Saturday, December 17, 2022

We Invite You To Take A Look Around With Eyes That See


We live in a quantum world. 

This means that the observer affects what is.

It all has to do with perception.

And for the last twelve years, I've been raising my vibration, blogging, guiding others, even going to Cobra conferences in the past, to help navigate my way through the 'end times' through 'Ascension' KNOW what to expect and how to prepare others as a guide.

If you think about it, we are transitioning from a place where time exists to a place where it doesn't. 

So it's a very slippery thing, here, spiritually, what we are talking about. It's kind of like looking for ultraviolet light when our eyes can't really see it. You'd need some external monitor to detect it, where as for a bee it would be totally easy to see with their own eyes. 

Recently I took a business trip to New York City.

The place was different! Different from any time I have ever been! The people were different. They were kind, open, chatty, pleasant, and thankful. 

Was it the aftermath of the devastation of Covid?

Was it me, and my perception helping me to see only the good?

Had my vibration increased to have a positive effect on others?

I don't know.

But when people used to ignore one another, passing by, even in the hotel elevator, now they would chit chat and acknowledge the presence. 

Even in the thickest of crowds, I felt joyful, and full of life!

Yes, I know the city is 'dangerous', and I know there's been lots of changes that I had to be mindful about. I don't live in a 'dream world'.

But...NewYork was different. The airports were different. Even right now, my work is different. People are happy and kind and appreciative and supportive. 

What if we are already at our spiritual destination?

Think about it.

If we reach 'there', are we going to hear it on the news? Heck no! They didn't tell the slaves from Africa they were free until months later. For us spiritual livestock on this Quarantine Planet, are they going to tell us? I doubt it.

John Smallman says the changes are 'imminent'. Actually Jesus tells John that. 

What if the changes are here and we just need to realize they are here?

Life is tough, I know, I get it. I hate the prices at the gas pump and my energy bill and at the restaurant just as much as anyone. Life is indeed hard.

But the people?

They are different.

And hopefully when enough hold and sustain that feeling of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion like I am feeling at home and when I travel, the 'done deal' will be complete enough for others to experience it.

It's something to think about...

Ross nods his head in agreement. He points to his heart and says, 'heart is everything!'

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Twins

Sunday, December 4, 2022



I couldn't sleep last night.

I have been writing yes, but I have not been doing well. I'm waiting still for my Covid test to come back. I've been sick since Thursday. Anthony is catching what I have too, he's a little behind, and at the sore throat and tired stage. 

I get increasingly frustrated because whenever I think I have my life in a place where perhaps I might be able to instill some order and routine (cleaning house, decluttering, exercise) BAM! just like that I get sick. 

Yes, the flu and Covid both are spreading at my work. How could I avoid it?

My point in sharing this with you, is that sometimes, we hold things inside, and we need to release them. We release them by feeling them. Because buried feelings hold us back.

In the middle of the night, I began to tell God, and Ross, how lonely I am. How I feel rejected/abandoned and I have my whole life. How I don't really fit in anywhere.

And to Ross, I told him how even though my life as a kitten was awful and brief, I was shown a lot more attention and leadership in that incarnation than the whole time I was married to him! He just kind of decided to 'go with the flow' and having the intentional responsibility of a family was not really his thing. 

I cried and I cried, quiet tears of desperation. Emotional exhaustion. Finally I released the pain and confusion of being raised by an alcoholic mother with anger issues.

Finally I released the pain and suffering of all my relationships, where it wasn't really a 'good fit' and all these people who were not in my league rejected me, or yelled at me, or controlled me. 

I've had times where tears don't help. But last night they did, and I felt at least a little lighter.

I want to clarify that my wounds didn't magically heal. But now at least I know the size and depth of the wound across the various lifetimes, and it's not hidden from my consciousness by that denial any more.

It's going to be a long road to emotional health for me.

Thankfully I've learned assertive communication is key for me to be able to say no and to ask for what I want. I'm working on it.

And I know I am loved, by many, many,'s just those who you think are closest to you in your family and relationships in your early years...not everyone...who caused the wound. 

I am lovable. Even though I fight the belief of being unlovable and trying to be loved by people who are unavailable emotionally (distant). 

Ultimately it's a Mother Wound and I will be healing that with effort and study and resources.

Right now I realize how glad I am I broke the cycle of abuse, and am present for my own small family.

Can broken hearts heal?


When God is helping.

When I finally did get to sleep, I had the most amazing dream!

A pop-up rink was put up inside the aisles of our local grocery store, Ralphs!

I was given a pair of skates and I was able to do laps and laps, going past the meat counter on my left, and the cleaning aisles  and the dairy was really fun and people were pushing their carts on the ice. 

I felt joy.

Here are some resources for you, in the black and white department, if you are interested. I won't say much. I've read them all:

Sadly, Kerth passed in 2021 from a rapidly acting cancer he was given by the Sharks. That makes his prayer extra special. We are fortunate he gave his all for the truth.


I was not the easiest husband. In our time. When I was alive I loved Carla just as much as ever! As I do now! That hasn't changed. It never has.

But I've never been good at weighing my priorities.

I sort of took the 'I'll do this first, Carla can wait' philosophy. Consistently.

Little did the damage show, bless her.

I only saw it once I was up here, and now it was too late to remedy it in that life. 

It was almost too late here as well. Without my team of guides and a lot of luck, we would have lost her, for she had become very distraught over me, for my presence reminded her of her hidden pain which she did not wish to explore or acknowledge. 

Carla calls to me now. She openly calls, and cries, and begs for this feeling to end. 

In this I am an expert, totally devoted and focus to her call. 

And in this I shall not fail.

Not this time.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
Centuries of Healing are on tap!

Saturday, December 3, 2022

Nifty Shades of Grey


I chose today's title to take an absolutely dreadful topic, and make it a little lighter and fun, so that we know we can handle it!

Remember the inversion theme of yesterday?

The Shark with the fake JC the inverted copy of the real JC, isn't happy with only inversion upside down of things that give hope and faith and strength too many. No...not at all...

He sits on a throne of Lies. 

And to that Shark, spiritual Truth is called a Lie. And spiritual Lies are touted as Truths!

Black is White, and White is Black.

Hence the checkerboard floor motifs.

Black is, in his shark view, whatever the hell he wants to be Black, and White is whatever he wants to promote that will lead to spiritual death, decay, loss of growth, bad karma, etc. 

It's a very twisted, sick consciousness that comes up with all of this!

So we need to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves as we and others navigate this playing field!

Magenta Pixie said recently, that we are heading to a time where the MSM will promote untruths, and what they say is untrue is actually truth.  As we know, MSM is extremely worldly and is controlled by governments and the current power structure which is in turn controlled by El Sharko. 

There is an excellent John Smallman article here. There's a point I'd like to elaborate upon. The hurt and pain of people who have suffered at the hands of the sick and twisted, who cry out for justice to Creator. According to the article, justice and punishment doesn't exist, only love. However, I have seen, with my own eyes, the darkest of souls going into the Galactic Central sun on a conveyor belt, flipping off Creator and being unrepentant to the bitter end. These souls have been offered healing or to merge with Creator. They declined healing. I believe in my esoteric studies, the dark ones have a philosophy of after attaining their highest levels (of depravity, I may add!) that merging with fiery white light is what follows next. So, it's a thing. But it only happens to those who are deeply disturbed, and reject expert healing that has been offered to them.

I hope this gives consolation to the victims of these monsters.

I know in Heaven, once people have near death experiences, the only thing most people feel is Love and Happiness. Peace that is beyond words. 

So, in a way, perhaps, the cry for vengeance and justice is a plea to make it stop happening, and to never let it happen to anyone again. If Earth flips and becomes the frequency of Heaven, this is a certainty. Even more so because people will be able to intuit the intentions of others and never be fooled again. 

As you go through your day, look for examples of inversion, as well as color inversion between truth and lies. This will develop and strengthen your intuition. Continue your daily quiet time connecting to Source, as well. This is highly important for our spirits and souls to be able to help us navigate whatever is coming down the road ahead.

I remember the Bible verse where a loaf of bread could buy a bag of gold. When I was at the organic/vegan store I saw five pound sacks of flour ON SALE for ten dollars! Yes it was organic but still the prices have been creeping up. The bagels Anthony enjoys in the morning now are seven dollars a package of five bagels! At that store. But when I went to a different store, later, I looked. That same brand of non-organic flour is six dollars for five pounds, and the bargain brand is just under four dollars for five pounds. 

Remember to get your skills up. Baking, food preparation, growing food, are important. And being able to share these skills, such as food preservation, will be our way through hardship. If that hardship is to be, I don't know. My mother grew up during world war two in Italy, she was always hungry, so was her family, and the shortages were extreme. At my work, now, a surgical tech has been bringing in crates of citrus for all of us to enjoy. This kind of generosity is vital during hard times. I brought in some dehydrated fruit, and everyone loved it and asked how I made it?

Always live YOUR truth! And do your best to align it with the truth of our planet and of Divine Creator.


I want to say something very gently:  never fear.

You will always have us.

You will always be able to find your angels who are hidden in plain sight. There are multitudes of them. Some to this day do not even know they are angels yet. Some to this day! But they will when it is their time to shine and help the planet.

Your teams are as close as your breath and your heart. Call! We will listen and you will find answers in ways that make sense to you and you will understand!

Always leave the door open for Heaven to come inside!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple who are always fighting injustice every way possible

Friday, December 2, 2022



Remember that blog post I wrote about that easy old shark?

Here he is again, in what looks like a badly photoshopped image. There's no splash around the head going into the water. But this image also serves a purpose...

That 'shark' has this weird propensity to invert things. Especially symbols. Symbols that mean all is right with the world.

For example, take the Wiccan symbol of the Pentacle--for people who worship God as Nature:

There's a crude star made of sticks and twine, but it's point up.

It's supposed to represent man and the elements:

Basically the metaphysical world as Creator intends it.

Well...look at what sharky here does with it:

Flips it upside down. And slaps an ugly horny goat on it, as if to say, 'The Greatest of All Time'.

Even in the 'shark worship' ceremonies you will find the cross inverted, the mass said backwards, objects of sacred reverence desecrated, and blatant ritualized actions to disobey the commandment 'thou shall not kill'...and other commandments too.

So, just for today, we are going to explore pattern recognition, especially, for inversion of things made as creator designed them. 

This one is tricky.

I noticed it the other day. 

Yes the colors are in the order of the rainbow--ROY G BIV--red orange yellow green blue indigo violet.

This flag in this photo is upside down. The one for Pride has the red UP at the top.

Here again are the colors above and below is how I see the pattern:

Here is the science:

So the colors go from lower frequency up to higher frequency with the human chakras.

Yes, in the sky, the rainbow has red on top, because the lower frequency bends less and the higher frequency bends more, and yes, the rainbow is a sign from God that he will not flood the earth again.

Incidentally, the flood was to cleanse the earth of ancient practitioners of Babylonian sex magic/Baal worship. And here we are today with Baalenciaga, which, Baal enci aga, translated from Latin to English means Baal is king.

Well, this shark 'king' is very intent on making everyone agree with that assertion. He and his fallen angels might 'rule the world' but there's like, all of Heaven and the rest of the Universe out there under the rule of Divine Creator. Just for perspective...

This is not saying anything about the MOVEMENT that uses that particular symbol. These are beautiful people with their purpose and they are expressing it. That's good! But it's the particular orientation of the symbol when compared to the chakra system that I went, 'hmmmm?' and asked myself if there could be any shark influence in the inversion piggybacking onto that movement's chosen symbol?

Here is another inversion that is getting 'popular'--the inverted Christmas tree.

I've seen some at the hardware store, artificial ones, made to be displayed upside down with the tip on the ground in some holder. 

I recognize the shark behind it.

I think it's sad.

So, true to form, I'm putting you through your paces, helping you to recognize patterns and help you enjoy the beautiful complexity of the symbolism going on and add to your enjoyment of the show going on right around us!

clap! clap!

(Ross is smiling big. )

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple who worship Divine Creator and Creator alone <3