Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Mouse House

Yesterday I went to the Happiest Place on Earth.

There was a birthday, and my family and I went to have a day with no day-to-day concerns. Today I realize what important breakthroughs came to me through having fun. Now I wish to share them with you:

1) The Miracle of Here and Now:
Check in time is three o'clock. Check out time is eleven a.m. Rules are rules. Right? Not when you listen to the person you are with. We got a seven a.m. check in, plus an early entry to the park.
Next time you are sure about 'the system', go ahead and try for what you want. It may happen!

2) The Miracle of Wonder:
I noticed myself smiling as we ran from ride to ride. Why don't I smile like that every day? I thought to myself. I was laughing, and smiling, and in Heaven On Earth. At the Birthday Celebration, the  host Pat E. Cake had the children in stitches, he was so funny! Mine has not laughed like that in years.
This is our natural state. We came this way as babies. Why on Earth did we ever lose it?

3) The Miracle of Enough:
As we signed up for the Birthday Event, we were instructed to stand in a line. There was no shade, and someone in my family can't tolerate the heat. We were allowed to stand near the sign-up desk under a canopy. Even still, due to the heat the loved one had to be squirted with the fan/squirt bottle every three minutes. When the line queued up at the entrance, the woman at the head of the other line hissed at me, snarling, 'we were here LONG before you!' I was shocked by her three-dimensionality! There were plenty of tables and cakes and time with the characters for all.
Competition is so last week! Seriously. Helping one another along the way is 'in'.

4) The Miracle of Friendship:
A friend of mine frequents the park, and had made plans to be there yesterday. She has triplets. Two of them are special needs children. After the Birthday Event we met up, her family and ours. She is a dear friend whom I do not get to spend much time with. I was delighted to spend time together. What I did not know is that special needs get a front-of-the-line pass. We got to go too. This facility is adept at handling the special needs, and making everyone feel welcome.
No wonder it is inclusive to all at the Happiest Place On Earth; there is Enough for everyone to have fun!

5) The Miracle of Hope:
I began the day with the wish that one day, there would be a special button for the Make-A-Wish guests at the park so that everyone would welcome them and offer kind wishes and express appreciation to the dying individual, the same way cast and fellow guests extend Happy Birthday wishes. There are many there, as a physician, I can spot them, although most can't. I send Reiki.

Then I spent time with the triplets, who are surviving micro-preemies that are about the age as my son. The first is ambulatory, doing classwork that is two years ahead, but with impulse control. The second is hearing and mobility impaired. The third is non-verbal, hearing impaired, and non-ambulatory.
My friend had fast passes to a new ride at the neighboring park that had up to six hour waits. I had planned our day away from the crowds, although I wanted to see it too. My friend brought us over, and let me take her place on the ride. I sat next to the most impaired one, and helped her sit while her dad held up her head. And she grinned from ear to ear after the ride.
When we ascend to the fifth dimension, both of them will hear, and all three will walk normally!
I almost burst into tears at the beauty of that thought! Everyone who has lost a body part is going to get it back! We will be WHOLE again, and never get sick again!
The higher vibration of the fifth dimension is incompatible with illness and disability, which are very 3D.

6) The Miracle of Compassion:
A security worker stopped us from crossing the street in the  valet parking area of one hotel while we were trying to find our way to our hotel across the street. I don't want to get hit by a car either, but on our last ride, it was a water ride, and I got soaking wet. I am miserable and want to get back to my hotel as soon as I can. Thank you for showing me the sidewalk because I couldn't find it.
"Would you like a ride in the cart back to your hotel?" He asked.  Soon he was telling us about geology and we were at our hotel.
No true request is ever denied. I was absolutely miserable, and it touched the worker's heart.

7) The Miracle of Growth:
We never stop growing as a soul. I have a part of my soul, that is 'held hostage by the laws of this incarnation'. For some it is financial--no matter what you do, you can't seem to get it right. For me, it is matters of the heart. I fully have accepted that I am going to pass without ever having 'done right' on that one. It is my 'Loner-Humanitarian' assignment, just like Sylvia Browne has. Well guess what? Spirit showed me not one but two baby steps to take to get this part of my soul on the right track.
And I am taking them at the pace that I am ready.
There is infinite time left to repair the broken spirit. Everyone's progress is at their own pace. And yet, those of us with damaging scars left that are not physical, I suspect that life in the Fifth Dimension is capable of healing those scars in the same way as it does the physical ones.


Reiki Doc