Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Scarlet Letter

The Scarlet Letter is a novel that was written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It was about Hester Prynne, who conceived a child out of wedlock in a small, Puritan Community. The legal magistrates discovered her sin, her going against the system. The child was shunned, and she was forced forevermore to wear a large, red, letter 'A' pinned to the front of her shirt.  Not matter how much they tortured her, she would not reveal who was the father of her love child.

At the end of the book, the reader discovers that it was the town minister who led the church.

Yesterday I got this note from 'The Facebook Team':

"Hi, there's content on this Facebook Page that's harassing meand I'm not sure how to handle it. Can you please help?the owner of this page claims to be a Reiki master , but why would a Reiki master promote false info about people? Please help report this page, eye know you are a true Reiki Warrior, please assist me "

The safety of your friends and family should be taken seriously. Facebook also takes harassment and bullying very seriously and recommends that you respond to this call for help. In some cases you will want to contact the appropriate authorities to ensure everyone's safety. Our safety center has resources that can be helpful to you in effectively dealing with this situation:

The page in question was called 'Exposing the EX'.  I looked at it. It was compelling. There were mug shots and 'avoid this person because of x,y, and z' and all of those reasons were very valid ones! There were also posts about things like, 'if he'll cheat with you, he'll cheat on you'. Cheaters of all ages and genders were posted on the site. And the page only started on March 3!

I put my ex up on 'Don't Date Him Girl' in 2004. I wanted to protect others. If they cared to look, they could know.

My guides wouldn't help me on this. It was up to me. So I asked my son what he thought--he's in school, and I asked him if this was bullying. He would know.

He said, 'report it mom'.

So here is my response to 'the Facebook team':

I reported it.
The energy of the page is hard to discern--on the one hand, there is going to be more and more of the Light exposing darkness, which is basically what is happening here. Just not very well contained, energy-wise. It's not on the up and up, the energy itself is dense and lower vibration, although it is exposing something that desperately needs to be exposed.

This is what a Reiki Master might build something like that page. Not all Reiki Masters do self-reiki every day. Not all of them are spiritual. And some might have ego 'running the show'.

Your page, on the other hand, has very sweet and light energy.

I wasn't sure at first what to do. I asked for guidance, and it was quiet! But I asked my son, who is nine, and a Reiki master. He and I together agreed to report the page, basically due to harassment against people who have a disease (infidelity and drug use, poor judgement). 

As it is said, 'hate the sin but love the sinner', plus, the page Exposing the EX is completely devoid of the qualities of the Golden Age--nurturing, warmth, love and compassion.

Thank you for the opportunity to assist at this time. Aloha and Mahalos, Namaste. Peace.

I'm not much better, myself.

I had a five-year dry spell after I became a mom.

When I was at conference in New Orleans, I was invited to a party by one of my Facebook friends and mentors. When the taxi dropped me off, it was in a really bad part of town, and I had to go upstairs but I was afraid. The place was called The Blue Nile.

I stood at the bottom of the stairs, and panicked. I prayed for help to be sent.

Another taxi dropped off three young guys who were obviously partying. I went to the tallest one, touched him on the elbow, and explained the situation. Would he mind walking me up the stairs to make sure inside were people that I know, just in case?

He was handsome. He agreed after he gave me a hard time about it. And I waved him off with a smile as I went in the door, saying, 'everything is going to be okay'.

At the end of the night, as I came downstairs from the party, there was a crowd. And who did I run into?


He asked for my number. Lots of guys ask me for my number. They never call.

This one did.

The night before the party I thad taken a tour, a Voodoo tour, of the city. I was the only single one. It felt awkward, but I have grown used to that awkwardness. I didn't give it a second thought. I just was glad to get to know the story of Marie Laveau.

I left an offering for her earlier at a veve in a store, Erzulie's' (I have the app on my phone, they are excellent).

I felt her Presence. And she made me a promise.

It turned out the guy was a resident at Wisconsin. And anesthesia resident and an anesthesia attending. He was at the same conference!

He came and saw my poster.

He asked me to go to dinner. I asked him to go with me on the ghost tour I really wanted to go see.

We had a nice time.

He left the next day. Or I did. I forget. We kept a correspondence for a while. But he was never going to live where I am, and I was never going to move where he was.

And he was such a heavy drinker that there was no way I was ever going to seek a relationship. I am a 'drunk magnet', if you will.

So I moved on.

Out of the blue last year he friended me on Facebook. It was a growth experience for me to not shun one of my 'exes'. I was like, whatever, dude, cool.

There was some person in the photo with him, but I didn't look to see if he was in a 'relationship'. I thought it was his daughter who would be that age and height by now.

I posted something along the lines of, How do you know an anesthesiologist is good in bed? You FORGET!

And he private messaged me saying I had given him a total French Maid fantasy ever since.

I was polite and said he was 'wonderful' and I shared I hadn't been with anybody since. That's four years, four months, and fourteen days, but who's counting? LOL

I felt his energy--it was one of great sadness and regret.

You see he was the first I could share about my seeing ghosts and being psychic. He totally accepted it. When he kissed me at a bar on the tour, I saw ghosts watching! But his family was from Utah, and they saw ghosts. So for the first time in my life I had been accepted for who I am, and treated with nurturing, respect, love and compassion, even if only for one night.

We actually have a mutual friend, for a surgeon from his residency program now works at my hospital. I mentioned it.

Again, I was not seeking anything more than friendship, because keeping an old love as a friend is something that is new for me.

But on the way to work, oddly enough, I saw a license plate that said, Voudou--it was the French spelling, and it was a reminder of Marie Laveau, who I know without a doubt had sent me Chris at that party...

Yesterday in my private message box on my personal Facebook page, I got this:

I've been innaproriate with my comments about the French maids outfit. I am in a long term relationship for 4yrs. I'm sorry I'm a dick. I won't be talking with you anymore.

I guess I had become more 5D than I thought! LOL. Because his 3D text blocking me makes me think his lover has him on a short leash.  One of the things on the cheating page said, 'Faithful on Facebook page and cheater  in the private messages'.

I smile.


Because as the Light shines increasingly brighter, so much more that is shadow is going to be exposing the TRUTH.

Please note that although it might appear 'fun' at the time, the energy of blaming and casting out is the energy of Separation and has nothing to do with the Goddess Energies that are flooding the planet, and absolutely NOTHING to do with the Ascension Process.

Keep your Vibration UP, and allow our brothers and sisters who have 'disease in the judgement' department, that led to some pretty heinous--'poor life decisions'--some slack.

This is the kind of letter we should make other people wear on their shirts!

Yesterday was the first day I wanted to run to Ross. The abuse in the O.R. against me was brutal. A surgeon had it out for me, called my boss, and accused me of being 'a slow turnover' and 'not knowing how to do a block'. 

But everything turned out fine, and the blocks worked, the patients were happy, and the third case that was a straight GA went fine. 

The reason for the slow second one is that the technician had gone home and the equipment for the block couldn't be located. The nerve stimulator was in OR 5, not the supply room. It took three people looking for it to track it down. And the person assisting me had never once used the ultrasound. The total time between my two cases was under twelve minutes doing routine prep work, and twenty minutes for the block including the searching. The patient before had a stormy wake up and I couldn't just leave and dump them in PACU. I had to make sure they were breathing adequately.

But it hurt.

As I went over my day with Ross, who had his little pad of paper like a waiter...I started to cry. I just wanted to see his face with my own eyes, and to touch it!

He let me.

I rolled on my stomach, and concentrating with my third eye, I wanted to see him as I knew him when we were married. I traced my finger on the sheet and listened as he described the shape of his eyes, his nose, his ear and I visualized them in the same detail I would look at a patient or anyone in 3D. 

I wanted to see the scars, the little imperfections that make Ross, Ross.

It was the hands that made me cry the most. He used to do hard labor, and there were lots of small well-healed scars on them. 

I also cried about the ear, because I had flashbacks to when he died. It was stomach-turning violent and I saw everything.

I kept saying, 'not dead? not dead?' and he reassured me he was okay, he was fine, he was alive again.

And I slept.

I have no recollection of the night. But this morning I was told by Blessed Mother I would have much happiness today.

I am so thankful some of us get 'pulled' out of our existence here at night, and have someplace to go that is not here.

It's brutal.

Please do what is in your heart to staunch the hemorrhage of cruelty and anger and accusation and ostracizing others today. Bullying affects us all, even your anesthesiologist in the hospital who does your cases. The surgeons are MEAN sometimes. And because they bring a lot of money to the hospital, they get away with it.

I confessed while eating one graham cracker because I was famished, to an RN friend, how I feel that surgeon 'doesn't respect me'. 

She said it's that way with him 'all across the board, to everyone, and not to take it personal.'

That's what people say about them behind their back. Everyone knows. Everyone knows and supports one another. Only the bully doesn't have a heart that's open or eyes that see.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. I gave Reiki to that surgeon three times yesterday. I gave it strong. I buttoned his gown (it has to be tied in the back). I was pleasant and professional. And I told him, 'It will never happen again'. That's because I asked my boss never to let me work with him again.

P.P.S. Ridicule is the strongest weapon for Disinformation--taken from this link: