Thursday, January 30, 2020

En Colere

Everybody has a limit. I hit mine yesterday. I got fed up with pretty much everything.  I have my mother's Italian temper and fortunately, it is diluted with my father's French-Canadian 'very long fuse'.

I just couldn't take it. 

I am not a Buddha. I never claimed to be. And out of the two of us, I always say, 'Ross, I'm not you--sorry--it is what it is.'  And I do my best to be like him. But I'm not him.

My cup ran empty. I've had four days where I wanted to take a long soak in the tub, and instead there's only been time for my shower. I came home, yesterday, and was just coming unglued. I asked Anthony to get the tub into the shower space (I have a weird one from Amazon for people who live in houses that only have showers, it's plastic). I was up to my elbows in roasting vegetables and getting them into the oven. He set the water running because it takes a long time to fill with these damn water saving fluid restriction shower heads. 

I went up there, and he had basically just thrown it in and left the shower door open and walked away. 
It was over the drain. The place was about to flood. I had to stick my arm under it to lift enough for the drain to work and wait for it to drain.

I didn't want to talk to Ross. He tried. 

I exclaimed to Anthony that I just wanted to feel like a human being and I didn't even want to take a bath any more. I'm so tired of the rickety junk that just doesn't work right. Galactic stuff always does, and I'm at the point where I remember on a soul level, and being incarnate here just upsets me.

Yesterday I was screaming at my phone for the same reasons. Voice assistance doesn't work. I'm trying the hands-free driving, and it's a total joke on my phone, and I ended up screaming. I had very little time to make it to a very far high school to see Anthony's team play basketball and I couldn't get the directions.  I was shrieking at the top of my lungs at it and darn near ready to throw my phone out the window.

I'm human.

We are all human.

I haven't had the time I needed for my garden. I have little baby seedlings I put into the ground a little early because their soil was getting weird fungus/mold on it. 

I haven't had time to cook. I realize restaurants are for people like me who don't have time.

I've been with surgeons who are very, very slow--a famous celebrity podiatrist on TLC who treats it like brain surgery I've heard--nice and sweet but just slow. Anesthesia is a very difficult career because you have to have the four A's, affable, available, able and I forget the last have to sit still and be quiet all day, and always helping the team and putting your patient first. Even when your patients are really hard to take care of, or really the source of their problems (smokers, for example, with lung disease)...

I've had two days in a row where I should have gone home early but I had to stay until four p.m., and poor Anthony has had to take up the slack.

I've had someone screaming in pain with a medical emergency. Screams are something you don't forget. They get to you.

And even the people who are showing interest in learning, for example, at work the nurses wanted to feel their auras and for me to tell them the color of their auras--it was charming!  It hits you  that the whole ascension thing has taken entirely too long, you can't understand on a human level why the average person has been dragging their feet, and you long to be home with the Galactics and interact in that way all over again.

When your cup is empty, don't let it run all the way dry.

Take steps.

Get up a little early so you don't rush.

I took a shower last night, cooked dinner (Anthony helped), ate at the table like a human, and also watched Monty Python, half an episode. 

I also took my medicine, my homeopathic ones, because I'd been so busy I'd skipped two days.

Today, this morning, I'm making crepes. I used to make them, stopped because of Anthony's eating way too many, with too much nutella and bananas. He'd eat the whole batch, and I'd get like one. But months ago, on sale, I'd bought a real pan for it, with the wooden tools. Today I'm going to use it. 

In the car, after I was screaming, Ross was in my face, concerned. He emphasized it's important for me to tell him what I want. I want my house to look clean and organized. I want time for my garden. I want a slow life.

I know he cancelled that basketball game. The other team, even though it was at their school, forfeited because they didn't know their gym schedule and it was time for volleyball practice.

I got to go home because the team went back to school to practice. 

There had been a terrible windstorm. Wind, for some reason, makes me very unglued emotionally. I'd been in the O.R. and didn't even know it. But the market umbrella had flown across the yard, and broken. Chairs, pool floats had strewn everywhere. Palm fronds are actually huge, twice as tall as I am, and they'd fallen into the yard. I watered my baby seedlings. And I took the trash out for trash day. It wasn't easy with the PVC pipe and the palms but I found my way.

I saw that the two rat traps by the woodpile had been triggered, the peanut butter licked off, and there was blood on the cement. 

It's always something.

The Council has a new article.  Cobra has one, it's actually relevant--it's about the madness going on now as the ASSC is being disbanded. It's the first one in a long time that resonates. I'm sure there's lies in it somehow but this one after my outbursts rang true. I do know that Divine Creator hacked the virus for the Highest Good just as soon as it came out. This is something Cobra wouldn't know.  The white spikes are continuous now for several days.

My Higher Self was very kind to me, and promised me good things today. 

I thanked her politely.

She asked me if I was feeling well? Because I didn't have anger towards her or hate her. She got upset and cried. She knows that I've been broken into submission, and I've lost my spark. She got her way. I don't even think about it any more. It's not like we're friends, we're not, I'm here and she's there, we each have our own lives to live, and I don't see any point in having a cup of tea and painting our fingernails together. I am a warrior. I am and always will be. I am in the fight of my life for Gaia. 

Yesterday wasn't the best of days. I learned from it. And now I'm going to make some long-awaited, very much needed crepes. 

Allow yourself to be human. Feel your feelings. Own them. Remember you don't have to act out on them. Know your limits. Try to stop things before, way way before you hit your limits. As we get closer to Galactic everything, at some point you are going to want to say Fuck It and just jump up on the ship and leave everything behind. The whole assignment is going to seem stupid and pointless and a waste of time.

It's worth it.

That's the message Ross gave me very strongly yesterday.

It's worth it.

So after you have your tantrum, like I had mine, you get back to work, and do what you were sent to do.

You have no idea if occultists were singling your out for 'their special treatment' (gag barf ew yuck) and sending energies to freak you out. Of if the damn 5G towers were doing directed energy at you. Or that your HS wanted you to just be a superman, and you're not, and drove you too hard.

Just roll with it, try not to micromanage or dissect it and dwell on it, and move on.

You're as strong as it gets and I thank God I get to teach you, the advanced students. It's much much easier than teaching the newbies.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

P.S. Ross says when Carla is having a fit, he sends energy to control/comfort me. When I reject it and refuse to talk to him, then that's his learning time too. And he needs to work extra hard to help get my energy in balance. He says all of your guides will be able to keep up with you. Just give them extra time to figure out ways and to adjust. The bonds between guides and incarnates is unbreakable. Even if you tell them to go fuck themselves they won't get upset like incarnate ones would if you told them that. He says it's better to release--safetly--than swallow the anger. And that is why Carla's HS is so upset. Carla knows the score and can't release her terrible disappointment that there is someone 'up there' who put her in this environment in the first place without giving her a good reason. There is a total disconnect, and in truth, that is the only thing incarnates can do which can truly hurt us up in the higher realms. Although Angry, Carla could hear me, and she told me she 'needed her space'. Our connection is strong as ever.  To function, Carla needs a slow pace, time to enjoy life, time to create, time to teach, time to learn, and no rush. Then she can withstand just about everything, except not so much the screamers at her work. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

How To Transcend The Status Quo

We are One.

We have been under the illusion of separation for too long.

If we take these two philosophical points of view together, at some point down the road they are going to have to unite, and it's going to be a little awkward...

Today Ross and I are going to walk you through the baby steps that build upon the starting point from yesterday:  you have to be OKAY with being 'WRONG'.

My father was a wise man. He would admit he was wrong, even when he wasn't, just to keep the peace. He had the value of Peace and Relationship way up on his ranking system, much higher than 'being right'.  This is because he knew in his heart he was right, he didn't need to prove it, and he knew that all the angels in Heaven and Divine Creator wanted Peace in that situation and also knew he was right.

I have surgeons who tell my boss they don't want to work with me.

I know it.

I know it from how cold they are to me in the break room, and also, my boss tells me.

But I have to be careful, I need my job. With one, who I used to work with a lot, and is single parent like me, I wasn't sure what it was. This person likes to control their anesthesia their patients get (No Fentanyl!). And also, this person is very politically outspoken and not exactly 'in the middle'.

I had been making efforts to breach the gap, asking about the family, things like that, for some time now. But I recently got assigned to that room.

I couldn't do a ho'oponopono. That's a step you can do when the breach is out in the open. This was kind of under the table, behind my back, the usual thing.

So Ross helped me. He coached me, and now through our example we are going to coach you.

First off, is a strong mindset. I COME FROM A PLACE OF PEACE. You think this so hard the whole time, your body language shows it, your aura strongly carries this message. And you do your job.

Second, you do whatever that person wants, as long as it is reasonable. This surgeon gives the local anesthetic at the end. What this means, is that the patient is having surgery with no pre-emptive pain medicine. No tylenol. No narcotic. No ketorolac. Nothing.

Naturally, the blood pressure and heart rate go way up, the patient is at very high risk of moving during anesthesia, and actually, yesterday, a patient screamed through their LMA.

This surgeon doesn't understand what is going on on the other side of the drapes, the respiratory rate going up to thirty, or anything. It just doesn't exist to them.

I still have to do my job. The moving part really upsets the surgeons.

So I was smart. Propofol is okay to give in this surgeon's book. And I gave it. Lots and lots and lots of it. Propofol goes away. When the inhalational gas wasn't enough to keep the patient deep--and I had it cranked all the way up, I gave boluses of propofol and put them on the vent. My colleagues, wouldn't notice or care about the vitals introp. But I do.

At the end, after the local was in, the patients were happy, the surgeon was happy. And I was content 'to be wrong'. Six of one, half-dozen of the other...they leave the hospital faster.

I realized, that the media strongly influences this surgeon. And along with the political, the concept that 'narcotics are bad' has been reinforced. And the patients believe it too. So now, the only ones who get pain medicine are those who have extremely complex procedures involving another surgeon to follow.

Third, you place your judgement aside. The other person may have some things that are kind of 'not okay' going on--not this one but in general--perhaps 'doctoring the books' or 'business deals' or something. You just let Creator judge and you go for the valuable human soul underneath.

I was working hard. I stood up the whole case. I chatted. We found we had things in common, like gardening. I even made an effort to reach out, and asked for friendship on a certain app.

Everyone is right.

Everyone in their own mind is right, and doesn't need a lecture or a thing like on Jerry Springer to 'awaken' them. Everyone is going to end up at the same place eventually, and the Truth will be told in so many ways.  For some, it's going to be really disturbing to them because everyone likes to be right and nobody likes to be wrong.

Flexibility and strength of mind and commitment to your assignment is highly important, Ross says.

So open your heart, swallow 'your pride' (which is really your ego in disguise) and when the time is right, do what you were sent to do. It feels absolutely wonderful to restart a friendship. I can't wait to spend time with this person, perhaps to work, perhaps to eat lunch, perhaps to learn of their own awakening. It feels much much better than the resentment that has built up.

My closest friend at work, and the attitude they had towards this person, was what helped me realize the situation is real, and I'm not crazy; there was no need to defend myself. I had the support. So seek your support. It would be easy to gang up against the third person and talk behind their back, that's only human. But go beyond that, and do the right thing.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

P.S.  The display of white is going way up, the whole top to bottom, and more frequent too


I saw a tattoo on a patient that kind of stood out, metaphysically, as if I was supposed to see it. There were two seated figures facing one another, that had hats like in the lower left hand corner. In between them, facing left was a snake kind of like this, but not cobra, it was solid black and longer in the tail.  

I 'sense' this is a symbol for the Ida, Shushumna, and the Pingala--the father, mother and child--as well as the kundalini. 

I believe it's something from the Order of the Magi, perhaps all of these in the Ill Loom In Naughty are thinking they are part of that. 

The patient was African American. So there is a connection perhaps to Egyptian Royalty being people of color, I don't know. But the 'black Mamba' looked a lot like that snake. So perhaps the 'New King' was a transfer of otherworldly power--hidden in plain sight, kind of like when the old Esther (Madonna) kissed Britney at the Grammys and transferred THAT power.  It's also why she shaved her head, she didn't like being the Esther.

Check out A Call For An Uprising for some footage, or Russian Vids. It's uncanny the coincidences, especially that the mountain the crash was on is the back yard of the Kardash-shee-ins.

I also from Cob Brah--didn't realize the Ra is in the name.  And Kob-Bee. It's all somehow connected this snake reference.

One day I suppose we will figure all of this out. 

Until then, I will put my musings aside.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Philosophical 'Bowel Prep'

It's coming!

The huge dose of 'Philosophical Bowel Prep' has been sent, and it's about to clean out all the old, caked on crappy belief systems and philosophies and things we have come to take for granted (and been told was true but in fact were lies used to make us submissive and control us)....For those of us who have taken the red pill, that's like having been on juice and jello for a day or two before the prep. We are in pretty good shape.

But for those who are not?

If you've ever had to prep for a colonoscopy, and you've experienced the violence of that kind of cleansing--all you can do is sit on the toilet and you can't function with anything else--then you will understand what the general public is about to receive...

And we want you to have compassion. All these humans and their experiences in life in this realm are choices. There are good choices, and bad choices.  Take for example, Brian Graham, a youngest member, the baby of the family who once lived across the street. Brother Patrick the 'golden child' died in a car accident as a teen or young adult, many years ago. Sister Debbie did her best to carry on. Brian, made 'bad choices' of drugs, alcohol, and spent time in jail.  Brian reached out to his sister. She made the choice not to accept him. And he committed suicide just the other day. Just like that. 

This is fair and square in the third dimension. Lessons don't always dovetail together into a happy ending.

Naturally I was disturbed by the turn of events, and I asked Ross to take good care of Brian. Ross said he will, and that there's special healing as a soul Brian will need to undertake. 

I had conversation with Kirk, at work. He's more awake than I thought. He knew about the government spraying airborne disease over the city of San Francisco as a study in epidemiology. He knows about Area 51. He knew about many things. He still thinks football is fair and the team with the most heart will go to the Super Bowl (superb owl lol)...but we were talking about 'the squeeze', the economic difficulty to survive, how college for his wife will leave them with fifty five thousand in debt, how people are working three to four jobs to survive if they are minimum wage workers...He sees the crash ahead...the 'Bowel Prep'.

Think of all the good, hard-working people who loved their sports heroes who are unable to function because of the death of the GOAT (I kid you not! the 'Greatest of All Time'--totally dark, isn't it, the goat/Baffo mett inference).  My friend said her husband was sobbing uncontrollably and couldn't function for most of the day. He took it hard...

Which brings us to our next point:

If you'd like the Cliff's note version, look at the golden Buddha above, and ask yourself, 'what type of philosophy is the Buddha famous for?'

It's detachment, right?

How about the ability to detach from 'Being Right'?

If we are able to achieve this one successfully, then...our 'Philosophical Bowel Prep' is going to be a whole lot easier, isn't it? We have been wanting to write about this for three days, and fortunately, Saul's message beat us to the punch. 

Ross wanted the sternest picture I could find and it's not easy to find them. The one above will have to do.

Let us imagine a scenario. People in congregations are expecting (have been told, believed it, and reinforced the belief over the years) that 'someone is coming back' and 'that someone is going to kick major butt' like in one of our 'kiss-kiss, bang-bang' American superhero movies. (The other genre of American film, is 'bang-bang, kiss-kiss'...violence and sex, big time ; )   )

How likely is that going to happen?

Um....low likelihood. 

