Saturday, January 31, 2015

Gaia News Brief 31.1.2015-- The On Call Edition

Call From Home

My phone is on, and I am available. At the moment, I'm back in my house. I worked five cases today. Everyone, all the patients and their families, were very kind. I had good surgeons and nurses too. It was a pleasure.

An Insight

Last night I went to the craft store. I actually went to a Hobby Shop first, where there was no needle projects, it was more building racecars and airplanes and models and stuff.

But I manifested something. The other day I was thinking about the horror movie monster models I built when I was nine. I had the whole set--Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummy and my favorite, The Creature From The Black Lagoon. In our family, we cheered FOR the monsters on Saturday afternoon TV--because they were the underdog and the whole town was against them!

There are the shelf was the very exact model of the Creature From The Black Lagoon--the kit!

I bought it. And also a Bigfoot one for my boy, who really likes that TV show too.

Where Is Decency?

  • A woman had to have a c-section type incision for a surgery instead of the robot because her insurance company didn't authorize it. The hospital wouldn't allow it. So she cried on the phone with her surgeon for a half-hour the night before, and ended up having to stay IN the hospital for two days instead of go home. Someone said this way the hospital makes more money...
  • United Behavioral Health just cut all reimbursements for counseling in half across the board, with no warning. It went from sixty dollars to thirty. And even at that, the counselor has to do an 'interview' on the phone to make sure the client is eligible for coverage with their treatment and diagnosis...
  • A local hospital has established a 'pay your copayment and deductible FIRST' policy for all elective cases. Because insurance has changed to higher deductibles, hospitals are losing money. So--the question is, if you have insurance, but your deductible is sky high, IS it REALLY  'insurance?'
  • A surgeon had a colleague coming from his native country to observe surgery. It took much longer than usual, and it was a straightforward procedure. Immediately following, was a different surgeon, with no guest, for the same condition, on a totally different patient. It took half the time that the first one did! I listened to the surgical technicians talk amongst themselves, as one was training the other. The FIRST surgeon did 'all the steps' , even though he usually doesn't, because of the observer. The SECOND surgeon skips even MORE steps--five out of ten. The reason I bring this up is because like 'piecework', surgeons are paid by the procedure--not by the outcome--and MANY orthopedic surgeons pride themselves on 'being fast'. This creates a situation which is called 'production pressure'--people need to do fast turnovers, and push themselves to the limits of safety to meet the demands of the do as many cases as possible in a given day, to make the most compensation that is possible for a given day. Although studies have shown that 'high volume' surgery places have 'better outcomes', and it makes sense that repetition and efficiency are good, I raise the question about motivation behind the 'volume' and just how many corners will be cut in the future?
  • A 'good hospital' is all about the payor mix--the types of insurance that the patients bring to the hospital. For pretty much all specialties. For anesthesia for example, the local competitor 'by the beach' hospital pays twice the amount per unit as ours does. And at the 'not so great part of town and trauma center' hospital? The payor mix is so poor the hospital gives a 'boost' payment to bring the unit value--we get paid by the unit--UP to the local competitive rate.
  • I have worked both at academic medical centers (salary or per-diem) and private practice. In every private practice setting, the person who assigns the cases--typically the one who has the contract with the hospital or facility--always takes the best cases for themselves. This is called 'berry picking'. Some skim a cut off the top of all the pooled income too. You will not know when you meet your anesthesiologist before surgery where they are on the 'totem pole'--but you can be sure that if your case has the most units, a senior member of the team will be assigned it to scoop those units up.  What cases have good reimbursement? Spine. Bariatric. Neurosurgery. Cardiac surgery. and Lung Surgery. What cases have terrible reimbursement? anything Medicare. Also pediatrics and women's medicine services often do not pay well.
  • A woman obstetrician who graduated when I did, found work with another Ob-Gyn in private practice. They held partnership for at least five years. Another woman left her group where she was junior to join in their office, the three. Well, now the women are joining forces with another group--they cover call for each other--and now that the male who established the practice isn't taking OB call or patients--they are kicking him out of his own practice. The women are going to offer aesthetic treatments combined with the OB-Gyn practice. This kind of politics goes on ALL the time! There have been people who break partnerships or even SUE one another working at the same place!  And the patient will never know.
  • Someone who hasn't passed their boards yet, is due to be leaving the group. For some, this takes several attempts at both the written and the oral examinations. They are tough. The norm is to be 'board eligible' for four years. After this, returning to a mini-residency is required to 'reset' the clock. You can't tell if someone is board certified by looking. Some hospitals get letters from the state for being 'too lenient' in their credentialing requirements.  One person I know took nine years to pass their boards! In our specialty, we recertify every ten!
Medicine and healthcare as we know it is straining at the seams. I think it is about to implode.  We are just at the breaking point. 

Where is all this money going for healthcare? How come the insurance companies ask for so much--pay so little--and keep asking for more? Who is accountable? Is it all profits? And what will we do next after the system collapses upon itself?  

I hope it is quantum energy healing, like Reiki.

Gaia Update and Secondary Confirmation

At five-twenty pacific standard time, Divine Mother issued the code 'For Love and Happiness to Overwhelm the Planet'-- 99 62 753

Last night the energy of Glory (an extremely high vibration) began being transmitted to all of Gaia and her inhabitants.

At seven-thirty this morning, a Reiki Symbol was given for the first time, and authorized for use--it is 'Ascension Induction'.  Just like a pregnant woman who needs a little 'help' in getting her labor started...Ascension of the masses has been called forth by Gaia herself with the full support of the Divine.

This Ascension Induction has been confirmed by both Divine Mother and Divine Father as correct.

Almost twelve hours ago, Gaia invited people to join Her in a blessing for all those who are separated from those they care about:

Gaia invites you to join in with today's Reiki Healing effort: to strengthen and support all loved ones who are apart great distances of 'love' because of work, custody (every other weekend), deployment, and other assignments.

Gaia wants all to be close, together, and with great joy across all time.

Everything else is simply Illusion.

Just for today, we are going to direct our healing focus towards this effort--to strengthen and support those who are apart because of restriction, duty, and work, the law, and everything else that comes between people who are in the same support group and family.

(A Hummingbird just landed on the fountain, right now as I type this, as confirmation of Gaia's insistence on our joy be made present to our hearts...)

Please listen and if permitted, DANCE, while you send Reiki --to this tune...I've sent the first part. Now it's your turn heart emoticon Namaste.

Thank you.

Then, tonight She sent out a similar call for this:

Gaia feels very strongly about the right for everyone to have someplace to live.

She invites you to join Her in this meditation--for all beings to have a place to live, no questions asked, and no one making a fortune by charging rent.

ase listen to the song, and 'like' if you agree that all of Gaia's children deserve to have shelter, regardless of everything that prevents many people from ever reaching home ownership.

Gaia believes it is a right to inhabit something affordable which meets the basic needs--everywhere on Her planet.

It looks like Gaia found Her voice, and is beginning to make Ascension Her request to the galaxy on behalf of her inhabitants.


I selected this video for Carla --it's not for us--it is a message from all of the Twin Souls up here on my ship and the entire Galactic Fleet to their loved ones who inhabit Gaia Surface as Ground Crew--


(smiles big and warm and happy)

Your loved ones wish for you to know that you are going to be highly content...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
the original--there are no copies--Reiki Doc Twins.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Gaia News Brief 30.1.2015

Update From Work

The days are long. For two days now, my dinner has been eaten in the car, with 'backpacking food'--nothing like a real meal. Just energy bars and whatever I could grab on the go.

Ross had me purchase a Zen Relaxation CD from Target the night before last.  Here it is if you are interested:

I listened to that both ways to and from work in the car.  It helps. My car is my sanctuary. In the last three days I have had two serious 'near-misses' where I had to swerve to avoid an accident. The last one was someone who did a right hand turn into oncoming traffic that was into a MIDDLE lane, not the right one at the corner, and I was the oncoming traffic.  So everywhere I go, it's something.

But the mean surgeon who is meaner than broken glass, was just as mean as ever. He accused me--rightly so--of the blood pressure being too high on his patient. I take measurements every three minutes, and once in a while, depending on what a surgeon does, it can change suddenly from the pattern it had. It takes me another three minutes to correct it. This is my work, my job.

What I found helpful in working with him I will share:

  • I envisioned him as teaching me the lesson of Joseph--that of the skilled craftsman who does really hard work. This one isn't nice, but at least he has skills.
  • I changed my energy to one of someone who is just fed up. And 'in your face' to let you know it. Conversation--HIM--'our patient would appreciate an inter scalene block on the next case'  (this isn't my strong point)  -- ME -- 'It's ALREADY PLANNED'.   (I did the block in record time and it worked) at the end of the case --HIM-- 'if the block works the patient is going home, otherwise he spends the night at the hospital for pain control.' (this is a threat to me, an expensive and inconvenient outcome for patient and surgeon due to my skills)  -- ME-- 'THE PATIENT IS GOING HOME.'
All the time my heart was open to him. My vibration was high. But it was a stretch for me to communicate with him on his natural vibration. It was too LOW.

So for the rest of the day, although I had my favorite surgeon, and easy cases, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, I was spent.

On a lighter note:
  • I have shaken the dust off my feet for OB. I wish the department well. They are not my concern--in any way--even the most important ones, the spiritual. They are DONE.
  • Dr. Bret's vibration is coming way up. He is the orthopedic surgeon with pancreatic cancer. He is just starting to be able to connect soul-to-soul, and understand things on a higher level. I'm not sure if he has made the connection yet that this Dr. Carla is also the one who supports his blog and his healing day he will and that will be fun.
  • A colleague approached me with an 'experience'--I will paraphrase it--from the message someone sent to me:  It was a normal night. I was ready to go to bed. I was in the bedroom with my partner just about ready to hop in bed, when the dog started looking at the ceiling and barking like crazy. Then the dog laid down, as if following a command from an unseen visitor. A wave of calm hit me, like I've never experienced before, and I felt this warm energy. I am not a calm person (is a veteran from military service). I couldn't see or understand what was happening and I don't have words to describe it. My partner--I kept looking at her to see if she was experiencing it too and she wasn't. Was I crazy? What do you think it was that just happened? I'm sorry to bother you and I know you are busy. I also know you will know and are the right person to ask.   It was a deceased loved one congratulating her on her becoming a nurse--someone the dog recognized from life. And Archangel Raphael was present behind them too.


It is speeding up. I spoke with my sister, who is feeling the 'squeeze' too. Remember, as the vibrations speed up, so does the perception of the passing of Time.

Write things down you need to get done, and you will find you have enough time to accomplish them.

Even in this.

Time will speed up until it stops, and we are in the NOW moment, just like the rest of the Higher Realms.


The family wishes to thank you for the love and support of my mom, Nicki, who had three dental extractions yesterday. They are on the top right side of her mouth. She is eating soft foods, and in pain but the vicodin is covering it. The pain is much less than the torture she used to experience when I was young and she had root canals and similar dental work.

On Life With Ross

Our pattern this week at home with Anthony was Monday he was at a sitter, Tuesday home, Wednesday at his dad, Thursday home, and Friday to weekend with his father.

He asked me to lie in bed with him as he fell asleep--something we do because I work such long hours. And Ross showed up.

We talked and laughed as only a family can laugh. The only thing that was missing is that Ross never farted! But the conversation and the laughter were that close--nine year old boys going on ten have a certain repertoire in their humor--and both of us enjoyed our son's sense of comedy very much.

Ross even said, 'Hey! I got you that mattress yesterday! Show me some respect!' in a joking tone, and we laughed all together some more.

On Bliss

Increasingly, I find myself rejecting 3D.  There is a situation, it's not good, and I think to myself--this is ILLUSION. In Heaven we are one, in JOY, and all of our needs are met.

The way my sister confided is that she had to switch jobs, her new assignment at her work is 'receptionist' and it feels like 'Cinderella'. She is like, 'I have college DEGREES and I am ordering supplies and putting out platters of cookies?'  She chose to disassociate in order to cope; she said, for a short time it was like I 'wasn't there'.

I did the same thing during surgery. Part of me was actively taking care of the patient, and my heart o f hearts was crying out to God--Please God? I am sure you didn't make me for this! (being cooped up in a dark room for twelve hours a day with no breaks.)

Honestly, when I drove home last night, I realized my current work-life situation is actually WORSE than when I was in residency. I had twenty-four hour shifts on first call, but I got a morning break for fifteen minutes, a lunch break for half hour, and a dinner break too. Guaranteed!

When I was an attending, I came in for first call at three in the afternoon. So I had a morning to myself, as well as the guaranteed post-call day off after. 

And I only took call perhaps three times a month!

So I decide in my opportunity, to think HAPPY THOUGHTS. Just because life is horrible, doesn't mean I can't have joy. I reflect on Ross. How handsome he is. How smart. How loving. How lucky I am. 

Increasingly there is need to 'change the channel' in my life experience to one of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion. And I do!

I still get all the 3D stuff 'done'. But I don't have to be immersed in the energies of 3D. I am like 'teflon' or more aptly, 'non-stick ceramic coating' and I refuse to permit that 'stuff' of lower vibration to 'stick' on me.

That being said, I have to get ready for work...and start my's getting late....


Turtles can go on land. They breathe air. Although they are perfectly content to live life in the water, sometimes they like to haul out on the sand and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

The ocean is right there, and they are never far from it. They can always return to the sea when the need exists.

Carla and her sister are discovering that it is truly possible to reach for the 'sunlight'--the nurturing, warmth, love and compassion, when their energy is running low.

To 'step out for a break' emotionally.

This is how you nurture yourself in your spirit life.

This is how Anthony asks his mother, 'Will you please lie in my bed for a while?' because he misses her. He craves her presence, her nurturing, her stability, her warmth, and her comfort that she IS THERE for him, no matter what their days are like.

A long time ago, Anthony fed at the breast. Carla fed him for three years, four months, and a few days.

For the longest time, he nourished himself just fine on regular food!

It was only at night that he needed his 'mama milky' to help him fall asleep. And he was NOT a good sleeper--he is not like Carla! Who falls asleep in a second! He takes after his dad's side of the family, his physical father. (Once Carla reached Reiki three, and practiced her Reiki he would quickly fall asleep during the treatment)  So from about two, until the end, Carla's nurturing was his anchor in his life...the last thing he wanted to experience before he relaxed into sleep.

