Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Event

A wave of Light like a Tsunami is approaching Gaia from the Central Galactic Sun.  I am authorized to  share intel with you on this event to educate you and motivate you to be prepared. The Event can happen tonight, tomorrow, next week, next month, or in ten years. However, it is destined to happen in your lifetime.

What you will feel if you are sensitive is a wave of love and emotion. It may make you tired. As it hits the planet there will be a flash of light.

When this happens, people who are already designated for this purpose will be asked to help. If they hesitate, the people seeking the helpers will move on to the next person. In less than fifteen minutes from the wave, action will begin. There is no 'Green Light', or advance warning for the changes that are about to occur. Just a flash. That is it.

The monetary system, which runs on a giant computer, will shut down. The entire fiat currency system is being re-set.  Do not get rid of your currency.  It will be redeemed for new currency in a few weeks when the new banking system and currency is up. The new currency is backed by gold and is part of a global plan to change dollars to gold-backed dollars, euros to gold-backed euros, etc.

Everyone will get one hundred thousand dollars of the new currency as a gift. It will be used to pay debts. Anything left after paying your debt is yours to keep. If you do not have debt, you will get to keep the one hundred thousand dollars. If you are wealthy, and have gained your wealth by honest means, you will get one hundred thousand dollars just like everybody else. It is your right.

Until then, emergency aid will be available on a limited basis. Have cash on hand. Some merchants will  still accept the old currency. Others might be fearful, and demand coins in silver or gold. Be ready. 

Grocery stores will run out of food in forty five minutes. If you do not have food, go at once after the flash to stock up. It is better to be prepared for a few days to weeks worth of supplies--food, drinking water, toilet paper. Electricity and heat will not be interrupted. Keep your tank full of gasoline. That way if the pumps don't work or run out, you can still get around for about a week. 

Credit cards will not work. They are part of the computerized banking system that will be overhauled.

The stock market will end. Honest investments will be redeemed at a later date, keep all of your papers.

There will be limited pockets of unrest. Police will be able to handle these reactions. Stay calm.

Anyone speculating--charging up credit cards because of this anticipated event, will not have debt forgiveness. Buying a house but not being able to pay, because of anticipating the one hundred thousand dollars, will not get it. Anything shady will be known. There is technology present to monitor who is 'honest' and who is 'not so honest' in these business affairs. That is how it will be fair.

Watch for news. First it will be in the blogs. Then in the media on radio and T.V. Everyone will have a chance to be informed of the changes that are taking place. Everything will be open and transparent. The people who have been taking advantage of others in the world of high finance and business such as the cabal are going to be brought to justice and held accountable for their acts.

Congress will be dismissed. Very few will come back. A new leadership will take on the work, in a new and improved manner.

The Event is global.

Immediately after The Event, current technology for free energy and cures that already exist for cancer and AIDS and other diseases will be released to the public.  Medicine is going to hybridize with Energetic and Natural techniques in addition to the current format. All illuminati oil and pharmaceutical empires will be dismantled. Within one month we will have free energy devices installed into our existing cars to eliminate our dependence on oil.

All workers in the industries that are closing will be reassigned new jobs.

The new work week will be three to four hours a day, five days a week. The rest of the time available will be for individual pursuits of interests that are meaningful to them.

Life is going to get better.

Lightworkers, this is your calling. Starseeds, it is time for you to do what you came here to do.

When the flash hits, stay calm. Your energy will be a beacon to calm those around you who might be caught by surprise. 

Your second task is to give intel like this is being given to you.


Reiki Doc

Cobra gave this intel today. Watch for it on Portal 2012, his blog, in the next few days.