Friday, March 21, 2014

The Ley Lines Blessing Tonight

It was time to pick up from school. Ross said to go out for pizza, but only if my boy asked.

I got there, and saw the mom of his best friend. She had watched him when I worked; I hadn't seen him for two days.

There was a flurry of activity at the entrance. Apparently another boy's mom was agreeing to the kids asking for them to come to their friend's house after school.

I did a quick scan of the energies--boy was overtired, looked low aura--and that family I know is not high energy. So I said no.

What I didn't expect was the protest and tears in the car the whole ride home.

I was like, 'Ross? Please DO something, help me out, okay?'

He said he's got this. And all of a sudden I started to see signs on the way home. I learned to trust my intuition in this situation more, by those signs. And I knew a steady presence would do more than any words could help at this time. I looked up in the sky and there were two red-tailed hawks circling high up...followed by more 'coincidences' with meaning from Spirit to me.

The last sign was a license plate frame that said, 'God Never Fails'.

As he cried, he sounded like me, and he was upset he didn't get what he wants, which also sounded like me.

At home, I gave simple directions to reorient him. Put away your music. Put away your back pack. Take off your shoes and be comfortable. Lie on the couch.

As an intuitive physician mom, I knew--over tired, some emotional conflict at school, an injury on basketball court (got a slip) and dehydration.

So I got a cool glass of water, and tissues, and soothed the child as only a mother knows how to do. 'It isn't easy growing up, is it?'

He said, 'Mom, remember how you asked if I would like to throw the football? I changed my mind, I'd like to do that now.'

So we did.

Then the Frisbee. I have a lot of room for improvement on my Frisbee skills. ; )

Then it happened.

As the sun sank low in the sky, I did my meditation, while chasing frisbees and footballs. It's intent, not body, that creates meditation.

Then this man I had never seen before came out of my next-door neighbor's house. Very interesting energy. Very interesting gait. Fascinating older gentleman.

I asked, 'Are you staying with them? I'm the neighbor.' and introduced us.

Francisco asked my boy, 'where do you think I am from?'

Mexico? India?

I am from El Salvador. When I was your age, I wanted to improve my life. I went to Mexico and worked on the oil industries and made a lot of money. But then one day, they said, 'You are from El Salvador and this work is only for Mexicans.' He said, 'Give me my time.' and he got a good amount of money.

He looked at the money, and decided if he stayed in Mexico, he would spend it, and it would be even harder to find work. So he decided to go North.

He worked at any job he could. He did parking. He did retail. He did all kinds of things.

One day, he had a stroke. It was eight years ago. He collapsed on the computer register at the kiosk in the parking stall. He couldn't get up, but he was aware enough to wave the cars through.

The manager came in the morning, called the wife, who called her two sons to pick him up (he's a stepfather). They took him to the hospital where the doctor was upset they didn't take him in right away...they said, 'he was working!'.

All his memory was gone.

They gave him pills that made him sleep all the time. He could barely speak.

One day, he realized what was going on, and he slurred in a whisper to his wife, 'Don't give me this medicine. Western medicine is not going to help me. GET..... ME......LECITHIN....'

His wife was like, 'what's lecithin?' but she got it for him anyway.

He started to get things back. He says eight years later he is very close to the man he once was. He knew about the lecithin because he had once worked in a health food store.

One man came in to his shop, hiding his face with his hand, embarrassed. Francisco asked, 'may I help you?'. Without making eye contact, the man confessed, 'I no longer work as a man.'

Francisco gave him lecithin, and ginseng.

The customer stared at it. Francisco said, 'You have to look at it like you believe it for it to work.' The man bought his natural remedy.

About three weeks later, Francisco saw the man outside the subway stop across from the store. They made eye contact. The customer stood tall and gave Francisco one long, slow salute. Then he showed his finger pointing UP. It worked!

Francisco turned to me and asked, 'What is your religion?'

I knew my neighbors were catholic, and I used to be, so I opted to avoid conflict and said I was catholic too.

He said, I am a very OLD religion...I am gnostic. You know I have powers?

He said when you lay down at night, let your body go to sleep, but not your brain. You will feel tingling all in your body. But if your BRAIN is awake, you can stand up once your body is asleep. You will see your body there, lying on the bed, but your Astral Body will be able to go anywhere.

He went to El Salvador to visit his father, who was deceased but working at a workbench.
'Papa, you don't have to work. You can go to where you have to go. You are dead.'
His father never stopped working, and shrugged him off.

He also said how the Church lies.

I listened with interest...

He went for communion. The man in line ahead of him told the priest that Francisco was not Catholic. The priest refused the communion, and told him to leave, and never return.
Francisco enjoyed communion, and went to mass, but never was 'officially' catholic.

He hit the priest. He held him up to the wall, but the priest slipped and hurt his head, and there was a commotion. Francisco said, 'This man lied to the priest and said I was not catholic, and the priest believed him and I got upset.' Then the man was excommunicated on the spot, instead of Francisco.

Francisco advised me to get lecithin for my son's brain (one with every meal) and for me to lose weight (two a day).

I think tomorrow I might stop by the vitamin store. How many times do you see a recovered stroke with no weakness or deficits like that?

Then he went on his walk, after we went over introductions again, just to keep our names straight.

As I shook his hand as he turned to go, I said, in Spanish, 'encantado' which means 'enchanted to meet you'.

He smiled and said, 'egualamente' which means 'me too' and went on his way.

My boy turned to me and asked, 'Mom? Why did you say we are catholic?'
I explained the same way I said earlier to you.

He looked at me in disbelief and said, 'Mom, he talks about what you do every DAY!!', alluding to my energy work with Reiki Doc.

So we tossed the football a little more, then the frisbee. The guy with the brand new white mercedes that the frisbee kept hitting came out of the garage. I winked and said really loud to the boy, 'Want to go get the mail???'

He was like, 'Mom? How did you know it was HIM that owned the car???' --it was in the visitor spot.

I just smiled and shrugged.

Now it's time to make some dinner.  Have a great weekend!

Aloha and Mahalos,
Peace and Namaste,

Reiki Doc

P.S. God NEVER fails!!! <3