Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Favor

Yesterday I could not believe the request of my colleague:  we finish at the same time will you please drive me home? My car broke. It's right on the way.

She lives in Tustin.
It's WAY out of my way.
Later she poked her head into my O.R. and said her daughter would take her, would give her a ride.

I was like, 'cool!'--the beach was calling, you know? And the paddle board! It looked like I was going to have a  short day.

After my last case, guess who I ran into in the hall of the O.R.?

Yup. I drove her home.

Out of my way.

And no beach.

It turned out her house was in a newly built section where a friend of mine bought a small house perhaps five to seven years ago. I knew the area. Let's call it NEW Tustin.

I walked in the house for a 'tour' after we reached my colleague's home.

It looked like this:

I thought, I do NOT live in a doctor's home! and was embarrassed. Her home had ten foot high ceilings, much like in this photo. It was professionally interior decorated. And the back yard was really a patio. It was a narrow space between her house and the one behind it.

There was no energy in that home except the energy of old sadness that had settled in.

The whole area had it.

She had lost a lot of money because she had bought at the peak of the housing market. It is one story, which is good for 'when you get old'. She had relocated from San Diego after a divorce. This was her haven. It was beautiful. But her beautiful home was quiet, energetically, and I--ever the healer--was blessing and adding energy healing with every step I took to that sad, quiet, and lonely space.

This was the energy of the neighborhood, as I wove through the fancy named-streets, to find a main road to go home.

There were no children playing in the street. There were no people running errands. The place was a total ghost town.


Because everyone had to work.

They are 'house poor'.

You only see families like this in real estate ads!

I noticed a street that connects to an older part of Tustin. My favorite Italian store is there.
I decided to go.

And as I drove, the homes started to look older.

What once was as nice and clean and new as the housing development I just left, had turned dated, and run down, and old.

I started thinking...

about how 'all it needs is a coat of paint'

Maybe a little MORE...

I thought about what was important to me...

And how what is important to others:

And then I thought about the readers who confide in me, and ask for help, because they are at the end of their rope...

And the dream no longer seems like a dream at all--it is a nightmare!

I prayed in my heart, with all my spiritual might I had within, for ALL PEOPLE to have a home.

For ALL PEOPLE on GAIA, to not have to worry about making the rent, about the mortgage, and about making ends meet.

It is a trick that has been forced on us into keeping us supporting the economy all over the globe!

When in REALITY, all housing is a gift from Gaia, from Source, if you think about it...

Please Bring NESARA!


And free us from the hunger and hopelessness so many now face.

I prayed hard.

You think Creator heard me?

Would you mind helping me speak up, in the Presence of Source?

I think if we used all our voices as one, we would make a difference.

So in your heart of hearts, if you don't mind, will you please ask creator to send the abundance package from the prosperity funds of St. Germain, to all of humanity--with complete and total angelic protection for the funds to actually GO to the people in such a manner that actual relief will be felt by those needing it most?

It can't hurt.

It's worth a try.

Thank you so very much.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc