Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Single mom at work, Sick kid, and Reiki

Yesterday we had plans to join friends and go to the beach. Right after confirming our address for our friends to drive over, my son sneezed. Purulent yellow thick snot came out both nostrils and I had to run to get a tissue. There had been no sign of any illness when I dropped him off at school on Friday, before his weekend with Dad.

You need to see a doctor. You have a sinus infection.

But he didn't want to go. I didn't want to go. I rationalized this: salt water will start healing, nasal rinse when we get home, and now Zyrtec!

The beach was much fun. But at bedtime, again, he was feeling pretty sick. Could not even breathe through the nose. I started calling who would take care of him. I have about eight people I can call, but the more the last minute, the less likely to have them be available. Both parents had to work (dad gets off at three);  one grandma spending the night at the casino;  the other grandma sick.  Both Aunts are busy. You get the idea.

Even though he felt crappy, he was not having a fever or throwing up. I brought him to school. We were both not sure how long he could take it. The guilt I felt at leaving him was overwhelming.

Nothing makes me madder than being in a healing profession and not having time to take care of your sick kid. I see red. I go off on my rant about how no mammal anywhere separates from their young until they are ready to go out into the world alone! Human society is horrible!

At work, while juggling a propofol pump that kept beeping every ten minutes, a needy surgeon (raise the table! Lower the table! Tilt the table!) I was texting and coordinating. I found a sitter who would pick him up at noon and take him to his doctor and watch him. I let his dad know all was well. I cancelled baseball and swimming.

Then it struck me: where is Reiki in all of this?!

So, in the O.R., while the patient was stable, doing my 'speed version' , I drew the Distance Symbol with my eyes. I opened my son's aura. I picked up congestion, and throat chakra blockage. His father has been telling him 'you eat like a pig' and even kicked him under the table for his lack of manners at a restaurant. My boy does not want to spill, and bends close to the plate.  This reiki session helped me piece the clues 'Thank God!' he exclaimed, when I said my sister the therapist would be someone to talk to about that and get help to feel better.

And then I turned the Reiki on myself. I realized he knows I love him. And one day he will understand how I was coordinating care while a case was in progress. I am doing a good job.

My last case went to PACU at nine-thirty. By the time I got dressed, turned in my narcotic box, and drove to the sitters, it was almost ten. Will I have to wake him up? Am I doing the right thing?

I heard laughter. He and the others were watching the movie Step Brothers and cracking up!

We went to Mc Donald's drive through on the way home, and shared large fries and each had a chocolate sundae. It was a Summer Night that I did not expect!

Reiki helped me to get out of the way of myself on learnng this lesson.
I think the Universe did a good job teaching me on that.

Love and Light,

Reiki Doc

Angry, hurt trapped, guilty. Reiki showed me a way through, truth.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee (Disturbing film)

Wake up and smells the coffee?

Yesterday I was called out of some good waves by a friend to come see this. As I looked at the horror of a dead harbor seal washing ashore, I sent strong messages Up, asking for Guidance:

surely there has to be some message in this (animal totem**)?

what is it You are trying to say?

Please send it so I might understand?

It took a few seconds, that felt like forever. And then it hit, an emotion/information that I understood immediately:

(There is a feeling you get in medicine, when the patient is not doing well, and is warning you that it is about to Code--code blue. It is the sickest one can be sick before actually dying. A code blue is a situation between life-and-death that can go either way)

Gaia is in trouble. She needs help right away. This is going to take MORE than reusable bags at the grocery store (the bags felt Insignificant, a drop in the bucket).

I felt a need to get everybody together and roll up our sleeves and get to work.

The whole Disclosure thing-whenever and however that is meant to happen-is only a start. The real work is only to begin after Disclosure.

Please send Love and Light to Gaia at every opportunity

Please listen for resonance in your Heart of Hearts to how you can possibly help Her

Thank you.


Reiki Doc

**Hawaiian Monk Seal from The Hawaiian Oracle by Rima A Morrell, PhD:
Hulu:  Challenge = Remembrance, Way through = Rhythm, Gift = Immortality

Aia ke ola i Kahiki
Life is in the Kahiki   (Kahiki are ancient lands)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Reiki and the Pediatric Dentists

Open wide!

This is a Reiki-based analysis of two local pediatric dentists:

Dentist A:
Has an office with toys, children's magazines, and several large video game consoles slightly more recent than Ms. Pac Man in the waiting room.
There are very few patients.
Films are taken with those things you have to bite on with pieces of film in them.
She finds a cavity in my three-year-old and wants to fill it that same day.
The treatment room is separate from the exam/cleaning chairs, and looks scary.
Fillings include Novocaine injection and conventional drill.
The dentist is fast, accurate, and a little too friendly.
Reward is stickers. Only one.
Only very good behavior gets a trip to the toy box, with old carnival-style win toys (cheap)

Energy is old, dying, desperate for cash inflow. There is a feeling of being sucked in.

Dentist B:
Has an office with a theme, video games built onto the wall (my son played Skee Ball and Tennis) in the waiting room.
One hundred percent digital dental x-rays
All the staff wears scrubs to match the dentist (changes each day)
The window is painted like a menu with all the flavors of 'toothpaste' (grinding stuff) and fluoride
Movies are on the ceiling over each chair
Laser drill means no Novocaine shots for fillings
Toy box for rewards, and multiple stickers
Immediate co-pay before you leave the door, credit card machine there.
Email and text reminders for appointments, as well as phone calls.

Energy is slick, upbeat, and workers are stressed. Cost-efficiency is evident but unspoken.

Let's compare them to MY dentist:

Dentist C:
Instead of dental fellowship in pediatric dentistry, studied at Sloane-Kettering Memorial for oncology reconstruction.
Was on staff at a University Hospital with Otolaryngology
Accepts he is never going to be able to pay for his new office furniture/design from five years ago
Personally cleans my teeth
Gives me his contact numbers
Has taken care of me longer than all of my marriages combined! (he worked on University staff, not the general public, with his general dentistry skills)
Helps people with devastating loss of cosmesis and function due to cancer regain a working mouth
Water drill
Standard X-rays

Energy is there is time to get the job done, done right, with careful attention to you.

Lets compare all three to my friend from college that went to dental school:

Dentist D:
Has held permanent part-time positions (two), one for the Senior Clinic and the other for Underserved.
Is an employee. (the other three own their practices)
Loves to travel.
Owns a simple home, and enjoys the Bay Area with hobbies like bicycling
Sends me chocolates at the holidays, along with lots of free sample size tubes of toothpaste

Energy is Life is Short, get the most from it, and get what is needed to survive but not amass fortune.

Question 1:
Which dentist is the most successful in the third dimension?

Question 2:
Which dentist is most likely to Ascend?

Question 3:
Which dentist is so out of touch with modern technology they are being left in the dust by the competition?

Question 4:
Which dentist is making the most impact on individuals?

Question 5:
Which dentist is likely to have the best personal healing energy available for the patient?

Question 6:
Which dentist would you most like to have work on you? And your family?

Question 7:
How much would you be willing to pay to see this dentist?
(I pay $111 a month for private dental insurance with 50% copay on covered items, increasing to 90% for some preventive and routine care after three years. My periodontal cleaning visits on my University policy are not covered. They cost $129 each time I go.)

Question 8:
How would Reiki-trained dentists compete with dentists A, B, C, and D? Would A,B,C, and D ever be open enough to get Reiki attunement?

Question 9:
Which dentist would you want to give you an anesthetic for larger procedures--Nitrous or Sedation? (assuming I am not available--LOL)

Question 10:
How does dental disease (red chakra, finances, survival) best heal?

Just to get you thinking : )


Reiki Doc

Reiki, Adversity, and Divine Intervention

I am going to talk about myself, and the unexpected help that often shows up when you are in a bind and the Universe is your Partner in The Work At Hand.

I am a good Worker for the Universe. I work tirelessly on behalf of the common good. My dream and my goal is to make Reiki a part of Healing everywhere, to bring it to homes where parents can help their children fall asleep blissfully, where everyone is a healer and ready to help a soul in need.

Today I gave Reiki to my boy as the dentist scraped the plaque off his teeth and he was hurting. I simply held his hand and let it flow. It was enough to get him through the experience. Nobody needed to know, but it is automatic and helpful, and it is what I did.

Last night I had a patient in the medical profession who was so afraid of having a cesarean section and using drugs that she only let herself gain twenty-four pounds during the pregnancy! Normal weight gain is thirty. This woman let fear of 'un-natural' childbirth put her child in danger of low birth weight. Furthermore she went to nine centimeters with an OP (occiput posterior) presentation, the most mechanically difficult one for giving birth, and consequently the most painful. She got epidural, and was amazed at how much better she could feel. And then to cesarean section, where I gave as much Reiki as I could to help this lost soul turn her fear around. Amazingly enough, at the last part of skin closure, she shared how much she had done 'to avoid c-section' and laughed at how she ended up in the O.R.! You should have seen her face when I saw her on Postpartum today! Beaming with gratitude and Light. She understood. She learned to face her fear and to trust. She had to get to the point where it was clear to her she would have lost her life and that of her infant if she had continued on that fear-driven mindset.

Well, what about myself? I am a busy single mom, with children's needs taking up most of my waking time when I am not at work. Consequently, I am not the world's best housekeeper. I can keep up with laundry, dishes, and bathrooms. But the floors are a mess, and the energy it takes to make the little ones put their toys and things away it just sometimes too much for me.

I was so distraught at another Saturday spent rearranging and clearing out junk that I lost hope. I accepted the fact that this was going to be forever. I have a male friend I am interested in who can help me with the construction projects my house desperately needs for it is settling too much. There are cracks everywhere, and nails popping out of the wallboard. But because of the mess, I am too ashamed to invite him to my home. At my lowest low, I heard Debby, my old neighbor, with her two dogs. I joined her at once on her walk, like we used to do every Saturday together with the kids. She had seen my door open, and she couldn't have come at a better time. I haven't seen her for six months to a year, but she came right when I needed it most.

On Sunday, I had a babysitting dilemma. Dad was bringing home the kids and I was stuck on OB at work. Our usual sitter, due to a miscommunication, had plans, and my parents were sick. Frazzled, I called some old neighbors, and made arrangements. I agreed to pay a lot of money, one third of my stipend, for the less than twenty-four hours they would spend babysitting.

My mother says, use financial incentive, people will help you more. But it was a lot! I had a very slow day at work. But when I called, the kids were much happier than with their dad, my heart knew at once I had done the right thing. When I called back to say goodnight, there was no answer, and I was like, at least they are having a good time.

When I came home, I was told my children had a surprise for me. The couple have a cleaning company, and together with the kids, they cleaned my home! (I clean my own house because I believe it is my role to 'bless it'. I also do not want the negative energy of cleaning crew, as well as their distrust of my spiritual items around the home.)

The Universe heard the cry of my heart. And the value of the cleaning given, vacuuming, sweeping, and clearing/putting away stuff that was choking my Life Force, was worth as much as what I had paid for the babysitting. They even took down the baby gate that had made the front entryway look so awful all of these years!

It was the modern day, single-mother gift of the Magi from her two lesbian couple friends. One of the couple had been a single mom, and she remembered just how hard it is to keep up. Especially after falling behind with my recovery from my surgery...

There is so much love and healing out there in the Universe. And sometimes, when you are a healer for a living and live the Reiki Life, you are blessed beyond imagination at the Healing that comes back again to you.


Reiki Doc

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ultrasound Slave

I just met up with my old neighbor for a walk with her dogs. It had been some time since we had seen each other, and we caught up.

She is working per diem at a local hospital that is very busy. She works at one clinic and two hospitals in the medical care organization. Unlike at her last job, she takes call, from home.

Guess what? Her hours are worse than mine! Four-thirty p.m. to one a.m., being up from two a.m. until seven a.m., never knowing until the last minute if she was going to get called in.

I had a hunch that when I started up with the one-hundred-twenty hour weeks in med school, that other industries would follow suit.

My sister worked in the mortgage business during the good years before 2008 when the real estate market crashed. She started with normal nine to five hours, but then got the East Coast hours. Gradually, she was coming in at four a.m., and also working most weekends. A family friend actually worked there and brought in an air mattress to let him sleep under his desk! That way he would not miss a call.

Mandatory rest periods are part of the airline and the trucking industry. So are work hour restrictions in place for residents in training, M.D.'s who are working towards their specialty. But not for the working docs. I have worked almost forty-eight hours straight, on OB with little breaks here and there. I bang out a seventeen hour day in the operating room every week or two, with continuous anesthesia care.

Studies show that after sixteen hours at work, one is impaired as much as the legal alcohol limit in the blood. But nobody wants to increase staffing in the hospital! What has sprung up is the hospitalist, the physician that no longer works in the office and is hospital based. Another new job description is nocturnist. I did that one for a while, babysitting the ICU and Step Down Unit for all the surgical patients. A similar job goes to the laborist, the in-house OB-Gyn who is on the Labor Deck at all times.

Times are changing. But with both parents working, and with work hours like mine becoming more typical, we have become an almost slave-like working class.

It is better than not working! my friend with her good mid-western values said. But even still, you do not have health insurance! I thought to myself of her situation.

When are we going to get some rest? When is Survival going to be somewhat straightforward, and not requiring such heroic efforts to keep up?


Reiki Doc

The Anesthesia Technician

Yesterday the tech called in sick. There is only one. The practice of anesthesia uses a lot of supplies. So when your technician is away, things run out.

After I give an anesthetic, I put the machine on standby, turn off the blood pressure cuff, and deactivate a monitoring alarm because its beeping drives the team that is cleaning the room crazy.

I take care to keep my monitoring cords back up on the i.v. poles, and I leave as little mess as possible. Technicians are not allowed to touch syringes. They used to be able to bring a drug you were low on on your cart, but now they are not. Only a nurse can touch a drug, or a physician. But we get around that impracticality by the loophole where a technician can bring you an entire drug tray for the cart as long as it is wrapped in protective plastic.

Once I take the patient out of the room, the tech refills the inhalational agent (anesthetic gas), takes off the old suction and breathing circuit, and sets up new clean ones for the next patient. If I used a MAC 3 blade to intubate my patient, the tech puts in a new one to keep two of each size in supply. If I used an LMA, he would replace the size in the bottom of the cart.

My storage is two drawers on the anesthesia machine, and a five-drawer locked cart. Our tech is so good he tears off the strips of paper left behind when we take a label off the roll to label our syringes. Labeling is important because it decreases the risk of administering the wrong drug.

When I anticipate a dangerous intubation, I ask the tech to bring the Glide Scope and be present. Sometimes we have to upgrade and use the fiberoptic scope instead. If I do a Double Lumen Endotracheal Tube to allow one-lung ventilation during thoracic surgery, I will have the special tubes and the fiberoptic scope so I can visually verify that placement is correct. It must be at the carina and a little crescent of a blue balloon must be seen.

If I anticipate blood pressure changes, my tech will set up an arterial line for me, and has a little cart that he brings with all of the equipment for inserting it laid out on top. If I need to monitor more invasively, he will bring the central line, a double lumen or cordis, and gown up to assist me as I place the big line in the neck. We have special tubing and a warmer to heat up blood for transfusion (it is frozen), a monitor to measure depth of consciousness (BIS), special nerve monitor for placing regional blocks (he helps on that too).

Patients do not understand the level of care that is given to their anesthesiologist can be Four Seasons or Motel Six depending on the quality of the person who is working behind the scenes for the anesthesia care.

At my old work, all of the technicians got demoted to 'Hall Support', and no one in management even made plans for anyone to order all the equipment to enable us to be restocked. The old lead tech kept on doing it. But then certificate Techs were needed, and thankfully, they came back. Tech know the work, but in a different capacity than us. They find new improved equipment, bring it to our attention, and are a wealth of knowledgeable support.

I save the newspaper for my tech every morning, keeping it all neat and folded after I read it. I also make cartoon balloons over the faces of the models, telling the tech how much they adore him so. Sometimes they talk in Spanish, other times in English, but always the message is the same--you are the best and I appreciate you.

The point of this article, is that a job well done increases the healing of the patient, even if you are not on the front lines like me. Your attitude, organization, and support are critical to a well-functioning team.

Adding Reiki to the mix makes is all the more effective.


Reiki Doc

The Truth about Papa Rat

The Rat House (a very big amusement park)  is a Satanic Site.
The creator of it, whom I will call Papa Rat,  was a 33rd Degree Mason.
Kind of hard to believe?

I know.

This post is a compilation of my own experiences and input from my last post.

I worked there. And I learned that there is an underground city underneath the park. There are two levels under it. I was told that it was for having large boxcars of meat and supplies go in without guests knowing it. And for trash to be taken out of the park.

We had our break room under our work site. It took scary stairs down into a small room where we could eat. It was all white with little decoration, if any. I never ventured down to the level below, or anywhere else in the level of the break room. I did not want to go. I was afraid of it, being down there in the first place.

I never though of it much, the Dark side of The Rat House, until I was on a ghost tour of New Orleans. The tour stopped at a house that was owned by Kevin Costner. It was the most haunted house in town. He had his in-laws living there. It looked like an ordinary house.

One hundred or so years ago, there was a fire in the kitchen. It was set by a woman who had been chained to a wood burning stove, and burned by the hot chains at every mealtime. Her hands and arms were cooked from the heat. When the fire department came out, there was a shop of horrors hidden behind the kitchen. There was a man with no face, still alive. There was a woman with no arms and no legs, who scooted around, There was another with an exposed skull, one with a tongue removed, and more things too awful to mention by the tour guide. The owner was the richest surgeon in town, and his daughter, the best dressed young women, were hosting a party at the time. As the fire burned, the woman ordered the musicians outside to keep playing. And the horrified guests fled, as the family ignored the fiasco of torment that was being exposed.

This house was the model of the Haunted 'Rat' Mansion, the tour guide said. I was shocked, since I had always loved that ride, and the beautiful costumes worn by the people in front. He also said the victims were from surgical experimentation. I think they were involved in ritual abuse.

Now with my reading of,     http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/illuminati_formula_mind_control.htm  , I learned that the beautiful costumes' dark green  color is Satan's color. I felt creepier right away.

It's a Small  World ride with the song that gets stuck in your head is full of triggers for the Alters in Monarch-Programmed Multiple Personality Slaves. So are the films made by the creator of this park. As a matter of fact, these films every children owns and watches over and over are one of the few sources of entertainment these slaves are allowed to watch. The triggers reinforce the control of the slave behaviour.

Satanic ritual extracts the power of someone burning alive by repeating their name as they pass. This is the secret of the crematoriums in Auschwitz and other places. (Burial in mass graves would have been cheaper and more efficient. 1) How many rides at the Park finish with flames? The Dio-rat-ma of Prehistoric World with the Dinosaurs. Mr. T-rat''s Wild Ride. And The Pi-rat-es of the Car-rat-bbean. In this 'religion' people are poisoned with apples for real. And the trance of Sleeping Beauty is not much different from some of the real trance states Monarch Slaves go into.

The last time I was at the park was several weeks ago. I noticed for the first time W. Papa Rat's eyes. They bothered me. I had never really felt warm to him all the years of watching his show and movies on T.V., and seeing him in the park. But this time, I felt a dark presence. This was before I read any of the information on my link that I found last week. This link makes me concerned that possibly the parks are similar to the German Concentration Camps and the Pentagon in their alignment with ley lines or lines of power on the Earth. See this link for more: http://one-evil.org/acts_holocaust/acts_vatican_holocaust.htm

Everyone knows Wa-rat-lt's head is on ice. When he died, just before  he was all the way dead, his body was cryogenically (deep cold) stored 'so that one day his brain might come bace to life'. People do not talk about it, but it's known by people around the park. My aunt lived in Ana-rat-heim and I overheard her talking with my parents about this. There was a company that could do this with the whole body or the head and it was very expensive. What I did not know, until last night, is that the head of an old leader is removed and placed on a silver platter in a ceremony that transfers the supernatural powers from the old leader to the new. This is normal in this 'religion'.

And no wonder that the exclusive restaurant in the park that no one can go to is called rat-Clue-b 33.
The story was that there were thirty-three original members to the club. I don't think so. Not with the highest level of Mason being the 33 rd degree.

The layout of the original park, with a point each at the main gate, Adventureland (Jungle Cruise), Frontierland (mule rides), Fantasyland (Small World), and Tomorrowland (Rockets),  create an inverted star formation circumscribed by the train. At the very center of this is the castle.

Satanism is popular in South Coast Plaza area, it has been said. There is a street there that is named An-An-rat-ton, after An-rat-ton Le  (rat) Vey. If you ask me, that's a little too close to The Rat House land.

No one is ever going to want to know this. I love this place, where I first worked, and I have all my life! But as I see more and more symbols (if you read the link you will understand how they are worked in to the park), I have made connections. Enough to share my concerns with all of you. Only time will tell for certain. The world reach of this institution is throughout the globe, and all children are enamored with it. Family appeal is so needed, and the parks are safe. Who knows what goes on there lately. But the past. The past needs to be out in the open and needs to be discussed.


Reiki Doc

Friday, July 27, 2012

Reiki and Romance

Everyone needs a little romance!

Reiki practitioners have the advantage in forming new relationships. That is because their heart center is working more efficiently, and Spirit works in partnerships with them to find new paths to take to find somebody who is right for them.

The online personalities, YouTube's Polonia Cymchak has been expounding the increase in energies ramping up towards ascension as Making The Twin Flame Connection for Lightworkers as more possible. Her website, Ascension Pioneers and her videos are in English and very uplifting. You might want to try them. Here is a link to her latest YouTube

Polonia is full of light and encouragement. I couldn't watch her for about six months because I was in a 'I don't believe in partnership' (I call it the 'why should I wash your underwear?!?') phase. But she is a good one.

Another good uplifting eternal romantic is Doreen Virtue. She has weekly card readings that she posts for free on YouTube. Here is her flower therapy video, her latest. She also is fun to follow on Twitter and Facebook. 

My favorite to follow is Jeff Brown, writer of Apology to the Divine Feminine and Apology to the Divine Masculine. He reminds us that Soul Mates are sometimes people we connect with deeply for a purpose, but that interaction can be anywhere from a short relationship to a bumping into someone (like 'you're beautiful' song so popular several years back by James Blunt), to a lifetime of love and happy endings. Here is a link to his latest radio interview, 'Bringing Yang to the Mix' on blogtalk radio, and I recommend following him on Facebook too.: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theweeklyvibe/2012/04/26/jeff-brown-soulshaping-adventures-of-self-creation

I know for myself, there have been signs indicating 'go for it!' in my life. Yesterday I saw a hummingbird and two dolphins when I was in Laguna Beach having dinner. These animals are very strong totems for happiness in love. The Universe is telling me, 'This time it is different', 'don't worry about him being a player', and most importantly, 'take you time because with your intuition and heart center open, we've got your back--you can protect yourself and get out of a bad situation.'

And I quote: Another main structure is a special Archon technology on the etheric plane. They areprojection chambers that project certain images / emotional states that are not ours on our outer auric membrane. So other people feel this projected image and not our true state. This is the source of most conflicts / projections in human relationships. When this technology is removed, people will suddenly find much more harmony in their relationships.

Things are looking UP!

Reiki Doc

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Energetic Self Defense

You have an energetic system that is your soul, it is connected to your body through the energetic chakra system. You have a mind, which is yours to develop as you wish. And a Heart that helps you to discern as a Spiritual Being what is right and what is wrong. Your Heart Center also gives you indication by your feelings how close you are to your Life Plan you designed for yourself to experience prior to your birth.

All of us have Soul Lessons, and a typical life is designed to decrease Karmanic debt and to balance the accomplishments of the soul. As it stands, your Life is governed by the Concept of Free Will. No one can do anything to you without your consent. Even if faced with a negative entity that tries to trick or frighten you, all you have to do is tell it to go away. The Laws of the Universe are designed so that it has to go away when you tell it.

Light is more powerful than Dark. Right now, there are a number of Dark leaders who are on their way out. It is my understanding that their minions have infiltrated into every part of our Society. They are in the military, banking, the CIA, churches, and everywhere else one can imagine. Some New Age Spiritual celebrities are dark. And some websites and commenters are disinformation professionals from the Dark side. Some of these Dark alters are hidden and only the controller truly knows who is dark because the other alters in the front are programmed to forget. (An alter is the name of each multiple in multiple personality disorder)

So what are you to do? Your heart is the BEST DETECTOR as well as THE BEST ADVISOR your soul could ever have! There also is that quiet inner knowing, that you had as a child, that tells you a smiling adult does not care about you and hates kids. You process it so fast, it bypasses logic, and you just KNOW.

What are some tip offs that someone or something you encounter is not of the light?

1. The eyes. The eyes are dark and without life. This can be in a picture or in life. You just can't look at it.

2. Your breath. I feel a breathlessness and pressure in my chest. I saw another shopper in the crystal shop was a vampire this way. Oddly enough, my Light bothered him just as much as his dark bothered me. We spoke not a word to each other, only brief eye contact, and auric fields interacted across the store.

3. That vague sense that something terrible happened here.  I just read a list of satanic locations, and was surprised at how accurate my 'creep you out' detector had been. The Pentagon was the worst. I was only at a metro stop and I wanted to bolt out of there! Incidentally, any establishment with lots of tunnels built under it is where these kind of places are. My first job was at one of them, and recently when I saw a picture of the founder I had my detector go off. Turns out this individual was a Thirty-third level Mason. I won't say who because you wouldn't want to know, probably. Here is a link if you want to know. It is in the very back, after the information about Monarch Slaves.


4. Your Pulse.  If something makes your heart beat faster when you watch it or read it--anywhere--it is probably something designed to take you away from the Light.

5. Very flat emotion.  For example, a parent who does not call kid by name, doesn't show any tenderness, and does not react pleasantly to a compliment on the children is probably programmed and programming them with mind control from the Dark.

The Truth about the Powers-that-Were is out. It is on the Internet. I want to hurl puke. My mind still can't wrap around how hidden and pervasive the Organization has been. You will be angered when you know the truth. Especially because some of the biggest philanthropists and people who have made fantastic contributions to society hide their darkness under a veneer of light for balance.

That is why I have put together these guidelines to help you on your Discernment at this special time, when the shit hits the fan.

I also want to caution you: everything is good and the more love you have in your heart the more you will starve out the energetic monster of Evil who thrives on fear and suffering as an energy source. 

When feelings overwhelm you,ask for Archangel Michael to sever the ties between you and the trigger.

Go to Nature and take in health and Love and Healing and Light.

The dark side is planning last ditch efforts such as a fake UFO invasion ( they have the technology...top secret aerospace projects), mass casualties, and acts of war. This act of horror backfired, and people as a whole are sickened by this violence and want it to end. It is not creating the hysteria or gun control that the powers-that-were had anticipated.

Love the Light. Wrap yourself in it. Avoid tv, sports, advertising, music, video games, newspapers, movies, fashion, Vegas...anything that could possibly use high tech mind control gimmicks on you. It is not as safe as you think and your best interest is not a part of any of them. That is, if you are a Starseed, a Lightworker, or Indigo Child and you are working towards Ascension.

Discern! protect yourself. Only accept what resonates with you.

Namaste, Reiki Doc

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pet Rat Versus Feeder Rat: A Paradox

I have been reading up on the care of rats who are pets. Mama Rat and her babies, as well a their Daddy, are doing well. Mama and Daddy are pining for each other across their two separate cage walls so much that jokingly I call them Romeo and Juliet. From immediately after giving birth, to every five days, she has been in heat. So for one week old rats, she has been ready to mate three times. It's driving them crazy...

According to an author of Rat Care, breeders are well-aware of this phenomenal reproductive strategy. All matings are done with the intention of the breeder to create new pets. The parents are chosen for their temperament first, and for their looks second.  When not actively breeding, the male rats and female rats are kept separate at all times unless they are both fixed.

The picture of a breeder's place shows carts with many trays on them, stacked higher than a man. They are in a special room, with humidity and temperature controlled, and it is very clean. The newborns are handed often (it is okay, the mom will not reject the pup if it has our scent) to make them more sociable and better pets.
The breeder is also responsible in placing the new rat babies into good homes, that will take care of them and love them. They know where most rats in pet stores end up.
The breeder of feeder rats is as knowledgeable about the reproductive strategy of rats as the breeder of pet ones. Surprisingly enough, the cart system and special room for raising them is the same. After all it works best for the bringing of new rats into this world, does it not? The only difference is where these new rats will go, and the care and selection that goes into the pairing of the parent rat.
It is after they are born, where the difference in Pet Rat and Feeder Rat is most apparent. Some newborns are taken from their mother and given a wet nurse female rat, They are all at the pet store, together, and when one is to be sold as reptile food it is taken from the nest.  There are bins of pups, small rats, medium rats, large rats, and collossal size rats. Sometimes they are separated by sex, but they might not be and in this case all of the females would be with child.
What different worlds do these baby rats experience! A world of love and nurturing, of socialization and never being taken from their parents. And a world where perhaps the handlers may interact with them, but despite their unawareness, their being raised for food is going to make for a very short life.
The part I am upset about is that the rats have no choice in where they are brought up. It just happens. And that is one of the paradoxes of The Life of Rats as a species. The wild ones, I suppose, must have their reproduction known by the exterminator, too. And the strategy to eradicate them must take the incredible reproduction rate in mind.

It is humans in the pet industry (and the exterminator industry) that apply control over the fate of these small animals. It is the breeder (and the exterminator) who decide when and how, more or less, these rats will die. The humans have been taught to do this, how to raise rats for such a purpose.

My grandfather worked in Rosemead, California at a chicken slaughterhouse. His job was to get them into the water. He never would talk about it, even though the job had been twenty years before. But grandmother and mother explained to me that from what he had seen at work, he would never eat chicken again. I have since learned that those chickens are boiled alive to make the feathers come off!

If you would like to know more about what really happens in the meat industry, and the food industry in general, I recommend this book:http://roryfreedman.com/about.html

Do you accept that there is an art to raising animals, for pets and for food? Is it logical that the bigger the market, such as for the consumption of meat by humans, that the best interests of both the animals and the consumer is not front and center in the mind of the person making the decisions on the manner in which these animals will die? Might they possibly be thinking more of their own gain, financially? If this makes sense, it is a good thing for you to buy this book and read it. It is shocking. And I have changed the way I eat because of it.

Would it be possible for somebody along the line to make the choice for humans as to how they would live and when they would die? What if our society is like a bunch of cages, and some people are raising us to be used for the purpose they had chosen for us? And if this might be a probability, what if there were humans that were raised in a way so shockingly different from us, that it would be like the difference between beef and veal? Everyone knows that veal are separated from their mothers, placed in small cages in the dark where they can't even turn around, and force fed to make their meat more tender when they are turned into food? Is this not a part of society as we know it, the taking away of the free will of the animal in question, and planning the course of the creature's entire life?  Who says that this tendency of man to place his own needs above the needs of the animals is limited to livestock and pets?

What if there were humans that considered everybody else to be animals and of little consequence?

What if these humans were in bloodlines that stretched back in antiquity, to societies older than Egypt? And what if they passed along their skills and perfected them with science to create fool-proof individuals who would do their will at their bidding?

If this was the case, would you want to learn more about it? If so here is a link to more links so you can learn: http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2012/07/22/cobra-update-7-22-12-the-red-pill/

After reading it, you might feel shaken. I feel it. And I just had a great big nightmare from it. It has taken me four days of intensive reading to make it through all of the information. Right now I am on Chapter 8 of the last link. I won't mention any names, but the Rat-like people are involved with it. They have infiltrated every bastion of society one can think of. Including New Age people and Christians.
And the fool-proof individuals don't know that they are a part of this group, the many who are. Sometimes they are used to give disinformation. Sometimes they are used for things that are much worse.

I want you to know so you can help others, as they discover for themselves the hidden truth. They are not as prepared for it as you. If you have a history of MPD, reading this may be fatal. Let this one go.


Reiki Doc

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Structures on the Moon?

This is a new movie brought to my attention by Kauilapele on his blog yesterday.

I am checking with a friend who worked at NASA for the validity of the information presented in this film. I will get back to you on what he says.

Reiki and the High School Reunion

Tonight was my thirtieth High School Reunion.

I laugh when I stop and think about the person I was, thirty, twenty, and even ten years ago. Reiki has made such a fabulous contribution to the quality of my life since I started to study it about five years ago. Note that I have been Psychic all my life, but only began to live it fully with my taking Psychic Development Class and Reiki I.

June 1982

I was seventeen and I wore the gold cap and gown that designated me as a perfect 4.0 GPA. There were eight of us. My boyfriend and I were both 4.0's. I did not compete for the opportunity to be Class Valedictorian because I was too afraid to enter the competition. I held my boyfriend's hand the entire ceremony. I thought of my future as being Mrs. R, and devoting myself to my family.

The only problem was, I was wanting to become a doctor. It was my dream. His was to be a weatherman. Not like the kind on T.V. A Storm Chaser. Since my parents were killing my dream, I did my best to ignore his and push for a future together. Less than six months after graduation, we split.

July 1992

At twenty-eight, I was rebuilding my life. I had just moved to San Diego to begin Medical School. My marriage to my college sweetheart was breaking apart. I wore a red dress and curled my hair, wanting to be noticed for my beauty and for once not my brains. If you ever saw a 'nerd girl' like in Napoleon Dynamite or a Glee song, that was me. I wanted to change my image. I had to show everyone up!

My anxiety kicked in for weeks before the reunion. My counselor said to pick two people I might want to see. I did. By September I had separated from my husband.

July 2002

I was at the end of my Cardiothoracic Fellowship in San Diego. I danced ballet at least three times a week. My dress was size two. I bought it at Sak's. It was navy blue with embroidered beading in a floral pattern, a spaghetti strap sheath dress. I had my hairdresser do my hair and makeup before. I was the hottest one there. My ex-high school sweetheart couldn't wait to see me. His wife noticeably was not there. She was a storm chaser PhD too, and was my doppleganger. But she was old money from Brazil and Spain. I was poor from Southern California.

My marriage to husband number two was in shambles. We fought in the car on the way to the reunion. I was looking for options. None came. We sat in support of a dear friend who was coming out at the reunion. Actually, everybody suspected she was gay, but it was a formality for her to be open about it for the first time with the rest of us.

July 2012

I spent the morning clothes shopping in my closet. I found an adorable combination of a white beaded  tank, with my favorite floral skirt, and my Cinderella lacy gold shoes that matched perfectly.

Then we packet up and went to the beach! Fun in the sand and on the shore, boogie boarding at a new beach with a totally different shore break. After we stopped off at my favorite pizza-by-the-slice store, and headed home. We had thirty minutes to clean up.

I brought my son. I wanted him to see what a Reunion is like so he might appreciate high school more. He enjoyed it.

I was nervous. I brought two things in my purse for good luck: my mermaid Tokidoki fragrance bottle, and my blue troll doll. (On all of my medical school and surgery residency interviews, I always carried a troll doll with surgery scrubs on him in my purse for good luck. Nobody knew he was there but me!)

This time was different. Gone was the I'll show them! mentality. I felt the love at last from my peers. The impact of being able to bring Love and Light to so many was not lost upon me. I smiled at people I barely remembered. Genuine smiles. I talked to scary looking people, all punked out still after all these years. I hugged friends from elementary school and Junior High from cross town who moved like me to our high school.  I talked with everybody, and I introduced them to my son. He even was asked to draw the lottery tickets out of the hat for the raffle.

I spoke with my first love for an hour. My boy lay on the bench with his head on a pillow, holding my left hand. Gone was the abandonment and heartache from our breakup. (I saw, metaphysically, why my future was not meant to be as Mrs. R. I had to do the doctor thing. I had to do this blog.) We spoke of parenting. Religion. Joint citizenship (his kids have triple citizenship--US, Spain, and Brazil). Then we got to the important stuff. Remember how you were always telling me to go with the flow, Tom? I finally learned it. I was a slow learner. It took me thirty years. But I did. It felt good to get that one off my chest!

I also let him know about me. My psychic gifts, and how I apply them. We actually have similar viewpoints, but he is more like an advanced 3D, not exactly prepping himself for ascension track like me.

I thanked God for that conversation the entire time we were speaking.

And I thank Source most for this question from Tom: 'How do you sort out the psychic information from the delusional?'

It hurt. But that was ego. And I knew that information like this is vibrational, and hard to explain. But in a flash, I said, 'You learn it from people who do it for a living. You go to Psychic Development class and you work with them, and you learn. It's like how you learn to do anesthesia. You go in the O.R. with people who know how to do it, and they show you how it works and how to do the job.'

It was my truth. It clicked with him.

He also will be thinking about Financial Tyranny by David Wilcock. And my blog that reached five thousand hits today. I told him, I did not share with you because I want to convince you. I did it because I want to be who I am when I am here with you. I am tired of hiding this all the time with everyone. Stax knows the truth about me. I want you to know too.

Thank you Sensei-Usui for making this depth of peace and healing possible, and for giving me the ability to love unconditionally, to speak my truth, and be gracious Light.


Reiki Doc

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Reiki and the Old Guy in the O.R.

Today I had a fascinating experience: a man with multiple medical problems was scheduled for a biopsy of the brain.

He was not very verbal, there was in fact a language barrier between us. But he did not warm up to my smile when I met him, although the family members at the bedside did.

Surgery and anesthesia was as expected for someone in their nineties and that sick.

When I opened his aura, I felt everything was doughy. Not much clean crisp energy there. Clean and crisp is the feeling of healthy aura and energetic system.

The shock was when his spirit talked to me. Sometimes I talk with the higher self, soul, or spirit of the person when I do the Reiki incognito in the O.R. It is the same entity I speak to when people are deceased.

'I don't know how to get out of the situation I am in!' He exclaimed, in confusion and despair.
'I keep trying to say to them, 'I don't want to go on like this, I am finished' but they do not get the hint!

He had trouble with his loved ones and his sense of responsibility and ties to them.

'You have all rights to follow your life contract as you see fit. You have a purpose. Even if that purpose is to die. You are free to choose your path. Get rid of all attachments. You are free!' I said back, in my heart/mind/telepathic voice.

He understood.

Then I gave my usual symbols and healing that I do.

That made for an interesting day!

Sometimes loved ones want to check out. I see it. And sometimes I see loved ones 'wanting everything done!' to prevent their loved one from passing from this life to the next.

Life is so much more! Did you know that we can get extensions to the exit dates on our Life Contracts? Did you know that most males die around their birthday (just right after) and most females stretch their illness our to make it to a certain important family anniversary or event? Those last two facts I have read about in the medical literature. But the first part I learned from mom: when people's time to die is near, but they have unfinished business, they can extend it just a little bit. About three months, in fact. And then they go when they are ready and have said their good byes.

Have you ever known someone who has been through some hard times, and bounced back seeming like a totally different person? That is a walk in. Sometimes a soul has had enough and wants to get out of their Life Script. But someone else's spirit wants to take up where the first one left off. That is like buying a used car, so to speak! Mom recognizes a walk in when she sees one, either in a celebrity, or a politician, or someone that we know.

Another interesting fact is sometimes transplant recipients take on the likes and dislikes of the donor. My mother is a kidney recipient. She has an image in her head of the accident that led to the donor's death. He was healthy, riding a bicycle on a country road, and there was an accident with this big truck.  She never drank a beer in her life, but now she will take one with her favorite ball game. She never used to watch the ball games either! She is mom, with the same likes and dislikes, but this new set of likes is superimposed on her. She named the graft 'Charlie' for 'Charlie's Angels'. We are all so thankful for the donor and the donor's family for that gift of Life.

There is much more to Life than meets the eye! I hope this got you thinking...


Reiki Doc

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Miracle of Believing In Yourself

You have the ability to make anything you want to happen.

Your mind has the ability to create. The power of this is the ability to manifest.

What is on your mind right now? The mind is like a garden. Your thoughts are the plants that grow inside. Worry is like weeds that take over and choke out the garden.  Negative thinking, and thoughts of fear, create unpleasant experiences that are chances for you to grow.

Always think the BEST and the BEST shall come to you.

The HEART and MIND are interconnected. If, for example, you think about a partner, finding the perfect one, and read about it and write about it but in your heart of hearts there is an element of desperation, a tie to the bad experiences of your past, a wanting to 'do over', it will not work.

Only Trust that is pure and simple allows the Universe to step in and co-create with you a powerful relationship.

Tuesday I had to work post-call on Obstetrics. I had to go into the remote locations from ten to two. I felt miserably trapped. I looked out the window at a lovely day and perplexed over my fate. But I accepted it, and acknowledged that everything is for the best. Even if we don't understand it.

Wednesday, I worked  like normal. I was third call, the next-to, next-to-last person to leave the OR that night. I came home at around eight at night.

Thursday, by some miraculous wonder, I got the day off. I have been dying to go to the beach all summer. We spent the day in the waves and the sand, everything working perfectly. And I got the deep inner relaxation I have not had for about two weeks.

Interestingly enough, there were small lessons for the day at the Beach. The seawater would burn my eyes. The worst time, my Reiki-III trained son put his hands on my eyes and did Reiki on them. Instantly the burn went away! And although this one had the time of his life, his bathing suit and sand irritated his delicate skin so much, he had to take it off and wear a towel on the way home. I also used a sunscreen stick on my face. I put the stuff everywhere. But I have a striped sunburn. It's not so great because my thirty-year high school reunion is tomorrow, and our extended family has a photo shoot the following day. But like the day I had to work on my day off, I accept it. I let it go, I look for the humor in the situations, and I give thanks for the Good that came along.

The Universe operates on a delicate system of exchange of energy. There is no money like we know it here on earth. Focusing on money to allow you to do what you want, is like focusing on electricity to make your computer run. It is not the electricity, it is the desire to use the computer that lets you do what you want with it. And you naturally believe that when you turn on the switch that is all it will take to get the computer to work.

Focus on your desired outcome. Use your feelings as your guide. We are living in a society that has harnessed our ability to create and hijacked it for itself. Every movie, every sporting event, every fashion, every new restaurant distract you from your creative powers. Every news story focuses the attention like a laser beam for more of the same. The news right now is horrifying. But there are glimmers of change that is to come. In the coming weeks and months you will better understand and accept with joy the changes. All debt will be forgiven. All focus on survival (which is a lie--you are here and there is plenty from the Creator to help you survive if you believe it) is going to go away.

Take care of yourself and practice all your mental gardening skills. Happy Co-creating!

Love and Namaste,

Reiki Doc

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Abused, The Abusing, and The Abusers

I had a patient recently who had a vibe I could not understand.

Most instances when I meet up with a patient in pre-op holding, my aura scans their aura so I know how to adjust my own Vibration to better match theirs when I interact with them. This woman had a frequency I did not know.

There was a hollow in her eyes, a flatness, a definite lack of the power of eye contact even though her eyes were looking at mine. Her appearance was unkempt. And although she had experienced regional anesthesia in the past with childbirth, she had no interest in regional block for a potentially painful recovery from this case. 'I have my own pain medicines at home.' she said. Okay! I thought, a little surprised by this.

I have had  babies four times but I only have two.' she shared, with me, something I totally couldn't get in my consciousness. It felt like a cryptic cry for help, and I was so overwhelmed by the preparation fro surgery that I ignored it.

You see, when you meet an anesthesiologist, you have no clue as  to how their day has been. I was in one room from seven in the morning until three in  the afternoon. I was supposed to go to the Robot Room at three. But at the last minute, there was a scheduling switch, and I was assigned to do the Orthopedic case in your room.

I had been wiping every inch of my equipment with the sanitizer cloth, because some of my colleagues are messy and I don't know where their patient's spit has been.  We work in the mouth, putting in breathing equipment. I know one of my colleagues doesn't wear gloves! Ever! I had been readying your medications, your breathing tube. My tech was due to go home, but I detained him, just to do the block for you. I found him after you said no so let him know it was okay for him to go home.

It wasn't until you were in the operating room, that your aura had a faint reminder to me or someone else I knew. Someone whose abuse had been so horrible, that in fact this nurse I knew and worked with on the floor, had split her personality. She had worked very hard to combine them. She also had experienced the abuse in a family that was like the family-next-door, seemingly normal in appearance, and worshiping Lucifer in secret in their home. In homes like this, child rape, infanticide, cannibalism, child sacrifice, human sacrifice, and drinking of blood are part of the ritual. As well as the fear and the mandate never to tell.

Mother told me as I was growing up that a lot of the children who disappeared were lost in these dark rituals. That the faces on the milk carton were those who had been lost to such awful crimes against the Light.

When my RN friend chose to share with me, I almost wanted not to believe her. It was so awful, so shocking, and so frightening to accept in fact as truth. But the look in her eyes and the feeling in my heart made me believe her. Fortunately she did not want to talk about the details much, just that she had escaped. It took a lot of effort, and that she is wanting to get a ministry degree to enable her to help others like herself. She had been pregnant and not been able to keep her babies, too.

I understood at once while I was in the OR with this patient I had met and did not understand, that her soul had been put to its limits. She was delicate, and in need of very deep healing and love. I knew just the right connections, just the right angels to ask for Divine Guidance, and we set to work upon her rediscovery of her God Spark of Love and Light that was within. It won't be magic, or instant, but she will have changed course after her encounter with Reiki and Diksha in the O.R. unaware.

Abuse is a cycle of fear.

It starts with the abuser: I am scared. I do not understant. (Possibly may have been a victim)

Then it goes to the abused, who thinks: What is this? It is not supposed to happen? But they are telling me it is my fault?!  As the abuse weakens their aura, and the Life Force is literally sucked out of them. They become hollow shells of humans, attracting dark entities and negative entities into their energetic system, and feel progressively worse each day.

The susbstance abuser retaliates by: I want to feel better. To Hell with everything else, I want to medicate myself. Little do they know that the chemicals and behaviors only weaken the aura and the vibration, setting them up for worse fate.

This poor patient got even MORE abuse from the surgeon while she was under general anesthesia!  I had talked with him earlier in the day, and said how I looked forward to working with him, for he was always nice. He said, 'I can be not nice, too. Would you like to see me like that?' and I thought, 'What? That is really strange!'.

But I saw it. He accused the sleeping patient of seeking drugs, of being non-compliant with the no aspirin before surgery, and getting upset over the bleeding in the joint he was doing arthroscopy on. I lowered the blood pressure, we raised the bags, and he almost cancelled the case.

And then it was discovered that the outflow valve on the scope was turned the wrong way. It was somebody else's fault. 'There goes ninety minutes of my life, wasted!' The surgeon bemoaned.

Later, on waking her up, I whispered to the scrub tech, 'It is better that the mistake only took time, and that there was no harm to the patient that was permanent'. He agreed.

The abused attract abuse. Even when they are unconscious. It is in their aura. It is in their vibration.

The abused have been conditioned to manifest more abuse. It is on their mind. They know the role. No matter how hard they try to fix it, or run from it, a new relationship will come that reinforces the belief. The situation will come up until the victim faces the abuse head-on.

How can you seek help?
First, there is therapy.
Individual and group. Both will treat 'sick thoughts' and help to heal the aura by support.
Next, there is energetic healing. Reiki will get sucked up by these starving souls.
There is Nature and the Unconditional Love of pets. They are not programmed for abuse--they are healing to be in contact with. Except in the rarest of circumstances, where an abuser and sociopath takes it out on the pet, they are whole. Even the abused pets, given Rescue Therapy, can heal.

Sometimes I wish there was a Rescue Humans organization like there are for pets.

You know, the Holocaust survivors had special homes to go to to heal. At first they were overwhelmed by the color, the many beautiful colors outside the Concentration Camps. They found Gardening to be exceptionally theraputic.

There has been a healing garden at the local VA Hospital for over twenty years. When I was on call, and it was not busy, I would walk to it, and experience the love of Nature for myself. There was a fountain and stream, and a great big gazebo near it. I would just sit. I would pick the fruit, even though it was not permitted, because my italian grandfather trained to run the orchards and I grew up with many fruit trees in the garden.

I stole my healing, because residency weakened my aura, so did my bad marriage, and I was struggling to survive. It was a remarriage, meant to 'do over' from the last one. And abuse instead turned up.

I walk the walk and talk the talk. I am a survivor for multiple kinds of abuse, although fortunately not the Dark Hat one like my friend the RN, and possibly my patient.

In essence, here is the cycle of abuse:

Abuser--I am scared
The Abused--I am in pain
The Abusing Substances--I want to feel better

All are victims in their own right. And Reiki is but one way to address the profound wounds that develop on anyone who is involved in this dance's soul.

Be patient. And know that whenever someone hurts another, they are in truth hurting themselves. When they transition, they will self-evaluate. And choose the harshest punishment for themself to pay back the Karma. It is Universal Law. Many times family members are picked for soul issues that span multiple lifetimes to be worked out. If you are abused, change your mindset to I WANT TO HEAL. The Universe will bring it. It won't be instant, but years from now you will look back and have a better life, so much more so you can't believe how you had once lived!

You are not alone.

I send Reiki healings to you every day.

This too shall pass.


Reiki Doc

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gaia is in Labor

Yesterday I was on my shift at the Labor Deck on Labor and Delivery at work. I have been helping women having babies since 1998. In that time I have seen a lot of normal and unexpected things.

I know the effect and onset of all of my anesthetic drugs. I can tell when the baby is navigating the birth canal, wedging it open with its head, by how the mother-to-be gets a pain low and in the middle in the front.

I can tell when the baby is coming down sunny side up (occiput posterior). It is painful and my medicine hardly can cover it up. To make the pain just bearable, I use more than twice I normally use, and the mother may have numb patches in her leg for one or two days as her body metabolizes all that stuff.

All of us know when the mother is likely to go to section before she does. Either the fetal heart tracing is iffy, or we can tell by the contraction pattern, or how long it has been taking for her to dilate.

When you hang around a place enough, you learn something. Sometimes from the nature of your specialty. Sometimes from watching others do their work as well.

I think that is what gives confidence in a health care provider, having been through childbirth enough, in a working capacity, to anticipate and know the tricks to make something work and help everybody get through all right.

It was this knowledge that helped me know that mama rat wasn't a boy, and was due any time with her litter of little rat pups. And got me to act and separate the two parents (I joke and call them Romeo and Juliet now!) so as to prevent more pups.

Gaia is in Labor. It is more than shaking off the fleas or occupy or getting rid of corruption--the rat like people that comprise the powers-that-were. Gaia is struggling with new energy. There are waves and waves of it, not unlike a laboring woman's contractions. I have been working with Her for over a year with my group I belong to, DPH (see Margaret McCormick's work). I have a sense for Gaia.

She is like a young mother going through her first labor. She knows there is a baby at the end of it. And she is ready. But she just doesn't know exactly what is ahead of her. She is courageous and committed to whatever it will take. And she is not afraid to ask for help to make it easier and smoother a transition.

One day, everything as we know it, is going to change. For some of us, we will have the conscious choice to transition through all of it with her. For others, perhaps, it is in our dream time that we make our plans. There are loving entities about, inside her, on her surface, and in the atmosphere/etheric plane, doing what they know best to help her at this time.

It is the first time for any of us, people and planet going together to new life. The Mayans made it through, but only a few, the last time. That time was a 4D to 3D shift, a regression. Since the fourth dimension got destroyed and does not exist, she is bumping up to the fifth.

Have you ever watched the propeller on an airplane? Or perhaps the blades of a fan? When it is off, you see the blades easily. As the device starts to spin, you see a blur, but not as clearly as when it is still. At top speed, the blades are invisible. It is there, you hear it and you feel the wind and know best not to touch it. But it is not seen by the human eye. It is an illusion.

As the vibrations increase, we will go from 3D through what would have been 4D all the way to 5D. We can't see it yet, but we can feel the energy ramping up. Time is going faster. There are strange earth surface changes, such as sink holes, crabs never-before-seen washing up ashore, volcanic activity, earthquakes, strange weather. This is Gaia 'dilating' up to Complete/Complete/Complete. Then she has to bring the new life forth. It doesn't seem like much but at some point she will be crowning. And then that is it. Whatever it is, it will be here. There are plenty of loving hands that are unseen guiding us.

What is asked of you, is to remember that no baby ever reads the book. No two labors are the same, even with the same mother. But just like a mother giving birth, Gaia is in her greatest glory at this time. And nobody but the Creator knows what that time is when our new life will emerge.

Last night, there was a very mature teenager, who was allowed to be present at the c-section birth of her youngest sibling. The father was not in town. I watched as her mother, an experienced mom, watched her daugher  watch the actual birth. There was a joy in the mother's eyes, a sharing of the mystery of life, the miracle, with her daughter. And the daughter was visibly taking in a miracle, appreciating it with joy the entire time. I gave her tissue, for her tears, and felt lucky to be there as this child was born to such a wise mother and kind-hearted big sister.

Think about the miracle of 2012. We are lucky beyond our ability to imagine to be incarnate (alive) at this time! There was a lottery, a huge audition, for these roles we have here today!

So what? Your health is not the greatest. So what, your financial situation isn't the best? It's not like there was anybody wicked out there fixing the interest rates and hijacking your life savings, right? How could ANYONE survive the current economic system? It is rigged! So what if you are lonely? So what if you do not look like a photoshopped cover on a beauty magazine? The models do not look like that either! Again, it is a business that is rigged to make you feel less than your best and make you want to buy what it is they have to sell.

No matter what it takes for you to be here at this time, your spirit auditioned for it, and got the part that only YOU could fill. That part that is perfectly made for you, and you for it, and is VERY important to everything going on in the Universal Theater. Everything you do, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant, is part of the Divine Plan. It is your free will, and how you choose it, that is helping to write the script of what is going to happen to Gaia.

Count to ten for her! Help her push! The time is short for this. And memories are being made! Only the very closest to Her would even get the chance to witness this!

Take care of yourself, and be sure to pay careful attention to your inner voice and your heart. That is where the Truth is for your Divine Purpose. I can't wait to see it shining when the New is born!


Reiki Doc

Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy News!

At the home fromt:

Soon I will put a photo on this post, but Mama Rat is the mother of six new baby rats. We are going to socialize them and turn them into pets suitable for sale in a pet store that does not sell feeder rats. There is one nearby, and if that does not work, then a shelter.

(Fortunately rats live two years, and if we do not find a place for them, we have ample his and hers cage capacity!)

This was the first time my little ones got to experience the miracle of birth. What had once been a common experience, the wonder of new life,be it kittens or puppies, is now a very rare experience due to routine sterilization of all larger pets.

They are blind, pink, and squeaking at their mama's side.

About Gaia:

There is a huge newsbreak from Kauilapele:

I am still in the process of reading it, because I am going through all the hyperlinks in the body of the text. If you are awake, and chances are you are, because you are reading this, it will be a sign that help is on the way.

What I have learned is that on May 5, 2102 (also known as World Freedom Day) the leader of the Rat-like humans, the head of the Black Pope, was arrested and taken to the Galactic Central Sun.

The more you would like to know about this, and all the key players in the Jesuit (there is a high-ranking team of military religious that run the world, Spanish in origin, who decide every War and Conflict, including the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960's) Black Hats operation.

It is fascinating.

If you click the Main button on the header, there are three new articles. Drake show, to be taken with a grain of salt. Then Salusa, which is excellent and very inspirational. And then Poofness (I know it's a silly name, but she is accurate)

Warning: these three posts are very Obama-referenced, one calling him a Super-man. I voted for him because I voted on behalf of the will of the people, I am no fan and I am no foe. I am neutral and taking my time to get a read on him. In fact, four years back, I suspected he was the Antichrist, as his look reminded me of something in my Bible readings. All I know now, is that he is a higher soul who has taken on a very challenging role. He was recruited for the part in all of our destiny, from a higher realm, to be born and do what he does. He has had death threats on himself and his family, possibly from the Cabal. I don't know. I try to use my intuition, and get a read on him, but I can't. So I let it go and wait.
If you are polarized on his political role and role in the galactic situation, you may or may not like what you read.

In Spirit:

I am starting to come out of a funk where piles would just grow on any horizontal surface of the home. My hairdresser had the same problem. We are both busy people, but it was ridiculous. We are both Cancerians.

After the plumbing leak in my garage, and the subsequent moving of stuff, I find I have done a deep clearing (many photos from old relationships were there), internally, and things are shaping up, albeit slowly.

The Cabal had the capacity to do long wave technologies, to scramble the compbatiibility of chakras (destroy relationships) and to made people unmotivated.

I am not sure if the disorganization was them, or me, but either way, it is getting better.


Reiki Doc

Sunday, July 15, 2012

To Start Your Day

Monday mornings are no different from any other day? Beg to differ?

Well, the only reason that you have to go to work is that you are fortunate to have a standard work week, Monday through Friday,   with weekends and holidays off. You also most likely have a standard work day, which is approximately from nine in the morning until five at night, with a one hour break for lunch.

What makes for this despicable Monday and the most-anticipated Friday in the week? It has become so much drudgery that we have appointed Wednesday as the official 'Hump Day', the halfway point between Monday and Friday.  And in some circles, Thursday night has become the unofficial Friday night, in that you go out but still have to go to work the next day.

My limousine driver taking us from the CDG to the hotel in Paris, shared that he had been up until four a.m. the night before. And you are driving me on the freeway?! I thought to myself incredulously.

This is the Modern Day Life as we know it. Would you agree?

The Mondays and the Fridays and the Saturdays off and the Sundays that we give thanks and go to Church?

Why is that? Did you ever stop and question the status quo?

Look outside. In Nature. Does Nature have the structure of a work week? Do panda bears take breaks? Do hippos go to worship their Divine Creator? Does a reindeer have to pay the rent?

Why is that so? Why does Man, above all other creatures, put other men to work for him? And pay for food and lodging? Did you ever wonder if that feeling in your heart, of being stuck to a grindstone or a harness, and that yearning to be free might be what is letting you know something is wrong? Are you being taken advantage of by a system where it is impossible for you to get ahead?

I have to go to work Monday. I have to be there at seven. I have to pack lunches and overnight cases, for I will have an overnight shift. That is correct. I will work twenty-four hours straight, locked in a little room with no windows, coming out whenever anyone and everyone who needs obstetric anesthesia or an emergency intubation ask for my services. I cannot say, 'No, I am tired and I want to sleep!'. I think about but can't say, 'I just started eating my sandwich. Could it not please wait for six or seven minutes?' I am in private practice where service to the patient is number one, and speed and efficiency for the doctors and nurses is number two.

I feel the dread right now, at eight o'clock Sunday morning. I know the feeling all too well.

Change is coming. It is on the way. It is not a choice exactly, but a matching of vibration. Gaia is raising up Her Vibration. Anyone who is compatible with it, and of the Light, will get a chance to stay. Everyone else, who lives in a fear-dominated reality (our society as we know it), will get the chance to excuse themselves and reincarnate (die), or travel to another third dimensional world to progress.

Lightworkers will have the chance to go be a Spirit and learn their more advanced lessons that way. Or to stay here on Gaia and be a Caretaker.

You do not get to choose between 3D and 5D and higher dimensions. Your Vibration will chose for you. Vibration is like oil and water. Oil can try to go into water, but it will always rise up. Oil is not water. The same is true for us. Oil is 5D compatible Vibratory state. Water is 3D compatible Vibratory state. Both of us are mixed together in this time, with 5D ones that have been sent to assist in the transition. We are all getting shaken up together!

The only thing you can do about your Vibration is now, before the decision is put out before us.
Now is the time to jack it up! You can change yourself from water to oil (3D to 5D) if that is your intent. There are many sources of assistance from the Light to give everybody the opportunity to 'wake up and smell the coffee'. If you will it, it can be so. You will be guided on this Path. It is okay to ask for Help, and Help will be given. You can also take steps like these below, avoiding the lower and practicing the higher:

Vibration Lowering:
chemicals (drugs/alcohol/tobacco)
loud noises
man-made entertainment
many foods that are full of GMO, and especially meat and animal products
glorifying War

Vibration Raising:
letting go of sadness
unconditional love
learning about the Divine on your own (self-guided)
clear, fresh air and water
Nature--spend time in it, and grounding yourself into Gaia
raw foods, vegetarian foods
making love
helping someone in need (an elderly relative, a lonely person, someone less fortunate than you)
Making the choice not to anger--it takes two to argue.

I don't know when the Event is coming. It is sometime between now and December 21. The Mayans made it through the Event the last time. But these are the basics. You have to go on living your lives until then. But while you do, ask yourself, 'what do I want if I could decide on those three options: die and reincarnate as 3D, stay in 3D as I am, or transition to 5D either with a hybrid body or without a body?'If Light is your calling, start raising your vibration whenever possible, so you can make the jump.

Good Luck,


Reiki Doc