Thursday, March 13, 2014

He Serves The Goddess

Recently,  I saw somebody I have known since 1998 as if for the first time...I am so moved by this new awareness I am taking a moment to write about it before I go to bed. It's that important.

I always wondered about Gynecologist-Oncologists. Do they like it? I know they can operate, but the work that they do? It's so very can they face work like that every day?

This was one, a well-reputed one, whom I have worked with ever since I was a resident. They tend to go around to many hospitals in the area. Although we are not based at the same home institution, he comes to my OR every now and then. Just like now what I am going to describe...

What started the new awareness was my intuition, my inner knowing.

I sensed that he had been through a lot, and that he was hungry for the energies of the Goddess--nothing sexual...just solid, healthy, Feminine Energy.

If Divine Masculine Energy in health is described as a 'crisp, clean, male', then by the same token, the Divine Feminine Energy of the Goddess in health is described as a 'strong nurturer and life-affirming female'.

Without saying a word, or changing anything I do while I am caring for our patient--since I am trained in these energies--I focused on making my Divine Feminine Energy flow sure and steady into the room.  I set the intent for healing in this fashion.

And he drank! He relaxed into the energy, and at the end of the case, turned to me and said, 'It has been a Long Time since we have worked together!'

His energy was brighter and more stable, and I was not drained at all.

The last time I had seen him, I had asked about his wife, whom I had taken care of once on a weekend. (she had a gyn cancer, and he did the surgery. I was shocked about it, and asked how he could work in such a capacity? He leveled with me at the time, and said, 'who else could I trust?' He had a point. I've known plastic surgeons who have worked on their mothers and wives, too.)

The cancer was cured, but there were other coexisting diseases. The last time I had run into him he mentioned his wife's dementia. But I found out this time that she had passed earlier this year, had been requiring a live-in caregiver for several years, and there was also severe, life-threatening autoimmune/arthritic involvement.

I had completely forgotten about her dementia. I had recalled it was something bad but not the particulars.

At the end of the surgery, I told him I would pray for both of them, and remember them in my prayers. He said, 'I think prayer changes things for the better'. Then he paused, and said, 'If you don't mind adding an extra five minutes before your prayers, would you please ask for them to make a card for my cases that actually shows what I want for my cases?' (the card is the preference card for the surgeon, that describes the suture and instruments and drains they like for each case. He had been long-suffering for over twenty years at our facility over this 'card'. )

I laughed.

So where is the Goddess? Is it just me?

No no no no no! Not at all!

It's his service to the Divine Feminine in these women with cancers who had nowhere else to turn. It was his thoroughness in his training and technique that helped to save lives. It was his commitment to the training of others in his specialty, spanning an entire career, that made me realize he had respect for the Goddess, and sought to protect Her from the harm that comes through cancer to her sacred areas.

While some might misconstrue because he was a male and worked on female reproductive organs, that he had a 'motive' to be working 'with that' all day, I saw quite clearly the motive that was in his heart.

And he was mourning the loss of his Goddess, his partner, wife and friend. He did a good job of not showing it, but as an intuitive I could 'sense' what was going on 'inside' his emotional body...

What a beautiful man! What a caring person to spend an entire lifetime getting into and subsequently mastering and ensuring the knowledge is carried forth in his career of choice?

So, for all of you 'out there' who are disheartened because of men, have hope.

For I was once afraid of him, a big gruff man with a short temper and high expectation of everyone on the team. I never would speak up, not until after about ten years of working with him, as an equal, an attending!

So perhaps as we Ascend, we shall SEE with the heart into the hearts of men...and women...and children...and the aged...

And we shall be blessed by what we discover with our new Eyes That SEE!

Aloha and Mahalos,
Blessed Be,

Reiki Doc