Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mediumship: Comforting The Widow

Last night I did a gift of spiritual service for a widow.

It was both an honor and a pleasure to help the husband and wife reconnect emotionally once more.

He was a mechanic who died suddenly, leaving her with two young adult children. I felt him loud and clear. He was so polite he even excused himself because he knew I had only one half hour to give in my busy schedule. My son, who was supposed to set the timer for his homework, didn't. And I was unable to see a clock from where I was. So the husband kindly kept track of the time.

What is mediumship?

I have a bandwidth on my soul that allows me to communicate with those who have passed. I don't know why it's like this. But it has pretty much always been this way for me. It took a little training and some practice to get proficient at it,  Fortunately there are classes you can take for this purpose, and I have taken them.

Here are some of the key steps to mediumship:

Protect the Space and Establish The Connection To Source:
I asked the archangels to create a safe space for this communication to take place. I also shielded myself energetically since I am an empath and want to keep my vibration from being affected by the emotion of the widow. A big part of this is letting go and trusting what 'comes in'.

Introductions and Explaining What To Expect With The Client:
Although this service was a gift, I needed to let the widow know how much time we had, and that I was open and ready for whatever messages came through and questions she would like answered.

Actual Mediumship:
I heard him come in loud and clear. He explained how he had actually missed several accidents and extended his life contract as much as he could, but when it was his time, it was his time, and that was why it was so sudden. He reassured her of his love and appreciation of her. He also had a message for his children who have stepped up in their responsibility to work hard and help with the family in his absence. He said he was happy where he was. There was no pain. She was the best thing that ever happened to him; he was happy the whole time he was married to her. And she was just as beautiful to him now as the day they first met.

He says he sees her at night, but she can't remember. He takes her dancing because she likes dancing. 

His mother also came in for a message. She explained how when she died, she missed her son very much. Now he is with her. She understands the feeling of separation the wife is having now, because of how she felt when she first passed and could not have contact with her son. She loves her daughter-in-law very much, and misses her. She explains how because she has been there longer, she can also make the messages and signs come through to her daughter-in-law during the day, perhaps with pennies or other small signs that in her heart the daughter-in-law will know that it came from her. She reassured the widow that her husband is well-taken care of and doesn't want for anything where he is. And she said to talk to her, in Spirit, in her heart. She will listen. And there is a photograph in the house that is framed, with her in the group, and to talk to that for focus as well.

Clarification and Education About Basic Spiritual Facts:
Does it hurt you to do this? the widow asked me in earnest.
Oh no! Not at all! I am happy to do this for both of you.

Why did he pick you to send the message? she asked (I had transcribed a message from him about three months ago.)
Her husband said that when I spoke with his former boss about his death--the boss was very supportive and present at the hospital every day--he felt the boss and my kindness.He knew I would make a message for what he wanted to say, not what I THOUGHT he wanted to say. And besides, she sticks out like a sore thumb up here!

When she found out he will be waiting for her to help her cross over, she wanted to know how long she has to wait to be with him again. This is a natural and healthy question. Fortunately for me, her husband laughed and said where he is there is no time! And when her lessons and assignment is complete, he will come for her. In the meantime, he wants her to enjoy life for both of them. He was very practical--he said you live in a beautiful part of the world, with housing and food plentiful. It is a blessing so why not enjoy it? (they were refugees from Viet Nam, or 'boat people', and had experienced hardship.)

The Tears Of Joy At The Reconnection:
This part of mediumship is difficult. Once the client feels that this IS in fact their loved one, tears naturally flow. It is beautiful and wonderful to feel the emotions of both the deceased and the client. This was a beautiful relationship to witness, and I was happy to know that the peace and comfort that was going back and forth between them was healing on such a deep level for them both. And their mother in law! But at some point it has to end. I always like to close the session as gently as can be done. It's not forever, the joyful reconnection. And at some point, I have to stop and go on to the next thing. It is entirely natural for the client to want it to go on forever. This is the part of living behind the veil I find most painful to experience, both in myself and in others.

Mediumship is a very powerful tool in healing. It helps us to recall both the pleasures and the pain with our loved ones. And forgiveness which has not taken place is always one of the biggest benefits of having a session. There are questions answered, and an opportunity for love to heal whatever might have not yet been settled between them.

Father passed five years ago today. The angels took him--he went with them willingly--at about eight p.m. at his home, surrounded by his loved ones.

I was there for his last breath.

We benefitted very much from two mediumship sessions (I actually went to three, the first one he was too shy. Between us there was one issue to resolve.) shortly after his death.

Last night I saw him for the first time, right when I was falling asleep. I saw his face, just as clear as ever. It gave me great comfort to look in his eyes once more. He started talking to me, and all I remember is 'all is forgiven between us?' I said 'yes, absolutely!' and I conked out.

He had the pulmonary fibrosis. He couldn't get enough oxygen to his tissues. At the end he got so winded he couldn't even brush his teeth without having to stop and catch his breath. Mom ended up doing it for him. He was always very careful with taking good care of his teeth. He had a beautiful smile.

I am so glad I saw it once again last night!

Happy Birthday in Heaven, Daddy. 
I love you very much.

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Learning Reiki really opens one up to the psychic gifts. Mediumship is one of them. So if you would like to be able to do what I just did, even if you never in your life are interested to heal others with Reiki, taking Reiki one or two is enough to 'boost' your ability to 'connect' through mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience/claircognizance too.