He wouldn't stoop so low in his vibration to resort to violence. He has, shall we say, 'other things' like spiritual and technological advances which would make 'kicking butt' in any way, shape, or form, obsolete. 

Will his followers be bumming? I don't know. We can just wait and see...

Which brings us to our next point...A gastroenterologist was talking about a new show on Netflix I should watch. 

(I know, I cringe when people recommend stuff like that, because I see how calcified their pineal gland is, right?)

Actually, he is vegetarian, and spiritual, and likes to think, and is quite the philosopher himself. He's cool. But he said this show is called The Messiah (my heart skipped a beat) and he shared how some people believed, and others wouldn't believe no matter what he did to prove himself, and then at the it all turned out. Would I believe he was a fake or real if it happened to us, he asked?

And how could you know?

At this, I realized it is simply, student asking teacher a question, student asking from the heart, as the Higher Self and the up-and-coming soon to be Higher Self are getting in alignment for him: how would I know the Messiah if I were in the Messiah's Divine Presence as an incarnate human, with the five senses and being under the influence of the veil?

I paused.

I thought.

I prayed, 'dear God please help me give good answers'

And it came to me.

You will know it is the Messiah by claircognizance. You will just KNOW. Everyone who has a near death experience NDE--KNOWS they are in the presence of Jesus. They just KNOW. No one has to explain it to them, even the little kids who have never been taught of him, KNOW and come back to their families and share their experiences of being in His presence.

Second, there are factions who absolutely, hate Him. And they are going to be truly acting up. They can't hide it. So there between the two, your inner knowing, and your observation of those who are of a different, wildly different belief system in that the highest power is The Self (and not God, Creator, etc.) are going to be totally freaking out and coming unglued. 

That's how I gracefully sidestepped the question with ease, and with faith, answering to the heart to this random 'student', what he needed to know, without overwhelming him. 


Carla was late yesterday to work. Carla and Anthony both had diarrhea from eating Chinese food to celebrate Lunar New Year the night before. Carla looked sickly, and explained to everyone at the hospital, and apologized. They adjusted the in-room time for her, so she wouldn't have her name be put on the list and get punished.

Unfortunately, the first case, a tooth accidentally fell out. It was loose, but it was a complication and she had to fish it out of the hypo pharynx with Magill forceps and the pulmonologist using the bronchoscope to show her where the tooth was.

This is where perspective of the surgeon was totally different from other ones. He intubates in ICU. A lot. And he said that the tooth was just 'flapping in the wind' and this happens all the time in the unit. He would explain it to the patient. 

(typically with dental trauma there is a very loud noise, a pop, and it's cringeworthy--this was silent)

There had been two signs to Carla she was going to have a bad day. We have a system. And I tested her. I tested her ability to put her dread aside and still function with that ominous feeling that she was going to have a bad day.

I found Carla to be very practical. She had to work. There was no way to get out of it. And she knew that the day at some point would end. And it did.

She was able to go home to Anthony and they went out to dinner at a nice Thai place they go to often that is somewhat near their home. She didn't feel the burden of her bad day. She left it at the office where it belongs. She didn't worry. 

Even before bedtime, she didn't want to go to sleep with a full stomach, so she read a little of a book about 'simple Japanese delights'.There is a chapter on onsen (mineral baths) and there are more on wabi sabi, forest bathing, things like that.

I am sharing this for you so you can appreciate the cycle of facing what you must face ahead, doing your best, letting it go, and self-care. 

This is our gift to you, this ability to go through the steps, and come out shining and unscathed. 

Remember this.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins (Twin Flames and Twin Souls--we are 'double twins!')

Monday, January 27, 2020


Are your grids for keeping the general public calm in place? They are going to be needed!

Yesterday's events are sort of a 'test run'--not sure exactly for which team. For the ASSC, it was time for their Grandmother Music Awards ceremony. I cringe to think of it, all the people who died suddenly before--Whitney, possibly Paul Walker from Fast and Furious--I forget exactly when for him--I think maybe even the mom and brother of Jennifer Hudson.  I knew I was wondering 'who was picked' and I was thinking about the 'Queue' about the 'peanut'--a cryptic message from an insider. 

The song by Sting, 'murder by numbers', is actually true--it's about Gematria, and there's some occult thing in ASSC where they decide who lives and who dies. It has to do with all the sacrifices they make. And with the Grandmother awards getting less and less attention, this year with is being done at Staples Center--a huge basketball venue for both the Lakers and the Clippers--I'm like--how weird a place to hold it is that?

A player on Anthony's basketball team is close friends with the son of the local baseball coach who also perished with his wife and daughter, when the helicopter crashed into a mountain. That's how I learned so quickly. What a weird coincidence isn't it? The biggest player to play in that same Center--gone--same day as the event? I'm not buying it as an accident.

With Kerth, there were times that people crossed the higher ups, and the Fabians were told they had to pick their own suicide. Kerth was in the car with them as they speeded up to hit a tree. They told him their last advice and secrets because they had worked together a long time to break his programming. Then they pushed him out of the car and crashed to their fiery deaths. They did this to save their daughters. It was them or the kids, that was the deal...that's how things work in the ASSC.

Did you know Koh-Bee's middle name? 

It's Bean.

And here in the States, the diminutive nickname for a much loved baby is 'Peanut'.

Mamba, Mambacita...Bean, Peanut.

Heck, I don't know.

I've been so busy, post call, medical appointments on Friday. Saturday was a fog, just I couldn't get much done. Every time I get that way, I forget. When someone connected to me is about to Transition, I get that way, probably because parts of my soul are helping. I wasn't close to the deceased, but he was a part of the community.

I did lots of gardening this weekend. The arborists came last week. They trimmed. I fertilized, sprayed Monterey organic spray on the citrus, planted my was fun.

I did mountains of dishes and laundry. We are almost all caught up.

I changed the sheets, and this time, invited Anthony to do his own with his all folded up on his bed. I said, 'welcome to Balboa Navy Hospital'--there we had to put our own sheets on our call room beds, a first!

On Saturday night I fell asleep on the couch while the fire was dying out, to make sure no logs fell out. It was wonderful.  I didn't watch any TV all weekend...

I looked things up.

I looked up the Order of the Magi. Not cool. I think it might be the twist to Lucy Fairy Ann Ism--from wayyyyy back. I also noticed on the latest flyer about the Edgar Cayce organization, a picture with the eye and the temple columns and thought, 'oh shit'. You see the Order of Magi also thinks the May Suns are a 'huge success'.  Just like the Sisterhood of the Rose with that Blatavsky Lucy Ferian...her picture is there. Weird. I need to study ankhs. That's what Cobra's lady, Isis, used for a ceremony I had her do (paid her one hundred dollars) to open up my Divine Feminine years ago. She blew threw it. I didn't feel anything after she did it either.

For the bunny, she and our turtle (the little one, we are waiting to have a big one re-homed to us)--have been getting some freedom in the back yard. The veterinarian says she's overweight. Rabbits are coprophagic (they eat their poop, there's two kinds, and the jelly-like one that's really sticky is their 'probiotic') and she needs to be able to reach to clean herself. She seems to enjoy the freedom. And turtle in the sunshine had her best day ever! But I was reading everyday rabbit care tips, and I learned that the sweet things--carrot, banana, fruit--must be very small quantities otherwise rabbits get 'dysbiosis'--an imbalance of their gut bacteria and it can make them very sick. I know something horses and cattle can get is 'bloat', I'm not sure if this is similar, but for ruminants 'bloat' can be fatal.


I thought, if this much is known about rabbits, then somewhere someone in some high level occult 'order of the magi' or something must know about humans. Perhaps this is why so much sugar is offered to us? Is this the reason why everyone is going gluten free and ketogenic and paleo? To avoid the sugar and the many health complications that follow?

I don't know.  I just know we are like a herd. And that there are so many attempts in so many ways to cull this 'herd'. Like in China. My two friends in China are very brave, but live in Beijing. They are affected. One says there's no cure, and shared with me a video from an English-speaking athlete to be strong and we've got this. I've also seen a video, check it out while you can, from a masked person in the main city Wu-you know the rest--saying that the government isn't good and lies to the people. He said you can catch it through your eyes and you won't have the symptoms they tell you. 

Ross was very close to me all weekend. For us, when Anthony is with his dad, it's time for us. 

Do we go out? Not really. Do we talk? Yes, a lot, some very deep conversations.

Is Ross romantic?


He played a song for me on the radio about a first date, being excited, and I saw him deciding what to wear. Our time is soon, very soon, and although the galactics are known to totally drag their feet for years, they come forward when the time is right.  I'm excited too.

The Schumann Resonance was building up to almost complete white. There was the news Sunday that shocked the world and the sports world and my county...MK Ultra trauma-based programming move 101), it dimmed. Now it's white again.  This is why the Council has this message

Then there's my 'visitor'...

When I was in the garden, a recently deceased basketball player made his presence known while I was up to my ears in digging out a bougainvillea root that was way taller than me, and also, digging up some unused plumbing system PVC pipe that was tangled in with it.

'Well, well, well, what have we here?' he said with a smile.

I was a little annoyed, because I'm pretty sure he's on the other team, and he was addressing me by my real job--inferring it--my job up in Heaven and my real 'self'.  Is said, 'I can be here as a human and work in the garden if I want!' and challenged him.

He backed off.

He threw me the comment, 'If I were you, I wouldn't worry about things.'

I know, I know. He's coming. All is going to be a big party. Yada. Yada. Yada. I know. But it's not here yet, I'm in human form, and I REALLY enjoy working with my hands. Even if I'm getting dirty pulling roots and weeds, and nobody knows--not my neighbors, coworkers, friends, and most of my family--the whole story.

That is enough for today. 

Time for work.

Good things are coming. For all of us. Keep up your meditations, build your grids if you haven't, and know that people are waking up, totally waking up, right and left, and that's a good thing.

When I can, I will write, and when Ross wants to say something, I'll help him.

Oh, I asked Ross what it was like to meet said basketball player?  Ross said he didn't meet him, actually, it was this player's mom who helped him cross over. Anthony tells me the mom is still living, I don't know, could be a grandmother or someone who raised him, but Ross says, 'mom'. Anthony says the mom and son had a lot of bad disagreements in life. Ross was watching remotely the whole time as he went UP. And yes, Koh Bee Bean is UP. He is in Heaven and perhaps it was his mom's prayers that saved him. Daughter is UP too.

But later, Ross met him, and said all was good. 