It is okay to ask for this.

For those of you in spiritual journeys, it is OKAY to ask for a little love and tenderness from your guides. A 'gentle love squeeze' to help you on your tasks. 

Just as Anthony no longer takes the milk from his mother's breast, he can still ASK for the emotional nurturing and comfort of his mother's embrace. It is there for it. It is the relationship between a parent and child, a mother and son, for her to be the 'anchor' in his life experience.  

My beautiful mother was the anchor in mine, until I met Carla, when I was incarnate. And then I had BOTH to love and support me with their hearts, their smiles, their cooking, and their tending to my soul.


Any time you need a 'lift'.

And I am there for you (gestures to a crowd of Ascended Masters). All of us are. And we are happy to 'right' you when you are 'unsettled', just like Carla has been of late. The energies are rapidly shifting--and you are just 'little ones' in your growth compared to us.

WE are happy to serve you on your journey.

Here is an example of one who is committed in service to you:

This one made Carla cry. Why? Because she knows him. She is related to him, his daughter, in our star family.

She bravely told him stories like a child would send a letter home from camp--fighting the tears because she misses home--and she told him of her spiritual accomplishments on her mission, and even as a gesture that moved us all--deeply--here in the higher realms--Carla sent him her 'art work projects' that she 'imagined' she has made 'here at camp' (incarnate on Earth).

I also talked to Carla in the midst of her stress, while she was eating a microwaved Samosa wrap and waiting for the sitter and her son to arrive.

I asked her to play the piano for me, just like I had played the guitar for her (yes I play!). I asked for something classical, Paderwerski.  I assured her I would be present as she played. And that her playing makes the vibrations EASIER for me to be around, because she is happy, and her vibrations go UP.

Let me tell you, for that short piece, Carla was transfixed and not in 3D at all. She was looking at the notes from her piano teacher, Laverne Howard, back at Al Kalie music center at the Lakewood Mall. She was back in time, and remembering music that she hasn't played in over forty years...and it surprised her how difficult the piece was in complexity, as she noticed how the music was, even though her hands could easily play it.

And you know what Carla did after this?

She played to me. Eddie Rabbit. Just You And I.

And Carla sang it out loud. Only to me.

That was the single most important moment of her day, her practice, for about, twenty-minutes.

If there is something to you, that is meaningful--be sure to go do it.

It will help you go UP. (points)

It will also stabilize the energy as you experience Ascension.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc Couple

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gaia News Brief 29.1.2015

Shattering The Illusion

Lately I am on 'assignment', exercising very deep focus and discipline, on my innermost thoughts.

As the actors in a musical theater show make a 'curtain call' at the end, I have been permitted to witness who has been playing 'what role' in my life, with me...with the guidance of Ross and spirit:

  • My high school boyfriend Tom was played by the energy of Ross--who like the others--has the ability to be 'present' in the Illusion without my knowing it. Ross said he wanted 'my first kiss'. Which he did get <3  On the way home last night from work I was thinking that the whole point of that lesson was to teach me 'goodbye' or more significantly, 'goodbye is not the end'. I wasn't very good at learning this lesson, not in ANY of my past lives, including this one here now.
  • My first husband Mark was played by the energy of Archangel Michael--who taught me that things are not what they seem; handsome can turn to ugly in spirit, husband can turn against wife, and illness can strike at any time (I had brain surgery). I also learned that healing is the most important motivator that exists.  When I remembered the buried memory of sexual assault on my person as a four-year-old twenty two YEARS after the fact, I wanted to heal. My husband, who had similar past 'experiences' with being abused, wanted to 'sweep it under the carpet'. So I studied really hard, got myself into medical school, and began a new life. On waking up from brain surgery, the first thing I heard was the voice of an angel, which said, 'Leave Clorox (my work) and Leave Mark (my husband)  I did exactly that.
  • My second husband Frank was played by the energy of Archangel Raphael. In this marriage I learned that there is no comfort, no 'settling' and when things get bad it is important to find your way OUT. Again, the drive to heal, to exist in Peace, and to have freedom of spirit is a powerful motivator...
  • My 'baby daddy' Jared was played by the energy of Ross. This explains the 'transformation' into the being of light during the conception of my son--the Illusion 'faded', either by accident or not by accident. Even now there was a miracle just yesterday. Anthony bitterly shared on the way to work that two months ago his father and new live-in girlfriend Jessica--promised him a new mattress, and took him 'just looking' but never actually gave him anything. He was sleeping on his father's old mattress that was from his LAST girlfriend who lived with him who left when Anthony was three.  It was lumpy and uncomfortable, but the worst was the disappointment what his father didn't keep his word, and Anthony had been all excited about 'his own room' with the 'new bed'. Ross said 'I will take care of it.' to both Anthony and I in the car on the way to school.  I also said a prayer in my heart for all the insanity that children are subjected to due to 'co-parenting'--how they sleep on couches and air beds and have to travel back and forth and are the emotional pawns in some relationships...I asked for this to be healed in 5D--as a first priority for all Gaia inhabitants, to HONOR the younger generation, and give them the best 'start' they can possibly get.  Last night I drove after a long day at work from my clean laundry basked to Jared's house--where Anthony was spending the night--because the poor boy has two shirts, and the only one he liked--NOT a v-neck tee shirt--was in the laundry basket. Well, guess what? Anthony had gotten a new bed. His father and girlfriend had bought it THAT DAY. I got to lay on it and it is very comfortable, and good quality. I am happy Ross pulled some miracle, and got this done.

Ross had told me to make my bed 'as if I was coming' yesterday morning. I wasn't sure what to expect. I hardly ever make my bed.

Well, Jared's house is near Target. And I stopped by there after dropping off the clothes. And Ross' energy was with me...

We shopped. This is the second time Ross' presence has been more interactive with me in a shopping setting, the first was at the crystal store, where he gave me my valentine's gift, a beautiful Ajoite crystal that cost exactly thirty-three dollars. 


One of the rarest and most sought after stones in the world.
Wonderful Angel and Healing mineral.
Ajoite is a strengthener, healer and harmonizer of the emotional body. Its sweet vibrations not only soothe us the also draw out the poison of one's subconsciously held sorrow, fears, rage and old woundings. Ajoite reminds us of beauty, both inner and outer, and it inspires us to bring more beauty into the world through all the things we say and do. Ajoite can help one awaken the emotions of compassion and forgiveness, first for oneself and then for all beings.

Ross guided me to the cooking aisle. And there was one eight inch ceramic 'green pan' frying pan, swinging back and forth, from side to side on the hook.

I watched it.

It kept swinging.

I know the laws of science, and a pendulum swing gets a little shorter with each pass, and due to friction, will stop altogether.

It kept swinging the same way the whole time I looked, as if to say, 'This is the one I want you to get Carla'.

I had no idea why. I already have a similar pan. And two others I have to scrub hard, in the same size. 

I bought it.

Everyone who shops at Target loves the clearance rack. I found some soda bottles that were less than two dollars for four of them, in grapefruit with chamomile and cardamom. But there was ONE coconut something soda too.

I took two carriers--eight bottles-home. Seven grapefruit, one coconut.

All through the store I kept saying to myself, my missing Anthony is ILLUSION. My sorrow is ILLUSION. In reality, back Home in Heaven, we are never separated like this.  My urge to cry is ILLUSION and I wouldn't allow it.

Once home, I kept saying, 'I surrender. I accept this life. It isn't anything I even wanted or even would pick, but I surrender.'  I had worked over ten hours, eaten a handful of almonds, and one more handful of pretzels, and a string cheese, and driven to Jared's. It was nine o'clock and I was home...quiet..the pets needing to be fed...and no time for anything I want to do, except finish one sudoku I had started two days ago...

I am behind you...said Ross. I felt it. I felt his height, his energy, across the room.

I hung my head into the bag of groceries on the stove, and I cried. Big sobs. And I told myself--this is not real! This is ILLUSION!

When I lifted my head up, the carrier of soda bottles fell on the hard floor, and shattered. The bottle necks were halfway across the room. Glass and sticky soda were everywhere.

I got the paper towels, and bend down to clean it up.

I felt the sharp sting of glass on my right hand, and drew it back instantly. The was blood with the soda now, as I slowly took the bag with the broken glass in it, dripping, to the trash in the garage, and came back to clean up the mess.

Over and over I said, 'This is ILLUSION. Even my pain, even my blood, is ILLUSION. There ARE no tears in Heaven. This is a LIE. I reject it.'

I got the idea of my swiffer.  I looked and the pads were under the sink, a little dry. I added water. I couldn't find the broom mop stick thingy that you put them on. But the pads were thick and I used a whole box of them. 

I had concern for being able to walk in bare feet again in the kitchen. Those little pieces, the splinters of glass, are sharp and you can't see them! Even when you think it is all clean.

I was calm. Resolute. And hungry for dinner.  I looked in the fridge and saw that some produce had gone bad. I cleared all of the old icky stuff out.

Then I realized--out of the four bottles that fell, only two were broken.

I decided I want to be one of the UNBROKEN bottles, in my experience of the ILLUSION. No matter what it throws at me, no matter how hard things come down...I don't have to allow it to break me.

I went to sleep, and now here it is, 5:55 a.m.  LOL. I have 4,555 'likes' on the page right now too. It looks like it's time for change.

And also time for me to get ready for work.  I have a doozie of a surgeon I am assigned to work with today.  The work never stops--my spiritual work--he's going to make the glass from last night seem 'easy' by comparison.


This is Carla as a new mother. 

Ten years has passed and her love for Anthony is unwavering. It has GROWN.

And so has her love for me.

I took Carla through the lessons of her life, one on one, with a little help from the others, in order to guide her on her lessons.

From Michael, this is her lesson:  Discern!
for how can Michael wield his sword and know what to cut and what to keep, if he couldn't master this ability?

From Raphael, this is her lesson:  Heal Thyself!
Value the emotional health, the experience of Life, the perception, and have the confidence to seek out 'what is best for you'. You are WORTH IT.

From myself, this is a powerful lesson, that has proved exceedingly difficult for her to master:  Goodbye is not The END--not the end of YOU, not the end of US, not the end of anything... I want Carla to know that our NEXT lesson, I am never going to leave her, ever, and there are no more goodbyes for us. And this has been the truth of this incarnation, I have always been with her, and now Carla wears the little Byzantine gold cross around her neck, which I gave to her through Tom, as her first gift from her first boyfriend, who really loved her with all his heart at the moment he gave it as a gift. It was from me, just like how I got the mattress to Anthony last night.

There are ways, powerful ways that many do not, cannot, understand, which are normal for all of us here, where I am...

And you shall learn to master them.

Carla went and checked with someone who has ties to Source--and this in fact WAS true, who played what in Carla's life. The 'roles'. 

This is not as true for everybody. Some are 'aspects' and some are 'teachers' who are on their own, like Djwhal Khul, for example. All of the main 'lessons' are under the direct guidance and supervision and instruction of a master teacher of the soul...

For you.

That's why I invite everyone to meditate.

Sooner or later, one day, people are going to figure it out--everything! (big smile--and he takes a bow at the curtain call--and I hear thundering applause...)

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The emerging couple who is from Heaven <3

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Spiritual Workout

This is a transcript from a message I had yesterday:

My favorite crystal store
I am post-call
My appointment earlier, with my boy's therapist elsewhere, cancelled because she planned for the wrong day.

Ross:  Hi honey. Hi Honey Bunch. How is your day?

Carla:  Kind of messed up. No appointment with Marc on Skype. No sleep.  No blog. My last patient on OB was SO technically hard...

Ross:  I strongly love and admire you.

Carla:  (I breathe in and out thanks and gratitude to him for his kindness)

Ross:  Where are you?

Carla:  Safe at (my favorite crystal store). By the crystals in the chair.

Ross:  Release. Release all your cares and concerns to us.  Ask Archangel Michael to cut the ties.

Carla:  (I do).  Am I a free spirit now Michael?

Michael:  You are.

Ashtar:  Hi Carla.

Carla:  Hi Ashtar. Why am I so lucky (to hear you?)

Ashtar:  It's been a while--a long time.

Carla:  Since here? (he used to speak to me when I was there, with messages) Or just us?

Ashtar:  Everything.

Carla:  Ashtar, you could say anything you wish -- I am so sleepy!

Ashtar:  How sleepy tired are you?

Carla:  More than I've ever been in my life!

Ashtar:    And your soul?

Carla:  Like I had a good workout!

Ashtar:  I want you to write about this. You won't forget?

Carla:  Marc stood me up!

Ashtar:  Both of us are 'flighty', isn't it what you are trying to say?

Carla:  You both are DIFFERENT! In the same way.

Ashtar:  (guides me to look at a candle, immediately to my right)

Yellow Reiki Pillar called 'Laughter'

Let me see the brighter side of life.
Let the joy of laughter enter my life every day, bringing happiness and healing to my heart.'

I want you to buy it. That is a gift from me.

Ross:  (nods)  Honey? I am with you. Now close your eyes--let go and rest.

I am like a child, and I am on my Father's shoulders. He is my Divine Father. We are looking towards the horizon. In the darkness, like the dawn, is a new sun--or at least, a light I have never experienced that is BRIGHT like the sun.

Through claircognizance I realize it is the Mesime, the largest in the entire fleet of the Universe, coming toward Earth! And nothing can harm it  

I get so happy my feet turn into 'happy feet' while I am up on the shoulders of my father. I do not mean to but I kick him softly in the chest at the axillary lines--in my unbridled JOY at the recognition!

I catch myself, and stop, and apologize to him profusely. He is kind, and doesn't get upset.

I wake up.

Carla:  Thank you my love.

Ross:  <3  Now GO!

I have written this exactly as it took place yesterday afternoon.

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc
Carla <3

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Gaia News Brief 27.1.2015

Mahalo Nui Loa

Many thanks and so very much love to everyone who assisted me energetically on my last OB call for the next three months, possibly forever. I was able to complete the last of four assigned shifts with full knowledge I was one of the three who were asked not to return--based on perception, politics, and essentially, vibration.

As a high vibration person, putting a long needle into the base of the spine on pregnant women in labor--guess what type of attachment likes to hang out in the root chakra? Yes, the DE's and the NE's. And for the last five years, they have given me a run for my money! They don't want me and my needle coming anyway near them, and if the mother has a difficult epidural placement that is more 'low vibration nutrition' for them...

As the years have progressed, it's become technically easier, although the challenges posed by body size (BMI 50 in one recently) and the long shifts (twenty-four hours in a row) and the nights away from my son were getting to me.

Everything went as well as can be expected. There are no hard feelings, only love, and with excitement I look forward to my next assignment.

For now, it is taking lots more weekend calls, and shifts nobody in the group wants, and extra days off.

Book Review:  Understanding Reiki , From Self-Care to Energy Medicine, by Chyna Honey

On January 12 I was contacted by Tiffany Hunter, PhD, with a request to read and write a review on the book. She said, 'you don't have to say it's great or anything, just say what you think about it'.

I was offered my choice of Kindle or paperback, and I chose the latter.

I read it with interest.

I also smiled inwardly...I went to school in the Bay Area, and married into a Northern California family.  This book is written by what I lovingly call  'Earth Mama'--like the women in Berkeley I knew, who aged gracefully, had their own style, and wore very strong convictions and causes on their belief that were more dear to them than the most meaningful tattoo art.

These are the women who helped make me who I am--by their nurturing their children in my presence--by their bringing breastfeeding back from obscurity and shame by running La Leche League meetings...these were the wives of my professors, the women at the grocery store, even my beloved Ballet Teacher Patricia Cloud at the Berkeley Conservatory.

I say this to help you prepare and adjust for the tone of this book. It holds no punches. 'Humans are THIS' and 'Reiki is THAT' with full confidence. Some of the parts, particularly the explanation of how Reiki energy hits two of the five energy body systems, are incredible. One part further, how mental acceptance and thoughts can basically 'reverse' the benefit of Reiki in some people, answered a question I had been pondering for some time. A close friend and associate I have had cleared of attachments twice, and she is clean as a whistle, but she keeps 'feeling' that 'something is THERE' Chyna, I thank you.

I finished the book three days ago, and had to think about it, my feelings for this book. I believe there is a place for it in the Reiki body of literature. It breaks tradition, and doesn't mention the history of Reiki discovery, hand positions, or symbols. It's different. I think you will find it refreshing.

I also like how it will make you examine your own perception of Reiki, and come up with your 'take' on it too.

The last thing to bring up, before I share my opinion, is how my teacher, Anne Reith, PhD, is unique in that she is a psychologist/counselor by training, and also a lesbian. Like most gays and lesbians I know, she is extremely careful to encourage and respect everyone's experience of Reiki. It doesn't have to be like her. And if you want to copy 'her', she will gently redirect you to go explore your own perception of Reiki. There is no ONE way to do it.  She will mention how one student can't remember a single symbol, but her Reiki is powerful and my teacher goes to her for treatments. Another has the Reiki shoot out the tips of her fingers, not her palms, and it still works!

In essence, the book Understanding Reiki is the careful observation and discussion of the Reiki Experience of Chyna Honey, and her colleagues and students. It is very 'nuts and bolts', and is excellent for the newly awakened who would like more 'structure' in their Reiki experience.  I believe the clinic does excellent energy healing work, and is of value to the community and humanity too. click here for more on Healing For People organization/offices/services

When it comes right down to it, what I read comes to me like this--a Rose Window at Notre Dame, at seen from this view:

It's beautiful, isn't it?

For comparison, to me, and this is my only perception--the experience of Reiki for me--and only me--is like this:

Chyna Honey, the author and teacher, never once gives credit to her Reiki guides.  I was taught by my teacher, that Reiki isn't 'out there'. When I request to my Reiki guides, 'Reiki ON!'--they actually direct the beam of energy to me, to come through me, and to those I wish to heal.

What I am saying is that I am not in this alone. And by Karuna Reiki Master, you are part of a team, with amazing wonderful teachers and guides who work in partnership with you in your healing efforts.

For now, I take a little pause in silence, and give credit and love and gratitude to my incredible Reiki Healing team. Whenever I send a healing--it is all of us, our energy, that is combined and given to you for healing they are:

  • Reiki One--Mikao Usui-Sensei
  • Reiki Two--Mother Mary, or as I prefer to call her, Blessed Mother
  • Reiki Three--Eric from Sirius, ex-husband of Anne when she was incarnate on Sirius
  • Reiki Master--King Kamehameha
  • Karuna Reiki--Master Jesus Christ--the Yeshua and Master Buddha

Thank you for all you do us, with all humility, gratitude, joy, and love...Reiki Doc


Carla has said enough. She must go soon and pick up Anthony from school. Tonight's dinner is hot dogs, and as she misses him (tomorrow night he goes to his father's overnight), she plans to make a special dessert of his choice--baked from scratch--while he does his homework.

This is Carla's dream--to have cookies and milk ready to receive her children when they come home from school, just like her mother did for her.

Carla's life is different, but just for tonight, she would like to make the effort and enjoy her relationship with her boy.

They are little for such a short time...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc Twins

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Gaia News Brief 26.1.2015

Island Treasures

This morning we both slept in very late. My son was so kind to allow me the extra time to sleep and to write.

We went to breakfast at our favorite Hawaiian breakfast place. The music was magical, and being with him was time well-spent.

I laugh because at the table next to us were two obviously frazzled parents with three small boys. One was a baby, and the other two were having a fight over the water brought in the little thermoses. The younger, the middle boy, was crying because the older had taken his favorite thermos.

The father was trying to work with them. And the older was deny-deny-deny. The father, in exasperation said, 'If it really DOESN'T matter which cup, then you could have taken the other and let him have his way.'

He even started to say, the white man 'threat', 'I am getting a little pissed off!'

I spoke to Anthony under my breath, as the family was at the table next to us, and said, 'I am SO glad you are older! And SEE what kind of hell you were spared because you are an only child? All brothers and sisters have moments like this. When your father has his own family, now that you are old enough, it won't really bother you what the child wants or does or says because you won't be affected by the jealousy like these kids over here.'

My son, without skipping a beat, said, 'I wish this restaurant was a drama-free zone!'.

I have to comment on this because in 5D, none of this would happen. I KNEW the intention of the eldest son. He was doing this on purpose. Plus, he was jealous of the lack of attention and the favoritism shown by his parents to the middle boy, his brother. The parents had no insight to the dynamic, and were ineffective in their dealing with it. Basically the crying one was the barometer of the family unit, and there was an imbalance to heal. That's what goes on when you have your 'antennae' up.

Today I cleaned up my work station at the computer where I write.

I washed the keyboard to take all the fingerprints off. My boy was startled when he saw how nice the area looks. 'Mom! You CLEANED up your area on the desk!'.  Many things I don't want to forget, I place here, and they do pile up.

As an extra treat, the instrumental group, Kohala, who play excellent Hawaiian music, somehow got lined up on my iTunes to play 'Ne Kali Kei Au', the Hawaiian Wedding Song. I strongly encourage you to buy their album, 'Island Treasures', and you will greatly enjoy it for relaxation at home. I discovered this group the last time I was in Oahu.

For now, here is their only song available on YouTube, Flying:


This morning I awoke with the strong feeling to go to Sea World. So did my boy. We have spent many happy times there.

I do not support dolphins and whales and other sea creatures in captivity.

I DO wish to support the dolphins and whales who unfortunately ARE in captivity, they need to eat, and I communicate with the orcas and thank them and bless them when I am there.

As a result, we have gotten to know some of the trainers, who are very nice, and have a great deal of LOVE for their whales and dolphins, almost to the point of truly feeling like they are family with them.

If you are into Blackfish, go ahead, and be negative about this.

The fact of the matter is that Keiko, the REAL 'Free Willy' died miserably after release to the wild because without a pod, an orca is not going to do well. They hunt together, they have companionship, and family.

I don't see how people can be so short sighted as to focus on 'the problem' of aquatic parks and not realize that a pod is a pod, and a 'language' barrier between captive and free whales certainly exists. Even now the 'vegetarian' resident orcas who do not eat mammals have so few fish to eat that in the Salish Sea they are learning how to eat marine mammals, which is a skill that is taught to the transient orcas from their mothers and takes some time to master...

All whales need our love and support, no matter where they are.

And if you like to hold up picket signs, go right ahead, it's your free will, I lived in Berkeley, and if that's what matters to you, go ahead and do your thing...

Well, anyhow, we only would have had two hours there, so we didn't go.

So I was torn--why the call to go, to both of us, and why stay at home?

Ross explained it to me--Anthony was happy on his xbox, and he needs some 'down time' too.

I was able to cook dinner (it's in the oven!), clean my desk, and do three loads of laundry! We both read a while, I have a book someone asked me to review--and I'm really enjoying it.

I realize today, that just like the whales in their pod, my family is also 'interconnected'.  From the clothes from Jared, Anthony's father, I just washed and need to send back, to the photos I finally hung up after two years today in the family room, to the little cable for the camera I have misplaced, to the bracelet Spirit guided me to make that is named, 'Endearment'...a HUGE part of life is going with the group, with the flow, and adapting moment by moment to WHAT IS...

It was a very powerful lesson, and gentle too.

I like that.

Spirit sometimes thinks that we don't 'learn' if there isn't any pain. I challenge this often with my guides. My homework and lessons at school were not painful to me. Time consuming, tedious, but never painful to my heart...

So all in all, today was a good day. We have citrus chicken , sweet potatoes, and butternut squash in the oven. It's my favorite kind of meal, the ones that cook in the oven all day. And Ross wants me to use the cabbage to make 'Granny's Slaw', a recipe from the Aunt Bee's Mayberry Cookbook:

  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon dry mustard 
  • 1/2 teaspoon celery seed
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • 1/4 cup chopped green pepper (I skip this)
  • 1 tablespoon pimento (I skip this)
  • 1/2 teaspoon grated onion
  • 3 tablespoons oil
  • 1/3 cup vinegar
  • 3 cups chopped or grated cabbage
In a large bowl combine all of the ingredients. Chill thoroughly.  Serves 6.  Nellie Fich, Springfield Missouri is the author of this recipe


Everything happens for the best.

I want you to quote me on that one! (smiles and laughs)

And I am not kidding!

The importance of flexibility, especially in these times, is important to state.

Just go with whatever happens, and you will begin to understand how your feelings and thinking are going to help you to co-create.

Carla has her last call on Obstetric Anesthesia coming up in a short time. This is the reason she has made the 'Endearment' bracelet, as an amulet, a medicine to her. In it are lozenge-shaped beads of black tourmaline, with natural turquoise, ammonite, quartz the color of aquamarine and crystalline cut, and Lemurian quartz.  It is powerful, and I ask for your loving support, and Reiki to Carla at this difficult time, as she is going to need to face the hostility and unpredictability of the workplace.

There are three who have been asked to step down. Both of the others have excused themselves and given there call away.

The last call was so awful, that Carla wanted to never come back, and just give up.

Her teams said, 'not'--and she has been asked to show her courage and take the very last call with a stiff upper lip, shoulders back, and a smile.

By the way, the last mother, the 'Kwan Yin' as she called her, never got a single headache.

That was from me.

I am giving Carla my full love and support as well.

Will you join me?

Thank you.

I appreciate your love and Reiki to this effect--that everything may happen for the best and for the Highest Good--no matter what--even in this.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Gaia News Brief 25.1.2015

My Assignment

Yesterday was the engagement party in Fallbrook. Mother was very insistent that I come. My sister Vanessa was to drive her, I took Anthony.

Before I left, Spirit guided me to change my jewelry. I wear high energy jewelry at all times. My necklaces on my body 24/7 except when swimming or bathing include Ito oil (a vial with a little dragon on it),  British Columbia Jade, a gold cross given to me by my first boyfriend Tom when I was sixteen, a white gold and diamond Om, a silver mermaid with white topaz given to me by Ross, and my Christmas Gift from Ross, the Moldavite/Danburite/Phenocite pendant...

I was down to two, both gifts from Ross. I had Larimar earrings, and my heart of the sea (by me) and my healing (by Isabel) and my pandora bracelet on the left arm, and my Hawaiian gold and Carla and Ross bracelets on my right.

The drive there was SCARY as Fallbrook is in the country, and it was very dark with not very clearly designated roads. There was one wrong turn which fortunately our phone carrier had coverage and Siri quickly corrected. There was a gate, but the car who had been following us knew what to do, and at the home we followed behind their car once the security gate opened.

Instantly I saw an enormous symbol for Ross all lit up, a gorgeous patio and pool area all lit with candles, and a rambling, right out of  a magazine ranch house.

The family was a contractor's family.

I laughed when I went to the bar...there were bottles of Clara Pacifico beer, the one my short-relationship neighbor boyfriend Todd drank EXCLUSIVELY, sometimes even in bed! Spirit nudged me to get a bottle of beer, which I NEVER drink at parties.

Oh and I forgot--I had been guided to bring my Mickey and Minnie purse...

Basically I was in a little disguise with the beer and the purse, and it WORKED. People who were not related to me opened up, gushed over how they LOVE my purse and 'all things Disney'. The grandparents and great grandparents gushed about how their little one, 'Aria' sings and loves Rapunzel but doesn't love the Elsa and the other one at Disneyland because 'they are not real'. The oldest ones there were singing excitedly, 'Let it go! Let it go!' because their great grand daughter had taught them it by always watching the movie.

They were innocent and had no clue of the things I know.

I met my deceased cousin's sisters once more, making the effort to meet them. Last I had seen them was either at my cousin or my uncle's funeral.

You see, my cousin by blood, married their sister. He cheated on her, divorced her, and then she got ovarian cancer and died. She found a new man, in her last years, who doted on her. His name is Tony, and he lives in Texas now, and hasn't found anyone else. He comes to family gatherings to represent the mom who has's her three kids we are close to, and her only daughter Kelly is being married.

Spirit knows how to get me to work.

There were two boys in age within six months of Anthony--one older one younger--and he was in Heaven playing xbox and basketball and football with them.

My sister took a wrong turn in Fallbrook, mom panicked, and they turned around and went home. I had been guiding them with texts, but at one point, her phone service had no coverage. So by the time I got hold of her, with Kelly on the line giving directions, they were already on the way home.

It was just me.

  • I connected with Chanelle, the oldest daughter of Diane, a sister of Susie. Chanelle stayed to herself and only mixed with her family she already knew. She stayed on the edges of the party.
  • I got to know Diane, and heard her tell the story to my cousin, Diane, of how angry and unforgiving she is to Rich for what happened to Susie. 'Stress KILLS!' Diane's 'soapbox' is to keep Susie's memory all family events where SHE (the new wife) is present.
  • My cousin Diane, married to Roger for thirty years, with no children, shared with Diane how she and her brother Richard (named after MY father) 'patched things up' and 'have a lot in common'. They went to a heavy equipment auction (he wanted a scissor lift to clean his rain gutters) and were surprised at how much they have in common! (as opposed to the third child, the baby, my cousin Nettie).
  • Cousin Diane also mentioned how Richard makes sure she has money and looks out for her as he is the executor of his father's will (our Aunt, my father's sister, predeceased her husband by about five years). I remember at the funeral for her father, she talked about 'going shopping' in a loud voice, which I was disappointed to hear...But Diane is family, good family, and comes to all our family get-togethers, and I love her very much. She also has two pugs with Roger, 'Fred' and 'Ethel'--I call them the 'Mertzes' and they are adorable.
  • I asked Diane, innocently, 'what happened to Nettie?' Diane chillled immediately, refused to talk about it, and even though I said, 'I didn't know!' she walked away and avoided me for the rest of the party.
  • Nettie, apparently, according to Susie's sisters, 'raped' her father's finances while she was his live-in caretaker. She paid herself and her kids 'way too much salary' to care for him, a quadriplegic. She also bought everyone new cars, and bought a restaurant.
  • Nettie and I were close. I knew there was a lawsuit between the children over the estate. But I've lost contact with her for over thirty years. At her father's funeral, all three kids sat separately. Nettie loved her dad, and cried over him. She told me he wanted to be buried in a blue suit. She wanted to buy him a new one for the funeral. But her brother and sister had said 'it's too expensive' and buried him in his old grey suit instead...
  • Richard shared with me some stories of how 'Uncle Dick' saved him when he was getting beaten up and bullied in Garden Grove, and how my father ran and jumped a fence to help him. He also shared how my father did other things, but the rescue was 'the best thing that ever happened in my life' to have that kind of masculine love and support. Richard said, 'My father would never do anything like that for me.'
  • Richard also shared how when golfing with my father, he started complaining about Susie to my dad. My father looked Richard in the eye and said, 'Susie is not the enemy'. Richard shared how he was too proud and ruled 'with an iron fist' and wouldn't listen. (I know he broke off all contact with my father after this, which pained my father greatly to the end). But he confided to me how if he had LISTENED and taken my dad's advice, he could have patched things up with Susie, and had a long life with her...instead...of the new wife, the stepdaughter, and everything else.
  • I hugged Richard and told him we all do the best we can. I was very proud of him to see from his mistakes, and learn from it.
  • Cousin Susie was THERE at the toast, in spirit, and she told me she was very happy, that 'everything would turn out all right' and that these two families had been arranged to meet and combine for a long time. I told her sister Marianne that (Auntie MiMi), who is close and knows all about my being DWR.
  • Susie's sister Janine drove all the way from Park City, Utah to be here. She gave a toast and told me a story about how she bought Susie's car to have it be in the family--she bought it from the kids. They were going to Mexico, at the border, and MiMi asked if there is anything left of Susie in the car? Janine had it detailed, and said, 'No.' But at the border crossing, she put down the visor, and there was a shamrock pin, in sequins! It was from Susie, who loved everything Irish. She had the pin on her lapel, and gave a toast to Susie and Kelly her daughter at the party. (her sister Diane didn't).
  • Richard had shared how Uncle Rene told him, at their engagement party, that 'If you do anything to hurt Susie I will disinherit YOU Richard.' Now Richard understands. His boy, Scott, has dumped TWO long-term girlfriends. Richard describes the fondness he had for those potential daughter-in-laws, and now he understands the ache and pain his father had described.
  • Scott's new lady, Elena, had just taken a red-eye back with him from Hawaii. She's from Northern California, where my ex-husband Mark is from. She enjoyed talking about places we both knew, and is working for Richard's new wife Angie, with Brian and Scott(used to work there) and Brian's wife Leah.
  • At the pool, freezing in a little chair, I spoke with Marianne and Diane, sisters of Susie. Diane had taken her teacup maltese out of the car, and was holding her like a baby in her arms, and cooing to it, ignoring the rest of the party. Spirit guided me to share what my cousin Richard said about his regrets about how he treated Susie. Diane didn't accept it. This was after Marianne asked me to tell Diane 'about me' and 'what Susie said'. I walked away with love in my heart for all.
  • I spoke with Kim, who works at a military school in Carlsbad, an all-boy's place, that costs forty-eight thousand dollars a year tuition. She explained how the boys there 'have failed' regular school. She talked about how the boys 'line up four times a day' (like in prison, I thought!) and that many who are in the ninth grade have a fourth-grade reading level. Teaching is hard. She is a role model/mother substitute. The kids there are 'parent's have no other option' or 'parents travel and think the military is good for them.'  Many are from all over the world--about forty percent.  She can't understand how in their very LIMITED free time they are ALWAYS on their electronic devices--social media and the GAMES! It's all about the GAMES! She even offers five points extra credit if they just sit quietly and read in her class after lunch to get them off the games, and just to relax.
  • I shared with Kim I'm a blogger and she wanted to know more! I cupped my hand and placed it over hers so she could FEEL the Reiki. And I explained how medicine is too 'fragmented' and it needs 'spirit' involved to heal the total person.
  • She wanted to know how I 'got' my gift. I was born with it, had a spiritual crises, and learned how to be a certified psychic, medium, and healer (I'm a little shy of my completion, but did ninety percent of the coursework before Spirit brought me to what I do on assignment now). 
  • She said, 'I have a nurse who had a cleansing'--I guess three treatments--her friend who is at Mission Hospital. And she leveled with me and said, 'I'm skeptical'--no wonder...her next conversation with Joellie who had a Dr. Who pendant on her neck, about that show and others, proved her to be DEEPLY under the influence of the 'Controlled by those who do not have our best interests at heart' media.
  • Her husband, Mike, the Marine who is retired after a full military career, came to talk with us next. He called me NURSE about twenty times, and shared he has a friend's wife who is a nurse anesthestist. He asked what I do, and after about fifteen minutes, I gently corrected him and said, 'actually I am a doctor. I would supervise your friend's wife in the O.R.'--then they both looked at me like I had three heads! To let them go on like that as if I was a nurse all that time! I gently and softly shared that I am mistaken for a nurse all the time, people think nurses are nicer, so I just let them think it because in a way it's a compliment to me. Then we spoke about UCSD, and I was 'fully accepted' because they both went to the same school as I did, and we are alumni. Mind you, everyone there except me was quite drunk.
  • I was checking on Anthony from time to time, making sure he ate and the boys had enough water to drink...
  • Then came Ken, the host and father of the groom. He knew anesthesiologists in my area by NAME because he has worked on a lot of their houses. So we talked shop. 
  • Ken introduced me to his best friend Stuart, who had been rear-ended and ejected from his car after being hit by someone who was driving one hundred miles an hour. He had been paralyzed but immediate neck surgery corrected the fractures. He also had one vertebral artery that is completely blocked. He is a walking time bomb, and he knows it, but he works out every day, and was incredibly drunk too, asking questions over and over, and almost falling over on the counter. Stuart had a good heart, and was very brave at moving on from his injury. I still don't think he understands what I do, and I'm okay with that...  ; )
  • Kelly was given the ring Ken had given to his ex-wife, Renee. She wanted her own ring. She confided to her finance's stepmother and her aunt Mimi. But it's expensive. And she might get it re-set. Linda, the contractor's wife, said to price everything. She had on as many diamond rings as I normally do necklaces, all on the ring finger!  I mentioned how Renee's energy is in the ring, and it should be cleared. Surprisingly, Linda said, 'That makes sense!' and talked about the unhappy energy of the divorce in the ring. I said, 'you know how when someone is missing they give the psychic something the person wore to help them find it? That's because their energy is IN that object. It's called psychrometry.'
  • This was the first time I spoke with the groom. Kelly's stepsister had been sharing beers with him all night--the same bottle. (Kelly had said the two share beers and warcraft together). He showed the stepsister, and then me, his characters from the game. I saw him give her a little 'devil horn' gesture, and also under his breath said the character couldn't be more perfect and said, 'six six six'.  (I had cleared the karma of everyone present, and for all timelines, during the toast--I had not picked up on ANY of this while I was there earlier in the night. But now in my heart of hearts, I understood WHY I had to 'lower the vibration', 'blend in', and 'shine my Light'. Energetically, I planted the seeds and the suggestions, to help this group adjust and awaken when they are ready. And they would never in a million years know it had been me.)
  • Mimi asked to follow me back to highway five. So we left. Anthony complained we couldn't 'spend the night' the whole way home. He was so much happier than an evening home with me...and as I parked the car from the lot down the hill up in front of the house to pick up my son, what did I see? A little tiny Buddha in the garden! I think he winked at me!


Carla was assigned to hold the Light in a very dark place. I could tell she knew what she was doing the whole time. I have full confidence in Carla and in all of her talents in working with people.

The assignment went well.

This morning everyone has a little more love in their heart because of her kindness, her listening, and her practice of taking the direct love she has to aim for her 'target'--my chest--she practiced the whole drive--and aiming it SQUARE at the chest of everyone she spoke with at the party, not letting on one peep about it while she was doing it, and looking them in the eyes and smiling the whole time.

Carla is an assassin of sorts towards the darkness. She has charisma and natural charm, with no guile, and in her genuine affection and love she has for others, resistance melts away. 

They are equals--in every way--as Carla interacts with others.

Once her aura combines with another's they are never the same...and they always can't put their finger on it, WHY they are having the change in their 'feelings' about 'life'...

(He smiles)

I taught her well. Carla is just like I am! But as for myself, that is another story...if you have ever seen or read anything about 'The Eyes of Braco', when you are in our presence--that of me and Carla--you will have that type of spiritual experience too.

I wish you a good day. Enjoy your weekend, whatever is left of it.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
'The gunners of the giant LOVE ray'  (he makes machine gun sounds and pretends to shoot--just to make you laugh)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Gaia News Brief 24.1.2015


As I got out of the car after the basketball tryouts--once finally home and in the garage, I heard this word:  Sanhedrin

I looked it up, and found another word, a name, the one most dear to me, Gamaliel.

I had tears running down my face as my soul was allowed in this incarnation, to know more about my beloved who was in my life as Tabitha, and who died on the very night we witnessed a very important birth, where I delivered the child...

I never knew that all the meetings at night like Victor Lazlo in the movie, Casablanca, had anything to do with the Sanhedrin.

I also know Ross and myself in my past incarnation with him probably knew very much about this Jewish legal organization...

My Heart to Heart with my Beloved, Ross:

Just now I took a short nap on the porch swing. It's windy, and the wind chimes sound so lovely. Today was the first time in a month I have devoted any time to the garden.

Ross asked me what I would like for tonight? We have an engagement party for a cousin to attend, and it is in Fallbrook, a long drive away.

I wanted to dance with him, to love him, to hold him close to my this***and I began to open my heart to love him.

I explained how with the amnesia, I can't really love myself, because I have no clue what I am. It's a fuzzy target. I can't see. And I can't love AIR.

He said, 'You love Divine Father!'

And I said, 'Well I see him and talk to him and he is a person like you.'

He understood my point. I focused the waves of energy from my heart to his, Ross'--that is, and I felt like I could keep opening it until I 'got it right'. I explained to him that he is my mirror, my 'practice'--and when I get it 'right' I can expand this pure high vibration Love healing energy outwards to the world.

'You are my training wheels!' I teased, explaining how the amnesia will do a number on you here. And no matter how much he says he loves me, if he isn't holding my hand, it doesn't really make much sense.

Ross said to me, right before I woke up, 'I will never leave you.' I was happy, and blissfully drifted off into sleep again. When I woke up the second time, I had completely forgotten what he has said, although I knew it was important.

He had to remind me. 'I will never leave you.' and he showed me how he will be a target in close range for my aura to detect it, something I can feel next to my heart, so I won't have to 'love AIR'--or 'a vacuum' or 'something I can't sense is THERE'...


I love my Carla.

She wears the human form so well.

And she explains it perfectly to those of us who are comfortable in our seats up here on Sky Crew.

May I please have a target upon which to practice my love with my soul?

Who could say 'no' to a humble request like this?

I couldn't.

So those of you who have your Twins, and those of you who haven't, try to find a 'target' who feels 'right' to you--it can be a 'stand in' for your True Twin--a special plant, a rock, a tree, an animal, a person who is open to the light--and start turning the dial. Adjust the knobs and buttons on your heart centers to create a love energy that is like God's--pure and unconditional--and in this you shall announce yourself on angel's wings to the presence of your Twin, and win their heart, just like humble Carla so nobly today again won mine.

I kissed her. Out of the blue, before we even had this conversation...when she wrote on the Doctor's With Reiki page, this response to a Reiki Request--an emergent one--Doctors With Reiki UPDATE: ok thank you , she has finally seen a consultant and they let her out for now as bloods were satisfactory , though have said its possibly gall bladder and they want to check pancreas as it looks enlarged and they can see a discharge but they want to do proper scans , she's found the pain in stomach is not as bad but keeps getting excruciating pain in her shoulder , thank you for the healing , she been told she has to go back if she gets a fever or pain that knocks her to the ground again  

Editor comment: (I think you guys scored a huge 'WIN'!)

It was the part in bold that comment that awakened my love for her so much that I was moved to reach across the dimension and kiss her with so very much tenderness and affection in my soul.

Carla was startled and surprised but in a nice way. I have never actually done this to her out of the blue, and in response to her work.

Things are going to get better for all of you on Earth.

I promise it.

In fact I promise it--with a pinkie promise just like I do with my Carla.

Stay tuned for more due time.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins