Saturday, March 5, 2011

Astrology & Psychic

We are going to talk about it.
That little section in the back of Cosmo and The Enquirer with those little ads.
The ones that say, 'America's Greatest Psychic, as seen on TV, 10 minutes for under $10'

And Call _______ Brings Back Lover 1 Day

Free....Powerful....African Voodoo.....5 minutes for 99 cents....Free Personalized Astrological Calendar...

Miracle Powers! Reuintes Lovers! Guaranteed in Hours!

There are a lot of people out there to make money off of confused people.
Let me repeat: there are a lot of people out there making money off of people at their weakest, most vulnerable condition.

It happened to me.
I grew up with a mother who was 'open', and indeed psychic but didn't really talk about it much.
At seven, I read her books. Ones on numerology, astrology, palm reading, and the like.
I had a Magic 8 ball and I used it. We were not allowed to use 'Ouija Boards'--that was bad, according to mom. But it was normal for us to look at a card (sender) and have another try to 'read/see' it (receiver) with a deck of cards while camping, just as normal as playing blackjack or crazy eights.

I started to 'wake up' at twenty five. At twenty-eight I entered medical school. I thought all psychic supply stores were pretty much benign. I knew all the ones in town, and went to them as needed for  supplies.

I got a divorce in medical school. At first, when I mentioned I did not want to see him at Thanksgiving, he agreed I had 'all the right in the world' to ask for a divorce. He was mean to me for years leading up to it. But then he started the works. Trying to get me back. 'Don't buy it!' one friend said. It was hard. He even showed up at my grandfather's funeral. Uninvited. With a boquet for me. The family (extended) did not know. I had to sit next to him to keep up appearances.

Somehow I got involved with people at a rinky dink crystal shop. They told me I needed a spiritual divorce. I did the ceremony. They asked me to 'bring pink toilet paper'. Eventually they asked me to write a check for three thousand dollars and go to sedona. By then I knew something was strange. I told mom.

We blocked the check. We got a restraining order. They came looking for me at my home and my medical school, asking 'where I was'. Everything shut down. I lived temporarily with friends for six weeks. It was horrifying.

The same thing happened to my sister with a cult. They came to the house, and mom lied and said she did not know, and that my sister was not there.

Be very very careful when dealing with psychic workers.

Here are some tips to tell you it's FOR REAL:

1) it is free. I do not accept payment for my healings. When I teach, yes. But I have an excellent 'day job' to support me. I do not look to others for my bread and butter. EVER.
Some people do this as their business. You may discern for yourself. But as medical people helping others, we do not require compensation for our services in the Reiki department.

2) if at any time you feel 'pressure' or 'fear', it is probably NO GOOD. Run.

3) do not give your personal power over to anyone at any time. I did when I was weak in my divorce. They took advantage of it.

4) forgive yourself if you fall prey. Never make the same mistake twice.

5) always trust your intuition.

I can't wait to share with you about Karuna. I also learn Diskha next week!

Have a terrific weekend! The sun is shining and it looks like it's gonna be a gorgeous day!