Friday, October 30, 2015

Time Warp -- Gaia News Brief 31 October 2015

Zero Point

I picked up my laptop. I haven't used it for a while. My last time was September 19. The energy in all my open tabs--this, DWR--was SO different!

I think this one is right:

I Love Anthony

He has worn the same costume for three years in a row--even to the school parade.

I am so blessed he doesn't complain about it. I know Halloween means a lot to him. We just never have time to shop.

I have to make you laugh for a minute.

His one and only new Halloween anything this year, was a gift, a really scary gnome for the garden.

His idea to 'decorate' was to put it on a corner on the front porch, and mark it 'unsafe' with the police CAUTION yellow tape.

Our new neighbor thought the PORCH was unsafe!

I had to point out to her the bloody gnome with fangs in the corner, and my son's creativity.

Work-ee Work-ee

It was a short day today. I had just enough time to run errands and eat. i didn't eat lunch again today. Somehow the misery is a little less miserable now.  It's hard to explain.

Contrast:  The Goddess and The Schoolkids

My tax man and financial adviser I have known for  twenty years.  I had to go in and sign some papers today.

What is unusual is that his assistants have been very deeply spiritual people.

The last one left to go into massage therapy. She didn't really 'like' her boss, for his 'loving money' ways, and couldn't wait to quit.

Terri is different.

Terri would never 'talk spiritual' to you for one minute. But she loves animals! With her whole heart and soul, and is very knowledgable about them.  She has soul.

Today we talked about killer whales, an orphan baby sea otter from Monterey who was shipped to Chicago, named Luna, the San Diego Zoo (cats, rhinos), and crows.

She FEEDS the crows outside the office three times a day.  No WONDER why there was so much bird poop in the parking lot! I had noticed it the last time I had come in.

I actually saw one looking for her over her shoulder through the window as I signed my papers (I'm putting all my retirement accounts from my many many jobs into one place).

When she showed me how she feeds them, she was triumphant--her energy was so pure and angelic!

She has never been married, and is very simple in her appearance.  The only giveaway before the crows, was her interest in my bracelets. She has Hawaiian gold too. And I promised to make her a bracelet.

She offered to pay for it.  I said, no, it's okay, it's my gift.  As we were talking about hers, it was the first time I had a past life of a client flash before my eyes--I SAW Egypt and her!  It was cool. I'm going to enjoy making it for her.

By contrast, when I went to Starbucks for my four-o'clock lunch, Ross guided me to sit outside and eat my salad.

OMGosh! The filthy mouths on the kids around the corner, out of eyeshot. These were LITTLE kids--like grade school/middle school.  They were talking about kissing girls and a girl said, 'I kissed a girl!'...the F bombs were was about as low a vibration as it gets. I could sense them jockeying for social position. It was an excellent wake up call to where our kids are today.

I've seen a pattern in children's programming to make the adults seem stupid or incompetent or absent.  I think it's starting to bear fruit.

The Diabetic Bracelet

Our OR receptionist/scheduler has type one diabetes and wears a pump. I saw she wears crystals around her neck. So I offered to make a bracelet for her.

She loved it, when I gave it to her today. She loves that I made it.

It has muscovite, citrine, and tourmaline in it.

It will help with her condition.

I may make more and make them available to my readers. Keep watching!


Carla is worried about when she meets me what she is going to say! (he laughs, and is flattered--ed).

I talked to her about it.

I have a plan:  I'LL talk, first, and I"LL be the one to ask her questions.

Sometimes women are a funny lot--even when they are your immortal Twin!

(dusts off his hands-ed)

Everything is happening at the right place, at the right time, in the right way.

I and my teams are in control--we've really got a handle on it.

So you might as well just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Threadbare -- Gaia News Brief 30 October 2015

My Nightgown

I have on my favorite one. My Nana Angelina gave me it as a Christmas present in 1996.  She actually gave me a check, but I went to a really nice store to buy it for myself from her as she told me to do on the phone. She wanted me to have a new nightgown.

It is a white flannel Victorian style, with embroidery in white.

I love it.

It can't make it through the washing machine any more, it's too delicate for the Delicate cycle.

It has a giant hole at my shoulder and new holes are sprouting up faster than I can sew them.

I don't see a thing, because in my heart, this is my nana hugging me when I wear it.

No nightgown like this will ever be the same.

It's MY nightgown.  And it doesn't matter to me how it looks.

I have other pajamas to wear that are in good condition. I wear them too. But only when I don't need a hug from my Nana, who passed two years ago...after a long illness where she wasn't really herself for a long time.

I love Nana.

Advanced Byron Katie

'Turn it around!'  <3

If you haven't read the work of Byron Katie, you might wish to. She is a beautiful shining star in my spiritual growth and development.

Now, when I am at work, and things are not going well, it's the last case of the day, I am sleepy, I want to go home, and it is taking forever...I say to myself, 'Well, THIS is a wonderful opportunity for me to learn patience, isn't it?'.

I am peaceful and calm. No longer does the situation vex me.

There was a time where such things that were out of my control used to put me into a panic!

Turn it around.  Turn it around. Turn it around.


The Plumber

Yesterday the plumber came to the house to do repairs. Two showers were broken, one faucet more broken than the other.

I came home during the visit (someone had been in the house to let them in).  I worked on the computer.

I heard large quantities of water squirting everywhere downstairs, and him running up and down the stairs in a hurry, trying to fix it. And his going outside to turn the water to the house off.

I didn't budge.

I used my powers of thought.

I had only one thought in my mind--Fix It Today.

He came to me, and confided there was a problem.  I was calm. He could only fix one and had to plug up the other and come back next week 'on the schedule'.

I smiled and told him my concern, calmly, and just once.

He spoke to his boss--I didn't know it--and he was given permission to delay the next appointment to fix the whole thing.

He is supposed to repair parts, but to save time, he put in both new. And he said the difference was twelve dollars.

I think the company saved that much more for time for him working, you know?

He was puzzled at how calm I was the whole time. He asked, 'Didn't you know?'

I said I knew. And I asked, 'is there a flood?'  He said no, it was all contained in the shower, so it was okay.

He still wasn't sure why I didn't panic over the water leaking everywhere while he worked?

I explained about my work in the O.R.--and I only panic when it's the red stuff 'leaking everywhere'--compared to it, water itself is pretty tame, so I don't get all excited over it.  He understood, and laughed, because it makes sense.  I was happy, like him, that everything was fixed in one day--and that a part that usually isn't ready was in their supply storage place, and he was able to get it.

Manifestation works!


It is a speck--a 'thumbnail' specimen, from Bolivia. I bought it online. It arrived yesterday in the mail.  In my Crystal Bible book, by Melody, it's a stone for the heart chakra, and helps one to become 'un-stuck' in one's journey.

I am giving all these healing properties, and more, through this stone to you.

Don't ask me how I accomplish this, I can, and I do, and I know.

Just trust that I am always sending healing to you, one way or another, and I enjoy looking for new ways to share all this healing with you.

One of the reasons I never say anything more than the name of the stones when I make a bracelet for you, is I ask Spirit to help you discover the meaning that Spirit has in mind for you.

I know the meanings.

I put them together like a remedy for you.

My intuition and Spirit guide me.

Always look things up when I tell you the names of the gemstones I put in it.

In this case, I looked online, and the meanings were pretty lacking, so I explained just the basics.

I recall when I first learned how to make a bracelet, while I was on a video chat with Isabel--I could 'see' Ross and Ashtar and a whole room of Ascended Masters, sitting and watching with interest.

I thought it was odd, very strange.

I blurted out to Isabel, 'What could possibly interest them about two women making bracelets together as a hobby to pass the time so we can go Home? Don't they have something better to do?'

Now I understand.

They watch sometimes.

Once I saw them watching in the physical. When I went to lunch with Andy last year, there was a group of about twelve men seated at a long table with a view so everyone could see us. They talked but I could tell they were watching.

I went to use the restroom, and one tall one with an energy signature kind of familiar to me, walked by and looked me in the eye--picking up my energy signature. I think it was Ross--but not looking himself--just to check things out. Perhaps they were avatars? I don't know.

But it was shortly after I saw that man who could have been Ross, that I remembered who my dear cousin in a past life was, and how he died. I started crying openly, and saying over and over, 'you didn't deserve that, you didn't deserve that, you didn't deserve that! You deserved better!' (Andy was our cousin John, who died a horrible death, with his head cut off on the whim of a horrible woman, in our past life together, him, and Ross and me.)

I suppose this is fascinating what is happening, with Ascension.  And 'angels unawares' may be more often than we think.


I popped up to where Divine Father usually is, and asked him to play backgammon with me.  I asked if he gets tired of his office where he sits, and he said, no, he has access to all the experiences of his children, so he is never bored or lacking.

We did go to a different room, where we could both sit.

As we played, I said, 'Aha! God really DOES roll dice!'

He smiled and said he does 'only when it has a purpose.'

I have many of such experiences when I meditate, but there is a reason for me to share this one with you today. During the game, I suddenly burst out in tears, and asked in horror, with my whole heart, 'How could I ever leave You? and Home?'.   He was immediately concerned, and soothed me with a hug.  I cried on His shoulder, asking, 'How did I get where I am? What happened?'

He explained that there is a reason, a very good one, and I am doing a good job at what I am sent to do.

He said all of us are here for a reason, it is no accident, and even if we can't remember we must know in our hearts everything is happening for the best, and it is Good.

I stopped and looked him straight in the eye, and asked, because I needed to know, 'Will this ever happen to me again?'

He said no, never, and it won't happen to anybody else ever again too.

It helped.


Many many many things are happening. And not with the crystals and with Carla and her remembering her true gifts.

They are happening all over the world.

What happens when they occur for some before the others?

Wait and see.

Now for Carla with the plumber, he is going to remember her. For her calm, for her Peace, for her trust in his abilities to fix a Valley faucet which is very old and he has never done before in his life.  But he DID do it, with a few phone calls to his boss. He was happy for the new experience, he said.

Now for Carla with others,  it's not so clear cut. Carla is turning it around--looking through the wrong end of the telescope, so to speak--to extrapolate the daunting task she has ahead. She gives thanks for these two most recent individuals in her heart as her 'data points' from which to extrapolate the reactions to the awakening process of others who are more asleep.

She trusts.

Carla is noticing a difference between those who are more comfortable working with the ways of Spirit, and those who although in their lips they agree, it is through their words, their hearts and their actions, that there is evidence that there is a little bit of growth spurt in spirit that is yet to take place.

This gives Carla the self-awareness she needs at this time.

There is no making the assumption, 'they are like her'--(waves his finger side to side--ed) not again.

There is one, two, three who are incarnate, to whom Carla  can share her heart, openly, with no questions asked. They are of comparable 'bandwidth' to her. For this she gives great thanks, and joy, and sees her blessing for what it is.

For the 'stragglers'--they shall get there. All of them! In 'their'  time and place.

Fortunately most are 'in between' and all are generally moving in the right direction at a pretty good pace.

For those who are also close to her, Carla is watching with interest, with the trained eye of a physician, for the course of the process--mental, physical, spiritual, of the awakening to Full Consciousness like her.

No one is quite where she is, but the three are very close, and the others, a few steps behind.

'Ascension symptoms' notwithstanding, no one, not even I, knows exactly what to expect. All of our teams are on it.

So Carla gives thanks for the opportunity to see clearly, with both eyes (points to them--ed) her physical and spirit ones--the awakening process up close, first hand--as it is taking place.

And it IS!

So...our recommendation for you, is to BE the Velveteen Rabbit. Let LIFE, the process itself, be your 'boy'--who takes you in the garden, and leaves you out in the dew overnight, who holds you when he has illness, who talks to you and plays...

Allow your LIFE experience to take you exactly where you need to be, to go, and to do.

It is only through interacting with others who are on your path, and daily checking in with Source through--I call it loosely here, 'meditation'--that you will move forward (gestures with hand like one walking--hand fingers together, pointing down, and arm moving forward--ed) and discover All There Is for you to know.

(he smiles very peacefully, calm, and with love--ed)  Even for those who believe I am whatever is most convenient and plausible for you to believe...something 'logical' and 'acceptable' to your heart and mind and life experience.

I will wait.

With Carla at my side.

And I will comfort her as no other.

I will soothe, watch, and guide my Twin--heart of my heart, same soul as my own (only different in the cooking and beard departments! he laughs at his joke--ed)...

One day you will understand ALL.

Until then, enjoy! I want you to have fun with the new discovery and experiences.

Something like this doesn't happen every day. Not where I'm from, anyhow.

(big smile--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Friends

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Grey -- Gaia News Brief 29 October 2015

I have no clue what this thing is LOL Anthony picked it to illustrate his big project

Long Day

I'm on call. I'm at home. I'll keep it brief.  Good day, good cases, nice people all the way around--doctors, nurses, teams.

We Are Medicine

It wasn't easy to get where I am today. It isn't for the nurses, either. Because I chose to stay on at the hospital where I had trained, and I stayed for eight years...a funny thing started to happen:  the nurses in ICU started to get wrinkles and dye their hair--the ones who had worked with me as a resident in general surgery.

I was like, 'hmmm...they are starting to show their age?'

Little did I know a career in medicine, although special, and rewarding, in so many ways--isn't forever. And once you get 'mid-career' where I am now, things change. Really a LOT. So you brush up your skills and make do the best you can.

(One of my surgeons introduced me to every one of his patients as 'the best in the planet!' today!)

Lately, a I have noticed another trend at my work:  the surgeons who were new when I was new, are starting to go grey and not cover it.  There is like, a LOT.

I read the 'thank you for my retirement party' cards today on the bulletin board in the dining/kitchen area of PACU (the recovery room). It's my favorite place to hide and eat in the whole O.R. I went there between cases and had one piece of pumpkin bread because I didn't have dinner.

Have you ever been so hungry you can't get the food to your mouth fast enough?  That was me tonight at ten thirty after the 'one hour case' that stretched to three hours.  I had a little lunch left over--I ate fruits, jerky, nuts--as fast as I could. I ate with my fingers standing up.

Anyhow, dramatic as my life is, it's not going to be forever in this capacity.

While I am still 'One' with conventional medicine, to earn my bread and butter, I may as well savor the passing of time, with all it's 'color' and the memories that go with it.

I've forgotten all of my training in the part with the discomfort of going without sleep and always working.  I've forgotten the faces and the names. But I still remember overall, and some patients too.

My Prayer

The husband of my patient had a mal-formed left hand. It looked like tiny useless fingers on a stump.

He used the stump anyhow to put something away, his wife's glasses, into the case. It was functional, that stump.

I was deeply moved with compassion for all those who are not 'whole'.  I said a prayer in my heart for all those who suffer not only from congenital anomalies but acquired problems with their bodies too.

They have to compensate, and I'm sure the lessons are very 'rich' for the soul...but enough is enough. Isn't it time, we, as a collective, get to a place in this moment Now where everyone may enjoy their bodies as in the original plan?

I saw this powerful story too--  I am thankful for this beautiful soul who is an awakener, and speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves.

I vegetarians and vegans choose abortion?

The reason I bring it up isn't to split hairs or pick sides.

The reason I bring it up is that so many people fight for their causes--in this case, the animals, and walk right by those impoverished...or support war...or turn a blind eye to the vast suffering of those abused...the children?

When our Collective Consciousness opens up, to the point where ANY suffering to any sentient being is intolerable--then we will have Peace in the world.

My Request

Today there was a suggestion for a healer's group to do healing projects and assignments for Gaia.

Lady Gaia Sophia gently encouraged the members of this group to redirect this well-intentioned effort back to their own Ascensions...and to focus their healing to look within.

It always makes her shake her head at the prospect of so many people imposing their concept of 'healing' on her without ever once inquiring what she might prefer to invite them to do for her?

She had a very long discussion today with Divine Mother about why people do not typically follow her example of soul healing and growth, as shown in this blog, day after day, always feeling and releasing whatever is holding her spirit back...

Their conversations are always monitored, Gaia and Divine Mother. By the Galactics.

This is their eloquent and timely response:

She couldn't have said it better herself <3

So--we are One--and our energy connects to everything on the planet.

If we--you and I--clean up OUR side of the street--won't our neighborhood--energetically--be so much more pleasant and beautiful and serene?

Thank you.


That is a plane.  I have lots of patience because my hobby, and once my profession a long time ago, is working with my hands.

I have built Carla a wooden ship that I packed and hid and gave to her on our honeymoon, a long time back, in our different lifetime.

I have also built her a magnificent cedar chest, the kind she had hoped for her dowry but her parents couldn't afford in this life.

It's in spirit, but I made it both with my heart and my hands for her, much to her delight!

It always relaxes me to work with my hands.

Did you know while we work on something we enjoy, with our hobby (as long as it isn't drinking or games of chance)--we relax, and when we relax (with the TV and movies and music OFF) we meditate?

That's right!

We get to know our inner selves, our interests, and our gifts of focus and skill, and patience too--with our hearts?

It's almost effortless.

So--go take a walk in the neighborhood with your earphones OFF.

Why not work in the garden?

Of possibly crochet or knit?

All of these things, even cooking, which is what relaxes Carla very much, much to my delight! (rubs his belly--ed)--put us in the same meditative state as sitting in lotus position and saying 'OM"!

Just saying...  (he clicks his tongue, and shoots a finger 'gun', and smiles to make his point--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wonderful Things! -- Gaia News Brief 28 October 2015

My Thoughtful Husband

Yesterday was yet another day where I was taken advantage of financially at work.  There was a case cancellation in my line up. the surgeon wanted to 'go'--so there was a swap in the room lineups. I got someone else's, they got mine.

But theirs had better compensation than mine.

So at one point, he wanted his lineup BACK.

AFTER I had done all the pre-op work, inhaled lunch, and waited for one hour, he told me he wanted to switch rooms back, and our boss agreed, making me wait, unpaid, another hour.

This type of behavior is so severe at my work, that the surgical technologist who works other places told me that other places talk about how malignant the group is at my work when it comes to the money.

It's 'legendary'.

So, after one very small case, a 'ditzel' case with medicare reimbursement which is very low, I went home.

On the way home, I wanted to go and mail a bracelet to Mexico. I needed to stop home first.

Yes, I ship internationally.  It was actually three bracelets, two ordered ones, and one as a gift from Ross, all three of them together.

But as I approached the freeway exit, Ross got in a strange but happy mood.

He wanted me to go to a store I've never been before, Cost Plus World Market.

I used to go, but rarely, and not since it changed location.

At the store, I 'sensed' my item of interest from him was on the left, but the cart and Ross seemed to want me to go to the right.  So I looked at the whole store first.

Later, when I was calm, I worked my way to the other side of the store.

You can imagine my surprise when I saw a small wooden cart with about six shelves on it--with wheels at the bottom! It looked like a large letter tray on wheels.

It was for my beads! Nice and sturdy.

You see, it takes a while for me to set up when I work.  I have many baskets, plastic trays, and boxes filled with beading materials. And at night when I want to go to bed and have to put them away, it takes forever to do so, carrying things back and forth, back and forth.

This cart would be perfect! And it was elegant too. What I liked about it most was it's design with metal and wood. And the wheels are good quality.

I never felt so loved, to have someone so close do something so very thoughtful for me.

I'm grateful.

An Enjoyable Night

Once home, I picked up the mailing things, and went to the Post Office. Everything got sent, and I had something special waiting for me in the P.O. box--a gift of Masaru Emoto's work.

Then I went to the grocery store. Ross was helping me to make dinner. He told me it would be something I cook that would be even BETTER than tacos! tacos and burritos have the carbohydrates from the shell or tortilla wrap).

I found good things in the produce department. Then I got the milk for Anthony. I read labels.

Then I found this cute, adorable piece of pastry-wrapped brie cheese, with a pastry 'spider' on it for Halloween! I took a picture, thinking I would never buy it (I LOVE brie!). But Ross encouraged me to get it.

I also found the rare spinach feta organic chicken sausage--I try to avoid big animals and stick to fish or chicken for our health (Anthony is a meat-eater, and psychologically it damaged him if I didn't eat meat, hard to explain, but after eighteen months vegetarian, I now officially 'eat very little meat'.)

So dinner was the sausage, sauerkraut warm, garlic olives, and sliced cucumber. A VERY low calorie meal that was flavorful and also filled with probiotics. (one chicken sausage has only sixty calories).

For dessert--yes, we had dessert!--I baked the brie (it 'melted' c'est la vie!)--and had fresh sliced apples and pears, medjool dates (only 29 calories each, and invert sugar in it, not sucrose, Nature's candy), and fresh pineapple slices.  This had fiber and fruit sugar, but not too many carbs

I was laughing, and singing, and joking--things I normally do when I am well-rested, and feel 'safe' at home--safe to know work won't call me, and I don't have to rush.

Then after feeding the pets and cleaning up the kitchen, I made three bracelets--one for a lady gynecologist friend, one for a receptionist (this will control the blood sugar, she's diabetic), and one for an incarnate archangel with Isis helping me design it.

We watched Ferris Bueller's day off--it's a masterpiece and one of my favorites.

Then we went early to bed.

I knew this would come out, too. And it did.

The other one, I used to post, but has been 'diverging' with my intuition--I'm not even going to post here.  But it said, and I repeat, 'don't stare at the small screen too much, participate and enjoy life'.

The pope said that. The old one. The one before this.

He did.

Through that small screen I found my star family, and I connect and work with them closely to this day.

Through the small screen I found I am not alone, I have friendships with like-minded people, and we are on track with being able to predict when the new Gaia Portals come out too.

When your inner guidance tells you to go to that screen, for your growth and development in spirit, DO.

Remember the key codes and activation sequences that are embedded in everything I say, do, write--even my picture??? (why do you think my smile makes you feel so happy when you see it? Hmmm???)

They are good for you.

So if you hunger for them, don't let some guilt trip on participation in life make you stop getting the spiritual food you need to complete the Ascension process.

Your inner guidance will direct to you this, but also, to everything else you need for your lessons and purpose.

Keep it balanced and you will grow.  And soon you won't need channeled messages any more. You will be directly plugged in to both Source and your Higher Self.



I'm glad Carla liked my special gift! Anthony carried it down the stairs for her too. She could enjoy it, and not sweat the little things.

It is beautiful, and I can tell Carla is very proud of it.

I want you to know, Carla won an auction.  On a stone. It is called Leucite and is from Vesuvius. It is a powerful spiritual stone which Carla shall put to good purpose to help YOU. She has a grid. (he smiles).

I want you to know a little bit about her, my wife, my soul mate, my Twin Flame...

Carla buys little for herself.

He clothes are all from Target or the discount store--she never goes to the mall, not for clothing, but for shoes. It is Anthony who gets the brand name and the designer suit.

Carla doesn't even have a suit any more. She wore it to court for her custody and got so sick of it she threw the whole thing out!

While I was at the store with her, there were many things she wanted.  One of them was a Lavender-Rose scented body cream and matching liquid soap that was on sale.

Carla didn't buy it.

It was much to her delight, but she didn't feel like she deserved it, or that it was worth the money to spend it on herself.

This is Carla's programming I am working to unravel at the moment!

Carla's father, Richard, was raised in the projects of Boston. He bitterly complained about it his whole life--having to work to sell newspapers to pay for his own clothing since he was twelve.  How his parents hid and hoarded their money in the mattress while the family  of four kids was starving--'for their retirement'.  How people stole his bike from the front of the house, and he had to shine shoes instead of deliver papers on his route...

For Richard, there was never enough of anything, plus, other people always had it better than him, and he was 'wronged' because some of his sisters had money from their investments and all of his went bad!

Carla received her lessons in the power of manifestation at an early age from him.

I am working to overcome it.

Carla went outside her comfort zone and auctioned for the Leucite stone--and outbid a nasty bidder.

He went up one dollar, all the way from five dollars first bid to ten dollars, at the start.

Carla said, 'forget this' and did a secret, higher bid to run in the last ten minutes.

Someone else, a collector, jumped in at the end. They took it WAY up--all the way to forty two dollars.

That is when they quit. And Carla won at forty-four.

Carla applied her basic 'drive to success' that got her both into and through medical school--which was very expensive, but education, and that's where all her money went. She paid for all of her housing and supplies and tuition herself, with loans she has since paid back...--Carla focused on her goal and wanted to win.

There is not much that can stand in the way of my wife when she sets her mind to it!

So can you.  You can adopt this laser focus of my wife, her determination, her consistency--look at her rock solid record of writing every day, sometimes more than once a day--and our healings that she sends for free--for five YEARS!

How is that kind of track record?

Can anyone online exceed the quality of information that she supplies, and the staggering quantity of healings to just about everyone on the planet (I exaggerate)--day after day after day?

Even when she is on VACATION?  When she was in Paris, she writes! How about Hawaii? Or Canada?

Wherever there is internet and wifi, Carla writes to you.

It's because she loves you.

She wants you to depend on her--she is not like a carton of milk which has an expiration date in two weeks or more...

Carla is not like me who is 'here and gone!'

(he taps the ground--with his hand--ed)

Carla is everywhere you look. Carla is always writing. Carla is sending bracelets and making them with love, most of them as gifts to friends and family and herself--she has about a hundred of them in her room--each one has been used and 'outgrown' --to guide her own growth and spiritual development.

Carla practices what she preaches!

And she loves with all her heart.

Everyone is special in her book! Me, her husband, and guide.  Yesterday she said a prayer with love for all the fat people--asking for their suffering to be alleviated. A little fat boy, with a heavy backpack, was struggling to run on his way home from school, and her heart opened wide wide wider than it's ever been, and Carla was filled with compassion, not only for this boy, but for all those like him who are youth and experience being teased, and for not being able to enjoy their bodies and run.

Then she extended it to all who have been heavy in their youth.

And she extended it more to all people who struggle with their weight.

It is a terrible burden to live with--and in her prayer Carla asked for these people to have healthy bodies and time to do what they enjoy with them--and for their nightmare to end.

For some, it isn't a nightmare--they accept it--so whatever 'size' a person is, Carla requests for their body to be HEALTHY and have opportunity to do what it is made to do. And not wear out from the mechanical strain on the tissues.  (she saw a knee completely worn out this week, and even a joint replacement is not an option, because of the massive weight it will fail in two years, and be completely worn out...)

These kinds of prayers Carla sends to me--and all of us--every single day, and she never even writes about it.

Carla can heal thousands of people with a blink of an eye (and her Reiki symbols she draws with them).

Carla can attune hundreds of people on the internet, all at the same time, and many will experience their hands getting hot--with the new flow of Reiki.

Not everyone can do this.

It is harder metaphysically to do this than it was for me to walk on water. It takes more energy, more discipline, and more skill.

I had the 'flashy part' and no, Carla isn't going to be attempting it in the future (he laughs at his own joke--ed).

But I want you to know Carla is a powerhouse.

She is doing her best to bring that power to YOU, to heal YOU, and to empower YOU--to get you on your own two feet with Ascension and adapting very comfortably to the Higher Realms.

Many of you do not even know it.

Now you do.

I want you to have comfort and trust in the way things are, and how Creator has provided for your needs in all of this.

Including my own.

All of it, these many gifts are from Carla, and I love her with my whole heart.  I want you to see with my eyes, when it comes to her powerful work and love for all who know her.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Monday, October 26, 2015

My Beautiful Surprises -- Gaia News Brief 27 October 2015

My Beloved's Gifts

I got to work on time. I was able to not only make breakfast, but pack lunches well without having all the things I need or the time to 'do it right'--it stretched, it worked.

I fed the rabbit before work too. She gets hungry.

My first case cancelled.  I helped another anesthesiologist place an arterial line in pre-op holding. It is awkward on a gurney without an arm board like in the O.R. I held the arm in position and handed her equipment with my spare hand.

Then I got an extra case. But no one could get the i.v. We called the PICC line nurse, who doesn't arrive until one hour after our start times.

The one I helped, chose to help me!  She placed the i.v. in my patient, and I was grateful.
(Both the nurses and I had a 'swing and a miss')...

My patients did well.

I enjoyed working with my surgeons.

Surprise number one was a cash case! A colleague had tried to trade line ups (the same one I had helped and who had helped me) to get it, but I didn't know it was cash, LOL. My angels were definitely watching over me!

Surprise number two was my dinner. On the drive home (it was late) I said to Ross, 'I am HUNGRY!' He asked, 'What would you like to eat?'  I said, 'I don't KNOW!'--and he felt my energy, and suggested, 'Would you like someone to make it for you?' I said yes, that was exactly it, I wanted to be nurtured...

He asked me what I would like if it was just us? I imagined a galactic restaurant, all romantic, but then, home where we live in the higher realms, on the couch...I said, 'You could push the button on the replicator and make me something great!'...He said he would choose. And he did--I realized a place I hadn't thought about. Both Anthony and I had turkey, vegetables, and mashed potatoes with gravy--comfort food. This was a new dish at the old place. Anthony and I have been there before on Ross' suggestion, including Mother's Day Brunch.

In the car Ross had told me to buy a beer at the restaurant. I was like, 'huh?' I drink wine, not beer. I enjoy beer, but I worry about the carbs in it.

He wanted me to get the blue moon one--I had seen the most wonderful and amazing moonrise where the moon looked HUGE as it came up over the horizon.

On the label was special art--a couple, the guy in front, riding a paper 'crane' in the sky in front of the full moon.

It was us! I was so delighted to see it! It was a special twentieth anniversary edition, and totally random, the label...I'm still smiling to think of it now.

Talking Turkey

Ross and I are hitting the nuts and bolts of this Galactic thing. On the first half of my commute, I spoke to him from my heart, in 'tongues'--and he spoke back. I understand but can't remember what I say, and what Ross says too. We both speak it.

Then we spoke in English because I had questions:

  • Do you get hungry up there?  (not really, not like here)
  • Is there pain, up where you are? (it's different, not like here either)
  • Do you sleep? (there isn't night and day, but there is a habitat--and often people rest)
  • Are they taking good care of you? (that one I ask in all languages, every time!--yes, they are)

I also am seeing things and asking for freedom for people:
  • who commute in horrible traffic like me
  • who are stuck in tall buildings doing things somebody else wants, not what they want
  • people who have chronic disease
  • animals who have no habitat


Case in 3D:  my friend has a live-in boyfriend who is blind in one eye. He is an engineer, and his brain can't put the eyesight together like another would (she has two eyes fixed one for distance and one for up close--and is fine).  He is still grieving. It's been one year. 

His sister had cataracts put in early and a retinal tear too. But it was small and they were able to fix it. She can still see. He can't, not in that one eye.

But he's not ready to 'be old' yet. He's very active, and wants to ride his dirt bike. He's fifty-five.

Every month or so, depression hits. Hard.

He's talking suicide.

He's talking, 'you will be well taken care of' to my friend.

She can't take it.

When he gets in his moods, she goes upstairs and tells him why. She says, 'I'm not going to take this--I can't--it hurts too much.'

He bought her roses.

She sets her boundary, and is also thinking about moving out--because she knows this type of outburst is not healthy for her.

Is THIS what Creator asks us to do? On a regular basis? I don't know...all I can tell you is in the Higher Realms, there ARE no boundaries--except with Ross being an admiral people follow certain protocols to interact with him...stuff like that.

Everyone has intuition, and everyone more or less 'gets the picture'. 

They are all on the same page.

Example in 5D:  I have one and only ONE boundary--everything that is lower than 5D, I tune out. 

Want me to get sucked up in your drama?  No. I will anchor and stand firm, being supportive, but not letting me energy get derailed by you.

Talk to me of the latest TV show or movie?  It's embarrassing but I kind of stop listening. I just smile and anchor again.

If I were in my friend's shoes, I don't know what I'd do.  I'm more of one to fight fire with Love, which is an even STRONGER fire, if not the strongest one there is. 

I do know a lot of downloads went through me (tingles) as my friend and I spoke about her man--who was in the other room watching the TV. It's odd because he has hearing loss--it's severe--and that doesn't make him upset in any way. It's the EYES that do. It really is.

By the way, when Ross comes to me--this blind one is the first healing I am going to invite Ross to help me do. I know, I've tried it! I've prayed and Reiki I've sent, requests have been made and fulfilled...with nothing!  I know it's been done, and I want to see it done again, Spirit willing and if it is for the Highest Good. (yes I've used the codes too--I suspect this is a Life Lesson for the friend).

Just Dance

The dancer's instrument isn't exactly the body, or the costumes, or even the shoes.

It is the FLOOR.

Ask any dancer.

Did you know at the Kirov, the stage is 'raked' so it is at a slight tilt, with those farthest from the audience a little higher than the dancers in the front?

Did you know some dance performances are on crappy stages--which hurt the dancer's feet?

A real stage--or dance surface--it built to withstand the movement and absorb the shock from the jumps so it doesn't hurt the shins. The best have a 'raised floor' with a grey expensive material all over it, a cushion of sorts with a grip for the feet to dance.

Dancing ballet is a constant working with the muscles of the feet and their connection to the floor.

It's fascinating to me; I adore dancing.

For some reason I just thought you should know, about the Earth under your feet, and how to really 'connect' to Gaia, with every step you take being mindful of the interaction between your feet and Her, just like a dancer.


I sent them to their favorite burrito joint. There are about a million of them in Southern California. Everyone likes burritos. We up here just can't understand it! They eat them for breakfast filled with potatoes and eggs. They eat them for lunch, for snack, for dinner....

But not my Carla! I had her eat turkey, and have a beer.

Carla had a fascinating conversation in the break room today with a nurse about the boy she raised, her son, her sister's child (sister was on drugs)--he is having mental challenges from the methamphetamine use.

He is paranoid, schizophrenic, and has thoughts beaming into his brain. 

She told him it isn't real.  But to him, he insists, it is!

What is it that is going on?

Are there really thoughts being beamed into their brains? Or is it something that is perception, although distorted?  Is it all made up, looking for attention?

In a way, it is all of the above, and yet, at the same time, nothing of it.

Everyone is learning their lessons. This one picked the one on Substance Abuse and addiction.

Everything has its reason. EVERYTHING!

Now Carla will get her rest.

(he dusts his hands off, once against the other--ed).

I wish you all, and my beautiful Carla dear, a hale and hearty Good Night!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Sunday, October 25, 2015

With Teams -- Gaia News Brief 26 October 2015

The Network Through The Veil

Last week I set the intention to tear apart the Veil of Illusion which separates us from the Higher Realms of our Consciousness, one thread at a time...slow, but steady, and FORWARD movement instead of staying in the same place.

I liken it to prisoners who dig a tunnel at all hours of the day and night in order to escape.

Today, and yesterday offered the example of how teamwork is important--through the Veil, above and below, from one Ground Crew to another--to benefit the whole.

Mama Isabel

I tell her everything. Even when I have a funny feeling but I am not sure. She is an excellent sounding board and I trust her for her advice.

As the Twin Soul of SaLuSa, I came straight to her when I had a funny feeling about the message from her Twin through Mike Quinsey.  The energy signature was different. The message was too. Should I believe? Or was it a fluke? Or disinformation?

She checked. With Divine Father and with SaLuSa.

I had good reason to feel that way. It was true.

I admire her for having the courage to send an email to Mike, to question him about what he channeled, was he sure it was SaLuSa? Is everything okay?

It turned out that Mike himself had his doubts about the quality of his channeling for some time, especially after his stroke.  He had been thinking about retirement. 

Her letter was the tipping point, and helped him to finalize his decision to retire from channeling altogether.

Can you see how the network of Ground Crew  cross referenced, checked above and beyond the Veil for verification, and then chose to act upon this information?

In this, I truly believe, was Isabel's first assignment on earth as Divine Mother incarnate.

Thank you Isabel for your strong work!

The Project

Anthony set himself up to fail. He is a complex ten year old. He has to go to many homes, this was his father's weekend.

All last week with a delay for the project due to a family emergency on the teacher's part--Anthony played and played once he was home! My homework is DONE mom! I read at school!

It turned out he was supposed to 'research' for forty five minutes a day, but he didn't have any materials, so he did his work from home, the reading, and let the project wait.

Last weekend he couldn't find articles online. He got frustrated. So I did a search and printed articles. Mid week, I let him into my photo site to select images for his poster to download.  He also did a little writing, and practiced his speech a few times--three minutes the minimum on the dot.

He perked up last Sunday when I took him to Michael's Hobby Store for the materials....I realized he is visual, and can't imagine in his mind's eye what he wants without some THINGS to get him thinking.

It was doom and gloom before and I wrote about it.

Well this weekend, was the tears.

I had already spent three hours getting the new printer installed, and the driver on each computer.  It's not easy with our system sometimes--we like Macs--for simple stuff like that, because they are designed for other operating systems. I downloaded the app but then I had to upgrade the phone to iOS whatever...the app didn't work so I did the computer, yada yada yada. I finished just in time for the drop off when he came home from his dad.

While Anthony played with the bunny, I printed all the images and put the handout images to be passed around into protective plastic sleeves (the brand? VIKING! LOL).

All he had to do was type some captions. I would cut and paste--literally-onto the poster board for him.

And it was a meltdown like I see every single time:  he gets to feeling that he needs someone to call the shots so he can do his work--and if he gets a notion he is going to fail well he just quits.

I had to say 'what do you need to do?'

He said, 'Everything!'

I asked, 'What are the PARTS of 'everything'?'

'I don't know!' he said through his tears.

I had to break it up into the PARTS--you have your bibliography you need. You have it, right? And the images, you have them too. And the poster board. What else do you need? The speech? It's done.

The only thing he needed was the captions--and he had forgotten the project over the weekend and he didn't know what to write.  His first draft was: This picture is of a viking ship (no capital for Viking, no period at the end of the sentence--things he was reminded to do LAST year.)

Ross told me to give him some of his candy, the vanilla jelly bellies. Anthony said no. He didn't like the jelly bellies. But I said, 'It's Ross honey, please?'

He liked them.

I saw his blood sugar go up. He perked up. The poor child was starving. I knew what to do.

I also knew Ross said for me to take him to In and Out for dinner.  He said which one.  We left after we talked and he wrote a little...Ross also had me fill up the tank with gasoline, at a gas station a short drive away.

Ross said to me early on not to worry, he would take care of it.

I trust Ross.

After dinner, I had Anthony lay out the images the way he wanted. I said I would 'cut and paste'. He did 'the design'.

Then he worked. He even re-wrote the captions, and found a beautiful script font for them.

I was upstairs working the printer while he sent the files from his computer--the last one said, 'I love you Mom' in that beautiful script.

While I cut and pasted, I saw Ross at the end of the table, watching. He said he was proud of me, that I am a good partner and helpmate, and I do a good job, even when I cut and paste and glue...

I told Anthony Ross was there. Anthony didn't see him.

But I had proof Ross really was there...

As Anthony quietly finished the project, he was singing out loud to himself, something I've never seen him do. He was singing that song about 'pumped up kicks' from last year.

Thank you Ross!


My air conditioner is still broken. It's actually the 'central part of the heating and cooling that is not working. It's been out since September 7, and three crews have thrown up their hands in defeat--while the insurance company sends letters that say this job is going to take over thirty days and that's that so don't complain.

I called my cousin Ken who works in the Air Conditioning Business. He's had to get on the phone before to straighten things out for his fiancee, Karen, who also has the same insurance company for appliances and things around the house.

I had tried to send him an email before, but I had the email address wrong.

He said he's been waiting for my email.

He's got my back.

I am so glad for him.

I have cousins too, who are my soul cousins--they are incarnated angels and archangels--and we help each other too, in much the same way.  We cross link through the veil, much in the way our earthly cousins and family helps us too.


Carla has her tools, and her resources, and patience by the boatload--she had to have it when she lived with me! (he laughs--ed).

Carla is working toward her freedom from the Veil.

If is takes all day, all week, years--Carla is like, 'Whatever!' and she could hardly care--as long as she knows she is moving in the right direction (makes hand like a Karate chop and extends it to the front of him forward--ed).

That's what I like about her, her resilience.

And also her honesty.

You know what she told Anthony today?

She said 'I used to judge you by MY benchmark, in your academics, but that wasn't fair, because you are not me.'

Further, she added, 'The only expectation I have for you is for you to do your best, every single time.'

She shared how for her, school was her job and she liked to excel. She wanted to do her best, to BE the best at everything, and it was fun for her, a challenge. Put the pressure on and she could think clearer and more precise!  It also helped she grew up very poor in a rough neighborhood that was not safe--she knew through hard work and study she would find a way OUT...

She acknowledged how Anthony has a hard life in a different way. And if he likes the perks of their very unorthodox schedule (a constantly changing call schedule for her work assignment, that is superimposed with visitation with the father of Anthony)--perhaps he might want to seek ways to make it work for him?  To take the planner and look for ways to make time for the tasks he is required to do?

What she didn't say in her share with you, is how Jared and Jessica continue to break her heart through their unkindness to her son.

He has neglect.

And it is affecting him, in his self-worth.

Anthony's father did not take him to his basketball game because 'he did not want to miss the party after the funeral'--not 'he did not want Anthony to miss the party'--he Jared did not want to miss the party. He knew--Carla had told him--that Anthony had wanted to go play with his team indent let them down.

He didn't care.

Anthony wakes up at six, right on schedule, and his father sleeps in.  The alarm clock goes off at nine, and the father doesn't hear it. He wakes up at ten and stays in bed with the door closed until noon.

Anthony found some turkey and fruit at nine, and fed himself.  When his dad got up they each had 'a quick bowl of cereal' together--when it was time for lunch!

Jessica's behavior is even more perplexing to Carla, and painful:  she wakes up at eight and has to go to work at nine, and only makes herself coffee and leaves the house, saying 'good morning' to Anthony but not once lifting a finger for the child who is hungry and isolated under her own roof!

She walks right past him--every single weekend, because as Anthony says it, 'she likes to sleep in and doesn't get up until eight twenty and has to be at work at nine.'

Carla sees clearly that to this woman, who is in no way a wife and mother candidate, 'it's not my child!' and therefore there is nothing she is going to do because it 'isn't her job'. It's HIS kid. And she ignores it.  Just walks right by...and she wants to be a nurse! Of all things, right? Where is the 'caring'?

Anthony feels like it is no use to fight it--his father's ways.  He took the dog out by himself twice for it to relieve itself. And as Anthony says, 'I ALWAYS pick up the poop.'

According to Anthony, the only good thing about being at his father's house, is the NFL 'ticket'--where they can watch games. But unless it is one his father is interested in, especially for his fantasy football, he won't let Anthony watch. Even if it's the Seahawks, Anthony's team.

In THIS Carla trusts me her heart.

Carla doesn't understand with her mother's heart how any of this can be GOOD for Anthony--not one bit.

Not even the 'karma burning factor'--it just doesn't cut it in her heart, in her soul...and Carla is getting very frustrated and sick and tired--just like from the diaper rash in the past--of spending the week healing Anthony of his wounds, only to submit him to have his father exacerbate Anthony's condition week after week after week.

Jared lives in a world of darkness.  Jessica is just as 'well-off' as he is, his--what do you call it when you are living together and not yet engaged? It will be one year of living together in one month--at Thanksgiving.

I can cut through that.

I can walk Anthony through the terror, and the isolation, and the pain.  Carla knows this.

But ONLY if Anthony chooses to hear me when he is in that terrible, rough situation!

He hears me FINE when he is with Carla, or when he is at school, or when he is in trouble on a scary rope climbing thing...

But at his Father's home--where he should be WELCOME, and in fact he IS, in as much as Jared can open his heart--he has ME--he has Carla to text, or even FaceTime--and he just shuts down.

Do you?

Do you 'just shut down' in the face of ongoing misery and defeat?

Or are you like Carla, where you fight back?

All of us are here to help you (waves hand to show the row after row of Ascended Masters--ed).

How can I get through to you in your heart?

Are you living in a world of darkness like Jared, and can't wake up? Even when you hear the alarm?

Are you living in a world of duty, so much so that you ignore the child in front of you who is hungry and making do with a father who is neglecting him--and contributing to the abuse because your heart is so empty inside and closed that it will take ME standing right in front of you in all my glory to open it?

(he spits--ed)

What good is this?!

Why did you come to Earth to study if you are going to close your heart?  What can you learn if you don't open a book and study?

Your Heart IS your lesson book!!!


You do not have to be like me, or even like Carla!

I want you to be like Anthony, our beloved child--and always do your best, every single time, no matter what.

No matter if you are hungry. No matter if you are neglected. No matter if you are in a rush and very late for work. No matter if you are facing death--and some of you are, with your end-stage diseases!

If you are facing death I want you to try your best to live your life, while you still have it left--with an open that acknowledges and has gratitude for what is right, the good things, the blessings--even if they are few and far between, each time you spot one I want you to say, 'Here! There it is!'...

Even if you are not dying too. Well, technically, all of you are, for every single day is a gift from Source.

I have been on my soap box waving my arms long enough.

I will let Carla go.

She has an awfully long day tomorrow, and is not looking forward to it. The only thing she has to look forward to is to practice opening her heart--first with me and also with Anthony, then with her colleagues and patients, and then her readers, and later, with anyone else who finds themselves in her day.

It is a long life,and an extremely joyous one, for us. I love her, and she loves me, and in all in all this we are most blessed!

(clap clap--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

The Gift of 5D -- A Memorial to 3D -- Gaia News Brief 25 October 2015


Today I am under considerable time restraint. With appointments on Friday, and both a business meeting and a memorial service taking up Saturday, Sunday is for catching up on housekeeping in time to be ready for Anthony's arrival back home. He has a project that will take most of my day, including setting up a new printer.

Add to this that the 5D I see is hard to describe in words--but I am definitely going to describe it!--and I am left with a feeling of not being able to go in depth where I would rather explore new things as much as I can.

So think of this blogpost as a 'three day tour of Paris'--not the whole week--and know as certain topics come up, I'll go into them more.

My Colleagues

Eight o'clock yesterday morning I had to be there at the South Conference Room at the hospital. At eight thirty the guests from the billing company arrived.

I take notes. And sometime today I have to transcribe them for the group. It's a lot of work. It used to be easier when I had long stretches of boredom on O.B. call. Today, I will have to simply type fast!

There was PEACE at that meeting. The billers were called in because cases were not being billed properly.  Some people weren't getting paid for their work. It could have been a screaming match, if you know my fellow anesthesiologists and their money.

But it wasn't!

The billers showed their part, what they do. In the past they got a billing ticket, and looked to the anesthesia record (one page) and the chart for supporting evidence to create the official bill that was sent out.

Now they get a nine page printout, and no ticket from the computer! And for split cases, it's not clear.

I was able to mediate by describing the billing note section, in the new computer system, which approximates our old billing ticket--where I document the pertinent facts besides the time--so the billers know where to look. The surgeon, the procedure, anything I did like an invasive monitor--and both sides saw the wisdom of it and settled down right away.

It was clear there was a knowledge gap between the two, on what the computer can do.

And I learned I have to check and double check that all my cases billed on their report match the ones I send in myself--I have to take another form of responsibility.

The Memorial At The Big Local Church

I wore a black dress and pearls to the funeral for Patrice's mom, Rachel.  I drove straight from the meeting to the mega-church. It is a huge campus. I got lost and ended up near the school, which was on another level of the hill.

I hoped the red memorial cards on the signposts meant where I was supposed to go, and I followed them, winding and turning all throughout the facility as I drove, following the signs.

Then I saw Patrice's car, and was near enough. Then it was a matter of finding the right building and room!

Fortunately there were signs directing us to that, too!

Anthony came right up to me, and looked adorable in his suit, all grown up. His father had one on too, and Jessica his almost-fiancee wore a dress.

I was welcomed by Patrice and Pat, and immediately introduced to the family.  Robin whom I had last seen when Anthony was two (Patrice's sister), looked the same, but had gone grey. Alan I had seen only once when Anthony was a baby. I didn't recognize him. He has multiple myeloma, and had lost at least one foot in height...Alan is Robin's husband.

Both of Anthony's cousins, Blake and Briele, were all grown up, and taller than me. They were both gorgeous!!Last time they were small children.  I had tears of joy in my eyes to see them.

I met other relatives too, Rachel's sister, and the cousins, who had come a long way just to honor her.

Anthony showed me the photo boards of Rachel's life. I marveled at the photos of Rachel and her parents and grandparents, people I will never know,  whose lives helped to bring Anthony to me and make him who he is through their genes...

I was going to sit behind Anthony, because of the rows that said, 'reserved'--and I'm not 'family' by blood or marriage...intentionally...yes, Anthony was an 'oops!'...

But Anthony, bless his heart, asked and Patrice looked at me like, 'how could you not, Carla? Don't be silly!'

He was so glad I was there, glad...and he didn't cry.

I did. To see everyone so sad, and to realize how each had their own lessons--the daughter who arranged for all the caregiving (Patrice), the daughter who didn't but has a huge heart  and is overwhelmed with her husbands' condition (Rachel), the son who couldn't come because he is in a place where he is not permitted to leave, and sent a letter, and the 'oops' sister who is fourteen years younger than the deceased--finding herself all alone....

The Sales Pitch

Ross was with me the whole time. He has been with me all morning, and I felt him near me throughout.  He was pleased, very pleased, of our infiltrating this 'cell' of negativity ten years ago, and turning it--the angels did more work than me, I'm sure--into a wonderful, welcoming family I could enjoy.

Anthony also was very pleased to have me be acknowledged at last, and welcomed. It is good for his heart to see me talk with his other family--so it becomes HIS family, one family that includes me and not two families--one with me and one without.

Well the pastor talked about Rachel's faith, and how she was born again.

I had all kinds of red flags go up when he said that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to get into Heaven--you have to ask Him into your heart.

My heart said, 'what about the Jews and the Muslims and the Taoists and the Buddhists and the Bahai and those Spiritual?' And I suppose the Catholics too, because they don't say that prayer?'

I said the prayer.

I say it every time.  Just in case.

But this time I gave honor to my Twin, honor that is more than due, and I delight in honoring him and his work for all time.

What no one in the room knew, and only a handful of readers may appreciate, is a vortex of change has been building over the last week. It is gaining momentum and growing bigger and faster like a whirlwind of energy.  It is bringing the Full Consciousness to the world, all the surface population of Gaia. I won't tell you HOW it does it, but the handful of readers will know. (These are my students in the Study Hall--these few)...

It ANCHORED during the memorial service to the location of this mega church.  I felt it and saw the energies--and to my spiritual 'eyes'--it was greater than a Category Five 'storm' in energy, whirling and growing, and firing up the grid of 5D to everyone who ever once had anything to do with this Church.

The book, the Purpose Driven Life--has touched lives all over the world! It is translated into many different languages!

So there you go...

At the same moment in time, the same location, you have the pastor with the well-meaning and well-intentioned perpetuation of 3D, in a room, like always (he had us keep our eyes closed and raise hands to see who said the prayer)--and the massive, sudden shift of the ages going on through the same 'connections' in 5D--without anyone knowing it at all. The two dimensions 'overlap'--and I can see them both <3

The 'Pastor'

Connie is a close friend to Robin, and came. She is of another faith. She told the pastor, 'I'm not Christian and you did a good job!' because she wanted to acknowledge his sincere wish to make a nice service for Rachel and the family.

She spoke later with me and another guest, who is a realtor too.

Connie's spirituality reminded me, as a physician, of people who look things up on the internet but haven't actually gone to medical school...

She was interpreting things, and I can't recall them, but your can see how her beliefs are a part of her, and she was applying them to the situation to 'correct' the pastor's views--but the energy of it wasn't any different than the pastor thinking his was was the only way.

Does this make sense?

And both were light years behind Ross and me.

At our level, there are Spiritual Truths, and everyone clearly recognizes them.

So for example, there is the 'born again' view that everyone has original sin, there is the catholic (realtor) who 'picks and chooses' and would never pin sin on anyone without seeing their choices, and then Connie, who says, 'we are born perfect'...but to Ross and I, we understand the Veil, the power of Co-creation, and the hierarchy of Heaven and how Heaven does the work (with a lot of councils! I may add--LOL).

Already, both Connie and Jeannie the Realtor have a sufficient level of Consciousness that brings the pastor's claims into question.  They are open and working their paths and lessons well.

Always be mindful that in the grand scheme of things, there is always someone with a little 'lower' development in the Consciousness department than you, and also, someone with a little 'higher'--as we make our way to Full Consciousness together...respect and honor each one for where they are, and give thanks for them and for where you are in your Consciousness growth too.

Advice from One Inside Organized Medicine

My first boyfriend Tom, a PhD meteorologist,  posted a photo of Patricia, the storm, with the bulls eye appearance--privately to some friends, and said, in his career, this is not good and very rare.

It was a warning.

An insider tip.

I'm inside of Healthcare.

Yesterday I talked with someone in Durable Medical Goods. And another who is the wife of a Physical Therapist.

I also know the wife of the owner of a local ambulance company.

These people are barely able to keep up with business as usual--it's changed so much due to Obamacare and regulation--that it's only a matter of time before they close their businesses. They work all the time to make ends meet, and see twice as many patients for less.

But the business expenses don't go down, they go up, in running their businesses.

There never has been a better time for Reiki, and for Healers, on the planet.

Let Spirit guide you gently to where you need to go.

I 'sense' my ever growing passion for crystals and beads--is preparing me to be in the right place at the right time when Healthcare as we know it changes unpredictably even more, perhaps suddenly!

You are going to be in the right time and the right place for this too.


It's time for breakfast. Since Anthony isn't here, Carla gets a treat--one organic 'pop tart' toaster pastry.  Shhhhh!

There is a lot in here, and a lot of movement.

There are people who are looking to her (points to his temples-ed) 'spiritual assessment' of things--Jennifer Farley is one of them, she is of the Creator Writings. Carla's silence vexes her, on the last two. She writes earlier and earlier in the morning after Carla's 'critique' of her work.

To both postings, as a couple, we answer 'yes' to the first ( and 'we agree' to the second (

Carla made a vow to me last night.  She said it five times, in the words exactly as I asked her to repeat:  'Ross you are a part of my life now'.

We are One.

Together for all eternity.

There is only a short distance between us across dimensions, but as Twins our relationship can span anything--even from one end of the cosmos to the other, it would be for us just like picking up the phone.

Carla is ready for her mission, her next assignment.

Are you?

Carla has been working very hard on her Ascension. Carla spends a lot of money, and always has, when it comes to her spiritual growth. Imagine how she is with Anthony--if there is a book he would like, Carla will buy it for him without question, because it is good for (he points to the right side of his head--ed) Anthony's education and will help him in his development, and later in life.

Even if it's a stupid book with pictures and eyeballs that move like the toddler book 'Max the Fish'...for a two year old, this kept him engaged and enjoying reading.

A long time ago, Carla as a young married--to Mark, of course, in Berkeley--started to be 'drawn' to not one but two metaphysical stores in her area. One was the Moon and Star in the Rockridge section of Oakland, the other was a Gaia type of store but Carla just checked--she forgets the name, but it was by Shattuck and Vine and doesn't seem to be in business. It was right next to Lo Coco's, for those of you who are in the area and want to know.

So Carla was Catholic, and went to mass every Saturday or Sunday--and learned from an overnight sleep over with a group of spiritual women about 'Primal Catholics'--ones who merge the old ways with the church.  And along with that whole movement, Carla's spirit brought her to Runes, and Medicine Cards--which she still has today.

Everywhere she would go--Medical School, Residency, Travel--Carla's first look at the area was to get the phone book and look under the Metaphysical section. She had to KNOW where it was, and perhaps, if she had the time, to stop by.

It was her hobby without knowing it was her hobby, and like with Anthony, for her 'baby self' who was just starting to grow, within her budget, if she needed a tool or a deck she would simply buy it.

If it was outside her budget, Carla would simply wait until she had the funds, and later go and buy it.

Her choice was to stagnate or grow, when Spirit offered her some new path to take, for example, runes--and Carla always make the choice to pursue that which would help her to grow.

It wasn't an option to her NOT to make the sacrifice of her money, to grow. And as a newly wed, and later, as a medical student and resident, Carla had very little money. Less then than most of you.  Carla cut her own hair to save money. Carla wore 'gently used' clothing, to save money. Carla politely declined on every other opportuinity to go out and to socialize with her fellow students--to save money.  Carla took Jazz dance/HipHop dance classes on campus instead of the ballet she loved--because that was all she could afford during medical school. But for spirit? Carla spent gladly.  She also donated a portion of her limited funds to her place of worship, too, every week, because as a Catholic she wanted to support those who were more in need than her.

That was her priority.

This was over twenty-five years ago!!!

And only NOW we see the fruit.  (for YOU it will be much quicker--this is why Carla is blazing a trail for everyone to follow).

Yesterday Carla wrote and questioned about the quality of a channeled message, from a Channeler she trusts. I won't go into the inner workings, but, change has happened without Carla doing a thing:

Mike had been thinking of this all along, and her actions, through following her heart, lead indirectly to him reaching a 'tipping point' in a decision he has been wanting to make for a long time, to retire.

Everything is connected. There are no accidents. Your feelings are valid and to guide you to your growth.

Carla is with me, in my heart, and I love her most dearly.

It is just starting to dawn on her just how much all of us where I am, and all of you, love Carla for her heart, and her courage, and her willingness to continue on her Journey.

Carla has reached full consciousness.  Just the other day.

When you feel the Love--you are 'on the other side' of the Ascension process. It is complete.

And this FEELING is never going to leave you, or disappear, or go away.

You will still have your life's work, and your lessons and your life choices--but it won't be a burden or a battle to you. It will be more like a fun game. And the rewards will be higher, will be felt, each and every time you accomplish another lesson! It will be quick!

And the LOVE will be surrounding you, from all of us, and from Gaia, Lady Gaia Sophia, for all eternity.

This is our 'signpost' for you.

(he waves and smiles goodbye--ed)

Now, Carla, go and have that toaster pastry, and get to work on your printer!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Friday, October 23, 2015

Ode to God -- Gaia News Brief 24 October 2015

The Luxury of Time For Health

Today was one of the random days I have off in the schedule because I work 'part time'.

It's a good thing, as I had forgotten to turn on the alarm. I woke up at six, which is 'terribly late'--I wake up at four, usually...and lay in bed until six thirty.  I got up, dressed, and woke up Anthony. After this, we had a breakfast together at Starbucks before school, and my first appointment.

I had ordered a mocha and the frazzled worker in the rush got me a latte--I felt compassion for all of the workers, and didn't say a thing.  I distinctly remembered saying 'mocha', because I wanted Anthony to taste it. (Coffee is good for fatty liver)  I'm a regular, and always get a latte. So, in a way, she did sort of get it 'right'.  Keeping the peace and staying on schedule today for me was more important than 'being right'.  My mom had sent in the gift card, and we were very thankful to be treated 'long distance' by her.

I saw my dentist! It was only seven months since the last visit! He is a wonderful man, I've known since 2001. The last time I was there I was upset a little because he talked to me about Frank, who still goes to him too. I recall now he had said Frank had gotten married and I had said something off-handed like, 'good for him!' and changed the subject.

I noticed when I talked to my dentist about the retirement planning meeting yesterday, he RELAXED. Both he, and the financial guy, are very comfortable with their investing, and enjoy giving advice...I see this is another layer of the Illusion, the preparation for old age, and making sure one is 'makes the right choices' and 'has enough'.

The 'check low beam headlight' warning had gone off in the car last night. So I stopped by and bought a part from Service. I never have done this. When giving my address, the man said, 'my sister lives on your street'.  Sure enough, I knew who she was, and when I showed him a picture of Anthony, he knew my son and where we live too! It's a small world...

I also got the story for my sitter, who used to live in that house, of why the people moved.  They got a new home, they bought one, in the next city over.

I decided to make for our busy schedule, 'dinner' in the crock pot.  I got out my old French cookbook, and made a modified cassoulet. I also warmed up a lunch for me, and barely got out the door in time to pick Anthony up for HIS dental appointment.

He has no cavities.  And all the teeth are in, including the twelve year old molars. I recall the gums, then the first teeth, then losing the baby teeth. Now it's done, he has his smile, and it's really nice.

We got a haircut for Anthony to look nice for the funeral. Then I let him get two teeny Mrs Field's cookies and a big milk when he asked. I skipped. We put a dollar into the massaging chairs and each had two minutes. Then we went home.

I had time to make appointments. This takes a while, especially when you are put on hold, something I could never manage while in the O.R.  I booked an abdominal ultrasound for Anthony, and also, a complete eye exam with my friend the glaucoma and cataract specialist.

The system REALLY is antiquated to make an appointment and get insurance authorization.   There has to be a better way.

By the time I realized we had to go, I scooped dinner for Anthony in a paper bowl, gave him a fork, and he ate in the car. I waited until I got home. He loved it!

I watched a drum lesson. It was neat to see what I've been paying for all this time.

Then I stopped by a store and bought sympathy cards and gifts. I have a funeral after a business meeting tomorrow first thing in the morning.

It's funny because this is Jared's grandmother who had dementia really bad--the ceremony and get-together are before Anthony's basketball game. Both the coach and I felt whatever Anthony chooses is good, and whatever his Dad chooses--play or not play--is fine.

Jared sent me a text with a chilling energy signature. I quote:  we're not going to the game tomorrow. Grandmothers only die once.

He has a complete and total misunderstanding of Anthony's health--and why I would even suggest it.

Basketball is life-saving for him; the game is nearby, and he could be back to the party.  He would be gone for one hour. He would be present for the funeral and one hour of the party before the game.

Long story short--the Consciousness IS what it IS and it's not going to budge one millimeter until the soul says 'it's time'!

This is why no matter how much you try to 'connect' with some people, it's like speaking Greek and annoying to them...when you talk 'spiritual growth'.  A good rule of thumb is to always wait for them to bring it up first, then you know it's safe.

The Glass Elevator

Lately I feel like Grandpa and Charlie at the end of the movie, going in an elevator with Willie Wonka and blasting up and out the roof because the dang thing FLIES for crying out loud!

Who would have thought an elevator could fly???

I went to a local Christian store for the sympathy cards. The last time I was there, about one year ago, I was very uncomfortable with the 'story' that had been perpetuated by 'man'.   Today, I realized that being separated from God is completely terrifying. Organized religion is a way for some to feel 'safe' and 'connected to Source'--so they cling to what their parents taught them (note--this is a huge way that the control over people is done--the parents teach the behavior and it is passed on from one generation to the next. Remember the story of the lady who cut the end off the ham, because her mom did, and then grandma and great grandma did? It was because at the beginning the ham wouldn't fit into the baking pan--but became 'tradition' instead?)

Long story short, I saw people seeing to self-soothe that huge VOID of being separated from God, in a socially acceptable way, according to their beliefs and their culture.

In a way, it is the 'blind' (third eye completely non-functional, except perhaps for some charismatics who have the Holy Spirit's gifts) leading the 'blind' and who is there to blame for this?

This was a MAJOR huge obstacle lifted for my next steps, to see it as such, and to rejoice in what part both Ross and I are going to play in anything that is next to happen.

I sense a 'feel' for Ross that is very 'close'--not just his energy and communication when he pops in, but also, all the time. I see funny shaped clouds that stay put and are over where I am heading for an errand, and I smile and wave and feel very much loved.

Today, in meditation, Ross had a funny look on his face. He said, 'I have a surprise for you, a gift'.

It was a funny floating ball of water that was the size of a small cantaloup, but colored dark like pyrite, with a sheen to it. It was moving a little and hovering with ripples on its surface.

Ross told me to swallow it. He asked.

I quick checked with Divine Father, as it didn't look right. I wanted to be sure! He gave a thumbs up.

So in one big GULP with my mouth stretching bigger than it ever has incarnate--my spirit mouth--I took it in.

I was told it was the remaining powers of the controllers. I had to 'merge' it with me.

Divine Father told me to take in lots of sun through my skin, and Universal Light--to dissolve it.  I saw it melt.

I jokingly and really, half-hoping and serious, asked if I would poop it out later as glitter rainbows? (meaning it was clean, transmuted to the Light).

What I was shown is that is evaporated in me. Inside. And I was calm.

Since it happened, I realize there is no us or them, we are One --and the only one who can judge is Creator him or her self.

Case In Point

Discern-o-meter alert!

  • the photo--a doctor setting up boundaries (it's actually a nurse, by the quality of the stethoscope) and also, the hair would be in a bonnet because of the scrubs--is kind of 'too close for comfort' for me. It felt like, 'stop whining Carla about your ex-husbands and shut up!' LOL
  • boundaries--energetically there can BE no boundaries. You are you, I am I, and yet, our auras mix. We are a collective--of Lightworkers, or other things--and part of the larger Collective Consciousness as well.
  • I have forever to grow in spirit, and my only navigational tool is my feelings--my heart and mind working together to interpret them with my guides and inner knowing and angels.
  • No parent would ever tell their child to stop falling and learn to walk--they rejoice in the growth and direction
  • True spiritual growth takes two patterns--the 'hint' at the lesson that is ignored comes back, only LOUDER (perhaps an illness more serious than the 'warning' ?)--OR--it's like 'I thought I was done with that? Why is it coming back to get me in the A$%?'  True spiritual growth is in cycles--either one spiraling 'down' so one 'gets' the lesson, or one making 'one last check in the hotel room to make sure everything is packed' before checking out and going on to the next lesson on the way UP.  Each lesson is going to advance only as far as the spirit is able.  You can't force it. The incredibly rising vibration on Surface Gaia are helping as much as anything can, while keeping the Free Will intact.

  • I was told about this before the blob with Ross, but didn't read it until after. I went Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!  Long story short--the energy signature was bizarre, it sounded like the pope not SaLuSa (if you know what I've studied you'll understand and also the next point), and it's saying, basically, to be open to the fact that 'black is white'.
  • The mention of a name is also something very new, particularly the one mentioned.
  • The mention of 'new technologies' just didn't sound like SaLuSa at all.
  • who is it? is it ego talking on Mike Quinsey's part? Is it someone sending a message that was intercepted? I don't know, but I'm not going to post it. Yikes!
  • There was prediction that towards the VERY end before Ascension, it would be hard to know what's true from any of the channelers. To this I say simply, you know your earthly mother and father--you know their step, their voice, their habits, their energy--and could recognize them even through a medium if it was 'truly them' or not; imagine how even more you know your Heavenly Father and Divine Mother?  It is in your heart! So always follow it and trust it, no matter who you meet in any way, shape or form--and know that things change--so given a trusted source like Mike, give it the benefit of the doubt--and only pick and choose the parts that 'resonate' with you.  The Dark Ones WANT people to spit the whole thing out sometimes, to turn away. Everything out there is a mix--so plug in your Discern-o-meter to Source, ask your angels, guides and deceased loved ones for help, and take it from there <3  Journaling is also a great way to gauge your spiritual growth and progress too. 


I want my lady to have fun with me tonight. So she writes!  First she feeds the snake. Then she eats. She tries watching her old favorites Jeopardy and Wheel Of Fortune on TV (she can barely turn the system on, Anthony usually does it) and got bored. Did she make her bracelets? 


She writes!

That is what soothes Carla at the end of a long day--the writing. Even more than her Twin.  

For Carla, it is what she writes that is not as important to her as her connection to Source that she feels while she is in the act of writing. Her whole body tingles. Downloads, key codes and activation sequences are being given so you may read them and pick them up.

This is the reason why you search for Carla's messages--they are 'good for you' in a spiritual way, mere pablum of sorts--to help you awaken to your roles as Ground Crew.

They are important!

But there is no rush.

Keep doing what 'feels right', and if reading this helps you, that is excellent!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

P. S.  I had Carla light a candle for us. It is myrrh, a dipytique, and its fragrance is a delight! There is a lot to be said for aromatherapy and incense in your spiritual journey <3  (Ross says this--ed)

P.P.S.  this is Carla--I wanted to spend the rest of the evening thinking about how much on my part is 'Owed to God'--I am so lucky, so fortunate, and so blessed! I have Ross, Anthony, my work, all of you, and both medicine and Reiki. And the crystals! <3