Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Discussion Continues

"Your hear may cry, but even good comes from a weeping heart."

Here is the Heavenletter:

We are in Truce.

But this doesn't help. It doesn't help me.

Even if this whole 'life on Earth' thing was designed to help us keep our Vibration of Love energy HIGH No matter what...

The pain outweighs the gain.

And I don't want to buy a tee shirt or postcard or magnet for my refrigerator from this 'adventure'.

And my heart is FULL of LOVE for Heaven, and God, and HOME as I write this.

A Truce is a Truce...and that is all I have to say.

I almost would spit on the ground right now, but my heart is so full of LOVE that I won't let my actions be spiteful. I do want you to know that I thought of it.

A life with no connection, or connections that randomly break, is very painful to the energy system.

With my 'box of crayons' I only want to draw flowers and butterflies and unicorns and rainbows.

It's not fair that the bullies Who Don't Have Our Best Interest At Heart decided to break all my crayons in my box and make me eat them and cry.

So with LOVE for YOU in my heart I cry out with LOVE for 'they who do not know what they do' and I LOVE that you let me see how I DO NOT WISH TO BE (by their horrible example) and how much I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY miss HOME and GOD and ANGELS and FAERIES and UNICORNS.


Reiki Doc

Please give me a new box of crayons, some paper, and let me sit where I can see you out of the corner of my eye, Lord Father-God, and I will be just fine. That way Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart' can't bully me ever again. It doesn't matter what anyone else does or says or hurts my heart. With those minimum things, your Presence, crayons and the freedom to draw what I want to draw--in my case, beautiful things--I can adjust.

If you ask me, those significant others who turn away are just sorry excuses for YOU.  Since you are not so easy to see, hear, or experience 'down here', we try to make do with whoever shows us kindness and love. That is why it hurts so much when they break our hearts. Not only have you been taken away from us with that ridiculous Veil of Illusion, but then they, our transitional objects, if you will, turn away from us and walk away too.

That is why I cry.

Now I want to draw a picture of what kind of world I would enjoy. One where your energy is absolutely FLOODING the environment, undiluted, straight up, 24/7, forever and ever and let me create.

P.P.S. You played this song for me about ten minutes ago. Thank you.

The Sunny Side Of The Street by Steve Tyrell

P.P.S. Why did you show me this license plate from from La Puente that says ATLANTIS???? It had some energy to it!