Monday, March 31, 2014

The Role Of Your Guide In Your Spiritual Development

Yesterday I stopped by a playground with my son, and I sat on a bench and I watched all the children play.

I saw this tiny little girl, who was about three or two and a half, climb the big slide all the way up and go down by herself.

There was something about her, her dress, her spunk, that caught my attention.

As my boy wanted to move to another part of the playground, I followed.

Again, there was that same little girl, this time, she was sitting on the edge of the sand, taking off her shoes and her socks.

I wondered who was looking out for her? She was quite independent! But small.

And no sooner than I thought, but the grandmother showed up, patiently picking up the shoes and the socks.

The little girl walked to the swings and gestured to her grandmother that she wanted to ride on the swing. There was the chair where the little ones can't fall--the kind with the waist belt and the two holes for the legs.

The grandmother set down the shoes, lifted her up, and with the girl facing her, began to push the child in the swing, making faces and smiles of delight. I could hear the squeals of happiness and joy from the little one, with arm gestures of happiness.

Very small children do not go to the park without their parents, their family, their babysitter, or sibling.

Because of their nature, someone needs to watch over them, for their comfort, for their safety, for their level of development to increase with the overall play experience.

Much as it might seem like this at times, you are not alone on your earth walk on Gaia's surface.

It would not be safe. So just like the girl, there was always a grandmother, just beyond sight, always ready to step in, when there was need of assistance, because she wanted her granddaughter to enjoy her time to play.

Is Earth play?

That is debatable. But there is no argument that was exist, and that it is for our own mutual growth and development.

We sign a Pre-Birth Contract before we agree to incarnate here. I wouldn't call it a playground, or a picnic, to walk the face of the earth...but until our time is up, we have lessons to learn. There are always lessons. And when there is a lesson, there is always a teacher, a teaching assistant, a volunteer mom, a parent, someone to help the student. Always.

So, you may ask, who are my guides? And how do I contact them?

How do I know they are angels and are from the Light?

Everyone has a Guardian Angel.

That is an excellent place to start. They are always at your side, day and night, reporting to God how 'everything is going' for you. Rules apply to how much they can intervene on your part. But you may acknowledge them in your heart, give thanks, and ask them to send signs. For me, at the beginning, there were 'pennies from heaven' that would just show up, and feathers, as signs of encouragement along the way.

Then my grandfather, my beloved Nannu Filippo, crossed over when I was twenty eight.

I 'felt' his Presence, and talked to him, both out loud in my tiny apartment while I was in Medical School, and in my heart when I was everywhere else.

He wanted a 'sign' that would be his, something 'big enough' for me to appreciate it was his effort that was assisting me. So at the beginning, I asked him to help me find a parking space everywhere I would go. Each time, 'Nannu? I need your help. Please, get me a spot!'.

I knew it was him because I would always find two, right next to each other, that would suddenly open up. (I've lived in California long enough to know this is not normal for two spots to open like that, routinely!)

So your very favorite deceased loved ones are also an excellent start...

This is a place where a creek enters the ocean at the shore. Look on the left? See those sand cliffs that are in the shadows? There are even taller ones, about twelve feet tall, on the right.

My boy, who is an excellent athlete and very well coordinated, wanted to play on the edge, feel the sand give out, and slide down to the water with the sand.

He had no idea that if he fell by accident head first her could have a serious problem.

All he thought was, 'it was fun!'

So I watched. I did it a few times.

He had no idea how unstable the ledge was until he tried climbing up it. I had to offer my hand to help him move up beyond the hill that kept falling away from him.

As an experienced parent, there is always a fine balance between playing it too safe, and letting them explore their environment with confidence.

Even if that means letting them catch an incoming wave by surprise and getting their underwear wet when we were not planning on swimming!

So please know, that as long as we are here on this planet to learn and to grow,  we have the opportunity to really 'get in there' with our lessons. Spirit isn't going to just step in when we are gaining confidence and valuable experience as we go through our lives.

But our Guides are watching.

Contact them, in your heart, and let them know how they can be of help to you in your lesson you are going through now.

They care. And they will show you ways to make your lesson more fun, more pleasant, with all the learning that can be had...even if it takes a wave surprise and gets you a little more wet than you had planned to be.

(((( Big Hug! )))))

Aloha and mahalos,


Reiki Doc

Sunday, March 30, 2014

My Beloved? Please Sit Down And Have A Cup Of Tea.

My Beloved,

I was expecting this.

I forgive you.

All is well.

And now you must have your say:

I have a female heart.
I have survived grievous injury that is beyond the realm of normal human experience.
I have survived it more than once.
I have survived our disagreement that led to both of our demise in our past life together.

Let me explain my side, the side of the one who has been put through something that is beyond one's ability to assimilate, to comprehend, to accept.

First, let me are forgiven.

All is as it was before this ever happened.

Everything is fine between us now.

So let us talk.

Extreme pain causes the individual to throw up.
It is visceral.
It is something the human body and soul when they are together, simply does.

If something is in your Life Contract, and it is heinous crime that is done against you, and you are 'right on track', you forgive. Just as you have described--in your beautiful explanation in Heavenletter, above.

Even if something is done to you that was heinous and not in your Life Contract, some of the more outstanding individuals will decide in their heart, it is not my place to judge, I will choose love, and leave the judgement to God/Heaven/Karma--whatever you will call it.

I wanted to die.
I reminded you I no longer wanted to be among the living.
I put out my wrists in my misery and begged you to put an end to my life, my torture.
I asked for this every single opportunity I had.
It frightened you to your core to witness this reaction to a trauma.

Just as a trauma to the human body will lead to exsanguination,
an equal trauma to the soul can lead to coma of the soul, and also, to soul shock, and to soul demise.

