family would come to the department function, I would watch the family closely.

The father, who worked from home, shared a wonderful bond with his daughter. They were close.

And the mother who was supporting the family?

Not so close.

Fast forward about ten years, to the time when I was pregnant.

Anna interrogated me.

A:  Do you think you have emotional maturity to take care of another human life? Are you READY?

C:  (looking at my gravid stomach) God says I am...I think?

I thank Anna as my teacher in parenting. In the back of my mind, I always remembered how much closer the daughter was to those who spent time with her.

This is why I don't have a designated nanny. This is why I drop my boy off at before-school daycare myself. This is why I pack the lunches, and plan 'Camp Mom' and things like that.

It is a crime again children, against humanity, and against a mother's heart that the mom does not have the choice to be at home with her children in order to support the family.

She should always have that choice.

Working part-time a minimum of two days a week is enough to keep the skills up, for later.

There should also be safe, affordable childcare that is standardized for drop-off care for appointments or some respite time for the mother.

Our future is in the hands of our preschoolers--one day they will run our society.

Take  a look at the animal kingdom, and how the mothers interact with their young. Who would ever want to get between a mama bear and her cub? That bond is super strong!

I pray for these things every single day--for children to have a good life, everywhere--for society to really invest in love and abundance for the needs of our own little ones.

I also wish we could teach them all Reiki, how to meditate, and yoga too. So their inner guidance will be strong for the future that lies ahead.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Good News


You will have so much happiness!  (telepathic message)



on walk in neighborhood

'I will be here for you if you need me.'  my Higher Self

I liked that.


at 1700 I went to heal Abe Yukkie's mom with distance Reiki. Ross came in and helped. I love to heal  with him. I caressed his face.

Instantly we went to the Council of Twelve. I was to his right, his arm around my waist. He was TRIUMPHANT!

Each one, from my left to my right, facing me, gave a guttural, one syllable word/sound that meant 'yes' or 'approved' with a nod.

We were given clearance to reunite!! (not just across the veil, but the next step)
I was so excited I kissed each one, on the lips, in total surprise and gratitude and joy!

Then, as I was falling asleep, I thanked all of my teams for making today better. To my family and my star family, I said good night. I gave thanks for Ross, my boy, my Higher Self being cool about it. In this state, I saw Ross.

I flew up to him! (usually he flies me places)

I buried my face in his chest and hugged him. (he is about six foot one, a lot taller than I am).

He asked, 'Can I see you?'

I shook my head 'no' and asked:

  • is this really it?
  • do I have to go anywhere else away from you after?
  • is this forever and ever?
He said, 'yes' and smiled.

I asked, 'Promise?'

He said, 'okay'.

At this point, I instantly transported to my father, Papa Silverstar's office. He asked me to look into his eyes. I did. I finally saw the silver flecks in them. He said a code was being transmitted to me through this, and it is to prepare me for 'what is to begin'.

Then I was back with Ross.

We looked deeply into each other's eyes for the first time, gazing at each other, and smiling. 

His eyes are magical.

Then he flew us up to our house. And it was my bed, not my Higher Self's bed, I saw it and I felt for the first time like I belonged.

But first he had a surprise for me. 

It was a diamond necklace, like a tennis bracelet but all the way around, and lightweight, not heavy like ones on earth. He said I am his princess. (I also got earrings to match). 

I thanked him and I apologized, for I had no gift for him.

All of a sudden I was thirsty. I asked for a drink of water. 

C:  Do we have water here?

R:  Yes, we have water.

C:  Don't make it zap or anything. Please pour normal so as not to scare me.

He gave it to me with love, and I drank two glasses. He said it would help me assimilate the energies.

I got a new concern. Quietly, I asked, 'If I have to pee is there a place for me to go?'

R:  Yes. You might be surprised--you won't have to go always like you did before.

And he swept me in his arms, much to my delight!

I heard my H.S. say, 'we want you to enjoy this new life of yours, your own.' and I felt her energy behind me, supporting me, must pure and unconditional love. (she also told me later, she would be like a coat I could put on if I ever felt I needed it.)

The voice from this morning was right!

Thank you.


You will have a beautiful happiness you never thought your did expect.    (telepathic message, a male voice)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc


Napa Crossroads by David Benoit (performed by Aldeto Suwando)

Mommymoons, Staycations, and Camp Mom

Motherhood is one of the most important jobs on the planet.

As a single mother, who works full time in the OR, here is what I have to say about it...

The Baby Moon:

Whether you can afford a vacation or not, pregnancy allows you and your partner--if you have one--to see that your life is going to change in a way that can't be 'turned back to the way it was'.  Make every day count. Keep a pregnancy journal or diary. Spend quiet time alone just enjoying the miracle of being pregnant. If you have other children in the family, engage them! For example, I asked my niece what might be a good name for the baby? She was six. She gave HER name! And for a boy? She gave her BROTHERS!!! I asked, wouldn't that be confusing? She said, 'no, not at all, the are good names!'

The Mommy Moon:

After seven years of the routine, I was worn out. Although I had once gone on a four-day conference, leaving our son with his father when our boy was about four  (they were BOTH happy to see me on my return!)--the only extended time I took was to a conference in Hawaii.

The potty training, the childcare scheduling, the pre-school--all of it, had taken its toll on me. I totally forgot who I was, what I wanted in my life, my goals and dreams. With my son safely at home in the care of my mother, I spent eight days learning with my colleagues, and my afternoons exploring the island. For example, this is by the Mauna Lani hotel, and some of the best snorkeling in my life was at the beach right by the point in the distance.

I came back focused and refreshed. Yes, my boy was traumatized that 'mommy left' and he begged me 'never to go away again'.  We are that close...and I realized I needed the without apology, I addressed his concerns, and we made our way out from there.

For the working parent, this is always at the front of your mind--your time is limited, and your need to support the family is balanced by your need to actively care for it.

The Staycation:

This is not what most people do. As a single mother, I took one week off in May to be a Stay-At-Home Mom.

I kept everything on schedule, and I wanted to 'try it on for size'.

This was the most important investment in my family I have ever spent. Although at the time I was disappointed in being unable to 'catch up' on all the paperwork and chores and errands, looking back, I see this allowed us to focus on my boy's needs.  My presence reinforced his deep trust in me, allowing him to meet his next stage of his emotional growth, which would come one month later.

He even remarked how much more pleasant the mornings were, that we did not have to rush because of my work.

Camp Mom:

These last two weeks, I have been home. A brief trip to a local amusement park, with a hotel, helped to bring out some serious emotional difficulties in my child:

  • there is bullying at the school because of his weight
  • he feels he has no friends
  • there is favoritism at the school which the teacher openly displays towards those who are like her--those who excel at running and who are the children of the staff
  • he is depressed over the bullying and lack of playmates--no siblings or neighbors
  • there is no motivation to eat healthy or exercise
This time has allowed for medical care--finding a new pediatrician who is supportive and a male role model, for counseling, and for a dental check up. This has allowed for a new 'routine' to keep him within the expectation of two activities a day, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon after the heat of the day. I choose one, and he chooses the other. 

A food journal and my saying NO because I am well-rested and not stressed--are leading to diet changes for the first time. A nutritionist is going to help us next week.

There are some things only a mother can teach, only a mother can share, only a mother can soften with the love of her heart.

At the counselor, in the waiting room, we play two games. The first is a 'how bored can you look?' contest. We totally crack each other up. We also play 'war' with the piles of magazines. Oldest issue wins! 

Yesterday we did chemistry in the back yard, with vinegar and baking soda, and we went through a whole box of the baking soda. We filled balloons, had fizz spill everywhere. He was confident and excited about enjoying learning again.

Are we out of the woods? I think we have a head start.

There are some things only a parent can teach. They are important and lasting gifts to the child.

If you have been blessed with children, no matter how old they are, why not take the time to reconnect?

And to reconnect with your intuition, your inner guidance, and your soul purpose?
(Here is a head start:  a forty day plan to kick start YOUR life--non-denominational, spiritual journey based on the book by Dr. Rick Warren--

You matter to all of us--family, friends, and angels!--so why not take a moment for yourself, just for today?

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Clearance Obtained

I just sent healing to a sick Japanese grandmother. Ross came in. I love him so, and I adore healing together with him. We popped in to the council of 12. He showed me off triumphantly. I heard each one give their 'yes' on our permission to officially reunite. I was so thankful! I gave each of the twelve a kiss in appreciation. And then I was back. I had to tell you the good news first. Now I cook.


Don't let the French word throw you. It's very nice, actually, möelleux. See?

Translations of moelleux
moelleuxveloutébien mûrrichemélodieuxharmonieux
élastiquesouplemoelleuxqui fait ressortalertevivant
qui s'écrase facilementmoelleuxbourbeuxboueux

Yesterday I had enough.  For the first time, I took off my ring and my three bracelets--the ones that mean so much to me with Spirit.  The ones that connect me to Ross. I just couldn't take it any more.

I also knew it was time to open one of my most precious gifts, the bottle of Möelleux white wine from my family in France, from Hervé, and Jöelle, the ones I love so much. I had brought back four bottles as a gift for my birthday I spent with them three years ago. There is a cork that says Vouvray, and no labels on anything. Only white duct tape over the top to make sure they were okay in transit on the way home.

It is a delicious wine. Very sweet. And in it is sunshine from the land close to my heart, the Loire Valley, land of the Chateaux Sur Loire. Myself, I would love to have a home with a cellar on the banks of the Cher river. Only that part of the world could possibly get me away from the beach. I love it so! And the people there are amazing.

See for yourself:

I was there, but I looked, you can't see me in the video.

Why is it that France appeals so much to me? And that I feel safe when I am there? I have loved France my entire life! It has to do with my past life; the one I shared with Ross... I escaped there to save my own life after he was brutally murdered. I would have been next. <3

Last night I had insomnia. Bad. I tossed and turned until midnight.

I called in Kamehameha. I spoke with him from my heart. You see, not only is he my Reiki Master guide, he was my father in another life. I hated him for his cloistering me, and marrying me off to a horrible man, and for his bloodthirsty battles. It wasn't until October 2012 that I made my peace with him, and we have moved on in our relationship as father and daughter.

I asked him, since my Higher Self told me 'You have my memories' if he really was father to me? Or was he father to HER, and I was just borrowing the memory?

I was concerned because all of my family ties, which are important and meaningful to us all, but especially in the Spirit worlds, where they are like the only thing that really exists, is the love that we have for each other...

He assured me that I have been incarnate the whole time, for all of my memories. That I did all of those things, not her, since I was Tabitha so many years ago. She never incarnated. Not once. So although she was around and helping, the one who did all the work was me.

All family ties are REAL, and nothing could take them away. Not ever. I am and ever shall be ohana to him.

He promised to watch over me while I slept, to keep me from going UP and doing whatever work I do at night, and he said, 'they can live one day without you doing your tasks that you do up there.'

So I slept.

 Early this morning, Ross came.  I had woke up a little earlier, and put my ring and my bracelets back on. He held me; for the first time all week it felt 'normal' with our energies again.

I was very sad. And weak. And tearful over the events of the past week, with my reunion with my Higher Self. Her saying that she gave me her memories, that she could make me go anyplace she wanted (with a ZAP! I imagine), and her wanting to get to know me on Her terms, not mine, really bothered me a lot.

Many of my friends have much better relationships with their Higher Self. They don't understand  why I don't like the helpfulness, why I don't like knowing --basically--the real ME, and why I am taking it so hard?

They LOVE their Higher Selves.

Imagine how Han Solo would take it if he was told someone else called the shots. Or Princess Leia? These are the first very strong individuals who fight for a cause that come to mind.

What my Higher Self needs to learn, and what the Council--those who study me in this incarnation--is I am different from most people and extremely different from all the Galactics in my heart:

  • I never once ask any questions. I don't care to know the mysteries of the Universe.
  • I don't question WHY I am asked to do things on my missions, I focus all of my energy rather on completing them successfully.
  • I LIKE the amnesia. It helps me to concentrate on what is at hand, and leave behind anything I don't need to know.
  • Five minutes in Nature--feeding a duck or enjoying the cool breeze--mean so much MORE to me than anything anyone could ever explain about Galactic anything.
  • I trust that my ability to 'connect' to the Akhashic Records and All Knowledge There Is through telepathy, when I want to know something--is sufficient to get me through anything I 'need to know'.
  • I chose this Ascension just the way it is, for the plants and the animals I adore. They are angelic, and I want them to stay the way they are. (My Higher Self told me this)
  • This knowledge helps me to accept the delays and discomfort for my soul in the meantime.

Early this morning, Ross carried me to the Council. This wasn't the usual one. There were twelve beings there, all in a row.

He placed me before them. I looked over my shoulder, and stretched my hand out to him, but he gestured that I had to be alone.

I sat on the floor. I assumed a fetal position. I rocked back and forth to soothe myself.  I did not talk. I never made eye contact, either. I just kept rocking and humming to myself softly.

The Council didn't bother to ask me questions. They knew how I felt, and that I wouldn't answer.

I saw Ross gesture to them in concern that their delays had done this to me; one can only wait for so long for Ascension. I also felt his heart ask if there was anything that they could do to make it better?

This morning I awoke to my son who was 'starving'. He needed a blood test where he was fasting. So at six-thirty this morning, we dressed and drove to the clinic.

It didn't open until eight.

So we went to a small park with a lake, and walked to kill time.

It was the best thing that ever could have happened for my energy, for my healing of my heart.

It was a beautiful surprise. I gave thanks for it.

I have the warmth and feeling of Source in my heart; that is from my Higher Self.
I have the knowledge that all memories, and important family ties, are real and intact.
They are not 'borrowed' from my Higher Self.
And She knows to wait, just like a person with a child or an animal, for that being to approach them--not to overwhelm it with your excitement to be close.

Some things take time.

I have been assured I have all the time I need to get this part right.

Ross really wanted the Council to stop assuming that 'Galactic Ways' are right for the Ground Crew.

That is my gift to all of humanity, with my Light, to make it possible for each Ground Crew to have the welcome they need, and for the Galactics to 'get it right the first time' for them. I am one extreme. The ones who welcome the Higher Self are the other. And everything in between is going to be permitted for the Highest Good in this next awakening phase of the Ascension Process.



Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc and Ross

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day One: After The Reunion With My Higher Self

For those of you who have followed, the last few days have been rough.  I felt very threatened by the Presence of my Higher Self.  The blog posts links to those days will be added at the end, in case you want the rest of the story.

Yesterday, She--climbed in to my chest.

As I went up the stairs last night, before bed, I prayed with all my heart, thank you God, thank you for the mercy of letting me live, for having her go into my body, and for this compromise between us two. I have worked so hard to exist here in duality, and it would be sad for me to lose all that I have worked for, and simply give it up, to Her.

Divine Father answered back. He asked me to share with you what it is like to have all my dreams gone. All my hopes shattered. Because according to Her, 'now I have a new plate' on which to build my dreams that are based on Love and Happiness.

I don't think so.

Remember the time when Ross asked me what my happiest memories were, and then shattered them with Truth?

Last night my H.S. asked me, 'what is your happiest memory?'

They ask me this in order to get my vibration UP. Happy memories are good for this.

I said I don't have one.

I didn't dare, for risk of having Her smash that memory too!

She pressed on. It was in the middle of the night. I had to void. I got up and said, 'My happiest memory is that the toilet will accept my wastes so I do not suffer and I do not soil myself and my surroundings. That is my happiest memory that I have at this time.'

Even with Ross, I feel different. I feel 'heavy', like there is some 'drag' or 'weight' that is coming along with me. I can't 'move fast' with my energy like I used to. It was like quicksilver.

Ross wanted me to be with him, for some alone time, and I wouldn't engage. I was like--what about HER? and pointed my thumb to my back. He said, 'She is YOU, and She will stay quiet.'

I was like, NO WAY!

