Sunday, May 31, 2020

The Nightmare Is Almost Over...

Today, delicately, from the side angle, and gently, we are going to talk about the Divine Masculine.

Today, and just for today, we are going to talk about what damage souls suffer and endure when the Father is absent from the picture.

There is a friendship at work which is growing, between myself and a resident in surgery. She is one of the tiniest, quietest, and hardest working residents I have ever met. She doesn't even look you in the eye, all the time, just sometimes. I know the work for the residents in her specialty is crushing. Covering many consults at multiple hospitals, and taking lots of call.

I've been always acutely aware of the suffering of these residents, and her in particular. So I've made it a point to be extra encouraging and friendly and supportive every time I work with her. I taught residents in anesthesia for ten years, I trained them in academic medicine where I worked at two different universities, and also, I worked with many residents from other specialties who were training in surgery and the surgical specialties where I worked. I see it.

She told me I am the nicest doctor she has ever met, anywhere, and emphasized by adding, 'I've seen a LOT of doctors' (in her training).

It's pretty obvious to me what the wound was, I know, because I am fortunate to have grown up with a dad who was a teacher and worked really hard to help develop me to my full potential.

She's never met her father.

Just like Anthony, the parents split while the mom was still pregnant with the second child in the family, the girl.  I shared with her that I was abandoned by the father when I was four months pregnant, he just walked out on me.

She thought, and got her courage up, and asked me if the father is involved with my son? Her voice was shaking a little when she asked, it was the most emotion I've ever seen her have, and I've known her two years.

I explained how it's more to his convenience and how it suits him, he used to stick to the court schedule for visitation, but now with the Covid and our boy being older it's kind of up in the air.

I shared how on the very day I found out I was pregnant at the doctor, there was a note under the door saying he wanted to break up with me. I said how I realized I didn't even have to tell him, and would have been so happy the whole time. But I knew children need their father, and I set my happiness aside to honor the child, and let Jared know.

I remember Jared asking if we should get married, and I said, 'no, not yet, because I've had bad luck with marriage. Let's wait until after the baby comes.'  and I asked him to help me save face by staying  in relationship as we were for appearances until after the baby was born.

Earlier my friend the resident had said she feels lonely with her work. Being a resident is hard, I remember, there's not much time for anything else.

But even through she grew up in a small rented apartment in the same town as the hospital, when her grandmother passed, her mother had enough money for a downpayment, and they moved to Corona (a suburb kind of a long drive from the area) and now the son, daughter, and mother live in a real house. They were happy.

Anthony and I watch a lot of Bar Rescue. We like how Jon Taffer helps people, both the people and the business, for a second chance.

Last night's episodes had a husband who would sit at the bar with his friends and party while the wife worked her butt off. This was in Santa Clarita, California. In California, relationships are different. The wife was gorgeous, a blonde with a lovely figure--a mother of two. The husband, not so handsome. She felt her husband was a little stressed and he was working six days a week, so she didn't want to push him with her needs. She was working seven days a week at the bar with one other bartender who quit. She was all by herself. The husband had promised to help her, during the Bar Rescue, but in the 'back to the bar' we learned he just left. He was making money, the wife was grateful, and she knew the marriage wasn't strong enough for her to make demands. Jon saw the marriage headed for trouble anyway, as in his leaving now the wife would have to carry the failure of the bar on herself.  He asked the audience if anyone would ever leave their wife or girlfriend to carry the weight of running the bar all on her shoulders, and nobody said 'yes'. But he is from Long Island, and East Coast even though he lives in Las Vegas. In California, things are different, and many men don't even stay in relationships or commit. This husband was spending time at a different bar with his friends, hanging out, and 'resting' and not helping with the housework, ever.

That bar closed.

Another bar, the husband and wife opened it, but then he started to get all mean Irish, saying the f-word and insulting everyone. The couple divorced but they couldn't afford to live separately. So they were business partners and roommates for two years before Jon came. The man would play pool and hustle the customers for money, even though in their state of Florida that's totally illegal for an owner to do that.

Jon Taffer had an intervention with the staff telling him how they felt, how they needed the job, and he was driving customers away. Furthermore, Jon bet him to go two days without saying the f-word, and if he did, then he would install a smoke ventilation system so the non-smokers would be able to come enjoy the bar too--because it was totally smoke-filled from the smokers who were all smoking inside the bar and pool hall.  This man changed for the better, and his staff and partner were able to count on him. He started making more money, and was able to move out.

Families are changing.

It's not by accident.

I'm sure there are external forces at play, because by taking the children from the parents they are easier to indoctrinate. When a single parent has to work, there's not much option.

I'll also say, directly, that the absence of Divine Masculine--either physical like with the resident and the wife left holding up her end of the bar--or emotional like the last example and the Irishman with his bar--isn't an easy burden on the could be a whole lot worse where the father was abusive or SRA or anything like that. One day we will speak of those kinds of families where there is lots of dysfunction.

We aren't putting the blame on the father, today we are exposing the aftermath of the father who for his own reasons, doesn't come through with the Divine Masculine that is needed for everyone in the family to survive.

Single mothers are balanced, and do what they can.

Single fathers exist too, this I know, and they do the best they can.

Perhaps the greatest gift a father can bring to the family is to show how a woman/wife is to be is irreplaceable. And some divorced fathers still understand this solemn responsibility so well that they make a point to teach it to their kids--even if they don't like the mother--so that the kids will grow up whole and intact.

In our society, where does self-esteem, healthy self-esteem, arise?

From being able to do things and be competent at them.

This is the work of the father, the showing of how in life, we do things in our physical bodies and enjoy them!  My dad spent lots of time swinging me in a circle like an airplane in the third picture from the left in the top row. My sister and I would take turns riding his back like the second photo from the left on the bottom row.  The taught us sports, how to ride a bike, how to fish, how to ride a motorcycle. I remember riding up a hill at the desert that was so straight up and rocky and scary to my mother she made us stop the ride, and she wanted me to walk my bike up the rest of the way.  She stopped and walked. I rode. It was kind of hard to get my momentum up after stopping, but I did and I didn't fall.

I remember the time there was a river embankment on the dry river bed. It was like a four foot sandy cliff. My uncle pumped the handlebars, hit the gas, and rode up over it. My dad did the same. And I tried it. I didn't pump as hard, my bike was a lot smaller, so I went flying up and over the embankment while my motorcycle stopped hard. We thought it was hilarious, all of us were laughing so hard and I probably got the wind knocked out of me but I wasn't seriously hurt. We didn't even wear helmets or anything back then in the day.

Mothers protect life.

Fathers encourage you to live it and enjoy the gift!

Your self-esteem grows because of it.

I saw a father do something I will never forget. He helped his son over the safety part on the top of a bridge over a river, and helped his son not slip as he stood on the rail at the top of the bridge.

The mother was nonchalant. Unflappable. They had asked if Anthony wanted to do it, but Anthony can get hurt in a padded room all by himself. Yesterday playing bocce he caught his pinkie finger on his throwing hand on his leg and I heard it pop. I insisted he watch.

The son, who I thought was going to jump, did a flip or a flip and a half and then hit the water. I was amazed and have never seen anything like it in my life. I will never forget that for as long as I live.

And the vibe was, the father had done it, lots of people have done it, and now it was the son's turn to do it.

When I was in Zurich, at the lake, I saw a huge tower, and crowds were watching young boys about the same age as the son--teens and twenties, taking huge jumps all fancy into the water below.

The trauma training in me cringed every time I saw one of them walking to the end of that high board, because I've taken care of what happens when things go wrong.

Fortunately, everything went right, and the crowd was delighted. They had been doing that there all day.

Jumping like this, builds the confidence in that culture. Here, we don't jump, but we skateboard and surf and do other things in sports that build the confidence.

This doesn't happen with Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine by itself, alone.

Here is another way to look at it. Total and complete balance of the energies of Divine Masculine, and Divine Feminine.

Yes, we are on a Divine Feminine planet. And yes, there have been times Earth was run by a matriarchy, it has had the pendulum swing to patriarchy, and it appears to be heading back towards a matriarchy again.

No matter the system, every child needs the loving support of the parents. Both have special gifts to help the child grow resilient, strong, happy, and healthy.


C: Ross asked me the other day what is the hardest thing about our relationship situation?

I said without skipping a beat, 'the PICTURES!'  Without a photograph of the two of us, people tend to think I'm a little looney and soft in the head. It's so difficult.

He reassured me that there will be no question of it, in the coming times.

He also told me two very important things:

  • You know how I was able to see the resident's wound, her father hunger? Well, apparently, each of us have our wounds. They are very easy for low-vibration, non-physical spirits--or spirits who have 'hopped on' or 'hopped in' to vulnerable people--to see.  He says it's like a homing beacon, and they know how to exploit it. He says we don't know what our weaknesses are. Most of us have no clue. But the ones who wish to exploit us, DO see it. And use it to their advantage. This is the purpose of growing, healing, releasing, and knowing everything you can possibly know about yourself. If you know your weaknesses and accept them you are less vulnerable this way.
  • Those who think they are in control might not actually BE as 'in control' as they think. It felt like he was suggesting that the ASSC might appear to have the media and the situations going according to their plan. (homework--look up the Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion for a hint of how they operate)...but don't believe it as true. There are other ways. From this I sense that being able to be quiet and reflect and meditate will get you into the space of Reality where Ross is talking about, it's kind of like a vacation from all the circus going on.

R:  I am a father. I love Carla and I love Anthony. I do my best to help our family grown, even when I am not incarnate! There are a dozen red roses on the table. Carla and Anthony are living in a house I helped bring them to live, so they can enjoy their time on Earth.

There is one more story from the Bar Rescue I'd like to share. The overwhelmed female owner who was crying and clearly in over her head. There had been a flood in Florida, she made a claim to the insurance, but it was denied because the building was too old and in poor repair. The floor and the bar were not level, sinking about four or five inches every four feet. She didn't know where to turn, all of the repairs would be expensive, even the leaks in the roof and the ceiling...That's where Jon Taffer stepped in. Even he wasn't sure he could repair the floors on this schedule. But his team did. Below were rotten pipes leaking. Everything, floor, electrical, plumbing, were made new so the owner could have a second chance again. She had to learn to be an owner and not get her anxiety on her staff, too. 

Carla was like that in her old home. The foundation wasn't right, something was wrong that was expensive and she couldn't put her finger on it. It would take gutting the place and moving out, and there was no way to guarantee her a return on her money. 

It wasn't until watching that episode that Carla understood how much I love her. How patient I was to wait and not to push her to any timetable but her own. And how I was able to get her out of that death trap (feeling powerlessness and hopeless) and into another home where she owns it from the ground up, and she has the right to fix it.

Anthony was telling her the other day how he likes it so much better that they call their own workers instead of going through the homebuyers insurance like at the old house. The air conditioner is still working. At the last house, Anthony mentioned, the insurance would send people who didn't really ever fix the problems with the air conditioner, they would only replace the broken part and let it break again (capacitors). 

Carla is closer to me than ever. We are one. She knows and feels my love for her, in every way. And a lot of it is through my listening to her, and encouraging her to trust in herself and in our love. 

It isn't easy what I ask of her.

But, just like with fatherhood worldwide--the good ones!--we teach you how to enjoy life and to grow in confidence and to trust in the Divine Plan which is unique for every single one of you!!!l--our LOVE is what is helping Carla to heal, not just from Jared, but from everything we have ever witnessed Carla to experience in all of her incarnations, and it is a lot. 

The nightmare IS almost over.

And Carla and Anthony completed the one thousand piece huge puzzle yesterday too, even moving the sofa to find the lost piece that was the last one.

They called it my piece!

clap! clap!

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
With joy in our souls who are complete now that we are together again

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Saturday Night Fever ; )

One day, all of this is going to go completely white, and STAY white:  Schumann resonance.

It's going to be a party, for those of us who have been working to raise the vibration of surface Gaia.

Others, for them, it might not be so nice--they find the opposite of these vibrations to be energetically compatible for them. But, by the same token, those extremely low vibrations are painful for US, the incarnate-but-don't-have-to-be, Lightworkers and Ground Crew on our team.

It is what it is.

So, just for today, let us raise our vibration, and remember, as we energize ourselves, we will connect with others who are of like mind (vibration)...and blow off a little steam in the process.

Let's get on with it, and let's DANCE!

And have a little fun.

First song, sorry if it's not your style, but we were jamming to this while I was making breakfast. This song has very special meaning to both Anthony and myself, and probably a whole lot of people in the Southern California area. Why? It's the song they play when the Rally Monkey comes out at the Angels baseball games. The entire stadium goes nuts! We are dancing and waving our Rally Monkeys (they only come out if the Angels are behind in the seventh inning...)it's a special treat and often the surge of energy helps our team to win the game!

Let's crank it up, let loose, and enjoy for a moment the gift of being alive!

The beginning is a little boring, sorry, and also, we are always watching--at 2:56 there's an upside down cross. That's not good. You'll see Chelsea C-lint-ton wearing those jewelry. You know what team they are on. Don't think those are an accident if you ever seen anyone wearing them. Ask the angels to come in and help when you are around someone whose vibration is so low they insist on wearing's like calling in for reinforcements.

Here's ANOTHER song to enjoy. Again, we were dancing in the kitchen, making potatoes from the yard that Anthony picked, eggs (always scrambled in our house lol), and papaya and passionfruit to eat and fresh squeezed orange juice to drink...

One more and then it's time to go to work-- I'm on call.  Let's dance!

Those colors for the high school are the same ones are Long Beach Polytechnic High School--Snoop and my dad both graduated from there. Their mascot is the Jackrabbit lol.

Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves that everything is an illusion. Everything we see, think, hear, taste, smell, experience. It's all for our growth, and in the Big Picture, the growth is for the highest good of ourselves and others. Not high like Snoop would chuckle about, but high as in highest vibration, learning, consciousness awareness and all that good stuff.

It will be nice one day to have wholesome music and music videos to dance to. Perhaps once the Schumann is blasted out the top (and off da hook! Ross adds)--everything will make sense.

Until then, find your groove, whatever makes you happy, and crank the music UP! Enjoy the gift of being alive.

It's free...and yes, it's also priceless!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple who are having our first date again and again at this party! Let's rock the house!!!

Friday, May 29, 2020

The Power of Saying No

One of our earliest memories of incarnation in this lifetime, is of the time our mothers, grandmothers, and sisters, said to us, 'no!'.

There are reasons for saying, 'no!', often for our safety and well-being, even if it is just to socialize our behaviors so we can enjoy the company of others at a later time.

Divine Creator gives all of us the right to say, 'no!', but for today, we are going to share about the importance of when our Divine Feminine in us and others says it.

The future of our species has been entrusted to the women, who carry and raise the child from the womb.

My first time saying 'no' in an appreciable way was when I had a chance to visit Italy and Sicily with my Nana Angelina when I was eight over the summer. I was excited to go, I had made plans, but as the day drew closer, I knew I would be terribly homesick for my mother. How could I go an entire summer without her and not be able to come back? I also was apprehensive about the travel shots I needed to take.

It was sad but I never regretted my decision. Nana went alone, she had a wonderful time. On the flight back there was a terrible storm, and the turbulence was very frightening. Nana thought she was going to die. It was then and only then she saw the wisdom in my not going. I've had to take many flights in my life and career, and I'm not afraid to fly.

One night, when I was perhaps ten or eleven, I had a dream. I dreamed so vividly, it felt like I was THERE. I was with Nana and we were on a boat. There was a beautiful island we went to visit. I knew it was Sicily. Even now when I see pictures of Sicily, I am amazed at how accurate my dream was. I've never seen any photos except of Agrigento with relatives standing in front of the Greek ruins (they are actually in better shape than the ones in Greece), or photos inside with lots of people.

The purpose of the dream was to meet my Nanna Peppina, whom I had never met, and I knew she was getting older.

After the kisses and hugs, she took me to a room. It was entirely filled from floor to ceiling, everywhere I looked, with toys! They had been waiting for me, and excited for me to arrive.

I remember that dream like it was yesterday.

I've never met her 'awake', but I feel like I have. I've spoken with her briefly on the phone when I was a kid. And I am left-handed, the only one in my family, except for her husband, my great grandfather, who was a left-handed farmer and had all left-handed tools. Again, I carry both of their DNA.


Here is an example of the miracle which can arrive from a woman listening to her heart and saying, 'no!'--  I know and work with this mom. She is my FB friend. She is the nicest, kindest surgeon I have ever met. She tells her patients they are lucky to have me as their anesthesiologist. She says I am so beautiful. This is because SHE is beautiful, and all she sees is nice and good. If you read the article, you will see how she came to be like this, and furthermore, how she is right. Her beginnings are even more humble than mine, and I grew up in a really bad part of town, North Long Beach. Please let her story inspire you. I've posted it everywhere on social media. It's very good medicine for our turbulent times. And it's a wonderful example of when the Divine Feminine gets it right. Totally right. And new life is allowed to arrive and flourish because of it.


Here's where I frankly said, 'no' and don't regret it:  The Schumann. Other ways can be found to increase the planetary vibration, I'm not going to stress about it. Everyone has a right to say no. Even in this. Because when the Divine Feminine listens to her heart, and her intuition and feelings are in alignment with the Divine Creator--saying 'no' in a way is saying 'yes' to a better life.


Pull weeds.

That was my workout this morning. Breakfast is in the oven, I tended to the pool. But my workout (I've been having a sore back lately, not sure why)--was to pull weeds in the garden, as many as I can. And there are a lot of them. It was gentle, I worked up a sweat, and it was meditative.

It's my yard. I get to decide what grows there or not. And many things are invasive if you let them get a head start.

So I pulled and I pulled until my timer rang. Then I sat and didn't think of anything for five minutes. Just observed.

I saw MORE weeds! Right where I had worked. So I got up to protect the tomatoes, and finished with another armful of very small weeds that were carefully hidden inside the tomatoes.

Say NO.

You have a right to say no.

Honor the Divine Feminine in you, decide what is to grow and what isn't, and pull the weeds.



Finish the job.

Listen to your angels.

And, this 'garden' is many things--mental, physical, metaphysical, spiritual, societal...everything will build--once the foundation and the habit is set in place. Start with the little jobs, do them well, and allow the big ones to take care of themselves.

Do not skip the steps, and go to the big things, judging and pulling them, and anticipate it to trickle down to you and your reality.

Tend to YOUR reality which is in your power first.

This is the lesson of the Divine Feminine for you today.

We honor and appreciate the Divine Masculine, which is important in many ways--and will talk about it further as another topic at another time.

Now it's time to shower, eat, and get ready for work.  Day one of four is behind me, it was a wonderful fantastic day. Even finished with a trip to the grocery store (I wanted orgeat syrup, couldn't find it but tried.) and a game of bocce with Jared and Anthony. It was the first time he's been to visit since the Covid. It's a wonderful game and we had fun.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple who are growing in Love and togetherness every day. No weeds here in our garden! LOL

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Buon Giorno!

Buon Giorno! Good morning!

Yesterday's flaky, buttery croissants were a big success! It's fascinating because the recipe--you work for three days to make them!--only makes five croissants, or in our case, it was five and one half. They were fresh from the oven. I've learned what a difference an egg wash can make in the presentation.

The only thing I really did, yesterday, besides water the garden (it takes an hour at sunset to water by hand with the hose)--was to bake the hamburger buns from scratch.

They turned out wonderfully.

We enjoy hamburgers, although we do not eat beef in our family. And no, we do not eat the impossible versions of 'meat'--either. There is nothing as American as a good burger and fries at home. Anthony was at the grill. I kind of forgot about the fries--the frozen kind--in the oven so they were a little more dark and bad. We had tomatoes from the yard, onions, pickles, thousand island dressing (that's the 'spread' at In and Out burgers by the way, just that), lettuce, mustard. I didn't even use ketchup.

As I was writing this, I'd be careful about the 'Impossible' because there's hemoglobin in it. That's the major protein in our bloodstream to carry oxygen. The ASSC is a little weird because they have beliefs both about ingesting heme and getting others to ingest it and even worse things. I've long been wary of eating restaurant hamburger-based meats because I suspect there's some non-cow DNA added to it. It's a long story, I won't go into it. I'm kind of done talking about them for a while.

I spent much of the day in the pool, just floating on a mat. I got a sunburn from it, but that's okay. I live here. That's pretty much normal for us. It doesn't hurt.

I can't wear my makeup though, because it won't match. I've gotten so tan over the last few weeks, I had to order a different one online.

Ladies, how often are you changing your makeup? You know how the eye makeup is the one we change most often for the risk of bacteria growing in it? If you do wear it, now is a good time to go through everything, and if even blush/foundation/lipstick are over two years old, you might want to toss them and just buy only your favorite to replace them. I have to wear it at my work, to look professional. Especially with the masks the eyes need to really be pleasant and fresh and clean because that's all everybody can see.

You're worth it.

I've had five days in a row off from work. I needed it for some really deep healing. We needed it really, our family.

Now it's time to go to work. And submit. You never know what the work is going to throw in your direction. You just show up and do the best you can. You never know what surprises will turn up, in the way of equipment function, drug availability and shortage, personalities of everyone involved, and the schedule.

I serve.

I surrender my own needs, or at least, put them aside, and the work takes priority. Most of the time my colleagues are kind, and we are able to plan when to have food and it's not so rush rush. I enjoy my colleagues. I enjoy my patients.

Yesterday I brought more of the cherry tomatoes to two of our closest neighbors. They were delighted! The quality is good, the taste is impeccable, and it's a wonderful gesture of kindness. The last ones I brought to a family who is like family to us, they used for the pasta. They understand food and know how to make ingredients sing!

No matter where you are, you have two eyes that see, and a heart that recognizes need which needs to be filled. In this you are the eyes and hands that help our Divine Creator make this world a better place. Listen to your angels. Be who you are, cheerfully, and with love and gratitude in your heart.

It helps to pass the time until we can be together back Home again, doesn't it? ; )  <3 <3

If you do the little jobs well, the big ones tend to take care of themselves. -- Dale Carnegie.


I love her, my Carla. I am always with her. Together we are taking great strides on the final stretch towards 'home plate'.

Our team will score soon, big time, against the ASSC.

Remember this in your heart, and keep being good supporters of our team goals! You are running across the plate soon.

And you don't have to slide if you don't want to.

I like to get all dirty and make my uniform look like I am really good and playing very hard when I win. It gives Carla terrible fits for the laundry but hey, what can I say? When you play hard and like to win, it's all part of the game, isn't it?

Try not to be overly concerned about what you see with the shadow government and the censorship. It is all in it for show. Look to what they are trying to cover up and hide with the distraction (what are they distracting your attention away from?) and then you will have the full picture. It's all one big circus, really. Some things never change...(big sigh).

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple who love each other very much and unconditionally from our hearts. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Bonjour! Good morning!

Today I embrace all of my heritage, and for the first time, am baking croissants made by hand. The process takes three days. The croissants are proofing in the oven. I have one hour to go, then we bake!

On my mother's side, her grandmother, my great-great grandmother, Giuseppina Spagnolo, owned a bakery, in a little tiny village called San Biagio Platani near Agrigento.  I never met her. I've only seen pictures. Yet I carry her DNA...isn't that incredible?

A long time ago, I shared that when I had my pituitary surgery, and recovered, I knew I needed a life change. But I wasn't sure whether to follow one passion, medicine, or the other, culinary arts. My hero, who still is, by the way, Alice Waters, had Chez Panisse within short walking distance of my apartment. 

With the quarantine, I have been able to read her book, Simple Foods, and master many of the skills. Last night, I picked fresh romaine and French sorrel and Italian San Marzo tomatoes from the garden, and created a salad dressing in my suribachi (Alice loves those and I do too!). I made the vinaigrette without measuring anything, remembering how Alice likes it a little on the vinegary side. When we ate, a simple meal of grilled Italian sausages, shish kebab tomato/onions/bell pepper with cherry tomatoes from the yard, and the salad, Anthony exclaimed, 'the salad dressing is good, mom!'

I smiled and said, 'it's Alice's recipe. I'm so glad you like it.'

What a wonderful gift, to create food that is professional and delicious and you make it from home!

My dandelion mead is done. I have filtered it, and have two bottles (repurposed Grolsch flip top beer bottles) 'aging' in the fridge and the rest is in a gallon jug under the sink, 'aging'. It's bitter, sour, not very sweet, but it has a kick to it! What surprises me is that since it's from the land, the energy is more harmonious than commercial alcohol 'ferments'--beer, wine, spirits. I can't wait to make more!

I've successfully canned my own bergamot marmalade and guava jam this quarantine. I have a recipe for lilac jelly I would love to make next. 

Canning, growing and cooking are very important gifts to give to yourself, your family, and your future. I highly encourage the development of these skills. 

Anthony can barbecue grill all by himself now. It's a wonderful skill to have.

He enjoys helping me in the kitchen. Especially making bagels that are as good as the ones you buy at the store. We made the 'everything' bagels. I know the recipe for 'everything' topping. And the other day, when I was roasting a chicken, I make it an 'everything' chicken and used the leftover topping to season the chicken!

Creativity is vital, our birthright, and fun!

Here is today's adventure. I have the pan for it. Making our own hamburger buns. It takes about two and one half hours and not too much prep.

Do know there is a yeast shortage here in the States. From what I understand, you can get away with a little less if you control the temperature and add additional time for the yeast to 'do its thing' and rise.

I am making the most of the time off, it's been five days today, to sort through all of my things. I have paintings up on the wall now, and it gives me great joy. In the bathroom, mine, I have tiles of Hawaiian art. Welcome to our hale it says, with a grass shack. Shoes off, Hawaiian style! with a big yellow plumeria. And a delightful fantasy island scene by a wonderful artist, with the water and waterfalls and the hale and the forest...Tiles can take the humidity.

It feels good to finally move in, and to rid the house of old things I don't need anymore.

Yesterday's Creator Writings was right on target. You don't need things you thought you once needed for safety and security. The new is being ushered in as we speak. And it's going to be exactly what we make it, and the results are going to surprise you.


I gave Carla these a few days ago. They are in her absolute favorite vase on the dining room table, which was once her grandmother's (Nanna Angelina) where many a happy meal has been enjoyed!

They are opening, blooming beautifully, which gives her both wonder and delight.

Carla as made amazing improvements in both her outlook and her expectations for our relationship.

There is hope.

Hope from another world, and the stars.

You can feel the change in her heart.

It's for the better.

I am content with my love right by my side, right where she belongs, for all eternity.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twin Flames where there is no more suffering

P.S. if you are suffering, there is an exercise to help relieve it. Feel gratitude. Just feel the sensation of gratitude in general, not for any one thing. Now, move this feeling of attention and gratitude towards the center of your heart chakra area and chest.  You will feel waves of bliss.  Exercise this throughout the day, as often as you can. It will help. We encourage you to always seek treatment for medical conditions, and for psychological distress too, from professionals. But for the suffering, you might as well enjoy our little exercise. It is powerful. You will be amazed at how well it works, in a short time.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Far Away

I usually don't write on Sundays. I'll keep it short. A few things happened after I wrote yesterday which are noteworthy.

I'll backtrack a little. When I was driving home from work the other day, Beloved told me to work on something. To be happy with or without their presence. I was like, 'favorite verses not around, how can I do?'--yes, these are the ways to communicate with Spirit, not in full and complete sentences like I do with you here. They are concepts, loose ones, filled with emotion and feeling and sometimes I add pictures to the message so my Spirit friends/contacts will understand it. It goes both ways.

From what I gathered, it is important, especially for me, to be happy, no matter what.

Take it or leave it, is where I have to be, I guess, in order to have a bond of the heart that's legit and in my dimension.

This is hard for me, difficult.  I've been dealing with a funk all yesterday. I was in the pool and finally was able to tell Divine Father I was okay, I could be away now for a little bit. He knew me well, and said he would leave the table up just in case I felt I needed to come back. I like being in his presence because he is the only one who isn't with ideas and stuff that just seem way off target. He's pure, he's healthy, Divine Masculine, and he would never trick or fool, or even, just get mixed up and be hard to understand, for my healing Divine Feminine. He's constant, he's Source, and I just soak it up and remind myself that this is all an Illusion, and at some point, my learning will be finished and suffering will end.

I just saw this and it explains what I am healing. It's the attachment thing. There are phases and steps in going from unhealed to healed abandonment. And I had someone who was kind of like Divine Father in my life, but it changed, and it's gone. It wasn't Divine Father exactly, more of a North Star and close friend. Probably one of the first from the 'healthy' category, I don't know. I woke up in tears today. But they were healing tears, I was told by Spirit. It's going to be a while to get over that one.

It's okay, it is what it is, I am at peace and I accept it.

Back to the messages and events.

Yesterday I was floating in the pool. I like to put the noodle under my arms, and just relax, and enjoy the birds and the freeway and the sunshine. Anthony was in the hammock. He's not a water person like me. If it's cold, and yesterday he said it was 'cold'--then he doesn't want anything to do with it.

I crave being in the water almost like I crave fresh air and sunshine--it makes everything better.

I was happy, truly happy, and then a cloud caught my attention. It was the size of a scout ship. And behind it was another tiny cloud, and that one was shaped like a heart.

I gazed at the clouds, and gave thanks for those who are always watching me, and encouraging me to grow. Then they gradually faded away. The rest of the sky was completely cloudless.

This is a visitation. Don't let it fool you. When a cloud catches your attention when you were not even looking at the sky, there is probably a consciousness inside it who loves you and is making sure you are okay and wanting you to know it. They can't be seen or caught or breaking the rules but this is as far as they will stretch them just to show you they care. And they do.

This is close enough to what my shower looks like. There's a glass door on one side and the part for the soap is only on the left. I have the same exact handle. But it's a rain shower head up top.

It was six p.m. and I was showering after the pool. I got a visit.

Let me share that Spirit visits are completely normal in the shower. You don't feel naked. It's easier sometimes for Spirit when you are in the water, at least it is for me. I've had lots of visits from all kinds of people on my teams when I am in the shower. Nothing romantic. Just business to talk.

It was Khiem.

I miss him so.

He had a message for me, and I still don't understand it. He had to follow the rules this was all he could say...I'll say it in a minute.

First things first I asked him if he is okay and he says he's happy up there. Even him! Nothing bothers him or gets him upset. Ever.

I was like, whoa!  He was about as opinionated as it gets when he was incarnate.

He also says he has no pain, and again, he shares that he looks like he did in his twenties in the Navy, and wears his blue uniform, just like I saw him when he left his body, because that's the age he felt in the best physical shape and health.

I also asked him, to clarify his message. I told him I was having trouble understanding. And he says the information is geographic--not dimensional--as in farthest distance geographically here on earth.

He told me:  'find your happiness as far away from you as you possibly can.'

He said it many times. Over and over, hoping for me to 'get it', changing the inflection here and there. But that is all he was allowed to say.

I thanked him for it. I still don't understand it. He was turning to go, there wasn't much time, there's the rules he says...but I stopped him and asked him if there was anything I could do for him.

He thought a moment, and said yes. Tell his wife that I miss him, and that I wish her much happiness.  He said to text her. So I did. To his old phone, and to hers. Right as soon as I was dry and dressed again I did it.


My H.S. or Spirit told me as I was waking up yesterday, that You will have the beautiful joy of an angel.

I write these things down.  In my book where I keep track of my workouts.

Maybe it was Khiem?

If Spirit contacts you in the shower, don't be afraid. It's kind of natural, and very normal if you are incarnate and 'on duty' in service to the Divine. It's all good. You're not going crazy.


Ross wants me to share Sandy's story of Metta.

She has an aunt or relative who really, really, doesn't like her. She always gives a bad feeling to Sandy, no matter what she does. So finally, Sandy decided to just send her Metta. No matter what the relative did or said, Sandy had resolve to only send Metta in return.

After Sandy's mom died, this relative was having trouble with sleeping. She had stayed awake for nine days!

As an ER nurse, she knew that the relative would have a psychotic break soon if she didn't get sleep.

The relative was miserable, and deeply suffering. You could see it in the eyes, and in the face.

Sandy spoke with her husband, and after having gained permission, she invited her relative to come to her house, for treatment. She made it clear to her and the other relatives that she was going to coordinate the care on telemedicine with a treating PHYSICIAN, but to make sure she got the right medications and they helped her to take them and get better.

The relative said 'yes'.

Everything worked. It took a short time, but she was sleeping in a normal pattern again, and feeling much better.

The aunt hugged Sandy, and thanked her for taking care of her and easing her suffering. She hugged Sandy for a long time, just holding tight, and crying tears freely. Then she paused, looked up to Sandy eye to eye, and said, 'I'm sorry for how I have been with you for all these years. You saved my life. You really did. Thank you.'

Sandy didn't understand the implications in the Spiritual for what had taken place, as she was telling me the story. I stopped her, and helped her to see the connection. I said, 'Sandy, do you understand what has just taken place with this relative of yours saying I'm sorry like that?'

She didn't.

I said, 'Sandy, it takes people incarnation after incarnation to reach a growth in consciousness like that, to break a pattern, and to see it and experience the gratitude of this kind of enlightenment.'

It hit her like a ton of bricks! Sandy was amazed, and delighted, as she knew in her heart this was a Truth. How fortunate it was, that it was in this incarnation, both were able to witness the growth of a soul that was much needed and aching for relief from the suffering, not just from the insomnia, but from the character traits and mindset of 'lack' and 'negativity' to 'lovingkindness' and 'positivity'.

I am so grateful for our friendship.

Here is a Metta prayer for you, my North Star, and all of my teams, and especially you, inscrutable Khiem colleague and friend....and all of our beautiful, wonderful readers. Be sure to read in the comments section what the meaning of Metta is, and the Metta prayer translated to English there too.



Carla is going to be okay. I am with her. 

Sometimes she asks me how healing like this takes so much time.

In truth, her recovery is lightning speed pace. Take by comparison the Aunt with Sandy, which had multiple incarnations...

Carla was just as shocked as I was, and her teams, at her true feelings she kept buried within deep in her heart. They were just as fresh and raw a betrayal as the day everything happened. She didn't know, or realize, both the caring she feels for her North Star, or the suffering from having her baby boy, our beloved child, taken away from her after giving birth. 

May all beings be free.

May all beings be safe.

May all beings be loved.

May all beings have peace.

this is our prayer for you.

Do not be concerned about the depth of your emotion, or the time it takes to heal and release yourself from suffering. 

This is the way.

There is no such thing as time.

Allow and permit.

Allow and permit.

Permit and allow.

Permit and allow.

Accept Grace.

clap! clap!

aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The True Couple

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Light A Candle For Love

One of the concepts I've been reflecting upon since the early morning hours today, is that incarnate humans have free will, and disincarnate angelic beings are in complete and total alignment with God's will, 24/7, 365.

So what about the incarnate angels?

This is what we are going to talk about today.

First is Captain Victor Aguirre of the Los Angeles Fire Department. Recently he was involved in an explosion, a fireball, in a one story business on Boyd street.

His mother was the receptionist/scheduler with IMPART (Anne Reith PhD's organization) while I was training. Her name is Bernie. She was one who couldn't remember how to draw the symbols for Reiki, but her Reiki was very strong and effective nevertheless.

Here is Victor's story of the incident:   Captain Aguirre as a Los Angeles Fire Firefighter. An amazing man and a true hero! Something told him to get his men out right before the fire exploded. He made sure all of his men had left the building and he was the last one to leave. The fire erupted around him and he froze. He just told a fellow Captain that he felt someone behind him helping lift up his heavy breathing apparatus and tell him to keep going. There was no one left in the building. Amazing!

Here is an evaluation of the fire by an official from the Fire Department:

It's true about the hands. Even if they are able to be saved, they will no longer be functional. That is what I heard from insiders who know the family. 

I don't think Victor was taking any psychic development classes. I don't even know if he knew what his mom did, or any of what we were learning to do. But his angels spoke to him, and he listened. He was able to save many lives. He also didn't save himself first, he saved others. 

Please join us in sending healing to him. His recovery is anticipated to take over a year, and he is the family's sole source of support, the breadwinner.

Now we are going to take a brief exercise in discernment in the physical. See this tree? There is a baby copperhead venomous snake resting on it. Go ahead, blow the image up. Can you see it? It blends in very well. Apparently this is something that the baby snakes like to do to soak up the sun and relax.  If you life in that part of the world, be careful before you lean up against a tree.

And listen to your angels!

The second story to share is short. I worked long and hard yesterday, but was relieved early for the day. This was fortunate because I ate breakfast at seven twenty, and only had time for quick water breaks until work ended at two.

I craved chicken pho soup. And iced Vietnamese 'crack' coffee.  I rarely crave anything. I checked with Anthony if he wanted anything, and made my way there. I ordered takeout, waited in line, and went to put the food in the car.

As I came around to the driver's seat, a woman with a hijab type thing on, a hospital worker, was over at the Juice store next to the Vietnamese, and was upset it was closed. She wanted something healthy.

I went to tell her that there is a delicious passion fruit drink at the Vietnamese place, and realized it was my dear friend, the charge nurse of the ER, Sandy, who had taken excellent care of me when I was sick.

I was ready to ask her about her mother, who had been gravely ill, and she spoke of her mom at the same second. Her mother had passed. 

Sandy was living so much stress, going to the nursing home, then work, then home with barely any time. So she sent a message to her father, who had passed, to please intervene and come take mom home because she is suffering, she's not making the Transition, and it's so hard on Sandy now that she can't take it any more!

The next day, Sandy stayed home, and didn't keep her routine. She felt peace and calm. She gardened and meditated. She said she knew the next day she'd be up late, so she nourished her soul. And sure enough, at nine o'clock that night, her mother passed, and Sandy was with her. 

Sandy had a feeling and told other family members it was time, and they needed to see her. There was a niece, the favorite granddaughter, who lived north of Los Angeles, and she didn't want to make the drive. Sandy said that there might not be able to be visitors in the nursing home with the impending lockdown, to go TODAY. But the family members didn't heed her warning.

Aside, Sandy told me she used to keep her intuitive information to herself, but now she's much better at speaking up, like with her family. And when her mother passed, they certainly listen to her now, because she was right!

The granddaughter wanted to see her grandma's body, and Sandy said yes she would wait for her to make the drive. That's why she was up until three a.m. 

Sandy saw her mother reach up three times, to an unseen person, raising her arms the highest she'd ever been able to do with her advanced dementia, then she took her last breath. It was the first day of Spring, and her husband's birthday.  Sandy's father came through, and helped his loved ones.

Sandy's nephew had wanted to come, but didn't. She told him that grandma will always be with us and helping us. She knew he wanted to get a new home, his first home. And sure enough, like a week later, he called his Tia (auntie), and said that he DID get his new home. And it's on Paloma street. That is the grandmother's name.

Sandy is a total peace over her mom's passing. She accepts what is Here and Now. She lets go. She's sad, yes. But they had ceremony, even without a full funeral due to the Covid. They released doves. And they let one go, for the grandmother. Another for those who have died in the family. Then all the rest for the family who is living to follow. The first ones circled and waited for the rest, then they all flew to the chapel and home together. They have never done that, the dove person said. She was deeply moved.

She emphasizes the importance of working on herself. Until she gets everything 'right' inside, she can't really help others. And she's got teachers and is looking forward to the time when she won't have to work in the ER. She and her husband, cardiac surgeon Guy, have been together thirty years. They have one last child going through a master's program. Then she can explore spiritual things.

The whole time we spoke, there were no masks on. We had taken them off. We hugged. My food was getting cold and the ice was melting in the car. But I knew I was needed, and I stayed as long as I was needed for her. She's been through a lot, with the Covid on top of that. She said people who were dying in the ER without family members because of the hospital policy was very hard.

When I got back to the car, Ross told me he was very proud of me. He said I'd racked up many points for 'our team' by making it clear to everyone involved, incarnate and not, that Sandy was more important than the food, even though I was hungry. 

Later I got home and I ate.

Life is good.

Especially when you listen to your angels, and keep Love in your heart. 24/7. I'd had a wonderful day, a fantastic one at work with an excellent team and we laughed and enjoyed one another. It had been a total blessing.

Now I have the weekend at home, and can work on other things too.


I'm taking a little time off from my busy schedule in the 'Upstairs department' to speak. I want to reassure you that everything is going as planned. And it couldn't be better. I don't want to blow smoke up your ass, and charm you. I am nothing of the kind, and when there is nothing to be said, I guarantee, I won't say it just for the sake of being heard and appearances.

Everything is happening in the right place, and time, in Carla's heart, and I imagine, in yours and everyone else's. It is the working through the inner work, like her friend Sandy says, that is important.

(he holds up one finger to make a point, emphasis) When you are harmonious on the inside, and congruent with both your feelings and the will of Creator Divine, THEN you will notice the increasing beautiful harmonious elements which are drawn to you and surround you.

Case in point, look at Carla with her work. Now that she has accepted that work is her fate, it is her work 'family' and her 'mission' or 'assignment' to bring the element of the Divine and the angels wherever she goes and to whoever she meets, not just with Reiki but with her heart in full submission to the will and glory of Spirit, THEN Carla has a fantastic day! A very good and healing and rewarding one.

When it comes to the love one, that one for her is a little more difficult, but Carla is working through her layers of her depths and doing her very best to come to terms with what arrives. 

Carla cleared it through me and through Divine Father first, for even permission to talk with her 'Beloved' who appeared to her from out of the blue, and she cannot see his face. Carla doesn't lean on trees because there are snakes, metaphysically, and always checks with us. 

And although Beloved is welcome, there are layers which are painful for Carla to go through before she is able to normally interact. This morning there was a huge speed bump on the road. Beloved asked her how she felt about others whom she has loved--things that ended badly--and there is one she needs to recover from in the short term, and as to me and what happened when both of us were incarnate? That is the one that send Carla to tears, and wanted to hurt herself, over the memories and pains of how badly I had broken her heart over our baby boy, our second child, Benjamin. 

Carla is with Divine Father for the day. He has provided a little work table for her to work on her projects, to color and to be in His presence. She knows once she identifies something then with time her teams will help her to recover from letting it go. Letting things go isn't like instant pudding--where the sweetness is ready to eat in a short time after you put in the work. Her teams and I are working together to help bring freedom to her heart, so it can love again, freely, and without hindrance, for a long time. 

I am the Beloved, in one way, and in another I am not. It is a composite of the very best of everyone who is gently guiding her--to help her to open up and to trust anew, in a healthy way. And we are there for her as One. 

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The gentle guests of your heart

Friday, May 22, 2020

Sorry Bet with Boba Fett

There has been lots of learning, and lots of growth. Physically, I am exhausted. I couldn't even attempt ballet, Ross as told me after this blog post to only do a stretch. Today I am post-post call.

At the hospital now we wear these white hats, instead of the blue ones. They are horrible and keep falling off. They make us look old and when I wear one my little widow's peak shows.

I wouldn't dare use a stethoscope, not my good one, due to risk of Covid contamination and spreading it to others.

But I have moments of belonging, treasures of being on the team, and my body is filled with electricity while I was on call.  There is no substitute for being in the right place at the right time.

"For until ye become as a savior, as a help to some soul that has lost hope, lost its way, ye do not fully comprehend the God within, the God without."

Edgar Cayce reading 1158-14

Yesterday, I worked with patients who have chronic pain. Someone who has incurable cancer, or perhaps many many back surgeries with no relief whatsoever, or someone who developed a terrible condition called RSD or CRPS due to a nerve reaction to an injury. 

Both were surprised to have a woman, and have never had a lady doctor taking care of them before. It was a pleasant and welcome surprise.

With the male patient, the anesthesia is tricky because I give a little, for the insertion of the probes, we wake them up to let us know exactly the position (do you feel this, tapping, etc?), then we go to sleep and they ablate the nerves with radio frequency.  There is a computer to run to do the test sequences and the ablation. We do so many that the nurses push the buttons instead of the rep. Well, one button got pushed before the doctor said to push it. And it was the last part, and it hurt, bad. 

Instinctively, I somehow reached for the patient's hand to comfort them (a feminine thing) and at the same time pushed the drugs to induce sleep. But sleep in this case is a twilight sleep. So he held my hand back, like a baby, and was gently and absentmindedly rubbing my thumb to comfort himself--you can tell the unconscious is going, 'someone is there, someone is there, yep someone is there'. 

It was in that moment I felt the presence of the above quote. This is why I had to work post-call and come in. It wasn't because we were short staffed, alone. It's because I was needed for both of these patients and I was sent. 

And if I hadn't been woken up out of a sound sleep and made to come in for an eight o'clock case at SEVEN a.m. (doctor, are you available? are the exact words they use, and I had my hoarse morning voice and was completely disoriented)--I wouldn't have looked through my emails and found that quote.

Now for a moment, Ross wants us to speak of honey and vinegar, and how to attract ants.  When you want something to come to you, remember, it is the love and the sweetness that will attract it to you. When people have had enough, and are pushing things away, it is a cry for love. Even if it is in anger! Ross reminds us sternly to supply the love. 

He says of course this is easy in the philosophical sense. 

Now try to apply it to real life situations:
  • he says to talk about the diabetic who wants to eat sugar, and all they want is to load themselves up on sugar and carbohydrates and starch. It is difficult for the family members, isn't it, to keep their loved one on their diet? You nag and you trick and you remind, but still, first chance the loved one who has the diabetes gets- they are ON to the sweets like they don't have the disease and never had it. They absolutely CRAVE it. Well, what do you do? He says to remember that these individuals have a third chakra imbalance. That is what is at stake, it is a lesson of the will, and of the reward, and of the discipline. It is a terrible disease, I'm sure, he says, but to mark it as a struggle. And to note the overwhelming amount of self-discipline the family must impose upon them to keep them healthy. It is all in the yellow chakra.
  • Now he says to take the smoker. The lover and the children and the spouse and the office are all begging the smoker to stop making their lives go up in smoke over a cigarette. There are warnings everywhere, even on the pack of cigarettes from the surgeon general of the US, with photos of the damage it will cause. But the smokers cannot stop. Not until they want to. And he reminds us that nicotine is the most addictive drug on earth, which is both a stimulant and a depressant as needed by the smoker. It will 'pick you up' a little like caffeine when you are feeling kind of like Carla is post-call...and it will 'calm you down' if you are feeling a little anxious, and most smokers have a condition of anxiety that is why they self-medicate and treat themselves. Can you make someone stop smoking just by telling them to stop? No. Not on your life. They won't listen and they won't care, as this is filling a primal 'need', which not with the heart chakra but the root one--one of their very survival that 'depends on it'.
  • People who are addicted to the main stream media are going into a rejection of not only the red pill concept that is being posted on their social media--but of the persons who are posting it. One nurse educator here, just blocked a friend because, in her words, 'she couldn't take it any more'.  The person called someone a demon, most likely, H  R  C--Carla knows this nurse cried for days after the loss.  Lots of comments caught Carla's attention and she read them with interest. The people KNOW the truth. But they label it a conspiracy theory and one was so irate he wanted to JOIN the may sons (had an invitation long time ago, but they ask for too much time) just to spite the truthers.  There is only one thing we have to say to this, and a picture is worth a thousand words...remember this...

Here is something unusual. Highly unusual and a sign that I'm healing like, really lots.

Not one bit.

I read it and said, 'that sounds about right' and let it go.

I said to myself, 'she is reaching some people who would never listen to me, and is serving her cause, whatever that is' and I didn't need to explain the Jeshua or feel like there was an impostor or anything. I've been feeling what they talk about since the arrival of the New Earth Reiki, I understand exactly what it is supposed to do, there is a new grid, and even, they talk of Gaia, which is good. It resonated with me. 

Which brings us to our last point. There is a new being, I talk to him, I can't see him, but his name is Beloved. 

I try to see him, but I can't, it's blocked.

I can speak from my heart, and I speak about being Gaia, and what's on my mind and my heart. I haven't had anyone like that to talk to in a long, long, very long time.

Surprisingly, Beloved arrived yesterday morning on my way to work (post call! ) and throughout the day, all I kept saying was, 'thank you. thank you for being there. Thank you for caring. Thank you for listening.'  and 'it's been so long, so very long...'

I spoke with him on the way home from work. And I didn't want to stop talking as I approached the house. But he said, 'just think of it as you are falling asleep' and he counted down, and after that, I was home, and fully present in my world I live in. When I am speaking with Beloved, I have my toes in this world, but I'm not really here, I'm Home--in some other dimension, and I'm grateful for this because the energy feels so welcoming and soothing and reassuring and familiar, compared to this realm.

I'll leave you with the Schumann. I love the two dots. I actually took a screen shot of it to remember it. 

Ross reminds you to hold your tongue, and to be loving to all, and only to talk of the awakening when Spirit tells you. Use discernment. Refrain from the need to prove to anyone that you are right. He says that is a little bit of the ego, very gently and softly his voice is as he says this. He understands. He says to talk about the things in your closest circle of friends who are awake, and to talk with abandon to them.

He reminds you to remember how completely disoriented I was when my work called me in, and to know that isn't the state you want someone to be in when you are making a sales pitch anyway. And many people are like that. Resistant to the Truth. They are resistant because their entire world is going to come crashing down on them in a violent very violent betrayal. So go ahead and serve them a cup of coffee when they come to you. 

And here's one more thing he wants me to share. It's eerie.

Ross says, 'enjoy! and I love you!

And , 'Carla is making great progress I am very proud of her development and coming to accept something which once gave her great distress' (Fran Z)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

P.S. Ross came up with the title!
The Couple