A person in that state no longer can make rational decisions.
Their heart no longer works.
Everything shuts down.

They are unreachable.
The heart cannot forgive. Nor can it condemn. It just reacts and seeks escape from all the suffering.
This is important for your own understanding.

The heart that is in shock, might not recover, and it might not be able to take care of itself.
How can a heart like this reach out and love the offender, when the greatest wish is to be released from the story of that life that was too heinous to accept, because it violated the Life Contract PLUS the Combined Soul Mission, call it 'quits', and return home?

Is it not like when the pinball game goes on 'TILT', and does no longer function?

Please forgive me for what may have appeared to be blame, of you, when in fact, it was just Love that was stopped in its tracks, derailed, if you will, from its loving intentions, and no one came to clear the damage from the wreck.

In that state, there is no effort you or anyone could have done to have repaired what could not function. If it was the pinball game, one would have to call the repair man at the arcade.

It took a team, a whole team, to save me from my exile that was composed of lifetime after lifetime of self-imposed harm.

I was a 'cutter', if you will, that was seeking to feel anything, if that something was pain, well, so be it.

I wanted to escape every single reminder of what happened, and unfortunately that reminder was anything that was associated with YOU.

I have forgiven, once and for all time, in all timelines, in all dimensions, and I welcome you with open arms!

I am well.
And I thank you for your incredible patience and love and support on my behalf.

The nightmare is no more.
And we are back on track again with our beautiful relationship from the stars...
With every fibre of my essence, I rejoice and I give thanks for this!
Again and again and again...

I bow down on my knees, and ask, if not for your understanding, from my explanation, then for our happiness that once had been, to reach deep into your heart, and offer me your forgiveness for my actions when I was distraught to the point of seeking my own destruction. I know it must have been painful to watch, and the rejection must have been so very heartbreaking for you. I am sorry for everything I did when I was in that unfortunate place. Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Here is my beloved's reply when I first awoke:
'You are my JOY!'
and this song:
On My Own by Patti La Belle and Michael Mc Donald

Show What You Know And Share That You Care

Today is a talk about giving thanks. Not just at Christmas or Easter or Thanksgiving on a holiday. Not just 'being polite'. Today we are going to focus on really giving thanks for whatever is happening in your Life Experience, that you wish to reinforce to the Universe, so that in the future, you will get the very best that is possible for you to Manifest...of what you desire and wish to see again.

Part of this is re-examining our own approach to life and our way of doing things, and having the courage to go with your heart and make 'course corrections' in your heading on your way through life.

Here is an example: as a routine I do not complete evaluations or feedback that is requested of me online or on a sales receipt or at the end of a business call as I am requested to do.

My reasons are numerous:

  • I have very little free time as it is already
  • I am not compensated for these evaluations
  • Everybody wants them whenever I make a purchase everywhere I go
  • Sometimes if I like someplace I might make a post to this effect on TripAdvisor or Yelp
  • This is so pervasive now that Amazon doesn't even bother to ask after I make a purchase; they used to send me an email which I would delete. Now they do not.
But then I read a message from Jeshua last week that really got me thinking... (

And I realized in my own 'world', my 'boundaries', with this mind-set, I was essentially denying others their chance to experience a little bit of Heaven on thinking, well? I gave them money, didn't I??? I gave them my business!

You know, for all of the years I have been taking care of patients, and for all of the heartfelt 'Thank You's' I have gotten from the patient when they woke up (this is the Gold Standard, the highest honor an anesthesiologist can get), my written letters of commendation from my patients equals TWO.

Our work sends you the words, not who sent them. The last one was about three months ago, that said, 'Dr. ________ and Dr. __________ (me) were FANTASTIC!'.

Seven words. And yet I treasure them! They made me feel over the moon! And it goes in my personal file...

Do I make my point?

Why withhold the nurturing, warmth, love and compassion in a business setting--even through we are continuous sources of Light to everyone we meet, why not tip the balance of 'The System' a little toward the 'nurturing' side, or Divine Feminine Energy, and less of the 'dog eat dog' very formal Masculine Energy that is a little too controlling for me to describe it as Divine... 

Because when these are in balance, both of the energies become Divine--both the Feminine and the Masculine--because one does not weigh too much upon the other, do you agree?

See how beautiful these words are upon the little wood hearts?

And remember Love and Gratitude, together, is the healthiest state to be in, both for your energy (Masaru Emoto) and your psychological state. Do you ever wonder why I close all of my posts with the words, Aloha and Mahalo? That is simply Hawaiian for Love and Gratitude, and these words are very commonplace in the islands because they have become a way of life. You may see bumper stickers of it on the mainland, phrases such as 'Live Aloha!' or 'Hang Loose' to remind others that we are all Aunties and Uncles, and Cousins, together, on these Islands and Continents that we call our world. We are Ohana, and all of us together are One...even if we do not have one drop of Hawaiian blood in our veins!

Regard this boy. He is praying to give thanks for the birthday party he is about to receive. We do not know if he has experienced struggles with his health, and 'making it' this far is a miracle. We do not know if his family struggles with poverty, and these decorations and party is all he is going to get, and perhaps the entire family has made a sacrifice to put their resources together to make this party possible. Perhaps this boy has experienced bullying at school, and he is praying for protection from this at his party? Or maybe, his loved ones came a great distance to come and share this celebration with him, and he is thankful for the trouble to which they all went to make this day special for him.

For whatever the reason, isn't he precious? Doesn't his faith and his humility break down your walls and simply open your heart to him? Does not the pure energy of a child, giving thanks with love, make us wish that simply everyone did this?

Wouldn't that be wonderful? Wouldn't that be so nice to be around?

If everyone freely expressed the gratitude they have with others, instead of hiding it in their hearts, it would just be Heaven!!!

And it is.

Because Heaven on Earth begins with you--in your heart--and only you can assist it to commence.

Don't look for trumpets and angels. 

Many of them wear skin and have muscles and bones.

They hide their wings with care so as not to upset anybody who does not believe they exist...

And often, they look very much like me and you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Peace.... <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Reiki Doc

P.S. Here is my message to YOU for reading this today, here and now : )))

Thank You For Being A Friend by Andrew Gold

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Today we are going to do things a little different. We are going to listen to some music. Next we are going to share a story from a spiritual lesson that happened today while I was doing the laundry (some of the less eye-catching things bring with them the most valuable lessons). Then there is discussion on this lesson. And that's it.

This one has been pushed up to the top of the list of my four blog posts Spirit wants me to do--so here we go.

Give A Little Bit by Roger Hodgson, of Supertramp

Today I tried something new with the laundry. I tried sorting it before I took it downstairs. Recently I had cleaned the closet, and found two more laundry bags. One had a bright CLOROX logo on it; it was a reminder of my 'Product Development Scientist' days at the technical center where I once worked, in northern California.

The other was smaller, and was one of those little bags that comes with a super expensive purse, it's to store it inside while it's in your closet.

I had forgotten what the purse even was that went with it, or if I still had it.

There was something in the bottom of the bag, something caught my eye, and it looked like it shouldn't go into the washer, so I dug it out.

It was a rosary that had broken.

About a thousand feelings went through me in an instant. I got my first rosary as a gift from my future in-laws when I turned twenty-one. I adored praying it, and kept one on my person every day, either in my purse or  in my pocket. I had a really nice one that my in-laws, once they were officially mine, brought back for me from Medjugorje. 

It turned gold when I prayed on it.

Sometimes that happens. The little chain of metal that connects the beads, all of them, turned bright bright gold.

I almost dropped it, I was so startled when it happened. And my soul said, 'No! I am not worthy!' and it turned back in an instant. 

Over time, the more I prayed on it, the gold came back, little by little. It is still bright gold to this day.

I used to say the rosary on my way to Clorox in the morning because I was too afraid to drive. I thought I would have a terrible accident; my arms and hands shook with fear the moment I was behind the wheel. I hadn't driven a car all my time in college, and I guess my fear, which had been manageable when I lived at home, became worse over time.

I had to go to work. I had a car. And praying the rosary calmed the shaking enough for me to drive.

I always felt sad to throw a used rosary away. Sometimes they break when you use them often enough. So this one I had thrown into the bag for the purse.

I looked at the cross, as I held it in my hand, and I felt sad about that whole catholic thing with the body on it, and the blood. 

I remembered someone I desperately needed to forgive--and in my heart, I forgave them at once, hoping God would hear. 

I kissed the crucifix gently, to show how much I really wanted to forgive. And in my heart, with this person, on a soul level, we worked out what had together taken us many lifetimes to settle what was our disagreement that had cost both of us their life.

I felt better, and I got back to sorting the laundry.

It was only when I closed the drawstring on the bag that I saw the word Chloe.

There is something that Heaven and the Higher Realms and I need to work out. I don't mind you being a witness to it.

So here we go:

Dear God, 
We live in spiritual times that are beyond the simple 'Push' and 'Pull' of a door to pass from one realm to another.
We live in an age where a Vortex is built to allow Spirits to return Home, to your Love, and your Support.
I even help make them! I helped build one for the Indiginous People who have suffered Persecution and Genocide, and their souls that have been trapped on the Earthly planes. Great Spirit and some blessed  warriors of the Light together helped our brothers and sisters find their way HOME to You.
God? Why do we need to experience the laws of Karma?
I know this sounds ridiculous to most--that's why the title of this post IS 'Iconoclast'--but for a minute will you hear me out?
How does experiencing the pain one caused someone else make that person that was hurt feel better?
For example, if I kick your shin, and in a minute of regret seek my Karma, and set out to have my own shin kicked, are there not two bruises and twice the pain?
Even more, if the Universe is a closed system, doesn't this increase the amount of suffering that goes on within the entirety of it?
Isn't this the 'tit for tat' or 'eye for eye and tooth for tooth' that someone really important came to earth to try to take away? Like that someone on the end of my Rosary that is related to You???
Why haven't we learned that lesson, in a Galactic Sense?
What ever happened to 'I'm sorry' and making an amend?
Some people who have wounded me in my own life got involved in twelve-step programs, Father.
They did the amend on me, and I knew they were sad for what they had done, and since it never happened after the amend, it healed us, and brought us closer.
I wouldn't have wanted THEM to experience the pain and anguish that they put me through!!!
I could tell they had learned enough to know the difference between causing distress in those around them, and causing love and joy instead with their actions.
So Father...
I know I am not YOU.
I know you see clearly out for dimensions and dimensions all at the same time.
I only see Here, and Now.
But in my little speck of the Universe, Father, I am noticing things and starting to be concerned--not about the pain in and of itself--but in the message that is sent on our ability to learn and grow in our spirit life.
I know many many souls choose the suffering in reaction to the Karma they so suddenly are aware that they had caused, and choose this path to 'make it right'--I know you don't expect it of them.
To me it is like prison--self-imposed and 'paying time'.
It's like the elementary school, or beginning course, of Eternal Life.
It is my hope and sincerest prayer to YOU that next time, we can encourage all those spirits who are challenged by the pain and suffering they created in another's life--to take it up to another level, perhaps maybe Intermediate or Middle School--and follow the tradition with their hearts from Bob and Bill, and make an amend and vow never to do it again...and to keep that vow.
I think people would get a lot more out of the whole reincarnation thing if they did.
But that is my opinion.
You are the decider of ALL.
And I love you for it. I love you with all my heart and breath, and I can't wait to be nearer to you than I am right now in the Illusion of life on surface Gaia as Ground Crew.
Thank you for all my friends, and readers, and listeners, and people who know me very well, and care about what happens to the planet and everyone upon it too. 
People are waking up, and it is a good thing to have 'like-minded' friends as company--all of you are on this list--and give great joy and pleasure to my heart--those who are reading these words right this minute now.
So let me thank all of you at once for your patience with me.
Aloha nui loa and mahlaos,
love and joy, and victory to the light!

Reiki Doc

Friday, March 28, 2014

To My Love Of My Life

I love you so much, God.
I love you so much I agreed to this thing called 'life', this 'experiment', and let myself be blocked from every joyful happy memory I have from when I was with You, before birth, in this latest cycle of reincarnation.

Today you wrote this:

On earth, as healers, who are compassionate and understanding, we never tell a grieving person how to feel as they recover from their loss.

It takes time. It is personal, deeply personal to the soul, to 'process' the loss in their own way, in their own time.

This is one of the truly few ways that honor is respected in the same 'time does not exist' manner as it does back at home, in Heaven.

Time for the bereaved, does not exist. They muster the healing forces up just as best as they can.

Do you not see and feel and experience the tremendous grief all of us have from the experience from leaving Home and coming here to Gaia?

We so very bravely do our best to carry on and act as if we are fine when our very foundation of stability, has been weakened by our veil of Illusion?

It is disorienting at best, and truly devastating at worst, and all of us to some degree or another experience this.

You are entirely correct to say we have the ability to decide how to be, how to feel, and to give us the permission to 'let some things go'...

Even when the Illusion dissolves, I suspect there is going to be some major triage and resuscitation because of the adaptations people have adopted in order to function within the Illusion as a whole. When they are taken away, the auras will leak, and people will need tender loving attention to their 'wounds'.

Almost all wounds heal. I understand your scar analogy better than most, because of my line of work.

I LOVE YOU! I will never forget you!!! Even in my blindness and my stumbling, I have a crystal clear memory in my heart of what it was like to be Home in Heaven with YOU.

I can't do any better  in my healing at the present. These wounds, Father, are on my very soul!

The best I can do is to be vulnerable, to show you every scrape and scratch, and ask YOU the eternal Healer of ALL THAT IS, to gently wash out the dirt, to cleanse it, and to dress it with a bandage to protect it from getting re-injured or contaminated so it has a chance to heal.

I know where you are coming from, and why you wrote this. I know you are feeling in your heart, 'I made this all for you, to enjoy, and to feel blessed, and to create! Why aren't you making the best of it?'

It is like when a child stumbles and falls, and you make something fun and light to distract them, and make them smile.

I know your way...

The most important thing you have ever said in any of the Heavenletters, and there are like, over thousands and thousands of them, is You ask me if I know of the pain and suffering? I KNOW.

Thank you.
I appreciate it.
Sometimes here on earth people try to act as if nothing ever happened.
That's not cool.

Will you please hold my hand after I get up and dust myself off? And when my wound gets better, perhaps I can choose a nice bandage out of the box, one that pleases me, so I can look at it and know we both want me to heal?

I'd rather be with YOU more than anything in the whole wide world. But for some reason, I am Here, and there is some purpose.

I invite you to join me in the garden. It is time to work on it, and I like that garden very much. Gardens are healing. And please, God, never forget how very painful it is to be so very far away from you--even if you are right next to us and we are just imagining it--and while we are healing we are doing every possible effort to do as you suggest in this letter to us.

Have patience!

I know you have eternal patience! It looks like we are needing all the time we can get to find our way back to you with our hearts. That's why I tried to help and wrote about the OR table plug.

I love you.

Never forget this.

And I can't wait until I get to be with You again. Now let's go spend some time together in the sunshine and listen to the birds...

God? In medicine, we have our patients use a scale to describe their pain from 1 to 10, with 10 being the worst pain you can imagine. When it gets to a 5, you still have pain, but can ignore it.

Today I am a 5 in my homesickness for you.

Let's have fun together and make do, and not mention the pain, okay? Thanks. I  love you, and am so very grateful that you understand.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Your Connection To Source--Why Not Plug In A Little Better?

As you may know, I am a working anesthesiologist. I take care of anywhere from two to ten people a day. I do whatever anesthesia the surgeon requests for their cases--general, regional, local with sedation (this is called a MAC for Monitored Anesthesia Care). I am trained to do anesthesia for cardiovascular and cardiothoracic surgery; it is my specialty--I took an extra year of training, a 'fellowship' to be able to do this.

While surgeons work, and integral part of the team is the operating room table. The height of it often needs to be adjusted. It tilts side to side, and also I can make the head of the table tilt way up or way down. For example, in a routine laparoscopic cholecystectomy, which many of you may have experienced, the table is head up and I am asked to roll the patient's left side down to gain maximum exposure (view) of the gallbladder.

I have worked with OR tables the length of my career. There are some you used to have to push a lever and pump up and down on a pedal with your foot to make it go up!

Fortunately now, most OR tables are powered by electricity. There is a 'remote' that is attached by a wire, and has little buttons with pictures on it to help me know which way the table will move when I press them.

I know draw your attention to the metal flap that is covering the cord in the middle of the photo.

This is where the plug attaches to the table.

It often comes loose, or unplugged entirely, in routine preparation for the O.R. The cleaning crew moves the table to clean under it, and it doesn't matter to them if it gets plugged or not.

They are busy to the point of distraction, so 'clean is enough' and not 'putting everything back the way you found it--in working order.'

So I have to watch out for this little plug here just as I do with the health and safety of my patient to make sure the procedure goes well, and runs smoothly. (I also must check in every case to make sure the bed is 'locked' and won't move when someone pushes on it.)

Sometimes I push a slightly loose plug with my toe to jam it in a little further.

Sometimes I bend down and adjust the plug in better when it is looser.

Sometimes I get down on my hands and knees and search through all the cords to find the missing end of it, the part that fits under that flap.When I look down there is nothing there and I have to find it!

Sometimes the surgeons are patient while I hunt for it--I can find it usually and fix it in less than a minute.

Sometimes they are not patient and complain. Then there is a set of buttons that are directly under the table that the nurse can get on her hands and knees and press, and those always work--I think there is some battery or something there that makes it 'go'.

So where are you in all this?

Your body is the OR table and Spirit is the plug. Your life and everything you wish to accomplish, all your hopes and dreams, are empowered by having a working connection to Source.

Without it, the whole experience isn't going to happen as smoothly as it was designed to occur.

So, just for today, think about your Connection to Source, to All The Power There Is In The Universe.

Do what you can to strengthen it. Just like a bird that goes and takes a drink from the birdbath, your Spirit knows exactly what to do if you let it free. Your heart knows. Although you may not understand it at first, give it time, and then everything will all make sense and you will smile like the Velveteen Rabbit because you will know that Love Is The Solution For Everything, PLUS, You are Perfect and Loved, just the way you are.

All you have to do is accept it.

And all the 'juice' from that cord is going to 'attach' in the healthiest possible way, and you shall be empowered as you never have been for your destiny, your mission, your gift you share with the Universe just by being yourself, and doing what you always wished in your heart to be able to do 'one day'.

That moment is Here, Now.

Will you try it? Just for today?

Aloha nui loa
and mahalos to the Ohana of the Light.

Reiki Doc

Celebration Meditation

(This is a narrative of a meditation by a group on March 24, 2014, this is the photo, above.)

I'm back. I will send a photo in a bit. I walked outside, took the sunday paper in its orange plastic wrap, and made a boquet with rosemary, a pink bushes flowers, and one lily. I sat on the paper in the very same courtyard where I opened the 11-11 portal in 2011...
The dome was electrifying. And I snuggled up to the ley lines, and sent Light, concentrated Light.
Next I knew we were at the obelisks in Rome. They were imposing. I asked Father God to please do us a favor and help us knock them down. He hesitated and I pointed at us trying to do it on our own. So with a finger he tipped one over. We all cheered and asked him to do the next. And another. And another. They crumbled and cracked before our eyes. (he did the first four, the next four were for our group.)
Then we pushed the other three over, together.
The fourth was black and sucked down into the Earth. I said, 'no way!' and reached in and pulled it out like a tooth that was impacted. I sent it UP to the sky, and it went flying and exploded into lots of pieces like fireworks.
Then we danced. I also healed Amy.
Great Spirit came. I have only seen him once before, and that is a super special thing to see him.
He said, 'You are grown women now.' I asked, 'Are the dresses inapprorpriate???' (we were in our galactic finest ballroom apparel) He said, 'no no no--we have ceremony and we dress, but for now you have work to do.'
I saw the Light spreading from our dome to the ley lines, And the gold struts extended out. Great Spirit made it clear that all we need to do to please him in this task. Animals, plants, minerals are all taken care of already.
For us it is the people, the inhabitants of Gaia.
What he showed me was like the battlefield hospital in Gone With The Wind, and nurses tending to the wounded.
People with the changes are going to experience leaking auras because their 3D 'favorite adaptations' have been taken away. It will take five months to remedy, but the first few weeks are the most important.
We are by our Presence, our Compassion, and our Intention, to assist as we are so moved to do. We will know, it will be clear to us.
We are also to keep our Vibration HIGH, so it is like a Transfusion of energy into the auras that are weak.
I asked if there is anything from Great Mother spirit. He said, 'She is nursing, she just had a baby today.'
I asked him if there is anything we can do for him. He wants us to set up Reiki grids for his People, the First Nations, the Native Americans, etc. to help them with the Transition to 5D because they have been the wounded most. The strongest ones will coordinate the 5D transition and let us know how all the other teams are doing--plant team, animal team, mineral team, etc.
Then he looked at us in our dresses flying about with the light, and remarked, 'You look like Faeries...' He was pleased, and he left to go.
We held hands and circled, all of us. I blessed each one of you, and made sure your color was very vibrant. Outside the dome, it looked very much like dull colors changing to vibrant ones too. Everything looked more beautiful.And clean. And clear. There was great joy.
Ahhh...Ross showed up. Again, he was pleased and very excited. We briefly spoke. And he gave us a gift. He lit up our diamond canopy of our dome. It's better than disco lights. It glows in all our our colors and sparkles too...
Now I'm back...
I love you and I am filled with joy and peace for all the gracious work we have accomplished in such a short time....aloha nui loa to my sisters ohana in the Light. Namaste. Thank you for answering the call to the Light. Peace

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wire Cutters And The Galactic Key

This is a tale about Freedom.

A lady surgeon I know, confided to me last year that because business was down, and there were office expenses to keep up, that some months 'she didn't even get a paycheck' at her work with her group in private practice. But she continued to work because she enjoyed helping people, and she wasn't sure how long she would stay with the group, but she knew they were all pulling through together.

Then I heard she quit.

I was sad because both of us have boys, and hers are a little older than mine, and I enjoy her. And she's not on Facebook.

It turns out the group was not taking the loss evenly--she was only getting TWENTY PERCENT of her collections...this means that she was being paid twenty cents on every dollar of work that she earned for the group. And the others--they were all men-- were getting to keep ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of their collections!!!

The boss is said to be 'fair' and 'all as a team' with his mouth. But when she discovered what was the truth, and confronted him with it, he admitted it. And that is when she quit. Now her office is with her husband's office--he's also a doctor--and she will continue to work on her own at our hospital too.

The changes are very subtle, but it you look around you, you will begin to see women step into their power. The confidence is increasing. The fear and the conditioning of being 'held down' by the system for generation after generation is starting to break loose.

Women are being appreciated for their contribution, on a soul level, in every interaction around us I can see.

Yesterday, a cleaning woman in the O.R., who was at the retirement party for Flor, and I socialized with there so we are friends too--she confided to me that her mother had TWENTY FIVE babies!

She said there was only one pair of twins, and no fetal demise. Of the twenty five, only seven sisters were left now.

She gestured with her hands how 'there was always a new baby' on her stomach, and showed how it got big with child and then flat and then swollen up with new life again.

Apparently, at the holidays, there was 'one big long table' but they had to eat as a family in two shifts, or 'seatings' as you would say if it was a restaurant...

What a wonderful way to break the cycle--for this colleague of mine--to work and have a daughter and be able to enjoy her life instead of having more babies than that couple who is in the reality TV and the news...

As the energies of the Goddess are freed from the suppression that has been going on full-tilt for eight thousand years, these are the kinds of emotions you might start to see transforming before your very eyes...just like the stories I have shared with you. Your own stories might begin to take a turn for the better...Even males will benefit from the balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies. Their masculinity will enhance in the most natural and intended way.

The Old System: Suppression of All That Is Not Society-Conforming Masculine And Human

Freedom Arrives With Spring:

Until next time...remember your connection to Source and to your inner guide within your heart.
Anchor and ground the incoming energies from the Galactic Central Sun. And be glad. Our freedom has arrived for everyone!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Let's Be Cool About It

Change is coming to the field of medicine. This change is coming about from within the healthcare system. This change is the meeting of Spirit and Medicine once again.

The pendulum has swung from primarily spiritual-only healing means (there was not technology) to randomized-double-blind supported ONLY healing (no focus on the 'subtle energies' of the healing process) to now somewhere 'in between'.

This is the 'marriage' or the 'union' of both the Divine Masculine PLUS the Divine Feminine Energies which are helpful in aiding the healing process.

If you think about it, this 'balance' makes sense because the union of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine energies are the combination which leads to New Life, is it not?

Here is a diagram to help you understand this meaning better--as the energy system of the patient is facing you, you will see three lines running vertically near or through the chakra system. On you left (which is the patient's RIGHT) is the pingala, or the masculine Divine Energy. On the right (which is the patient's LEFT) is the ida or the feminine Divine Energy. And in the middle is the shushumna, or the 'child' which is the balance of the two Divine Energies, which is loved, protected, and nurtured by the universe.

If imbalance in Health, or 'Dis-Ease' is the energetic 'footprint' of disease, in the physical manifestation of it, does it not make complete and total sense to seek a balanced healing environment to 'shore it up' and 'even the imbalance out'?

The part where it gets tricky it the disease in energy imbalance which has persisted long enough to make the physical energy imbalance/ manifestation that we notice and brings us to the physician or healing center...sometimes that one will not 'budge' without a combined healing/energy approach.

So let us first imagine the healing paradigm as the balance of the typically feminine healing arts:

  • Reiki
  • Acupuncture
  • Juicing
  • Natural products/Healing/Medicine, the 'Medicine Of The Earth'
  • Behavioral Medicine
  • Meditation and Yoga (I've heard one place offer it as 'Yogatation' ; )   )
  • Energy Medicine
  • Qi Gong
  • there are probably more on this list but at five in the morning I forget...please forgive...

And the more 'traditional' in our society, but not necessarily spiritual, masculine healing arts:
  • Surgery
  • Medicine
  • Chiropractic
  • Dentistry
  • Osteopathic Medicine
  • Homeopathic Medicine (it's still a 'take this and it will cure you' specialty)
  • Naturopathic Medicine (like the above, more balanced, but still 'traditional' paradigm)

The medicine of the future is as clear as day to me, although there are unseen new technologies, I have two systems in my research capability, both are quantum healing devices, one a laser and the other a resonator.

I see, with my mind's eye, the healing centers of the future, which utilize 'the best' and leave 'the rest' of the world's healing methods, all in the gentle, loving-kindness-based support of the individual, not 'the patient'...

This issue of Reiki News magazine has a cover story, 'Reiki In The O.R.'--in this model, the 'individual' is 'Reiki Aware' and brings their own personal 'hands-on' Reiki provider into the Operating Room with them. 

This, and teams who volunteer to assist cancer patients in the wards, are  the 'new, improved' methods of healing that are quite popular in Reiki circles.

Do not be content with this 'blip' on the radar of the Healing Process. 

Move beyond.

Assemble massive groups who direct healing via HSZHN to those suffering and in need of it.
Make the crystal grids to reinforce the healing 24/7 for the directed time.
Encourage the individual who is suffering to look to their own 'inner guidance' and trust it, for who is best to direct one towards the balance that is so needed for the healing to take place.

Think of it as Masaru Emoto in the creation of the HADO water, which seeks to 'balance out' the imbalances like waveforms of energy would cancel each other out to form a line. He MEASURES the imbalances and creates the 'antidote'. The patient takes this several times a day for weeks, and the therapy then is reassessed and rebalanced with a new HADO water, and after the course of months (including standard medical treatment, too) miraculous healings take place.

Next time you are feeling 'under the weather', why not 'match' one 'Divine Feminine' healing process to go along with each 'Divine Masculine' healing method you take?

It's a start!

It's nice to get us thinking about this.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Incubator

My boyfriend left when I was four months pregnant with his child.

He wanted to be present at the birth.

I wanted no part of him until after the effort of labor; I wanted to give birth to my child undisturbed. I had all of the operators and the security system at my hospital actively protect my identity until I was out of the initial few days after my cesarian section after a failed induction of labor.

He argued that the child was his.

The law said I had the right no never contact him again and go on with my life happily.

He said, effectively, I was a 'container for his baby to grow in' or more appropriately, an incubator for his child.

Over the life of our child, we have come to respect one another, and co-parent between our two homes more effectively than most couples who are in our situation. This change has taken a lot of patience on my part, and a lot of help from prayer as well. I think my becoming a Reiki Master, and Karuna Reiki Master, was very helpful in changing my perspective to one of positivity, dedication to making the child's life as pleasant as possible, and learning to adapt to a life I hadn't anticipated but ended up with, making the best of what I have.

Yesterday I was on call for Labor and Delivery.

Something unusual happened--that's never happened before--I was interrupted in the middle of the Cobra Weekly Meditation for Liberation of the planet. My team on PFC had gathered in Los Angeles for a special event. And I was on call and couldn't attend.

So the phone rings in the call room, and the nurse says my patient needs a bolus for breakthrough pain on the epidural.

I had a choice--do I wait a couple minutes to finish, or do I go?

I thought, well gosh if I am supposed to meditate for the Goddess Spiral Vortex how can I let another 'goddess' in labor suffer and wait until I'm finished?

So in my mind I hit the 'pause' button on the meditation, and I went up and did my best to make her comfortable.

As I was waiting for the bolus of medicine to take effect, I stopped into the O.R., so I could catch up on my charting. I remembered I hadn't finished the meditation. So all alone, in the O.R., hands up, I rotated eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  and then my hands dropped and I was like eeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhh.

Then I thought, why not attach this healing to the hospital and all O.R.'s?

Why stop there? Why not attach this healing to the entire medical system on the planet???

And boom! Remote view--instantly--Earth split into two parts, along the axis of a yo-yo but it looked more like a tennis ball that was cut---and like rocket boosters, the old shells fell away into space.

Ross was there--part of the meditation is to think of your Twin Flame--and he was very earnest and asked me, 'Do you know what you just did?'

I was totally clueless. I thought I was just watching the show that was cool, like everybody else.

He was really excited and smiling and very quiet, and looked at me again, and asked, 'Are you sure you didn't know?'

I shook my head.

He gently took my right arm, and together with his raised it over our heads. And all these people everywhere, rows and rows and rows of them, started cheering and dancing. They looked kind of like angels and kind of like galactics but I didn't have the best view. They were like in a movie when they do computer generated graphics and make lots and lots and lots of crowd. I definitely knew we were in the etheric plane or something, but I wasn't sure why everyone was there all happy over something that looked like a special effect in a film.

I still didn't understand. But I saw in our heart space we share between us, me and Ross, a tiny little earth, that was like a deflated soccer ball, and kind of like wet butterfly wings but the colors were very bright and colorful green and blue. It was only a moment I was able to look at it, but the image really lingered in my mind's eye.

Ross let out a cheer; I didn't understand what these people were all so excited about. But they were happy. I asked Ross if it was okay to excuse myself, and he said, yes. So my 5D or whatever D light body I have when I go there stayed, but my consciousness came back to the hospital. I checked with the patient, who was comfy, and then I went back to my room and made a salad for lunch, and I heated some Biryani that was frozen from Trader Joes in the microwave. I was sure to add 'love and gratitude' intent to the food before I put it in the microwave, to neutralize the effect on the energy of the food by the microwaves themselves.

This is the veve of Erzulie Danto.

You might want to look that one up.

Women and men in childbirth are getting so more pleasant now. I have seen husbands respect their wives. Women who are focused and with or without the epidural very cognizant of their blessing of being parents. Five years ago it used to be a real unpredictable thing.

I think the energies that are 'out there' are having some effect on people in general.  Even the nurses are happy, and really nice, and not grumpy like they sometimes were before. Again, I do Reiki 24/7 when I'm in that part of the hospital, and I like to think it helps, but I know it's not the only reason behind these changes that I notice.

We are entering a time where the energy of the Goddess, and the balance between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, is coming to equilibrium instead of being slanted as it was, to heavily favor the male interest.

Funny it should happen, because, as a matter of fact, The Divine Mother sent this message out today herself:

It deeply touched me.

I hope it touches you as well.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Take This And Treasure It: Give To Receive

This is going to be a gentle, simple review of what is expected of us in the 5D and Higher Dimensions.

Today is my first day off since 2011, on the internet. My sweet, cherished Ross has instructed me to stay off the internet for twenty-four hours, and have a break.

But since so much has happened, it is my delight to share it with you from the comfort of my home, after I have had a pleasant rest after my twenty-four hour shift.

Being Surprised By 5D Business:
Although my son had spent the night at a friend's house, and the mother offered to buy him a school lunch the next morning as she ordered one for her son, he declined and said, 'text my mother'.

Well, I was sleepy and never saw the text until about an hour before lunch was due! I panicked! I had plenty to do, and going to the school to bring a sack lunch was not one of the things on the plan.

Somehow, I got the idea to call a business that is nearby that works with food. I called and ordered a lunch. Guess what? The owner said I didn't have to pay until I picked him up from school--and saved me the trip. Good old fashioned trust, and communication, which I grew up with--is going to be coming back to the point where money is not a concept like it once was. In fact, it shall disappear entirely in a few generations' time. No other advanced civilizations HAVE money--it is not needed and society works just fine for goods and services...

Give and Take, or is it Take and Give?
See the picture up above? This is your energy body. We are beings of Light, and this one is an example of someone with the Kundalini activated and the Merkaba--this is our divine energy pattern blueprint by design--fully functioning in all energy fields, in all dimensions, in all space and time.

'Tit for tat' or 'You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours' are very low energy systems. Even if you want to save the world, the concept of 'fundraising efforts' that are beyond a simple 'donate' system are very antique perspective of 3D.

Yes we need goods and services to provide, but this does not work with the Law of Attraction.

Many think that I am well-prosperous because I am an anesthesiologist. It is true that I am blessed to have work, and income to support my precious family.

What I put out to the Universe first, however, is more than would meet the eye:

  • I send free Reiki healing to thousands of people 365 days a year (today included, I just didn't post it.)
  • I send free Divine Peace Healing and Unicorn Healing to the same, 365 days a year, same as above.
  • I send other forms of healing and inspirational guidance. Look hard! Where is that donate button? Where are the ads? I don't know! Perhaps you are not looking hard enough? ; )
  • The photos I post alone are all purchased or taken myself--I subscribe to a service--I don't take them randomly from Google Images as a matter of course. They are my gift to you <3
  • This is my calling by Spirit and I honor it with love and joy and abundance in my heart.
  • I have gratitude for others, and support them as I see fit with my time, talent, and treasure--free healings and posting of reiki requests for individuals in health crisis, helping my sister by gifting her starbucks by surprise electronically, helping with the heating oil bill of a blogger whom I know and adore their work, providing for one month of expenses for the Prepare For Change Website, giving an entire set of All Clad cookware to a colleague for his wedding--he did my brother-in-law's kidney donation, and the anesthetic immediately following for his daughter my niece to receive it, and also anesthesia for my own surgery--it is a joy to help manifest our gratitude for his gift in substance he and his bride-to-be request on their registry, and I also sent a bouquet of flowers to an online interviewer for an excellent job interviewing a controversial individual and put her own life at risk because of her willingness to follow the direction of Spirit, and interview this person as Spirit asked...
  • In return for this open flow of Giving all of these intentions start bouncing back to me in kind, and all my needs are met. 
  • When we focus on needs, interests, and our ability to fulfill them any way we can for others, suddenly our needs are taken care of as well. This is the cycle of the Higher Dimensions; those who tithe stumble upon this fact, too.

It was at my poorest, when I was putting myself through medical school, wearing 'vintage' clothing and cutting my own hair, I stumbled upon a sacred truth--the feeling of being 'rich' really didn't matter to how much money I had, it depended on the feeling I had about myself in my heart.

Poor as I was, I decided to be 'rich' and appreciate all the blessings I had been given. And I have been 'rich' in my heart ever since.

Here is a a nice quote to help thing about it:
Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have. -- Anonymous

Today when I was post-call, Spirit guided me to go to my local Starbucks. I had a tall mocha and a warm croissant. With delight, it was the first time I felt free to relax and not post like my usual morning routine. Ross was wise to give me a break! Instead I took delight and read this article: 

Not only was I very pleased with Father-God's 'new, improved' tone and subject matter, I also looked forward to excitement to the blessing I would experience today.

As I walked to my car, a woman stopped me, and called me by name. She asked, 'Is it you?'

It was the woman who had been the administrative assistant for my tax man. I've known her fifteen years. But the last seven she went into massage therapy. So we caught up while she ordered and drank her coffee before going to work.

She's really connected! Both to Spirit and to an Integrative Healing Center nearby. She coordinates functions and invited me to be a speaker where hopefully, Caroline Myss, MD is going to be the keynote speaker in 2015. 

Her energy was incredibly transformed since the last time I saw her--stronger, more solid, more robust in the Light.

We 'talked shop' and she actually interacts with doctors often, explaining Energy Healing in this way:
  • The brain sends out waves of electrical energy and we measure them routinely with science.
  • The heart does the same, and we measure it, and know it is stronger than the signals from the brian.
  • If you ever talk to someone, especially if you hear something sad, sometimes you get a 'feeling' in your chakra because somehow their energy system is sending something to 'you' and you are 'picking it up' (I call this the aura to aura transmission--it happens over the internet as well as over the phone and in person.)
  • If you ever get that 'feeling' don't chalk it off to 'nothing'. It's not 'nothing'. It's something very important that is information for you.

Recently, my friend went on vacation. They had a lady Reiki practitioner come and cover for her. Since the 'substitute healer' didn't actually 'touch' the patients, she didn't need all the regulation by the health care system. And since she was not HIPAA, she was not allowed to look at the charts. She just asked the patients as she would in her practice, and made notes just for her services.

Well, it turns out the recommendations for the patient from the Reiki practitioner and the information that had been written but not seen in the charts for the patients matched! She called someone on their need to juice fast that they were trying to avoid, she called someone out on their breast cancer, and also that breast cancer one had her lump under her arm from the surgery miraculously flatten out overnight after Reiki and Acupuncture treatments in one day!

My friend even knows how to handle the situation where someone has the story that 'my shoulder hurts and I can't work because of it' but the shoulder moves beautifully on examination and all medical tests...she brings up the thought pattern, and the energy that is going with it, and asks the patient how they think they can work on this just to change it up--so the 'loop' of 'my shoulder hurts I can't work'--which is not malingering but really FELT by that person--has a chance to open up and heal too.

I hope this has given you another way to look at the cycle of Prosperity and Abundance.

I hope you ask yourself, and meditate, on 'Is it Give and Take in my heart-mind-spirit and connection to others? Or is it Take and Give?'

In doing so, you will be ushering in the cycle of prosperity and abundance in the higher dimensions.
Give what you can, out of joyfulness and gratitude for what has so richly been given to you from Creation.

The blessings you find are not random. They will shower back upon you and be a beauty and delight for the rest of your days!

Aloha and Mahalos,
Peace and Light,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Tonight I offered a friend to pay for the Removals on, well, 'someone who needs it' is a nice way of putting it. I put in the order with Margaret. The cost is $150.  I just opened the mail, and there now is a check from my insurance for $141.89. See how it works? It just happens! So go for it! Give it a whirl!