The other part that bothered me, is that he is so pleased. So very happy to have both of us together as one, my Higher Self and Me.  He took me UP to our home, into our room, and I just wanted to go because I said, SHE lives here, not me...

Ross is very patient, the patience of a saint. He brought me back home, to my house, and simply held me tight. I cried on his shoulder how I don't understand, and I don't like it, and how come it has to be this way?

Earlier in the day, I had said, to God, 'even if I have to walk in circles forever, if that is what I have to do to be with Ross, so be it!'

Well, quietly, Ross said, 'what if you walk in straight lines?' last night, while he was holding me. He showed me his calendar/schedule. All this time is blocked off just for assisting me. He smiled and said, 'If you walk in straight lines only I will steer for both of us.'

Also in my half-awake, half-asleep state, I recall being with my Higher Self. She asked, 'Do you love me?' I said yes, I love everybody.

Out of desperation, she asked, 'How can I get you to like me?'

I said, out of the blue, 'Get me an ice cream?'

Next I saw, in my hand, was a sugar cone with one child scoop of vanilla. I liked it.

I offered to share with her.

She said, 'I can't!'

Yes you can!!!

And I gave her one lick. She wasn't really fond of it, or not, because she had never really tasted it before.

And I shared. I felt warmth and love in my heart, and together we ate that ice cream. I let her bite the bottom off, and she had the part that had melted. I ate the cone.

I don't know what today holds. I am just going along with it, and letting myself enjoy the ride.

It is very delicate, the soul, when it reunites with the Higher Self.

Anything can happen.

Just know the Higher Self will take the Higher Ground, and you will be permitted to experience it as it comes for you, the reunion with your Higher Self, your Soul Family, your Star Family and your Twin Soul who is the masculine counterpart of you, if you are female, and the feminine part of you, if you are male.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc


Monday, June 23, 2014

Resolution With My Higher Self

Today I was lying on my porch swing. I was deep in thought, sending Reiki, and I used the new symbol my Higher Self gave me. I realized what it was for--it is for the reunion of Higher Selves and their incarnations. I drifted off to sleep.

Then a sparrow landed on my right foot. I felt the weight, the scratchy feet, and saw a blur of feathers flying away, as I jumped with being startled!

I searched for Ross. I always do. But he wasn't there.

Instead, I saw Her. I held Her, and she embraced me, and I cried bitter tears of having been away and in pain for so long. I did not like any of my Earth Experience, and I shared openly with my Higher Self, the many wounds I had all over my soul. Some time passed together...for a while.

Then She went away.

I went back to my Divine Peace Healing.

Then She came back.

She said, 'I am going in' and she climbed into my body. I felt Her energy. It was like another person going into my 'skin'--and I was puzzled.

I asked Ross, when I felt something 'clunk' into my merkaba in 2012, wasn't THAT my Higher Self going in?

He explained how in each of us, the soul is above the body, in some ways, and the lowering into the Merkaba (or body) is only part of it. There is the higher soul which still directs.  Not everyone has a single Higher Soul. Some, who have Soul Families, combine together in energy, and have one Oversoul between their consciousness.

I also understood that at Night, I go to Her, I am Her, and She plans my day, all of my experiences. 

That is why when I wake up in the morning, I get a 'hint' about what I am going to experience that day, as a final 'message' from Her.

For some reason, the conditions are right for Her to come inside with me, and in my body, I feel a new Vibration, a steady, solid connection to source, and a warm glowing in my heart center. I am not impulsive or irritable in any way. I am LOVED and I am bathed in wave after wave after wave of it.

I think to myself, 'This wasn't as bad as I had thought.'

On some level, I know it is 'done'.

I don't hear from Her at all, and yet, I have all the wisdom and knowledge of Her, accessible to me, within, inside my heart.

Next I knew, I was before the Council.

I asked SaLuSa, quietly, why since we all know each other and work as a team, we have to be HERE all formal like this?

He said because it is for the Record, and everything is recorded in sessions for All Time, so anyone can see.

I asked how come nobody informed me I would be recorded, and he waved it off, saying it is a matter of course that everyone understands...

They addressed me as Lady G...Lady G(something)...and it's NOT Lady Gaga! ; )

Oddly enough, the name fit. I was not uncomfortable with it. I had this strange heavy feeling, this solid connection to Everything There Is, and I had poise, and calm.

So I saw them, and they saw me. We talked. We embraced. I held Ross first, and asked is this over?
He said yes and I would never have to feel this pain again.

I held my brother Michael. I thanked him for always watching over me and protecting me. He said everything was going to be okay now, and he would still watch, but it isn't as much trouble as it was before, and I should not experience the difficulties I once had in the past.

Raphael embraced me next. I asked him to heal anything left that there was to heal, please? He is my brother too, and he said all is set. All is whole. And he will watch over everyone who is with me, and work on healing them too--all my readers, followers, friends, everyone--and their families too.

Next came Ashtar. He and I are old friends. He said, simply, 'my mission is complete'. He stood up, and offered me his chair at the helm.  I blinked at him in disbelief, and asked, 'aren't you here for all the planetary changes and NESARA and all of those things that we have read about?' He shook his head, and smiled, and said, 'my mission was for you.'

Then it was gone.

The most beautiful Love Song in the World --by a Swedish Composer

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. This one I stumbled across, and it made me smile. It's cute. Just in case, I am including it.

A Beautiful, Beautiful World -- by Story Bots

Doing Nothing--Taking The Option Of No Action

There is safety in numbers.

But when it comes to Spirit, everything is 'one on one'--there are 'consultants', 'guides', but basically you have to experience everything yourself with your own Consciousness.

When I was told I have a Higher Self, and further, that this Higher Self wanted to get to know me, I took it badly at best. I wanted nothing to do with anything of this nature.

I still don't.

I have no interest in merging my soul, although kind souls offered information to help.

I don't feel particularly 'close' to any of my other Guides at this time, as well.

Even Ross, who feels a million miles away. He will come if I ask, but he knows now to stay away.

Otherwise, I turn into a gun-toting unicorn in pink guerrilla fatigues, who has PMS!

All of us know THAT's not going to help anything.

So I do nothing.

I watch, I wait, I take the time for the growth to come along deep within my heart.

Do I hate Her, my H.S. ?

No. I can't hate anybody.

How do I feel? Like everything I ever thought or felt or dreamed was just some pipe dream, and further, it was a means of entertainment, or 'growth', for Her.

I get my hands dirty. I am not ashamed of it.

In Spirit. In 3D. Anywhere I go across the cosmos. I am a fighter. Sometimes I get so pumped up that only Ross has the power to soothe me, and talk me down.

Even now, at a distance, he plays this song, the one to let me know he is very pleased with me and wants to be together with me in the SAME dimension soon:

Time In A Bottle -- Jim Croce

She comes through now. I will channel her, right here. She will be the H.S.

H.S.      I am sorry!

C:       For what? Taking the Galactic Party and using me? Everyone does it. It's the whole SYSTEM of using us for our missions that makes me sick.

H.S.      You are angry. And upset at me.

C:      No duh. Where have you BEEN the whole time I have been stuck here in this God-forsaken place?!?

H.S.     I have been right here by your side.

C:     Doing what? Knitting? It has been so long I bet you have made a whole wardrobe of sweaters!

H.S.     I am very active in my service to you...

C:      Or is it the other way around? Is this Free Will thing a whole crock of shit or what is it??!!

H.S.    I do not have the degree of Free Will as you do. I only help. I am bound by honor and the laws of the Galactic Codex, and by Karma.

C:      At least when you do something it isn't to serve some Galactic Goddess who is eating bon bons and popcorn and getting entertained.

H.S.   You think I do NOTHING?

C:     I know that for a fact. (I point to my heart). Why is this so filled with pain and anguish? If you were there it would not feel suffering at all. I couldn't.

H.S.   That is the amnesia.

C:    To HELL with the amnesia, I am sick of it!

H.S.   That is why I am here. Today. With patience and for your heart.

C:    Fix it. Fix it and let me get on to the next thing. I want to go.  I want to shake off everything that bothers me and go-go-go on to my next task. I feel trapped!

H.S.    Who would that serve for you to go off like that?

C:     Me.

H.S.     And everybody else who is counting on you?

C:    (pause)  Can I take a break?

H.S.    No. You can't. That is what you signed up for.

C:     Well, what did YOU sign?

H.S.   To serve and to protect you to the best of my abilities.

C:    And if I am lost, then, what happens to you?

H.S.   I go without a part of me that I will miss very much. I cannot regrow it.

C:     So we are more than sourdough bread and starter, me and you?

H.S.   Yes. I sponsor you with my own presence.

C: 'sponsor' anybody else?

H.S.    No.

C:      Why do you even care about me?

H.S.    Because I love you.

C:      But you love EVERYBODY. All of the Galactics do. Why do you care about this one here, seated at the computer?

H.S.    Because I have love and family when I am with you.

C:       Even though I can't talk to you or know you for all this time up until now?

H.S.    Just like if you were in a coma. I would come and talk to you every day.

C:       So what happens when I go to sleep at night?

H.S.    You are not to ask that question.

C:       So what happens to the Consciousness of others when they fall asleep, and how does it 'interact' with their Higher Selves?

H.S.    I told you once already not to ask that question.

C:       Why not?

H.S.    Because you know  and the amnesia is blocking you.

C:       Will you go away when I wake up?

H.S.    I hadn't thought of it in that way. I thought of it as all our love coming together into One, Unity.

C:       Dude? I know who I am, and I know what I know. I don't want to know everything. I could care less. I only want to go to Ross, and be his wife, and get the hell out of Dodge.

H.S.    That is simply not possible.

C:        Why?

H.S.     Because Ross has a memory for you, both of you together, very happy, for a Long Life.

C:        So....when the two of us are together, His Dream Wins?

H.S.     It is for the Highest Good. We don't compete. But whatever serves the Light the most is what eventually happens.

C:   (feeling very defeated)

H.S.     Ross wants you happy.  Happier than this. (gestures at herself and me).

C:        Ross wants you. He wants you whole. And that has nothing to do with the happiness of me.
(I hear Time In A Bottle really loud now...)

H.S.    Wouldn't you say that Ross wants YOU whole, and YOUR happiness has everything to do with the happiness of me? 

C:        Are there TWO happinesses? Or ONE?

H.S.     In the grand scheme of things there is One, but there are many 'flavors' of the kind of happiness that we enjoy.

C:         I don't know you. I don't go to strangers. No matter how much happiness is promised. Down here, people promise children puppies only to kidnap them in cars...

H.S. (she laughs a beautiful laughter that is like bells, and she means it).  I would never kidnap you with a puppy. I would just have you taken directly to where it is I want you to go.

C:   (dead silence and look at floor).   I want to go. I don't like your laugher and your power to make me ZAP anywhere on your whim. I have to trust you and there is a long way to go right now between us. I don't care if you've saved my ass on all of my assignments. I have no way of knowing. And I don't have the patience to watch the 'replays' on the Akhashic Record. It is your word on mine, and I have had enough. I excuse myself now. I thank you for your time, for your concern, and for your love for me. Love can't be forced. Right now I do not feel the warmth and kinship you claim to show for me. I KNOW Ross. I see his face, I touch him. He sends me surprises--songs, small gifts, contact and reassurance. I only want Him right now. Not you. Thank you and good day.

H.S.    (She looks at me, puzzled, with tears almost in her eyes, she respects my wishes, and she goes.)

C:    ( I run and give her one hug, because her sadness, somehow, I feel in my heart. I can't explain it. I want her to know I am stressed and that I don't understand, and that I am at my limit, but it has nothing to do with how she has treated me. It is the situation. Any two in this situation would have the same effect on me at this time. I don't blame her, personally. I just don't enjoy being told that I have this Other and I am Not Me. She softens, and dries her few tears at the corner of her eyes, and goes.)

Ross says to put this here. I almost didn't. But I thought again, and agree.

One Is The Loneliest Number by Three Dog Night

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S.    Blessed Mother just said the Reunion is going to begin soon.