Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gaia News Brief 20.1.2015

Con Queso

Ross had me lie on my stomach, and I was given a special blessing only one Twin can give to another. Next I knew, Melchizidek was here with us. He did a ceremony to 'seal' us together as Twins. I hope I heard the term correctly. We said things we were told to say. A long gold chain heavy thing was placed on our shoulders like one big circle that covered us with connection. There was also some hand pressing like a Reiki Attunement. And Ross and I were guided to hold hands to forearms in such a way that our arms made the shape of a diamond. They overlapped and reminded me of a Tibetan knot.

At the end of the ceremony which I didn't understand, Melchizidek said a blessing that ended with 'con Queso'. This I understood. Literally and figuratively, as the melting of cheese on top of a dish enhances it and finishes the presentation.

Con Queso. Ross and me, our energies are blended. Just like melted cheese! LOL.

I like that!

Quick Reflections on Perception:
  • My Cousin was raised conservative Christian. But he is open like me. He has been getting Reiki and also reads the blog. Now his mother, my First Cousin (he is first cousin once removed in relation to me)--who is so very Christian I was convinced she would call me the devil for this work and my Reiki--SHE is now open to getting Reiki treatments where her son goes too!  He is also beginning to remember past lives, one in Norway, and experiences in this life--for example getting nervous and upset at a museum in Norway-- are starting to confirm it.
  • Dana is the nurse who runs a local surgery center. Marsha was super excited when I gave her a Carla and Ross bracelet. She was deeply moved, and overcome with gratitude to the point of tears to have something absorb negativity and open the heart. Dana is her boss, and spirit nudged me to give it through Marsha to her. Well I ran into Dana yesterday. She thanked me for 'the bracelet that gets rid of evil spirits' and of course she was not wearing it. But something is coming down the future for Dana--I'm not sure what and I can sense it, and the bracelet will be of great comfort to her. There is much opportunity for education, for people like Dana...but it must be when they ask and are ready to handle more.
  • I met a sixth grader yesterday who is home schooled. A very nice boy, named Luke. He has been bullied at two separate schools, the last one Christian.  I also read of a pair of special needs brothers (two of three triplets) who were teased because 'the things in your ears and on your legs freak me out' ...the teacher also didn't reprimant the girl who said this. The boy said, 'I am deaf! I need these to hear.' And his brother explained the braces are needed for him to walk. If you ever have a spare moment, please sent Reiki and your love to the children who are in need of healing the most. It is brutal to be a child these days.
  • One of my colleagues lies. He is very pleasant, very professional, and skilled. He will throw you under the bus in a heartbeat. Yet he goes to church every week and prays. If you have an extra spare moment, please send healing to the likes of him--soon everyone will be able to read the intention in the aura, and this low vibration game is over. Soon he will have to adapt and it won't be easy. So patience with the stragglers and be sure to keep your own vibration 'high and tight' wherever you go.
  • The chef at my hospital has a schizophrenic son. We talk. The son got angry at the parents for taking him to the hospital when the counselor said. There were seven inpatient hospitalizations in a year--the son left home without a word, and almost died of exposure in Mount Shasta. The last time we spoke the father was rigid. Now he is more open. The son is into nutrition. And when he came back home for six months, the father saw how much better he did off the medications. The boy said the medications were too strong, and needed two more to counteract the side effects of the first. The father said, 'the doctors don't listen to him, they aren't human. They ask how the symptoms are, write for more pills and say see you next month' the son feels he will get a miracle healing from the high vibrations at mount Shasta. And his father is willing to drive him there, just to see if it will work. To me this is incredible healing and openness of both men. Before, in the bad year, the father would have to quickly check for sharp objects in the bed and desk while his son took a shower--he was cutting himself and attempting suicide. One of the side effects of the medicine, the dad found out--IS suicidal thoughts! So for the last six months, none of this. The son also went to a volcano in Mexico with two lakes, one for the sun, and one for the moon, and swam in the freezing lake for a healing. He is on,y twenty, but has lived so much! I think he is a shaman in the making, and in time will find his way. My teacher Anne says to take meds (she is psych trained) so you can learn your psychic development better with less I trusive thoughts. That's my opinion. But the father and son's story inspire me and I think it is worth sharing with you.


I want to thank you all for my birthday wishes. I am inspired with hope for what lies in the future ahead for all of us!

You have On my way! full love and support, and that of my cream. (Ashtar waves hello)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins