Saturday, July 7, 2012

Alternative News Heroes 101

There is a movement under way. There is a request for certain information to go viral. As a healer, my interest is in your well being first.

Let me take a moment to introduce you to the key players in this movement that has been hidden by the standard media. I will provide links you may find useful if your sense of right and wrong guides you to follow up on it more. Use much discernment,  that is, reflect on what information you are encountering, and only take that which resonates with you.

A lightworker on the Big Island, and musician, too. His full-time job is to go over the Alternative News Sources, and distill it. If you want to keep up on the highlights, he is a very balanced source of news. I follow his blog at:


This is an incarnated higher being of Light. He has had death threats from the Illuminati, and uses a voice disguise computer thing when he talks. His information is accurate, and balanced.

His news may be upsetting to you. His message is Love is The Solution For Everything. He means it. And all of his coworkers of the Light mean it too. Open your heart, and discern for yourself if this is so.

He has radio shows online, and a website. I prefer to get my updates on him through the Galactic Free Press.

The Galactic Free Press

To the lay person, this site may seem a little 'woo woo'. I assure you, it has its moments, because anyone can post on it. I have had two anonymous blog posts uploaded to the news feed. This is an excellent source for the latest breaking news. The kind that mainstream media will not disclose.

The mainstream media announcing the existence of portals between the earth and the sun is a HUGE victory for the Alternative Press Movement. There is a truth that has been hidden from us for many years. It is coming out.

Here is the link:

For example, the lead article right now is the fight against Monsanto's scorched earth policy of lawsuits.

Matthew Ward

This is a boy that died thirty years ago sending messages to us through his mom. My spirit resonates with his message very much. And my Higher Awareness has picked up on the same things before reading it from him. He is kind of a second source of confirmation. There is one newsletter out a month from his mom.

Here is the link:

Bill Brockbrader

Bill Brockbrader, Jeffry West are from Cosmic Vision News. I enjoy them, especially their channelled messages with Archangel Michael.

Here is a link from KP that shows highlights from this source:

Benjamin Fulford

He is similar to Bill Brockbrader, but also has had a recent attempt on his life at a public event. He is rattling the cage of the powers that were.

Again, here are some links from KP for you to sample what there is from this source:

David Wilcock

He has written a book called Financial Tyranny. (or something like it). A son of a major news journalist. Has had death threats on his life, too. He does not know Cobra, or but his interview of The Drake went viral in March or April of this year. It is a three-hour radio interview that will change your life. I highly recommend your listening to it yourself, and deciding if it makes sense with you. Tell your friends if it does. Just like I told you. The link is in the body of this article that the Pentagon wants to go viral today:
You can also YouTube or Google David Wilcock and Drake.

The Drake

A Vietnam War Vet who for the last thirty years has been working on a secret project brought about by the good military to disclose the dark forces that are running the show. The Drake is not Obama-friendly, although KP and other sources are. The reason is that all of these individuals I am writing about are human-incarnate, and emotion or distortion from 5D to 3D thinking may affect the message somewhat. That is why discernment is key. Here is a link to what the Drake wants to go viral today:

Also affiliated with The Drake are Lady Dragon and Minuteman. Each are respresenting factions of secret societies that are fighting for our freedom.

Mike Quinsey

He is the source of channels from Salusa. I made a blog post about Salusa in the past. (search the site). There is a drawing of Salusa, and the latest messages at this link:–-salusa

There are more, Steve Beckow, Poofness, and others that come through the newsfeed at Galactic Free Press.

What is going to happen is for the future to be bright. There may be some disruption as the transition takes place. It is like Gaia has a cancer that has been draining the life force away from her and from us.

If you think dropping prices in gasoline and the recent movement in the banking industry are not connected, you are kidding yourself. The middlemen who have been keeping oil prices artificially high are being contained so they can't do that any more. I have seen the prices drop by seventy-five cents a gallon here in California. Enjoy this, take your seats, and watch with me for more good to come, and for what is right to take its rightful place in society, for many of our freedoms have been taken from us, systematically. The replacement of freedom with the airport security humiliation was deliberately part of a master plan, made over forty years ago. It is that despicable.

Only you can find out what is Truth. Only you can decide. I offer this information for you, to help adjust you to the coming changes, and help you adjust in the gentlest way that I can. You do not want to be caught by surprise on this one.


Reiki Doc