I know Ross is very tall. I would have liked to see the two of them together side by side, but I suppose I will have to wait for it.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
the Couple who are Valentines In Waiting

Friday, January 24, 2020


The most important data we can provide to you at this time to track the awakening of the Consciousness of humanity on Gaia Surface, is this link here:  The Schumann Resonance

It shows the sum-total frequency of the planet and Her people. White is good. White is very very good. It is the high frequency. It is measured about seventeen hours before my time here on the west coast. That's why you see the next day.

You are 'Cosmic Warriors'.

We kid you not.

There are many trends for the Awakening. Which is, people realizing that there are those in the ASSC, and then as George Carlin said, 'It's a big club and you're not in it.'

For example, Tiffany Fitzhenry is exposing corruption with the Grammy awards via a whistleblower who is filing a lawsuit against it. She has a website under her name. You might want to check it out.

This is our grid. We invite our readers to join us in making Reiki grids to help soothe and calm the masses. We would like the Awakening to be as calm, and drama-free as possible.

This grid has hematite, magnetite, kunzite, red jasper and lodalite quartz. There is also hematite quartz.

Any grid will do. Just ask Spirit to guide you, and create the grid with what you have on hand, and with love in your heart.

Please keep it up in its place until the grid is no longer needed--all the truths are out and everyone is okay with them.

Thank you.

Anything can work as a grid!

Seashells. Plant parts. Perhaps not gruesome things like animal bones. But most everything.

If you want to test the arrangement, put a pendulum over it. When the arrangement is optimum the pendulum will spin like a helicopter. That is, if you are familiar with pendulums. 

Here is what is happening, more and more people are figuring out the lies that the ASSC has been telling them. And people are getting fed up.

Trending is Gior-DaN Say-thhhhh-her. All of the machine is wound up against him, trying to disprove and discredit his findings that these Vie-Russssses are patented and it's deliberate release to cull the masses and create fear so we will accept a solution after, something we would never have accepted in the first place without the panic. Something that greatly limits our freedom.

There's also a particle physicist from Romania who is a targeted individual, and she says that five GEE is a perfect directed energy weapon. It's like having machine guns pointed at you 24/7.

Do know in San Diego all of the street poles for the lights have capability to hear and monitor conversations and I think electronic communications too. They say it's for security from the border, but I'm sure it's part of the control system. My friends who are in the computer industry verify this as true.

For me, I'm seeing auras and chakras way more clearly now on my patients. 

I had an unusual event where some of the chakras were black and I couldn't see. The last I saw black was right before my friend Dr. Dao passed. 

This preceded a complication from a procedure in the location of the black. A serious one. About thirty minutes after I saw the color.

Now that the complication is addressed, the chakras are back but very weak and quiet in the area. They are small.

Here is one to help you and interest you. One patient had a aura that exact light purple color. This dude was the last person in the world I thought would be able to be awake.

But my HS said that that purple is a sign that an individual is just ready to awaken from the Veil.  She gave me a wand and let me wave it over him in Spirit.  It will help the Awakening be smooth and a success.

You are welcome to borrow a wand from her and use it when you are working on someone -- in an official capacity as their healer--and see the purple aura too.

My friend Renee grew up in my hometown and went to my school. She is a lesbian, always has been, since the softball team. But she wanted to get married. And she did.

I used to say for the people who wanted equal rights, that you might want to be careful what you wish for, divorce is horrible!

Sure enough, she is in a bitter divorce eight years later. She's lost almost everything. And the ex wants to put her out on the streets, homeless, taking even her pension. 

Renee is a lawyer. She was representing herself. But now she needs an attorney. And the best same-sex marriage divorce counsel has a retainer of fifty-five hundred dollars!  She says it might as well be fifty five thousand dollars!

She asked for help. For donations. She just couldn't do it, there was no money, and she was crying when she wrote the cry for help.

She's almost halfway there in one day. 

I gave.

Ross' birthday present was to give. We gave a ten dollar tip to someone for something little, a twenty dollar tip for something more, one hundred fifty dollars to a church in North Long Beach who tends to people in the Carmelitos area (the projects), and two hundred in a business transaction where about ten times less was expected.  We gave Renee one hundred fifty dollars. 

The money coming in to our household is the same, actually, a little less, and our expenses are up.

But the time now is to give. And to give generously.

I realized if giving was the way to do all transactions we could starve the banks and the ASSC. I realized while Anthony was getting his hair cut that the middleman is so stupid--the company and the building--who siphon life-hours off the staff and pay them less than their value for their skills so the business can stay afloat.

Giving is how people are back home in Heaven. And in Heaven we can manifest.

This brings me to my miracle yesterday. A good day, easy with long breaks, and also, a trade. I am working today and he worked for me last night so I could be home with Anthony. I saved money on the hotel, too! One hundred fifty dollars worth came back to me that way.

Funny how life is terrific when we give from the heart.

Time to start our day!

We send you are highest blessings and love.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple who are Family with all the human race

P.S. Our friend in China, May, shared with us a video from a professional athlete speaking English with Chinese subtitles--to Wuhan. He said to be strong, and we will get through this together. I'm so glad May shared it. Please support China. The people are good. They are innocent victims of something awful. I have heard--Ross confirms there is--a level four lab in that area. Like the CDC does virus research here--like for that one bad one Ebola. The odds of that being the center --epicenter--of such horrible disease without some lab like that present are extremely low, but with one, extremely likely. This is our opinion and is not verified with any facts on SNopes. (Ross is humor and poking fun at the system by ASSC. And he jokes--what about the candles from GWynth? OMG--he's laughing really loud)

Thursday, January 23, 2020

You Can Expect A Wonderful Miracle To Begin

Good things are happening!

We want to first make you smile, with a little sketch from SNL, about 'Chad'.  Ross and the galactics encourage us to be like Chad--so overwhelmingly positive that nothing of a darker nature ever 'sticks'...

Chad's secret is he lives in the moment and has no expectations about anything...and he just manifests his own experiences without too many emotional ties to anything. He is detached as a Buddhist training would teach, and yet, good-hearted and loving through and through.

Send love.

Don't buy it what they are telling you.

I saw the chem trails for days about two weeks ago. They were everywhere.

Then, people at work started getting sick. With a dry cough.

I spoke with a colleague at lunch. She had a fever of 103.5F for three days! She's had her flu shot. Then her husband caught it. Then her son who has epilepsy. She took her son in, he got one day of tamiflu, and only one day of fever.

The new thing 'from China' has the same symptoms--super high fever.

There's been things online saying the particular one has been engineered and patented. There's lots of them. And lots of biotech advanced stuff. I can say the virology building at Berkeley had the absolute worst energy, the worst on the whole campus, back in 1982. I could sense it.

So for whatever reason, be careful. Up your Vitamin D, and C, and wash your hands. Avoid public places for a while--I'm not planning to go to Disneyland or the mall, for example.

And work with your guides.

Send love to everyone who is taken up in the 'fear porn' that the media is selling about this. And send love to the people of China.

What are the odds for two horrible viruses, SARS and this, to come from the same 'meat market' or 'fish market' in all of China, to start a pandemic?  This is bizarre and highly unlikely. Unless it's a global plan and that's the designated place for something hatched in the lab to be released.

The seeds have been planted.

They are going to bloom!

Look at all the white here!

Chinese New Year is coming! It is year of the Rat, a very good year!

And the New Moon is in Aquarius.

There's also a repost from The Council

What up?

A miracle!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Friends <3 Who are One in Heart with all the earth and its peoples

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

I Can Feel The New

These are macarons. Awesome French cookies. Please do not call them 'macaroons'--those are pile of coconut cookies eaten around Passover.

The energies are building. I haven't have this many upgrades back to back since maybe eight years ago.

Enjoy it!

Keep focused on the good.

Do your best to keep yourself and your family safe. There is a lot of 'stuff' going on 'out there' and 'in the news' that is meant to frighten you. Take your vitamins, rest, get sunshine, and daily Reiki yourself!

Remember you are bigger than all of that sensationalism in the news/media.  Far far bigger.

Yesterday I had a curious sensation. I was eating lunch. And I realized my body isn't exactly 'my own'--my Consciousness is using it, it was like a loan from the Library. I get to write the experiences I have using this body. But other people, perhaps, might want to read the 'book I wrote' and through technology available in the Higher Realms, for example, in the Akashic Records--and vicariously experience it.

It was cool.

Anyhow, love yourself, love everybody, love being sent here to 'do your thing' for after all--despite 'appearances'--you are a well-trained, Awakening machine from the best of the best of the best training available in the Galaxy--disguised as an 'ordinary human'.

Enjoy and know you are very much loved by both Ross and me.

clap! clap!  (early start at work today)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Reflections On The Antisocial Social Club

Good morning! 

Just for today, Ross has a gift for us. We saw a new clothing line hoodie on the street, and the name, 'Antisocial Social Club' just tickled our fancy. It's been a long time we have been using the aphorism 'Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart' (TWHOBIAH).  We thought perhaps since we now know their true secret--(Ross points to his temple and moves his finger in a circle and says, 'they are sick in the head' and 'not like normal people' therefore they need 'help')--why not add ASSC to help us distinguish from the ones they were then (Illusion of in Power) to what they are now (Struggling to maintain their Illusion of Power) and upgrade their name?

We know nothing about the clothing, except for the name, but we'd like to borrow it for our own purposes, as we guide you towards the awakening.

The main topic for the day will be dealing with the intermingling of the demonic and the human in the consciousness of some of those around you, and as an aside, on dealing with demonic/dark attack.

So just for a moment, hold that thought.... 

And I am going to share with you a story that is the opposite.

It was a hard call for me this weekend. I was up eighteen hours straight and worked fifteen of them. I was very tired and frazzled. Then the following day, I had a haircut/trim, and needed to see my pulmonologist to finally find out the results of my tests. Thankfully, everything is normal! I do have asthma and some allergies but nothing to be followed for by a pulmonologist. 

I took Anthony to his physical therapy, and then a haircut.

Ross had been nudging us to go to a restaurant, but I was going to cook. Then I realized that yesterday was his birthday! January 20 is the day Ross had told us to celebrate his birthday years ago. I was like, 'DOH!'

So we went out to eat, I had a glass of prosecco, and we told the restaurant it was Anthony's birthday but truly celebrated for Ross!

And this is the image he chose himself for the occasion.

He says that those aren't eyes on his cake, they are circles and not to read anything into it. He selected the image because of the dog and he thinks it's cool and he'd like to share it.

Giving is one of the greatest joys while we are incarnate. We can't really see or sense the gift so there are wonderful, joyful surprises to be had.

I'm still going to be baking a cake Ross wants, vanilla with chocolate icing, probably this weekend. Until then, we have Trader Joe Vanilla Bean cake which he likes too.

So back to the darker, heavier, and less pleasant part of the blog post.

I and some of our readers are starting to experience 'guests' in their dreamtime and meditation, and for me, actually, in my waking state as I interact with humans who are a little of both--highly influenced by external forces perhaps is a nicer way of saying it.

What do we do?

We know what is real.

All of these dark things are being imposed on us to accept them as real, but they are thought forms and projections from twisted minds and souls--both on and off the planet...

On the one hand we can look on it as 'lore from bygone eras past' from Earth, as soon that is what they are going to become in the greater scheme of things. 

THIS is the original blueprint of Gaia, sunshine, flowers, joy, sharing, nurturing, warmth, love and compassion. 

Immerse yourself in these energies as often as possible to sustain you.

Some recommendations if you encounter not-so-high vibe entities are:
  1. tell them to go away. You are incarnate. You have free will. They must listen.
  2. laugh at them. Point and laugh. They hate it when we do this. (to disincarnate ones only)
  3. keep a bowl of salt water on your dresser where you sleep
  4. place cloves of garlic in your windowsills to keep those things out.
  5. wear garlic too, keep a little 'toe' of it in your pocket
  6. put a perimeter of salt around your house--careful if you have pets or children--a thin line will do
  7. smudge with white sage or palo alto
  8. Place a medal with archangel on it in each corner of your house (you know the little cheap ones from the catholic store). Try to mix them up (not all Michael) but some can be the same
  9. wear blessed items with Mary or Jesus on them, jewelry, do not take them off
  10. wear wood from the Holy Land--I love mine from Earthzschools, it's very protective, all of it

Ross wants you to get things in perspective.

There are disincarnate beings who are like this, who WANT to 'play' on the earthly realms. They are not invited. But they barge their way in.

They have created an established system which promises riches and fame and celebrity and worldly success to people who are willing to do 'anything'.

As a result, the people who look somewhat handsome and 'lightly involved' on the surface are actually in it way over their heads -- metaphysically--and are often controlled pawns by those who outrank them.

It's everywhere the eye can see, and even where it can't, in the Earthly spheres. We will speak more about this next photo in a little bit. Hold that thought.

These ones in charge who hold dominion over others are bloodthirsty and always seeking proof that their 'followers' are 'loyal' to them. So there are sacrifices of many innocent beings, to provide the energy of terror to the spiritual beings who feast on it, and heme/adrenochrome to those who unfortunately suffer from this terrible addiction.

They also hate anything Divine, and torture and try to rid themselves of anything that reminds them of their Divine Nature which is inside everything, including them. 

Deep deep down, it is a form of self-hate that is somehow connected to the fear of separation from Source while being incarnate. 

What is asked of us is merely to be 'friendly and polite' to all. 

We are NOT asked to cure or heal them.

This is outside the scope of our assignment this time around. 

Refer out to The Guides of Compassionate Healing and the Experts.

In summary, how we react is our responsibility. Healing them is not our responsibility--not for the heavily influenced by outside spiritual forces sort of humans, who are kind of the majority these days. They are second only to the innocent but asleep who outnumber them on the planet.

Now I'd like to share with you something very, very special about Ross and what he did for our cause recently.

There is a clearing that was highly dangerous recently. Ross volunteered and did the first start of it, at very high risk to both of us. 

Strange, metal, sword like devices have been embedded into Gaia's surface about one third of the way in.  They are something, a marker or just in case type of 'weapon' in spirit to allow those who control us to find their way back.

They hurt and are painful to Gaia, and she's tried her best to ignore them.

Once she mentioned it to her parents, Divine Mother and Divine Father, it was seen how she was literally ensnared by this network.

Ross came and lifted the first one out. The hole gaping in Gaia's skin was a great concern to the teams. This was where the risk was. Both to Ross and to Gaia. The hole was closed up. The sword thing was taken for dismantling.

I've never felt Ross' purity of love as strong as I did when he stepped forward for that task. He had complete and total faith and trust in everything he's ever learned or trained or did, and accomplished it without fear, not one drop of it.

Gaia Portal saw it.

Even Co B Rah noted something to the same effect after the fact.

We are heading forward at a great pace. The energies are going to keep ramping up automatically.

Gaia feels free, and there are wonderful energies soothing her and healing her surface.

This is the reason and nature behind the attacks some of you may have experienced. It's not just the articles we invited you to listen to and to read. It's the combination of your exponentially increasing compassion and awareness, plus the 'direct hit' to their last 'fortification grid'.

ASSC, Ross says.

He points to a tee shirt/hoodie saying on his chest, flashes some Heavenly 'gang signs' and says, 'you are now in my hood!' (neighborhood, 'rap' talk).

I think he is truly enjoying his birthday.

Now he's reaching for the mike for the Karaoke. He's very good at that.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Angels in White

P.S. Ross says 'how old is he?' he laughs and says, 'I am older than your mother!'