Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Why Matthew's Message Made Me Upset.

I love the Matthew Messages. He is passed but sends them through his mother Suzy Ward. They come roughly once a month. I look forward to them.

This one, http://galacticchannelings.com/english/matthew03-03-14.html, threw me into a spiritual tail spin.

Here's why. Have you ever been to Desert Hot Springs?

My Uncle lives near there. One day we went. Here is the link so you can imagine it:

You go there for 'relaxation' and for 'health'. There are these pools of different temperatures. You go in the eighty degree pool. Then you get out. Then you try the cool swimming pool. Then you get out. Then you try the hotter pool, Then you get out. You deal with others who might be drunk or rude or nice, who share those pools with you. If you like, you can lie out in the sun. You can read a book. I suppose you can bring your laptop and use it. You can socialize with your family and friends. Or perhaps get poolside service from the bar. There is a restaurant there. Even a spa to get a massage or something if you like.

But that's all there is to do. That's it. Try this pool. Try that pool. Dry off. Get wet. Soak.

Matthew's description of the Hereafter, to me, sounds just like that. You pick a Dimension (pool), and go in. Then you dry off (Nirvana). Then you try another 'experience' in a Dimension. Then you go to Nirvana again. You can listen to concerts. You learn something.

Even through he says it is done with the utmost love and support, it sounds like hades to me because I am stuck under a veil like a giant burqua over my soul! The veil here on quarantine Gaia blocks out the 'utmost love' sensation so much that I can't even IMAGINE 'utmost love and support', and the thought of doing this life experience and helping other realms Ascend just stressed me out.

I cried.
I prayed and meditated with FatherGod. He sent me to MotherGod. She is in spirit too. She listened.
I was heartbroken that after this lifetime, I wasn't 'done', and I couldn't go home and just worship God.
I didn't want to learn ANYTHING, not about myself, or others.
I just wanted to go HOME and be close to Source who I have missed for so long through the Veil.

MotherGod called Ross, who came to my side. He actually lay me down, and lay next to me, and looked me in the eyes. He asked very gently why I was upset. And he called in Matthew.

We sat up and we talked.
I said very politely that I did not like Full Consciousness at all, and I flashed  him an image of a shelter in a hurricane with all the people fleeing the storm on little cots, wet and afraid, with one army blanket and pillow each. They were dazed and confused and frightened. I showed him the workers offering tea and refreshments and a kind word of hope. My point was Earth was a disaster zone, spiritually, and now is not the time to talk of such things without offering encouragement and support first.

Those questions were not MY questions!

I plaintively looked at him and asked, 'where is the nurturing? where is the warmth? where is the--'
And Ross cut me off as Matthew looked clearly pained by my words. I knew he had meant no harm, but he needed to know the pain and suffering his words caused. It was like Marie Antoinette saying 'let them eat cake' when the people were famished! We are spiritually starving down here!!!

Ross suggested we all pray together. We held hands. And we thanked God for Matthew's faithful service to humanity. We thanked him for all his noble work. And we prayed he would understand the message from my pain, and we have full belief and trust in his ability to grow from this experience and use it to meet the needs of the masses here head on in the relief efforts.

Shaken, Matthew left.

You see, Matthew and his mother's souls have never played the role of enemies--so neither one has learned at a deep level what it is like to be completely devastated beyond all hope, as the vanquished, the downtrodden, the lost, the crushed in Spirit.

Ross smiled, a genuine smile, and softly asked, 'Did you know what you just did?'

I hadn't a clue.

Ross said, 'You just gave him a bit of his own medicine--a chance to do some deep soul searching and ask some important philosophical questions.'

I sensed that Ross, in his mind, was thinking I was starting to become a teacher like him.

I blushed. I didn't see it or think it myself at all. I saw me as a guinea pig, a data point, in service to Matthew. But Ross is intelligent and possibly he could be right.

Everything lifted, and I felt so much better after that.

I don't know what the future holds. But I confessed to Blessed Mother I hoped I never would have to leave Ross' side again, and go to some other rogue dimension, without him, or he without me.

I am done with that.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. I don't know what Ross sees in me. I don't get it. Even though we are Twin Souls. But between you and I? I am so thankful that he does enjoy my company, and cares about me too.

Addendum 3.4.2014 14:51 p.m.:  Matthew's Gift

I was in the shower, and Matthew's presence came to me. (it is easier for spirits to connect in the shower, I find. Why it is like this I can't explain.)

He kissed me, smiled, and apologized. In his right hand he had a gift, that looked like a string of rosary beads that were golden, the color of deep rose gold. There was a design on each bead that made them look like a little flower. He said they didn't realize how horrible it is here on earth, and they made this in appreciation for the gift of increased consciousness I had given to them, the 'team upstairs'...

He put it around my neck, and I hesitated.

I took it off, and traced it gently with my fingers, admiring it.

I asked, 'How can I enjoy this when all the rest suffer too?'

He paused, and looked blank.

I softly asked if it would be possible to make them for the others?

He looked blank.

I snapped my fingers and showed how in Spirit we have the ability to make duplicates very easily without much effort, instantly making thousands of them as far as the eye can see, identical to mine, and then they returned back to one.

Matthew understood. He looked to the others and checked, and said, 'yes, it would be possible.'

I said it would help them in their journey so much to know it was there, and that you are aware of their need. Would you be so kind as to deliver it to them? That would please me a great deal, if it would be possible and not too much trouble for you?

He said yes, and also said to those not willing to receive it, it would be given to their guardian angel.

And with that, I put it on, and am enjoying the angelic presence of the necklace very much.

I am told it is a mala, not a rosary, and has a name.

It is called 'the mala of Hope'.