Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Backstory: Yoda 102

The Vortex of Laguna Beach in the center of this picture looking out over the ocean.

This post today picks up where this earlier post left off:

There is a victory of the Light! Ancient prophecy refers to a natural phenomena of the Galactic Central Sun, and its pulse. The last 'heartbeat' was 25,000 years ago.

The state of duality is not natural --there does not have to be suffering to define joy, there does not have to be darkness to define Light. Joy and Light, and Health, just exist in the natural state of consciousness in the liberated universe. Much of what has been taught to us about life in duality is disinformation. For many, belief systems will be challenged as duality is replaced for Light, Freedom, and Truth.

There will be a point in time where no one will tell you what to do. You will need to be a pillar of strength and locked in to your inner guidance. Others will be confused, and possibly afraid at this time. They will look to you.

Up until eight million years ago, the universe was based on unity, love, Light, and peace. A group of powerful archangels wanted to try something new: to cut themselves off from Source and experience Life as matter to experience its level of consciousness.  Using sophisticated technology, a device was created for this purpose. They tried it. And it worked. The results were dramatic, and regret was instant.  There was no way back to be found. So to help find the way back others were tricked into doing the same thing, in the hopes of eventually coming back as a group to the way everything was before this experiment.  In time, instead of going back, this group fought to conquer the galaxy.

Archangel Michael set up a barrier fence in the infected area of the galaxy. This was the beginning of the Galactic Wars. A Starfleet has been fighting ever since to liberate planets. Many planets were destroyed, just like in the movie, Star Wars. (It is not fiction, but the memory of a soul who had recall of the events that cause the idea to make the movies.). This group fought for because a certain number of galaxies discovered oneness. This central civilization spread the unity of Oneness belief in the Light (i.e. 'the force'), and it became the Galactic Civilization of Light.

The Light has been winning ever since. Twenty five thousand years ago, with no other place left to stay, the dark forces came to our galaxy. The Galactic Central Sun pulses every twenty five thousand years, as part of a processional cycle. Orion became the base for all non-physical entities, and Earth became the base for all of the physical ones. These invaders took Earth Humanity Hostage, and declared a quarantine. This was at the time of Atlantis. Many of the people of Earth went into hiding into Agartha.  Since the quarantine affected only the surface of the planet, those hiding within did not experience quarantine and the veil. They joined the Galactic Federation.

There have actually been three different places called Atlantis. The first is non-physical. It is etheric and is in the Pleades, the beautiful home of the Pleadean Angels. The higher purpose of this first Atlantis is three-fold: to discover and explore, to experience the dimensions of matter consciousness, and to merge the male and female polarities.  It was decided to densify this planet to the physical plane. It didn't work. The planet exploded, sending pieces of it throughout the galaxy. The fragments that landed on Gaia are now what we call Moldavite. The second Atlantis is the legendary island in the Atlantic Ocean where a very advanced spiritual and scientific Golden Age was. Nine hundred thousand years ago, dark forces from Orion landed. They had implantation technology, somewhat different from our microchips. The device for their insertion into the body was like a dentist chair. Once implanted, the crystals were subject to strong electrical magnetic programming. This is the origin of mind programming. There were two themes in this programming. The first is the separation between man and Source, in other words, the fall from paradise. Through this programming, consciousness was no longer able to access the higher self freely. The second is the separation between the male and female energies, first as a psychological and later as a physical separation.

Many Pleadeans and Sirians were opposed to this separation, and organized sixteen thousand years ago as a task force under the name, Order of the Star. There were one hundred forty four thousand beings who volunteered to come to Gaia to incarnate again and again in positions to assist for the victory of the Light.

The third form of Atlantis is the Liberated Earth. If you wish to read more about it, read Sir Francis Bacon's works about the advanced technologies, contact with extraterrestrials, and the cities of Light.

Back to twenty-five thousand years ago, the dark forces taking Earth hostage threatened to blow it up with nuclear war if the Light advanced any closer. This planet has been used to hinder the light. But the humanity upon her surface has requested outside help. Many petitions have been made for First Contact. For their own personal safety, inhabitants of the earth who have made actual contact have had their memories blocked. The cabal is like a cornered animal, and will lash out causing harm over any more advances of the Light. The Light in return created the Ashtar Command, who has contacted us as much as possible through the limits of the quarantine, as a Task Force dedicated to liberate planet Earth.

The planet was almost freed in the early nineties, and the dark made a push back against it in ninety-six. (more intel about the hierarchy of the dark, including the three archon invasions, will be discussed later).

The Light has these places represented in the Ashtar Command:
Pleadeans: they look closest to us. they bring us advanced technology.
Sirians:  Joyful, light, playful beings. Some are human. Dolphins are sirians who are here to bring joy to the surface. Whales are the caretakers of the oceans, consciously balancing the energy grid, and in doing so stabilize the tectonic plates.
Other beings are Andromedan, Acturian, and more.

The Ascended Masters are beings that took on a cycle of earth incarnations, and were able to find their way out of the veil.  They are Sananda, St. Germain, Koot Hoomi, El Morya, Ashtar, and Astara. The Ascended Masters are actively working with the Resistance to bring unconditional love, abundance, freedom, healing of the soul and body, Light-centered political influence, ascended consciousness, telepathic communication, first contact, safety of life during the polar shift, and the goddess energy back to earth.

This is the nature of the battle that has been waged to free humanity and return to the light. Although the threat of nuclear war has been removed by advanced technology of our Galactic brothers and sisters in the Federation, the use of biological weapons and other forms of terror to the masses at large by the threatened Cabal holdouts are being addressed at this time.

When the Cabal is ridden from the planet, you will know by a change in broadcasting of the media, which had been Cabal-controlled to the end. Look up in the skies, as well, to see the presence of those who have helped us reach this point in galactic history. Earth is the last battlefield, and with the liberation of Gaia, the Universe will be in joy and Light everywhere!

(More to follow in the Yoda series, which is intel given by Cobra at the Laguna Beach conference and encouraged to be shared with you.)


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