Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Revolution. Re-evolution. REVOL-ution...I have a friend on a social media site who writes like that. Has all the answers of the Universe. Love one, love ALL...most of the time his posts are pretty pleasant.

Until yesterday. "Imagine a world with NO DOCTORS!"

I saw red.

Why? He violated a spiritual law. He and all the hangers-on that slammed doctors in general, in the comments that followed. I said I was unhappy. Not ONE PERSON apologized, although one did send a write more and sorta re-explained her point.

The spiritual lws is that EACH ONE HAS THEIR OWN PATH. It was chosen for whatever reason before being alive. No one has a right to knock another's spiritual path. No one.

Anyway, it was an eye-opening session. I remember a scene from the Chinese movie, Ran. In the revolution, all the young people who were communist knew all the answers and threw out the old obstetrician doctor from the hospital. The hero of the story's wife was in labor. There were complications. She hemorrhaged in childbirth. The communists ran to go get the old doctor. But they were too late. The blood of the mother's death in childbirth was on their hands.

In revolutionary times, doctors are the first to go. In war, doctors can get drafted. Depending on their skills. The sacrifices doctors make to home and family are countless. The sacrifice of sleep, social time, and exercise, as well as meals and bathroom visits on a daily basis, is HUGE.

Organized medicine is at its breaking point. Healthcare workers and patients are being choked by the insurance industry and pharmaceutical industry and medical equipment industry. And the general population does not do well with authority figures, and hates it that doctors can cure them when they can't.

So...if YOU are a NeW-*$--ThINKer, and YOU don't want anything to do with medicine...and end up screaming for an epidural in the middle of the night, I will be there to take away your pain. With a smile. And NEVER ONCE will I say what I think, which is, "I told you so."


Monday, March 28, 2011

Reiki Master for Real

I assisted in my first Reiki Master class this weekend. When I took the class, I got attuned and practiced a Reiki I attunement on a classmate. It seemed easy. (there are two symbols used for Reiki Master attunements...that are kinda complex).

Anyhow, ever the 'overachiever', I signed up to help. I am so glad I did.

First of all, it was amazing to see the respect I got from my students. I taught anesthesia at a UNIVERSITY for eight years. Never once did I get that kind of admiration and respect. And these were going to be my peers in a few hours!

Second, when you enter the energy field of someone you are attuning, you are filled with a sense of wonder at the trust of the person you are attuning, as well as with Spirit, for you are working to connect both together. I am still filled with appreciation over this.

Third, there are a LOT of symbols. My teacher did eight. I did five. There were a lot of 'duh' moments where the symbols I knew so well didn't come to me. But with practice, it made sense.

Fourth, Spirit was quiet, but at one point, I was guided to attune one individual to a special symbol I have used on my child  that was given to me by spirit. Are you sure? Are you sure you're sure? I checked. Answer was YES. So I did.

Last, I liked to see what goes on during the attunement and meditation. It was like being in the OR, getting to see something really special that most others do not get to see.

So, for those of you who are NOT Reiki practitioners, what does this mean? I am growing in my skills, more connected, and better able to serve my patients and my friends in how Medicine fits with this type of healing.

Here are some interesting reads you might want to check out:

Diary of a Medical Intuitive: One Woman's Eye-Opening Journey from No-Nonsense E.R. Nurse to Open-Hearted Healer and Visionary   by Christel Nani, RN, PhD

Messages from Water and the Universe by Masaru Emoto

Have a terrific day,

Reiki Doc

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reiki Ripple Effect-Two Examples

These are whale toys. My child's interest in marine mammals is contagious. Two preschools and a kindergarten have added 'whales' to their curriculum because of this fascination with them. As you can see by the bath toys, the interest is consistent, focused, and strong.

My interest in Reiki is having a similar effect at work and at home.

At home, I do Reiki every night on the family at bedtime. One child, the 'whale child', wanted to learn it so bad.  This dear old soul would practice on me without being trained! So, after becoming Reiki Master, this was the first attunement I did. Imagine my surprise when three months later, during a homework assignment, this little one says, 'I want to show you something!' and draws a perfect Sei-hei-ki!

It is time to move up to Reiki two. I started the lessons that very night. Reiki one teaches how to turn on the power, use it, and turn it off for healing. Reiki two has three symbols, plus a way of doing remote healing.  As I was teaching I realized I would LOVE to bring Reiki to the children. Absolutely love it. My father taught elementary school. I must have inherited his love of education from him.

But I work. In the OR. And there is a profound ripple effect there. As I have moved up in Reiki and Karuna, I have had more requests. A request is when a coworker asks for you to work on them or a loved one. I have done anesthesia for an obstetrician, a surgeons' wife, a surgical tech, and two OR Nurses. On deck are a nurse supervisor, an OR First Assist Nurse, and three pregnant coworkers. They are seeking me out. Although I have only told one I do Reiki, when I worked on her friend and expect to work on her,  people are clamoring for my professional services. I am good at what I do. But it is the Reiki that makes me better.

Part of being an advanced Reiki Practitioner is being a continuous source of Reiki to all who need it.

It is starting to show!

Have a good day, and Namaste.
Reiki Doc

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hearing the Unspoken

I am sleepy after a hard night's work on labor and delivery.

Something happened, though, that was unusual in the middle of the night. It was a first. My intuition, my reading of the situation, and my being a source of Reiki 'clicked' in just the right way.

A multip came in at nine centimeter's dilation. Usually this is too late for epidural. But she wanted it. Something told me to give it a try.

Tattoos everywhere on the couple. I was struck by how calm she was in her pain. And how her husband soothed her during the procedure. It went in perfectly, her epidural. And she felt better.

The family dynamic had seemed odd when I came into the room. The daughter was there, and was escorted out by her Auntie and her dad said, 'There is a big needle.'. Then my patient had a pillow pet. The father was into sports and spoke with me like I had known him forever.

The picture didn't add up. I poured as much Reiki and Karuna as I could from my heart to hers. I picked up 'crazy' in the family and 'woman in trouble' and opened my heart, smiled, and silently prayed for healing for her.

It turns out there was domestic violence in the couple. She almost died last summer. Now they were back together.

I am really glad for everyone's sake, that my training and intuition were working.

She had an uneventful delivery not much later. My total time interacting with her, not more than twenty minutes. Hopefully, there will be positive influence from it. Thanks to Reiki!

Namaste and going to sleep now,
Reiki Doc

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Last night my questions from last post were answered at Developmental Circle.

The message may come from someone with an 'imperfect vessel'--in other words, a money-hungry seeker. The message itself may be good.
Just don't give money or sign up to leave everything and live with such person's 'center' in a far-away place.

Everything is affected by vibration.

We are in a time of change.
(For example, I can't figure out how to format left-justified test on this blogger today!)

In this change, it is important to be brave.
To be centered and grounded and connected to Universal Love.

The vibration of the Earth is raising.
If you are interested in this, yours is quite high to begin with, and rising.

This is like chalk on a blackboard to those of lower vibration.
They will get agitated and leave this realm.

Those in between will look to you to steady them as they adapt to the higher frequency.
Continue on your path, doing what you do to stay centered.
They will need your steadiness to steady themselves.

In medicine, our vibration affects those around us.
At a time when they are more receptive to it.
Offer it. 
Be workers of the Universal Love.

Be the change you wish to see in the world
(not sure who to quote on that one, but I have seen it)


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trust your Gut Instincts

By the way, this is my great-grandmother. I never met her. She lived in another country and ran a bakery. She was a smart woman.

I come to you a lot smarter now.

As I had said earlier, I read voraciously. About two months ago, I read a book by Art Ferdig, 'The Bridge' and 'Taught by Angels'. The Archangel Metatron contacted him through a Reiki/Massage Therapist in Jamaica.

I was surprised as I was not familiar with Metatron, except for a role in a movie with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon about Catholicism, Dogma. I liked what I heard from 'The Bridge'. Except it seemed weird how Art had so much trouble with trust, talked about money troubles, and his group 'The New Ekklesia' just seemed really strange why he would be chosen to build it. Angels don't need financial structures/organizations on earth.

His website looked dorky. Something wasn't right. Sure enough: he was a con man.
He was arrested in Los Angeles August 3, 2010. A Ponzi scheme.
Here is the article that opened my eyes:

He looked like a minister. But something 'wasn't right' when I looked at his face and put it all together. WRONG VIBE.

Same with Diksha. I have felt it. I learned to use it at a special class. But when I saw Sai Maa on a video on her website, I didn't like the feeling I had in my gut. And when I looked at the other links  about her fraud and cult, and back at her 'center' in Colorado, I was sickened. I had thought since her teaching was free, it was okay. But Sai Baba, her guru and mentor, was a fraudster too.

So close to a wolf...two of them, actually...but my gut knew.

It happens in the Christian churches, too. Last week I was saddened. I read an article of a woman who had lost her sister and joined a church at 16. When she was 28, the same pastor started having an affair with her. It lasted for 16 years. He told her she was 'serving God'. He had her sleeping under her husband's nose with her pastor, his brother,  and his visiting friends. Even with another person watching once, without her knowledge of it.

She woke up when he wanted her to pick up random men in bars, have sex with them, and come tell him all about it. She told her husband. And her pastor ended up going to jail. Other women spoke up and testified against him.

Trust no one.
Test with your heart.
You will know the truth.

If you are aware, you can be safe.

Great grandmother Guiseppina would be proud of you. I know she was for me. ; )


Friday, March 11, 2011

Case Reports in Compassion

This is a view of my grandmother's back yard. She lives in a neighborhood that has declined much since she moved in over half a century ago. My grandparents tend to the house, and through their work have a healthy, and beautiful garden. I wish to call your attention to what lies behind the fence.

Her neighbors yards are in various states of being as opposite from hers as possible. To the left, the extension to the house built all over the yard. There is no yard. There is no garage either. It is a 'rumpus room' and extra bedrooms that house MANY people. Behind the fence you see, is a home where nobody quite tries, but has not given up either. To the right is a home where truly they have given up. The owners stay inside, the house is falling apart, and the yard is simply a mess.

In my work, I can see my patients somewhat the way my grandmother can see the neighbors homes from her back porch.

In myself, I am opening up to the energetics of healing. I read voraciously, most recently, "Voices from Ancient Bethlehem", "The Shadow King: The Invisible Force that Holds Women Back", and also the latest book by Dr. Emoto.  I am now a Karuna I practitioner and Deeksha practitioner. I have passion about this, and actively pursue development and growth.

Two patients came last week through my care. One was a classic opportunity for Karuna, the other, for Deeksha. I will explain.

Karuna is a form of energetic healing unlike Reiki, which is directed towards the physical body, aims at healing of the soul. Similar to Reiki, and used in combination with it, the energy has a different sensation. It is very warm, caring, and compassionate rather than electric as it is used.

This man, approximately the same age as me, survived Fournier's Gangrene. He almost died of a rapid infection of the pelvic and perineal area. He was alive, and came from home to be 'put back together', as all his infected skin had been taken off in the first surgery.  His 'manhood' had been disfigured.  He also was concerned about the pain he would experience upon waking up from surgery. He woke up screaming in pain the time before.

As he slept, I felt his energy. Indeed, it was almost without hope. Very low. I gave Karuna and balanced his chakras. He awoke smoothly, was able to move himself from the OR table to the gurney, and expressed thanks to all the persons in the room. He was peaceful, calm, and completely without the anxiety he had shown preoperatively. He was also in no pain.

Diksha, on the other hand, 'is healing directed into the brain to the seeds of karma'. It helps a person to advance toward their growth by forgiving karmic debts that may be 'holding you back'.

She had a black eye and 'did not know where she got it'. Her husband stood up at the foot of the bed, keeping eye contact on her throughout my history and physical in the pre-op area. Most of her teeth were missing, and she was embarassed to take off her bridges until the very last minute before surgery. Everything about her said, 'abuse'.

In surgery, she got Diksha energy, in addition to Karuna and chakra balancing. It was in surgery myself, years before I became a doctor, I woke up and realized I had to leave my abusive work and home. I found my courage, and went away to medical school. I do not know the outcome for this patient in the long term, but in the short term, she complained of pain, required more medication than the woman before who had the same surgery and was a chronic pain patient. She did not go home when she should.
She has a rough path ahead of her. I've walked it. Hopefully, the healings helped tip the scales in her favor.

Have a beautiful week my like-minded and most-appreciated DEARS!
Reiki Doc

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Astrology & Psychic

We are going to talk about it.
That little section in the back of Cosmo and The Enquirer with those little ads.
The ones that say, 'America's Greatest Psychic, as seen on TV, 10 minutes for under $10'

And Call _______ Brings Back Lover 1 Day

Free....Powerful....African Voodoo.....5 minutes for 99 cents....Free Personalized Astrological Calendar...

Miracle Powers! Reuintes Lovers! Guaranteed in Hours!

There are a lot of people out there to make money off of confused people.
Let me repeat: there are a lot of people out there making money off of people at their weakest, most vulnerable condition.

It happened to me.
I grew up with a mother who was 'open', and indeed psychic but didn't really talk about it much.
At seven, I read her books. Ones on numerology, astrology, palm reading, and the like.
I had a Magic 8 ball and I used it. We were not allowed to use 'Ouija Boards'--that was bad, according to mom. But it was normal for us to look at a card (sender) and have another try to 'read/see' it (receiver) with a deck of cards while camping, just as normal as playing blackjack or crazy eights.

I started to 'wake up' at twenty five. At twenty-eight I entered medical school. I thought all psychic supply stores were pretty much benign. I knew all the ones in town, and went to them as needed for  supplies.

I got a divorce in medical school. At first, when I mentioned I did not want to see him at Thanksgiving, he agreed I had 'all the right in the world' to ask for a divorce. He was mean to me for years leading up to it. But then he started the works. Trying to get me back. 'Don't buy it!' one friend said. It was hard. He even showed up at my grandfather's funeral. Uninvited. With a boquet for me. The family (extended) did not know. I had to sit next to him to keep up appearances.

Somehow I got involved with people at a rinky dink crystal shop. They told me I needed a spiritual divorce. I did the ceremony. They asked me to 'bring pink toilet paper'. Eventually they asked me to write a check for three thousand dollars and go to sedona. By then I knew something was strange. I told mom.

We blocked the check. We got a restraining order. They came looking for me at my home and my medical school, asking 'where I was'. Everything shut down. I lived temporarily with friends for six weeks. It was horrifying.

The same thing happened to my sister with a cult. They came to the house, and mom lied and said she did not know, and that my sister was not there.

Be very very careful when dealing with psychic workers.

Here are some tips to tell you it's FOR REAL:

1) it is free. I do not accept payment for my healings. When I teach, yes. But I have an excellent 'day job' to support me. I do not look to others for my bread and butter. EVER.
Some people do this as their business. You may discern for yourself. But as medical people helping others, we do not require compensation for our services in the Reiki department.

2) if at any time you feel 'pressure' or 'fear', it is probably NO GOOD. Run.

3) do not give your personal power over to anyone at any time. I did when I was weak in my divorce. They took advantage of it.

4) forgive yourself if you fall prey. Never make the same mistake twice.

5) always trust your intuition.

I can't wait to share with you about Karuna. I also learn Diskha next week!

Have a terrific weekend! The sun is shining and it looks like it's gonna be a gorgeous day!