Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Attend To The Sick


The Universe is funny. 

Yesterday, I wasn't thinking about my future, even through the deadline for the mandate is two days away. 

I focused on connecting with people.

I have a wonderful African Violet plant. I've kept it alive for eighteen years. It's so happy here in my kitchen window, that it's made babies. Lots of them. I've had a batch of little babies in pots, growing, taking root, and one was just starting to bloom. 

I took it to work. I wasn't sure to give it 'free to a good home' or to an actual person. And I felt perhaps a nurse whose boys have left the home, and one has had some 'mental health' problems recently, might enjoy it. I actually literally ran into her at the break room door. I asked her if she would enjoy having a baby African Violet to raise?  

It turns out she had one many years ago. She enjoyed the fuzzy leaves, and the cheery flowers. 

I let her know it's one from mine, and I wanted it to go to a good home. She said, 'maybe the pressure is on, I hope I don't kill it!'...I smiled and said, 'oh no! it's the opposite! If something happens to it, there's lots more to try again!'...

I was happy I was able to share this joy with her, and also, let her know I thought she was a good nurturer and I trust her.

My patients recently, have been sick. Not just physically sick. Some have made horrific life choices. It's hard to watch. Or they had very different lifestyles from me, ones so different it was almost painful to interact because I had to stretch my 'doctoring' wayyyy outside my 'comfort zone' to be 'fully present' for them.

The cases were fast too. 

So I couldn't even do my usual thing.

I had to put them in the Lord's hands, and ask for His healing to compensate for whatever healing I could have/would have/should have done. 

A long time ago, a wise man was known to be in the company of the tax collectors and prostitutes and other unsavory characters in his society. People would talk about him, behind his back. But when questioned, he said, 'it is the sick who need the doctor! Not the healthy!'

He was talking about the soul, about spirit, about mental health, about people who we know today probably experienced lots of trauma in childhood. Many in prostitution even today were abused as children and in foster care...

So I understood yesterday, I was meant to be where I was, to be me. Not anything else. And by being 'me', I was present for people who needed my heart, needed my compassion, needed my energy and healing expertise--patients and workers alike.

Here is an example. Evelyn has talked to me about a ghost in her house. Her boy could see him. An older man. He was gruff and would turn on the TV, change the channels, turn lights on and off, and even make a mess. It was freaking her out. She was scared of it. She's Latina, and in her culture, you're not supposed to interact with the dead.

She asked me for help.

I explained to her that the ghost doesn't know he's dead. It's his home. He doesn't understand why they are living in his home.  He's not 'evil', not based on the stuff he's been doing to them. I shared how we had a ghost in our house growing up. Once mom and dad went to bed, and forgot to turn off the light. It was a sconce light on the wall. One of them had to get up. 

Dad, got the idea, and said, 'ghost, turn off the light'.

The light went off.

He and mom got scared. But he wasn't letting it show, and in his teacher's voice, he commanded, 'Ghost! Turn ON the light.'

And the light went on.

There was a woman who loved the house and had died young. My mom noticed the ghost disappeared when my youngest sister was born. She thought perhaps that's who my sister was, that one come back...

I shared with Evelyn to tell the ghost he was welcome and to set rules for him. To cohabit the house, and he'd probably be okay with it.

I saw her, in the break room. She was calmer. And I asked gently how the ghost situation was? She smiled and said it was better. I asked what happened? 

She smiled and said she told him he was welcome to stay in 'his house', they respected it. But he was not allowed to wake up the boy, because he needs his sleep. And she set other limits for him.

Then she asked, 'why is it this time of year we see  him more than others?' I explained how the veil thins, the two worlds are closest, at the end of October, and that's why...

I got my exemption. It was worded sternly. It can be taken back any time. But it's permanent. They gave a list of other medicines that were tested or developed with fetal cell lines. But I am grateful, beyond grateful, for a chance to continue my life.

In California, we will need prayers. Just as my mandate was a big exercise in trust in Creator...now mandates affecting all children are being considered. 

It's not good. Fortunately our school district is reasonable. 

That's what Ross and I would like to talk with you about today. Your presence for those who are around you. You are like medicine to them. 

I've watched some disturbing films of pastors and christians being arrested. Some of the Christians are doing the Bevelyn Beatty kind of thing where they are 'in your face' Christians--antagonistic. But also, it raises good points. Look at what is happening in Australia. And also, know what happens to others can happen to us...bystanders are next in the front lines of this spiritual battle between good and evil. 

Strengthen yourself, and recommit to being loving 24/7, 365, to everyone you meet, starting first with yourself.

I was happy. I found two really good, and healing videos, for me which I'll share:


Carla has the day off. She is very delighted. I am giving her this time to organize and to get her life on track.

Everything happens for the best in our environment. 

A colleague of her confessed he is looking for other work because 'it is too hard to take vacation'.

Carla told him, that working part time, with two weeks in very low positions, makes it impossible for others to want to cover her. So to take vacation, she must give up her one good week to coverage. And then has to live on only one week's worth of work for the month! 

It's crazy. And hearing it coming out of her mouth made Carla realize perhaps in fact SHE should be looking for outside work too. 

She told her colleague about her side job. 

He wasn't interested in the travel. He wants the place closest to his home (Carla's too).

He doesn't understand that positions don't just 'happen'. Or that Carla would want it too. 

Everything happens for the best.

Everything happens for the best!

It's all good.

In fact, you wrote it into your life scripts!

clap! clap!
Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Sunday, September 26, 2021

A Meeting


Last night as I was falling asleep, Ross took me by the hand, and up to an unusual place where I have never been. I've placed the two closest pictures back to back, so in your mind perhaps you can superimpose them. 

It was a very tall, narrow building, like the church above. There were pews  and Ross and I saw in the very back row, next to the aisle. 

The whole thing was built of a stone I've never seen, almost clear glass, that glowed a deep indigo blue. The pews were wooden. And it was filled with people. 

I could sense these were important people, people who make the decisions about what's happening on Earth at the moment, and they were, in my opinion, rather unsavory types. You know the 'suits' who are more corrupt than anything but have a 'clean image' to the public. 

I could hear them talking to one another, like a low rumble of a human crowd.  But this was between worlds, someplace clearly in the Afterlife.

I felt safe with Ross. And he was more than familiar with the inner workings of committees and things like this. I wanted to stay invisible, and watch from afar.

But someone noticed us. They drew attention to us. Ross gestured to me to walk to the very front, so slowly, without looking to either side, I did.

They asked me who I am, and I told them my name....I was feeling lots of unfairness about how things had been going, and I felt a need to speak up about it...so I did. 

And that's the last that I remember. 

I didn't want to lose this

So I write.

But I remember being told right before I woke up, that Ross would be giving me a miracle. 

Have you ever been to anyplace like this? And where was it? What was it?

I'd like to know. 

Thank you.

Ross can't say anything. His lips are sealed, he gestures.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple

Saturday, September 25, 2021



This photo brings up all kinds of emotions, wonderful emotions, in me. The look on this child's face, the joy of learning, the pride in his accomplishment, even, the very chalk and chalkboard itself...move me deeply. 

Learning is one of the most sacred things there is, being human. 

And we had Back to School night last Thursday. I spent fifteen minutes in 'mini classes' with the other parents, wandering from room to room in a hurry before the next bell would ring. 

In one of the classes, they showed a video from the Parent-Teacher-Student association, with drone footage of the school. Anthony was in it, without his knowing, because the drone flew over the pool for practice...As we were watching the movie, I was the only one tearing up and having tears roll down my face. It was the appreciation I felt, for the staff and students, for having weathered the Covid storm, and the visible joy at their being able to be back.

School had gotten a little out of hand before Covid. You couldn't go to the bathroom in class. The homework load kept kids up way late at night. There was too much competition and stress to get into college.

Well, with Covid and distance learning, scores and grades plummeted. Anthony was fine, he's used to having to do his work because he went to Montessori. They foster work ethic and independence. The American History teacher said the AP (advanced placement test for college credit) scores were the lowest ever, passing rate of high fifty something percent. Usually it's in the nineties and twice he's had one hundred percent pass rate in the last eight years. 

The teachers have slowed things down, and given children time in class to do homework. Life is better. Perhaps not so nice as online school starting at nine a.m. and lasting only three hours! But it's better.

This photo here of students from Ghana speaks volumes. Absolute volumes. Many girls, once they hit puberty, have to stop their education because there aren't enough sanitary supplies for their monthly period, and they can't go to school and make a mess. 

It's a wonderful opportunity to build a life and do well, being able to attend school, to learn to read and write.

Jessie C was saying she actually wasn't taught how to read in the system. She could memorize and read from ancient texts. But her fifth grade teacher is the one who noticed she didn't know how to match the sounds with the letters, and spent extra time teaching her how to actually READ read.  She was grateful for that.

I loved all my subjects in school. And seeing the teachers, face to face, and experiencing THEIR love for the subject, the students, and teaching really inspired me greatly. My father was a teacher. I was a professor. Teaching is the most natural thing in the world!

Which brings us to the next topic--how do we reconcile that the important things (life skills, spiritual skills, 'adulting') are not taught in school, and yet the other things that are taught, are wonderful in and of themselves too?

I don't know.

I know the system teaches us in a way to lull us into fact-based thinking and to downplay our intuition and emotion. 

But the classical subjects--History, Math, Foreign Language, English, Science, Athletics--are wonderful too!

Look at these beautiful souls, so full of life and joy! Posing for the picture, arm in arm, smiles on every one!

This is what learning is supposed to be!

How on earth could then, it change, into something like this, politicalized confrontation in college library

The answer is simple.

The woman who is upset, is only partially right. Her focus should be off the near, and way, way, UP HIGHER, to the unseen hands that make everything the way it is, the 'Builders' of the system if you will, who built into the system, systemic unfairness to all, and are training people in higher education to look at the 'near' and 'react' in a polarized manner. This way nobody would ever suspect the 'unseen'. 

Brilliant, isn't it?

Which brings us to this. People who value ONLY the social, the logical, the senses that can be measured, completely discredit those who work and know the realm of Spirit. 

The most brilliant thing the devil ever did was to convince man that he doesn't exist. 

This TV host is pretty close to the mark for one of the Agenda's.  

Yet, he sounds foolish, and no one who isn't in that level of learning of the deception that runs the world, is going to listen. 

Well, what about these predictions from 1969?  there's a nice list of bullet points at the end if you scroll down and are in a hurry

This is a lot of information to digest, and we know it. This is why we highly, highly recommend daily time spent in active learning, and also, going into that quiet place where you can connect with Source and limit the distractions which are so numerous and pressing in our lives.


Nothing is more freeing than making something, anything. Planning an event. Working in a garden. 

Do what brings you Joy. 

It might not seem like it, but this is what keeps you energetically in the 'space' where you can ferret out the Truth on all of the other topics we have shared with you today.


I'd like to talk about Carla.

Carla has been making meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, in her time off. 

She hasn't been asking for help from Anthony with anything, she knows he is busy, very busy, and that she has the time off so she 'pulled her weight' a little more than usual in the housekeeping department.

I sent Carla to the local crystal shop, where she found her friend Charlie was covering for someone else's shift. But what Carla bought for herself was only six dollars, and everything else was gifts for others who are very close to her. 

So today, I sent both Carla and Anthony to go buy some ice cream near the beach. It was a beautiful day, with beautiful weather, and I told Carla not to worry about the calories. 

One the way there, this song came on the radio. It's one of her favorites, and she knew I had sent it. Instinctively, she reached for the volume, turned it up and began to sing.

With that simple act, she started to get teared up. She tried to hide it from Anthony while he was driving so he wouldn't worry about her. 


Because the simple freedom, and confidence, from a mere three years ago, are light years away from where she is now--aging, without both of her parents, wondering if she will keep the job, the house, everything, and the horrors of Covid...all in the context of End Times Bible Prophecy. 

I tell you, there was a time, where Carla shook her fist at me, and dared me and her guides to 'Bring It On!' to Bring On The Changes..to do whatever was going to happen. 

And now, here we are, years later, and Carla is recognizing a soft case of PTSD in herself and others...

This is why I asked Carla to write to you. I am HUMAN. I once walked the planet like you. I know and I have felt, the pain, the anguish, the unknowing, the worry, and faced my eventual demise...one I couldn't escape.

Remember the joys.

Seek the joys.

Remember how in the middle of Ravensbruck concentration camp, one of the very worst ones, Corrie Ten Boom stopped and listened to the birds singing, and let it bring her joy. 

We require joy to be alive and incarnate, especially when we are locked in to Spiritual battle.

It's not like physical battle where you can see it, react, and remove yourself from it.

Spiritual battle is 24/7, and also, while you are sleeping you are actively involved in the liberation process. 

So be good to yourselves, and be kind to others. 

Now is the time to take care of YOU. And to keep showing up. No matter how difficult it gets. Your being here, in a human body, is important. And the minute your services are no longer needed you will go UP. I promise this. Straight UP.

Here is the Schumann resonance frequency for today. I  know how much it encourages you when you see something measured.

With this battlefront, you can't see it, hear it or taste/smell it. But you have a SENSE for it. And remember everything is going along perfectly as planned.

As a P.S. I'd like to share this petition with you, and all of you can sign it:

Doctors speak out--petition-- please read:  https://doctorsandscientistsdeclaration.org/?fbclid=IwAR1YwA_HMBSphnv_xvQ26EVu5E1mGSHAr_7qT--wmvWXkG6VGOEhwPTCpZQ

Thank you for answering our call.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Twins

Friday, September 24, 2021

They Know Not What They Do


Yesterday I went to work, at my side job, because the Jury Duty call in line said not to come in. I was a little excited as I went on the road, because for the first time, in a long time, I saw scout ships/small clouds in formation, three in a row, off in the horizon. They were located so they could watch me. Again, I saw another 'cruiser' cloudship, near my work, and when you look there's an energy to these that ordinary clouds do not have.

I enjoy contact with my teams.  It helps me with my purpose here.

Today is a special day, again, I don't have to go in to the courthouse, and it's free and clear over here. I just have lab work to do, fasting, and it's in two hours. So I wait.

There is a saying, a 'wise man' once said, 'Forgive them father for they know not what they do.' If you look at the photo, the mind control/brainwashing, which is effective, is going up to the next level. People are singling out those who are 'different' and attempting to 'convert' them. Verbally.

A nurse I know, who got a religious exemption over pregnancy concerns, was targeted by a very liberal OB-GYN at the hospital. He 'has wanted to talk to her for a long time' about 'how safe everything is for the babies/pregancy' (the thing you put in your arm. Twice.)  He said, 'you will be in ICU on a ventilator before you ever have a problem with the baby.' 

Remember, this MD outranks the RN, even though she scrubs in on surgery and assists as an advanced nurse.  She can't respond the same as if it was her peer. 

Furthermore, her son caught 'it' from a grandmother who had 'the treatment. twice.' and this nurse SLEPT with and cared for her young ill boy the whole time and didn't get sick!!! If that's not natural immunity I don't know what is. 

Here is a really sad video of similar harassment

Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.

Last night was back to school night. One of the parents didn't wear a mask inside the classroom. The History teacher walked over with a box of masks and offered one to him. He took a moment to add tot he parent's lecture, how he's been 'fully you know what', and exposed to both Covid and Delta, so his 'immune system is supercharged'. He said how 'it's his job to keep kids safe' and 'he has done everything he can to help'. Furthermore, he acknowledged that 'some students are scared' of getting sick, so he makes sure the class respects the rules for the benefit of the 'scared' ones.  You can tell he is a psychology teacher too. 

There is a lot going on here. 

To the best of his knowledge, this teacher means well. And he feels he has done everything in his power. Whatever he was asked to do, he did. By 'the experts'.

Well, I am another different kind of 'expert'. I study Luciferianism, secret shadow governments, and spiritual warfare. 

This man unfortunately does not know, that in typical Luciferian tradition, victims are coerced into things to 'save someone else from having something bad happen to them.' For example, with Jessie C, as a hierarchy 'trainee', she was asked to kill babies (part of the religious 'tradition' going way back to Baal worship). She wouldn't. So they would have someone else kill lots more, right in front of her, because she wouldn't. They persuaded her by saying, 'if you kill one then all these other ones won't have to die.' It's very sick, very twisted, how they get people to do things. Very, very sick. They understand all of human's psychological weaknesses and exploit them. 

It's their bread and butter, for the Luciferians, to lie, to cheat, to steal, to manipulate--in order to advance their own agenda.  On a personal level, and as an organization. 

We must always keep in mind that many people who are 'in' these organizations, in their heart of hearts, want 'out', but can't find a way. This is complex intergenerational multiple traumatic (physical, sexual, psychological, spiritual) abuse. 

Remember who is calling the shots. Remember the 'leader'.  See right through the actions (of the OB-GYN and the Target 'preacher') to the top, and who is causing these individuals to 'act out'. There is the 'top', then the hierarchy, then the media, the economic system, everything...until it trickles down to me and you and what we experience in our day to day. 

We always, always, have freedom of choice and freedom to choose how to respond. Sometimes, the choices might be grim--this or your job--jab/job lol a new tongue twister in the making. 

I have a wonderful share for you...my dear friend Marie Mbouni shared this on Instagram yesterday along with a beautiful picture of herself:


Several years ago, I worked as a doctor in one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country. 

I had the career, the money, the house, the car.

I had all of the things the world tells you will make you successful, the things I thought would make me happy.

But I just felt trapped. Golden handcuffs, I like to call them.

I had lost all sense of wonder and joy and felt unsupported, alone, and abandoned.

My life had become so ruled by others and I had been completely denying the goddess within me.

I made a vow to myself to reclaim my 'dream self.'

I did not know how this would happen; however I was committed.

I KNEW I was made for big things.

Work started feeling more & more unbearable.

My soul was slowly dying.

And one weekend when I got called in during my vacation, I reached a breaking point. I was given an ultimatum to return to work or to quit.

So that was the day I took a leap of faith. I learned a lot about fear and trust.

After I finally left, I took about 1 year to recollect myself.

I went on a retreat in Costa Rica.

I took time to dream, to cry, to heal.

To just be.

I reclaimed my energy & my essence.

I took back my life & my power.

And I never looked back.

I can't imagine what life would look like if I hadn't taken that giant leap of father into this new world I'm in now.

I've reconnected with my magic, my truth & my true essence.

I've created a life where I can be fully alive, connected & embodied.

Now instead of feeling trapped, resentful & disconnected, I live with passion, vigor & purpose.

THIS is what's possible for you too, if you want.

Tell me...is your soul tapping on your shoulder?

If so leave me a (purple heart emoji) below....

Isn't that wonderful?

We met in NYC for an anesthesia conference, and with Marie it was like we had known each other forever. We would write to each other in French, both of us anesthesiologists, since she is from Cameroon and they speak French.  

She is a wonderful soul, and very dear friend.

I must go.

Ross says this message--it's for his Mom, I know, and also in complete and total alignment with this blog post. I haven't had time to read it yet, I will, but I trust Him.

Now Anthony needs breakfast.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and CArla

The wave makers!

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Pine Express


This is a brief update of events and connections I have been experiencing personally. This week is my Jury Duty. Thankfully, for the last three days I haven't been needed, I have been able to stay at home. So, I've been off since Saturday, here it is Wednesday. 

I am happy.

I am happy and content.

I haven't had to wear a mask, N-95 or surgical, for five days. 

I've done chores, much needed chores, including many loads of laundry. I was delighted to let things dry in the sun on the rack outside yesterday! It saves me electricity, and also, the UV light has a chance to really soak in. (In wintertime, indoor drying increases the humidity inside too.)

Our beds have been made, two days in a row, and I enjoy experiencing the Divine Feminine, giving Anthony but a taste of the wonderful childhood experiences I had, of a stay-at-home mother and two stay-at-home grandmothers in my family. It makes life much easier on him.

I am rested.

And gone, gone, gone is the stress I've had to rush to this, to pay for that, to hurry, not be late!

Here is the Schumann Resonance Frequency.

There are lots of things to schedule and coordinate between mealtimes. And mealtimes are a lot of work--lots of dishes and clean up. 

Yesterday I went inside the pool, and also, watered the garden. Everything was very thirsty. And I gave thanks for being able to tend to the yard as best as I am able. Some things, especially, bring me great joy. Certain plants. I laughed over how a palm branch (those things are HEAVY!) was hanging by a thread and moving in the breeze as I picked figs yesterday. Still following Ross' advice, I dry them and save them. They make a wonderful snack.

Remember everything is our perception. And, our intuition or 'sixth sense' is one of the most sacred blessings we have. Through it we experience and develop our Discernment. 

If there is one thing standing in the way of the Gnu Whirled Order, it's our ability to sense right from wrong, and to love what is Holy and Good. For example, to protect the innocence of children as something universally seen as pure and good. 

This may sound extreme, but if you take it in context of someone who sees things through a religious order/perspective, then the message is the closest to what my own intuition guided me to on the procedure they are encouraging us to get in our shoulders...once or twice...with 'boosters'... priests talking.

For me, the thought of not being able to interact with Ross or my teams again would be worse than death while I am incarnate!And that's what I figured the first one was meant to do, and also, to lay the groundwork for future ones. 

If you have time, and for me, I watched both of these while I was doing chores--these two videos of the Romanoff family are actually very timely for our times too. I'll add the links. How they were treated was the way Luciferians treat their enemies--they plan a long time, they make it humiliating and painful, and they make it final. 

  1. Before the Storm
  2. Their Tragic End
I've studied the ways of the darkness from the tales of true survivors, for years now. Lately, I've added to it, End Times Prophecy study from experts. So I have a picture, a pretty good idea, of who we are 'up against'. I don't like it when there are symbols hidden in plain sight and I don't know what they mean. So I educate myself. 

These are very important times we live in. We fought very hard to be incarnate at this time. We wanted to help. Our skills were needed. And you will feel it, in your very bones, when you are called upon and led to do. I help teach, and it amazes me how well Ross and my students are reaching out into the world and making an impact with their healing gifts. It's not just one or two of us to get the job done. It's a team. And I wait eagerly to see how the little ones will nurture and sprout off of our student's efforts. 

Do not be concerned how much the dark ones have prepared and planned for the End Times. Our side has prepared too. We might not be aware of it, but our higher selves, our souls, and Divine Creator are up for the challenge and exceedingly well prepared. 

In summary, to keep it simple, our challenge is to keep our pineal gland and connection to Source OPEN. Then to Love (be the walking representation of Source on Earth). Then to Learn and find beauty in every day. For instance, today, I took a walk after breakfast, and admired a beautiful orb weaver spider in her web. Little joys help make our lives meaningful and precious to us. 

Even if we are in our own personal Gethsemane, and we wish for the cup to be taken from us, remember we are dearly loved, and there are reasons for things we may not understand, and these reasons are important. Important to us, to the team, and to our future.

Remember that Truth is Stranger than Fiction, and that advanced technologies are hidden from us...ones that are techno or spiritual...that are used by darkness. Here is an example, I don't know if its true or not, but it gets you thinking along how advanced 'advanced' can go--way beyond ordinary science fiction:  chronograph

In the meantime, I'd like to share a true breakthrough that is helping a dear friend of mine who suffers from complex PTSD:  stellate ganglion block  It helps to relieve the sufferer of the nightmares and hyper autonomic resting baseline and to experience what people who do not have PTSD have.  This technique was used for chronic physical pain, by pain specialists, for perhaps cancer pain. But now it helps with this!


My Carla is happy. She is enjoying life at her pace. She knows this is only temporary, there is work to be done and she is fully prepared to do it. Like the lull before the storm, Carla is ready, willing and able to adapt to whatever else is asked of her. 

It brings great joy to my heart to see her both happy and content. 

There will be times you will be asked/or 'invited' to do a lot of everything. And then, there shall be times where your focus will be redirected, and it will be for you a 'breather'--be ready and aware to make the most of these times. 

Hope Johnson posted something on Instagram  link here look for Claiming What You Are!

This is a more 'advanced' level of understanding of our current events, and this too brings joy to Carla's and my hearts. 

Remember LOVE and ETERNITY are real, although you can' touch, taste, feel, hear, smell, or fully imagine them. Everything else is 'a lesson' for us to 'enjoy'...let's leave it at that, shall we?

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Sunday, September 19, 2021

So The Plot Thickens...


Divine Creator keeps moving me along in my own spiritual development. Refreshed, I went back to work on Friday. I find patients are being sent to me who need that 'extra' touch, and I gladly provide it. Two weeks ago was a woman who was terrified to get dialysis, and was needing access for dialysis. Her son had died from lupus at age forty-two, and he had been on dialysis. 

Gently, I shared with her that my mom had been on it. I gave her a box of kleenex and listened to her and soothed her. She asked me to write down my mom's advice on dialysis and I did--four points--EMLA cream to numb the graft before dialysis, picking the best person with the needle to the the only one at the facility you'd let access the graft, unsalted Ritz crackers to soothe the stomach, and to plan to rest at home for a bit after dialysis to allow the fluid shifts to complete.  I saw she was terrified, no family member present, and ask, again, gently, do you need a hug? She nodded yes with her tears, and I held her frail body in my arms for a brief hug in pre-op holding. 

I knew she wouldn't remember any of the surgery, and it would be fine for her. But I took the time (unpaid time!) to reassure her that she would feel better once her dialysis filters her blood. She must feel yucky now. And our family has had two kidney transplant recipients...She was delighted.

Just this week, a patient was very afraid. After I gave medicine to help them relax, I overheard the surgeon and patient talking. The patient had been through foster care and an unbelievable number of schools. The surgeon admitted his own mother had been adopted, so he understood what it is like not to know the parents or grandparents. 

In the recovery room, this patient said a big THANK YOU to me. From the heart...

As we move along at the hospital, all three OR requests from staff for 'religious exemption' have been granted. It took a conversation about religious beliefs for about an hour, protocol most likely, since these workers were highly skilled and impossible to replace in a short time. 

I still await the decision for me, although we are very short staffed and I had to work post-call the other day. 

Last week took a lot out of me, emotionally, physically, mentally. I'm looking forward to this week, a slower week. I have Jury Duty, but fortunately on Monday I can make my eye appointment, because the Jury didn't need me that day to show up. 

Yesterday I was going to rest at home, but family needs got me to drive way farther than my comfort zone...I went because I wanted to spend time with my niece and nephew and sister and brother in law.

It was a long drive. I had to go into a gated home in the countryside/foothills. I parked on gravel, I haven't done that in like, forever. I wandered up to the house, not sure how to get in. I was greeted warmly. I asked for the restroom and was shown it.

My sister was nowhere to be seen. But she texted me that Uncle Bobby was going to give me a tour!

I had no idea who Uncle Bobby was at the time. But he came up in a golf cart, and gave me the tour.

Immediately, I asked him about the Botero sculpture next to the pool. How did he ever get one of those???

It was a long story, a garage sale find...delightful. 

The photo above is from part of the tour. I took it. He offered me the cross, but I said no thank you, it's beautiful just as it is, and deeply moving.

Uncle Bobby is an artist! A successful, contemporary artist, who even has work on display in Times Square, NY.  And his land had a gallery, an art studio, a clay studio, and a chapel. 

I adore art! And I felt like I was getting a transfusion of joy to see and appreciate all the works on display. 

What was fun was that Uncle Bobby sort of 'gets it' about the world of Spirit and the Afterlife. He's been deeply moved by art images in the church. He has a book written called, 'Keep An Eye On Your Soul, Creating Change Through the Arts' that's been helping prisoners turn their lives around in Canada for ten years now. 

My sister told him I 'was spiritual'.

He was delighted to talk of things that others usually didn't want to hear in the family--we spoke of how Spirit is real, and the physical/senses/our perception is the dream. He's had some experiences that were deeply moving. One was a photo of a nun taking confession from a priest where there were Dutch style doors to the confessional. There was St Paul there. Apparently he was beheaded in his martyrdom. But he showed me how the picture with the spirit was there. 

He also spoke of the Trappist monks (most Ascetic of them all) who used to be Knights Templars and how Thomas Merton was a Trappist. I was like, hmmmmm....his step-son had worn a very dark, dark, inverted star tee shirt to my niece's birthday party. 

There was no judgement, but I could tell Discernment wasn't 20/20 focus in that family. The artist's heart was good, and he loved his pets. The deceased ones are buried in a beautiful grotto next to two Blessed Mother Mary statues. And a family was going to bury their bulldog pup who accidentally drowned right there today...

I'd worked very hard on the drive there, spiritually. As I drove through a military training ground for seventeen miles, I did the Jesus prayer. I remembered how Svali had lived near there, and described her family going there to practice at night--driving silently in the car, with the headlights off, to not create attention.  I thought about how the dark military was right there, hidden in plain sight...and I was deeply moved to ask for Divine Help. 

Little did I know at the end of the road I'd be working even harder!

Since I was in a new chapel, I knelt on the floor at the rail in the front, and I prayed the prayer sequence to get a wish when you are in a new church--three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys, and three Glory Be's. It's only the first time in the new church. But I made my wish for Uncle Bobby. So he can reach out to more people with his incredible ministry in his home.  His wife, Aunt Ann, is an artist in ceramics...she was very nice too. 

The stepson had terrified me at the birthday party months earlier, because he has a pit bull puppy. Now it was eight months. The jaws are massive. I can never forget the injuries I've seen professionally from such dogs. So I spent the entire time, hours after the tour, entertaining and protecting my niece who weighs like, thirty pounds max. My sister, too, helped to keep the dog away. I was told it was a Pit that had all the terrier breeder out of it, it's gentle...I'm not easily convinced but the dog was well behaved and didn't try to take anything from the table (food) in both the barbecue area and the table and kitchen. 

It was hard for me to open my heart to the stepson, but I did. And I'm glad I did. It turns out his brother died from drug overdose related circumstances ten years ago. The mother was heartbroken. So close to tears. 

When you are nourished in spirit, and I was from the art tour and the prayers said through the very slow traffic on the way there--you can. You will know when it's asked of you. You will just know.

Did I spill the beans with Uncle Bobby?


I did tell him I know of my guardian angel, and his name is Laetari. He really liked that.

Uncle Bobby and Aunt Ann gave me an open invitation to visit. And Uncle Bobby promised I can paint with him too. I made him pinkie promise!

People are so close to awakening, and even though Bobby and I are on the cutting edge--one day hopefully soon the general public is going to crack. He told me how his awakening was when a Trappist monk put him in a room with a monstrance. There was a table with a cloth on it, and the monstrance. (a thing that holds the eucharist for adoration of the body of Christ). He wasn't sure if the trappist had left to go get something and was coming back, or what he was supposed to do in there by himself. But then, there was a sudden drawing of his consciousness to the monstrance--he could see his recently deceased mother through there, and also, he just KNEW in an instant with his whole being that Spirit was REAL. It wasn't an 'I have to think about it' or 'remember it and reflect'. It was like BAM!

Hopefully (Ross assures us that we are) on such a precipice and awakening is inevitable. And this Saul Message points us in the same direction.

P.S.   I share what happens to me, first hand, in Medicine, on the Front Lines, so that you will know it doesn't just happen to me. It happens to everyone who works in my capacity. And the people in the Operating Room. And on the wards. The work expected of us is to do cognitive skills and people skills work almost like machines. This is the legacy of Big Pharma, which is a cousin to Big Oil and most likely Big Tech. It just IS. You need to go though whatever you are meant to go through to help you awaken. And we have staff awakening right and left, just slowly. I won't be able to keep this up forever. But I will have fun being 'in the thick of things' until it's my time to stop. And my career is firmly placed in God's hands, and I'm letting God decide how I best can serve for the Big Picture. <3

(Ross chuckles. He sees all the Big Picture, and he has so very much love. For us all.)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Twins

Friday, September 17, 2021

A Little News


I was at my hospital for thirty-one hours straight on my last call shift this month. During that time, I was pressured not to eat during my main OR line up assignment of cases. Why? Because the surgeon had a dinner at a 'meat based restaurant in a fancy area' planned for the whole group that was paid for by the sales representatives for some equipment he was using, and didn't want to be late.

Actually, the surgeon said, announcing to the room, 'everyone who is helping us today is going to be going to that dinner'.

I asked, 'does that mean me?'

And he looked at me, astonished, and said, 'how are you helping us?' and explained even though I am working with them all day I am not 'on the team'. 

I was surprised. I knew I couldn't go because I was on call. But the surgeon wanted fast, fast turnover. Fortunately I had brought a handful of energy bars in my bag and had some in my pocket. 

That's what my life is reduced to when I work. I am completely beaten down, and even though I walk through the nurses' lounge to use the toilet, and they are all getting breaks, and all the techs are getting breaks, I don't even challenge the status quo that I am not given breaks to tend to my needs like lunch and dinner.

I am broken.

Instead I feel lucky to be allowed to drink water. And I take a cup of half hot, half cold water quickly in gulps between every other case.

When his assistant, a physician assistant, found out I'm sacrificing food to keep the lineup going as he demands, she was shocked. Absolutely. And asked if I wanted a protein bar? I told her I had them. 

I had let her go to pump because she has a little baby at home, and it had been a long time, so she ran to her office and pumped between cases.

I had mentioned to the surgeon perhaps one of the two surgeons could come at the start of the case because she needed to pump, and he, again astonished, exclaimed, that 'she doesn't do anything' so there was no need for them to cover.

I've seen what she does. She makes sure the screens are in the right positions and all the equipment is ready and in order because he's super picky.

And this is a young guy. Kind of a Kylo Ren looking guy. 

But after that lineup, around dinner time, I was permitted food. I went to the cafeteria, ordered a chicken quesadilla, spinach, watermelon and yogurt. 

I turned on the baseball game on my phone and enjoyed the fresh air. Remember I'm in an N95 mask all day long inside the building. 

The charge nurse from the O.R. asked me what was taking so long. The next surgeon was here and was very upset. He wanted to go to do a case at another hospital, and she wouldn't let him. As I was walking upstairs, having eaten all but the spinach, which I had labeled carefully in its container and put into the PACU fridge...she is texting me if I should let another anesthesiologist start my case. So, as I'm writing the note and setting up, my colleague is asking how she can help? And for me, telling someone how to help is actually more work than doing it on my own. You want me to start the case? You want me to talk to the patient? You want...on and on and on. Such PRESSURE. Finally I said, 'get me an endotracheal tube ready please.' and went to get my restricted drugs needed for anesthesia from the big robotic machine in the hallway, another total time waster.

The surgeon rushed through the case in fifteen minutes. Honest to God. And announced to the room that 'care was not compromised for this surgery'. And took off.

I tried to sleep. So grateful to rest, but I remembered a colleague was doing a very sick case. I got report, finished his anesthesia care plan, and went to rest. When the OR woke me up, and said I have to go intubate a patient upstairs, in ICU, I realized it was one I had just dropped off. I went to the pharmacy to get some stronger reversal because the OR supply had run out. They struggled to find me some as it was night crew. While I was standing there, the surgeon called me and screamed at me to go right up and intubate, the pH was 7.2 (actually, 7.29, normal is 7.4) and that his patient was SEPTIC and should never have been extubated! So with my drugs in my pocket from pharmacy, I went up to ICU, and intubated, realizing I'd left my eyeglasses in the call room. 

Gently I explained I had relieved the other physician, his plan was to extubatne, he said it with such confidence I thought he'd checked with you. Next time I will ask you directly. 

I rested until another case went at ten thirty until midnight. I worked the next day, starting at 0700. Then I had to stick around until 1300, because no one could cover me, and I had an appointment with my own doctor, first in four years, at 1520. (I had wanted medical exemption when I made the appointment long time ago.)  I rested in the car, and walked to a new restaurant across the street for lunch. Spirit told me to go. There was a very strange character, male, thin, with a witch hat and lots of chains hanging on his pants--who was digging through the trash as I ate. I think I had to be there for that. His energy was awful, demonic, and I carefully looked at my plate and nothing else.  Back to the hospital at 12:30, I prepared for a patient, and my colleague relieved me before I could make a dime off the case. I was so glad to go home.

My doctor shared a number of things I can't really share about that thing that goes in your shoulder. But I have first-hand information that not only is it true, it's a lot of cases just in that office and provider. It's puzzling to them, why people don't talk about it. One patient even ended up with permanent autoimmune kidney failure and needs dialysis now. My doctor took the JJ, from coercion from work. The two week waiting period after was agony wondering what side effect might befall them as a married couple. And a leg started to burn. The right one. The inguinal lymph nodes were so swollen that blood flow wasn't good to the leg, but it recovered. 

Here is the Schumann for today http://sosrff.tsu.ru/new/shm.jpg?.fbclid=IwAR13_jNItf6LSoK7YaAO5iIt1l-GY2CnABsgx61RQ67DAFtoryLjMELIapg

I get a sense of us being like tuning forks. And when one is near the other it starts to vibrate too.

Hold your vibration.

For me, I'm going to 'depleted' much faster than usual, and it's just about every day I'm at work. I'm having to work harder and harder on filling my cup (meditation, sunshine, rest, good food) and being easier on myself, (skip the bathroom cleaning, Ross said to me the other day). 

Remember we are here for a reason, and embody it. 

The posts against people who do not wish to experience the shoulder thing are getting more and more violent. I saw one that was really, really bad. The evil and the brainwashing are on high volume now, and many are asleep.  To respond to it, I said one word, 'ouch'. 

If people only had taken the red pill, they would know who runs the world, and what battle we are in, not just for our lives, but for our souls, and for the control of earth and her destiny. 

Brain washing works.

Evil is desperate to assert control.

Remember Jesus and Heaven, and make all your decisions to get you in alignment with them. Home is forever. Here is not.

Here is a reminder and an encouragement for us

I need to run and get ready for work again.

Thank you for all your blessings you send my way. It really helps. And I hope you appreciate what information I can give you from the front lines. Everyone is at their breaking point. Business isn't good. That's why they are snapping at me.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

On Having Eyes That See


Adam and Eve had full run of the Garden of Eden.  Next to God, they were in charge of everything. The animals, the plants...they were made in the exact image of God.

Eve was deceived.

She was told, since she couldn't eat of the apple/fruit from a certain tree, that 'something was being held back from her'. So she took it, and she got 'knowledge', and shared this with Adam, and next thing you know, they were ashamed for their nakedness.

God figured it out. And he didn't send them away empty handed. He created tunics for them. And Adam's tunic was handed down generation to generation until it was stolen from Noah by one of his sons, most likely Ham. 

Who is the original source of 'wanting to be like God'?

The same one who is behind most of the organized secret societies we know today. 

Again, people are deceived just like Eve. They are told they need to do certain things -- achieving certain 'levels' if you will -- to 'be like God'.

It's the same lie.

It's the lie the first one said, to the angels, and they all fell together--because they wanted to BE Gods. 

Our world, is run, by people who are created IN the exact image of God, who are under some kind of sad, sick, spell, where they can't understand what they basically ARE...so they do some crazy shit that others who have done that same crazy shit tell them to do. These people are totally manipulative and manipulated, corrupted and corruptible. 

That's why prayer and meditation are so important for us in our daily schedules. It helps us to remember who we are, and why we are here. To awaken as many souls as possible from these total lies, and bring them home.

Yesterday I had lunch with a colleague. She was asking me if she should get the booster shot. She wasn't sure. She knows of some who have lied and said they had immune problems to go out and get it (she named names of surgeons we both know.)

I'm not sure if she knows I've taken it or not. Every time she has asked I've said no.

She said how she was napping in the doctor's lounge, and FOX news was on, and as she was listening she was like, 'why on earth would anyone want to take that shot?' She's not a big news person, she says, but I know she likes CNN, she's democrat, and her husband, two teen twin girls, and extended family have all had the shot to be safe.

She normally doesn't take the flu shot. When she has, she has gotten very sick. So she skips it. She would have skipped this one, but she didn't want to miss her 'window of opportunity'...I remember her telling me that in December.

I asked her, calmly, simply, 'how many boosters are you going to take?'

She said she's not going to.

I said, 'but then you won't be able to travel or buy anything or sell anything...'

I know she heard but she didn't comment. She knew she was in a bind once she had taken it.

She leveled with me. Everyone knows it's a bioweapon. But how come they did it? (in Iran, where she is from, young people are dying from the delta, even a friend, healthy, five years younger than her, just died. She learned of it three weeks ago.)

