Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Growing Up Nudist?

Mom is going to be so mad at me! LOL

I grew up going to this place on the weekends--from age four to age ten: http://gleneden.com

We called it 'the cabin' because we had a tiny studio cabin that belonged to us there. It had a tiny stove, a sleeper sofa, and to be honest, I don't remember where we slept. There was mom, dad, my sister and me, but all I remember was that one couch that made into a bed! There was a table and a two burner stove that sat on the counter. And the bathroom and showers were a short walk away on a trail.

If this story makes you upset, this is because you are having a third-dimensional reaction to the situation. It sounds like one big sexual ordeal, and judgement is quick to form in your mind about my parents.

Through the eyes of a child, I had not the time yet to develop those lines of thinking. I was told, it is good for our skin and our health to go sometimes without clothes.  What else is a child to think? For this is the philosophy that came out of Germany with a health movement. Nudists actually are screened for psychological 'red flags' before ever being given membership. Here is a little more on the history of the 'health movement'--it is very interesting--for in addition to health it is somewhat of a refusal of societal 'rules' to experience the freedom of not having to wear clothes.  Please note this link has full-frontal pictures. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nudism

This is what I remember from growing up nudist: the beautiful African Daisy flowers that grew wild on the hillsides. Our family took a lot of nature hikes, and I could see the faeries in the flowers and speak with them in my mind.

I also remember swimming in the pool which was wonderful.

All of the grownups were very nice and respectful to me, and never once touched me in any way. I thought they were ugly myself. The two in these photos are actually a lot healthier-looking than most of the ones that were there.

I thought the cafeteria was wonderful because our family had a tab running, and I was allowed to go by myself to get a little cup of ice cream, you know, the kind where you had to pull the paper lid off it, every day.

In winter and at night, everybody wore clothes. It got cold there.

My only fear was of sitting on a red ant and being bit in the bottom again. It happened once, when I sat on a chair without looking. So I was always mindful of the ants ever since.

Am I a nudist today? No. Not practicing. But I love being in the water in my bathing suit as much as I can--I still love the freedom of the sun on my skin, and being near the water.

I also have the mental image of what the human body looks like--the real one, not the hyper-sexualized photo-shopped one the media uses to sell merchandise.

It gave me the skill to look into the heart of a person, not at their 'body', while I communicate with them. It's clear what is what; the body is not 'them' and it's going to change with time. This helps me to look past the ravages of disease while I deal with a patient and truly 'connect' heart-to-heart as a physician.

I think I am fortunate to have passed my crucial growing-up years close to Nature and the Sky, with my own skin in the sunshine, experiencing the human form as it was made by Creator.

Then again, all children are born with their memories intact from where they lived before coming to Earth. I believe this was Heaven, a place of the Higher Dimensions.

People often ask me, 'how did you get to be so highly intuitive?'. I don't know. I inherited it--from my maternal grandfather and mom. My niece and my boy have it too. I think growing up sky clad really helped to keep the connection to Source really open; it 'buried' through my teens until I was twenty-six, and has been 'rediscovered' ever since.

If my sharing this with you makes you think of me as a striped rider of a spotted horse, I understand completely.

I just wanted to share my 5D 'goggles' and let you try them on.

Aloha and mahalos,

Reiki Doc


Light = Information = Energy = Consciousness. 

Direct Inner Knowing = Consciousness

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