Saturday, February 29, 2020

Let's Walk Through The Doors Of Faith

Yesterday I had a very important meditation, and Ross and I would like to share it with you.  I had a late start, eight o'clock, but Anthony had an early start at school. I had about two hours before I had to be at work. So what did I do?

It was a combination of 'have to' and 'wants'.  While the fake plastic tub was filling, I paid all my bills. I paid them in anticipation of the paycheck coming in. I get paid once a month, and the last week I've been super careful with my expenses. The check from the big box store let us be able to go out to Del Taco for lunch when Anthony really wanted it after school. It helped!

Then after my bath, I walked in the garden.

Nothing gives you more of a sense of peace than having a little time to take care of your own needs, and to check on something which brings you joy, before starting a long day at work. I was there all day and got home at five.

So let's go to the meditation first, and after that, we will go to the day and some other things...

The bathroom was all steamy and when I flipped on the light and the fan went on with it--it's a combo--somehow it just jarred my nerves.

I turned it off.

There is a little window high up in the shower area. There was just a glimmer of light in the sky.

I took a bath in the dark. I could barely see, at first. But in the warm I could hear the birds, and it was the first time in my new home I'd ever felt the wonder of the onsen I experienced in the mountains of Japan near Kyoto (and Kuramayama!)--where you are in the warm but can see outside into Nature.

It was very life-affirming. I relaxed deeply, and for the seventeen minutes until my timer rang, I enjoyed the sunrise. By the time I needed to wash my hair and everything, the sun was well up.

Here is the lesson.

It is a bit of remembering.

Light switches are learned and unnatural.

Nothing is either all ON or all OFF in Nature.

Think of the trees which flower in Spring. They are always on time, are they not? And yet, year after year, they gradually build into the energy of the blossoming, and then, gradually fade out of that phase, and into the next one, of building leaves and setting the fruit.

It was a pointed lesson. Ascension is not like a light switch.

Here is the Schumann resonance--a peak to the left, and then a trough (less white)--

And here is a secondary confirmation from The Council.

As I drove to work, Ross asked me what kind of day I would enjoy, what would bring me joy?

I asked for the kind of day where it felt everything was going my way, that it would be easy, that I could eat, and that we had some kind of going out to eat on a Friday night I could look forward to.

I didn't expect anything.

But sure enough, my surgeon was a little late (it wasn't my fault).  My cases went well.  I got to do a challenging thoracic case with my favorite thoracic surgeon, someone I trained with many years ago. (His personality is a lot like Reggie from yesterday's video....very kind, a little sassy, and kind of wore out from carrying the burden (in this case of being a surgeon when reimbursements are low and nurses are calling you all the time over every little thing).

The case went well.

The day went well.

I ate.

And I remembered the Shamrock Shakes. So we went to our only time we go to Mc D, and I got my filet of fish (two dollar fridays!) and french fries and small Shamrock Shake. It's been fifty years of them now, Mc D says. Wow.

After that, we went to the doctor's. Anthony and I have both somewhat relapsed, him worse than me. So there we have it. Actually, there was a ninety minute wait at the office near the restaurant. So they said there was zero wait at the branch of urgent care we went last time (that takes our insurance!)...and we went there and saw the same physician assistant we saw last time. The pharmacy was closed, but I will go today and fix things. They need our new insurance card.

We watched a little TV, and then we went to sleep early.

I was able to say to Anthony that I had a good day, and I meant it.

What about the virus and the rest of the world? Well, if you ask me, media is even more 'sanitized' than ever. I got an article out of China where my friend said 'smart doctor' said it. Yes, someone from Shanghai who 'went to the front lines, no questions asked, no hesitation' who is talking to the people about the virus and then 'expects to fade away into reading papers' so absolutely HUMBLE--saying that the masks will come off in about two months. And that they are fortunate their country had the ability to be so aggressive in treating the outbreak, other countries couldn't quarantine so much...

Please spare me.  The article was straight out from the government.  And all the front line people from the epicenter, are like, dead, right?

Here is a US doc reading an autopsy report from China. Again, right?  This is controlled information one step removed.  Do I trust this? Or the video footage of people dropping like flies?

I trust my own eyes!

And when the stuff I saw has been removed, censored, etc?  And the journalists silenced?

That's proof enough for me.

What I have that's real intel, that you won't find in the news, is that all the shipping containers from China are sitting in the port of Los Angeles, and the workers are refusing to open them for fear of the virus!  If it's made in China, you don't have to wait for the supply line to be empty in China due to people not working. Already the things they have made are considered 'contaminated' to the popular culture who works with them. So they just sit.

Also, there was a footage of some people upset in China for working in a factory and not being paid. I wouldn't expect that news to stay up for long with the sixteen hundred paid internet sanitizers from China to flag it and get it pulled.

I'm surprised how little is coming out of Italy that I've seen. Again, the empty shelves aren't making it to the internet, not sure why.

From China, my friend shared that she heard that North Korea shot a patient who had it. Could be true, sounds kind of true, but who knows? It's likely propaganda. Because the China news showed it. She knows about our one here in California where there was no connection to China and they caught it anyway. But what I've seen is that the patient, in Vallejo, in northern California, is very close to the local air force base where some of the people (from the boat I think?) are being held.

Yes, folks, there's nothing to see. Just keep walking by. There's nothing going on here. Right?

Here I'm going to take you to something very fascinating.

Theory One--could be right, could be wrong--ch-M trails sprinkled smart dust (and China got mandatory vaccinations) which contained messenger RNA that could be activated by radio frequency, and then fi-ve geeee added to the picture creates possibility for remote assassination. The combination theory has its merits, it's one step up from the oxygen theories, and also, due to the combination would be harder to prove or disprove.

Theory Two--let's practice something. Take the word C-O-V-I-D and use translation to translate it to Hebrew. Cut and paste the Hebrew word for it. Then translate it back from Hebrew to English. I know, right? How weird it that? Plus he is buried in Corona Del Mar. It's near Newport Coast where he lived, but still, lots of coincidences. This video here is pure gold. It makes connections to all kinds of things. Stuff you'll never see anywhere else. And here is the one about that family mentioned in the video:  Holly Hood video.

And if you'd like to see just how rampant pee dough feel ya is and how it has deep ties to holly weird, if you have extra time, you can check this one out. I've seen about half of it, the part about the first movie:  Paul Romano on the first movie of an important director.  His movie name and the 'secret' were there over fifty years ago!

Remember whenever you see any movie, there are two themes to it. One plot for the masses. And another hidden occult one for those who are 'in the know'. What I sense it that our subconscious reads them both, even if we are not in the 'elite'--and by doing nothing we give our consent.

This is coming. This is our birthright. Something where we exist which is in complete and total harmony with the Universe and our Divine Creator.

How we will get there, I don't know.

I've heard rumors that from March 5-15 things will 'go dark', not sure what it means, but perhaps that's the final battle over our freedom. Those who 'build' and 'run society' are on the way out.

Keep in mind that their motto is 'black is white'--they hide great evil in plain sight, basically, and that what we are told is good, isn't, and what we are told isn't good, is.

Their other way of doing things is to give partial truths, because they know that if we reject one little piece we reject all--the whole thing--and this gives them protection in so many ways! They can say, 'we told you!' (Simpsons, anyone?) and nobody would believe the truth because they rejected it.

My colleague who cancelled her trip to Iran (the bride and groom cancelled their wedding due to family members across the globe with travel bans), says that her retirement money dropped a lot with the market.

I wasn't surprised. She says if the W  H Oh calls it a pan  dim ic  then the markets will crash all the way.

Even she knew about the Simpsons and Dean Koontz.

Keep your Discernment UP. Ross says, 'don't get paranoid about it'. And keep your daily routines and self care and meditation way the heck UP. He says 'at least there's gonna be no surprise on you' when things happen.

I saw an old woman telling a clerk at the local big box store that they needed to stock masks because 'masks are important'. This woman is ineffectual because she is still trusting in the system. The higher ups at that store already know there is a need, they are probably looking into it. And the clerk isn't going to tell anyone anything anyhow, he's just trying to get through his shift. I saw a few people buying pine sol (a disinfectant) and more canned foods than usual, but nothing major on my shopping trip to buy us some rice and beans. My friend in China shared that people are lining up in Houston and paying twenty dollars a mask!

The system wants you to think everything is awesome.

Remember the system is built to keep the individual down, and to keep the elite in their cushy lifestyle. Even in China, that's the main motivation for the 'sanitation'--so they don't get sacked, especially by a riot of the people. When people who band together to look after their own interests, locally, unite, then we will have something which really does put the community and its members to heart. There has to be a way for no selfish ego-driven 'builders' to run amok and run over these small groups first though.

Know that the afterlife doesn't hold much to look forward to for those 'elite' who hold secrets over us and don't really help us.

I did see people in China lining up for water. Make sure you have buckets and storage just in case this happens in your area. Have a little extra food, just as if there was going to be a major storm in the place where you live.

Ross is smiling and there's so much love in his face, just so much caring, for all of us who are here and awake and in position for whatever comes next. I sense pride and gratitude for our efforts. And so very, very much gentleness and kindness and love.

Remember Home is real.  It's where we are from. Just on the other side of the veil.

Ross says to 'hold the course' and to 'make yourself happy and content' -- just like yesterday when he helped me to manifest a wonderful day.

Ross says to you, 'lead the trail'.

He also says, 'everyone finds their way home...eventually. You be the first to show everyone the way.'

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The family who adores you!

Thursday, February 27, 2020


In our last blog post, we talked about honoring the precious gift of life. This is what sets the human experience apart from everything else in the galaxy and the Universe:  human life is very fragile. And with it comes the strength and mastery of the soul in the form of the Human Spirit.

One such person made an impression on Carla during her last call. It was a woman who was rapidly approaching the end of life. She was confident, calm, and ready to proceed with a palliative procedure to help bring comfort to her. Her cancer was advanced. You can only imagine how gaunt and thin she was.

And yet, there has never been a smile as radiant in pre-op holding, as that woman had for her surgeon! It was something to behold! The familiarity, the trust, and the utter delight that this person was skilled and ready to be helping her.

It was a beautiful sight, that intimate doctor-patient relationship, which is both life-giving and life-affirming.

Here is another person we'd like for you to meet, Reggie, who is also inspiring:

We absolutely love this series, and we highly encourage you to subscribe or make a note of it, and to check for new videos. It helps us to make sense of some of the mysteries regarding health, and to open our hearts and souls to learn what it is like to walk in their shoes.

That is enough for today.

We honor you!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

A Look Ahead

Today in meditation, Ross asked me about things which have brought me joy. I remember being a kid and riding my bike or my roller skates or my skateboard, and that freedom I felt to be moving. I remember Anthony being little and our going to places like Disneyland on my days off when he was in preschool. I thought of my garden. Then I remembered the pool, and how much I loved to go floating around in there on a hot day.  I remembered fun times with friends and family, being together, and just enjoying wherever we happened to be, and also, enjoying one another.

I asked Ross from my heart, about all this stuff that's going on with illnesses and things? How does this fit?  He reassured me again, that nothing will happen as long as he is taking care of Anthony and me. I relaxed a lot because up until now, I've felt the stress of being strong for him, making the preparations, and doing everything I could to protect this precious gift of life that was sent to me, both for myself and for my son, and our pets. I understood that with Divine assistance, and with being tuned in to any intuitive guidance I may be sent from Ross, somehow we are going to be okay.

He sent me to the store to buy a little more supplies, to be calm, and more importantly, to cash my check that store sends out every February as a reward to its customers. I bought some things with joy, things I've wanted and couldn't find or couldn't justify the expense. I got the Provence style hand soaps with the pumps, pine nuts, Capri Sun for Anthony--I never give him those but he remembered them from his old swim meets with fondness...I figured if the Zombie apocalypse arrives at least we will go out with Capri Sun and pine nuts, right?

What he also asked me to do, which I am doing now, is to describe what he's shown me.  Long ago, when I was in medical school, and going to mass, doing the meditation after communion, I'd see him. He'd be at the controls and in some fancy one-piece cream colored suit, and through the window in from of us I would see scenes like this photo here. He'd ask me what I thought about it. I could tell he'd put lots of work into it. I didn't understand what it was, or why he was asking me, but I had to admit it was very nice. There was a glow to it, a glow of goodness and safety and love that I couldn't really describe or have ever seen anywhere else. But as far as the eye could see, the land was dotted with little buildings and was very much in harmony with the earth. Everything was organized like a city on the window, but not crowded in any way at all. It looked like something he had ready for people to come live in, but nobody was living there yet. I couldn't see any animals or humans. Or vehicles.

Today he said, 'have I ever shown you anything like the doom and gloom you are seeing in the news?' and that reminded me how everything he's ever shown me was good, and it felt so RIGHT, so peaceful and balanced. And CALM...totally totally calm.

Right now he says to talk about my friends in China. My friend is at home, working as a teacher on the computer to her students during the quarantine in Beijing. None of her friends have died. She has water and electricity and heat. The only thing different is that the food is very expensive.

I asked her about how the government and businesses are making accommodations for the lack of work? For example, the rent or the mortgage, is there forgiveness?  She says that all bills are due still, on time, but the government is giving them a break on their taxes.

She has heard that there are flurries of it here in the United States. That's true. I think almost 8,000 are being monitored for it in California, and my county is on a formal State of Emergency. The CDC wanted to house the people who had it in the old Fairview Childrens Center/Juvenile Hall? facility. But they aren't there yet. Lots of legal action is taking place behind the scenes to block it. The jury hasn't come out yet on that.

My other friend, Peter, hasn't responded to me for a while. He last spoke on February 19. He's a student we met at the center when we first arrived. The director of his school was wise, and said she hoped that we and the students would become friends. I'm so glad I took her advice.

Peter's mother is a physician. I am sure he will get good treatment and care, like Anthony does from me. I pray his mom isn't having to work night and day, and being exposed.

One last joy to share it I'd like to make some marmalade from my bergamots today. I've never made any. I just need to clean the kitchen and get to work. It takes about eight bergamot citrus fruits, and seven cups of sugar. I have the little jars, and I need to wash them too. I once got a marmalade as a gift, I thought it was the coolest thing, and I've always wanted to try it.

Ross is quiet, as he's working, and only wanted me to write what he asked. He will talk more later.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

P.S. Carla is post-call today, Ross says. She got to sleep all night but was very tired and sore from the hard work she did leading up to the end. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

All Is Love

All is Love.

This is the lesson of your Earth Plane existence.

Some figure it out sooner, some later, but everyone figures it out in the right time for them.


Nothing else exists.

Be LOVE for the sick who need you.

Be LOVE for your home and family.

Be LOVE online.

Rejoice whenever LOVE wins! (Harvey W. getting the guilty verdict is a huge step in the right direction, as in those Luciferian circles, the people who run the show pull strings to get their people free--no matter what the lawsuit, and that system is clearly not working. Did you see him walking just fine without his walker when he was in handcuffs? And also, his appearance change was likely from not getting his adrenochrome fix.)

Enjoy your life.

Enjoy your interactions with people.

Take care of yourself.


Connect to Home as often as you can.

Live a good life. And once you realize in everything All is Love, it's the next best thing to being Home!

Even if you are on quarantine, it might be the time for you and your families to make some wonderful memories.You never know, right?

Be prepared. Be ready. Open your hearts. And be LOVE.

China, our hearts are with you. It breaks our hearts to see hungry mothers climbing out of ten story windows like spider-man to get food for the kids when the doors are locked from the outside.  It is tragic to see footage of a man staggering, holding on to the bar in the elevator for support, taking a few steps out and collapsing -- it's a horrible way to die.

Italy, our hearts are with you. The empty shelves say it all. Be strong. Be calm. And wait for things to pass.

Iran? The beautiful children! It is a tragedy beyond comprehension, how the disease is selecting out children preferentially there. Our hearts are with you. Justice will come.

Ross had asked me to let you know this yesterday but I forgot:  normal respiratory rate is around twenty breaths a minute. You watch your watch for fifteen seconds, count how many times the chest goes up and down (any movement for one breath), then multiply by four. If you think you might need more time, then watch for thirty seconds and multiply by two.  Signs people are in trouble are when they use their accessory muscles to breathe--your shoulders and back muscles. Or when there are retractions--the skin between the ribs, at the sternal notch, and the collarbones pulls in when they take a breath in. Respiratory rates above forty can't be sustained for very long, and even in the thirties people will tire. Children have two phases of being in respiratory distress, one where they are working hard, and then after, when they tire and can't keep the air going enough. At that second phase they need to be put on a ventilator immediately.  When you have done this for as long as I have, you can tell who is in trouble from across the room without having to count. He wants you to be armed with truth just in case you need it, the skills to understand what is happening.

He says that Unconditional Love is only a heartbeat away, and we are totally surrounded with it.

The angels are on our side.

The angels are helping Gaia to get rid of her 'controllers', those who mess with her ley lines and hurt Gaia and her people.  Gaia wants them gone for good. Divine Mother wants them gone once and for all, STAT! Help is on the way, help is actively being given, so your task is to focus and concentrate on being Love in all things. To everyone. Every day. For as long as you can.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Family you never knew who loves you unconditionally and with a smile every day.

P.S.  This is secondary confirmation of our message to you today. <3

Monday, February 24, 2020

Gifts From The Earth

Yesterday at Ross' direction, I gathered many dandelion plants. He wanted me to make breakfast and was very specific about what to make with them. I took two small potatoes, yukon gold, diced them, and sautéed them in olive oil in my wok. Then, when they were soft, I filled it all the way up with the soft, tender dandelion leaves I had picked. They wilted beautifully and were a small amount in the pan, about equal to the potatoes. Then he had me scramble one egg--without milk--and add it to the mix, stirring carefully. 

I ate the whole thing in my best bowl, and didn't even need seasoning. Usually I add tons of salt.

This kept me full for a long time.

My back yard doesn't have grass. The gardener thinks I'm crazy to let the weeds grow.  I look at it differently.  They want to grow here, they grow with little effort, and I don't want to be at war with them in my yard.  I've lived here for one year almost, I've never used pesticide. And I've fed them to my rabbit the whole time. That's when I got the feeling that perhaps, anything so able to thrive, might actually not just be a weed, but might be good for me and my family.

I looked it up. Dandelions are well known as edible. Younger leaves are not bitter--mine haven't been bitter at all. (you must know that Anthony and I can't taste PTU, the bitter taste strips. That's how we can enjoy black coffee too. The dandelion might be bitter but we just can't taste it). Rich in vitamin A, dandelions are known to cleanse the liver too. Science is backing up the folklore at this point, and the actual chemicals which do this are known and have names that are long and I'm not going to mention them but they exist.

Dandelions are good for bees, too.

I am letting the soft leaf ones go to seed.

But some are very, very spiky. They even hurt to pull them up.

Guess what?

I've seen rat activity in the compost pile. There was also some poops in the woodpile. Our dryer sheets and peppermint must have worn off.

A flash of insight struck!  What if I take all of the worst, most painful weeds--and they are tall!--and piled them all over the compost pile? Hmmm?

That was a double gift from nature, was it not?

Even Anthony had to say, mom, that was clever... <3

There is a little bit of a rebel in me. I guess it got put there when I went to Berkeley for University.

There is nothing so against 'The System' as telling people I eat my dandelions in my yard. My next-door neighbor who was watering her pool couldn't believe it. She had to ask twice, 'you EAT your dandelions?!'.  My gardener thinks I am freaking nuts--crazy woman. I'm not so happy with him. He's chopped down my entire crop of arugula, and just last week, the baby sweet peas which were working their way up through the weeds next to the fence. 

I say I am ahead of my time.

Being in harmony with nature is a priceless gift. 

Be on the lookout for the gifts of the Earth. Mine just happened to be dandelions this time of year. Whatever your gift, if it is local, it is right for you. Even our honey we eat, if it is local, is good for us. Honey from other places has pollen we aren't used to that made it. But the local one is already in harmony with our delicate biological systems.

Ross wants me to share updates from China:
  • I saw a couple from Hubei province who gave up their newborn baby girl for adoption--with a note saying that they couldn't work, they were homeless now because of the outbreak, and would someone please give a better life to her. They attached a note, and a jade charm, and left her somewhere. It was very sad, and I pray for that family.
  • My friends continue to be on quarantine. One is a teacher, they want her to go back to work, and she refuses. One of her best friend's husbands quit his job because the couple decided not to take the risk. They would rather wait it out.
  • None of her friends have gotten sick.
  • Yesterday was February 2 of the Chinese Lunar calendar, the day called Longtaitou. It means that the Dragon raises his head and is thriving. A haircut on this day is the beginning of good luck.
  • People tracking the sulfur dioxide emissions say that normal is around 200 ppm and they are over 1200 ppm in China now. This only comes from burning organic material. There is a Himalayan guy doing the math on the crematoriums. He says that they have ordered over one million portable incinerators, industrial ones, that can process thirty bodies a day. His estimate of the death count is much higher. 
  • Financial experts say that China has a lot of leveraged debt. With this lockdown, the economy is going to tank and tank hard. 
  • It's not even just China any more. My niece is studying abroad in Paris. Last weekend she went to Milan. She flew. And I had this feeling that came over me I couldn't explain but it was 'how stupid could you be to risk that?' -- it was a combination of doctor and auntie protection in full gear. And sure enough, where is the lockdown and outbreak starting in Europe? In that same exact region. Watch the news to see what comes out of it. Empty shelves are real. Even Anthony is saying, 'mom I thought you were a little crazy to stock up, but now, since there's a chance it could happen here, it seems smart. I'm glad you did it.'
  • I am on some Italian FB groups. You have to prove your heritage to join. And they have the REAL news. People are freaking out, scared, and very distrustful of what the news and WHO and governments are telling them. They also have some who say it was old people who died and would have died anyway, it's making too much of a big deal.
  • Our confirmed cases 35 (35 to fifty they said--what is it, right?) are coming to a made-over abandoned building in Costa Mesa here in the US. I commute through that town twice a day. I actually used to live there. So it's hitting home. I'm not worried. I do know my risk of exposure is a lot higher because of my work. I am okay with it. I know I have my shield. My entire family has their shield. Even Lauren has it. Everything else, I figure, is the last obstacle between here and Home. So mentally, physically, emotionally, I'm going to go for it. Nothing can stop Ascension!

clap! clap!

Ross reminds me Anthony needs to get to swim practice this morning. Fortunately it's an hour later than I thought, and my work starts at ten a.m. today.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
Your Family who loves you One Hundred Percent! No matter what!

Let's Do This Thing!!! 

Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Gift of The Day

You are alive! Breathe!

Times are coming where we are to regain our birthright--to healthy air, healthy food, fair working conditions, a more reasonable economic system without the debt slavery which currently exists, housing, recreation, and time for family and friends!

You are part of an elite task force and have been sent here to be 'on!' at the proper time.  Being awake and aware that only good is going to come out of this, no matter how things may seem, are going to get your teams up in the skies totally STOKED and EXCITED about the progress we are making here on earth as Ground Crew.

Energetically, the ones in control are starting to crack.  There are many of us, we are bright and helpful, and sharing the news about it.

Here is something important--don't let yourself be depressed about it--be glad you know the truth:  Medical Quarantine strips you of your constitutional rights.  This is why they are telling us to be calm and act normal. The next chess move is here. Well, now that you know, perhaps people can organize and take steps to make sure this whole elaborate death plan of Agenda 21 (which is right on schedule)  fails miserably.

We all have the upper hand because we know where our Home is, and it's far away from here, and where we are going the ASSC can never, ever follow us!

Furthermore I saw this fascinating video today, published earlier this month, about a sociopath/bipolar 'average person' talking about what makes them tick.

All of them, our government leaders, our celebrities, everyone--including their weird-looking, non-human 'friends and allies' who aren't human--suffer from this condition!

So, you learn how things are transactional, they don't feel emotions, and you never, ever let down your guard. Not for one minute! For anything. The news. The politics. The fads. 

You can even connect the dots to see why mainland China didn't like the emotions of the Hong Kong protesters, and brought all this on.

I even take it with a grain of salt, the senior military officer's admissions--he's telling the truth from his perspective, but the 'dropping of the vial' and 'it breaking' was probably a lie that was told by his superiors to him! Just like the lie over the protective facemask for his son.

Truth is stranger than fiction, I give his information careful weight because it answers a lot of questions, and also, gives me time as fair warning. So I may prepare for whatever comes next. Emotionally.

Personally, I have found it freeing to have the threat of imminent death and suffering in my face, because it makes me appreciate the time I have more. I appreciate my family, my friends, my home, my work, my life I've well as the aftermath of whatever happens....because THAT--no matter how it arrives, is GOOD and has been promised to us all. We wouldn't be here in our positions (at our posts!) unless there was a super good reason to do what we have been sent here to do.

Today I'm going to pick a cabbage. I'm going to make a breakfast with dandelions, potatoes and eggs Ross suggests I make, I look forward to a cup of coffee. I will rest and do chores and pass the time until Anthony comes home from his father's weekend. Tonight for dinner will be turkey breast, stuffing, and I'm not sure what else. Then tomorrow I work.

Give thanks for your breath.

Give thanks for being aware and not in some hypnotic trance like the masses.

Make the most of your time, do what is important and needed by you. This is the Pisces new moon energy.

Yesterday I was supposed to go to a meditation, but my friend couldn't go, and I didn't really want to spend sixty-five dollars and three hours. I was also supposed to go to a funeral/memorial service of a hero of mine, a physician I knew while I was in training. She was years ahead of me, and retired, but a wonderful inspiration. By the time I was dressed and in the car, the navigation system said I'd arrive when it was over. So I went shopping for groceries instead.

My right hand has been very sore. And I'd been coughing. So I took care of me. I rested. I watched some old documentaries on Monty Python. I made a fire. I talked with my friend in China--now Italy is on lockdown. She says that our survival is what matters most and to let everything else go. To do what we enjoy and to relax. She is right.

So with that, I leave you, I'm going to make a little breakfast as Ross suggests. And I'll share with you this amazing message from DM herself:

Ross and I both remind you to be Free. Be light in your heart. And know you are infinitely loved by All That Is, and by us.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Approaching The Gates Of Heaven

Today's blog post is a potpourri for you to pick and choose whatever appeals to you. Please know since it is long, there is no obligation or expectation whatsoever to read everything from A to Z all at once. 

You might wish to bookmark it for the future, for reference, however. 

There are questions which may be answered when you are ready to ask in the future...

First and foremost, Ross and Divine Father have been reassuring our teams over and over, do not worry, have no fear, and you are going to see immeasurable joy.

Ross, even sent me a beautiful bracelet, so I will know he is always holding my hand as we go through this next phase.

He even sent me this mug to help lift my spirits:

We are very, very close to the final awakening.  Let's do this thing! And give it whatever it takes to get from here, where we are, to Home and Ascension and all of the parties and good things down the road ahead.

Our goal is to show you the key players in current and past world events, what they are about, and how they influence us where we are at today.

Ross says to start at the beginning, which I will.

There are people who still believe in the gods of Egypt. Many of them are leaders of our society, and they actually think they are gods themselves.  How does this affect you?

Well, one of the first lies is that the ways of Egypt 'disappeared'--we are taught this, and that what we have now is something new. This video here about Creepy something about your postal address actually demonstrates how the slave system is alive and well. When you have an address, the government can fine you, tax you, etc.  Before, humans were nomadic, just like the First Nations.

This is one of the first 'aha!' moments I had recently, where such an enormous scale lie has been told to us for generations. Can it be that blatant? Apparently, yes!

I have seen one of these once, in Stamford, Connecticut, in an elevator at a pretty cheap hotel, I can't even remember the name of it. A group of orthodox Jews had booked the hotel to celebrate their Sabbath together. The hat I asked a man about, what it was, and why he was wearing it. I think but I'm not sure, the hat is made from bear fur. And I didn't really understand the explanation.

We have many groups in the United States who keep to their cultural traditions, and it's openly accepted.

Thanks to the work of Kerth Barker, we have learned both about the groups who remain in the shadows and what they do out of sight in basements of homes and  country manners hidden deep in the woods. We also have learned of the 'clubs within a club' who follow the teachings of Baal, to the letter. And Kerth taught us how some of these people get addictions to blood drinking and adrenochrome that is in the blood. Rabbi Finkelstein interview about how they feel about the goyim was shared to help you understand how commonplace this practice can be...

This was artwork shown of the blood drinking connection to Judaism by a native Catalonian during a walking tour of Barcelona in the Jewish district. She said the practice of doing this to babies was why they were run out of town back in the 1500's or something like that.

Somewhere 'out there' are people like Ben Fulford (latest full article) and Coh-Brah (see KP's page for full article).  They sound like they have our best interest at heart. Alex Jones did once, and we have learned he is a schill (controlled opposition).

So on our Map--above, you would have Ben and that faction, saying that the money loans were not paid on a deadline February 16, Israel controls the US, and all this stuff about P2 lodges which in my opinion are the same dark controllers as always, just trying to keep their fingers in the pot with the new ways and Ascension of earth. I had thought that Ascension and New meant 'free from those assholes forever!'--so I don't know about that kind of advice.

With Cob-bra, I know there's strong Egyptian influence in his belief system. The sisterhood of the Rose he promotes has ties to the Theosophical society and Blatavsky. He's talking about off-planet stuff, how the quarantines in China are helping the galactics to clean up toilet bombs or strange let things. He says 'fresh air and vitamin C will help prevent the infection'.

I've been reading some Sylvia Browne lately. Wiki has a rap sheet on her, lol. Apparently she and he husband had did some fraud sometime. But, I like to read between the lines.  I read the mystical life of Jesus in one sitting, I couldn't put it down.

There's some mistakes in it. Francine says that Magdalen was the one with the red hair, for example. And also, at the crucifixion, there's fascinating discussion. What really happened. I knew there were different timelines for Magdalen and Jesus. It's plausible. But I also have the memory of the plan, and carrying out the plan. I also am certain Magdalen wouldn't tell ANYONE the exact plan, especially because she and Jesus taught those who were uneducated and illiterate--that's why he used the parables. So the story that went to the Knights Templar, could have been um, 'embellished' from the start or along the way. She was alone with Jesus when the plan was implemented. It was blind trust on both their parts. And the plan worked!

I started reading her because I wanted to read this book, the End of Days, and the prophecy about the pneumonia in 2020. That was weird.

One of the takeaways from this book is that there are dark entities, who are spiritual sociopaths. They end up merging with Divine Creator, because Creator loves them but they are just plain trouble and refuse to heal. Their personality and qualities fall apart in the merging process, and they are never to come again.  This is the eventual end of them. But incarnate, they go immediately to rebirth through the left hand door at death, it's the only door they see, and hopefully they will make the most of the chance given to them and wake up. But they don't. They stay dark.

The Simpson's had predictive programing on the corona virus.

So did Dean Koontz in 1981:

Let's lump all of these people up together into the dark military, the people who control so much, at so many levels. Ultimately, they answer to Baal, or Satan.  Their game is to keep things hidden in plain sight, and to try to humiliate and destroy the 'goyim'--the cattle, and take advantage. This has been going on for so long, off-planet influence, on planet influence...that Divine Creator stepped in to rectify the situation.

Long story short, Light wins, God wins, there is eternal joy and happiness, we will be with Spirit, and from what I understand the masters will walk the earth and we will have access to them. Everything will be even with the Galactic ways, the good ones.

 Which brings us to the Patriots.  A faction of the military who had been put into psychic training and remote viewing was able to see, many years ago, the faction of the dark military who didn't love the country at all and worshipped Satan. Not just Michael Aquino. They saw the whole plan. And the dark ones, as we know it, plan generations in advance and slowly implement them.

This is the origin of Q.

It's the Positive Military.

And they have ties to mystical Christian secret societies --all of which Kerth Barker describes in his books. It's not all in one book (the one on Psychic training perhaps has the most information). If you read all of his works you'll see that not only in the military, but even in the Luciferians there was a schism with some 'nicer' and others 'not' and they were battling for control.

Let's review. There are leaders of our society who have a way of doing things which goes way back. The bottom line is that they don't look at the common human in society as anything special. We are like farm animals to them. There is old money, old 'magick', power, both on and off the planet this power struggle has been going on, Earth is the last stand for the dark entities, and they aren't going to give up without a fight of some sort.

Fulford said they threatened to poison all the water on the earth.

Co-Brrrrr-ah says that they have all kinds of things booby-trapped here, weird technology stuff.

The Light forces--galactics in the skies--and the patriots are working to take the dark ones down. To get rid of the pedophiles. To save the children. To take the dark religions off the globe forever, and to clean up the darkness everywhere that is hidden in plain sight.

So what is the corona virus?

My friends in Beijing have been in their homes for about a month now. They are not leaving. They believe what their government tells them--people who don't wear masks are why there is disease.

They believe the numbers.

None of their friends have died yet.

But the food prices have gone up. And although Wuhan was one thousand kilometers away, now the infection is two kilometers away and in local hospitals.

  this woman is one of the researchers. And my friend from Singapore who lives in the US, another mom I know from school and a close personal friend, read some of the stuff posted in Chinese, and said it was kind of strangely worded, like punishment for wrong beliefs or social things.  This woman is who my friend said worked in the level 4 lab in Wuhan on those bats and viruses. I've also seen a man's face too who had a similar job. So my friends in Beijing say this is a bad lady. And first the story was the bat. Then it was a a bat peed on a researcher and they didn't wash their hands and that's how it got to the meat market.

It's shady and suspicious to all.

My friend prays for the people on the cruise ship. She is deeply saddened by the deaths in her country.

I asked her about this. How can this be?

And she showed me these photos:

Their president in Beijing hospital, and their vice president in Wuhan.

Everyone wants to believe their government. They are doing their best to stay calm.

What about the films I have seen of people dying? And the dead? What is the medical viewpoint of what I see?

I see some pretty healthy people falling over. And they don't fall like I've seen most syncopal people fall. They fall straight, onto their face or their backs. People who black out, crumple up. They go straight down. The ones I have seen--perhaps you've seen the volleyball player--some fall straight front or back, and they have a seizure of their heads and feet. You know it's real because no one protects their face. It goes bam bam bam . And then they die.   I've seen lots of bodies, piled up, in body bags. Even my friend has seen the one with three babies who go into one body bag. 

So then, I decided to learn a little bit about pandemics, and watched this video:

Did you know the Spanish flu killed over 675,000 American citizens, more than all war casualties combined? Everyone was wearing masks then. And the way it broke out, and the steps to stop it being not really taken, especially in Philadelphia with the parade for the war bonds...It kind of sounds like what's going on now.

Infected Americans sent home on a flight and the other passengers were not warned? It's right out of the Spanish Flu movie.  And note, in the Spanish Flu movie, due to war, both sides didn't talk of the casualties, but Spain was neutral, so they reported the news accurately. The warring sides downplayed it.

What's going on here?  China wants everything to be 'cool'. And the US, has people in the various states under observation but it's very hush hush.

In China, the journalists are being taken out of the picture through censorship:

There is also the making of women in the medical field shave their hair, a great insult, without having the men shave it:

The CDC is giving us information like this:

Actually the tee shirt is funnier and more human than the official responses.

This part concerns me the most:

The incinerators.  There was the sulfur dioxide plume picked up by satellites, which points to more bodies being burned than they let on, and also, the crematoriums in Wuhan are overwhelmed.

At the end, I will share a link to the one source which answered a lot of my questions. Here are some photos from the beginning of what was written:

I saw it on Twitter, read the link on Reddit. Ross actually asks me to provide the full article, not a link, at the end, for those of you who are interested. This is not mandatory. 

It answered so many questions. About where the president of China is. About the labs. About the agent.  He says the only thing to protect is like what they wear in the lab:

But for now, we will offer a few tips for those of you who wish to stop here:

This is a post from a nurse. Please, don't blame the Chinese for their eating habits and culture. It has nothing to do with this virus. Absolutely nothing. As the Chinese awaken perhaps they won't eat such things and use them for medicines. Ross says it is another subject, so drop it entirely when you want to get worked up like this about the animals.

Know we have help who are expertly trained. They have driven the dark entities out of the galaxy, and corralled them here to this sector which contains Earth. Trust in the plan!

Enjoy NOW.

Love your family and friends. Hug them.

Appreciate the beauty.

It is breathtaking!

What have I done? To protect my family? I have been trending towards self-sufficiency for months now. Gardening. Having wood. I even bought a Tuscan Grill, but that's more for a hobby. I've been preparing for any economic collapse. I have extra food and water, lots of toilet paper, just in case.

When I heard of the corona virus, and the mask shortage, I bought the best masks I know, as well as full protective gear. Just like in the prepper video we shared not long ago.

When I read the article, I realized how much we need spiritual help and assistance. The shield of Divine Mother protects. In so many ways, even for the virus. So I bought them for every member of my family, and all the pets. My sisters and their families too, and my mom. I didn't think twice about the cost. (80 euro for human, 40 for pet, on special sale). SirianHeaven has information about them I think.

For me, the truth has been absolutely freeing. I can see how life is a gift. And while I have the gift, I will make the most of it. Ross is holding my hand.

I also bought a bingo game, just in case Anthony and I have to be on quarantine. It has the thing you spin to get the numbers out.

I find reading The Wisdom Dialogs by Hope Johnson very helpful too. A lot of the things we experience are something we just made up. The more we remind ourselves we are spiritual beings, and we have a home far from here, the easier here gets to be.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple who are very happy and totally in love

Remember there is also this:





I saw something that said that China bought out reddit, where there article is from, and it's run by their censors who put you on watch lists for posting things there.

P.S. Here is the full text of the article. This is optional. Read at your own choosing, and stop any time you feel the need.


I am a senior Chinese military intelligence officer and I know the truth about the coronavirus outbreak. It is far worse than the media are telling you.

I am a Chinese citizen in Wuhan who occupies — or perhaps occupied — a high-ranking position in military intelligence. I am also a member of the Chinese Communist Party. As a senior official near the top of the Party, I have access to a great deal of classified information and I have been involved in many top secret government projects. I have a doctorate from a leading university in a western country, which is why I am able to write my account in English.
I have information that I believe could lead to the overthrow of my government. It is also relevant to billions of people outside of China, all of whom are now in existential peril.
It will not surprise you to hear that if my identity were to be revealed, my life would be in grave danger, as would those of my wife and son. I ask you to respect the fact that I have stripped out of this account all facts that would make it easy to identify me.
By now you will be familiar with the recent outbreak of 2019-nCoV, also known as NCP, or simply "coronavirus". You will have heard that it originated in Wuhan, an industrial city in China, and that it came from an animal — most likely a bat or a pangolin — that was sold in a wild animal market. You will have been told that it is an influenza-like illness that can in severe cases cause pneumonia, respiratory failure and death. Finally, you may have heard that although the disease is highly infectious, it is dangerous only to the elderly or to those who have a compromised immune system. The official lethality rate is approximately 2% or so.
All of that is a bunch of lies concocted by the Chinese state with the tacit support of the U.S. deep state and its friends in the European Union, Russia and Australia, and spread by the docile media in all of those countries.
Let me start by telling you that the world does not operate the way you think it does. Although countries like the US and China vie for global dominance, that competition is restricted to certain limited areas. In most ways, the two countries are more interested in cooperation so that they can stop other competing countries from gaining more power. They also have a shared interest in keeping real power out of the hands of their "ordinary" citizens. To this end, they have many different mechanisms by which they control the overwhelming majority of their media outlets. The Americans in particular have perfected the art of creating made-up "divisions" between their two main parties which are designed to hide the fact that both serve the same masters.
These same nations also posses technology that is far more advanced than you can imagine and which is kept carefully hidden from public view. This includes advanced artificial intelligence capable of undermining and deciding any election in the world; biological and chemical agents that can manipulate and control the thinking patterns and behaviours of citizens to terrifying degrees; highly sophisticated manipulation techniques using hypnotic practices entirely unknown to the public; and other things that I will not go into now. My point is that the great nations do not compete so much as work together. Their principal goal is to shield the true workings of the world from the "uninitiated" public.
Just to give you one example, there aren’t actually any nuclear weapons anywhere in the world. The U.S. and the Soviet Union scrapped them all in the 1970s, as did their client states. Everyone realised that those weapons could not be used without destroying the whole world, so there was no need for them; but by pretending that they still had them, the big players were able to keep the non-nuclear powers in line.
Let me return to the virus.
Last year, large-scale anti-government protests erupted in Hong Kong. The Standing Committee of the Chinese Communist Party considered these to be a grave threat to the integrity and stability of the motherland. The U.S. government and the EU both knew that the Chinese were secretly working on a biological agent that was supposed to make the protesters docile and obedient. Without going into detail, I worked on that project. We tried to develop a sort of spray that could be dispersed from helicopters or drones and that would lead to mental retardation and behavioural change.
Naturally, as Hong Kong is one of the most open and international cities in the world, the Party decided that it was too risky to release the agent in Hong Kong without first testing it. For this, it needed a great number of human guinea pigs. Two groups were identified for this.
First, we rounded up a large number of so-called "islamic radicals" in Xinjiang Province and took them to what we called "training camps". We had already been using these camps for human experimentation for several years, but the Hong Kong protests meant that we redoubled our efforts. We exposed the inmates to various "alpha" experimental agents. As these were odourless and invisible, the subjects were not aware that they were taking part in medical trials. The resulting high rates of cancer, premature dementia, suicidal depression and death by organ failure could easily be suppressed, as the camps are located in very remote parts of our motherland.
Once the initial experiments had yielded a "beta" agent, it was transported to Hubei Province, where it was deployed in a special military testing facility outside the city of Wuhan. This was not even a particularly well-kept secret: the existence of this facility has been reported in international news. Even the fact that it is located close to the wild animal market is a known fact.
By then our President had already introduced a "social credit" system that allowed us to identify disloyal, counter-revolutionary and bourgeois elements in our society. Using the social credit scores — which are taken from online activity, electronic shopping behaviour and reports from informers in civil society — we selected some of the worst offenders. These included human rights lawyers and activists, Christians, homosexuals, artists, intellectuals, people who speak foreign languages, and other undesirables.
Once these troublemakers had been collected and placed in the testing facility, we exposed them to the Agent, which is biochemical in nature and spread in an invisible aerosol, akin to certain viruses. Initial results were encouraging, as we saw significant cognitive decline and reduction in higher mental processing facilities. Essentially, our undesirables were becoming mildly mentally disabled, which is precisely the effect we wanted to produce in order to pacify the restive population of Hong Kong.
Unfortunately, it quickly became apparent that the Agent also had other effects. About one week after the retardation set in, our subjects developed major anxiety and panic attacks. Eventually they developed symptoms akin to those of paranoid schizophrenics. At that point, their bodies rapidly deteriorated. They developed massive internal bleeding; the walls of their arteries dissolved; they bled out of their eyes and orifices, and their tissue disintegrated.
To put it in a more direct Western manner, they started to melt.
Death usually occurred through multiple organ failure. This was preceded by at least five days of severe agony which could not be alleviated by painkillers. It was at this time that I first violated our protocol: one subject, an elderly lady who had published defamatory cartoons of our President, begged me for death with such insistence that I took pity and shot her. I was reprimanded, but fortunately the complaint was dropped when I agreed to reimburse the cost of the bullet. I swore to myself never again to show such unnecessary emotion.
We decided that our Agent was unusable. It was far too destructive for our purposes. We wanted the population of Hong Kong to submit to us; we did not want to exterminate it.
Naturally, our American friends had by then taken an interest in our work and asked us for a sample for their own research and testing purposes. They hinted that they wished to use it to resolve certain difficulties in Venezuela. Normally we would have agreed, as we maintain friendly relations with the CIA, but given the extremely toxic nature of the Agent, we declined.
This, as it turned out, was a grave mistake. The CIA was convinced that we had developed something very powerful and wanted to keep it to ourselves. They offered a great deal of money to one of our researchers. Foolishly, he agreed to sell them a specimen. We found out just in time for the handover and tried to stop it from happening. In the ensuing shoot-out — don’t bother to look for it in the news, it was never reported anywhere — several dozen people were killed.
More importantly, however, the Agent escaped.
The shoot-out took place at the wild animal market which has been reported as the location of the "animal to human" transmission that started the outbreak. But of course there was no such transmission; it was just the location where the CIA was supposed to receive the sealed vial containing the Agent. The vial shattered when it was dropped by the traitor who had agreed to sell it to the Americans.
By now I understand you will be sceptical. If I really am who I say I am, why would I be sharing this information on the internet? Let me assure you that I am no friend of the Western system of governance. I love my motherland and I am loyal to the Communist Party. It has lifted hundreds of millions of my compatriots out of squalor and poverty. However, I am also a human being and I have a conscience.
Most importantly, I have a wife and a son.
Once we realised that the Agent had escaped and would start to spread, we swiftly put all of Wuhan into lockdown. I was one of those tasked to manage the fallout of the contamination. Of course we could not keep such a huge undertaking secret, so we decided to order our state media to report that a "coronavirus" had broken out in Wuhan.
In reality, of course, there is no "coronavirus". It was all made up.
It was one of my colleagues who came up with the genius idea of pretending that people with the common flu suffered from the coronavirus. This allowed us to hide the true nature of the disease. Let me explain.
It is currently flu season in China. When we realised that we could no longer control the spread of the Agent, we sent our men to all the hospitals and instructed all doctors to diagnose every case of the common flu as "coronavirus". We came up with a new name — 2019-nCoV — and handed out "factsheets" that described a made-up illness.
The result of this decision was that tens of thousands of individuals who were simply suffering from a cold or flu were now diagnosed as having a mysterious coronavirus that, although infectious, was not often lethal. While this frightened the public, it allowed us to push the narrative that the disease was not that deadly; it also gave us time to prepare for the catastrophe that was sure to come by imposing a lockdown on Wuhan and other cities in Hubei Province.
You have not heard this in the news — and given the size of Wuhan, with its population of 11 million, it is not known even to many of the residents — but within days thousands upon thousands were infected and before long they suffered the agonising deaths that I have already described. Within a week, there were so many corpses that we did not know what to do with them, so we ordered the surviving social credit prisoners to drive the bodies into the countryside and bury them in mass graves. But it was very difficult to keep this activity secret, and we could not even keep up as there were so many corpses. We planted a story that five million residents had "fled" Wuhan. In reality, of course, many of those people had died from the Agent.
I was working around the clock helping to orchestrate this cover-up. When I think back to my actions now, I feel great shame. At the time I still believed that I was fighting for my motherland and that the rule of the Party was right and just. But deep down, I had already begun to have doubts.
My faith in the Party was shaken even more deeply when I learnt what had happened to Dr Li Wenliang. He was one of the few doctors who refused falsely to diagnose flu patients with the "coronavirus". As a punishment, he was sent to help transport dead bodies to mass graves. The expectation was that he would be infected with the Agent and die an agonising death, but to our great surprise, he did not contract the illness.
You have of course read that he died of "coronavirus". You have been misinformed. A sergeant of the People’s Armed Police injected him with a mixture of heroin and mercury that caused his lungs to deflate.
When I found out about this I became unsure whether or not I was doing the right thing. While I believe that it is appropriate for a government to rule with a severe hand, I do not think that it was right to kill Dr Li. He was a compassionate and kind man and he cared about his patients; how can our motherland not benefit from having such a doctor?
I shared my concerns with my wife, but she convinced me that I should not say anything to my superiors. She said that it was too dangerous; that they valued loyalty above everything else; and that I would only find trouble if I admitted to my doubts about their practices. She also pointed out that we benefited from priority medical treatment. As senior officials, we received regular supplies of the highly-sophisticated hazmat masks that are the only known technology that can prevent infection. She implored me to think of our son, who is still small. If I spoke out and were caught, our lives would be at risk.
Around the same time, it became clear that the Agent was entirely beyond our control. It was spreading like wildfire throughout Hubei Province and beyond, infecting tens of millions and causing them all to die.
I understand that what I just said is difficult to believe, because you have been told that there have been only about 50,000 infections, and far fewer deaths. But these are the influenza infections that have been falsely passed off as the non-existent "coronavirus". The Agent is far, far more contagious than that, and its fatality rate, unlike the "coronavirus", is not 2%.
No, its fatality rate is 100%. Nobody recovers from it. Everybody who contracts it dies.
And a lot of people are contracting it.
Hubei Province lies in ruins. The various travel restrictions and lockdowns that have been imposed were not created to stop the spread of the Agent — none of them can stop it, not embargoes, not face masks or hand sanitiser — but to stop the survivors from seeing the catastrophe with their own eyes.
I am part of the greatest cover-up in human history: the hiding of the deaths of tens of millions. Very soon, Hubei Province will be no more than a giant mortuary, and the truth will come out.
For me, the turning point came when the Party told yet another lie, and that lie was too dreadful even for me to accept. You may have heard that China built a new hospital, called Huoshenshan Hospital, in Wuhan, in order to provide additional quarantine and isolation facilities for infected patients. You may have heard that they built it in only ten days.
That too is a lie.
Sure, they did build something in six days. But it was not a hospital. The true nature of the building was top secret. Initially, I was naive enough to believe that the Party was demonstrating its compassion and care for the people. But then my superiors sent me to Huoshenshan. I was shown around the installation by a military police officer called Corporal Meng (this is not his real name). It was there that I saw the truth.
As I have mentioned, the only way to protect oneself from the Agent is by wearing a special protective mask that is entirely unlike those available commercially. Even medical professionals do not have access to it. It is available only to biomedical warfare researchers and it contains extremely advanced technology.
These masks need to be kept at a particular temperature to offer full protection, and lose their effectiveness very quickly. As I have also already said, one of the benefits of my position was that both my family and I had access to regular supplies, which is why were safe when compared to civilians, doctors and even lower-level government officials, all of whom wore utterly ineffective surgical masks in the misguided belief that they would protect them.
And so, wearing this special equipment, I went to Huoshenshan with Corporal Meng.
Whatever you want to call that place, it is not a hospital. Sure, the entrance looks like a hospital and in the ward at the front of the complex, there are what appear to be normal medical beds. There, thousands of infected patients lie, all of them in the early stages of the disease. I walked along those long, white corridors next to Corporal Meng, his angular face dispassionate in his military fatigues, and saw hundreds upon hundreds of identical hospital beds on which squirmed the terrified and diseased inhabitants of Wuhan. Their cries and pleas haunt me in the long nights in which I now am unable to sleep.
But this was merely the beginning. Eventually the Corporal took me to the rear of this front section. There, locked metal gates led to what he called the "middle section". The patients in the front are unaware of its existence. It is there that the more advanced cases are kept, in what most closely resembles a mental asylum.
Immediately upon entering this part of Huoshenshan I was struck by the dim lighting and stench of vomit and human waste. Here the unfortunates roamed freely, their minds gradually disintegrating in endless panic attacks and psychotic episodes. Here too there were no more doctors, merely gorilla-faced men in black uniforms who belonged to some secret branch of the military police I had never heard of.
They appeared to have been selected for their cruelty, for they beat and degraded the patients in the most sadistic manner. Many of the inmates had regressed to childlike states and lay on the floor weeping like infants and begging for compassion that they did not receive. There was cruel pleasure in the eyes of these thugs as they brutalised the unfortunates. They beat them with batons, sprayed pepper spray into their eyes and kicked them with their steel-capped boots. As I was from military intelligence, the guards did not even attempt to hide their activities. They even invited me to join; in every way, they treated me as one of them.
Yes, one of them. I stood in the grey staff bathroom of Huoshenshan and looked into a cheap mirror and asked myself — is this really what you are? Are you really like them?
But the violence was not merely an expression of sadism, for the poor inmates were not there to be cared for.
They were there to work.
There was one more set of doors, and beyond them lay what the Corporal called the "Core". And it was there that I saw it — piles and piles of dead bodies, stacked on top of one another all the way to the ceiling. There were men, women and children, elderlies and toddlers, rich and poor, beautiful and misshapen, proud and humble.
They were all of them dead. Our Agent made no distinction between any of them.
I gasped when the Corporal led me to the Core. I cannot count how many there were, but it was many, many thousands. And in the midst of the piles of corpses was a kind of path, and I heard a roaring sound in the distance. The miserable patients from the middle section picked up the dead and carried and dragged them away into the dark, even as the guards beat them with truncheons.
It took me a little while before I grasped what was happening. I simply could not believe what lay at the end of that path in the Core.
It was an enormous furnace, with great fires roaring within.
One by one, their minds destroyed and their bodies twisted, the dying men and women carried the corpses to the furnace and cast them inside in a doomed attempt to hide the dreadful truth. I saw several of them collapse from exhaustion only for their lifeless bodies to be added to the mountains of corpses on both sides. In a seemingly endless line they went, their emaciated bodies clad in grey overalls, their backs bent under the weight of their dreadful cargo. Many howled and groaned in terror and their voices joined in a sorrowful cacophony that lingered over the roar of the fires.
In deep shock, I stared at the boundless horror before me. Beside me stood Corporal Meng, his freshly-shaved face as emotionless as before. When I turned to face him, he looked at me. His mouth smiled, but his eyes did not.
"We use the energy to operate Huoshenshan," he said. "We save the state considerable resources in this way. And look," — he waved at the gallery of the dead — "there are so many of them here. You could almost describe it as renewable energy." He laughed and waved his hand in a strangely camp gesture.
I stood speechless and stared at the infernal scenes before me. Men in black uniforms screamed like daemons at the wretches who were disposing of the corpses for them. They stripped the dead of anything that had value — jewellery, cash, expensive clothing — and tossed these items onto an enormous pile next to the furnace. When I asked the Corporal what would be done with the items, they said that they would be used to pay for the "healthcare expenses" incurred by the patients’ stay in Huoshenshan.
I vomited in the toilet. When I flushed and came out of the stall, Corporal Meng stood by the door and looked at me. His face was as blank as before, but in his eyes I thought I registered a very faint trace of contempt. You are ten years my senior, the look said, but you are soft.
I thanked him for his service and went home.
When I arrived, I saw that I had received hundreds of updates on the encrypted device the Party uses to communicate to insiders. The news were unimaginably grim. The State Legal and Economic Commission had allocated funds for the construction of dozens of facilities like Huoshenshan all throughout China. The Agent had spread not only to every single province of the motherland, but to most other nations in the world. Fortunately, we had agreements in place with other governments — they agreed to pretend that the infections were due to a coronavirus. They were just as worried as we were that a panic might break out in their countries. The Americans in particular were terrified that the S&P 500 might decline. This, they said, would be unacceptable in an election year, so we could count on their full support.
Of course the World Health Organisation also helped us. For a long time, the only issue with the WHO has been that we have been locked in a contest with the Americans about who bribes them more. They released all sorts of sophisticated misinformation about having decoded the DNA of the so-called coronavirus. All this has allowed us to stave off a global panic.
For now.
Yet the situation was worsening with astonishing speed. I am reluctant to reveal too much on this point, as it would make it too easy for my enemies to identify me, but we quickly began to implement measures to protect our most senior leaders. If you look at the world news, you will see that Xi Jinping, our President, disappeared for approximately one week after the outbreak, before being seen again with the leader of Cambodia.
You should know that the person who met the Cambodian leader was not President Xi. It was a body double who had, for many years, been trained to look and sound just like our President. President Xi is of course not careless enough to risk his own death. He is safely ensconced in a secret bunker underneath Zhongnanhai, the headquarters of the Party in Beijing.
Nor was he the only leader who is in hiding. In fact, I can assure you that over half of all senior Party members are currently being imitated by trained actors who are following instructions given to them via special implants. Do you really think that our Prime Minister would risk his life by going to Wuhan?
All of this means that our government has become utterly paralysed and the functions of the state have been taken over by the military.
It became clear to me that our efforts were pointless. Yes, the lockdowns, travel bans and targeted assassinations of rebellious journalists allowed us to hide the true situation in Wuhan; but I knew that this would not last. Once the mass deaths begin in the rest of the world — in our estimation, this should happen within the next week or so — everyone will know the truth. It will become clear that we cannot protect ourselves from the Agent. Surgical masks, hand sanitiser, gloves — nothing can stop it. Nothing except the special hazmat masks, but those cannot be produced in anything like sufficient quantities. You, an ordinary person, will never even receive one, let alone a sufficient number to see you through the coming holocaust.
For those of you reading this, therefore, all I can suggest is that you keep your loved ones close to you. Hug them, tell them what they mean to you. Enjoy the time you have left with them. It is not typical in Chinese culture to express one’s feelings in this way, but I have learnt the importance of such gestures.
I promised my wife that I would show this document to her before I posted it.
Yet I broke my word.
I hear her weep in loud, hoarse sobs in the bedroom, and the keyboard of my laptop is wet with my own tears. Not long ago, we received results of the regular tests that are part of our "priority medical treatment", and we learnt that my son had been infected with the Agent.
The military police that has supplied me with the special protective mask had been giving expired and ineffective masks to my son, masks that senior officials had already worn and then discarded when they ceased to protect them. My own masks, on the other hand, had always been of the necessary quality.
I suppose they decided that my son was of lower priority than me. I suppose my son could not help them with their cover-up.
We had long ago decided that we would be different — we would be honest with him, always. And so when he asked us, we told him the truth. We told him that he was very sick. He asked more, and we told him he would not get better.
He continued asking, and we told him that he would die. He is very small, but he was old enough to understand.
His terrified wails will haunt me for the rest of my miserable days in this world.
Let them come. Let them do with me as they will. I no longer care.
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When creating a bio weapon it’s smart to create the antidote too just for cases like this, unintentional infection.
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12 points· 10 days ago
my friends and family had shared a similar theory of them creating a bio-weapon and having an accident.