On one level, she knew I knew more than I was talking. On another level, she wanted to stay asleep and have someone pat her on the head and say 'everything is fine just do as you are told.'

I told her the five scenarios I've heard:

  • Wuhan itself was from 5G activation, and Covid was a retaliation
  • C-19 was created to 'dumb down' the protestors in Hong Kong and make them compliant
  • It's design is so DNA specific it targets a receptor in male asian lung nobody else has 
  • It's a depopulation plan
  • we are in unrestricted warfare and it's going back and forth with the variants
She agreed that the males die more, mostly asian ones, and she thought that was uncanny.

Then the nurse called her to go work. She left. 

Yesterday morning, I had to get my first of my twice-weekly Covid tests as a condition to work. I was leaving and coming into the testing location (which is hidden. They don't make it easy. And they don't give out N-95's. Not like before. You have to wear dirty ones for days and try to find new ones which aren't in good supply.)...coming into the testing location was the Chief X-ray tech. He's been on the front lines taking all the films of the patients. I've known him for twelve years. There was a look we exchanged briefly, one of knowing. The strength I felt in this 'kinship' was incredible and supportive. It's the end of the world, we both know, this is persecution and we are holding the line for our beliefs come what may, with jobs in the balance. 

The hospital will be completely screwed without him. And also, completely screwed with one less anesthesiologist. They won't be able to meet all of their responsibilities and can lose the contract.

Today is the day it will be decided, and I pray to my mom in Heaven, who loved Larry Elder, for freedom to return to California again. 

I've been seeing faces with my third eye. For weeks now.

They just pop up. At first I thought it was premonition? I needed to recognize these faces for later. But it wasn't and they kept coming. Just for a moment each face shows up in my consciousness, often more than one at a time, as many as five.

I didn't ask, and my guides didn't tell. It just 'was'.

My dream time has been very active too.

Last night I was reading letters of inspiration saved by a nurse friend who is very close to me at work, she's an RNFA. And I was holding someone who had been wounded deeply in childhood close to my heart, and he was crying and I was telling him it was okay, to cry and to get it out. When he was done I said, 'you are going to be okay.' And we exchanged a look.

When I was little I used to show up in my friend's and classmates' dreams. A lot. They would say, 'I dreamed about you!' It seems odd, I know, but it was normal for me. And I never remembered being in their dreams.

The part of me that is like Ross might be coming to the surface. That ability to connect in so many ways, all at once. 

Keep a watch for it. You might do it too.

Yesterday, I was hesitant, but with Ross' guidance and companionship, I told demons what to do and where to go. And they LISTENED to me. There wasn't any of the usual crap where we talk and they argue. There was not one speck of them trying to hurt me or bite me like they used to do. The word I had a little trouble coming to mind, but it was that I commanded them. 

I knew they were there. I told them it was time to go. I couldn't even see them. Usually I can but I was really bright light. A walk-in angel was waiting to come help. I actually asked to make sure the walk-in would be undetectable because there might be certain mannerisms from the demons that those around the person was used to. I was assured that it would be the case. Ross had me do something, and absolutely blinding lights flashed around and I lay seeds of some sort to keep the dark ones OUT forever for this soul/person. I saw the walk-in go in, and I wished them luck. But these dark ones were like, totally invisible to me even though I knew they were there, and they were taken by the right teams to the right place. 

We can command demons.

This is our birthright.

Solomon didn't have good foundation because David wasn't a good father and didn't pass on the ability to talk with Creator and to be good. So he started playing with demons, trying to categorize them, in order to 'control' them. This is a lie. This is part of the original lie about being 'like gods'. You study and do the levels and get to be able to talk with certain demons who make you think that you are controlling them, but in the end, it is THEY who are controlling YOU. 

Don't try to be like God.

Remember who you truly ARE.

And as you remember, you will be guided to do some incredible things! Because we are like the one who is obedient and in service to Creator, the Divine Son. And HE is the one who can command anything and everything, now and forever. Serve HIM, walk in his footsteps, and let your Divine Love for Divine Mother and Father continue to grow by leaps and bounds. 

Remember the liar, who came to cheat, kill and destroy. Remember his 'hang up' of wanting to be 'like God'--he didn't know what he was, created in the likeness of God. He has taken out a third of the angels, and a whole lot of incarnate people, with that misperception, that misconception, and untruth.  Don't look to what you don't have, and go jumping through hoops to obtain it.

Remember who you ARE. Remember HOME. Remember our PURPOSE.  Remember these are the End Times, and it's going to be quite a show.

Perhaps starting with California today.


Carla paid dearly for her work with that soul/demonic entity that got the boot and got switched.

All the drive home she thought of a new restaurant like the one her family used to go to in Long Beach's Belmont Shore, that was near her home. 

She was happy.

But when she parked, she couldn't close the trunk/back end of her station wagon. This happens sometimes, there is a battery that needs to be replaced. But, you couldn't manually close it. How can you drive with an open hatch? She called for vehicle information, but it was closed. The service place was closed. Her mechanic was closed. 

She was tired, she didn't want to cook dinner, and her plans were ruined! Poor Anthony, she has to take his care and he is without! 

But fortunately, they were able to go to the restaurant. Today is a late start. And perhaps she can get the car taken care of...

We shall see (he smiles mysteriously).

Remember that this goes with the territory.

And Carla, today, realized it's better for this to happen at home, than while she is at work, if indeed it is time for it to happen...

Now it's time to call the service station.

clap! clap!

Remember who you ARE, powerful beings of Light!

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
Your Friends

Saturday, September 11, 2021

At Ross' Request


Ross asked me to write.

Yesterday, on the way to work, I asked him for help. I felt lost between all the changes that are coming and happening. I didn't know what to do with myself, or with my life. In my reading of Revelation yesterday, there was a chapter that said that the only people who survive--run--when God is making a big punishment/dramatic thing. And people like Lot were escorted by angels OUT of the area of danger. 

I keep getting the message to stay put.

So I am.

And Ross said, simply, 'hold my hand'.

So I've been holding it.

At work, it wasn't a good day yesterday. I only worked four hours and my stress level was up and up. I learned we aren't a unionized hospital. And that's why the staff make less, but there's little oversight to the hours worked. Our sister hospital is union. And I know even through it's a trauma center, there isn't the same working all night and having to come back in to work the next day without sleep like at my hospital.

Who knows how long it's going to be my hospital? I don't know. 

I'm holding Ross' hand.

Pomona Valley hospital retracted all their religious exemption denials and approved everyone.

At ours there was an email:  Religious Exemption Request - Follow-Up,

Hello, (note there's no name)

This email confirms that we received your request for a religious accommodation to exempt you from (or hospital) COVID-19 vaccination policy. We have finished our initial review of your submitted form. Next, we plan to schedule time to continue to engage in the interactive process with you. HR will connect with you next week. 

Thanks and have a great weekend,

Manager, Human Resources.

I got one of those letters once. At the University. I had to meet at a certain time with the Chair of the department. The Vice Chair was in the room too. As I drove to park, my colleague who had the meeting before me gestured with the throat slicing hand gesture as he crossed the street in front of my car.  I went up to the office and the two chairs were laughing like it's a big joke. They invited me in, and all the chair said was, 'things change!' and handed me a formal letter of not renewing my contract, there was sixty days notice, and I had to turn in my badge immediately. It was horrific. 

I know from my friend who got an MBA at Harvard that there are classes teaching managers how to say things to get employees to do things, using advanced psychology. My friend said, 'DON'T BUY IT!' to me. And this was like, thirty years ago. 

The surge itself is going down. Maybe forty patients system-wide. 

My friends who are requesting the religious exemption are all very calm, and I am too. Remember how when you are being used by Spirit for a purpose, the Holy Spirit fills you with calm and peace. 

Today I have to go back to the hospital to see a patient who had a complication. It's a no-report event, it's resolving. But it made me deeply sad it happened. 

Tomorrow I go to another hospital to renew my ACLS/BLS. Every two years, two weekends in September get taken up with that. And every time, the administrative assistants send meaner and meaner letters earlier and earlier warning you of the impending expiration. With no ACLS/BLS, you can't work, and I do the pediatric version PALS, as well, since I've always had the certification. My work doesn't require PALS, except at the surgery center. And it turns out, my colleagues, who wanted to go in on a 'lifetime renewal' option, to save money, ended up learning that they had to have PALS, and our three new hires didn't have it. 

Rude surprise!

Anyhow, from yesterday's topic of the 'slow poisons' in our foods, that the Biblical nutritionist talked about? I like to follow advice like that to keep my energy body healthy, and able to reach out and talk to Spirit. 

It got me thinking...there may be more than 'two part poisons' at play with Maxine. A two-part poison is where you are given something that won't kill you. And later, you are given something else, that shouldn't kill you, but it's known to interact with the first part, and cause death. 

This concept is virtually untraceable, because the world thinks only about poison poisons--one step kind.

What if the Mark of the Bee st is a multi-layer spiritual poison? What if the groundwork or framework is laid, and then successive layers are added with each 'dose'? And then the crowning part is where you know what it is, you don't care, you accept it, and you're spiritually robbed of your inheritance from Creator?

I don't know.

What's happening in Nigeria (can't go to bank) is deeply concerning. And also, remember that Nick Vucjic had all his banking taken away from him because he said something about pro-life or abortion in a talk. None of his credit cards worked and he couldn't access his money. That's why he's starting his own financial system. Nick is a Christian pastor. He's the one behind Life without Limbs. 

Lots can change. 

I have a big letter from the pharmacy I got last night too. I have to explain things to the boss about how I give drips. I told Ross last night it seems no matter how hard I try, these things keep happening. I want to cry. But he asks me, 'why cry?' and to trust. Certainly, a burst of energy came, and I know how to handle it. So I will. Today I will do that at the hospital too. Take a picture and send it. Then say I won't ever do anything wrong ever again. Wrong is in the chief of pharmacy's eyes, who doesn't understand anesthesia dosing and delivery. 

Anyhow, next week I have work, the week after that is Jury Duty. 


I want to be gentle with you here. I want to be gentle with you, as I am with Carla, who suffers from terrible anxiety and has all her life. Reiki, daily Reiki is important because it connect you with the energy from Home. 

Meditation is important.

As also is study of the classical texts, such as the Bible. 

We are in the end times.

Carla knows on a deeper level, that at the end, when the world is totally falling apart, she is going to be the happiest she's ever been and overflowing with joy--because of MY presence which is closer and closer to arrive. 

But right now in the middle of the beginning of the end, or wherever you wish to place it, because those of you incarnate can't see what I can see and can't know, it is understandably entirely stressful.

That's why we PRAY.

We pray and I hear and everyone hears your intentions when you pray to Divine Creator.

Prayer has the capacity to soothe you too, such as recitation of the Rosary for example, or a chanting like the Buddhists do. 

Always keep your eyes open for what is going on around you. There is no excuse to 'hide' from it. But also, tend to your heart and your spiritual needs. And then you will be full.

I invite you to hold both of our hands, mind and Carla's to strengthen you for the journey.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Twins

Friday, September 10, 2021

Behind The Scenes


To hell in a handbasket?


The world is going the way it's meant to go, and right now, things are going to get a little bumpy.

There are dynamics at play, earthly ones, that are not in plain sight.

Some governments and countries are rebelling against the system of control from the 'unseen hand' and the 'top of the pyramid'. Most notably, according to Ben Fulford (always take everything with a grain of salt)--Japan and Germany remember the Nuremberg trials, and are breaking away from the tyrants who have controlled earth for so long.

These tyrants are operatives of the Dark One who has the objective to steal, kill, and destroy. So...ANYTHING can happen! This team won't give up without a fight.

My job hangs in the balance of an exemption. And if I worked at United, my exemption wouldn't make a difference because all of their 'maxine' exemptions, medical and religious, are being placed on unpaid leave, and if the company can't figure out what to do with them then in five weeks they will be 'released from the company'.

Why would there be such a push to get everyone with the same medical treatment?

Can chickens on the farm refuse medicine? Can cattle and horses on the ranch take off their ear tags and go hang out wherever they want to go? There is a fence, a big one, isn't there?

So as the president states 'for our safety' a mandate, and governors across the country scramble to protect their people--California is up for grabs with a recall vote. Perhaps this is the best campaign move that could ever have happened, because people here are going to lose their jobs and lose them quickly. 

In the O.R., we were talking. California is a 'blue state'. There are not enough Republicans to make it go on the ballot. Democrats were signing that petition too. They were tired of the rules for everyone but the top. All wineries closed except you-know-who's. No fine dining but at French Laundry a thirteen thousand dollar tab on the taxpayers dime. It's the ruined businesses from the policies that signed to get the recall on the ballot.

So tomorrow is the 9/11 twentieth anniversary. That was supposedly scripted--by Reagan, (but remember his vice president perhaps it was him) and implemented by the Vice-President's son. Reportedly the son W is a full-fledged archon.  The trigger was pulled on the event because there was supposed to be a signing of something taking away central banks up there that day. The horror, the trauma, scarred a nation and ended up taking away a lot of our freedoms at the airport.

Domestically too.

According to Ben Fulford, the US actually went broke as a corporation at the end of 2020. And although the bankers have been printing money (that's all these central banks can do because their power base is eroding)...important paychecks to like the military aren't going to be able to be cashed after 9/30 and also some retirements/pensions won't be able to be paid. 

That's why, behind the scenes, behind the scenes (so you might never know actually), the white dragon society is going to meet with another dragon society to discuss a plan to save the situation.

So, what can you do about it?

Some people here in California moved to Texas and other places that aren't like here. Anthony's best friend moved suddenly this summer. 

You can pray. That's an important one. I find daily Bible reading, and reading spiritual material, really helps. Pastor Nafty has a new book on amazon, about the AC/Nimrod. It strengthens me.

You can turn things over to Creator. I have for my job. There's not lots I can do. And my 'mojo' has certainly been killed and destroyed, and my body too, as well as my confidence, from my work. Being denied sleep, food, a schedule..it's hard.  Night before last I panicked because I was working at one place but on deck to be called in at the other. It worked out. But last night I went to be early I was so tired. I didn't hear my colleague calling me, offering to do my one case because she has an early start.

I'll go do my one case. It's money. We need it.

You can work on being self-sufficient. I had an idea from spirit to grow snails for the turtle. She needs protein. She loves snails. Yesterday she didn't want any tofu at all. I might as well look up snails. Our neighborhood doesn't have any--the rats eat them all. 

Anyhow, I found this video Seven slow poisons to avoid in your diet. She makes a lot of sense. We don't eat many of those things, but it's good to listen to her. The few we do eat I can make at home to avoid those chemicals.

Ross is cheerful and he smiles and says, 'you never know what can happen!' about the current events. He says to always keep it on the positive because 'it annoys the enemy very much and discombobulates them.'

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos



Ross and Carla

The Couple

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Look Around You for Angels Unaware


My son and I went to a famous theme park in the area on Labor Day. We haven't been since January 2020. I've been going there regularly for fifty-one years now. It was my first job. And my son literally grew up there, I've taken him since he was three months old.

It is a safe place, especially for single mothers, and with an annual pass the cost wasn't that much to take him when he was under three. And in time, the passes have gotten more and more expensive. But since I started the passes when I was an intern--I wanted to be able to go any day, just to see healthy people because it was so hard to see the sick--I would know the whole reason why I was devoting my life to medicine. To keep people healthy.

There is a ride, a new one, that is very popular. 

You have to click on the virtual queue exactly at 0700 (or 1200) to get a place in line. Our group was seventy-four, and we ended up riding it around ten thirty or eleven. 

It's called ride of the resistance, I think?

It's a different ride. 

You walk through parts, then you take like a subway, then you walk, then you get on a cart thing. There were four people in our row, the last row, and there was a little girl next to me with her mom. And the little girl looked like this--afraid, with tears, apprehensive about being with a bunch of stormtroopers and Kylo Ren and the imperial fleet officers.

Her look of horror, was right.

Out of all the people in that ride, spiritually, she was correct and everyone else--besides me--was caught up in the illusion which this place does so well. 


I caught one whiff of them glorifying 'the Dark side' and I kept saying the Jesus prayer over and over and over. 

I was horrified too. It looked very real. They make you line up on colored lines, shoulder to shoulder, and the ride operators are like actors. Super nazi-like vibes. 

The Luciferians speak German, according to Svali, in her works describing her double life she escaped from. 

That's part of the work I did, all day, was asking for forgiveness for not knowing what goes on with the deeper levels of that place, and for taking my child there, and indoctrinating him like I was indoctrinated...to only see the top layer, the fun with the senses, and what they want you to see--happy families. 

A huge moment for me, was when I looked up what the Morse code was saying at a train station. It said, 'to all who come here, welcome'. Ironically, when the park opened, that wasn't said over the speakers like always. But this time, I understood. This cannot be taken at face value. A thirty-third degree, Illuminist, who is reported to actually have been a Roths child who had been given a new identity--was saying it. And clearly, oh so clearly, next to the Morse code emanating nonstop--I understood!  EVERYTHING is welcome. Spirit things in alignment with their team. Humans who have certain, um, 'preferences' and persuasions'. CIA-related researchers (they can get a lot of data on how to work with crowds) and other government workers...

Are the workers nice?  Yes. The hourly ones, the salaried ones. The majority are completely unaware of the hidden meanings. 

If you ever go, look carefully, very carefully, at the pavement as you drive over it to enter the parking lot. There is a peculiar design. There are double sixes--they share the round part but the top comes off the right and the left--one after the other after the other.

If you end up near a jungle themed area, and want some barbecue snacks, look up above the fire/cooking area for a stripped down, but still prominent, design of an upside-down star.

If you are in an area by the water and NOLA type buildings, there is a statue that has been changed. I posted it years ago, with a 'shhhhh' gesture and a huge phallic thing under its backside--it's a cherub kind of angel child. Now, the shhhhh is moved so it touches its chin, and the phallic is gone. 

August 2018

September 2021

Now this is something to look up. Who knows what it means? I don't

Ross doesn't want you to be shocked or disappointed or upset. Being the true Galactic he is, he says, that the evidence is in the cover-up. And if the phallic thing is being hidden, or removed, then, it's a sign that enough people are waking up.

He says for us to remember there are teachers everywhere we look, they are specifically hand-picked and chosen to surround us.

As our Consciousness raises, we are able to understand and appreciate the lessons that are being taught.

Everything is happening for the best, he says.

Today there's no work for me. Monday was a holiday, I had the weekend off. I last worked Friday. I took Tuesday off. And today, although I was available for my side job, there was no need for me to work. 

I'm so grateful to be home. Just yesterday, trying to make eye doctor appointments for me and Anthony took an hour. Our insurance is weird and hard for them to look up. 

I just need to be home.

I need ME time.

It's been so long, such a long lifetime, of being forced to wake up in the wee hours to get to mom's work and the sitter and school, and my work. 

Yesterday I picked two huge bowls of figs and prepared and dried them. 

I'm enjoying my happiness at home, and my rest. Yesterday I took a nap. It was so nice. I'm so ready to retire, it seems. I'll trust and leave it in God's hands.

Apparently, after five days of being just home together, Anthony tells me a boy at school on the water polo team is out with Covid. They were practicing in the pool. I noticed Anthony has a new cough. Fortunately, we have strong immunity. He's fine. And my Covid test from yesterday is negative. 

Such strange times indeed!

I'll make us breakfast now.

Keep looking for your teachers, Ross says. Remember the ones who teach us the easiest lessons we call 'friends', and the ones who teach us the more difficult lessons we have been known to refer to them as 'assholes' lol. He laughs at his own joke.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The wizards  (he's giggling over that--I pick up our magic is a lot stronger than those who dress like a mouse in sorcerer's apprentice) 

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Layers and Layers


Yesterday someone asked me about a book if it was okay to read it? I didn't get the message. Their intuition told them not to read it.

Books are tricky.

For the most part, Spirit has guided me to the right books at the right time. But there was one book, I read, It was a white leather bound-book from the local crystal shop called YWEH or something. Inside were all kinds of secret squares and Solomon keys and art and science. As I read it, I changed. It was my friends, my deep spiritual friends, who alerted me to what was happening. I threw the book out. Even though it cost forty-eight dollars.

What I didn't know was that even though it was white, and portrayed as a book from our team, in fact it wasn't and it was from the other team.

Inside of all literature, and all movies, and all music, are layers of messages:

  • the plot line or story that makes sense to the logical mind
  • the emotional story that tugs at our emotions and psyche
  • the hidden spiritual message put in there from the Dark Ones to 'signal' to their team this other, hidden 'lesson'
  • the key codes and activation sequences only your soul can understand

Here is an example. Last night we watched the movie Talladega Nights. We haven't seen any movie together since going to the theater for the most recent Fast and the Furious release several months ago. 

It's a funny story (watch because often they add social 'themes' to advance the narrative in humorous works)--it pokes fun at the South and the racing lifestyle. But there's a gay formula one racer with his husband from France, added for shock value back in the day, and we noticed it wouldn't be received well with today's audiences. It was a little too much poking fun at that point.

But the hidden messages, the occult ones? It helps to read symbolism. And in this one, it wasn't exactly 'symbols', it was 'names'. When the best friend took Will Ferrell's wife and house (a very Luciferian thing that happens all the time)--he renamed himself from 'Shake and Bake' to 'The Magic Man'. And at the end of the movie? Will Ferrell renames himself 'El Diablo' (the devil).  The film is about worldly success, doing what thou wilt, that it's okay and how the world is run. 

I see it for what it is. 

I pray always for Ross to protect me from key codes and activation sequences that are dark. From all things dark. I have a diamond shield and another shield, I know they protect me (Contact Isabel Henn to get the shield of the Divine Mother if you're interested.)

Even these blog posts have good key codes and activation sequences written into them. Embedded I suppose is a better word. I am not conscious of their going in, but I do sense our energy going into the works we do. 

That book, He Came To Set The Captives Free, is actually a good book from a Christian. I had forgotten when the reader asked me. But the news is so shocking, and disturbing, that that's why you need Ross to protect you when you read it. It's the truth of a Bride of Satan who came to the side of Jesus and totally converted. 

We saw this movie the other day, a short interview, and we are going to share it:  trafficked woman who got free. Before you watch it, or watch it again, we want you to look for the pattern:
  • so much abuse in childhood the victim didn't know any better
  • the abuser/pimp giving her what she wanted--validation and protection
  • this blinded the victim to the lies, and she did what she did for 'their future' which was another lie
  • correctly, the woman realized the lies.
  • correctly, even though there was a delay, the woman trusted her Christian friends who helped her escape
  • correctly, she knew she was in grave danger trying to leave until her pimp found another girlfriend
  • correctly, she knew that only Jesus could help her in that situation. And correctly, she said to Him, 'save me or kill me, and do it Now, because I can't go back to doing what I did in my past'.
  • correctly, that warmth and peace she felt, was directly from Home and Jesus.

It took NINE YEARS for her to escape.

Nine years of suffering without realizing anything could be better.

But to leave the demonic, dark 'trap' she was in, she had to realize he was lying to her. She had to see it for herself. And she needed the steady kindness to keep being available to her until she was ready to act.

This is a template for everyone who is asleep within the system that was created by the 'builders' for our society. 

Truth can't stay hidden forever.

Even if the Truth is seen when people pass--seen for the first time.

Look for the layers.

Do not be afraid of them, you are safe and protected by Ross. 

Always trust your intuition. Don't just jump and do whatever it says, discern first, and give yourself time to get better at discernment. When something comes along that's a 'glitch', don't worry, recognize it for what it is (more learning!) and move on.

Be sure to spend time in Nature.  There you are exposed to the most healing and natural vibration there is. And you are away from 'outside influence'--electromagnetic, spiritual, psychological 'stuff' that is being bombarded at us 24/7, 365 by The Other Team.

Make sure you get good sleep, enough sleep, meditation, and eat simple foods, whole ones. Drink plenty of water too.


What Carla is saying is that there are two teams 'out there'. Both are doing everything possible to strengthen their teams and capture the undecided to their camp.

Be both cautious and curious about what is happening. On a Spiritual level this is a significant event, a battle.

Be still and know God exists.  Our God is a Loving God. And God cares for you much much more than the state or any institution that can be found anywhere on Earth.

Keep this magnificent LOVE flowing in your veins freely.

That is enough for today.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple