Friday, November 30, 2012

On Low Vibrations: Paying Due Respects

We all need to eat for survival

The most important thing I have to share with you today about Ascension is about the respect of the vanquished, the ones who have lost the battle of the Light and Higher Consciousness.

Light, to the lowest vibrational entity, is like fingernails scraped on a blackboard discomfort--on steroids.

Ascension, which is joy and sustenance to me, might not mean the same to those of the lower vibrations. Someone reached out to me on my blog, and made a point that for some, this is a time of pain, depression, and possibly ending it all. Energetically, this makes sense: for those who thrive on the lower vibrations, the Higher Energies that are coming with each successive Portal is like a fish gasping outside of the tank. It is not good. It is suffering.

What we have here is a decision that has been started by Gaia, for help, from the invasion of the negative entities (incarnate and disincarnate) that have taken humanity hostage. The Higher Selves of humanity have pleaded multiple times to be freed from the quarantine of the Veil. What has been going on in Duality has been an 'experiment gone out of control' in a sense. It is a game that stopped being fun or even educational a long time ago. And for the majority, the Higher Vibrations, although needing some time for adjustment and assimilation, are more 'natural' a state than Duality has been itself.

Ever since Reiki 1, I have been taking steps to raise my vibration. Before going to my first psychic development class, I was at rock bottom, on a soul level, an ugly duckling who just could not take it any more not having any place to 'fit in' energetically. Night life was icky, I didn't enjoy partying, and just life itself was an energy drain. With each organic meal, with each negative thought 'plucked' out at the start, with meditation, with more and more service to the Reiki community, I have found my swans! Today I feel more alive than ever before, with a bounce in my step, and a confidence I never knew I could have. The challenges are not so overwhelming. It is my time.

For the illuminati, their minions, the ones who really 'had it going on' in Duality, its end through Ascension is uncomfortable for them. For those who watch T.V. and ingest the daily 'fear porn' on the news, and do what they have been told to do, these times are frightening. A time will come where no one will tell you what to do. Only your intuition and inner 'resonance' will be your guide. As the tempo quickens, the lower vibrations will get progressively more frantic and desperate. Their survival is threatened. So have compassion for those around you who are not 'in the same boat' as Lightworkers at this time.

Each individual chose their soul contracts for this time for soul progress. For high vibration, or for low. Respect it. You do not know why each made their choices, therefore trust in God to be the judge instead of you. Judgement is of a lower vibration, and the more you avoid such negative sentiments, your vibration will increase, and Ascension will happen quicker. Let it go. Let it go what they did, and move on. Forgive, for they know not what they do. They can't--they are in a different vibration and can't 'see' the same as you.

If you are hurting, and your whole world is falling apart around you as Ascension draws closer in time, never give up. Know that a loving place has been reserved for you, a place where your vibration will be more compatible. And in a three-dimensional existence, without the unfair 'shell-game of Duality' at play, you will be completely supported, with warmth, love, nurturing and compassion, and given the ideal surroundings in which you can grow. At your own pace, at your own comfort level. 

After all, every entity has Eternity to work on it! Those of the Light, and the not-so-bright lower Vibrations. All of us are children of God, children of the Galactic Higher Source, and all of us are brothers and sisters that deserve the respect and admiration for being the wonderful work of Creation that we are.


Reiki Doc

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Yoda 104: Curiosity and the Conference

Actual slide from the Laguna Conference: permission given by Cobra

'Mom! WHY are you going to that conference???' one of my kids asked, exasperated, in the car, as I informed them on the way to their weekend with their dad.

Why am I going? Words were hard to find. It was something I couldn't explain.

'I...I don't want to miss out!'  I said, 'I want to see this person myself.'

I have reflected on this ever since I was asked the question. Now I understand what motivated me: the chance to 'see' a person who communicates with the Pleadians 'energetically'.

When I meet you, I don't recall what you look like. Not to the extent of your clothes or hairstyle or whether you wear glasses. As a life-long psychic, I adapted by taking a 'read' of a person by their aura. Everyone has a unique 'energy fingerprint', and I recognize it. This 'fingerprint' is the same whether someone is alive or has crossed over to 'The Other Side'; that is how I 'know' who is who when I am 'talking' to them in either case. 

Dentists are like this. I asked mine once how they identify a body by dental records. He said simply, that he remembers each mouth. No two sets of teeth are the same, and he could recognize anyone by looking at them instantly if they were one of his patients. I am that way too, with intubation. I can recall an airway when I look in it the second time. I also 'know' more or less how an individual 'reacts' to anesthetic, and although I tailor my anesthesia for the individual, I remember how that anesthetic was if I ever give anesthesia to that same patient a second time.

As someone who 'talks' with the deceased, with angels, and with the living, it caught my interest to meet someone 'from both worlds'. I wanted to 'feel' if there was anything 'different' so I would be prepared whenever Disclosure and First Contact came around.

So here I am, in the audience, checking Cobra out scanning for any sign, any clue, of the Pleadian in him. My intuition was working at full capacity, sensing, and feeling with my heart center to confirm for myself what was what.

I was stumped. I had no read at first toward human or not from here...however, it has been said that the Pleadians are the closest to us in resemblance.

The only thing I noticed was how he answered my questions. It happened twice. There is an extra 'octane' to the information that is given that resonates in the heart center and the consciousness.  I felt like Cobra 'got' what I was asking, perfectly, and was able to answer the deeper question that motivated me to raise my hand to ask as well as to answer the one that was asked. Here is an example:

Me: 'How does someone tell if they are a Lightworker from another place? How did you know?'
Him:  Because if you are you have a strong desire to go home.
(I had spent hours wanting to go home, away from Earth, when I was in medical school, and had never told a soul; I never understood until this moment exactly what that longing signified about me. According to him, the same set of souls has been reincarnating on earth over and over again for the last 25,000 years, each lifetime gaining a skill that would be put to use at this time NOW in galactic history. One of them might be me? It felt like I was with one of the best graduate student Teaching Assistants back in engineering in college--knowledgeable, approachable and super helpful in learning the material.).

No matter what exactly Cobra is, it is my belief that the interaction we had was not like anything on Earth I had experienced to this time. It was authentic, confident, and uplifting. I enjoyed it. I wish more people would be like that around me! Good luck and best to you, Cobra, on your work and your mission. Thank you and Rob Potter for making this conference happen last week.


Reiki Doc

The Event Horizon: Yoda 103

Today we will discuss the veil that separates us from The Other Side. It is thinnest in October, that is why Halloween, All Saints', and All Souls' are celebrated at this time. 

The Veil is a layer around the surface of the planet that the Archons use to keep us on quarantine by Quantum Anomaly technology.  Reptilians in the Astral Plane like to hide in the little black holes that are in the Veil. The Galactic Task Force has been clearing them out for some time. Again, anything in the Astral Plane is non-physical, and the war between the Light and the Dark has been waged on a vibration none of us can truly appreciate because of the Veil.

The Veil is porous. The technology does not allow complete covering one hundred percent of the time. That is way messages that are pulsed can sometimes get through. A call for help from Gaia went out in this manner some time ago.

The Veil is why UFO crashes happen. It messes up the propulsion system of the vehicle. The Roswell crash was due to this. The passengers were not Zeta Reticulari, according to Cobra at his lecture.

When the Veil is removed, a presence of energy will be felt. This is because the Veil shields us from Tachyon Emissions from the Galactic Central Sun. Tachyons are high energy particles that are important to our well-being and health. Cobra's first interaction with the Pleadeans was on the Tachyon, and he was shown technology to create it here on earth. I bought several items that were charged with Tachyons, and as a  sensitive I can feel the benefit, much like a phenokite 'angelic vibration' crystal. Not everyone will feel it, but for those who can, it really helps.

