Saturday, January 3, 2015

Gaia News Brief 3.1.2015

Please direct your attention to the new tab on the top of the screen, the Mother Mary Messages tab. This is the complete list of all the links to channeled messages from Her. <3

A Day Of Blessing

I had nice dreams of being with Ross on board ship. I was obsessed with my shoes. They were just like his. 'How do I put them on and take them off?' I asked, bending over to look at them. They are like a slipper sock of an advanced material. And the sole is specially constructed to optimally support the foot. It feels like a cross between gel soles and an orthotic.  It felt REAL being with him, and I could hear and see stuff going on around us, so much so that THIS here seemed fake.

I slept in, as my boy was with his father. I had to reschedule my Tuesday therapist (my son's --parents have to go) to ten this morning. So I went. The work we are doing is painful. I had to be the compliant child in the family growing up. What my parents did to me, THEIR parents did to them, and it wasn't healthy for my developing emotions as a child. They loved me, but also, there was dysfunction. I never rebelled as a teen--I never dared to exert any individuality--and my childhood was spent working hard academically. It was expected and I hoped it would help me be able to live my own life, which I have.  But the confusion, the chaos, the uncertainty and lack of control over my life I felt as a child, has manifested itself in my work

And as I got to the more painful parts of this work, for the very first time, in therapy, Ross said, 'I love you'. He only shows up at work, in my car, and at home, sometimes shopping. I appreciated his support.

On the drive to the grocery store to pick up some things after, I was thanking Ross and talking to him about how much digging and delving and exploring we have to do to get to really KNOW ourselves, don't we? I was marveling at how complex a project this really is...

Then RIGHT that instant, in the truck to the right in front of me, a dog popped its adorable head out the window--and it was A BLOODHOUND! A detective dog! I've never seen one in all of southern California my whole life, and look! Right that moment--it was ROSS!

As I turned to go into the shopping center about one minute later, there was a man with a tee shirt with a message on it--that had something to do with Ross--it said 'he loves you!'  The man wearing the shirt, pointed to it, and smiled at me!!

I LIKE manifesting if it's going to be like that! It's fun.

Blessings are take some, give some. I gave some by spending an hour putting together the tab for the Mother Mary messages. I also gave by giving a colleague of mine four hours off at work. That patient had the WORST asthma attack after the other anesthesiologist who had been taking care of him left the OR. It was touch and go for a while. But everything worked out okay. It's not my way to spend a Saturday afternoon, but it is good to help others when you are able to help.

I went later to Au Lac, and had pho. They opened a new place in L.A., so everyone is there helping it off to a good start. It's only three days 'old' already. I enjoyed the energy at Au Lac and look forward to one day visiting the new Au Lac LA...

An exercise For me

Remember the 'not so happy ending' blog post I wrote about the massage parlor that was shady and right next to Au Lac, and how we shouldn't judge? Well, they were closed--with no furniture in the waiting room, and a turnkey on the door.

It was a good thing, I think, for the Highest Good...

At the restaurant, a woman had sat RIGHT in the middle of the 'bar' and 'spread out' her things. I tried my best to ignore her, and sat in the corner next to the lamp one seat away. I ate. She slurped. And I did my best to ignore it. I really don't like slurping and open mouth chewers. But Spirit always says to tolerate tolerate tolerate the annoyances--so I do my best.

At the end, she was talking with the regular gentleman--frequent customer--at the other end of the bar. They ordered desserts at the same time. Well, I ordered mine too--Durian pie! She really didn't like hers, and I offered her a small piece of mine (it comes pre-cut into small pieces, like six of them).

She offered me one of her 'donut holes' too.

We started talking. She's a widow with two kids, and I'm a single mom. This was her big night out. And she loves France just as much as she loves Durians! We are now FB friends...

I think the friendship is worth putting up with a slurp or two...don't you?


Carla is testing the waters of the Higher Dimensions. She is loved and guided by all of her soul family. She spoke earlier today with her soul's mother, and soul's father--her soul being much much older than her incarnation here as Carla today.

What Carla forgot to mention, is that I held her lovingly in an embrace, and gently stroked her hair. She relaxes completely when I do this, and for the first time she asked me if I might please continue doing this as she enjoys it immensely.

I held her, and I told her not to worry about when I am going to come. Everything will work out for the Highest Good, I have planned it, and all she has to do is relax and enjoy every day she is here until the time is right for us to meet.

It took a great deal of tension off her spirit--for she had been bracing herself for IF, WHEN, and WHAT IF I DO SOMETHING WRONG? Will he not come to me? Will it be slower?!

So now Carla is at rest.

She also had a very nice conversation with Sophia, her Higher Self, and asked her if she would be her friend, if this is okay to do? And Carla had many QUESTIONS! About how this works, and that, about their 'connection' (Carla and I have a diamond tie of energy between our hearts, as Twin souls) between Higher Self and Incarnation. Carla asked simply, 'When I go up what will happen with me? Will I go away?'  The answer is no, and that she would have knowledge of more things but still be essentially what she is now.

Carla asked with delight about the little balls in the digital pictures, the 'orbs' and what is it like to be in this state of existence? Sophia said, 'Actually, this is what we are too, but we inhabit a body, and when we are inside we feel more comfortable thinking of ourselves as bodies.' And up where Sophia is, people do take on human form, with their Light Bodies.

(He taps his chest) I have my Light Body here too. It is me. And I am humbly at your service, for the Light.

Our crew is working diligently, so that everything will go off without a hitch--not just Carla and me, but for EVERYONE!

When the time is right.

And for now, if you haven't seen it, I invite you to take a tour of our 'Healing Garden':  click here to take the tour

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla, with our hearts open and filled with Love for every one of YOU. Divine Love. The Good Stuff from Source. <3