Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another Day

Lately I have been noticing a trend in my heart--I am not 'getting into' holidays like I used to.  Is it my age? Have I seen enough of them? Is it that I have to go to work at the hospital during them so much? Is it the sharing of the holdiays with my ex? Perhaps. But like the moose in the above photograph, I am starting to notice that I am neck deep in advertisements for each and every holiday.  Yesterday I got the feeling that someone wants me to shop on cue.  I did not like it. Something deep inside of me said, 'no!'.

I spoke to my mom about it. She has a Russian friend who says, 'your holidays are--(insert favorite word here)! Who says you have to buy presents for everybody? All the family, the teachers, the people who help you every day want a Russia we do none of those things! We give a gift to the family: a bottle of wine, a box of cookies, and we celebrate with joy in our hearts! All of this looking for the deal-deal-deal! I will never understand your ways!'

Mom laughed. Back in Italy, the holidays were more laid back. Like her Russian friend. Mom has been saying we should go back to those days for most of my life. With the economy the way it is, it makes sense.

What does Reiki have to do with it? Well for me, I have opted out of the shopping mall and plan to give cash. Just like my grandparents. I will give business gifts and buy for the children online. I think this new idea of freedom at the holidays stems from being in touch with what I want and what I observe around me. Reiki also is needed by the world, as depression and financial over-extension lead to stress this time of year in those who are around us. Be Reiki wherever you go. Put in place the five principles daily (see box at right, 'Just for today'...).  And see! Look for yourself to see where your dollar is spent, and ultimately where it will go. Think of it as 'voting' to support places you would like to see in business. Times are tough, and I am sure it will be appreciated very much by some people who are struggling to stay afloat with their store.

Long story short--be rich in celebration, but wise in how you choose to spend your energy in time, talent and treasure. Enjoy time spent with loved ones, for they are the greatest treasure anyone can ask for. Even the not-so-easy-to-be-with ones! Who else can you mutually burn Karma together and advance as gentle souls? It was not by accident that you are related! If, on the other hand, there is abuse in the relationship, let it go. You deserve to be treated with Light, even if you have to be the one to shine it yourself. Angels are with you no matter what.

That being said, Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukah! Blessed Solstice! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Eid! Happy New Year! May the best be ahead for all of us at this wonderful time!


Reiki Doc