In a way, I suspect that Reiki may be the channeling of Tachyons through the Reiki Practitioner.  I suppose more research will need to be done before this is known.

I also suspect that since Heaven is approximately three feet above the Earth (ghost = entity that is earth bound, with feet touching ground, spirit = entity in the Other Side that 'visits', feet will be three feet off the ground). The Veil, by my estimate, must be three feet thick. When the Veil is dismantled, this separation will not be, and 'Heaven On Earth' will be a natural occurrence. Again, these are my thoughts, and not Cobra's, like I have shared with you.

Imagine an hourglass laying on its side. This represents the multiple timelines converging to a single point in the middle. This is the Event Horizon, the time when all timelines collapse to a common one. The plane that transects the very middle of the neck of the hourglass, in a cross-plane, represents The Event Horizon, which happens to occur on December 21, 2012.

Cobra has been in a joint project with the Pleadeans in healing the timelines. Inadverdently, I healed one in the O.R. yesterday. I used the same technique, with help from the other side. My projects have mostly involved The Papa Rat (see past blog posts, not my Papa Rat, but the Big One). I have cleared that site, made a Vortex, claimed it for the Light, escorted Papa Rat to the Light, I see his spirit and so has my mediumship boy separately from me, and now, through a distant relative under my care and routine healing that I do, I stumbled across a timeline and allowed for the guides to connect through me to heal it. I cannot tell you the exact method, because it was like describing how Reiki works--I felt energy and directed it with the help of Reiki Guides. Just understand that it is so, and it marks a contribution to the overall push for Victory of the Light. I was honored and blessed to participate in this way.

For more Cobra intel updates, check out the Yoda series, next one will be pending soon. I hope you are enjoying this!


Reiki Doc

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Backstory: Yoda 102

The Vortex of Laguna Beach in the center of this picture looking out over the ocean.

This post today picks up where this earlier post left off:

There is a victory of the Light! Ancient prophecy refers to a natural phenomena of the Galactic Central Sun, and its pulse. The last 'heartbeat' was 25,000 years ago.

The state of duality is not natural --there does not have to be suffering to define joy, there does not have to be darkness to define Light. Joy and Light, and Health, just exist in the natural state of consciousness in the liberated universe. Much of what has been taught to us about life in duality is disinformation. For many, belief systems will be challenged as duality is replaced for Light, Freedom, and Truth.

There will be a point in time where no one will tell you what to do. You will need to be a pillar of strength and locked in to your inner guidance. Others will be confused, and possibly afraid at this time. They will look to you.

Up until eight million years ago, the universe was based on unity, love, Light, and peace. A group of powerful archangels wanted to try something new: to cut themselves off from Source and experience Life as matter to experience its level of consciousness.  Using sophisticated technology, a device was created for this purpose. They tried it. And it worked. The results were dramatic, and regret was instant.  There was no way back to be found. So to help find the way back others were tricked into doing the same thing, in the hopes of eventually coming back as a group to the way everything was before this experiment.  In time, instead of going back, this group fought to conquer the galaxy.

Archangel Michael set up a barrier fence in the infected area of the galaxy. This was the beginning of the Galactic Wars. A Starfleet has been fighting ever since to liberate planets. Many planets were destroyed, just like in the movie, Star Wars. (It is not fiction, but the memory of a soul who had recall of the events that cause the idea to make the movies.). This group fought for because a certain number of galaxies discovered oneness. This central civilization spread the unity of Oneness belief in the Light (i.e. 'the force'), and it became the Galactic Civilization of Light.

The Light has been winning ever since. Twenty five thousand years ago, with no other place left to stay, the dark forces came to our galaxy. The Galactic Central Sun pulses every twenty five thousand years, as part of a processional cycle. Orion became the base for all non-physical entities, and Earth became the base for all of the physical ones. These invaders took Earth Humanity Hostage, and declared a quarantine. This was at the time of Atlantis. Many of the people of Earth went into hiding into Agartha.  Since the quarantine affected only the surface of the planet, those hiding within did not experience quarantine and the veil. They joined the Galactic Federation.

There have actually been three different places called Atlantis. The first is non-physical. It is etheric and is in the Pleades, the beautiful home of the Pleadean Angels. The higher purpose of this first Atlantis is three-fold: to discover and explore, to experience the dimensions of matter consciousness, and to merge the male and female polarities.  It was decided to densify this planet to the physical plane. It didn't work. The planet exploded, sending pieces of it throughout the galaxy. The fragments that landed on Gaia are now what we call Moldavite. The second Atlantis is the legendary island in the Atlantic Ocean where a very advanced spiritual and scientific Golden Age was. Nine hundred thousand years ago, dark forces from Orion landed. They had implantation technology, somewhat different from our microchips. The device for their insertion into the body was like a dentist chair. Once implanted, the crystals were subject to strong electrical magnetic programming. This is the origin of mind programming. There were two themes in this programming. The first is the separation between man and Source, in other words, the fall from paradise. Through this programming, consciousness was no longer able to access the higher self freely. The second is the separation between the male and female energies, first as a psychological and later as a physical separation.

Many Pleadeans and Sirians were opposed to this separation, and organized sixteen thousand years ago as a task force under the name, Order of the Star. There were one hundred forty four thousand beings who volunteered to come to Gaia to incarnate again and again in positions to assist for the victory of the Light.

The third form of Atlantis is the Liberated Earth. If you wish to read more about it, read Sir Francis Bacon's works about the advanced technologies, contact with extraterrestrials, and the cities of Light.

Back to twenty-five thousand years ago, the dark forces taking Earth hostage threatened to blow it up with nuclear war if the Light advanced any closer. This planet has been used to hinder the light. But the humanity upon her surface has requested outside help. Many petitions have been made for First Contact. For their own personal safety, inhabitants of the earth who have made actual contact have had their memories blocked. The cabal is like a cornered animal, and will lash out causing harm over any more advances of the Light. The Light in return created the Ashtar Command, who has contacted us as much as possible through the limits of the quarantine, as a Task Force dedicated to liberate planet Earth.

The planet was almost freed in the early nineties, and the dark made a push back against it in ninety-six. (more intel about the hierarchy of the dark, including the three archon invasions, will be discussed later).

The Light has these places represented in the Ashtar Command:
Pleadeans: they look closest to us. they bring us advanced technology.
Sirians:  Joyful, light, playful beings. Some are human. Dolphins are sirians who are here to bring joy to the surface. Whales are the caretakers of the oceans, consciously balancing the energy grid, and in doing so stabilize the tectonic plates.
Other beings are Andromedan, Acturian, and more.

The Ascended Masters are beings that took on a cycle of earth incarnations, and were able to find their way out of the veil.  They are Sananda, St. Germain, Koot Hoomi, El Morya, Ashtar, and Astara. The Ascended Masters are actively working with the Resistance to bring unconditional love, abundance, freedom, healing of the soul and body, Light-centered political influence, ascended consciousness, telepathic communication, first contact, safety of life during the polar shift, and the goddess energy back to earth.

This is the nature of the battle that has been waged to free humanity and return to the light. Although the threat of nuclear war has been removed by advanced technology of our Galactic brothers and sisters in the Federation, the use of biological weapons and other forms of terror to the masses at large by the threatened Cabal holdouts are being addressed at this time.

When the Cabal is ridden from the planet, you will know by a change in broadcasting of the media, which had been Cabal-controlled to the end. Look up in the skies, as well, to see the presence of those who have helped us reach this point in galactic history. Earth is the last battlefield, and with the liberation of Gaia, the Universe will be in joy and Light everywhere!

(More to follow in the Yoda series, which is intel given by Cobra at the Laguna Beach conference and encouraged to be shared with you.)


Reiki Doc

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

E.T. Etiquette 101

I thought title would get your attention! LOL.

At the conference, there were discussions about advanced technologies and other related subjects. First contact and Disclosure, which if you are new to these concepts,  are simply the first diplomatic meeting and the first formal acknowledgement of 'what has been going on under the radar'. After The Event (intel posted periodically on this blog, but not continuously, due to its sensitive nature), all of the physical evidence that has been hidden about the 'we are not alone' concept will be shared immediately with the public. Documents, autopsy specimens, reverse engineered craft, and genuine spacecraft. It is going to be clearly obvious that 'something hidden has been going on' for some time. The book Area 51 is also an excellent resource on this subject.

Having grown up with UFO-friendly family (read blog post about my Uncle--search it), I raised my hand in the audience and asked, 'If for some chance I were to actually meet and extraterrestrial, I would like to make a good impression. Would you please share with me basics of the culture so I would avoid a faux pas?'

The answer? Be yourself, exactly as you are, and have a genuine desire to meet them.

You see, in anesthesia, we are trained to be ready for anything that might go wrong in the course of an anesthetic. In our mind, as we are meeting you, we are developing a plan for your anesthesia. The final plan will look like this: Plan A, first contingency Plan B, second contingency Plan C, and so forth. That way, during the crucial thirty seconds of airway management at the beginning of the case, if something doesn't work we flow seamlessly to the next Plan. We have many things available based on the likelihood during the maintenance and emergence phases too. Being prepared for a possible face-to-face with a Star Brother or Sister, and knowing who they are, might be overwhelming. I wanted to be ready in advance. Now you are 'in-the-know' on that one too!

Speaking of 'in-the-know', I did a short search on mind control and deprogramming. If you made the choice to take Cobra's Little Red Pill, you will know that there are experts out there, with science that was started in World War 2, on how to control the masses. Some of it is mind control in general, through advertising slogans and hype. It is an art. And the most serious form of it is something called the Monarch system.

I was curious how you could break programming, since there is a systematic method to changing the way someone thinks, like 'brainwashing'. Guess what? Deprogramming is passe--the violent kidnap techniques didn't work. According to an expert from Biola, natural attrition from a cult has a higher rate of success than the kidnap and intense 'deprogramming' systems. To me, this makes sense, because many of the techniques used to 'break you' in the first place are applied again in the 'deprogramming process'. All desire to 'wake up' must be self-initiated.

How to facilitate that? Well, if you are concerned about a loved one, encourage them to

  • watch less T.V. 
  • read less of the newspaper
  • be careful of other forms of mass media
  • go into Nature. It only takes two hours in Nature to reverse a direct attack by negative non-physical entities (or Archons).  There is no better source than Nature to return you to your natural psychological state
  • pluck out fear thoughts as they arise
  • remember you have a right to love and be loved, a right to be, a right to feel, a right to act, a right to speak, a right to see Truth, and a right to be your own autonomous being on the planet.
  • give thanks always

Reiki Doc

Monday, November 26, 2012

CRNA at the VA

As a new anesthesia resident, my first two weeks in the OR were with direct supervision from the CRNA's at the VA. The attending was in charge for both of us, and the CRNA was in charge of showing me the ropes.

Those were special times. I learned a lot, by working together and talking. In my excitement I talked with Gina about my future, and shared how after being a doctor, I wanted to paint, go in nature, and write in my twilight years.

'I'm not going to make it to sixty.' Gina said, in a matter of fact tone, totally serious. I was taken aback.

'How can you say this? How do you know?' I asked, in surprise at how this beautiful nurse anesthetist, in the peak of her career, the prime of her life, could have anything wrong with her!

'Because everyone in my family gets cancer and dies an early death. I am going to die of cancer too.'

At once I was moved with pity, compassion, and empathy for her emotional toll of having an 'expiration date stamp' on her life. I encouraged her not to believe it, to take what  comes, and to live her life with joy as she had always been doing. Her vibrancy, her big blue eyes, and her smile were effervescent.

As an attending, I learned that Gina found a husband. And in her physical exam for her new life insurance policy, a lab abnormality came up. The follow up radiological study found cancer had invaded a large organ and spread to the bones.  She bravely continued to work while undergoing treatment. She started losing weight, missing more and more days, and went on disability. She passed, barely making it to fifty. Her internal 'story' was right.

Metaphysically, what is going on here? Gina is an example of a 'tribal belief'. In growing up, she must have heard countless times, 'we all die of cancer. we all die young.' and gone to a lot of funerals. Somehow it got into her belief system that she would succumb to the disease too.

A tribal belief is something that we get from growing up in an extended family. It is a motto, a creed. Imagine the mafia or the cabal, and the 'tribal beliefs' that must have been passed down to them.
Did they have a choice? Do you recall Michael Corleone and his questioning his fate?

The most important thing to know about tribal beliefs is to know that they exist, and to examine them.  You have a choice as to whether you wish to believe in them or not. Only you can decide what is right for you. Even if you grow up in a cancer family. For example, some families with a high risk of colon cancer have annual colonoscopies from a young age, to be proactive about it. They are not as accepting of their genetic risk as Gina's family. Everyone has a choice, a path to follow, something that is right for them. Sometimes there is pressure from the family to accept the tribal belief. Sometimes there is guilt. Both of these are not based on spirit and the heart. Free yourself from anything you have not consciously decided is the right belief for you.

This concept of tribal belief is from Christel Nani, RN, who worked in the ER in NY, and became a Medical Intuitive. She was a pioneer in the 1990's. I greatly admire her work.


Reiki Doc

Yoda 101

Remember the movie, Star Wars? Think back in time, as far back as possible, to the first time you ever experienced the film. Can you recall this? At that time, in the past, how did the movie make you feel?

What characters were you drawn to in the film?

Who did you want to win?

Whose side were you on?

I see a lot of people entranced with Darth Vader. I see kids dressed up like him and like storm troopers at Halloween.

Part of me wonders why their parents let them do this. I wonder, what is the attraction to the dark?

In a theater, as a child, I saw the film for the first time. It touched something deep inside of me. And I remembered something important, something hard to describe, something right from my heart. As the beginning words of the story scrolled down, I had this thought: is this a sign that everything is done with the battle and we won? Tears rolled down my face the whole time I watched the movie. I had the awareness that Star Wars was not like any movie I had ever seen. It was beyond entertainment. It was truth--the battle of Light and Dark, the battle of Love--'the Force'--and the absence of Love.  The Force--the Light--and its truth were all I wanted to win. With every cell in my body, I aligned with the Light. And I braced myself for whatever it would take for the Light to win.

What kind of child thinks this? 

Only a very old soul, with a memory that has been awakened.

Star Wars is true.

You can decide it for yourself, or not.

Intel on this from 'Yoda' says: the person who made Star Wars was not imagining it. He had a memory from the past, the truth, the Galactic Wars.  Eight million years ago, the Galactic Wars Began.
A group of celestial beings wanted to 'try something new', and using advanced technology, created a device to cut themselves off from Source. It worked.

That is all for today.


Reiki Doc

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday Decoration of Light

There is a rise in two important health tragedies with the holiday season. With knowledge, you  can avoid them.

Number 1:  Closed-head traumatic brain injury from a fall from the ladder or the roof while hanging the lights on the house.  If you do not climb a ladder every day in your work, do not attempt to do so while decorating for the holidays. Use a long stick, like a fruit picker, to reach up. Hire someone else. Or decorate where you can reach. Anything taller than a step-ladder that is used in the kitchen will increase risk of serious adverse outcome in the event of a fall.

Number 2:  Heart attack severity and lethality is higher during the holiday time of year. Emotions run high, and family disagreements increase the oxygen demand on an already ailing heart. People also tend to 'push themselves' to do more instead of their usual activity level. Because of this, many tend to experience angina, which can be anything from chest pain or pressure that radiates to the arm or jaw, or symptoms of shortness of breath without exertion, or even a sensation of indigestion. Many elderly do not wish to 'ruin the holiday' when experiencing these symptoms during a get-together with family and friends, so they hide their discomfort. The myocardial infarctions present later in the disease process and may cause more harm, even death. If someone is not looking good, ask them if they are okay, and if their words do not match your intuition, please act on the intuition as there is not much time to waste.

Otherwise, have a happy and healthy holiday season, enjoy the togetherness this time of year brings. Be safe, and make happy memories.


Reiki Doc

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Event

A wave of Light like a Tsunami is approaching Gaia from the Central Galactic Sun.  I am authorized to  share intel with you on this event to educate you and motivate you to be prepared. The Event can happen tonight, tomorrow, next week, next month, or in ten years. However, it is destined to happen in your lifetime.

What you will feel if you are sensitive is a wave of love and emotion. It may make you tired. As it hits the planet there will be a flash of light.

When this happens, people who are already designated for this purpose will be asked to help. If they hesitate, the people seeking the helpers will move on to the next person. In less than fifteen minutes from the wave, action will begin. There is no 'Green Light', or advance warning for the changes that are about to occur. Just a flash. That is it.

The monetary system, which runs on a giant computer, will shut down. The entire fiat currency system is being re-set.  Do not get rid of your currency.  It will be redeemed for new currency in a few weeks when the new banking system and currency is up. The new currency is backed by gold and is part of a global plan to change dollars to gold-backed dollars, euros to gold-backed euros, etc.

Everyone will get one hundred thousand dollars of the new currency as a gift. It will be used to pay debts. Anything left after paying your debt is yours to keep. If you do not have debt, you will get to keep the one hundred thousand dollars. If you are wealthy, and have gained your wealth by honest means, you will get one hundred thousand dollars just like everybody else. It is your right.

Until then, emergency aid will be available on a limited basis. Have cash on hand. Some merchants will  still accept the old currency. Others might be fearful, and demand coins in silver or gold. Be ready. 

Grocery stores will run out of food in forty five minutes. If you do not have food, go at once after the flash to stock up. It is better to be prepared for a few days to weeks worth of supplies--food, drinking water, toilet paper. Electricity and heat will not be interrupted. Keep your tank full of gasoline. That way if the pumps don't work or run out, you can still get around for about a week. 

Credit cards will not work. They are part of the computerized banking system that will be overhauled.

The stock market will end. Honest investments will be redeemed at a later date, keep all of your papers.

There will be limited pockets of unrest. Police will be able to handle these reactions. Stay calm.

Anyone speculating--charging up credit cards because of this anticipated event, will not have debt forgiveness. Buying a house but not being able to pay, because of anticipating the one hundred thousand dollars, will not get it. Anything shady will be known. There is technology present to monitor who is 'honest' and who is 'not so honest' in these business affairs. That is how it will be fair.

Watch for news. First it will be in the blogs. Then in the media on radio and T.V. Everyone will have a chance to be informed of the changes that are taking place. Everything will be open and transparent. The people who have been taking advantage of others in the world of high finance and business such as the cabal are going to be brought to justice and held accountable for their acts.

Congress will be dismissed. Very few will come back. A new leadership will take on the work, in a new and improved manner.

The Event is global.

Immediately after The Event, current technology for free energy and cures that already exist for cancer and AIDS and other diseases will be released to the public.  Medicine is going to hybridize with Energetic and Natural techniques in addition to the current format. All illuminati oil and pharmaceutical empires will be dismantled. Within one month we will have free energy devices installed into our existing cars to eliminate our dependence on oil.

All workers in the industries that are closing will be reassigned new jobs.

The new work week will be three to four hours a day, five days a week. The rest of the time available will be for individual pursuits of interests that are meaningful to them.

Life is going to get better.

Lightworkers, this is your calling. Starseeds, it is time for you to do what you came here to do.

When the flash hits, stay calm. Your energy will be a beacon to calm those around you who might be caught by surprise. 

Your second task is to give intel like this is being given to you.


Reiki Doc

Cobra gave this intel today. Watch for it on Portal 2012, his blog, in the next few days.

The Suffering Crystal

she is like the one on the left, but cloudy inside, thin, and a little longer

A man at a workshop quickly pulled his double-pointed quartz crystal out of his right pocket, and put it back in. I noticed it, and thought in my best Mae West impression, "Is that a crystal in your pocket or are you happy to see me?", laughing at my own joke.

I didn't like the way he handled the crystal. I soon found out why. In a workshop, we had to rearrange the chairs, and he sat next to me. He took it out, again, and asked me what I thought about it. It felt dead. I have never felt such an unhappy crystal. I soon learned why.

"You are not holding it right. It makes electricity. Hold it at arm's length." he said.

I did. A small wave of energy came up my arm, reluctantly, half dead.

"What do you think? I think it is radioactive and has uranium in it. I am going to get a geiger counter and measure it." he went on, pleased with himself. I inwardly questioned his knowledge of metaphysics, and certainly his fund of scientific knowledge. Radioactivity is used in the OR and also in the chemistry lab for tagging things. You can't feel it. That is why you need dosimeters, shields, and time limits in special hoods (lab benches with a fan). Not electricity. Possibly a voltmeter would work instead--a piezoelectric crystal perhaps?

"Did you get this here today?" I asked.

"No I got it two years ago."

I took it, and held it between both hands. "Let me talk to it."

"No", he interrupted, "you are supposed to feel it. The guy that sold it to me said..."

I tuned him out. I sent Reiki to the spirit in the crystal. Crystals are alive. There is something intelligent in there, despite lack of biology. It was quiet. She felt trapped, and was clearly suffering by the energy of her owner. I let the crystal spirit know from my heart I felt for its plight, belonging to a boor who is using her beautiful double points as a parlor trick, as something he 'owns', and not as a beautiful tool of spiritual worth. Only for monetary worth because  of its rarity. She understood, and was thankful to be with someone compassionate for the few minutes I held her between my palms, like a sandwich.

Take care of your crystals. Let them know how much you appreciate them. They know. They have hearts, and minds, but no bodies like us. They are 'in there' and they want to help. It breaks my heart to see people like that not getting their crystals to their full potential. It is my hope that one day all creatures, even the inanimate ones, are given the respect and treatment deserved by all of Creation.


Reiki Doc

It is Time for Looking Within

It is time to look within at the magnificence of your Spirit. How many are looking outside of themselves to discover Truth? It is imagined, this Lack of Truth outside the Self.

If you are in Science, do you look to it for Peace? Is your trust in the development of Technology that, once repeatable positive test results are found on the benchtop, may be scaled up and brought to the masses, thereby 'saving the world'?

If you are in Metaphysics, do you look to it for Understanding? It is a very narrow walk to walk, for, like Science, it is possible to live an entire Lifetime focused on the Mind instead of the Heart. Spirituality, in some contexts, is restrictive to Thought and to Proper Development. For example, the strict Vows of Religious, including Celibacy as in a priest or a nun, where the Soul is developed out of step with the development of the body, according to an external plan that is provided by religion that is organized. For others, such as a Mother Teresa, these Vows are the Gateway to Enlightenment itself!

One thing is clear--both of these worlds can barely talk to each other. There is a mind set, a language that is specialized, and a complete subculture within itself. It is like this for many areas of existence, almost to the laughable stereotypes in High School of Jock, Brain, Popular, Dweeb, Burnout, Druggie, and Loser. Do these groups of students 'reach out' to one another as teenage students at school? No way! When a Jock helps a Nerd, it makes the news! Someone goes against stereotype! There is comfort inside a group, whatever one you are drawn to and immerse yourself in. This applies to the social roles of child, parent, lover, elder, and friend, as well. It is 'who you are' in the context of social structure.

This comfort is False. In lowering Focus from the Mind to the Heart, all of us are the same. And also find that Love is the Solution For Everything. We are born. We die. We laugh, we grow, we have family...there is interdependence on each other in order to experience this life. In order to keep alive on this planet. Although it might seem odd at first, when you stop to think about it, you can bless the Unseen Hand of Others who have made it possible for:

  • to drive on a road that is well-maintained and clearly marked
  • to buy food instead of having to grow it, or even prepare it
  • to wear clothing that is often made by people who work in intolerable conditions
  • to have entertainment and fun--so many diversions
  • to have all of our bodily wastes removed in sanitation, so there are no more chamber pots
  • to have warm and cold water at the twist of a faucet
  • to have assistance when illness strikes (both physical and energy healing)
  • to acquire books, tools, and training for your Life Work
  • to 'connect' on the Internet across Space and Time
The list goes on. There is some Truth to the philosophy 'Everything You Need To Know You Knew in Kindergarten'. That part of you, at that age, was mostly distinguished by your Heart. Your personality is important to the whole, as is your Life Spirit (your Spark of God that is indistinguishably YOU). Everyone has one, this Spark of Light. Although some, you may point out, do unspeakable horrors in this Lifetime, that is because the person or 'entity' in their mind is Separated from their Source. They do not know the consequence of their actions; their soul is damaged in this sense. They are going to be held completely accountable for their deeds, and managed with justice and/or rehabilitation on a Galactic Scale. Do not be concerned about them. Focus on YOU and your part you contribute to all of Creation. We are linked together. Your Heart makes a Difference to all the other Hearts in the world.

Jimmy Stewart, as George Bailey, in the movie, It's a Wonderful Life, is a wonderful example of how this interdependence works in action.

It is with the Heart, that we can connect our many areas of Interest together. We can overcome the 'stereotypes' of Existence, find a common connection, and discover that Spirituality and Science are One. In their own way, each is structured in the search for the betterment of Humanity, and the decrease of Suffering.


Reiki Doc

Friday, November 23, 2012

Ascension and Fog

Where I live, there is a marine layer that comes in as 'late night and early morning low clouds' to quote Dr. George Fishbeck, a beloved weatherman in the Southland.  As I drove home from work, for I just did a shift on L&D as my one of two 'holiday call requirements' for the year, the fog was THICK.

I love the fog. I adore the quiet, and how it makes you look at things differently when you are in your familiar surroundings. It makes you use vision less, defensive driving more, and makes your 'sharp witted' to get to where you have to go.

On the way home, there is a mountain. As I went up the road, and climbed, I broke through the fog. Everything was clear and bright. I could see the blanket of fog over the areas below. Aha! I thought, I have found the perfect example of Ascension! You go UP and EVERYTHING MAKES SENSE AND IS CLEAR!

Without knowing it, we have been living in a fog of sorts our whole lives. For thirteen millennia, to be exact. Our 'circuits' have been 'jammed' on the psychic ability that is our birthright.  It has made us 'sharp witted' and able to grow spiritually on our soul paths by leaps and bounds.

But the road before us rises. And soon we shall be above the fog.

Remember, higher vibration to us is like a propeller going fast. You know the blades are there, but you can't see them. An electric fan is like this too. The blades are there. They spin. As they go faster and faster it gets to a point where they 'seem' to disappear. That is why you can't see your loved ones who have passed, and why they can't talk to you. They are there, but their vibration is not compatible with your current one. You can raise yours. There is a post about that. But for today we discuss fogcutting and Ascension in a way that is visual and makes sense to most everyone who has experienced fog.


Reiki Doc

Ascension. Symptoms and You

perhaps one day there will be a sign for 'Ascension' like this?

Over the past year in the Energy Healing community, there has been much discussion about the physical ailments that go with increasing Vibration. Vibration refers to the energetic state of an entity, or living creature upon the earth. The reason some people can talk to the dead through mediumship is that their vibration is close enough for someone who has made the Transition and is of a higher vibration to lower theirs and communicate through thought as Clairaudience. Clairsentience. Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, etc. The oncoming dates in December, the 12 and the 21, are thought by some as the dates Gaia--this entire planet--all of the animals, and almost all of the people on Her are going to jump up in Vibration together in something that is called Ascension.

In the bible, when Jesus went back to Heaven after the Resurrection, He 'Ascended'. When Mary, who did not die, but rose up to Heaven like her Son did that, it was called 'The Assumption'. It was 'Assumed' that she did not 'Ascend' by her own power but rather it was Jesus who helped her to rise up to Heaven.

As Reiki practitioners, we have experienced Attunement, the process I. Which a Reiki Master opens our energetic system to allow the Universal Light to flow through us and permit the healing of ourselves and our patients,clients, family members, friends, and pets. Cancer patients in pain feel a deep calm, peace, often falling asleep in a time in their lives where there otherwise can be pain and suffering. If you ever want to get an interesting group discussion going, ask your Reiki students about their 'cleanse'. A 'cleanse' is the clearing out of old energetic debris and patterns to make room for the Universal Light. I describe it as clearing the pipes from the gunk that lines it, or getting the air vents and ducts cleared of the dust and crud that collects in them over time. Cleanse symptoms can be physical (malaise, sleepiness, fuzzy thinking, cold-like symptoms, minor aches and pains), emotional (something you thought was resolved in the past coming up again, sadness, crying), and spiritual( questions about your belief system and relation with the church).

Although Ascension is a personal experience, since so many of us are going to go through it at the same time range (From what I understand, it is not all at once for everybody), why not be an Ascension Buddy to those who are in the Ascension process and have no idea what is happening to them? Information I have researched points to the Heart and its degree of openness as the deciding factor, not the amount of time spent in Spiritual preparation. Since Reiki can be a great help to others in the Transition from this life to the Other Side, might it not be useful to help others who are just 'waking up' to adjust?

For example, a loved one may complain to you about feeling tingling all over, being abnormally tired and sleepy, and having headaches when they are not a headache person--headaches are rare for them.
What you can do is recognize the symptoms of Ascension, making sure to double-check that there are no obvious signs of disease as well. Send them to a doctor if they are not well. But if it seems like Ascension to you, you can reassure them and share that you too have experienced something similar. The decision to educate on Ascension is up to you; I would myself answer honestly any questions asked of me as simply as possible. Things that can help are drinking lots of water, eating root vegetables, soaking in salt water, being in nature, spending time with animals, gardening, writing a journal, or reading things of a spiritual nature. Taking classes and being with those of a like mind are helpful for the more 'open' minded individuals as well.

Look out for your brothers and sisters. Reach out and let your caring spirit comfort them. There is no need to explain unless the person is ready to understand. Be cautious, as too much information can be overwhelming for them. People's belief systems are deeply personal to them. It is important to keep this in mind when reaching out to help others at this time.

If you would like to check a YouTube channel that exists on Ascension Symptoms, check out Ascension Pioneers with Polonia Simchak. She speaks English but is from Europe I think. It is fun and you may enjoy her work. Another excellent resource is Evita Ochel, on her YouTube Channel and website


reiki Doc

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another Day

Lately I have been noticing a trend in my heart--I am not 'getting into' holidays like I used to.  Is it my age? Have I seen enough of them? Is it that I have to go to work at the hospital during them so much? Is it the sharing of the holdiays with my ex? Perhaps. But like the moose in the above photograph, I am starting to notice that I am neck deep in advertisements for each and every holiday.  Yesterday I got the feeling that someone wants me to shop on cue.  I did not like it. Something deep inside of me said, 'no!'.

I spoke to my mom about it. She has a Russian friend who says, 'your holidays are--(insert favorite word here)! Who says you have to buy presents for everybody? All the family, the teachers, the people who help you every day want a Russia we do none of those things! We give a gift to the family: a bottle of wine, a box of cookies, and we celebrate with joy in our hearts! All of this looking for the deal-deal-deal! I will never understand your ways!'

Mom laughed. Back in Italy, the holidays were more laid back. Like her Russian friend. Mom has been saying we should go back to those days for most of my life. With the economy the way it is, it makes sense.

What does Reiki have to do with it? Well for me, I have opted out of the shopping mall and plan to give cash. Just like my grandparents. I will give business gifts and buy for the children online. I think this new idea of freedom at the holidays stems from being in touch with what I want and what I observe around me. Reiki also is needed by the world, as depression and financial over-extension lead to stress this time of year in those who are around us. Be Reiki wherever you go. Put in place the five principles daily (see box at right, 'Just for today'...).  And see! Look for yourself to see where your dollar is spent, and ultimately where it will go. Think of it as 'voting' to support places you would like to see in business. Times are tough, and I am sure it will be appreciated very much by some people who are struggling to stay afloat with their store.

Long story short--be rich in celebration, but wise in how you choose to spend your energy in time, talent and treasure. Enjoy time spent with loved ones, for they are the greatest treasure anyone can ask for. Even the not-so-easy-to-be-with ones! Who else can you mutually burn Karma together and advance as gentle souls? It was not by accident that you are related! If, on the other hand, there is abuse in the relationship, let it go. You deserve to be treated with Light, even if you have to be the one to shine it yourself. Angels are with you no matter what.

That being said, Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukah! Blessed Solstice! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Eid! Happy New Year! May the best be ahead for all of us at this wonderful time!


Reiki Doc

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I Give Thanks

Love your trolls! Love the people who look at you in a negative way. They give so much more than friends in their own way!

  • They give you the opportunity to be the bigger person!
  • Trolls give you the chance to reach out and seek comfort from knowledgeable blogger friends
  • You gain depth and compassion, for those in the public eye who deal with this every day, not just on some blog
  • They expect 'more' from you, and the Universe helps you find it. For example, the work of Daniel J. Benor, MD, ABHM, is studying the effect of prayer on patient outcome. There is also this recommendation straight from a worker from the NHS: 'Spiritual Healing - Scientific Validation of a Healing Revolution' (this book was also written by Dr. Benor)  And there is a Reiki Master in Arizona who is just starting a randomized-double blind study with a Radiation Oncologist on Reiki and Cancer Treatment. 
  • Trolls are ideal persons to pray for. Little do they know it, but Reiki is being sent to everyone reading these words. Daily! Including those who mock my words. Detaching with love is a powerful lesson in life.
  • There is no anger, as who is to fault them for being upset about others seeing something that they can't 'see' or 'understand'? I would be frustrated too if I were in their shoes. A shark is equipped to detect electrical impulses in the water like no other animal, and can smell one drop of blood a mile away. With them, we say, a shark is a shark. But for humans who for some reason have the ability to experience clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and other extrasensory perception? All humans are not alike..some are 'different' and others might have trouble accepting this. It makes sense, does it not?
  • Acceptance of 'what is' is the highest gift you can give to yourself. That gift can be given no matter what anyone else thinks!
Last, here is a wonderful quote from former attorney Jeff Brown to keep in your back pocket as we face the holiday season: 

"Words. So powerful. They can crush a heart, or heal it. They can shame a soul, or liberate it. They can shatter dreams, or energize them. They can obstruct connection, or invite it. They can create defenses, or melt them. We have to use words wisely."--Jeff Brown

I highly recommend all of his work


Reiki Doc

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Importance of Rest, Downtime, and Sleep

Sleep is the body's way of regenerating itself. This applies to the physical, the emotional,  the mental and the energetic bodies that are 'you'.  Do you ever stop and wonder why there is so much emphasis in our society on 'not getting enough sleep' due to commitments and distractions? We are encouraged to 'stay up late' by going out, by partying, by working late shifts, are we not? It is not 'cool' to go to bed at eight. It is 'lame' to spend the weekend at home, relaxing. We are supposed to be going a mile a minute, being exciting, if you judge yourself by books, movies, T.V. and computer imagery and characters.

Now it is time to ask yourself, 'Where does my dollar go when I stay up late and go out?' Where does it go when you pay to see a movie? Where does it go when you watch T.V. before bed?

Doesn't it go to the same people who sell Ambien, more or less? Doesn't it go to the one percent? The people that make the news, that make the T.V., that make the pharmaceuticals, that set up our society for us? They might not be in cahoots. Or more correctly, it depends on how you wish to perceive it. It depends on if you have eyes that see. And if you are 'awake' or if you prefer to believe they have your best interests before their profits.

Take the time to get in touch with your body. To find out what it right for YOU, whether it is 'cool' or not.  I just spent the weekend with some down time, and it was an eye-opening experience. Most of the time I look to weekends as a chance to 'catch up' on the housework (yes, I clean my house), chores, and  the sunshine (O.R.'s are dark, and this time of year, I rarely see any sun because I go in early and get out late).  We watched a lot of T.V. and pay-per-view, and after a while, I realized how much I had not been missing by not watching it! And how much push for Holiday Shopping there is.

Enjoy your time. Relax. Remember, back in Italy, in my mom's time, sleep was considered a 'medicine' and enjoyed to the fullest. In some times, back in history, people slept so much that they had a meal at around two a.m., and went back to sleep some more!


Reiki Doc

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Chiropractor Story

A doc who was a chiropractor before going to medical school shared his story with me:

A patient of his brought in her husband to his office. The complaint was severe new-onset low back pain. There was no fall or injury associated with the back pain. The wife was tired of his complaints.

During the work up, as questions were being answered it became clear that the pain was out of proportion to the findings in the physical examination.

As the chiropractor was starting to make his decision for the diagnosis and prepare a plan of treatment, he heard two words, loud, in his right ear: BE CAREFUL!

Devout, although this was the very first time something like this had ever happened to him in his career, at once he recognized the voice was the Holy Spirit.

He listened to the advice, and sent the patient to the lab for some blood work, just to be sure, before he started his treatment.

The patient turned out to have an acute leukemic crisis. He lived only three weeks after the diagnosis.

This physician  'prays all the time' at his work ever since...


Reiki Doc

Friday, November 16, 2012

Who Sam Picks

Sam is sitting in a beautifully designed waiting room at the office of the oncologist his friend the surgical oncologist recommends. Book in hand, Sam almost forgets where he is. Page after page he turns, soaking in the knowledge Joe Navarro shares, the knowledge of body language that was the basis of a successful FBI and now Academic career as a lecturer. Sam reads about the 'Three Brain Theory', where every one has a Triune Brain that consists of 'a reptilian (stem) brain', 'a mammalian (limbic) brain, and a human (neocortex) brain'.  Mr. Navarro states that the limbic brain is the source of powerful nonverbal communication that is directly from the subconscious. Therefore is it a true response to information coming from the environment (Myers, 1993, 35-39). Thus the 'limbic brain' is considered the 'honest brain' when we think of non verbals. (Goldman, 1995,  13-29)., as Sam re-reads on page 23 of the book.

His name is called. Forms in hand, and insurance card being ' worked on' at the front desk, he walks down a hall filled with certificates and awards displayed prominently. The oncologist introduces himself and shakes Sam's hand with both hands clasping his like a Politician. It makes Sam uncomfortable. He remembers flipping ahead in his book and reading about this. Sam decides to use his new knowledge to find out if this specialist is 'going to go to bat for him' with his cancer.

The conversation goes well, and is animated, but Sam is basically 'going along' with the oncologists' guiding of the new patient interview. He is waiting for a chance to speak up. Behind the big desk, the physician steeples his hands, a sign of confidence. His legs are stretched out, his chin is up and he looks Sam in the eye. As a matter of course, the doctor asks the questions about alternative medicine and Sam's views on that. Sam would like to know more, and seeks information from this expert on cancer. Sam leans forward, raises his eyes in a gravity defying way that says, non verbally, 'I want to know more!' The doctor's lips disappear in disapproval. A micro gesture of a sneer crosses his face. He recovers and goes into a spiel about evidence based results, which is polite, but Sam sees the hands disappear under the table as eyebrows lower and eye blocking moves begin as he talks.

Through powerful non verbal communication, Sam discovers that the oncologist's plan for his care is 'my way or the highway'. Although he has full confidence in his ability to have excellent care with this man, his heart isn't 'into' giving control of his future to this particular oncologist. He goes home and tells his wife about it. They agree to give the oncologist the family member suggesting a different approach a try.

He books an appointment. He is surprised that instead of the doctor's desk, the meeting takes place in a room with a small desk at the window and a round table with two chairs in the middle. It is not fancy. This doctor, a woman, is intently watching Sam as he speaks. Sam talks so much he rambles, he catches himself, and she just sits there with hands on the table, interlaced, softly nodding her head as he talks,  Her questions are the same as the ones in the last office, but they are to the point and not rushed. After a long pause, she asks, 'Sam? In your heart of hearts, what is it that you want to do?'

In a flash of understanding, he realizes she 'gets it', his nightmare of having to be on the table getting what he has helped others do in surgery throughout his entire career, which might be coming to an end from this cancer. Tears flow, and he is wracked with big sobs. She watches him. She does not move. As the emotions start to get less intense, she offers him a box of tissues and gently asks, 'would you like to have a cup of tea?'. He nods yes. She picks up an electric kettle from a cupboard, plugs it in and pours him a cup of tea. In a mug. It settles his nerves. 'I want to have the surgery as soon as possible. I am not ready to discuss my options after that now. When I am recovered I would like to talk to you about my options. I am open to whatever it takes, but I want to be the most functional I can be through it. I might want to try some things that are non-conventional. Before I do I will openly discuss them with you. Are you okay with that?' She gives him a definite yes. Not once did her gestures and her body language 'disconnect' with what she was saying. He had googled her--her credentials were on par with the Doc he had seen first. She also had on her website testimonials from satisfied patients. She was rated highly on Angie's list, Yelp, and there were no major complaints about her care online. It is a go, he thinks. He can't wait to come home and share with his wife.

He picks up the phone to the surgeon, makes the appointment, and mentally prepares himself for surgery. On the drive home he wonders if he should send a letter to Joe Navarro thanking him for saving his life in helping him find a good match in his oncologist by applying what he learned from his book.


Reiki Doc

Book: What Every Body Is Saying: An Ex-FBI Agent s Guide to Speed-Reading People

Thursday, November 15, 2012

At the Crossroads

Sam is a hypothetical surgical technician. He is about forty-three and has a life that he enjoys. He works full time to support his family, never liked much to read, but is always seeing the new movies as soon as they are released. He is knowledgable and skilled in his work. The entire OR staff enjoys working with Sam.

One day Sam feels a lump. It is cancer. For someone with his training, he knows more than the lay person what type of treatment his cancer entails. It is debilitating, forces him to take time off work, and the success rate, based on what he has seen at work, is not as great as testicular or Hodgekin's Lymphoma, in other words, it is not a slam dunk. He is in it for the long haul.

Sam faces a dilemma. Everyone has a recommendation, from the family member who supports alternative medicine to his surgical oncologist who is his friend. How is he to make an informed decision? If he looks at oncology sources, they will encourage cure at the cost of painful treatments that will make him feel sick and lose his hair in the goal of eradicating disease. They will cite evidence based medicine to direct his care. If, on the other hand, he looks into holistic healing, the focus will be on relieving his suffering, treating him as a whole person (instead of a patient with disease), and focus on healing. Detoxification is a word commonly used in this kind of approach. The studies are weaker, statistically, but in his mind the focus is on his life instead of his cancer.

What we have here are two conflicting ways of looking at healing. Conventional medicine is based on measurement, observation, and the scientific method in a Newtonian Approach. Holistic Medicine, which is not readily measured and considered less effective because of this, may very well be a Quantum Paradigm: measurement itself produces observation effect and 'distortions', making the whole truth difficult to quantify and write papers.

As a sovereign patient, Sam has the right to make autonomous decisions for his health based on sound information, and not fear.

Option 1: Convention Medicine at a large facility
Option 2:  Conventional Medicine at a smaller community hospital near home
Option 3: Conventional Medicine at a Large Nationally important Cancer Center, possibly relocating
Option 4:  Allow disease to take its course. Palliative care only.
Option 5: Alternative Medicine instead of Conventional Medicine
Option 6:  Complimentary Medicine along with Conventional Medicine
           A: Do not tell Conventional Providers  about Complimentary Treatments
           B:  Openly discuss Complimentary Treatments  with Conventional Provider
Option 7: seek Integrative Medicine (example at Cleveland Clinic

What makes sense? Itis a personal decision, one with far-reaching ramifications. Without having this kind of conversation with a knowledgeable coordinator of his care such as his oncologist, he may choose an option out of a sense of needing not to offend, or perhaps please, someone else in the treatmentof his life-threatening illness. Time is of the essence. Open communication is vital to all people in Sam's life about his treatment plan, from family to acupuncturist.

We all wish for Sam to have as positive experience as possible in light of his serious condition. Only Sam can decide for himself what is truly right for him.

A wise doula once said about childbirth: the important thing is to make an informed decision every step of the way.

Here are some resources:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What Is An Anesthesiologist To Do?

Everyone knows that the work of an anesthesiologist consists of 'long stretches of boredom interrupted by moments of sheer terror'. Ninety-nine percent of the time, under anesthesia, during surgery, the patient is hemodynamically stable. If they were too risky, the surgeon and the anesthesiologist would delay the case until the patient is optimized for surgery. Only life-threatening emergencies which can't wait go right to the O.R.

Assuming everything is going fine with anesthesia and the surgery, which can stretch on for in some cases, eight to ten hours, what is the anesthesiologist to do besides filling the vaporizer when it is empty, charting this case, managing this case (filling the i.v. with new bags, draining the foley, watching the monitors, and continuing with the maintenance phase of the anesthetic)?

Here are some things I have observed the anesthesiologist do in an Operating Room:

  • read the Bible
  • Do crossword puzzle
  • watch YouTube
  • text
  • shopping on Ebay
  • read the newspaper
  • talk on the phone
  • talk to the surgeon (if allowed. One today said, 'Please be quiet, I am concentrating' to the rep and nurse in the room
  • read Journals
  • research illness of the patient
  • prepare for the next case (set up equipment, drugs, and review electronic record)
  • exercise (one brought in special rocking devices to fit on the shoes)
  • daydream
  • drink coffee (old school ones do this)
  • study for exam
  • do Bible Study and bring Book of Mormon
  • review weekly schedule and appointments
  • trade stocks and call their broker
  • read online news
  • check email
  • stock the anesthesia cart
  • use iPad, iPod Touch, or Smart Phone
  • play music for the room--run CD's, Pandora,  Satellite Radio or playlist
  • negotiate a scheduling trade with a colleague
  • read magazines
  • read catalogs
  • do Sudoku
  • make a 'to do' list for the day
  • schedule appointments, for example, the dentist or hair cut
  • pray for the patient on the table


Reiki Doc

Monday, November 12, 2012

Reiki, Science and Naturopathic Physicians

I had a comment on one of my posts: Reiki Doc? Aren't you supposed to believe in the Scientific Method?

I also had a request to post on Facebook a petition for Naturopathic Doctors to be titled as Physicians.

I have spent the last three days in very deep thought. Let me condense my findings:
  • I felt a twinge of the challenge a guest speaker who was an oncologist 'soapboxed' about for an hour in this speech on Alternative and Complimentary Medicine. I felt like letting someone else have the title of 'physician' might in some way 'lessen' my hard work and life dedication to allopathic medicine. It 'hurt'.
  • For those of you who are not in the medical field, the fields of medical practice, in descending order of rigorousness and difficulty getting 'in' and 'finishing training' are: 
  1. D.V.M.--veterinary medicine. Super-impacted programs, super competitive. From what I understand, must start volunteer work at fifteen with single-minded goal to get admitted.
  2. M.D. --this is allopathic medicine--4 years undergrad, 4 years med school, and at least internship plus three years residency. Competitive, as in 30 applicants for spot in medical school. 
  3. D.O. --osteopathic medicine--same as above, but less standard allopathic academic material in a way because chiropractic medicine is also taught in the four years of training.
  4. D.D.S. --Dentistry. Very hard to get in. Very tough boards to pass.
  5. Pharm D--Pharmacist. Much licensing, much training, with residency in hospital optional, but mandatory for work in a hospital setting
  6. D.P.M. --Podiatrist. They work with me at my hospital. Nice docs, very calm. Formal residency training in O.R. is mandatory.
  7. D.C. --Chiropractor. Will have to look up the curriculum, but in talking with one of my chiropractors in the past, it seemed 'close' to the way medicine is taught, but parallel. Not sure if stays in hospital overnight with sick patients. Probably not.
  8. N.D. --similar bachelors' degree prerequisite and subjects. Rigorousness varies across different programs. Very few residencies. I do know I have always had a Kneipp product available at my home since freshman year college--I was just drawn to it, and wondered why or how I was.
  9. Acupuncture--I was treated at a school in San Diego. Very traditional, with good training, but no staying up all night in the hospital!
  10. Physical Therapy, Nutrition, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physician Assistant, CRNA, Nurse Midwife--all require some training after college degree, all are in 'conventional medicine'. Are in hospital at all hours, but with shorter shifts, and breaks, which M.D.'s do not get in the hospital.
  11. RN/LVN/NA--can go from a two year program at a community college all the way to a Doctorate in Nursing. Is competitive, and in 'Conventional Medicine'. Nurses that do the toughest, highest 'acuity' patients are (in no particular order) NICU, SICU, CCU, MICU, PACU, OR, PICU, and Burn ICU. There is Neurosurgery ICU, too.
  12. Xray techs, CT scan techs, MRI techs, Cath Lab techs, Nuclear Medicine techs, ...many many more I might have forgot. If there is a specialty, there is a tech, even and Ortho Cast technician...usually in a technical program, with a licensing exam.
  13. Not sure exactly where midwives and doulas fit in as far as training and licensing is concerned. Same for Homeopathy, Ayuveda, and other Healing arts.
  14. Edgar Cayce-type healers. People who work with Spirit and the Higher Realms for healing, and whose technical accuracy are only now being discovered behind the 'cures'. They just 'do it' and are pioneers.
  • One of the problems in the past was that medicine was 'unregulated': it was an apprenticeship, very regional style of care, and there were many lives lost. Think of the surgeons, in suits, who went from the anatomy lab to doing pelvic exams on laboring women without washing their hands! More women died of puerpural fever IN the hospital than at home with a midwife.
  • I 'get' that we are going to have to 'forge something in the healing arts together'--and give up our 'turf' in a sense. Was acupuncture discovered by randomized, double-blind studies? No way! Even now we are just beginning to understand how acupuncture 'works', as measurements before this time were not physically possible.
  • I put my Reiki Doc 'woo woo' skills into this category--not yet measurable physical phenomena. Masaru Emoto has done seminal work with water crystals in this regard--'science of woo woo'
  • Naturopathic Medicine is like the 'primary care' of all the Alternative Medicine Arts--they know a little about all of them, and about conventional medicine too, but no 'staying up all night with sick patients' like I do. (I did last night! Woken up at two a.m. and six-twenty a.m. for epidurals)
  • Patients want to heal. Patients want to feel better. Love is an essential component in this healing art.
  • On Science: I am a Chemical Engineer by training. The physical sciences are robust. The biological sciences--no so accurate. They are almost to the realm of Product Development Science in Marketing Research and Consumer Testing--'give me the answer you want and I will tell you the question you have to ask'. And the statisticians will tell you how many people to ask (how powerful) to show a difference. There is a trend called 'Meta Analysis' where you take the results of different tests, blend the papers together, and analyze them overall for 'super trends'. If you ask me, there is just too much error in the Meta Analysis method. But it is 'standard of care' in 'peer reviewed evidence based medicine' on which our government-backed 'protocols' are being built.
  • Louis Pasteur was once on a train, praying the Rosary. His seat mate teased him, and challenged him, citing the superiority of science over religion, and taunted him why he still had to pray on those beads. Pasteur, humbled and unrecognized by the seat mate, asked, 'Tell me more of this Science that you discuss. If this is true, I want no more part of this Science!' and broke down in tears. Pasteur had a special devotion to Mother Mary his entire life, and dedicated his life-saving work to Her...
  • All people in Medicine pray. Sometimes 'formally', sometimes even if not religious, a heart-felt, 'help me God with this horrible situation--clinically--help me to do what is right and do it well'.
Therefore I am saying, Science and Medicine are One. Healing and Religious Faith are ONE. 

When it comes right down to it, illness is an energetic imbalance that responds to Love, Compassion, Concern, and Caring.

It is from this foundation that the future of all Healing shall be built. When 'Quackery'--the misuse of the healing paradigm for one's own personal benefit by the twisting of science into 'flim flam' is no longer possible--through Ascension and the ability to intuitively and instantly KNOW someone's intent by reading their aura; when Quackery is no longer possible, things are going to more very fast forward from where we are today. Hold on to your hats! This is going to be a MIRACLE!*


Reiki Doc

* Note: that in the fifth dimension, physical illness no longer can exist. We will need some 'transition', but the end point is health and youth and vigor!