Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Urologist and the Nephrologist On Lunch

Nothing soothes the soul like a proper spot of tea

This story was told to me by my favorite female urologist:

She has had a collaborative working relationship with a nephrologist, who is open to alternative treatments. They rarely see each other. One day, at the hospital, the nephrologist, who is also female, spotted the urologist having lunch.

Lunch, was something in a styrofoam box from the Doctor's Dining Room, eaten as rapidly as possible. In this case, I think it was a salad.

The nephrologist was shocked! "You can't eat like that!" she said. "You have to slow down! You have to experience your food, interact with it, smell it, taste it, and get pleasure from it!"

The urologist never said anything to the nephrologist, but her look to me as she was telling the story says it all: No duh. I know. I have a very busy schedule. It is 'eat like this, or starve'.

She said, 'Any surgeon, OB-Gyn, E.R. doc, anesthesiologist, or anyone that works in the O.R. will understand the time pressures at lunch time. The internal medicine people that work in the Office just haven't got a clue!'

I laughed and shared that sometimes at work I eat when I am not hungry, when I have the time, because I do not know when the time will come up again for the rest of that day!

Discussions like this help bridge the gap between specialties and places of care.

There is a lot to be said for the thought: walk a mile in my shoes.


Reiki Doc