Saturday, October 12, 2013

Two Reiki Student Interactions In One Day

From Where I Sit--what kinds of Spirit Stuff am I working on, anyway? LOL

  • Reiki In The O.R.: one of my Reiki One students, an RN, is newly married and trying to start a family. It's not going as planned. She asked for me to do reiki on her 'to see if she is all blocked up'. I did the Reiki in the nurse educator's office, behind closed doors, with my student in a chair. Immediately I felt what was going on, did what I could, and explained 'next steps' for her healing to her.
  • Reiki In The Cardiology Suite: The cardiologist kept asking my name while I was taking care of the patient. Even though I've been treated like crap by the entire department, this doc knew I'm certified in echo, and asked my opinion on the TEE study. I was shocked, and hadn't done TEE in a very long time. As a matter of fact, this is the first time I didn't look at the study or even care. But I interpreted it as best as I could. It had to do with the presence or artifact of a clot in the left atrial appendatge. If a real clot, you can't cardiovert. I actually put my energy to the heart area, to 'see' if anything was wrong. It felt 'okay' but I did not relay the information. It's funny how I am 'scanning' the patient myself in my own way now.
  • The Student Who Healed Me:  It was time to read the PPD result and complete the forms. She met me at her work, and we had lunch together since it was her day off. I told her about the thyroid. She offered to treat me with Reiki. We went into a closed part of the restaurant, I laid on the table, and let her work. It's amazing how many of the students are 'old healers' to begin with. I greatly appreciated her help, and made a note that my energy balance has been on 'too much give' and 'not enough take' for my own well-being.
  • I Don't Want To Eat Crap: my project on involving the Chef from my hospital with some local friends who cook Vegan and do RAW vegan is coming along. He came to the place, and I sat for a while with the owner and him to explore options for the Doctors Dining Room and Cafe.
  • Reiki Your Vaccine Before They Inject You: I stumbled across this during my own inoculation. Please see other blog post for more details.

Reiki is becoming a way of life. <3

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc