Thursday, October 17, 2013

Day One--October 17, 2013

Love conquers all things. Let us too give in to Love. --- Virgil

One of the first things I noticed about a year ago, is that as my Vibration ramped up in the Ascension process, my reflexes became faster too.

Last night was the perfect example--as I opened the medicine cabinet while sleepy last night right before going to bed, two small packages of bandaids fell off the top shelf. Before I knew it, my hand was at the bottom shelf and caught both of them at the same time!

I never used to be able to do this. It is a visible, physical change that is noticeable to myself, and only to me. I have caught countless objects as they fell in the past year's time.

So one of the things you might start to notice as your Vibration increases, is an improvement in the hand-eye coordination and ability to catch falling small everyday items in the hand before they land.

Keep looking for this. And also for that warm, fuzzy, glowing feeling in your Heart Center. It's unmistakeable!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

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  1. Dear Rieki Doc

    I first read your blog posts when they appeared on the Galactic Free Press websight. Your insights and joyfulness are delightfully magnetic.

    As this e-mail is of a personal nature, I would appreciate your editing out some of the details if you decide to use it.

    My reason for writing you today is to ask for assistance in figuring out the best course of action. Within me, I feel pressure to assist in the awakening of the people around me. To support this, I printed off a sheet that explained how the Bank of Canada was stolen from the people of Canada in 1974. There is an important court case going on to re-claim the bank. Also, in another action started by an amazing man, Mr. Paul Hellyer (former Minister of Defense in the 1960's), will be an attempt to stop the selling out of Canadian municipalities and resources through a newly created trade deal with the European Union (CETA - is the initials for the deal - Canadian European Trade Agreement). I handed out my one page document at the local Farmer's Market on the Thanksgiving weekend (earlier in Canada than in the US). Response was really 85-90% positive.

    As I contemplate another action to wake up people, I am hearing the alternate story. The wonderful Stuart Wilde, a teacher that I followed until his departure from the earth plane this past May, suggests that through our inner work we change the world. Indeed, I have experienced much change from the deep work that I have done and continue to do. Now, I am wondering when do we speak? When do we stay silent?

    Part of me feels shamed that I created a ripple of change - or was it really just a child calling for attention?

    I know that the vibration of the heart is everything ....can you love and be angry at the same time?

    With gratitude for your consideration........Livinglitely